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In addition to external web site optimization chain to do what is best

from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform announcement we can see that the love of Shanghai is now able to identify quality problems of intelligent site outside the chain, such as some video sites outside the chain, the chain, the chain of SkyDrive group, BBS signature chain have been love Shanghai default to junk the chain, in addition to some portal the soft new chain is also included, therefore now many webmaster said the chain becomes more and more small, but it is not, and can only say we do outside the chain of the road more and more narrow, but the chain did start into the value chain and value outside the chain, so do the chain also need skills, we need to collect resources, rather than do those in the blind to the garbage outside the chain, not only can bring good effect to our website, or even lead us The website implicated.

so, how can we do the right site external optimization? This requires us to understand the meaning and value of the chain, rather than blindly to junk the chain.

(two) outside the chain of high stability.


in this article the second paragraph actually small already mentioned site outside the chain is extremely stable, and our extensive each platform chain layout to the Internet >

, in a sense, our website chain do too widely is better, because it can guarantee our website not only in one or several platform release, and even the platform to search engine drop right even by the K is not linked to our site. As a matter of fact? Do the site outside the chain wide point is good, but first need to ensure that is relevant to your topic, imagine if your site is a picture, and you go to some type of education platform to release some of the chain, no doubt for this platform is a garbage article, almost no user click go to see, but not for users to click on the chain, so he is actually a waste of the chain, so to some relatively high correlation chain, is the key to the chain really makes the user feel the value of love.

now also do website optimization webmaster believe will deeply feel that the website ranking has become more and more difficult. Especially after this year’s love Shanghai algorithm update extremely focus on user experience. The intention is, let the webmaster really do some high quality content, but even our website to do meaningful content, but a lot of times ranking or unsatisfactory. So this time, in addition to the content of the website and the user experience, but also an essential need to do some external optimization to assist ranking.

when we truly understand the value and importance to the outside of the chain, we can go to the chain optimization work, so how to correctly carry out the chain optimization work? Small analysis of the following specific points to you.

(a) outside the chain of high correlation.

Methods Using SSH to connect the virtual machine network


optimization project >




SSH connection:

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


1. in the LAN of company, set up a virtual machine available IP, network settings and the same host (IP is not the same as other


22 port

virtual machine VirtualBox installed a RedHat Enterprise Edition 6

as host port 22 corresponding to the virtual machine, this time I visit the host of the ip:22, the equivalent of a virtual machine access ip:22

Virtual machine using

the above settings, the virtual machine can access the Internet through the host. However, how to access the host virtual machine

, a port access to the machine, a port will be forwarded directly to the corresponding virtual machine on

Method Using SSH to connect the virtual machine network

At the same time, the

connection www.2cto贵族宝贝

SSH IP is configured for a host of IP, namely, port 22. You can imagine, in fact, this connection is 22 port access to the virtual machine. Which port do host use (not necessarily the same port and virtual machine), is not 22, but because the virtual machine is a SSH service, so is the 22 port. That is to say, the host port 400 port 22 can also map the virtual machine.

port mapping:

It is





virtual machine Port Forwarding set up the mapping relationship: www.2cto贵族宝贝


host windows xp

2. if there is no need to use the LAN environment, port mapping method (port forwarding

VirtualBox NAT, the host will appear in a IP network connection:


principle can refer to 贵族宝贝2cto贵族宝贝/os/201202/119950.html



NAT can refer to 贵族宝贝baike.baidu贵族宝贝/view/16102.htm

About the core concepts and keywords, choose target keywords and long tail keywords


what is the long tail keywords


is the core keywords, is our website theme most simple words but also search the highest amount of words, such as our website is a service of the Shanghai dragon website, so our core keywords is "Shanghai dragon, website optimization, search engine optimization etc..

what is the core keywords

? What is the

2, every day people search and accurate: because the core keyword is the site of the main word, so our core keywords for the everyday people in the search, and search for many times; if we choose a keyword, then every day no one to search, which you do not go up what did not flow, the significance of


1, and closely related to the theme of the site: for example, your site is Shanghai dragon service website, so the core keywords you due to the "Shanghai dragon, website optimization, website ranking, search engine optimization, and is not relevant and subject words, and is extremely unfriendly to search engine.

!The ?

3, with their strength: this one is a >

related keywords extended keywords, is an extension of the core keywords or for example, our website is a service of the Shanghai dragon website, so our core keywords is "Shanghai dragon, website optimization", then the relevant keywords us is similar to the "enterprise portal website optimization, Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng optimization and core words related to" etc..

core keywords choice points

is an extension of the long tail keywords for relevant keywords, and the long tail keywords is a phrase, or the example above, so our long tail keywords is a service company of Shanghai dragon?, Shanghai dragon website optimization looking for? "And so on; that is; the number of long tail keywords is very very much, we can be free to expand, although the long tail keywords relative to the core keywords, search relevant keywords low, but through the long tail keywords to users more accurate, but if we really do the long tail key, then through the long tail keywords to flow than the core keywords, keyword more.

and the core keywords to take into account the user’s heart, take the Shanghai dragon service website, the core keyword is Shanghai dragon or website optimization, but through these words to the user, and not much to ask people to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as some is to send the chain, or to learn more here, the keyword is not suitable for Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon service website, so if it is "enterprise website ranking" this keyword than the simple keyword Shanghai Longfeng better, not only low competition, and through this keyword to the user, more accurate.

Why do I say that in physical entrepreneurship, women’s soft thinking is more importantSprig, which

"the transformation of the times is in line with women’s characteristics." Drucker, the managing guru, said.


takeaway industry has a bright future

in the sports industry, women are not only a brand marketing strategy and a variety of "Sports Baby" consumer goods, they are the industry’s indispensable "right brain"". In the hormone rich sports industry, the left brain is developed enough, and the right brain is in a deformed state of development, so only the left and right brain synergy, the sports industry is complete.

Sprig was founded in November 2013, the two major financing has been: $10 million in 2014 financing, as well as the $45 million financing in 2015. The previous round of financing led by Greylock Partners, the latter round of Greylock, Partners and Social + Capital joint lead.

so do we. So, from the end of last year, I gave the HR responsible for the recruitment of a death order, we recruited girls first, at the same time, I am also looking for a female partner. This person is important to our future strategy, business thinking, thinking patterns, and so on.

this is a typical "right brain" development defect. According to the division of human brain, the left brain is mainly responsible for logical thinking, such as memory, time, reasoning, etc., and the right brain is responsible for image thinking, including art, art, music and other aesthetic and creative affairs. Therefore, the left hemisphere of the sports industry has been sufficiently developed, the hormone is very strong, and the lack of women’s status has made the right brain in abnormal development".

news today, foreign media reports, the U.S. takeaway enterprise Sprig announced closing. Sprig sent an apology message to the user.

below is the message Sprig sends to the user:

the food and beverage industry is hard to do, especially when you need to deal with every aspect of the entire eating experience, including buying ingredients, cooking food, and finally distributing it to the user. In this mode, the workload is too high.

I think I have a problem. Here is not about freedom, equality and discrimination, when the wind of an industry in a straight cancer masterpiece, everywhere surrounded by strong hormones, up through the air.


is changing, and the combative rivalry of the past "show muscles" has entered the stage of cooperation. In this case, women’s soft thinking plays a crucial role.

is reported that Sprig closures are expected to affect 200 employees, including part-time employees. Employees will receive a severance package, but the most important thing now is to help employees find new jobs in other companies.

dear partners and users:

said, Sprig’s bankruptcy is not too unexpected. Over the past few months, Sprig has tried many interesting development strategies. For example, it opened its own kitchen in Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, and even began delivering takeout through the Caviar another online ordering website. Sprig was blocked in Chicago, where 7 people were laid off last July, and services in the region were suspended.

"sloth changed!" "sloth bear discrimination!" issued in our recruitment, many users such a joke to protest.

today, my co founders and I are in a great mood to announce the official closure of the application." Sprig CEO Gagan Biyani wrote in an e-mail, "for those users daily food ordering in Sprig, we apologize to you; for the entire company will affect the team members fail, we also apologize to you.

Sprig and other takeaway companies are different, it cooks food and distribution to the user, commitment delivery time is not more than 20 minutes, generally around $10 per meal. Previously, the company received a total of $56 million 700 thousand financing. However, Sprig is not the only one to fail the takeaway. Earlier this month, Maple, a two year old Manhattan takeaway company, closed its doors, and San Francisco Bay takeaway SpoonRocket and Ola in India collapsed. At the same time, private kitchen ordering platform Munchery also caught in the cracks, and perhaps soon it will join the collapse of the army.

The world of

but I know better than anyone, the world is changing, the past good show by militants against muscle "has entered into the phase of cooperation, in this case, plays a crucial role in the soft thinking of women. In other words, if an industry cannot contain and a large number of women entering it, this is the primary industry, the sports industry right cannot increase more imagination under the condition of sports can not really called industry.

we also see that women’s consumption has never stopped in the sports industry. Women’s marathon has become the "pink movement" which organizers cannot dare to despise

if you’re going to order on Sprig, you might be out of luck, because this app is closed today.

not only in a sports business occasions, almost all men sitting together are men, they speak without scruple, loud voice, exaggerated expressions, and occasionally mixed with stale Huang Duanzi’s taste. Although some does not adapt, but the sports industry is the case, some partners of many sports entrepreneurial companies are all men, including the sloth bear sports are four partners, we are all water lords.

Chen Jian open individual registration domain name, there is no legal obstacle


recently, the relevant departments of the state has increased the mobile phone and Internet pornographic information governance, China’s domain name registration authority China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) also issued a series of many management initiatives, continue to strengthen the management of domain name. But the individual has the right to use the domain name registration "issue has become the focus of attention of many media and the public, then, whether there is a personal right of registered domain names? Open the individual CN domain name registration has no legal obstacles? Therefore, civil and Commercial Law Institute of China University of Political Science and Law Intellectual Property Research Institute associate professor Chen Jian told reporters, from a legal point of view expounded his views.

individual registered domain name can be protected by law,

it is understood that at present, China’s relevant normative documents management of domain name registration, mainly by the former Ministry of information industry (now the Ministry of industry and information technology) issued the "Chinese Internet domain name management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures", December 20, 2004 onwards) to develop and China Internet Network Information Center "Chinese Internet network information the center of the domain name registration regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation rules", from June 5, 2009 implementation). Among them, the "implementation rules" fourteenth clearly states: "domain name registration applicants (hereinafter referred to as applicants) shall be registered according to law, and can independently bear civil liability organizations."." The special provisions of the application rules to the domain name application entity directly exclude the individual from the domain name application. However, the twenty-seventh article of the administrative measures stipulates that "the domain name registered and used by any organization or individual shall not contain the following contents.":……".

from the provisions of the content, "management measures" does not prohibit individuals registered using the domain name, but the "implementation rules" provisions of the domain name registration applicant shall be equivalent to the "organization", banned the use of the domain name registration of personal rights, so, whether or not someone the right to use the domain name registration


in this regard, Chen Jian, associate professor, said, from the legal point of view, when the lower law and the upper law conflict, the superior law is better than the lower law. The Ministry of information industry "management measures" of the legal effect, legal level is higher than that of China Internet Network Information Center "implementation details", so when the conflict "implementation rules" and "management measures", "rules for the implementation of the relevant provisions of the" invalid, and should comply with the "management approach".

Associate professor

Chen Jian further explained: whether the individual has the right to register CN domain should be based on the "procedures" provisions shall prevail, since the "management approach" does not prohibit the domain name, registered person then, in accordance with the "law does not prohibit the principle allows for jurisprudence", individuals have no dispute the registration and use of domain name right CN.

it is understood that in the domain name dispute cases accepted by some arbitration institutions, the right of individuals to register the use of CN domain names has also been recognized. In 2007, Tianjin Yili Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. applied for the China International Trade Arbitration Commission

The biggest risk is failure

a few weeks ago, I had the honor of the 3 young entrepreneurs of the exchange, they asked me: "what was your biggest challenge?" answered them, I realized that after 30 years in business, the biggest risk is not failure. On the contrary, I was most worried about the fact that I could fall into complacency, boredom, cynicism. So a person should be how to avoid these potential "evil"? One of the

Owners, you copy and paste, you can retain a reprint two words

world network in a row, because I work occasionally to write articles! Website, personal! Also from time to time in the back of the heart with two names even in a reprint please indicate: XXXX… Etc.. Not to say that this article, plus the site of propaganda, how good, but a positive result of their own labor, the so-called security bar, but really can anti-counterfeiting


today the mood is not good, do not want to write an article on the thought of office to see if there is no new and webmaster related articles, just give yourself a stimulating idea of writing, but left behind, DEDE, A5, mom, today the date turned a is not easy to find a seemingly good and very close to the station online search, mom, not to A5 online N hours is N days of the article, let me a little depressed is to see a few familiar title, is a strange name post! I will not cut the figure, for example " not thousands of IP I have a monthly income of tens of thousands!! " the title to mother soso, in to the A5


wrote the article is to let people see, you have reproduced let more webmaster see their love to see things, I feel very honored, but would you please write a reprint of "reproduced"? Since the article was added in their articles and is related to the site, leaving a why not reprint! Not saying that his writing how much good, even if it is only a short that is also the author of his one word out of the fight, and your blunt plus your web site, or even have the meaning of the original flavor changed


sends the article just to bring a connection, what do you think you can bring to you?. Tell you what is soft, and not the site or even by what feeds, reproduced please specify is soft, it is not. It is not the real purpose of the soft, soft, not by you to click on the address at the end! Connect a blunt, you’ll get to the point? Some go with? A day for you to take 10 thousand IP and how! Flow is money, but not all

traffic is gold!

want to promote their own websites, spend a little time in each article you send to you, master to get is the final money and not in the mechanical and rigid soft CLICK! There are several realm of you in the Baidu search, you will know that this article can give you create flow, create money! If you still blindly copy and paste, maybe just a waste of time and energy! If you want me to say the article is not to get readers to click, conversion and purchase intention is also called money and interest rate, just want to add a chain, then I it is Speechless, that you continue to copy and paste it, just want to add the URL you can copy and paste when writing a two word "reserved"


, look at A5. I don’t need to go anywhere else because of a few so-called ‘>

The exploration of selenium enriched road is being carried out in Xingtai, Lincheng

let a small number of people to drive most people to become rich road has come, the backward rural areas have also actively explore the road to riches. Xingtai City, Lincheng chose to do an article on wheat, they explore the development of selenium enriched wheat road.

Xiaoman Xiaoman, getting the full grain. Lincheng County, Mengcun, South Liu Xiaofeng, looking at the ripe wheat filled with joy. He said: my family’s wheat selenium, 1 times more expensive than ordinary wheat."

also tasted the sweetness of the selenium enriched functional agriculture and West Dong Cun Zheng Yanfeng. Zheng Yanfeng said that his 1 kilograms of selenium rich millet to sell 80 yuan, the villagers heard the thought he was joking, it even more than 60 years the Father also said that he is dreaming. After autumn, Zheng Yanfeng began selling the selenium rich millet price of 80 yuan per kg, 2500 kg of millet a month sold out, the villagers sincerely convinced. Just the spring of this year, the village 20% villagers to find Zheng Yanfeng, want to grow crops rich in selenium.

the main recommendation

Xu Qiang let the spirit of craftsmen to become a conscious pursuit of entrepreneurship

There is a general plan

"13th Five-Year" on 2016, now the provinces are actively seeking development. Artisan spirit is the new hot words of the two sessions, in the end what is the spirit of the craftsman? How can we make "artisan spirit" become the conscious pursuit of the business?

Xu Qiang from the four "line", we can see that the so-called "artisan spirit" of both the technical level of meaning, also thought connotation, is the unity of technology and spirit. The artisan spirit requires excellent technology, this is the premise that no matter what the industry will strive to become a top technology expert, in this field, the so-called "dry" "love" "special" and "fine", that is true, but the 4 words persist, the spirit is consistent from beginning to end. Naturally in it.

however for a long time, extensive production in the pursuit of speed and scale as a result, causes the technology to improve the precision; "supply demand" seller’s market, but also damage the pursuit of the quality of the attitude in the invisible level. To cultivate the spirit of craftsman is still a long way to go, the need for generations of entrepreneurs and engineers, such as relay.

Zhejiang’s first alumni entrepreneurship fund

innovation and entrepreneurship has entered the campus, so that more college students have a more in-depth understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also for college students to create more resources and good entrepreneurial platform. Recently, Zhejiang’s first alumni entrepreneurship fund set up nearly 100 million yuan in the first phase of the fund to support entrepreneurial alumni.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, Hangzhou and Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang University Alumni Association of planning the first "Zhejiang University of technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition", in two months, there are more than and 30 college students and alumni Zhejiang University business enterprises to participate in the competition, and ultimately selected 10 alumni start-ups, 2 a college students own enterprises to enter the finals. The entrepreneurship Contest Finals 1, decide the first prize two prize 2, third-prize 3, 6 prize, 8 prize for outstanding entrepreneurial enterprises.



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