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The new secret nobility baby Analytics — how to define Visit

visit why most pages will be much less than these visitors to the page number (visitor).



if the title of this article I just wrote "the noble baby Analytics how to define a visit, you will not see the

Visit this metric is the cornerstone of website analysis. But even though it is a basic measure of noble baby Analytics to its definition is not entirely immutable and frozen. In order to adapt to the new changes in the browser and change people visit habits, nobility baby Analytics in basic measure even in the evolving. Oh, this is perhaps the scary aristocratic baby Analytics, she has reached such a height, but also climb faster than others.

now, you can not remember the two formula, because the noble baby Analytics definition of visit has undergone great changes.


;The definition of how to handle visit GA ?

in this paper, what you will learn:

Major changes

but may things than we imagine so complicated, very much hope that you can continue reading. Of course, if a measure is not so you understand such an important basis, it is recommended that you read this article: the basic measure of site analysis (1): Visit.

in fact, this formula must now be changed to "30 minutes of inactivity" and "change the source again". Why change the two formulas, we take a look at what is noble baby to visit new definition (if you know English.

visit two formulas — "30 minutes nothing" and "don’t close the browser". If the process of browsing a website in thirty minutes without opening a new page or not some of the action (the action GA code needs to be monitored, such as event tracking), then you to visit at this site the behavior will be recorded for a new visit. Similarly, if the browser is closed, and then open the browser to browse this website, GA will think that the occurrence of new visit.

[Objective] The change of

Visit associated attributes (past and present);


GA a major change in the definition of visit

special case;

noble baby Analytics visit statisticsWe all know

Keyword density is very important in the original text


now the search engine algorithm has simple frequency ratio or density calculation is more complex. The webmaster can easily artificially increase the frequency and density of page, but not necessarily a higher value. So the page of key words associated with the word frequency and density have no direct contact, so we don’t have to care too much.

website optimization process, good website keyword density is kept between 2%-8%, the web page column by keyword density to increase, of course, when the web page construction is good, most of the keyword density by soft to increase, the reasonable distribution of keywords the density in the soft also has become an important factor to consider the website optimization.

Soft Keyword density must be strictly controlled in a certain range of That the search engine algorithm

first, keywords appear more, also is the higher the frequency, the more keywords associated with this page. But the word concept did not consider the content length. If the page is 1000 words, obviously very easy keywords frequency than 100 words of the page is high, but not necessarily more than 100 words are more relevant pages. Keywords frequency divided by the total number of words, get keyword density, the correlation is more reasonable judgment standard.

but usually appears before the text of 50~100 words have higher weights, and suggest the first paragraph of the first sentence of the words. In fact, this is the inevitable result of the natural writing. And write the argumentation, page writing can also be divided into arguments and summarize the point. The article first need to illuminate the beginning point, will naturally contain keywords. The next part of the argument again two or three times, the end point again visible keywords, a page of text optimization is completed.

generally, the length of the page is not two or three times key, the relatively long length of the page appears 4-6 times is enough, do not accumulate words. We like Shanghai Longfeng novice beginners often ask how much is the most suitable keyword density. In fact, keyword density in the search engine algorithm now has a less relevant concept, completely does not need to pay attention. To observe the ranking in the front page, we will find that both low density to 1% or 2% pages, there are up to 20% pages, but the keyword density between 2%-8% is more common, but these we must remember to naturally keywords into the article. As long as the natural writing page is inevitable in several key words, this was done to optimize the.

keyword density is related to the page keyword density, plays a vital role in the optimization of our professional web hosting company (www.91wzg贵族宝贝) must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the optimization, so as to set an example for the customer.


5 let you no longer difficult chain method in 2011

What is the use of the ?The

1, the forum signature effect is low, it is very difficult to post with links, do a little too be moderator delete even titles;

2, love Shanghai products leave the link difficult, although the product weight love Shanghai is very high, but now with the difficulty of the link has been very high, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know that experience is very difficult, Post Bar fortunately, but left many, possible titles, and even K station;

chain is another site for their site to vote, I remember a master said, if there are ten thousand sites in Shanghai Longfeng the word link to my website, my website certainly ranked first in the Shanghai dragon, but where so Niubi come ten thousand people to link to your website before? You can see a lot of forum posting irrigation to increase the chain. But at 2011 today, the chain is no longer easy to do. The author summarizes the 5 methods can easily do the chain, hope to help everyone:

solution: record several web sites in the webmaster tools there, every week 5 in the morning to check once, if the new station, and nobody contacts, will have to do their best, slowly try to seek the chain, can also be the first link and a case about the site, such as net station pick up, do in a chain to other higher PR website.


solution: in fact about this problem, nor what the so-called solution.


chain? What is the chain of

solution: love Shanghai know can only try to enhance the level, but 2 of the account is also very easy to stay outside the chain, only one day left two to be good; love experience of Shanghai in April is also can leave the chain, now I can’t stay, had to give up. Then love Shanghai Post Bar words is relatively easy, but some are not completely Post Bar can leave a link, like some parts of Post Bar die, but stay and site theme related Post Bar generally, the author is the first article, then reply with links, this is very easy to pass. But don’t stick with each link, very dangerous.

solution: to those high weight, PR greater than 5 (personal website posted replies that the effect is not good, so less, it replies) what weight high? A5, the laggards, 28 push, push, there are a lot of gov forum, the forum the effect is relatively better. Because is the second, so the chain effect can be immediate. But for some forum the workload is relatively large, to the laggards, need to accumulate points to a certain extent can sign with links on the site, but the chain is very much linked to weight, which was not much.

3, Links is very difficult for the beginning of the station, even if the link, but also regularly to check whether the problem, in case of a problem, in very large

blog project, need a long time to see the effect;

What kind of original articles have utility optimization

website platform but also through various channels to recruit some of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng optimization of original content writers, and give often costs only a few dollars a day, sometimes a dozen updates, spend tens of dollars. There are also hundreds of dollars each month, but the final result has not achieved good optimization effect, it seems that love Shanghai was not interested for the original content of the optimization, which makes them into a boondoggle.

Now a lot of !

first, must be able to help users of the original content will be valuable. Now many on the web site of the so-called original content is just a keyword replaced by many pseudo original software disrupt or replace synonyms, etc., let love Shanghai search engine for the original rate calculation can be drawn near the original rate of more than 90%, but this is either read very hard to pronounce, or let the reader look Yunshanwuzhao. It is difficult to know the effect of the center, it is difficult to get user acceptance. Usually the user opens such content will quickly choose to leave, this will not consciously enhance the website jump rate, and improve the rate of jump, will be on the web site of the weight and ranking will have a negative impact, which leads to the failure of website operation.

the reason why many stations in Changle this way, a very important factor is the hope that through writing the original content to improve website ranking, but we know that these few dollars of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng original content optimization and garbage often content and not what two things, a price of a cargo if all this simple truth do not understand, want to improve the quality of website content through the original method so cheap, it is difficult to work.

let’s talk specifically about what kind of original Shanghai dragon optimization articles would be valuable, so don’t let the webmaster invest money and time, come to a wrong conclusion, that is the original content for what did not help Shanghai Longfeng optimization. This is undoubtedly the webmaster of future site operation will bring huge negative impact.

second, the original content must be relevant to the website and website. This is the inevitable result of love Shanghai search engine algorithm innovation. Before a lot of the site in the update the content, correlation often do not pay attention to the content, or even to reprint some inappropriate content, as long as the current social hot spots will be reproduced or pseudo original. Although these attractive for users will have some, but some people open the professional website, pay more attention to professional content on its Web site, rather than on some hot content on current social concern. This poor correlation, also very easy to love Shanghai search engine that is cheating, which seriously affects the rise of the weights of the website. It has been since the love of Shanghai that is cheating, and how to optimize the level of website show its value

third, strengthen the original content website reprint. Many people may think that you reprint the content on the website, the website is not decisive, but in other sites on the net.

From blog to website, I really feel the bitterness and bitterness of the webmaster

since I just ran a small blog on their own, published a few articles regularly, have a little unusual as a pleasurable occupation life of Internet users.

until one day, a friend who built a website told me that my blog traffic was good (at that time, the amount of browsing was around 1500 per day), you can put in advertising and earn some pocket money. The first time I heard online blog can make money, but I think, yes, yes, usually online advertising everywhere, why don’t I put on a little ah, ha ha, I’m happy!


has learned from a friend that GG and Ali mother, he said that the two best, but GG will pay $100 a month, Ali mother paid, so I put the two application, Ali mother directly through the friend to help me put the Ali mama. Since then, every day in addition to the general Internet of things, I want you to see my mom in advertising revenue, although only one or two money every day, but it was happy to win the lottery two, because I did not pay what, so I just write my blog. GG applied for two times to pass, but my friend said my traffic was limited, to $100 time is too long, or let me do Ali mother’s first, so GG has not put.

put the mom in a month after my first paycheck can finally cash, deduct the service fee after more than 50, cash immediately to Alipay, with their guest links to their charge 50 fee, this is the first time to earn money from the Internet. See 5 dollars a day income on my mom second days ago, in addition to click there I bought yesterday calls of the Commission, on the basis of billing, two pieces of five, my music, so I started to earn a little money to make the guest, write about Taobao store ah in my blog the goods, ah, there are few articles all have been reproduced, because each with my link, then a month income of all more than 150 Amoy, probably for many webmaster is not what, but one of my blog 200 per month (50 AD and 150 of the Tao) I enough to know enough.

may be tasted the sweetness of Wangzhuan website, I started to pay attention to things, especially know PR, oh, my little blog PR was high to 5, at the forum everyone says PR is only 3 4 ah ah, I’m not, think oneself is in high level, but also let me now I feel difficult site.

next month, I was free to write my blog, write some guest recommended articles, but also to promote the exchange of Amoy Ali’s mother made a paste "relaxed experience do guest, making money every day, it became a classic, almost three or four months, also did not sink click down, already have hundreds of thousands, a reply.

originally ziyuzile is also very good, but the last time I saw my friend $more than 100 to GG, he said he GG every month there are more than 100 knife, make me envious, so with his advice I am ready to build your own.

What are the most common usability mistakes you can make in web design

‘s high quality availability has been at the heart of the industry’s discussions over the past ten years because it’s becoming increasingly important to users. Good usability can also help build brand awareness, thereby enhancing the user’s appreciation of a website or a company. Today, there is still a great deal of concern about usability because the large and small companies have proved how important the good usability strategy is.

over the past few years, good usability has been at the heart of those successful start-ups. In most cases, simple ideas are the most creative. Usability refers primarily to making a function or product easy to use, but maintaining the quality of the product at a high level.

nowadays, many articles talk about universal significance. After years of discussion of the topic, it seems that web designers still find it hard to understand it. Usability is no longer a joke. These suggestions should be printed and glued to the wall across your table.

The color of the


I often find that when I browse a web page, some of the links on some pages are not highlighted in some form. This is the stupidest mistake I have ever seen. I would like to access those pages that use default blue pages instead of links and plain text in one color page. Users need to know how to navigate between pages, and where to click links. You can’t expect them to skim all the text of the mouse line to find the link, until the mouse arrow is turned into a little hand".


I fully understand that sometimes, for design reasons, links can’t be highlighted with some color, which makes them look too obtrusive. That’s perfectly understandable. But you can add text styles or dashed lines, and you just need to emphasize the link in one way or another.

The links visited by

should also be displayed in different ways to distinguish from the default link colors. This will help users know what they have already visited and determine where to go next. Some websites can make users confused, but let them know what they’ve already visited, which will definitely make them feel better about your website.

lousy typography,

when we talk about typography, it doesn’t mean we need a big title, or a beautiful piece of writing. When we consider ease of use, it’s not so important to see whether typography is good or not. It’s important how typography works to make our content easier to read.

‘s large array of closely spaced text will give the reader a headache, but it should not give the designer a headache. He just needs to simply increase the line height, segment, increase the text size, and change the font to make it easier to read.

in web design, how to match fonts and what colors to wake up visitors >!

To rectify the Internet pornography on some extreme and outrageous measures

at the end of 2009, for many webmaster, it can be said to be very, somewhat unstable.

The reason for the

is that some of the moves in the cyber porn storm have seemed extreme and outrageous. In a word, the gates of fire, bring disaster to the fish, the relevant departments and in some areas, deepening the rectification work, take the shock therapy, which, inevitably some leftist.

but some of the reports I’ve seen these days have left me with some confusion. I agree with the pornographic and vulgar information, suggest that the monkey Watch chicken, but the chicken against killing the monkey is leisurely and carefree approach, killed the rats but not down with the tiger, it is not reliable. Because of the influence, big website users and spread of power, far better than the small sites, the negative effects of pornography, but also far beyond the small sites, so the author put forward the suggestion: the monkey chicken, but unfortunately, so far, the consolidation, did not see a big website shut down, instead of tens of thousands of small sites are playing a head-on blow out of his wits and you know, some big websites have been warned many times, still incorrigible, but did not receive any substantive punishment.

even more outrageous is that some organs and some areas have adopted a "one size fits all" shock therapy, especially excessive.

For example,

,.Cn domain name, all of a sudden do not give personal registration, this is somewhat hypocritical, the starting point is good, but obviously not measures properly, the effect is not very good. Do not register.Cn domain name, can you block pornographic website all? Can’t?. For those pornographic web site operators, no.Cn domain name, also can be a lot of registered.Com,.Cc domain name, and personal way, not to register, they can get a company name change ah, palliatives, some self deception.

IDC again, off network problems, since late November, the country has a number of provinces and cities have taken IDC service providers off network measures, this means it is vast, can cut off the lifeline, porn sites but also put a lot of sex and independent enterprise station, a station and strangled, and dirty water children poured out, this is ridiculous. If in accordance with this idea, telecom operators simply shut down internet access services, the country’s Internet are out, and suddenly back to the Internet era, is not it more clean?

, that’s not the way to solve the problem. Just like national check drunk driving problem, because if there were a lot of malignant cases of drunk driving accident injuries, the relevant departments that drunk driving too much damage, requires the hotel can only sell liquor, soft drinks, this is not funny? Because you can’t drive in the deprivation of rights to drink at the same time, the other people’s rights are deprived of drinking, this is common sense. However, at present, the departments concerned and some regions have taken the extreme measures which are better to be wrongly killed than one thousand and not to be missed

See how the four line of the town electricity supplier wealth market fun

electricity supplier is now the idea of gaining popularity, many entrepreneurs have been small in the electricity supplier industry, moving towards greater entrepreneurial goals. As for the four lines of the town, want to get rich on the Internet, it seems to overcome more entrepreneurial difficulties.

in a second tier city electricity supplier, the basic pattern has been set, the next step is the competition of the channel sink, for the three or four line of the city. However, in some small towns, many companies use the existing electricity supplier platform, has touched a set of gameplay, such as Datang town. To the town of Zhuji City, Datang socks are socks Market electricity supplier park is located in the two floor, 38 enterprises settled in early September this year. These have worked hard for young people, have returned to Datang, took over the parents of the venture, the gun, will open a variety of shop.

"with the socks industry of manufacturing advantages, and complete industrial chain, Datang electronic commerce has towards the stage of large-scale expansion." Datang Town, the official said, at present, Datang socks domestic sales ratio of about 1/3, and is increasing year by year, which has great relationship with the development of electricity supplier.

Datang entrepreneurship tide

5 shop opened down, Shen Yanxin annual sales has reached tens of millions of dollars. The parent plant hosiery machine from the original 14 Taiwan increased to the current more than and 70 units, also recently bought 4 acres of land to build the plant. Shop business is hot, Shen Yanxin also found more than and 10 processing factory.

like Shen Yanxin, Datang Town, a batch of young people involved in e-commerce. Young people focus on the phenomenon of returning home, the town government has been close attention. This group of young people seem to be about the general, have returned home to open a shop." Datang town official said, these people have seen the world outside, knowledge, mind spirit, a lot of people online business bigger and bigger.

Operating a good female jewelry store business is very important

Now the

industry, the jewelry store has become very common, at the same time, there are a lot of people are beginning to prepare to open a small jewelry store investment, especially for many women entrepreneurs, is a good choice for a business, so how to manage the female jewelry store?

in the jewelry industry, the development potential of the big stores headdress is an unquestionable fact! However, entrepreneurs to join the shop at the beginning when the decoration, in order to create wealth, so in the business in the end to penetrate what skills to create shop success? It needs to master the skills of entrepreneurs in the run time! Next, we will open the franchise for headgear made analysis how to do business


This should be the first

Although the choice of


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How to join the gang Kong Kung Fu pot Aberdeen

for public investors, the food industry is still worthy of attention. Want to do fast food business, choose a good future prospects. How to join the gang Kong Xiang Kung Fu Aberdeen project? If you know a little about the brand, you will know that it has an investment advantage.

2, the application for cooperation: fill in the post Kong Kung Fu Kung Fu Aberdeen cooperation application to confirm the post Gang Xiang Kung Kung Zi to join the relevant matters;

3, field trips: to the gang Kong Xiang Kung Fu Aberdeen field visits to the project, with the gang Kong Kung Fu pot to join the headquarters staff to face to face exchanges.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation, through friendly consultations, signed a cooperation contract;

5, business confirmation: Gang Kong Kung Fu pot partners according to the selected cooperation level, pay related costs, confirm the right to operate the region;

6, skills training: partners to accept the post Gang Xiang Kung Fu Aberdeen technology, management, operation and other aspects of training, and accept the assessment;

7, store decoration: Gang Kong Kung Fu Tsai Tsai headquarters to assist the business to confirm the business district and site selection, as well as the gang Kong Kung Fu pot shop decoration and layout;

8, opening preparation: collect bar incense pot Kung Fu Gang authorization, business gifts, perfect distribution, arrangement of promotional materials, ready to start

;How to join

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