To determine the five skills of the core keywords website

Before the ‘s

check competitor page source file, you can find some clues from the keyword tag, a strong competitor, it often has the keywords to industry to do well researched, to select keywords from the competition perspective, often can let us save a lot of time.


to your colleagues, friends, family members, asking them to search ideas, you can often find a lot of new words, these are not your people in this industry, the thinking is often not fixed so more in line with the general restrictions and fetters, users search habits < /p>

贵族宝贝fuzhou 1, keyword tool

if you’re playing a you do website industry users, you should think about yourself, if you go to search keywords, then you can search what some words, your industry products have what characteristics, users will choose, in fact only to you for their own industry have a certain understanding, you can list a dozen keywords

in fact you for what you want to do website industry has an understanding of the future, you can choose a basic keywords, and then use the keyword promotion tools, for example, I have been in the Google keyword tool used by a word, you can get a lot of Related words, through which a related you can get more words and words, so you choose the angle will be more and more.


2 from their opponents The core keywords your website

4, the use of question and answer platform

Fuzhou Shanghai dragon blog original, please indicate the source of Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝/

In this paper,

3, to ask the people around

you can go to love Shanghai know, Search ask or quiz platform like this, see if you search your industry users, usually ask what kind of problem, the core keywords from these problems we go to refine its own website can be targeted.

to do a website, the choice of words is the first one, choose a good word, Shanghai dragon promotion for your late solid foundation, the core of the web site keywords is the most important and difficult to determine, once the core keywords set, then later related word expansion, optimization the long tail word can have a clear route, then how can we determine the site core keywords you? I came today to share

generally from the above five aspects to choose is not a big leak out, when you after screening the five level, you can get a lot of words, and then determine the conversion rate and the strength of the opponent, combined with their own situation, you can determine the core keywords you.

How to make the site optimization by suffering into happiness

keyword is divided into two parts and long tail keywords site title. The site title is very important, so the writing of the title of the site and must be finalized and the site contents are closely related, to ensure that the primary key position, at the same time related keywords, but need to pay attention to is not the accumulation of key words. At the same time in the production site, write the web page description and web page keywords, there will be an unexpected effect. Note: most of the current search engine when the read page keyword, read the first paragraph of the text ", most of the search engine is currently not supported" description.



3. has practical significance for the site.

web content regardless of the circumstances in which are the most important, also suitable for long tail keywords, and the long tail keywords is more important, "excellent content will make the search engine on the site of the friendly degree is greatly improved, higher search engine ranking points: even on the Internet has been advocating" content is king". Thus the content of the page for the importance of the site.

The content of the original

here Xiaobian improve the site from search engine results ranked five aspects carries on the elaboration, the five aspects are: keywords and website content and links (within the chain and the chain), the spider, the site right down the daily maintenance treatment method, site.

2. unified navigation column and site content. Intelligent search engine when determining the site and basic human judgment is the same level, so the specific content of the website column and set the column to maintain a high degree of correlation with the site theme.

Keywords Title

1. on the description of the website, to achieve unified title description with the content of the website. If this difference will cause conflict between search engine, the search engine to the site do drop right processing.

, a keyword and website content

features of long tail keywords for the site to bring visitors with clear objectives: visitors. Popular to say that "a top two". Reflect the long tail keywords in the search results page number: the competition is relatively small, the extreme front rank. So when setting the long tail keywords, that is closely related with the site content description, because of the words, a set of pages long tail keywords should not be too much, generally every 1 pages of the best long tail keywords, long tail keywords with a description of the site should not exceed 5.

is now the development of the Internet has come to the stage of practical application, it can be said the blood capillary hole has entered the Internet marketing. Have a good website you can on top of several salesman. The search engine is to subvert the traditional marketing model, a good relationship to the ranking of specific industries is of vital importance, or out of.

web content should be optimized from the following aspects:

On the website of Shanghai dragon four optimization factor is what

1, a long tail keywords bring traffic may not be much, but how many long tail keywords bring traffic, this is the 28 principle.


here on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of four factors: what is

fourth: the construction of the chain

the first targetWhat is the

I think the target keywords it is home to optimize.

second: the long tail keywords

target keywords? We can to understand, the most simple said the site of the primary key, I is the keyword to bring the main flow. These are your keywords ranking in the search engine hope above is the front, do you think your users will search words.

network technology and other top sail website do a lot about the keywords of Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing such as on my website and prosperity, so that a search engine will think 贵族宝贝 rankings should appear in search of " the word Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing "search results; when users search for Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing, I the website will get good rankings

The word "

here I cite a simple example, a large bookstore, there will always be a very basic best-selling book, even some small bookstore book to his entire Bookstore eighty percent sales, the best-selling book can be said to be the target keywords bookstore or bookstore.

2, long tail keywords bring traffic is generally accurate, can effectively improve the site’s conversion rate of

The main reason is: I

" in Shanghai Longfeng believe I believe browsing in A5 friends, already not unfamiliar, but the Internet has too much of this on some general methods of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

what is the long tail keywords? Also extended the above example, a bookstore sales is a big, big reason is that he has sold a bookstore selling books, but can only sell the best-selling book, he has every kind of thousands on thousands of book, the best-selling book in addition to other books can be identified as long tail keywords.

then I will system website how to do Shanghai dragon to carry out a detailed description.

what is the anchor text? A keyword above include a link anchor text is, I think most of the time is in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking is around the core to do the anchor text.

third: anchor text keywords

is the other key words long tail keywords outside of a website except for targeted keywords, Xiao Bian think long tail keywords is very important, as far as possible the mining

The site was linked to horse, how to solve

, the initial password is mostly admin. So you got a web application the first thing is to modify the account password". You don’t use the account password in the previous point, in particular. As with letters numbers and symbols. In addition, the best password more than 15. If you use SQL you should use special account password, do not use what admin like, otherwise it is easy to be invaded.

The first step:

program to prevent unknown vulnerabilities, you can delete the background management program in the maintenance of the landing page, the next maintenance by FTP upload.

create a robots.txt Robots can prevent the use of effective search engine hackers to steal information.

often has to backup the database and other important documents.


ASP program administrator username and password should have certain complexity, cannot be too simple, but also pay attention to regular replacement.

to modify the background file name changes in the background of validation documents. The second step: to modify the CONN.ASP, prevent the illegal downloads, and also can be used to modify CONN.ASP in database encryption. Step third: Modify >

horse horse prevention and recovery measures

to the regular website to download the ASP program, the database name and storage path changes after download, database file name must also have certain complexity.

recommends that users to upload and maintain web pages through FTP, try not to install the ASP upload procedures.

to daily maintenance, and pay attention to whether there is a ASP file in the space of unknown source or origin. Remember: a sweat, a safe

on the web page background management program landing page links.

call to the ASP upload procedures must carry on identity authentication, and only allow people to use the trust upload program. This press release, including a variety of mall and forum, as long as you can upload files to the ASP authentication

station after a period of time can always hear what site was linked to horse, what the website was hacked. As the horse invasion seems to be a very simple thing. In fact, the invasion is not simple, simple is the necessary safety measures of your site is not well. You can secure web site security from sine to do security maintenance if possible.

horse recovery measures:

Whether it is business or not to modify the account password The ! Detection of

and regular security on the site, can use the Internet to some specific tools, such as sinesafe web Trojan detection tools

once found the invasion, unless you can identify all the Trojan files, or to delete all files.

Don’t call

program is to try to keep the latest version.

The !

How to make the website data analysis of Shanghai dragon clear

2, analysis of the

spider log, also is the trace spider climb your site left (data), see the spider grab what page, not grasping what page, grab the page so much the same. When you know these data, you have to like the way how to let the spider to access what did not visit the page, how to let the spiders don’t grab the number of the same page too much. The spider grab your page is not necessarily the final number of crawlers, spiders to crawl the page for the analysis, if it is found that the quality of low or repetitive pages may be search engine delete.


site >

3, the statistical data analysis, analysis of what page is the user the most, which is the most searched keyword is the user, the user’s residence time and so on. Based on user experience data, determine which users welcome page, strengthen the optimization of these pages. Through the web site of data analysis, to maximize the interests of website, including website traffic, conversion rate and income. For site traffic, we also know that only a part of optimization, flow can be obtained through many ways, such as network promotion, Forum promotion, QQ group promotion and so on, this is just a part of the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, keyword ranking is very important, but for the industry website, ranking only is not enough, if you have no keyword up, traffic and revenue, it is futile. It is to do so only website optimization bring traffic to the site, it is in order to profit. How can we achieve this effect? Before we said how to analyze the website is more conducive to the website optimization, and now is that the data on the website through the analysis of website optimization, the best of Shanghai dragon.

keyword, to analyze the search keywords from the user’s perspective, keywords and the level of difficulty to analyze keywords benefit. As for keyword analysis in the optimization of the work is very important, the user is through your keywords to find your website. Keywords optimization should be easy to do difficult, the most easy to do user search keywords to do up, some of the main keyword best not to spend too much time, because we all know that the main keywords in traffic accounted for only less than 5% so stay.

and Shanghai dragon’s mission is to find the target customers, do optimization target user keywords, to maximize website traffic, for example. If your site through some ways, such as bidding, network promotion, daily browsing 10000IP, and closing the list of 100 single, so the conversion rate is only 1%. And you by Shanghai dragon, find the target users, according to the optimization of the website of the IP, every day 1000, and closing the list 100, the conversion rate is 10%. I think the boss wants is second, and the first case is definitely a way to promote spending more, it can highlight the advantages in Shanghai dragon? So Shanghai dragon is not simple.

Men’s brand NOP founder Liu Shuang better than yourselfSesame development projects, services transpa

is determined to go up and rally against Jingdong

now, Liu Shuang to "world network business ·, manager" opened.

Liu Shuang said, the purpose of entrepreneurship is simple, this is not what ideal, really not, I am a grassroots. I want to verify this: can I do it myself,

for journalists, Liu Shuang is a complicated interviewee. Ask him the electricity supplier industry, he hesitate to share, encountered the topic of interest is excited; if the former owner of the Jingdong chatted about the topic, he asked if the rumor out of duty; his own story, especially the details of experience and NOP in the past, he did not say killed, and will prevent discrimination you are responding directly to the "what to say", or "say these are

changed the general service model of IT project, solve the multi-party cooperation "pain points" project service: take the task of free occupation who do not need to participate in the business process, need not be responsible for the results; provide the corresponding platform tools, and offer a transparent process; the need for a simple job to pay a higher price, once the freedom of occupation turnover, platform assigned to new, new tasks according to the previous record to continue to work, this is the fundamental difference between sesame development and others subcontract or Crowdsourcing platform.

if you have your own development team or have outsourced your project to other teams, you can still use sesame to develop your own project. On the one hand, the project management platform can use sesame development, including project documents, meeting with milepost, demand, function module, flow chart, project snapshots, Bug tracking and many other management tools; on the other hand, you can call the sesame development project management role work guarantee project quality, safety and project landing.

‘s interest in electricity providers dates back to Liu Shuang’s College days. Before and after 2000, or the marketing students Liu Shuang to see a book, the book describes the concept of global e-commerce and magnificent prospects about the Amazon, eBay, Alibaba micro-blog and other enterprises of the story, outline a concept: e-commerce can change the world.



if the electricity supplier likened to a "Jianghu", that Liu Shuang should be regarded as a master. And all the people will pay attention to master, surrounded by Liu Shuang aura – NOP fashion brand co-founder and former assistant president of Jingdong, said "V" aka veryls sent generation electricity supplier ideological moderator, but often ignored his experience in a master before that. As Liu Shuang said in his description, before entering the Jingdong, he was a move to several B2C after 80 young men.

fees, the platform receives an additional 60% overhead. At present, there are more than 200 workers in the platform, with more than 200 projects and more than 57000 hours of work. >

Liu Shuang’s way of answering questions is impressive. If you ask him about a person’s data, he will ask you who you are, what he or she has, and what circumstances he says. A string of questions, Liu Shuang will give their own judgments – often only one or two words, not necessarily accurate, but often have goods and attitudes.

In terms of

Liu Shuang is a complicated interviewee,


text / world network reporter Qi Yu

"believe it when you were young," Liu Shuang said. Because he believes that after graduation, choose to directly participate in the cause of electricity supplier. In 2006, Liu Shuang worked in the network, and to e state 365 digital network, Jingdong four enterprises. "

‘s experience of leaving the Jingdong to start a business attracted a lot of media attention, but he often declined directly to the media. "PR is not biased, but a lot of things are not yet ripe," Liu Shuang said the future is not clear, so do not want to dare not talk nonsense, and say the words to stand the test of time".

sesame development is a platform for providing project services. Project services IT project, including website construction, business development, APP development, WeChat public development, WeChat small program development, and the knowledge and skills of project, including UI design, graphic design, demand analysis, data analysis etc..

sesame development is different from the general subcontracting and package, customers can not directly release project requirements through the platform, workers can not accept projects or competition projects. Sesame development always arranges suitable projects for workers and arranges suitable workers for projects. The most prominent feature is that sesame development is the implementation of the work time system, rather than project bidding system.



project process will be the project manager to coordinate the work schedule in which real-time viewing, general staff will not deliberately, because after the end of the project will have relevant professional personnel assessment, once found that deception will cancel the rights and interests of the staff on the platform. When the project is completed, the client will make the payment according to the working hours, the process is transparent, the quotation is transparent, and the platform will be charged a certain amount of management fee.


platform staff are divided into 9 levels, different levels of charges vary. The core of the platform is scheduling the workers to complete the project". The worker has both subordinate workers who are affiliated with the platform and workers from sesame development partners. No matter what kind of workers, sesame development, scheduling, participation projects must be through sesame development, assessment, and access to sesame development certification. Similarly, the project has both a platform attached project and a project from a partner.

Little joke seven elements to write a good title.

five, Art beats nature., what does it mean? Is borrowed from the title, play a stick knocked people on the boat effect, write a catchy title, I think we all dream of things. The best can regard him as a network of hot words, it is more cow.

six, a utility, like the same content, title also can’t say just exaggerate, boast, use a lot of exaggeration, this is only in harm yourself, because you lied to the user, when the user enters your website through your title, found with the title did not match the content then, users will feel you deceive him, will give your website a death sentence.


a good title? Is to please the user, but also useful to the user. Whether it is original, pseudo original, all cannot do without a good attractive title. So good and attractive Title How to write? This little joke to some little experience to share personal title just feel good, also count, to the user feel good that’s really good title, good title to the birth of several key elements, below we list:

four, keywords, and is not easy to be found is specially added, the webmaster, is definitely one of the best, the title of the key words can make people easy to remember your website, is undoubtedly a good way to much publicity.

seven, temporarily so much, like a good title for the doors of the house, a good door, can let the stranger is very interested in a bad door, let a person produce disgust, so you too, good people will be rewarded, such as a chain to the younger brother (贵族宝贝 www.xiaobud贵族宝贝) little joke Daquan feeds, is forbidden to chain guy, accountability.

three, creative, creative and attractive alike, but there is not creative idea is to appeal, you develop your own head, and Lenovo a great interest in the title, can instantly put people to retain the kind of state.

two, the second is attractive, when it comes to attraction, is actually the network that the user experience. Take an article for example, what is the first article in the search engine’s title?! your article is well written, but the title is not enough to attract people, like that at the door put a rope. Who will come to see the content.

is simple and easy to understand, don’t like those ancient person on the like, who will go to see ah, unless it is ancient literature lovers. Easy to be understood to use the most simple expressions of the article briefly, that is used to compress into a very hard to generalize the essence of the content, the full text of the words, but not too long.

What is the definition of

Why the new station included unstable

four, Links. Is the most confused when the new station in Links, so must be carefully considered, not the more the better, the quality is really good. If you don’t love love Shanghai station links, so sure that you will be his blacklist. As you have a killer friend, we also dare not close to you.

today said the five points, if you carefully read immediately after action, practice to know this is not the truth. Here again the pseudo original. Many people complain that the pseudo original is not that difficult, I sort out the information is a good pseudo original article, it focuses on personal attitude.

The stability of

five, page clean. The cleanliness of the page is also very important, because the love of Shanghai is to pay attention to the user experience, your page appears too garbled, even ads everywhere, with pop, will punish love Shanghai’s bottom line will be seckill.

often hear some webmaster friends about our website every day will reduce the number, and even included yesterday, today basically have been deleted but I love Shanghai, the website also is in this period, why, I think the acquisition is one of the biggest reasons. How you are a novice webmaster, I suggest that it is necessary for you to read this article, because I am also a novice webmaster, so I collected through the Internet causes many related issues, organized into the following:

Three, frequent This paper starts from the

website. Do not easily change the website title and keywords description, it is easy to cause the tragedy of K station. Because of the frequent changes will be alien to love Shanghai gradually to you, slowly away, until completely abandoned you. Because love is not love bother people in Shanghai.

, an old, is first mentioned in the original, because a lot of my article is obtained through the acquisition, although my good luck stationmaster net weight, or some snapshots, keep updated daily collection articles can also ensure that was collected in 1 hours, but the webmaster collecting a large number of leads to the emergence of similar articles love Shanghai, in order to improve the user experience, I deleted the same article, compared with your other station station weight is not enough, so the injured is you! So here to promote the article or original good! Ha ha!

push station network www.tu>

two, the instability of external links. Do not use a large number of mass software links, although this can let you get some short-term effects, but the bulk of the link advertisement is too strong, often blocked, resulting in external links decreased sharply over a period of time, the factors of instability are also sensitive to the love of Shanghai. So webmaster propaganda should release the quality of some of the articles, not only can improve the readability, and if it can be recommended to the webmaster nets (A5, left behind, CHINAZ) would then increase the common acquisition, external links number will be many, but the stability and quality have great promise.

In addition to external web site optimization chain to do what is best

from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform announcement we can see that the love of Shanghai is now able to identify quality problems of intelligent site outside the chain, such as some video sites outside the chain, the chain, the chain of SkyDrive group, BBS signature chain have been love Shanghai default to junk the chain, in addition to some portal the soft new chain is also included, therefore now many webmaster said the chain becomes more and more small, but it is not, and can only say we do outside the chain of the road more and more narrow, but the chain did start into the value chain and value outside the chain, so do the chain also need skills, we need to collect resources, rather than do those in the blind to the garbage outside the chain, not only can bring good effect to our website, or even lead us The website implicated.

so, how can we do the right site external optimization? This requires us to understand the meaning and value of the chain, rather than blindly to junk the chain.

(two) outside the chain of high stability.


in this article the second paragraph actually small already mentioned site outside the chain is extremely stable, and our extensive each platform chain layout to the Internet >

, in a sense, our website chain do too widely is better, because it can guarantee our website not only in one or several platform release, and even the platform to search engine drop right even by the K is not linked to our site. As a matter of fact? Do the site outside the chain wide point is good, but first need to ensure that is relevant to your topic, imagine if your site is a picture, and you go to some type of education platform to release some of the chain, no doubt for this platform is a garbage article, almost no user click go to see, but not for users to click on the chain, so he is actually a waste of the chain, so to some relatively high correlation chain, is the key to the chain really makes the user feel the value of love.

now also do website optimization webmaster believe will deeply feel that the website ranking has become more and more difficult. Especially after this year’s love Shanghai algorithm update extremely focus on user experience. The intention is, let the webmaster really do some high quality content, but even our website to do meaningful content, but a lot of times ranking or unsatisfactory. So this time, in addition to the content of the website and the user experience, but also an essential need to do some external optimization to assist ranking.

when we truly understand the value and importance to the outside of the chain, we can go to the chain optimization work, so how to correctly carry out the chain optimization work? Small analysis of the following specific points to you.

(a) outside the chain of high correlation.

Methods Using SSH to connect the virtual machine network


optimization project >




SSH connection:

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


1. in the LAN of company, set up a virtual machine available IP, network settings and the same host (IP is not the same as other


22 port

virtual machine VirtualBox installed a RedHat Enterprise Edition 6

as host port 22 corresponding to the virtual machine, this time I visit the host of the ip:22, the equivalent of a virtual machine access ip:22

Virtual machine using

the above settings, the virtual machine can access the Internet through the host. However, how to access the host virtual machine

, a port access to the machine, a port will be forwarded directly to the corresponding virtual machine on

Method Using SSH to connect the virtual machine network

At the same time, the

connection www.2cto贵族宝贝

SSH IP is configured for a host of IP, namely, port 22. You can imagine, in fact, this connection is 22 port access to the virtual machine. Which port do host use (not necessarily the same port and virtual machine), is not 22, but because the virtual machine is a SSH service, so is the 22 port. That is to say, the host port 400 port 22 can also map the virtual machine.

port mapping:

It is





virtual machine Port Forwarding set up the mapping relationship: www.2cto贵族宝贝


host windows xp

2. if there is no need to use the LAN environment, port mapping method (port forwarding

VirtualBox NAT, the host will appear in a IP network connection:


principle can refer to 贵族宝贝2cto贵族宝贝/os/201202/119950.html



NAT can refer to 贵族宝贝baike.baidu贵族宝贝/view/16102.htm