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Advertising alliance is always a hotbed of garbage collectionSorry, you’ve been blinded. This busine

however, in the face of the sharing economy barbaric growth momentum we have to calm down, flooding the sharing economy really air or second O2O? Now on the market of these shared economy really reliable?

so it seems that the sharing economy really have too many problems, and these problems are not a good solution, bicycle sharing problem is still not resolved, other people rushed to seize the other projects, this is obviously not the rational choice, why are there so many people willing to shed the waters of

is the kind of heavy asset model that lets this

shared an umbrella not only don’t Jie, and 100% of the loss rate let embarrassment it is far beyond the previous shared bicycle, full interpretation of what is called "bring forth the new through the old Yangtze river".

online now Wangzhuan forum and advertising make 100, innumerable, day to earn 200, earning 300 ads everywhere, here alert you that one, especially just want to enter the gate of Wangzhuan novice friends must be careful, that many swindlers deceived a lot before. All about Wangzhuan, many methods and techniques, but most rely on advertising alliance. With garbage flow to exchange Union Commission, but personally believe that the domestic union almost all the amount of deduction phenomenon, the interests of the owners will never be maximized.

domestic SEO now more and more popular compared to foreign countries, we are still a lot worse, through the SEO, a key word ranking, from the search engine to get traffic. SEO do garbage station group, 1 popular keywords every day can bring you a lot of traffic, but the value of this kind of traffic is not big, can only rely on advertising alliance, CPC, CPM, CPA and other types of advertising in exchange for commission. If you use SEO to do some more valuable keywords, such as: steel, glass and so on, even if the flow is not large, but the value of IP is very high, can bring you more lucrative interests. Do SEO cycle 1–3 months, but also a tedious and painstaking process, for psychological and physiological are relatively large test, so it is not suitable for novice adsense. For example, we try to optimize my own several sites, two websites included more normal, GG ranking is relatively good, sh419 no good ranking, now 1 months fast past, the effect is not obvious.

the imagination of the Chinese people is endless, and since the rise of O2O, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the Chinese people has been extremely loud. When the shared economy experienced a "C2C" copy to China, from travel spread to short rent, from C2C into B2C, in China, shared economic business models emerge in more industries and areas, to explore a large number of entrepreneurs and innovators in this way.

do Wangzhuan forever cannot do without you no traffic flow, what do the Internet society in the money flow, how should we go to get more traffic? Do we have to go to a website promotion, how to let more people know our website, enter our website and we use the website promotion methods, such as traditional forums, quizzes, text and so on, we can also use the SEO to increase our flow.

short, now Wangzhuan increasing the threshold is low, also welcome everyone to join the big family of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Road, never end point.

in the past few years, the sharing of commercial mode of economy rapid rise in the global scope, sharing business platform represented by Uber, continues to influence and change people’s way of life and business operation mode.

from sharing the bike to the shared umbrella: predecessors had planted the pit, the younger generation have jumped

as a shared economy younger shared an umbrella, it also encountered the same problem, the morning of June 1st, a shared umbrella enterprise began in Shanghai first put 100 sharing an umbrella. In just one day, 100 of Shanghai’s shared umbrellas were taken away, but no one returned it.

Wangzhuan, mysterious thing once and now we are no longer strange, make money online has become a lot of young people are the most for the goal, because they yearn for the freedom of occupation of SOHO, people do not want to be imprisoned, young people’s thinking is active, as many young people together, thinking to the moment of collision sparks, such a thought and idea is the birth of wangzhuan.

this is an example, because in addition to the many problems facing the bike sharing but also other shared economic issues need to be considered, these problems can not be solved which is difficult to achieve the network about cars like success.

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shared bikes should be the hottest shared economy at the moment, but there’s a lot of pressure behind it. Not to mention the sharing of bicycle profits and the public problems it raises, just a breakdown of all sorts of broken bike, bicycle privatization problems, enough for each player to "drink a pot".


Zhigang appears in the network about the car business model is the essence as a bridge and connected with supplier and demand, is the consumer to consumer model, since the shared bicycle, sharing economy began to go B2C Road, the platform itself to act as suppliers, sharing the bicycle, car sharing undoubtedly belongs to heavy asset mode, umbrella, basketball, although a single stream of charging treasure cost is low, but after large area promotion still belongs to heavy asset mode.

From despair to reverse 300 thousand annual salary, master entrepreneurship, selling teaHappy CPM pr

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

why do I make organic tea,

at the very beginning, when I said that I was going to sell tea, my family was very opposed to it. I felt that I was doing a job with a high salary and a decent job. I don’t have any prospects for doing this kind of traditional low-end industry. And I want to be a brand, a food safety for the demands of the brand, tea is my starting point, with my family described my plan, the family also slowly support.


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usually likes tea, a friend gathering and chatting. One of his friends is an old tea fan of ashes. He told him that he has already given up drinking tea.

introduction: an enterprise engaged in strategic management of the young master to give up 300 thousand annual salary, excellent work, rolled up his pants venture to engage in organic tea, behind the hope is the bloody reality.

hopeful preparations for

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was a learning tyrant when he was a child. He was rebellious after high school. He reluctantly applied for the University Chinese department. Later he transferred to graduate school to study for postgraduate entrance examination. His mathematics achievement was 147/150, and he was one of the millions of postgraduate entrance exams. After graduating from graduate school, I worked as a strategic management in a private 500 and a 100 billion enterprise, and then worked as a management consultant in Shanghai.

from >


update time: 2008-1-21

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

at the beginning of the year to give up 300 thousand annual salary jobs, entrepreneurship began selling organic tea, started to give up the angel financing, hopeful of preparation, but the reality is bloody, the first two months only one order, because partners can not see the future, had to leave, only one person to insist on hard, but it is difficult to to restore the situation, the regression line in despair, on the circle of marketing, finally open up the situation, the successful implementation of the big reversal.

becomes an expert in that field and will discover that as a machine’s components repeat what happened yesterday, without end. Have a business plan, dream et al, must take advantage of young, brave to live, I don’t want to regret when old said, my life light, no what memorable and proud.

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said I was shocked, he said they now there are a lot of farmers do not drink their tea, a lot of tea in order to increase production, a lot of pesticide, when insects, every week to fight again, exceed the standard of pesticide is very serious.

early in 2014, give up about 300000 annual salary job opportunities, began organic tea entrepreneurship.

After years of work, !

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from then on, when I saw tea, I always felt a strong feeling of pesticides in it. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder could not afford to hurt themselves……

but I can’t quit tea? So I find that organic tea without pesticide use, it is hard to find, so I was thinking, why don’t I go to sell the 0 pesticides organic tea? Then I will become the selling tea.


Mou Changqing please take a rational approach to online marketing training

with the advent and popularity of the Internet age, often can see media reports, someone through the Internet overnight, or so certain Internet Co 80 young CEO has billions of dollars worth. Many people think that the Internet is a shortcut to get rich fast, so the ensuing fire network marketing training market, many network marketing training institutions have mushroomed, rapid emergence.

now has a very large number of large network marketing training institutions in China, with training hours in days, months, months, and 1 months. A form of training for the network remotely, also have a face-to-face approach. Prices range from hundreds, thousands, or even W yuan. There are well-known industry engaged in training institutions, there are also some so-called "industry celebrities" engaged in training institutions. But really reliable, not Huyou people training institutions, how many?. Some training institutions, training time is not a few days, but still thousands of dollars in training fees, in such a short period of time, really can learn and master a good marketing tool?


this afternoon, listening to "voice of the stationmaster" recording, I heard the anchor Kaka mentioned online marketing training, talking about some unreliable training institutions. Among them, mentioned a Wang XX, suddenly appeared in two years, training and lectures everywhere, the age of this person is not big, but also in 08 years out of a marketing book, said he studied 8 years of e-commerce. But how long has China’s e-commerce come out? Take the anchor Kaka’s words, it is not reliable, it is a big flicker. Later, I Baidu, and found that many people say that is a liar.

some training institutions advertising play very unreasonable, which make the network literacy in a few days into Wangzhuan master. And only a few days training, you have to collect thousands of dollars tuition. Said that as long as participated in the training, you can earn 1 million a year through the network, X earned 10 million. But is that possible? With so much experience and training, you can easily earn 1 million on your own. Often do such advertising, are some so-called "well-known marketing experts."". Truly formal training institutions will not be so exaggerated.

can often see such sudden emergence of marketing training lecturers on the Internet, there is no practical experience and representative cases. A book, and then put their own packaging, hang a lot of head, began to engage in training. In fact, the industry experienced people, a look, I do not know the fly. But a lot of people believe it. May be the China population base is too big, too much money to a person. Like some of the tricks that are on television, though it’s very corny and often reminds on TV, there are always people who get cheated.

personally, I think online marketing training, if it is directed at traditional enterprise training, enterprises pay to allow employees to accept the concept of network marketing, universal knowledge, or can. If you are an individual, you want to study online marketing, make money, or get a job. Spend a few thousand dollars, go to a few days, it is not necessary. First of all, there won’t be any

How can a rural people get rich

a lot of people in rural areas do not what the concept of entrepreneurship, always keep the home a few acres of land to live, eat and drink had nothing to do. In fact, there are many ways to get rich in rural areas, need is a rich mind and brave people to realize, Guizhou Suiyang County Zhou Guangxin village is not rich, a few years ago because of poverty most folks are migrant workers, most folks are now hard at home here, are busy what? Into the village, we heard that Zhou Guangxin an ordinary rural guy, lead folks get rich black goat farming story.

Entrepreneurial winter or let 70% companies die

venture capital investment in the winter is very popular, New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong also accept this argument. And he also made it clear that this year there will be 70% start-up companies will die in the capital of winter.

"in 2016 Chinese entrepreneurial experience a winter, there will be 60%-70% deaths", "some say Sheng Xitai the partner than Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qianghao told me, this is completely is the title of the party". In January 20th, said the New Oriental chairman, Hong Thai fund founding partner Yu Minhong annual meeting in Shan Street No. 0 and hosted on the server business.

Yu Minhong appears in the removal of government support for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success also need to take care of four people.

Second, founder. The founders themselves have to have two characteristics, the first is smart, and the second is generous, Ma who has these features can be successful.

Third, partner. Yu Minhong believes that the different partners have different characteristics, "Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang belongs to the strong ability of speech, and Sheng with the Enterprising Ability of people belonging to the Hittites, different times to look for different partners, target career and move feeling to be consistent.

At present, the

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How do you want to sell cigarettes three jobs

said that although every shop operators hope that their products can store hot sale, however, take the shop selling cigarettes, cigarette selling shop, is located in the station, markets and other downtown stores. My shop is located in remote rural areas, originally due to geographical location, will also be able to sell cigarettes a day at most a half a pack of ten. Dismal business situation forced me at the time, had to use their brains to find a recipe for breakthrough. After a period of unremitting efforts and exploration, I finally got some successful selling experience, problem of completely cracked cigarettes can not sell, and then enter the top fifty cigarette sales.

to display sales dipping

reasonable commodity display, with the display of goods, stimulate sales, easy to buy, beautify the shopping environment and other important role. In all the current display technology, "to display" is the most of the sales force. What is the occasion to display? Is on display through time, through psychological and hitchhiking and other means, to obtain the customer’s attention, the display method so as to increase product sales force.

my cigarette display method, in addition to like everyone else will be displayed in the cigarette smoke display cabinet, so that customers easy to pick out. This not only improves the contrast "Hi cabinets" auspicious theme, but also to buy wedding wedding, an easy job to do to guide customers to buy on the spot, the wedding festival with smoke. Of course, there must be a mix of stress, after the match with each other to set off the effect, we should pay attention to the use of different elements, to correspond to different themes.

"is the biggest selling occasion" can be targeted to consumers, they will have the potential to cigarettes, through they are buying goods to close to them, and actively attract them, so they have to buy.

to award on behalf of the line fishing

each customer has a natural heart, in order to make them willing to pay to buy our goods, we must know how to give them to meet them. In order to win over consumers, we had many shopkeepers to capital price, discount promotions, this method definitely no doubt that to enhance the popularity of help, but it is difficult to have in want of perfection, further appreciation of space.

in order to tie down customers, guide them to the store of secondary consumption. A few days ago, there is a customer said the father to a birthday, to my store to buy 10 boxes of a brand of liquor. I sold him on the basis of the guidance price of the factory, each box of liquor reward him 2 packs of new cigarettes. Customers get the reward is very happy to go back after second days, and fold back to buy the 8. He said to me like this: he was going to buy a birthday dinner at 10 at the door of the store

Analysis of home appliance store location

shop location needs to be analyzed according to specific projects, the need to take into account the characteristics of operating products. For example, the choice of home appliances store location, you can not choose the school next to it, this is a less appropriate site. How to get the site? With a small series together to learn.


To choose interesting characteristics Hot pot – small Hot pot fishing net

food and beverage industry has been all the more inclined Hot pot to join the project, catering for investors, they have to find a suitable for their delicacy project Hot pot. Hot pot is the food and beverage market with high popularity, has a high market share. Fun fishing small pot, innovative bar hot pot dishes, more convenient, fast, hygienic hot pot brand, once listed will be very popular, join the fun fishing venture easier, wealth flow.

catering market opportunities, but also there are fierce competition. Want to make money based on the food and beverage market, you need to choose a good restaurant brand. Therefore, you want to find a good investment projects, want to achieve low-risk venture, fun fishing small hot pot catering project, will undoubtedly become one of the best choices for investors.

fun fishing small pot is an innovative hotpot brand, developed on the basis of the traditional hot pot is more suitable for the current consumer market, a pot of it a small pot, more health. Fun fishing small Hot pot innovation, change the traditional monotonous soup bottom Hot pot, the senior R & D team developed covers nowadays popular more than ten kinds of soup, and combined with Chinese, Japanese, Thai, European food and other Hot pot features, only a small bag of special material, after boiling water, fresh scent thick soup is good taste characteristics like nature itself to attract many consumers, stop tasting. Small fishing and interesting characteristics of the most Hot pot is its subversive innovation mode of eating, change before people were eating a soup of traditional, heavy launch fashionable individual small pot, a pot, taste is free, convenient and sanitary, the fashion was sought after delicacy to highlight the competitive advantage.

fun fishing headquarters to implement the whole store output franchise model, the headquarters of many years of successful experience easily copied. Even if there is no food industry experience, headquarters to provide one-stop business services including technical training, management, marketing, construction site planning, customer service, support for it, do poineering work to minimize the risk, the business profit rose to the highest. Small investment high return entrepreneurial model, to achieve the establishment of a fun fishing store just 3-5 million of capital investment and 30-50 flat streamlined site, take care of the needs of small entrepreneurs. The fun of fishing outlets reflect the actual operation, the operating stability after sales of up to 3000 yuan, easily earn entrepreneurial wealth.

Join OV Ouwei clothing more reliable

beautiful clothing choice is the best choice for women. Beauty is every woman’s nature, how OV Ouwei dress? With the advantages of the brand to join the project, is also a very strong option to join the project.

Ou Wei Garments Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a collection of foreign trade, design, production, sales, brand as one of the professional women’s apparel company. The company is located in the eastern part of Ningbo garment production base. Committed to the design of the product, color, surface accessories, work fine in the perfect. Companies focus on product quality at the same time, adhere to the "honesty, trust, diligence, and" spirit of enterprise, and the broad strokes of "people-oriented", make the enterprise develop, establish a good corporate brand image.

At the beginning of the establishment of

company, it is necessary to strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises as the strategic goal of enterprise development. To achieve this goal, the company hired, the modern enterprise management mechanisms, introduction to introduce advanced technology and equipment, through the implementation of scientific and standardized management of enterprises, the enterprises into low input, high output, high efficiency sound track. The company all staff will continue to carry forward the hard pioneer and innovation spirit, and constantly improve the company’s research and development, production, marketing system, and provide the best quality products and service for customers.

joined OV Ouwei clothing enterprise choice? Join selection advantage. Is to join the OV Ouwei clothing items do you not? Come and leave a message! Come and join us! Let’s work together to create wealth!

Xining commercial bank for rural economic development note gold Tim silver

in the face of inadequate supply of rural finance, the problem of lack of financial services, Xining city commercial banks market-oriented adjustment of credit structure, extending financial services tentacles, initiative to provide quality financial services for the "three rural".

to close service to the rural economy, Xining City Commercial Bank has established two branches in the Gan River Industrial Park, to provide financial services for the New South and Ganhetan area of rural and park enterprises, 2006 branch Gan were issued all kinds of loans 100 million yuan, 41 million 920 thousand yuan deposits. In March 5th, the State Treasury set up a branch library in the Gan River branch, the surrounding farmers and enterprises in the park more convenient for financial services. The victory for management of Xining City Commercial Bank in recent years to run into the fields of rural financial services, currently has a total of 8 villages more than 800 farmers land grant funds 160 million yuan, small loans to farmers 7 million 600 thousand yuan, solve the farmers farming, agricultural production and business capital needs.

at the beginning of this year, the national financial work conference will be an important agenda for rural financial work, easing the access threshold of rural banking financial institutions. Xining city commercial bank to seize this favorable opportunity to speed up the pace of the establishment of institutions in rural areas, in March 15th in the sea lake district set up a branch. The new branch will be formed with the rural cooperative financial organizations, innovative financial products to support agriculture, efforts to ease the contradiction between the large rural financial needs and financial supply, activate the rural financial market. In order to better serve the "three rural" service, Xining city commercial bank is actively coordinating with the local government, as soon as possible to establish branches in Golmud and Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous county. (author: Lu Hai)