After 90 years of venture capital valuation of billions of dollars

now business has become a major theme in today’s society, at the same time, there are a lot of people have an entrepreneurial idea, next to introduce such a 90 students can entrepreneurs is very great.


so, two people opened several overweeningly ambitious lattice shop in the school, the two people think this is a bright future starting point, however, against coming soon. Two people have no entrepreneurial experience do not understand business, shop lost thousands of dollars, for the junior high school home opened factories in the bankruptcy of Wang Ruixu, is a huge figure. Two people to the store to rent after the pocket only 50 Fen, had to run to Chaozhou folks out there for dinner on, failure and frustration arise spontaneously in Wang Ruixu’s heart.

and blow did not end. In 2013, two people founded nine tail Mdt InfoTech Ltd, established a 15 person start-up team, Wang Ruixu as CEO, girlfriend Aiyi Zhen as COO. In September the company introduced a part-time cat APP, but the character of a low-key calm Wang Ruixu in a long period of time did not get the investment. For the full 6 months they have no income, which makes the whole team of part-time cats are in a state of confusion.

however, two people did not get the support of family and friends. Wang Ruixu hope his family in the civil service exam, do not go home the old road, and recommend

After the typhoon Meranti Xiamen phenomenon serious accident damage

technology in the continuous progress, but in the face of natural disasters, or will encounter many problems, so that our property is damaged, personal safety is threatened. The car is full of "injured" cars. Yesterday, reporters in Xiamen City insurance accident vehicle dismantling Survey Center, see this scene. After the typhoon "Meranti", with the municipal road gradually smooth, survey center ushered in the history of the biggest damage accident of traffic and pedestrian peak.

jumped 4 times the average daily loss on 1000

9 15 October typhoon landed on the same day, survey center is restored to normal operation. Only from 16 to 20, the survey center has completed the vehicle damage 5778 times. This does not include Haicang and Tongan two set point data, in addition, there are road, 4S shop, repair shop at the scene to assess the damage the vehicle is not included.

5778 times what is the concept? As usual, the survey center daily loss of about 300 vehicles, now an average of more than 1 thousand a day, nearly 4 times the number of daily loss. "17 day is the highest peak, because the road gradually smooth." At the scene, a survey center staff said, after the single and double limit line after two days, the vehicle again.

reporter obtained from the Xiamen Insurance Regulatory Bureau data: as of September 20th 17:00, the insurance industry received a total of 54074 auto insurance report, reported a loss of $541 million.

insurance company personnel from the field to support


survey center all 340 parking spaces, these days the vehicle exploded, you have to open around the survey center can be used together. Even so, the scene to divert traffic police, security or busy.

however, the scene survey center is busy but not chaotic. In order to deal with the accident, the insurance company has also opened a temporary rest area and green channel. The reporter saw at the scene yesterday, the insurance company claims survey personnel, each took several owners, wave to wave damage survey.

"from 8:30 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening, lianzhouzhuan. The first day of the peak, there are two or three staff fainted." Survey Center staff said, until yesterday, survey center has no electricity, the existing power by the generator, "open from morning to night, really afraid of generators’ strike’".

after the typhoon in Xiamen, there are a lot of cars were lost, for such losses, the insurance company is one of the arrangements for claims. It is reported that, in order to deal with the tense vehicle claims, a number of insurance companies are recommended

Sausage workshop first step to success – Investment

now we all know that the food and beverage industry is very competitive, it is very important to want a better business for the choice of a good project. Sausage workshop investment is in progress, if you also want to succeed in business, may wish to consider to join the workshop project considering sausage!

sausage production equipment how much money? Choose only the minimum sausage workshop equipment for thousands of pieces, can let you easy money. The sausage workshop "make and sell" business model, set production and sales as a whole, through the transparent production, on-site sales, shorten the transportation time, excluding the distribution process, the product safety and freshness assurance, let customers buy at ease, eat healthy. Such a good market to make money not far away.

How much is the fee to join

sausage workshop?

As for the

you want to start their own business profitable friend, sausage production equipment how much money? Is your preferred workshop sausage, sausage workshop, is the traditional craft and mechanical production as one of the production system, based on the traditional method of production to maintain the flavor and character, to achieve a high efficiency and reliability of factory production. It is definitely a good choice to join your business to make money.

has something to make money so the choice of the project, to join the sausage workshop project, an open their own sausage workshop stores, no doubt, is a very wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

Heating paste to join the brand ten list – the whole


health care market Unlimited Business Opportunities, now many women love to do physical therapy, physical therapy is critical in the step is to use paste heating, heating health high quality stickers can make people more trust, which drives the development of heating paste Market, business is business heating paste, a good brand very important, here, Xiaobian introduce heating paste brand to join the top ten list for everyone, to help entrepreneurs better business.

Paste heating is the heating cold fomentation physiotherapy products etc.. Abroad as its daily necessities. Have to resist the cold, health care hot compress effect, is a kind of science and technology products, which itself is to rely on oxidation-reduction reaction (chemical change) release of heat.

heating paste products for flaky patches, from raw materials, gelatin layer, non-woven bag is composed of three parts, the principle of raw materials is oxidized in the air, and release heat. Non woven fabric is characterized by uniform leakage, good permeability; gelatin layer selection of high quality pressure sensitive adhesive, stick firmly, will not pollute the clothes, will not leave too many traces on the clothes.

heating stick brand to join the top 1 List: Kobayashi warm baby


Paste heating brand to join the top ten list is 2: Le Sunle

sunle Sunle (conversion of military industrial system production units, one of the larger enterprises specializing in the production of paste heating of Xinyang Nuclear Industry Hengda Industry Company)

Paste heating brand to join the top ten list of 3: Bobby bear

Paste heating brand to join the top ten list 4: profit

(surplus is mainly engaged in self heating and refrigeration products research and development / production / sales of high-tech enterprise, Shanghai Yingdu Industry Co. Ltd.)

Paste heating brand to join the top ten list: iRIS IRIS


Paste heating brand to join the top ten list: 6 yuan


2011 the most awesome project

2011, what the most awesome? Everything is nothing, as well as investment to join, join the project the most awesome also surfaced on the web, open, open the newspaper, can see to help solve the problem of funding, in 2010 loans regardless of expensive cars, housing, or consumption, can solve in the society, and solve the funds already exists the difficulty in the turnover of private lending company.

there are 2010 bank loan project, the social existence of private lending is not legitimate? In order to reassure the public, we made a survey: in the context of the law allows, in general, private lending is legal. It is said that private lending can be divided into private lending activities and loans between citizens and financial enterprises. Private lending activities must strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the state laws and administrative regulations, abide by the principle of mutual assistance and good faith. The lender’s funds must belong to their legitimate income of their own funds, prohibit the transfer of funds borrowed from others. Private lending rates are determined by both parties, but the interest rates negotiated by both parties shall not exceed the state regulations. Borrowing between citizens and enterprises, as long as the parties to express the true meaning can be identified effectively.


all said, around the existence of private lending is very promising. Because the current price fluctuation, the capital turnover not difficult, consumers are optimistic about the opportunity to buy a car or a house.

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What are the Chinese fast food chain marketing all wrong

According to

, the market of the Chinese fast food chain should have a development opportunity, but many entrepreneurs because the choice of this project and the failure! As for entrepreneurs, the cause of such an outcome is that entrepreneurs had changed the industry marketing mistakes. Next, we will make an analysis of the following problems in the marketing of Chinese fast food chain stores.

(1) research on customer demand is not enough.

(2) Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods are not right? Long term planning is not enough attention.

(3) only emphasize their own products and their characteristics, Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods are not right? Do not pay attention to customer needs, do not consider how to better meet their needs.

(4) lack of sense of urgency when the whole industry is operating well.

(5) strategic decisions only in the operation of serious difficulties to be taken into account, Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods are not right? And even if it is often considered only from the traditional production orientation, product orientation or sales oriented concept, little thought of customer demand.

(6) Chinese fast food restaurant operators often rely on their own experience and subjective speculation to make decisions, which is not the Chinese fast-food chain marketing methods? Some feasibility studies often become a generally childish.

(7) fast food restaurants lack of coordination. Do not cooperate with other counterparts, Chinese fast-food chain which marketing methods are not right? Always think they are right, is important, more important than anyone else.

(8) up and down communication is not enough, the information interruption occurs from time to time, so, between the upper and lower, misunderstanding between the Department of clusters, friction, contradictions. Usually do not pay attention to communication, the problem was solved when piles.

(9) fast food dish herd, Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods? Do not use their brains, just want to take shortcuts to make money.

(10) think that sales is just a matter of sales staff, Chinese fast food chain which marketing methods are not right? Others do not have to intervene and efforts: the concept of sales of Chinese fast food restaurants, the vast majority of people seem out of tune.

This paper is mainly aimed at

when entrepreneurs operating in the Chinese fast food chain, analysis, should pay attention to the details about the project to make the mistake of marketing so for Chinese fast food chain entrepreneurs, when operating the project, must be a lot of attention, only to find the methods of marketing in order to be >.

2015 Amway Gansu branch annual meeting held in Lanzhou

with the rise of the Internet age and entrepreneurial boom hit, the traditional industry has begun to reform and innovation. China direct sales giant Amway Gansu branch in 2015 will be held before the day, thousands of employees to attend the annual meeting, sharing new ideas of entrepreneurship.

2015 in December 12th, the Gansu branch of Amway in the opening in the Gansu Grand Theater, a total of one thousand 500 people attended the annual feast. 2015 coincides with Amway (China) 20 anniversary of the birthday, the whole event brilliant and no lack of warmth, a grand and warm heart.

20 years of glorious bloom

2015 years is not unusual, as the development of direct sales giant track and step affects the hearts of China’s direct selling industry. Today, the development of the times is no longer emphasized the first data, the overall strength of a large number of enterprises will be a strong new impetus for the development of enterprises. At present, Amway (Chinese) has entered the active period of change, in the review of Amway (China) in the history of 20 years of development, reform and innovation achievements of Amway Chinese direct selling giant glory, but also to promote the development of the direct selling industry thriving.

2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship report

2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship report by the German Nuremberg GfK Market Research Group, which lasted 4 months, nearly 50 thousand of global respondents conducted by global research, 44 experts as the academic advisor on the research results of research and analysis, is for the public business report at the world within the scope of coverage in most samples the largest amount of.

2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship report focuses on the main characteristics of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, and the first introduction of the Amway entrepreneurial index. Amway venture index includes three aspects: 1: the desire of the respondents eager for entrepreneurship; 2, feasible degree: whether respondents have done business preparation; 3, the stability: whether respondents can bear from family, friends and other social entrepreneurship discourage their environmental pressure.


Qingming Eve Hefei volunteers gathered in Shushan Martyrs Cemetery

Qingming is approaching, many people will miss the deceased person, people usually go missing by send chrysanthemum. The second session of the "martyrs" million chrysanthemum Festival volunteer service activities held in Shushan revolutionary martyrs cemetery in Hefei City, a number of public organizations and the moral model and good China together with million chrysanthemum "revolutionary martyr memorial" and "China".

9:30 in the morning, the national outstanding five star volunteers, "Chinese good guy" Wang Tao, through the open area of the lake community civilization office staff Huang Chunrong, group executive vice president of Anhui steel works, branch of Lin Yanwu, as well as a large number of "moral model and the good side came to the Shushan revolutionary martyrs mausoleum. The national hero Zhu Xiankang an excellent frontier children presented a scene of civilization sweep, and the late "China the memory of the martyrs of good memory of words," China man "Wang Tao also issued a proposal to protect the ecological environment, do not forget the martyrs and the late" good "volunteers in action proposal.

later, the moral model, Chinese good Wu Xiongfei and hundreds of volunteers together respectively to China "helpfulness good", Hefei city volunteers association of volunteer blood donation "Chinese good Li Yanqing and revolutionary martyrs from flowers, mourning the bow.

it is understood that this event by the Anhui volunteer Federation, good Chinese overseas Chinese Charity Foundation charity charity fund group wire in Anhui branch launched to commemorate the passing of "martyrs" and "Chinese good" to express "of the late martyrs and good grief nostalgia, calling for everyone to participate in the study and publicize the" Chinese. "Good deeds, inspire people to learn from the good side, carry forward the moral model and the spirit of volunteerism, advocating solidarity, mutual progress and civilization new fashion. Event organizers Hefei City People’s Hospital and other common participation in caring for others, dedication to the spirit of social volunteer service delivery.

in this event, we see the participants in the age distribution in different stages, to win people’s recognition. Good Anhui Volunteers Association, "Chinese nice" Wang Tao told reporters in an interview on the eve of the late, Tomb-sweeping Day, visit the "good guys", "let’s have a nice dream", is a very meaningful thing.

Barbecue entrepreneurial experience

eat, is a major event in life. As the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment, everyone must have three meals every day, but because people have to pay attention to Disease enters by the mouth., eat barbecue booming industry in recent years, triggered a crowd of people coveted, from the aspects of enterprise is undoubtedly a good direction, then let us to learn from.

1, prominent features, successful foundation

feature is popular in the foundation, baked neck hand pay close attention to product characteristics. In Roast Chicken features: neck bone, bone tender crisp, fragrant roast neck do not spit out the bones. In the wings: outside Giori tender, spicy and delicious, juicy, hemp is a hemp spicy spicy Tougu heart, a heart, a clear fragrant incense. Grilled fish, roast string, bone soup pot, spicy pot, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, Malatang, special chicken soup, Wujiang fish Hot pot…… With its own characteristics, taste prominent, good products is the last word!

3, emphasizing the barriers, competition unbeaten

self-developed curing material, material for barbecue before baking, pickled and finished seasoning. Baked chicken neck, chicken wings and meat products do not shrink, finished product, attractive color. Meat, compact bone, tender, crisp and thorough. All external barbecue seasoning, after smashing processing technicians, only to join the system in the terminal store distribution supply, not out of the market, so that franchisees in the local champion. At the same time, the headquarters of the strict emphasis on regional protection, to prevent flooding and malicious competition shop.

4, rich varieties, portfolio management

according to the actual business needs in the business shop, barbecue series of products at the same time, also increased the iron, spicy pot, chicken soup, bone soup pot, the characteristics of Wujiang Hot pot, hot and sour fish.

Give up the high paid fishing venture securities white-collar alternative entrepreneurial story

believe that we are not unfamiliar with the securities companies, which is a "iron rice bowl", but also a high paying career. But a white-collar securities has to in the city of Sansha fishing business, and decisively to give up the good work, from the beginning of their fishing life.

2006, securities Chen Xu working in many places to play later in the Xisha Yongxing Island, but this trip to his memory is not good. Second trip to Xisha, he really came to the heart of heaven. The endless and unknown sea attracts Chen Xu. "Stay and experience the way of life here!" The idea of coming to Xisha as a fisherman emerges in Chen Xunao.

a Chengdu Xisha fishermen living

is only 8 miles from heaven on earth

in Paracel Islands for 4 years as a "fishermen" Chen Xu of Chengdu, here is not only beautiful to his memorable scenery, more life will be very useful wealth.


] memory

is not good first heavenly again

2006, securities Chen Xu working in many places to play later in the Xisha Yongxing Island, but this trip to his memory is not good. "It must have been a little disappointed." Chen Xu said, set foot on the island, building construction, in 70s and 80s of last century reinforced concrete, like a small town. "Lost the island’s original style and features."


Live fishing diving