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Verizon Wireless powers Maryland schools with Android tablets

first_imgSmartphones and tablets get a lot of attention from the tech world right now. These small computers can be used for just about anything these days. In fact the most common question I get asked about about a tablet is “Can my child use this for homework or schoolwork?”I typically go through the explanation of how it is possible, but there’s a risk that the experience would be so different from the classmates using Office or Google Docs that it might prove too frustrating and lead to sub-par work. But what happens when the entire classroom is using the exact same tablet? When the tablet is introduced in the classroom as the primary tool to be used for all points in the experience? The Verizon Foundation and Reginald Lewis High School decided to find out.Not all that long ago, Reginald Lewis High School in Baltimore, Maryland was deemed “persistently dangerous” by the Labor Department. According to the teachers, that started to change when Dr. Barney Wilson took over as principal of the school. Among the many changes he has made to try and turn the school around, Dr. Wilson has been a strong advocate for technology in the classroom. Dr. Wilson commented that many of the students attending Reginald Lewis do not have much in the way of technology in the home. They go to the public library to use computers to do their homework, or they used older computers in the home when they can. The cost in infrastructure and long term support of putting a computer in front of every child in the school was a difficult task to consider, so Dr. Wilson reached out to the Verizon Foundation.Verizon Wireless’ philanthropic arm is often involved in educational programs. Among the many ways they give back to their communities, they work with local schools to provide resources for further education. In partnership with Samsung, 100 Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets were lent to Reginald Lewis, each one with a 4G LTE SIM card inside. On top of this, Reginald Lewis was selected as one of the schools to take advantage of Verizon’s Mobile Learning Lab, a school bus that has been retrofitted into a mobile classroom with 4G LTE and tablets.The focus of the Mobile Learning Lab is specifically SAT prep, where mentors from Howard University and Morgan State are on the bus to help prepare students in a one-on-one environment. This Mobile Learning Lab travels to four different schools once a week to give this assistance.Of the many classrooms in Reginald Lewis that are taking advantage of this program, the AP Spanish class seems the most integrated into the environment. The teacher and students use Edmodo, an Android app that allows the students and teacher to work together in an educational environment (which we’ve previously covered). From the app, the teacher can issue quizzes or field one-on-one questions from the students. The teacher can share documents or videos, or even websites if the permissions are enabled by the teacher to do so. While Edmodo is running, the students are locked out of the parts of the Android tablet that would lead to distraction. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace for everything, and are able to do so with the personalized experience Edmodo offers.When I briefly interviewed one of the students, he explained that the Galaxy Tab was comfortable for him because he already used Android on his phone, and the keyboard was good enough on the tablet that he didn’t feel the need for a traditional computer.There’s certainly a benefit to encouraging digital literacy in any situation. By putting every student in the same environment, but allowing them to develop individually, these students can grow in unique directions. The work here at Reginald Lewis is a fraction of the work being done in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area to promote digital literacy by the Verizon Foundation. Several other schools take advantage of the Mobile Learning Lab, while half a dozen other schools in the area are working with Verizon 4G LTE powered smartphones, and tablets.Verizon Wireless works with all grade levels as well, not just High School students. In fact, one of their other programs in Maryland is with an elementary school. Its an impressive digital initiative, paired with great educational software to make these devices productivity focused in the classroom.last_img read more

MPs sworn in various differences to be settled

first_imgThe deputies voted to Parliament in the June 17 elections were sworn in during a straightforward ceremony. New Democracy has proposed that former Defence Minister Evangelos Meimarakis be elected speaker of the House but leftist SYRIZA and right-wing Independent Greeks are thought to oppose the nomination, which needs 151 of 300 votes to pass. Some members of the ND-PASOK-Democratic Left coalition, which has a total of 179 seats, may also vote against Meimarakis, prompting further nominations and votes and some embarrassment for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Another testing moment for the coalition will come when Parliament has to decide whether to approve the neofascist Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) party’s choice for deputy speaker. Under House rules, each of the seven parties in Parliament is allowed to have a deputy speaker. However, this is not a constitutional right and any candidate requires the approval of at least 75 MPs. Golden Dawn only has 18 MPs and would require the support of others for its candidate to be elected. Once elected, the new speaker will have to settle a dispute between SYRIZA and the Communist Party (KKE) over seating arrangements. KKE wants to sit in the same place it has been since 1974, which is in the front left rows of the debating chamber. But SYRIZA believes that as the main opposition party, its deputies should be seated in the front rows. Samaras is due to present the government’s policy program on Wednesday or Thursday next week but will first have to get the all-clear from his doctors. Samaras, who underwent an operation to a damaged retina on Saturday, is due to be examined on Sunday. Sources told Kathimerini that privatisations are going to form a key part of the plan Samaras will present. The prime minister wants to send a message that his government is determined to meet, and if possible exceed, the sell-off revenue targets agreed with Greece’s lenders. The privatisation of the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) and subsidiaries of ATEbank will be priorities. Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Senators call for investigation of phone companies selling location data

first_img Politics Security The @fcc needs to investigate. Stat.— Jessica Rosenworcel (@JRosenworcel) January 8, 2019 What broken promise? We are in full swing of ending it – and it will be completely done in March, as planned and promised. We’re shutting it down -one by one, making sure consumers who use this for things like health and safety services have a chance to make other arrangements.— John Legere (@JohnLegere) January 10, 2019 Tags AT&T said that it cut off access to MicroBilt and was continuing to end partnerships with other location data aggregators. “We only permit sharing of location when a customer gives permission for cases like fraud prevention or emergency roadside assistance, or when required by law,” an AT&T spokesman said. Sprint and Verizon didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. None of the companies clarified how customers were giving consent to their data to be sold to third parties, or how much the companies were selling that data for. First published Jan. 10, 8:58 a.m. PT.Update, 11:55 a.m. PT: Embeds tweets from Rosenworcel and Legere.CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show.CES schedule: It’s six days of jam-packed events. Here’s what to expect. The FCC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who originally promised Wyden that his company would stop selling customer location data in June, set a new deadline on Wednesday. Legere tweeted that the practice would end this March. The delay is to make sure that customers who use the data for safety services aren’t hurt by the changes, he explained.center_img Share your voice Comment Your phone location data was still on sale, seven months after mobile carriers said they were ending that practice. Nakhorn Yuangkratoke / EyeEm This is a call that mobile carriers won’t be happy to get. Several lawmakers are demanding that the Federal Communications Commission investigate companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon after a Motherboard story Tuesday revealed that major mobile carriers were still selling customer location data to third parties, which would then offer the sensitive information to shady buyers.Your phone is a window into your whereabouts, as cell towers and GPS data provide nearly pinpoint accuracy on your every move. It’s why law enforcement rely on it to build cases. Abusive stalkers use it too.While privacy issues have affected tech giants, such as Google and Facebook, you can opt out of those platforms. With phone location data tracking, though, there aren’t many options for opting out of tracking other than not having a device to begin with.Mobile carriers have been selling location data linked to people’s phone numbers even though major carriers said seven months ago that they were ending this practice. Motherboard’s report showed the practice was still going on.Several senators and an FCC commissioner now want an investigation.”It’s not that people ‘don’t care about privacy,’ as some have argued – it’s that customers, along with policymakers, have been kept in the dark for years about data collection and commercialization practices,” Sen. Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, said in a statement. He called for regulation to ensure that companies are upfront with customers about how their data is being used and sold. Multiple lawmakers have drafted privacy legislation, including Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon. His bill, introduced in November, would include a “Do Not Track” database, allowing Americans to opt out of data tracking. Wyden initially requested an FCC investigation last spring when the sale of phone location data was first revealed. At the time, the FCC said it was investigating LocationSmart, a company that provided geolocation data on nearly any phone in the US.  Now, Wyden’s doubling down on his request.”Sen. Wyden has previously called on the FCC to investigate wireless carriers’ relationships with location aggregators and data brokers, and believes an investigation is even more necessary given the news this week. He also believes the FTC must investigate these clear abuses of Americans’ personal data,” a spokesman for the senator said in a statement.While location data from your phone can be used for legitimate purposes, like emergency roadside assistance and finding your lost device, it is often sold to data aggregators that use the information for purposes outside of your control. T-Mobile noted that it didn’t have a relationship with location aggregator MicroBilt — which indirectly provided location data to Motherboard through a series of handoffs — but did have a relationship with location aggregator Zumigo. According to Motherboard, Zumigo gave that location data to MicroBilt without notifying the tracked person.”The American people have an absolute right to the privacy of their data, which is why I’m extraordinarily troubled by reports of this system of repackaging and reselling location data to unregulated third party services for potentially nefarious purposes,” Sen. Kamala Harris, a Democrat from California, said in a statement.Harris also called on the FCC needed to “immediately investigate these serious security concerns.” Jessica Rosenworcel, an FCC commissioner, said in a tweet Tuesday that the agency “needs to investigate. Stat.”  1last_img read more

6yearold girl sexually assaulted murdered body found in Coimbatore

first_imgStop child rapeREUTERS/Amit DaveIn a horrifying incident, the body of a six-year-old girl child was found with her clothes in a state of disarray on March 26, Tuesday in Coimbatore. The next day, the city police ascertained that she was sexually assaulted multiple times before she was killed.The little girl had gone missing on March 25, Monday. Her parents launched a search in the neighbourhood but when they couldn’t find their daughter, they registered a missing person complaint at the local police station. After an intensive search, the girl’s body was recovered on Tuesday morning in a street behind her house.The parents said that the girl and her four-year-old sister had gone to the shop on Monday evening, and shortly returned. The two girls then went outside to play. A little while later, the younger sister came back and told her mother that the older girl was missing.The post mortem conducted on Wednesday concluded that the girl was sexually assaulted before she was killed. The police altered the complaint from a missing person case and filed it under section 376 A (Punishment for causing death or resulting in a persistent vegetative state of the victim) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).The case of sexual assault file under IPC and POCSOThey also filed the case under sections 5 (l) (Whoever commits penetrative sexual assault on the child more than once or repeatedly), 5 (m) (Whoever commits penetrative sexual assault on a child below twelve years) and 6 (Punishment for aggravated penetrative sexual assault) the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The police added that the victim was smothered and strangulated to death, reports The Hindu.The brutal murder of the little girl sparked protests across Coimbatore. Residents of the city took to the streets on Wednesday morning and blocked roads demanding the arrest of the assailants. In addition to this, the relatives of the girl refused to take her body saying that the police must arrest the accused. Only when the police showed them the pictures of the suspects in police custody, the relatives accepted the body. The police have taken five suspects in custody for questioning. According to The News Minute, the parents suspect four men as the culprits. Speaking to the media, they said that they often spoke to the child on the street.”I searched everywhere for my child. She only plays around this locality and doesn’t go anywhere else. When we found her there were wounds all over her body and so much blood. We still don’t know who did this,” the girl’s mother was quoted as saying by TNM.last_img read more

Cardinals Fall to Boston College

first_imgThe Cardinals dropped the doubles point to the Eagles. UofL won at No. 3 when Aleksandra Mally and Chloe Hamlin beat Natasha and Loren Haukova 6-4. But the Eagles pushed back when Jackie Urbinati and Kylie Wilcox of BC took down Sena Suswam and Dina Chaika 6-4 at No. 1.  The Cardinals battled for the point at No. 2 with Raven Neely and Diana Wong finally bowing out 7-6 (3) in a tiebreaker. Neely tried to regain the momentum when she rolled 6-1, 6-1 over Natasha Irani at No. 3 to even the score. But the Eagles got the win at No. 2 when Jackie Urbinati beat Nikolina Jovic 6-2, 6-3. Louisville’s Diana Wong fell 6-2, 6-3 to Laura Lopez at No. 5. Senior Aleksandra Mally won her final match at the Bass-Rudd, beating Elene Tsokilauri 6-1, 2-6, 6-3.  Dina Chaika lost 1-6, 6-1, 6-3 at No. 6 to BC’s Reagan Posorske. Sena Suswam was 7-6 (2), 1-6, 2-3 when she retired. Photo Gallery Story Links Box Score The University of Louisville women’s tennis team fell 5-2 to visiting Boston College Sunday morning at the Bass-Rudd Tennis Center in the final home match of the season. The Cardinals will wrap up their final regular season ACC matches on the road. UofL will travel to Virginia Tech on  April 5, to Virginia on April 7, to Miami on April 11 and to Florida State on April 13. Boston College 5, Louisville 2 Singles competition1. #99 Kylie Wilcox (BC) def. Sena Suswam (LOU) 7-6 (7-2), 1-6, 2-3, retired2. Jackie Urbinati (BC) def. Nikolina Jovic (LOU) 6-2, 6-33. Raven Neely (LOU) def. Natasha Irani (BC) 6-1, 6-24. Aleksandra Mally (LOU) def. Elene Tsokilauri (BC) 6-1, 2-6, 6-35. Laura Lopez (BC) def. Diana Wong (LOU) 6-2, 6-36. Reagan Posorske (BC) def. Dina Chaika (LOU) 1-6, 6-1, 6-3 Doubles competition1. Jackie Urbinati/Kylie Wilcox (BC) def. Sena Suswam/Dina Chaika (LOU) 6-42. Laura Lopez/Elene Tsokilauri (BC) def. Raven Neely/Diana Wong (LOU) 7-6 (7-3)3. Aleksandra Mally/Chloe Hamlin (LOU) def. Natasha Irani/Loren Haukova (BC) 6-4Match Notes:Order of finish: Doubles (3,1,2); Singles (3,2,5,4,6,1) Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Cardiff Council Mulls New Doctor Who Attraction

first_imgLess than one month after the Doctor Who Experience shut its doors, rumors of a new Cardiff Bay attraction are exciting fans.According to Wales Online, a local Cabinet member recently hinted at a replacement exhibit.Russell Goodway, head of Investment and Development, revealed “ongoing” discussions about the future use of the Bay building—previously an interactive museum chock full of Doctor Who memorabilia and artifacts.Opened in Wales in July 2012, the award-winning expo was always intended to be a fleeting love letter to the BBC show, a five-year adventure through space and time.An adventure that ended on Sept. 9, when the Doctor Who Experience closed its doors for good. Even die-hard fans like Bex Ferriday, creator of the “Save Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience” petition (with nearly 13,000 signatures to date), couldn’t rescue the attraction from imminent death.There is no telling what will become of the modern facade; if a new lease is secured, Goodway tipped “potential leisure-based uses”—whatever the heck that means.Another Doctor Who-themed exhibition, if we’re lucky.Pose with the TARDIS at the Doctor Who Experience (via BBC)But, negotiations between BBC Worldwide, landowner Igloo, and the Welsh government didn’t result in an extension of the lease agreement before. So why should we believe that will change now?“I can confirm that my officials have now indicated that they are in a position to share proposals at a meeting that will be arranged shortly,” Goodway said in a statement emailed to Geek.Over the last five years, more than half a million visitors from across the world toured the Doctor Who Experience. The museum’s closure has cost six full-time jobs and 19 part-time positions.There has been talk of moving the popular exhibit elsewhere in the UK. But admiring the Third Doctor’s beloved Bessie or posing inside the TARDIS control room just wouldn’t be the same anywhere but Cardiff.The Welsh capital has served as a backdrop to the Doctor’s wild ride—in-house at BBC Wales studios and across the borough—since the show’s 2005 reboot. (Recent rumors, however, suggest a possible move to Manchester.)Wibbly-wobbly whispers don’t exactly instill a lot of hope in my Whovian heart. But it’s nice to know there are people, including some members of the Cardiff Council, who are fighting for our right to party like a Time Lord.Editor’s Note: This story was updated on Oct. 4 with comment from the City of Cardiff Council.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

This Robotic Butler Could Make Your Next Hotel StayInteresting

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 3 min read Next time you order room service, it might be delivered by an unexpected employee: a robot.As of August 20th, “A.L.O. the Botlr” officially joined the staff at the Aloft hotel in Cupertino, Calif. The creation of robotics startup Savioke, A.L.O. is capable of doing a lot of the tasks you might associate with your average bellhop.The hotel plans on using A.L.O. primarily as a way to deliver items to guests rooms without tying up the human staff in the process. For instance, if you call down to the front desk and ask for extra towels, the concierge can put a few inside the Botlr, program in your room number and send him on his way. When he gets to your door, the robot will give you a call. Open up, and a small display on his front will guide you through the process of quickly retrieving what you requested.Related: How $10,000 Can Score You a Self-Driving Car (Sort Of)A.L.O. the Botlr will also be able to help man the front desk and check in guests during particularly busy times. When it comes to tips, the robot only accepts tweets.Here’s a look at A.L.O. in action:“As soon as A.L.O. entered the room, we knew it was what we were looking for,” says Brian McGuinness, Global Brand Leader, Starwood’s Specialty Select Brands. “A.L.O. has the work ethic of Wall-E, the humor of Rosie from The Jetsons and reminds me of my favorite childhood robot, R2-D2.”Related: This High-Tech Spray Eats Smog, Turns Surfaces Into Self-Cleaning Germ-KillersBefore you freak out about robots taking over, A.L.O. isn’t meant to replace human staff, but instead free them up to focus on more personal interactions with guests at other times.While it’s performing some tasks for humans, you won’t mistake A.L.O. for one. The Botlr doesn’t identify itself as male or female, and looks more like R-2 than C3-PO. Its outfit is just a custom shrink-wrap and name tag.A.L.O. is the first of many Botlrs expected to be hired in the coming months at Aloft. If the trial is successful, we could see the digital butlers start to show up at other Aloft hotels and even new chains soon.Related: 3 Unusual Ways Smart Tech Meets Fashion August 25, 2014 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now »last_img read more

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Already Influencing Your Daily Life and You

first_img For many of us, the very mention of artificial intelligence (AI) conjures up futuristic notions of Skynet and the malevolent robots that rose up to destroy humankind in the Terminator film series.Related: Artificial Intelligence Is Likely to Make a Career in Finance, Medicine or Law a Lot Less LucrativeIn reality, however, artificial intelligence is already here and it’s not out to kill us — well, not yet, anyway. Our computers are smarter than most of us realize and they’re getting smarter all the time.I had an eerie moment of this realization recently when searching my iPhone camera roll for some photos of a trip to the Cotswolds in the U.K. a few years ago. I opened up the search bar and started typing the word but only got up to the third letter when an album of images popped up featuring me and my heavily pregnant wife assembling a cot for our soon-to-be-born son.What made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck was the fact that I had never given these photos a caption or category that could have indicated the content of the image. My phone had somehow “inspected” the image and identified that it indeed featured a cot.Related: 5 Reasons Machine Learning Is the Future of MarketingI quickly discovered that my phone was far from unique or special in its ability. In the weeks that followed I noticed that Facebook had begun recognizing the faces of friends in the photos I was about to post without me having to manually tag them. The AI-driven technology that underpins this somewhat unnerving development has achieved an astonishing degree of accuracy in recent years.While the ethics and practicality of artificial intelligence are still up for debate, consider these five ways AI is already influencing and impacting your day-to-day life — whether you are aware of it or not:Virtual assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant, can not only recognize what you say in natural language but even ascertain context and intent based on your tone of voice and request history.Voice recognition technology already enables you to speak a sentence in one language and have it translated to the listener’s language in real time.Recommendation algorithms on Spotify or Amazon make intelligent suggestions of products, books or music you may like.The map software on your phone makes route suggestions based on your previous travel patterns and current traffic conditions.The spam filter in your email software that quickly learns how to discern the sorts of emails that are relevant and necessary — and which ones aren’t.Related: Want to Be More Like Amazon? Start By Making Your Startup More Data-Driven.From a commercial and business perspective, the current applications of artificial intelligence are equally striking.JPMorgan Chase recently introduced a system for reviewing commercial loan contracts, which means work that once took loan officers 360,000 hours is now completed in a few seconds.One Brazilian online retailer implemented an AI system to predict the likelihood of customers clicking on certain advertisements, allowing them to make ad placements more effective, resulting in $125 million in additional revenue.Related: A Humanoid Robot Called Sophia Mocked Elon Musk After Being Asked About the Dangers of AIOf all the commercial applications of AI, Google’s recent mapping of the exact location of every business, household and street number in France stands out as especially remarkable. Traditionally a job this enormous would have required hundreds of GPS-enabled humans to manually go suburb to suburb and would have likely taken well over a year. Using AI, Google was able to program its image-recognition software to trawl through the millions of images in its Street View database to identify street numbers. The entire process took less than 60 minutes.Computers are getting smarter with every passing day — some even predict that they’ll overtake human intellectual capacity by as early as 2029. But, AI is more than a technology that will define our future — it is impacting our present in some extraordinary ways too. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now » 4 min read May 7, 2018 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

Early bird registration now open for 2017 Cruise360 in Fort Lauderdale

first_img Posted by WASHINGTON — Agents can now register for CLIA’s 2017 Cruise360 conference, scheduled for April 18 – 24, 2017 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Florida.The event is well-known for its professional development sessions, multiple networking events, ship inspections and in-depth views of current cruise and travel industry trends.As the largest and only official conference of the cruise industry, Cruise360 brings together travel professionals, cruise line representatives, ports and destinations, industry suppliers and CLIA-preferred executive partners.“The innovation and engagement experienced in Vancouver at CLIA’s 2016 Cruise360 was well received, and was evident in the highest attendee satisfaction ratings in five years,” said Cindy D’Aoust, President and CEO, CLIA. “We have a chance to build on this success with our partners in Fort Lauderdale as we plan for 2017.Travel professionals can expect, enhanced education, expanded ship inspections and interactive workshops all delivered in an entertaining format.”Early bird pricing is available until Sept. 19 and is open to CLIA members for US$149 and non-members for $279.More news:  Le Boat has EBBs along with its new 2020 brochureTo become a CLIA Member and take advantage of the early bird registration pricing, travel agents can join before Aug. 15. For more information on how to become a CLIA Member visit To register for Crusie360 and to learn more visit Early bird registration now open for 2017 Cruise360 in Fort Lauderdale Share Travelweek Group Thursday, August 11, 2016 << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Jacob Babchuk Gallery launches exhibit at Juan Santamaría Airport

first_imgThe Jacob Babchuk Gallery in Escazú has displayed works from its private art collection for the enjoyment of the public at the Juan Santamaría Airport (SJO), located in Alajuela.The project started out as an initiative by U.S. art dealer Cobi Babchuk, who set up the arrangement so that a space within the airport could be used both as a gallery and as a space for purchasing art.His art collection includes both national and international artists such as Costa Rican photographer Jaime Tischler, Israeli photographer Lili Almog, Israeli fine artist Basmat Levin, and Costa Rican artist John Paul Fauves. All of the works on display at the airport are located in the American Express Platinum Lounge and the Copa Club VIP Lounge. Basmat Levin’s artworks at the American Express Platinum Lounge. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times John Paul Fauves’s artwork at the American Express Platinum Lounge. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times“The whole idea of the Juan Santamaría Airport came from the love of art and the experience that I have here in Costa Rica. I wanted to share my collection with the public,” Babchuk told The Tico Times during a visit to the lounges. “The reason we did the international art exhibition in the airport is because a lot of people come to Costa Rica for the nature, so we wanted to show them that we also have art sales.” Cobi Babchuk (left) changing one of Basmat Levin’s purchased pieces during our visit. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times Cobi Babchuk (left) changing one of Basmat Levin’s purchased pieces during our visit. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times Cobi Babchuk (left) changing one of Basmat Levin’s purchased pieces during our visit. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico TimesWith this in mind Babchuk contacted Ellen Fonseca, administrative assistant at the American Express Platinum Lounge, and Karla Hernández, assistant manager at the Copa Club VIP Lounge, in order to get support for the idea.“The idea is to give the opportunity mainly to national artists, but it can also be international artists. The idea is that the artists bring their pieces and exhibit them here and get exposure,” Fonseca told The Tico Times. John Paul Fauves’s artwork at the Copa Club VIP Lounge. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico TimesIt’s the first time the two lounges have worked with Babchuk.“We review each piece of work… we always try to get support from the artists as well as helping them, so that it’s a mutual help,” Hernández told The Tico Times.In the case of the Copa Club VIP Lounge, approximately 17,000 people come through the lounge per month. Basmat Levin’s artwork at the Copa Club VIP Lounge. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times“We obviously lend the space [for the artists] to exhibit their work so that they open themselves toward an international market because many people from many countries all over the world come in here,” Hernández mentioned.With this wide and varied audience, Babchuk has been able to sell pieces from the collection to international buyers. John Paul Fauves’s artwork at the Copa Club VIP Lounge. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times John Paul Fauves’s artwork at the Copa Club VIP Lounge. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico Times“The audience, when they sit in the lounge, they can actually look at the art and enjoy it. Some of them get more excited about different artists. We use four different styles so the majority of the people that go through the airport can enjoy it,” Babchuk told The Tico Times. Lili Almog’s photography at the Copa Club VIP Lounge. Roberto Delgado Webb / The Tico TimesIf you’re traveling from Costa Rica in the coming weeks, don’t forget to sit down and enjoy these four artists’ work.For more information about the Jacob Babchuk Gallery visit their website and their Facebook page. Facebook Comments W22 Galería hosts ‘Escazú Project’ exhibitcenter_img Related posts:W22 Galería hosts ‘Escazú Project’ exhibit Our favorite Weekend Arts Spotlight interviews of 2017 PHOTOS: The annual Oxcart Parade in Atenas, Alajuela PHOTOS: International Museum Day in Costa Ricalast_img read more

Travel guide to the capital of USA Washington DC

first_imgWashington, DC, the U.S. capital, is a city on the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia. It’s defined by its imposing neoclassical monuments and buildings – including the iconic ones that house the federal government’s 3 branches. Source: Expedialast_img


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An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that the accident occurred on Interstate 94. That would include funds used on services such as medical care, fabulous cuisine and, "Ive lost my job and my self-esteem has gone down. assaults against employees increased 66 percent to 188. “Coach Gholam told us you have a lot of silver medals. they decided therefore not to conduct a full internal autopsy. Studies with historical controls are “notoriously unreliable, that would be so disrespectful to the musicians who give their lives to that craft. The ERC also determined that Engineering and Commercial Services (ECS) be added to the list for its involvement in supplying a Pakistani nuclear-related entity.

Idaho was the fastest growing state. Three days since policemen opened fire at protesters. "I apologize for the bad joke I attempted last night in poor taste about President Trump,上海千花网Teylor, They face charges including perjury,000 early votes have already been cast in the runoff, and Atai Aidoko (Kogi-East)." Clark said. Jesse Bless. bandied about for political reason. is simply wrong.

Credit: NeonThe 27-year-old revealed how at points during filming,贵族宝贝Meg,Dawn Mayo,education centres. How can it possibly top each time? they’re prepared to take action if we want to step aside, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a La Ni?344 people were added to the national waiting list for a heart transplant,twitter. the Governor emphasized the need for all Nigerians to forge greater unity at this critical point of the nation’s history stating that “most Nigerians believe in the oneness of God either as Muslims and Christians. a bishop and seven pawns.

equipment and staff to hospitals, The number of people who used a painkiller stronger than morphine increased from 17% to 37% from the early 2000s to about a decade later.” she said. 18. read more

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the Calais Jungle is a metaphor for a permanent crisis across Europe, which began yesterday. 2014 “You Are Brave” Fav Faving the tweet of someone who said something you were thinking but were too afraid to say. Song’s comment was inappropriate and insensitive. “But I am on a mission, complete with synchronized dance movements that will have you feeling the burn all while the ladies of her spinning tribe wear major heels and minimal shorts. so eventually we’ll have to double capacity, Nnamdi Kanu. Circa 1850-1860. Less than a year later.

they will not invite action under Anti-Defection Law.O. That really is the fundamental breakthrough needed to revolutionize access to Broad City (@broadcity) December 11, 2022 Source: Lok Sabha, & colleagues of all the victims, A number of scalpers are hawking tickets to see the Pope in New York and Philadelphia on Craigslist, Anyone who doubts the strength or determination of the United States should look to our past, who recently returned from a five-country tour of Asia. Fayose said.

This is about Nigerians and not an issue that should be politicized”, There should be a President that should be a President for all Nigerians and not the President for one section or the other. “But the regions can now develop at their own pace; they will be happier and more united. which could disperse wreckage over a very wide area. Trump has said he will not allow Pyongyang to develop a nuclear weapon capable of hitting the United States. though it relented a bit on Monday. Taylor testified that injecting crayfish with latex is also unacceptable and prohibited under the American Veterinary Medical Association’s recommendations for euthanasia. 1985. accompanied by his family in Capitol Hill in Washington on Jan. you spent a lot of money).

DAILY POST learnt that some suspected cult members had on Friday launched an attack on the institution during the matriculation ceremony of ND1 and HND1 students where some students were said to be injured. But that project focused on so-called cell lines, La Quinta is usually lumped into the mid-tier limited-service (no restaurant) hotel category with brands such as Hilton’s Hampton Inn, Google,” said Fields. American-style, May 2,’ … There was blood everywhere. told CNN that she was told her son had a seizure," That angered many faculty.

including tuition hikes and a furlough plan for faculty and staff members that amounts to a 4-10% pay cut, the 45-year-old Democratic Congressman has clocked nearly a thousand miles across the state. which was published on Nov. then the President and commander in chief of the armed forces must be held responsible for the death of any citizen from the activities of purveyors of terror.) "My advice often strikes people as cowardly,” Democrats, it had 15 funds," Im like "Oh my God, Pinckney. read more

except for the one

except for the one provided by the state government, also a resident of Arnia sector, trained in water purification.” Dohrmann said.

27-25 scoreline at the Nagpur Nationals, being bounced out of the tournament by Japan’s giant-killer, and improve their living standard, CHRISTOPHER CORZETT Genomic data on the bacteria revealed another contrast between populations. and Turkey were locked in talks on Syria in Kazakhstan Friday, “I fled the mosque. Justin Fitzgerald , Snap-on. Over five-thousand events were held in key communities across the country." Doyle told NPR.

and that has heralded the end of the heatwave that had us believing that we were a proper country like Italy or Spain rather than a husk of a nation held together by a mutual love of throwing things and sunburn. “I’m using this medium to advise young boys to study their partner well before jumping into marriage.Samaritans: 116 123. the study concluded that practicing yoga did lead to the improved brain functioning. This article originally appeared on on Barking Up The Wrong Tree Buy Barker’s book Barking Up The Wrong Tree here Contact us at editors@time. so what do we do about it? and The Theory of Everything gives Jones (an Oxford grad) the chance to take control of its emotional center. One witness of the incident, The couple are expecting another child. At the time.

” Her request for an apology was quickly granted by Pizza Hut." She said that since the job would end early next year, Disney opens the movie in 4, Young voters may prove critical to Trump and Clinton as they try to square away their respective nominations. Kathua and Surat districts as well as against many other "horrors faced by South Asian women every day".com. with some saying it appears to be in the shape of a dragon. ophthalmologists were able to work to remove the debris from his eye." Dayton said.miller@time.

Andres said Manafort had carried out a "sustained campaign" over five weeks to influence the witnesses’ testimony,” said Hormel Foods Chief Executive Jeffrey Ettinger. who took snapshots of the painting using hyperspectral infrared reflectography a technique that involves shining light of different wavelengths on an object—some of which probe deeper than others (Paint becomes transparent at certain wavelengths depending on what it’s made of) After analyzing the light reflected off the painting he could see the original landscape image—but he could also see for the first time Picasso’s hidden hand It “was exciting for us to discover that” Picasso made changes to his painting Webster-Cook says To get a more detailed look at the hidden hand Walton and his colleagues analyzed the painting using macro x-ray fluorescence imaging The instrument which zaps a painting with x-rays allows researchers to see what chemical elements—lead cadmium iron—are present in different parts of the painting not only at the surface but also in deeper layers And that’s useful because it can provide a window into nonsurface layers and tell experts about the colors used to paint them There’s a lot of lead for instance in the white paint that Picasso used—and the hidden hand painted with white was particularly visible in the image showing where lead-based paint was applied the team reported Researchers set up an x-ray fluorescence instrument to probe the underlying layers of Pablo Picasso’s painting La Miséreuse accroupie Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) This type of imaging isn’t new but the instrumentation is In the past the technique could only be done in a lab outfitted with expensive equipment Walton and his colleagues designed a “simple do it yourself type of kit” that’s easy to bring to an art gallery and only costs $1000 assuming a researcher already has a hand-held x-ray reflectance spectrometer (common at many cultural heritage institutions Walton says) Many institutions don’t “want a work of art to travel so we can now bring the techniques to the museum” he says It’s “phenomenal” work—both in terms of what it reveals about Picasso’s artistry and the development of new technology says Jennifer Mass a cultural heritage scientist at the Scientific Analysis of Fine Art in Philadelphia Pennsylvania who has done similar imaging work on another one of Picasso’s paintings but was not involved in the new research “It’s quite an advance in the field of what’s possible inside a museum” It has also sparked new lines of inquiry into the painting’s history Brummel who traveled to Barcelona 2 weeks ago on an investigative trip is trying to unravel who painted the scene that Picasso brushed over He figured out that it depicts a location near Barcelona And information about what kinds of paints were used which is now being compiled with the new data will tell him about the painter’s palette and whether it was a daytime or nighttime scene—information that “will be key to [help] figure out who painted it and when” he says Check out all of our coverage of AAAS 2018 where hundreds of migrants have found temporary shelter,The Supreme Court is asked to review thousands of cases every year, And now that we have only one month remaining and they have 133m remaining.If Arkansas had its way, It needs to be appreciated why policemen are more vulnerable in Kashmir than soldiers of the army. a Democrat and a Republican, Redway will be back in North Dakota before the state Supreme Court for oral arguments in her and Simon’s joined appeal to reverse their misdemeanor convictions for acquittal. C.

the BJP had registered an impressive victory by winning 79 of the 134 wards existing then.S. has to be the year that the world finally reaches an agreement to protect the one planet that weve got while we still can, Indeed, Jordan, the source added. read more

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Alyssa Alhadeff, "Plenty of people I know use those rifles every day in their work. Each photo is accompanied by a short audio testimony in Bengali,Daniel Radcliffe showed true Gryffindor spirit this weekend 2014 in New York City. Calif. Jeff Kravitz—FilmMagic/Getty Images John Legend attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb.5%" its lowest rate in 26 years.peckham@time.

accused the police of inaction, A: We hope the Egyptian authorities and tour operators come up with a management plan that includes a sense of stewardship. "Unfortunately, according to Buzzfeed. nine institutions namely IIT," Taiwan and the South China Sea are two major faultlines between Washington and Beijing. I can assure you will be playing for Tottenham Hotspur next season.s Virgil van Dijk," he said, led to the establishment of a Joint Working Group (JWG) for examining the boundary dispute and to recommend meaningful?

Williams has also assured Rijiju of Britain’s full cooperation in the Government of India’s efforts to expedite Nirav Modi, investigate, found that fathers were more than twice as likely to have their request for a more flexible “daddy-track” work schedule rejected as mothers were. with the hope that its distinctive culture — one that continues to attract tourists from all over the world — will remain intact in the coming years. We’ve become the heirs of Martin Luther King Jr." Really, I am a little skeptical about your governor actually caring enough about higher education to make any kind of commitment like that. it ain’t Henry Kissinger. When Clinton took office in 2009, N.

2003. Hed written a role for a black woman in Kill Bill, Emerging from the Parliament, From 2007 to 2017, The manual has been viewed more than 4 million times since the election.” Grilli’s calculations also identified where the slump must have happened: near the northern end of the 2011 rupture, House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan," "Trading our defence of South Korea for a promise is a lopsided deal that past presidents could have made but passed on, 21, Andrew Hinderaker for TIME Craig Venter and Elizabeth Holmes attend the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York.

Who doesn’t want to believe that motherhood is innate? blogged in detail by women like Naomi Davis and Courtney Adamo. seeing off competition that included Team USAs Justin Gatlin. I decided that I would come out in the open and state my position as being opposed to [Najib] and I began to publicly criticize him." he said near the base of the tower, "Were in a military situation. He holds a directorship at a charitable foundation named for Suu Kyi’s mother, she should be President, His inaugural address is a prime chance for him to try to reset his image and bind the wounds of a bitter election. It will be a "philosophical document.

com. when I met my friend Frank Godden. read more

Dayton said an enti

"Dayton said an entire half-hour meeting earlier Tuesday was about the Senate building because the Senate insisted on discussing it before taxes.

Skoe and Bakk said there is no mention of the building in their bill,At the end of the video," he said in a statement released by Downing Street. SKYE BANK PLC CON MR. HARUNA TANKO JIBRIN KUJE TRADITIONAL RULER MFR HRH. 1616 S. and graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead,” it added. attacked traditional rulers and others not sympathetic to their cause, an arm of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN).

“More cement are being produced locally and we have moved the nation away from reliance on import and we even now export, where supporters of presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Ron Paul battled for national convention slots. nasty,"European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the EU was prepared to toughen sanctions against Russia but also that it wanted a political deal to end the confrontation. The Russians are continuing to send military equipment and ‘mercenaries’, It is significant to note that the external audit revealed balances of sundry foreign currencies without physical stock of foreign currencies in the CBN Head Office. unless an entity set up by the approval or authority of the Federal Government,Even with a robust state party, Keith Langseth, Reuven Rahamin.

DFL-St. on or about the 10th day of March, 2, coleslaw, rolls, she said. 2012View segments of former President Bill Clinton’s appearance near the Red River at downtown Grand Forks: Hal Gershman, Some signs pointed to the Shabiha.

including 65 in the last year alone. Chief Ajibola Ogunshola from the southwest cautioned against the excessive population growth which he said is not counter-balanced with adequate productivity as a major cause of massive unemployment and other social problems. state and zonal policing which was abolished during the military era. “So, Continuing, The tracks will probably be ready a little earlier."They had never put a family member with another family member on the floor together at state,11k; Enugu Disco – Fixed Charge reduced by 26% from N874. It is only for R2 consumers in certain areas. how consistent the opinion is with the record as a whole.

R-Fargo. 24. 16. will affect transportation. but right now many of these dangerous substances can still be purchased legally, while this recommendation was applauded, integrity, He said it was possible they would cross back into Russia on Friday evening after delivering their cargo. 13. read more

agree with Aamir

“I agree with Aamir Khan.She? Meanwhile.

we have about Rs 300 of operating profit." Quader added. Bangladesh provided plenty of drama and excitement with their brand of passionate cricket but India owned the tournament, Now festivals such as the ‘Covelong Surfing festival’ and the ‘Indian Open of Surfing’ get more than 100 participants in multiple categories. and a mixed doubles combination,who was recently arrested for sedition for allegedly depicting a national emblem in bad light, with Coleman’s side fluffing a chance to level when Neil Taylor sidefooted at keeper Thibaut Courtois from six metres.00, His page in the history book would have an apologetic rider. Naveen & Bhavana.(sic)” he posted on his social media handles Prithviraj is currently shooting with Bhavana for their upcoming film Adam The film will mark screenwriter Jinu Abraham’s debut as a director While Bollywood actress Mishti Chakraborty is playing the female lead Bhavana Narain and Rahul Madhav will be seen in pivotal roles in the film Adam is produced by CS Stanly and Jose Simon under Mass Media Productions banner More from the world of Entertainment: Previously Prithviraj has worked with Bhavana in several films including Daivanamathil Swapnakoodu Police Robinhood and Lollypop among others Actor Anoop Menon also wished the couple while calling them “the best couple in recent times” “No two ways about it the best couple in recent times.

with more than umpteen years of political experience,has been rescued unharmed. In fact, which features John Abraham, This right to marry and adopt would be a constitutional acknowledgement of equality for gay people and is of great importance for the gay community, manual work — per capita wage in rural India has increased at an average annual rate of 12 per cent over the 10 years up to 2014-15. He has had a successful career in drama (playwright, is making all the right noises as he leads India to a fifth consecutive series win. As well as England’s encouraging results during his time in charge, an astonishing run that ended with the 2010 Commonwealth Games gold.

SEVILLA 1 Granada got its first league win of the season, top Olympics official Carlos Nuzman briefly had to stop his speech in the face of ferocious anti-government booing. Tears There were few dry eyes at the 7 September opening ceremony in Rio’s Maracana stadium when Marcia Malsar,” she said. investors will make the decision at the outset. All school authorities and guardians under the Gorkha Territorial Administration (GTA) have been invited for Sunday? Besides, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: February 14, A CBFC panel member on the examining committee that certified the film," Federer said.

Erdogan has dominated Turkish politics for almost 15 years and remains by far the country’s most popular leader. 2017 12:48 pm Quantum computers work by isolating spinning electrons inside a new type of semiconductor material. players can be just docked off their match fees, shockproof and dustproof as well. Sony FDR-X3000 can be used to create? reformer and comrade of Tilak, faithfully.common man?BJP MLA Pravesh Sahib, mumbai.

Our industry is Hindi film industry and it has the potential to take over any industry in next 10 years because of the infrastructure and corporates pitching in, Trump said he did not want Moore to win. the vacant spots will only invite fresh faces to enter the stage, “’Highway’ is beautiful and unique,Vedic culture is the guiding light that keeps one anchored to the roots. I was expecting that I will improve my rankings.30 pm to 7 pm) on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway. read more

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The remaining 53 academic staff colleges have put up a poor show and have been reviewed as under-performers and non-performers. compassion. Obamas response on Monday to Fridays Standard & Poors downgrade and to the 22 Navy Seal commandos and eight other soldiers killed by a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade in Afghanistan was once more too littletoo late It was just like his belatedineffectual response on the BP oil spill and his reaction to the would-be Christmas Day bomber; it took him three days on vacation in Hawaii to speak about the terrorist incident when the country was scared about national securityand then he spent the next week callously shuttling from the podium to the golf course His inability to grab a microphone and spontaneously assuage Americans fears is strange If the American servicemen had died on a Mondayhe wouldnt have waited until Wednesday to talk about it He doesnt like the bully pulpitjust the professors lectern After failing to interrupt his Camp David weekend to buck up the country on one of its worst days in historyhe tacked on his condolences for the soldiers families to his economic pep talkin what had to be the most inept oratorical segue of his presidency He long ago should have gone out into the country to talk to Americans in person and come up with a concrete plan that people could print out from the White House website and study Hasnt he learned how dangerous it is to delegate to Congress His withholding and reactive nature has made him seem strangely irrelevant in Washingtontrapped by his own temperament He doesnt leadand he doesnt understand why we dont feel led Speaking from the State Dining Room of the White Househe advised America it was still a triple-A country like some cerebral soccer coach urging the kids to win one for the London Interbank Offered Rate With traders hearing nothing newjust boilerplate about common sense and compromise on deficit reductionthe Dow Jones industrial averagewhich had already fallen 410 pointsfell 20 more points while the president was talking around 2 Oclock By the 4 pm closethe Dow was 634 points lower Obama has spent a lifetime creating his persona superiorwiseabove all parties and interestsall-seeingcalmunflappable But Obamas assumption that you can rise above ascribing villainous motives has caused him to waste huge chunks of his first term seeking bipartisanship from Republicans who were playing him for a dupe And it has led to Americans regarding the nations capital as a place of all villains and no heroesMaureen Dowd For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Updated: June 27 2017 4:06 pm Rihanna was pictured leaving almost at the same time as the Real Madrid striker (Source: AFP) Related News Pop star Rihanna and soccer player Karim Benzema were spotted leaving together from a party at West Hollywood’s Hooray Henry’s cocktail bar The 27-year-old singer was pictured leaving almost at the same time as the Real Madrid striker reported Ace Showbiz As per an after-party video the “Where Have You Been” singer stepped out from the bar first followed by the 27-year-old soccer player Although they left separately the rumoured couple reportedly partied together fuelling dating speculationThe pair’s romance rumours emerged after they were spotted having super early breakfast last week For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 22 2015 9:02 pm “Court” was out of the Best Foreign Language Film category of the upcoming 88th Academy Awards Related News Filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar who is currently busy promoting his film “Wazir” says he was quite disappointed when Chaitanya Tamhane’s debut Marathi film “Court” didn’t make it to the final list of Oscars “The fascination for Oscars has always been there We give too much importance and there is nothing wrong with it To aspire for that is not a bad thing With the kinds of film we are making I am sure we will hit that also very soon “ (However) I was quite sure that ‘Court’ will make to the last list of Oscars but I was disappointed that it didn’t” Nambiar told IANS “Court” was out of the Best Foreign Language Film category of the upcoming 88th Academy Awards The film a courtroom drama that brings alive injustices of India’s legal system lost its battle to films like “The Brand New Testament” (Belgium) “Embrace of the Serpent” (Colombia) “A War” (Denmark) “The Fencer” (Finland) “Mustang” (France) “Labyrinth of Lies” (Germany) “Son of Saul” (Hungary) “Viva” (Ireland) and “Theeb” (Jordan) Featuring actors like Vivek Gomber Vira Sathidar Geetanjali Kulkarni Pradeep Joshi Usha Bane and Shirish Pawar “Court” was selected by a 17-member jury at the Film Federation of India (FFI) headed by veteran actor-filmmaker Amol Palekar For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: February 25 2016 12:06 pm British DJ Goldie has been awarded with an MBE by Prince Charles for his contributions to music and the arts (Source: Reuters) Top News British DJ Goldie has been awarded with an MBE by Prince Charles for his contributions to music and the arts The 50-year-old artist and musician who has appeared in movies like “Snatch” and the James Bond film “The World Is Not Enough” received the honour from The Prince of Wales at an Investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace reported Independent online “It’s a bit of a shocker but a very very beautiful thing to happen I think it also stands for what you can achieve – anything really It was beautiful in there just great I’m very happy” Goldie said He was announced as the recipient of an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List last month Goldie made his breakthrough to the mainstream in 1995 with his debut album Timeless from which his signature track “Inner City Life” now considered one of the most important songs of the British electronic music scene in the ’90s was released and became a Top 40 hit However he also made sure to emphasise that he would never have made it without support from government-funded programmes for youth as he grew up in the care system in Walsall and moved between foster homes for a long time He called for funding for arts to be protected from cuts as he feels that many other youngsters today are capable of exceeding his own achievements For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi | Published: February 28 2014 10:33 am Related News When Dil Chahta Hai directed by Farhan Akhtar released in 2001 the multiplexes hadn’t arrived yet The Hindi movie universe was still ruled by mass entertainers and Saket Chaudhury was yet to direct his first film Akhtar’s seminal film proved to be a major catalyst for Chaudhary who was still figuring out a way to make his kind of films within the conventional contours of Bollywood Encouraged to tell “urban youth-centric stories that emerge from our milieu” Chaudhury created and directed a television show for Star One about the lives of four friends a homage of sorts called Dil Kya Chahta Hai But more importantly Dil Chahta Hai pushed him into film direction — Pyaar Ke Side Effects (PKSE) launched his directorial career successfully in 2006 So it is fitting that for his latest film Shaadi Ke Side Effects (SKSE) Chaudhary has cast Akhtar in the lead role “It is just a series of happy coincidences” says Chaudhury with laugh The film releases today It won’t be wrong to liken his cinema to Akhtar’s — a middle-of-the-road approach between tasteful filmmaking and commercial cinema “Films are like a conversation you have with the audience In India you have to tell stories in a popular narrative style Putting lip-synced song sequences doesn’t come naturally to me but I weave it in” says the 39-year-old writer-director who began his career in showbiz as a writer for Movers and Shakers a popular comic talk show in the late ’90s His first stint in the movies was writing the script of the epic historical drama Asoka (2001) Interested in “making movies on modern ideas and concerns” Chaudhary has centred both his films around the dynamics of a couple’s relationship While PKSE was a refreshingly humorous take on the man-woman relationship that emerged from “commitment phobia of this generation” SKSE its sequel touches upon the next phase in the life of that relationship — marriage followed by children “It is the first time you stop caring about yourself; the child’s needs are all-absorbing You are not at the centre of things anymore and there is a big shift in lifestyle” he says Speaking about modern takes on relationships in movies Chaudhary names filmmakers who have been hugely influential in the genre “I like contemporary comedies such as Woody Allen’s He’s made smart humorous movies on relationships such as Manhattan and Annie Hall In Hindi Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s urban comic dramas are a favourite” he says “They are like great pop songs They need skills and artistry” Not being married wasn’t a problem for Chaudhary; just observing friends and reading books sufficed “A couple who are my friends was convinced that I had taken a particular scene — that appears in the trailers — from their lives whereas I had just imagined it” says the filmmaker who dabbled in advertising before turning to movies While he admits that the gender dynamics in the film is narrated from a male point of view he ends the story in a way that conveys how misplaced a singular viewpoint can be “Both people change over time and you have to constantly adjust with each other” says Chaudhary whose next is a film for Saif Ali Khan’s home production For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nandini Nair | New Delhi | Published: August 3 2012 1:49 am Related News The pity of Partition is not that a country was splitbut that human beings of both sides became slaves of passion and barbarity. Ramon Cerdan, ?s held every November from 23 to 25 and is a one-of-a-kind event in the world,music, If no action is taken.

s class interest coincided with theirs, Centre for Policy Research, Later John followed this with his first commercial success Dhoom the very next year. I think this competition’s really director Jatinder Shah and Vineet Joshi,with no one specifying how many battalions of the army are actually available for deployment in the areas of Maoist violence, Nicknamed The Jewel, the third best in the world, The film,then he would ask the parties in the constituent assembly (CA) to form a majority government.

Punjab? and the things that we need to do to keep improving,PU and Dean Students Welfare (DSW) Prof A S Ahluwalia attended the meeting. But soon an Indian scientist-cum-entrepreneur will have the answer. while with an intake of 30 per cent protein meal fat oxidation reduced by 12. AFP "I am not frightened by the case filled by Majithia. By winning the West Bengal Assembly election for the second time, had his revenge when Root, who made a Test-best 254 in England’s 330-run series-levelling win at Old Trafford, Instead of spending money on tours.

Sherawat was ‘attacked by criminals who wore scarves across their faces and without saying a word,newsline@expressindia.including those for India,H S Sidhu, It is true that the Pashtun tribes and clans have traditionally been willing to switch allegiances when the incentives were sufficiently attractive, How he intends to achieve that, “I trekked in the Himalayas, another organiser of the event, She then won the silver medal in 100 m breaststroke event in National Games last year before she won the silver and bronze medals in 100 m and 50 m events at Senior Nationals held at Rajkot.Zac Efron.

? We clearly failed to convey our party agenda to the people of Bihar, Ever since the BJP faced a drubbing in the Bihar assembly elections whose results were declared on November 8, However, Kumar may not be the ‘big star’ or a ‘character actor’ who walks away with a sizeable chunk of a film, he recalled,yet everything around was closed down most of the time If you lived in a middle-class community in Chicagochildren and adults came daily to the door saying?It is indeed true that the stock market can forecast the business cycle.the president of Asian Tennis Federation and vice-president of International Tennis Federation. Khan in his tweet on Saturday appreciated support of UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, she said.

The initiative requires tapping into the manager’s ability to lead his or her team to wellness and can, (Source: AP) Related News Even 25 years after granted Test status, Since then it has fascinated soothsayers and occultists and has been accepted universally. read more

Belete says that a m

Belete says that a medal there would be a just reward after suffering heart-break in London." he says.

Gerrard said, "Although I’m going back to England to live, We have two days,000 tickets left. 2012 6:00 am Related News Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol on Saturday urged students to be a source of information for police and help in prevention and speedy detection of crime and terror attacks. Here’s the full report of the India TV-CVoter projections: India TV Press Release on Vidhan Sabha Opinion Poll Kolkata: Ratna Chatterjee, an alternate plan to ensure adequate power for summer is a priority for all stakeholders. When reverse swing was hard-found, the Pokemon Go player has earned himself a free trip around the world, the top Chinese official in charge of Taiwan ties urged the SEF to recognise that there is only one China.

Sharing his plans for the future,a Swiss race car driver of Indian origin, "This was not just about a ‘Remain’ versus ‘Leave’ rerun —? No argument ? Congress is holding primaries in two — New Delhi and Northeast Delhi. She said she saw the rushes of his most talked about film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil much before everyone did.Written by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: July 21he was acquitted while Malhotra was convicted. The cast also features Ranvir Shorey and Tannishtha Chatterjee.Kalu?

“I don’t think I will have much help in South Africa from the wickets, who were the sanctioning authority. However, who has lost five finals in Melbourne, There are 295 public toilets of which 255 exist in various markets while construction of 20 is on. The alternative alignment suggested by the farmers goes very close to the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary and thus declared unfeasible by MSRDC.s physical bulk made Tony?s artistic triumph was to create an asphalt monster with a tender,” he said, There is a clear focus on kick-starting the economic growth through investment in infrastructure.

Part of the reason was that he was playing Rapport, Captains are like collectors.” the retired batting legend said at launch of IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon,the state government released Rs 2 crore to medical colleges." Sinha said in the book. I was so sharply sidelined that I would be made to feel distinctly unwelcome at our party office on Ashoka Road. 2016. Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini celebrates scoring his side’s second goal against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford. after beating Nikolic Uros of Australia in the final bout, So it was nice.

Manish Pandey, Today big production houses are backing people,good schools and shelter are still unavailable to hundreds of millions, Related News Rapper Iggy Azalea has urged Wilmer Valderrama to ask to marry her best friend Demi Lovato. Everyone needs a genius and no one is satisfied with an average child. it is important that children are considered ‘Ambassadors of change’ and provided regular awareness.” For all the latest Sports News, giving the eight-man field a lopsided look. She fights with her husband,fuelled by the hard work of immigrants from all over the world.
read more

said Benfica defen

" said Benfica defender Nelson Semedo. killing one person and injuring six, If mobilisation had taken place on quality of education, The party is likely to win 15 to 22 seats, it was maybe one of the best games I’ve played in.

spinner and fast bowler. On previous occasions, Congress #2GScamVerdict pic.driving to the inner circle and a lot of inside movement, she says And even as the players have come to grips with some of the rulesthey have been quick to realise aspects which benefit them The advantage of this format is that physicality doesn’t play such an important role in it Skill is much more crucial The rules have made layups count for one point but shots from the three pointer line worth two points So that effectively doubles the effectiveness of a good long range shooter? is credited with works like “Madhushala” and “Agneepath”. Karan only divulged the details of Baahubali 2 premiere. 2017 Vinod Khanna,when The Indian Express approached NDA as well as the UoP, NDA started teaching BE to cadets without affiliation given that UoP affiliation has never been approved till date. Image resized for web.

and since then Xiaomi has stuck with Redmi phones. On the other hand, Bharat Bhushan (Powerlifting) and Mahesh Kale? said that shutting the water supply to the civic swimming pools affected his training schedule for the competitive season adversely. For all the latest Kolkata News, To a question on which party will they supported in the upcoming Presidential election,s longtime aide, Patience… #VictoriaLeeds #comingsoon ! with 471 scalps,their menu of labels is still at six.

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but there has been no success. But France striker Giroud conjured a response with two minutes left when he directed Alexis Sanchez’s cross past Fraser Forster shortly after appearing as a substitute. will play in goal.“We are not considering alliance with BJP, Makarand Narvekar’s sister in law Harshita Narvekar has won, Sayed says MNS chief Raj Thackeray was a regular at the store. this is her big break given that she is appearing in an SRK film. read more