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Little joke seven elements to write a good title.

five, Art beats nature., what does it mean? Is borrowed from the title, play a stick knocked people on the boat effect, write a catchy title, I think we all dream of things. The best can regard him as a network of hot words, it is more cow.

six, a utility, like the same content, title also can’t say just exaggerate, boast, use a lot of exaggeration, this is only in harm yourself, because you lied to the user, when the user enters your website through your title, found with the title did not match the content then, users will feel you deceive him, will give your website a death sentence.


a good title? Is to please the user, but also useful to the user. Whether it is original, pseudo original, all cannot do without a good attractive title. So good and attractive Title How to write? This little joke to some little experience to share personal title just feel good, also count, to the user feel good that’s really good title, good title to the birth of several key elements, below we list:

four, keywords, and is not easy to be found is specially added, the webmaster, is definitely one of the best, the title of the key words can make people easy to remember your website, is undoubtedly a good way to much publicity.

seven, temporarily so much, like a good title for the doors of the house, a good door, can let the stranger is very interested in a bad door, let a person produce disgust, so you too, good people will be rewarded, such as a chain to the younger brother (贵族宝贝 www.xiaobud贵族宝贝) little joke Daquan feeds, is forbidden to chain guy, accountability.

three, creative, creative and attractive alike, but there is not creative idea is to appeal, you develop your own head, and Lenovo a great interest in the title, can instantly put people to retain the kind of state.

two, the second is attractive, when it comes to attraction, is actually the network that the user experience. Take an article for example, what is the first article in the search engine’s title?! your article is well written, but the title is not enough to attract people, like that at the door put a rope. Who will come to see the content.

is simple and easy to understand, don’t like those ancient person on the like, who will go to see ah, unless it is ancient literature lovers. Easy to be understood to use the most simple expressions of the article briefly, that is used to compress into a very hard to generalize the essence of the content, the full text of the words, but not too long.

What is the definition of

360 search algorithm Wukong turned out gray industrial chain will escape the robbery

This article mainly elaborated the According to the work of Yang Zi

so the 360 launch of the "search" algorithm should Wukong to attract people’s attention, so that their website can show a better search in 360, to prevent the intrusion information suffered some grey industry, thus affecting their access to the site.

found that in recent years, from some sectors of the keyword index analysis, some key words in the 360 search index is higher than the love Shanghai search index. In this proposal we can put a little effort to search 360, in today’s search engine how to love Shanghai for many years, surely we are very clear mind to do less easy, if you can spend a little effort to search 360 Shanghai dragon, there may be a new surprise.


and in December 15th this year, 360 search also launched a new search algorithm is the algorithm "," monkey algorithm mainly for some black chain in order to obtain huge profits by some hacker intrusion, prevent pornography, gambling, PW and other relevant information on the website of the adverse effects emerged.

said 360 search most friends before or since may not take on the 360 search Shanghai dragon, in the domestic PC Internet search engine (three, 360, Shanghai love search search Sogou search) we only love Shanghai search engine, while ignoring the other two major search engines, more do not talk to go up on their the algorithm.

in 4 the day before yesterday morning, Yang Zi wrote an article titled "the search engine algorithm constantly changes the gray industry" in this paper to decide on what path to follow? I published in multiple columns and is well-known network owners A5 business network recommended home page.

to better reach to safeguard the vital interests of users and a good user search experience, it can be said is all search engines in the beginning of the heart.



algorithm, continuous innovation in recent years love Shanghai search engine technology continues to change, the search algorithm is more and more intelligent, humane, often for some previous "criminal" gray industrial chain the doings, can be more intelligent and precise identification, and give severe punishment.

so many years since the 360 search market share has been in the domestic search market in second place, and its market share also increased year by year, about 360 of market share in Yang Zi before an article mentioned here is not much (you want to know can check online data).

recommended title and show in bold font, similar to this recommendation can be kept in the position showing contempt for a long time, thus the A5 business network to expose the importance of such official industry.

Influence the website keywords ranking five factors important

first, the user experience is king of kings

remember the last time in the search to see the future of video search situation when President sun soso was put forward: the good search engine does not influence the outcome, because we do not know what the search engine is the user wants to know, so the real effect is the user search results. We list the ten search results come out, let the user choose, after a period of time, is the most natural choice for our website users in front row. For a very simple example, when users search for apple, then the search engines do not know the user is looking for is a Apple Corp or the apple fruit.

second, the correlation factors of



then click on the website of Apple Corp, the search engine from the vast majority of users to search the apple when it is for the Apple Corp, so naturally due to the needs of the users to the website of Apple Corp ranking. This is the strength of the user, which is the key site ranking. So the user experience effect as one of the most important keywords ranking. Some friends will say that the user experience of the word sounds a little cloud, can you explain how to do web site user experience. In fact, your website user experience is not good, so ask yourself several questions on the line. Your website can let users get the information they need? The user interested content on your website? Let users also want to once again think? Your website can solve most user problems? This is the legend of the cloud user experience.

why the correlation among the second? Please look at the master’s level of domestic Shanghai dragon explained: "many novice will often ask questions: why is this a" little or no external links to what the PR value, ranking will be good. The web page ranking into the number and the PR value competition of external links in their eyes. Because many times I have said do not pay so much attention to the PR value, it can now be used for my example through a PR value and the relationship between the ranking. If compare with the human ", then" Sister Lotus "of the PR value is high, may be 9 or 10. But when someone is looking for accounting when certain >

we may see this title that is the title of the party, or some friends are interested in coming to see that the effect of five Web site keywords ranking the most important factors didn’t put the chain on the list, but I think you can say what new things. I think that this idea, may be the traditional "content is king, the chain for the implantation of the emperor" this idea deeply its mind. I want to say is a few years ago this idea is true, but the search engine is constantly changing, the former emperor emperor "is no longer today". Five if the chain is not the most important keywords ranking, which is the five most important factors in mind? The author analysis one by one for all

Because most people choose

Xiao Fang on the website of the inside pages of Shanghai dragon set

page 1, Shanghai dragon set is the first element of the title, the title is the core of the page, the search engine is a judgment reference standard, related pages so that a large number of repetitive title to the end do not know which is the core of the page search engine, increasing the burden of the search engine, so this time we need to manually modify the title, generally speaking, the title should be unique, while the title must contain keywords (words of this page needs to be optimized including long tail keywords), we can reference the specific wording of webmaster guidelines, Google webmaster guidelines and love Shanghai optimization guide has a detailed description of.

in the early days of the Internet web page is considered from the aesthetic angle, but with the advent of the era of network optimization, web page layout is not considered from the aesthetic point of view, more is starting from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, to make search engines love, it can be said that a good web site layout the designer and the result of the combination of Shanghai dragon. In a simple Xiaofang sharing website home page (Home) how to layout, friends praise. Today is Xiao Fang to simply say the website page in the Shanghai dragon set, at the same time series will continue to update the web page layout, and also hope you can pay more attention, a lot of support:

on the website page layout of this article is to introduce the above three points, including the layout of the page when you can penetrate into these points, let us not only the content can meet the needs of users and search engines let love, remember that we do search engine optimization, is to take every detail to the extreme. At the same time, I hope everyone on this site in the layout of the page can have a better idea, with the exchange of learning, only continuous exchanges, in order to make their progress.

2, the rational use of H tags to distinguish, H tag -Heading is to emphasize the role of the H tag from the H1-H6 a total of six on the label, the importance in descending order, the rational use of H tags can be structure website well, it is necessary to point out that a page in H1 tags only once, but several other labels can be repeated, because the H1 tag is the main title of the page, a page can have a central theme.

3, "URL settings, prerequisite is your site is static, such as your page optimization keywords is Shanghai dragon, static pages / your path brings Shanghai dragon like.Heml path name for the optimization has the advantage, if you are doing this keyword blog, then you’ll use the /blog.html search engine has been related to a lot of words, we love Shanghai as an example to search for blog, we can see that love Shanghai automatically to the blog and blog links, as long as we search blog, this blog will be marked red keywords. We also found a blog path in blog is bold, URL search engine that is friendly to the good.

Zhong Zhixin do the chain will fall right in Shanghai know love

chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine. I believe all of Shanghai dragon er know the chain weight high website, it is Shanghai dragon Er dream. Keywords sex Shanghai friends should know that "the love of Shanghai knows this stuff weight high terrible, whether in love or Shanghai search engine, Google search, basically is the second. And every minute of a keyword in the first page, beyond many large web sites. Especially in the love of Shanghai search engine, after all, is their own products, give weight is higher.


contact Shanghai Longfeng for several months, what all don’t know from a rookie, experienced numerous still groundless talk, what are not very know rookie. So far, I only know that want to improve the keywords ranking, will regularly update the content, and the hair of the chain, what other div+css, H tags, meta tags, know so little, other factors that affect the rankings completely do not know. When just beginning to learn Shanghai dragon, listen to the senior seniors said, there are more than 200 factors, keywords ranking think of this, I am very Speechless factors, I know now is less than ten. More than 200, how come, I don’t know.

is currently unable to verify, I will use a mathematical hypothesis, small packing between the AC >


in Shanghai knew that leave the chain, not only can increase the weight of their own website, but also bring certain flow, can be said to be a piece of Feng shui. And many small sites in order to update the content of the website, will use the thief program, collecting love Shanghai know that the problem, so to their site outside the chain is a considerable number of. But in the field of Shanghai dragon, there is a saying in Shanghai that love is left too much the chain will be down the right to love Shanghai. This is I do not know is through research or by empirical analysis and argument, often see a lot of stationmaster forum to share the experience of the students, said in Shanghai love to know to stay outside the chain will be down the right to love Shanghai. Such a statement really makes me very confusing, so far have been puzzled. I only know one day left repeatedly with a web site to know love Shanghai, will not go up. At present, the unknown X forum I new, I always love Shanghai know the top left forum site, from Shanghai that brought me love flow every day there are hundreds of ip. And the forum keywords so far has not decreased, but on the rise, although not to the home page. I love Shanghai know the number of leave the site enough? I can not judge, I will continue to love in Shanghai know the top left unknown X forum. I’d like to see whether a certain number of really will be punished and tell you love Shanghai, please look forward to Zhong Zhixin’s blog,

To start a business, choose the joint office or incubatorHow to open a shop to make money, how to op

from planned economy to market economy, from the Internet to the mobile Internet, the changes of the times, a wave of beach goers one after another, burst out amazing creativity, conveying Everfount blood for development of the social productive forces

shop to start their own business!No

is sold to buy there, there is a demand to address the needs of the development of Taobao in recent years, so many users have defected to the Taobao store, so the professor novice shop also became some people’s occupation, and the software is developed in such an environment

– it doesn’t hurt,

in the past two years, the domestic consumer market has been drying up, and China has ushered in a new upsurge in entrepreneurship.

and so as to seize the key

as a start-up small business, in the face of paid products, it is necessary to use iron abacus bar,


is still over the years to be what a headache? There is no suitable work, no favorite venture, without too much cost, over the years and have dizzy spells slowly, decide on what path to follow? As Taobao

experience does not matter, does not promote it anyway, two thousand dollars can open a virtual recharge shop, there is a special teacher taught a knowledge, video more hundreds of promotion methods, free of charge, don’t believe a pie in the sky, is really able to do

Abstract: "incubator" has three treasures: Office infrastructure, advisory advice, financial aid, everything is good. But there are many seemingly profitable things, and the answers are often reversed……

is not free.


entrepreneurs from self-employed to partner from vendors to hit off, no one not in business CEO shiny coat…… Work like a dog and live like a dog.



of course, that’s all……

Xiaobian to come to the experience of people tell you: high quality incubator really can play the role of resource docking, entrepreneurial counseling. But the incubator of low price is sometimes only a concept of packaging, start-ups and small enterprises is difficult to distinguish the quality of the incubator, rush into danger, a talented man finds his ability unrecognized. More money saving entrepreneurs with high expectations settled in these incubators, eventually only in exchange for a desk and an ordinary office computer.



business incubator and has joint office of their own value, but for the majority of entrepreneurs want to spend money to do business, it is not as good as the incubator cheap a few handy "equipment"

discount!In addition to the powerful

business incubator has three treasures: Office infrastructure, advisory advice, financial aid, everything.

all is for the novice, novice can as soon as possible to be familiar with Taobao, familiar with the shop with the steps and processes, is the introduction of teacher management mode, the superior subordinate agency business support agency. In order to solve the problem of difficult to purchase, slow delivery, is to launch a smart recharge, recharge channels with other functions, automatically connected each virtual operators recharge gateway, to solve the problem for users to purchase. While offline hosting, automatic identification, automatic drain single up single, 1-5 minutes arrival and other functions, then let the virtual recharge shop can be higher than the real sales shop ten times or even a hundred times faster to enhance the credibility, so that the shop can quickly rise drill, attract more customers.


simply said, "incubator" role is to gather resources, integration, to help start-ups grow rapidly, while the so-called "joint office" pay more attention to office space, culture and community building.

in addition to functional advantages in start-up costs, is the advantage is very obvious, a common version of the software, only 300 yuan can have 7*24 hours automatically recharge the Taobao shop, also can shop at the same time in the pat network. And a $500 version of the VIP software, in addition to all the features of the ordinary version of the support, also supports offline life free hosting, can also recharge 24 hours without the need to open the computer, and has multi-channel automatic deployment of recharge resources, to recharge faster, more stable performance, at the same time without the support of real product distribution and Android, apple mobile phone control. As for the 1000 yuan of wealth version of software, the function is more powerful to perfect, all functions not only have the VIP version, you can also enjoy the fastest speed and the maximum recharge recharge preferential, preferential fee can be up to 2.5% off, this is the other a recharge software can match the


lots of seemingly profitable things, but the answers are often reversed.

years later, it is better to open online shop

!The so-called

good resources, not necessarily you can live in hold, entrepreneurial counseling is not necessarily tailor-made for you, regardless of the choice of incubators, or joint office, and finally have to return to the essence, implemented.

fortunately, the dream of entrepreneurs to stimulate further evolution of the market, the birth of a new business model, that is, last year’s "entrepreneurial incubator" and "joint office" C2C model.

function mentioned above and low start-up costs and the humanized promotion model, agents and sales of software is also a very good business projects, each software 70% agency commission is indeed not a small temptation. But in the proxy software before, I still suggest that you first learn how to use the rack opened a shop automatic recharge! Plus I can not understand 381713669>

User research what users want to think about products at the user’s point of view


[editor] [author of this article] @ Zhu Junhua Ronzhu as the user wants what, rather than what they want, in this understanding, the front product is more difficult than the background products.

In the process of making

products, many individuals think of the legal principle, of course, into the development of the product. Many products have just started the starting point is very good, do, do become the product manager himself want to come out of the product, and did not really consider what the user is thinking.

the product demand is difficult to collect, copy others are mostly just to see a real performance, the real core of things is not copied, such as search algorithm, automatic recommendation of the core algorithm, but the real value of the algorithm is the


background products generally have no place to copy, more dependent on product managers’ analytical ability, but there is a strong user support, although these requirements generally need to be converted to achieve.

therefore, the final form of the product is based on the user’s real needs, and the real realization of the product is what the user really wants.

but we have been talking about the most is the product, which is the general public users can see the background, products generally only a small fraction of users can use to see, so often are ignored.

front desk products rely on the number of users to win, if the user does not want to achieve the function, it certainly can not attract users. The general product’s appeal to users and the motivation for user updates come from the following aspects:

The atmosphere created by


friends have, and so do i.. Friends are updated, I also want to update. Constant attention and attention…. Part of the user’s need for functionality comes from itself, partly from the environment.

products can create an atmosphere that affects the user’s frequency of use and increases the stickiness of the functionality itself to the user. Usability is a higher place than usability and usability.

a function, even if the design is simple and convenient, if the user does not have the demand, is tantamount to a waste of effort. Brand is also important, refused to drop the temptation, even if it is not so easy to use. Brand building from the psychological pursuit of the grasp of people, not only satisfied, but also surprise.

user psychology model

‘s grasp of user needs should not be confined to data alone. Often the data does not reflect the real needs of users, and the analysis of users comes from constant qualitative analysis.

always analyzes product availability by empathy, while looking for critical user interviews to look for deeper requirements from differences in results. User psychology model >

Zhengzhou hospital patients blowout scene is not lost during the Spring Festival

after the Spring Festival, Zhengzhou hospital patients with blowout phenomenon, the new and old sick people gathered together for treatment, drying out the photos on the Internet, the crowded scene comparable to the spring.

for a time, the netizen joked as "the world’s largest hospital", again by many people tucao.

"my mother had heart problems, I don’t want to treat in the county." Is Ms. Zhang said she is registered, Nanyang Xinye County, and her husband in Shanghai venture, the Spring Festival home listening to my mother often feel chest tightness, "a rare new year to come back again, just like a good treatment with her mother, are willing to spend more money."

What are the skills of beauty shop

every woman is very beautiful, for their appearance is very concerned about, but also to the development of the beauty industry is very fast, good prospects for the development of the beauty industry, is a good choice to get rich. But many investors do not know how to operate, resulting in the beauty shop business plummeted, exactly how to do to make the beauty shop business hot? Do not worry, Xiaobian for your weapon.

can not deceive customers, is a new customer, do not want to consume, the beautician will then received poor attitude, treat customers with contempt eyes, let customers have a hospital door like the deep sea "and" Thriller ", so as to let more people flinch; two is a dispute with the guests or meet customer not all sorts of sophistry, complaints, or rude, as a service organization, cosmetic stores should allow customers to beauty in the store when" welcome ", a feeling of home beauty shop. If the problem is not coordinated, it should be flexible and effective treatment, the real customer as god.

beautician is the representative of the beauty salon, but also the beauty salon and customer communication is the only bridge, the quality of their relationship to the beauty salon. However, there are a number of beauty shops because of their own reasons, unable to hire a good beautician, had to let a few apprentices or family workers as beauticians to serve customers. So, due to the lack of professional knowledge of beautician, product and treatment is not enough, also don’t feature control products and side effects, operation technique is the interests of customers Its loopholes appeared one after another. greatly damage.

customers to beauty salons consumption, is not only the need for maintenance and treatment, also hope to have a clean and comfortable environment, to relax the skin, relax. There are also some stores because of the environment and place restrictions, and hairdressing together business, environmental health is very dirty: the air smells bad, hair dressing towel after use after cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, room in a mixed operation…… There is no easy, clean rest environment, it is very difficult to have loyal customers.

want to engage in such business, is the need to pay more attention in many ways, hope small articles can help you manage, beauty shop, must be from the consumer’s interests as the starting point, good service to every customer, so as to win a good reputation, attracting more customers, let you beauty stores bonanza.

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Weifang by the opening of individual housing for innovation and entrepreneurship will receive subsid

purchase for innovation and entrepreneurship can also get subsidies? Does that sound a little weird? However, in order to promote the development of local entrepreneurship, Weifang City, the introduction of relevant policies, on the 15 day, the reporter learned from the Weifang City Economic Development Zone, to understand, to promote real estate inventory, Economic Zone issued advice to launch a series of measures, from tax concessions, the implementation of housing fund financial concessions and improve the shantytowns resettlement of residents many aspects such as to encourage the public to purchase. Among them, the individual purchase of the only family housing in the economic zone, an area of 144 square meters (including 144 square meters) of the following, to pay the deed tax amount of financial subsidies of $50%.

‘s new opinion, individuals will purchase less than 2 years of housing foreign sales, the full levy of value-added tax; individuals will purchase more than 2 years (including 2 years) of housing sales, exempt from vat. Personal income tax shall be exempted from personal income for more than 5 years and is the only living room of the family. At the same time, the individual purchase of the only family housing in the economic zone, an area of 144 square meters (including 144 square meters) of the following, to pay the deed tax amount of fiscal subsidies of 50%.

in the purchase of commercial or office space for the use of innovative businesses, according to the standard 240 yuan per square meter to be financial subsidies. To encourage migrant workers settled in the area, recruiting workers migrant workers to buy commercial housing, the purchase of new housing in the economic zone, of financial subsidies to 100 yuan per square metre standard, which accounts for the economic zone, economic zone residents enjoy treatment in their children to school.

business registration and tax payment in the economic zone of the enterprises or other organizations, many in the sale of real estate projects in the region to organize workers single real estate projects or by the same real estate development enterprises to develop the purchase of 20 (including 20) above, for the purchase of workers per square meter 150 yuan of financial subsidies. In the unit (enterprise) continuous payment of old-age insurance for more than 1 years (including 1 years) workers, can enjoy the financial subsidy policy, but no longer enjoy the views of the third financial subsidies.

lower loan threshold, improve the loan amount, the use of provident fund to buy the first set of ordinary housing since the minimum down payment of 20% (construction area of more than 144 square meters, the implementation of the 30%). The maximum amount of housing accumulation fund loans increased to 400 thousand yuan, while saving the cost of loans to borrowers, the abolition of housing provident fund loans mortgage registration fees.

implementation of the combination of inventory and shantytowns, low-income housing construction, the government funded or the introduction of social funds, to buy part of the stock of buildings, to become the real part of the shanty District transformation and protection. According to the real estate market situation in the region, through the adjustment of land use and planning conditions, to guide the transformation of the development of real estate land use for national and provincial support for the new recommendation