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Celades: “Being in Champions League positions is another incentive”

first_imgCelades spoke in Movistar LaLiga:Balance: “We are very happy because we have won. We have had occasions and they have theirs. We are happy. We have won and we have four games without conceding a goal. We came from a very hard game, with extra time.”Rodrigo: “We have had a lot of uncertainty about Rodrigo’s theme. He made a great effort to play against Barça, we love him very much and we are very happy to enjoy him these months.”Garay: “I know it’s something of the knee but I don’t know exactly what. We have to do tests.”Florenzi: “I have seen him very well. He has come in shape, he came from playing. We understood that it was a good time for him to play. I congratulate him.”In Champions positions: “You have to go step by step, We have advanced in the table. We continue in a good dynamic. I would like to be more effective in the rival area. But the fact of being four match without fitting is very good.”Getafe: “We have a meeting in Granada first. We want to continue in good dynamics. We still don’t think about Getafe.”Then he spoken press conference:Match plan: “We were coming from a very big effort on Wednesday. People who didn’t start on Wednesday have been able to play. We wanted to have that freshness and that’s why we started like that. We keep moving forward.”Gameiro: “We are very happy with him. He is not scoring goals. One of the main characteristics of the strikers is to score. But surely he will do it again. Going out for a few minutes is not only easy but we are happy with him.”Occasions: “We have had occasions to make more goals. There have been occasions for both teams. We are happy to have climbed the table but it does not change much. We must remain the same.”Champions on day 22: “One more incentive. The most important thing is that we keep moving forward. Being fourth gives you a good job. We are overcoming difficulties.” Ferran: “From the band in he has done very well. He gives us performance where he plays although his ideal position is in the band. They are free to exchange positions.”Garay: “It has to be tested yet.”Market: “From when it was closed we already know who we are until the end. We have brought Florenzi who will help us and we are very happy that Rodrigo stays with us.”Is Ferran ahead of Gameiro and Rodrigo in the lead ?: “They are different situations. Maxi, Gameiro and Sobrino are more forward and Ferran makes this second point better. It does not mean that they are ahead.”Rodrigo: “Rodrigo is a prop for us. That’s why I wanted to sign Barça. He is a differential player and is able to decide a game. We value what he did against Barça. He wanted to play, with the market open, when he could have said don’t do it. “Goalkeepers: “We thought that it was not necessary to give part of Cillessen. It seems that it is but it has a discomfort in the back of the thigh. Jaume had all our confidence, we have good games. Jaume is doing very well and we are happy with both “.Ball that takes Parejo under sticks: “I think that happens because Parejo loves football. And how he knows everyone and everything, he knows Parejo everything about the National Team … and it was his decision.” Minutes accumulation: “We are concerned that some players play many minutes, more than we would like. But given the situation we had, we had to do it.”What key did you play after Mallorca?: “This is the merit of the players. In Mallorca we take a chase because it was not a team according to these players. This team does not give up. The thing about Mallorca can happen It happens to us all. Today we competed very well. In that final match where Wednesday’s matches are noticed. “last_img read more

#JaVotes2016: Young voters want jobs

first_imgThe main reason for turning up to vote in today’s elections is for more jobs, two youth electors in St. Andrew East Rural said. “Mi want the increase weh dem promise so mi a vote fi di party weh a go create the jobs dem,” 27-year-old Lorenzo Bennett, who was casting his ballot for the third time, told The Gleaner. Though 23-year-old Alicia Brown remained undecided, she also insisted she plans to hold whichever party wins, to the promise of job creation. First time candidates – the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Juliet Holness and the People’s National Party (PNP) Imani Duncan Price – are contesting the elections in the constituency  which historically has gone to the PNP eight times, with the JLP taking the reins four out of the last 12 elections since 1959. Both candidates have been in the constituency now for a year. For Brown, it was a matter of trying to decide whether “it even matter, to participate.” She laughed at the irony of her leaning against a fence, wrestling with whether to board the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) number 62 bus to head down to her community to vote. “Mi deh pon di fence. Honestly, mi nuh mek up mi mind if mi fi vote or mi nah vote because the two a dem a the same thing,” the 23-year-old said. Whichever way the ballots swing, both youth voters insisted they want more jobs from the party that makes up the next government.last_img read more

Health Department swoops down on ECD supermarket

first_img…several expired products seized…criminal charges for repeat offenders – GA-FDD headThe Environmental Health Department of Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) swooped down on Saturday on a popular supermarket located at Vigilance, East Coast Demerara and seized thousands of expired products displayed on its shelves.Upon inspection of the products on display, the Buxton/Foulis district Environmental Health Officer (EHO) revealed that a number of items were expired. As such, the goods were seized from the supermarket shelves.The seized products included beverages, dairy products, condiments, and other commodities.GA-FDD head, Marlan ColeOver the last week, inspections were carried out by the department at numerous supermarkets, shops and outlets within the same area. A number of damaged and expired items were also seized at those places and destroyed.Checks are also made for the possession of sanitary certificates by those retailers who are subjected to have them.The purposes of these inspections are to improve the quality of food products being retailed to consumers, and improve the level of food safety in Guyana. The operation has been ongoing since October of last year.To reduce the amount of expired products on the market, retailers are asked to rotate the goods on the shelves and conduct checks for expiration dates, to ensure that all the products are of good quality. Consumers are also encouraged to check the quality of food items before purchasing them.Speaking with Guyana Times on the matter, Director of the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD), Marlan Cole, said these checks are regularly carried out by food and drug inspectors at supermarkets and restaurants.“If they are seen with expired items, they can either voluntary surrender the items and allow them to be destroyed. Or if it too frequent, the officers are able to initiate secure proceedings against them. It’s not a current practice, but it’s something [that] we have discussed at our recent food safety meeting. If we discover supermarkets and so forth that knowingly and deliberately sell expired items time after time, we would start a process of taking them before the court,” Cole told this publication on Saturday.last_img read more

“Guyana’s ICJ case in good hands” – Sir Shridath Ramphal

first_imgGuyana/Venezuela controversyAs Guyana prepares to put together all the necessary documents before it files an official petition with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to challenge the Guyana/Venezuela controversy, Government’s top legal adviser in that case, Sir Shridath Ramphal has given his assurance that the matter is in good hands.While explaining that it is not to be seen as a failure on the part of Guyana that the Good Offices Process did not meet the objective, Sir Shridath told the local press on Thursday that the case has been referred to the ICJ under the Geneva Agreement that was agreed to prior to Guyana’s independence.The former Commonwealth Secretary General claimed that Venezuela has filibuster and tried to avoid the day when the matter would be sent to the ICJ. “But the day has come and the application (petition) is in train. When that is done, the case is in the hands of the ICJ,” he explained.Sir Shridath said Guyana could not expect better and it is for the country and its Government to establish to the world what has always been the case, which is sticking by the agreement that was signed.On that note, he said the case is in good hands and that the same team that won judicial proceedings with Suriname has been retained to fight this case. “We got to work again to finish the job,” he stated.The team which was headed by Paul Reichler, a partner in the Washington office of law firm Foley Hoag LLP, was successful. The matter was settled by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in 2007.Asked whether there would be any issues similar to that of the Guyana/Suriname where certain difficulties were encountered relating to sourcing supporting documents to fight their case, Sir Shridath said, “Well its much the same but the archives are in better condition and there are that rest all over the world because this is an international case. The arbitral tribunal sat in Paris and it has material there too.”Sir Shridath had said that the time frame in which this matter could be completed depends on the two parties involved. He said, “It is a very difficult question because it can depend on what Venezuela ultimately does that can determine the length of time, the character of the proceedings. It could be shorter if they persist they are not involved and if they change their minds, and it’s a full-fledged hearing, it could be longer. But you are talking about a matter of years.”He further explained that the ICJ would hear the case under the United Nations Charter and the Geneva Agreement of 1966 that had provided for, among other means, mediation and judicial settlement.The coalition Government had said that it has plans to use a signing bonus of US$18 million received from ExxonMobil to stand the expense of a legal team. The money was however kept in a secret account at the Central Bank. This information was exposed by private media companies, including this newspaper.After years of mediation, the United Nations (UN) in January announced its decision to finally send the ongoing border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela to the ICJ. According to the UN’s Spokesperson, Stephane Dujarric, the decision came after careful analysis of the Good Offices Process.President David Granger has welcomed the Secretary General’s decision to refer the matter to the world court. According to Granger, “Guyana remains confident in the correctness of its case (and) looks forward to the reaffirmation of the validity of the 1899 Arbitral Award before the (ICJ).”last_img read more

“We will create the environment for businesses to grow” – Harmon

first_imgMinister of State, Joseph Harmon on Saturday evening assured the Private Sector that the Government would continue its efforts to create an enabling environment for businesses to grow and thrive.Minister of State, Joseph Harmon addresses the gathering at the Gaico Construction and General Services Incorporated’s Annual Christmas Dinner and Staff Award Ceremony held at the Pegasus Hotel, GeorgetownSpeaking at Gaico Construction and General Services Incorporated’s Annual Christmas Dinner and Staff Award ceremony, held at the Pegasus Hotel, Minister Harmon said when businesses grow and thrive, the Guyanese citizenry benefits.“I have leaned on Gaico heavily to provide employment and they have risen to the challenge. Mr Komal Singh has big plans for his company and as a Government; we will continue to provide the environment for businesses to grow. We will create the environment, so that you can continue to grow and provide the employment for our Guyanese people as we work to provide a good life for all of our people,” he said.Minister Harmon also used the opportunity to laud Singh, noting that there was a need for more businessmen like him as he has proven time and time again that service to his community and country was more important than profits.“I can attest to Komal’s work in the community in which they live. He has worked tirelessly with the Civil Defence Commission as the representative of the Private Sector Commission, particularly during the last hurricane season. He dropped all of the accolades he has and decided to work as a Guyanese to bring the power of the Private Sector to the work which the CDC had to do. Komal, in spite of all that he has achieved, has remained grounded in Region Three in Canal Number One, where he continues to make a contribution. Gaico has single-handedly elevated these communities to a height we never saw before. When there was flooding in Canal, he came out with his team and put the company’s assets at the NDC [Neighbourhood Democratic Council] and the people in Canal and so these are qualities you do not always associate with people who made it well in business. He has risen from a taxi driver to one of the most successful businessmen these days,” Minister Harmon said.Minister Harmon shares a light moment with CEO Komal Singh and his wife, Gaitri Singh, as businessman Roshan Khan looks onBusiness Minister Dominic Gaskin, in brief remarks, stated that the success of Gaico must be applauded as it has risen from humble beginnings to be one of the most reputable Guyanese companies.“There is an expectation today, especially among young people, that you can jump into business today and be super rich tomorrow, but Gaico has shown us how much grit it takes to take a business from its inception to success. We know Gaico is now a very reputable company, but a Guyanese company most of all and we want to celebrate Gaico,” he stated.Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Komal Singh said that while his company started from humble beginnings, it has grown over the past 27 years and now offered services such as oil spill response, civil work, marine works, salvaging, dredging and manufacturing of asphalt. By 2019, the company is aiming to build a modern wharf facility, which will see approximately 100 persons employed. Priority, he said, will be given to workers who were laid off by the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo).“We are in the process now of developing a wharf facility and we are also in the process of developing a hazardous waste management facility. Our plan is to have a hazardous waste management facility where we bring in waste oil, process it and reuse it. We hope by the end of 2019, we can have that facility up and running. We are hoping to create at least 100 jobs by June/July when we finish the first phase of the construction of that facility. Our priority is to give the jobs to those who would have lost jobs from GuySuCo,” Singh said.Additionally, he thanked and applauded the Government for the recent announcement that corporate taxes would be reduced from 2019.The event was also attended by Vice President and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, Social Protection Minister Amna Ally and Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Basil Williams.last_img read more

Animal owners decry exorbitant impounding fees

first_imgOwners of small animals that have been impounded are crying out that the fees they are required to pay for the animals’ release are too high, and they are forced to leave their animals in the pounds to die.The complaints come from those farmers who are rearing goats and sheep, who claim that they are required to pay pound fees of $7,000 per head when the value of a goat or sheep is about $15,000. This was reported to the Region Six Regional Democratic Council (RDC) by the Regional Agricultural Committee.Addressing the RDC, Regional Councillor Zamal Hussain explained that the issue is having an impact on the lives of farmers in the East Canje, Berbice community.“These are the persons who were sent home from the Rose Hall Estate… RightRegion 6 Chairman David Armogannow they are trying to make a living by rearing a few sheep and goats. One of those persons had to pay $72,000 to release a few of their animals. This is like killing someone who is already dead,” he told the House.Hussain also said the practice of impounding sheep and goats that are found on village streets is only done in some villages.“Some of the stray catchers say that it is their jurisdiction, so they go into the entire area, including the internal streets, and collect all the animals; and when they are finished, the people have to pay a large set of money. And (in) places like New Amsterdam, which is a town, there are so many animals on the road marching the entire night and day, and not a single stray catcher can be seen in that area,” he noted.Gobin Harbhajan, another Councillor, said stray catchers should be authorised by means of a letter issued by the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) before they are allowed to impound any animal. He called for a waiver or reduction in the pound fees.“When it comes to goats, sheep and all those small animals, it is very difficult for the owners, especially during the dry season. These are poor people, and the fees are so high. I am seeking to get the RDC to make the relevant recommendations to have the fees waived. I know that at some of the pounds on the Upper Corentyne, some of the owners can’t afford to take the animals out, and they are left there (to) die. I know of one case (wherein what was owed) was almost $400,000. In that case, the lady had to borrow the money,” Harbhajan detailed.Harbhajan also noted that in the event of those animals damaging someone’s kitchen or flower garden, the aggrieved party could have an evaluation done to determine the extent of the loss, and the animal owner should have to reimburse the aggrieved party.Harbhajan called on the Public Security Ministry to look into this matter at the earliest opportunity.Region 6 Chairman David Armogan told the RDC that it was the residents who had lobbied to have the fees raised to a rate which would act as a deterrent to those who were bent on allowing their animals to roam. He explained that many had suffered as a result of attacks on their vegetation. “When it started, it was only limited to the roads; unfortunately, it has become a business now,” the Chairman said, as he referred to the stray catchers’ involvement. “The stray catchers don’t get paid unless they catch something, so they are looking for anything that they can catch,” he added. He explained that impounding of animals is part of the laws on Guyana which fall under the Police Act.last_img read more

Cal blitzes Oregon St.

first_imgCal was down 13-6 to start Wednesday’s game, then went on that backbreaking run to build a 40-15 lead with about 3 minutes left in the first half. Oregon State’s Vojin Svilar then made a shot inside to end the run. Oregon State put together a run in the second half and pulled to within eight points at 52-44 and had a chance to cut it to five, but Angelo Tsagarakis missed an open 3-pointer and Cal pulled away from there. Marcel Jones had 21 points for Oregon State. No. 18 Marquette 76, at St. John’s 67 Dan Fitzgerald scored eight of his 20 points during a 15-3 run midway through the second half to lead the Golden Eagles in the opening round of the Big East tournament. Marquette won despite playing without Jerel McNeal, a second-team all-Big East selection who averages 14.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, 3.8 assists and 2.6 steals. The sophomore guard injured a thumb in practice last Friday. At Central Connecticut 74, Sacred Heart 70 Javier Mojica scored 25 points, including a late 3-pointer that helped the Blue Devils to the Northeast Conference tournament championship and earn an NCAA bid. At Weber State 88, Northern Arizona 80 Conference MVP David Patten scored 22 points to lead the Wildcats to the Big Sky Conference tournament title and an NCAA tournament berth. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Cal forward Ryan Anderson had 27 points and 15 rebounds. He had 16 points in Cal’s instrumental run and made 5 of 7 3-pointers and had 20 points (on 7 of 10 shooting) in the first half. He made 6 of 10 from 3-point range. “it was phenomenal shooting from space and depth that we hadn’t seen before,” Oregon State coach Jay John said of the Bears run. “Kudos to Cal.” Cal (13-20), the No. 8 seed, has struggled with injuries, but had 20 points from the bench. The Bears don’t even have a full 24 hours to prepare for today’s 2:50 p.m. game against a rested UCLA team. Cal guard Ayinde Ubaka didn’t seem to mind. “We shot the ball well today,” Ubaka said. “We played great defense. I want to get back on the court as soon as possible. I hope it carries over to (today).” The Bears easily won, 70-51, and will play top seed and defending Pac-10 tournament champion UCLA today at Staples Center. The Bruins swept the Bears (62-46 at Cal, 85-75 at Pauley) this season. “We’ve played UCLA tough,” Cal coach Ben Braun said. “We had them at their place and gave up the lead. “We’re going to have to play good basketball to beat UCLA. Our team is capable. (UCLA) is solid and they rebound well.” center_img LOS ANGELES – Basketball is a game of runs, but Cal had such a dominating stretch in the first half that no Oregon State run mattered. Cal went on a ridiculous 34-2 run in the opening game of the Pacific-10 Conference tournament Wednesday, and it should be no surprise the Beavers couldn’t rally from such an embarrassing stretch. last_img read more

Car-to-car shooting leaves one dead in Sun Valley

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! SUN VALLEY — A young male Latino was killed Sunday after gang members in an SUV opened fire on the car he was riding in near the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Branford Street. His assailants were described as Latino males with shaved heads who were riding in a silver SUV, according to Officer Mike Lopez of the LAPD’s press office. The fatally wounded male was driven to Holy Cross Hospital where he died in the parking lot, Lopez said.last_img read more

World Cup semi run just the start, says Kane

first_img0Shares0000More to come: Harry Kane sees a bright future for England despite losing in the World Cup semi-finals to Croatia © AFP / FRANCK FIFEMOSCOW, Russian Federation, Jul 12 – Harry Kane says England restored pride during their run to the World Cup semi-finals and can use the tournament as a springboard for sustained success for a talented young generation.Playing in their first World Cup semi-final for 28 years, England blew a golden opportunity to reach their first final since 1966, surrendering a 1-0 half-time lead to lose 2-1 to Croatia after extra-time in Moscow on Wednesday. The tournament’s top goalscorer with six goals, Kane himself missed a huge chance to give England breathing space in the first half.But he believes even brighter days lie ahead for the third-youngest squad on show in Russia.“It hurts now but I know when we look back there are a lot of positives, (a lot of) experience we can take. That’s the aim, in two years’ time in the Euros to go again and win big tournaments,” said the Tottenham Hotspur striker.“We’ve shown we can do well in these tournaments and the aim is now not to wait another 20-odd years to get to another big semi-final. It’s to go again and try to achieve our dreams.”In their run to the last four, England re-engaged with a fanbase disaffected by decades of failure at international tournaments, most notably in a humiliating exit to Iceland at Euro 2016.World Cup fever swept the nation back home and even after the defeat, thousands of England fans at the Luzhniki stadium stayed behind long after the final whistle to give their side a rousing send-off.“It’s massive that we had a good tournament and restored pride in the nation. The fans are excited to watch us play and that’s how we have to keep progressing,” added Kane.“We should be proud and hold our heads up high because we’ve come a long way from two years ago. Even out there the fans singing after a defeat, it’s a proud feeling.”– ‘Special’ Southgate –Off to a flyer: Kieran Trippier put England in front in Moscow © AFP / MANAN VATSYAYANAEngland manager Gareth Southgate has taken much of the credit for moulding his young side, not only with a commitment to play attractive and attacking football on the field, but a fresh open attitude with fans and media off it.“This team is very special,” said Kieran Trippier, who had got England off to a flying start in the semi-final with a fifth-minute free-kick to open the scoring.“It all comes from the manager. Unbelievable manager… I can’t speak highly enough of him. He sets the tone, he brought this team together. Everybody knows how close our team is and that all comes from him.”Trippier was one of many England players with limited international experience before the tournament who went onto shine in Russia.And he expects a “great future” for England, with most of the current squad still young enough to be around for the 2022 World Cup.“There is a great future going forward, trust me, with this team,” added Trippier.“In the future for sure with this manager, with these players, the team is only going to progress and I’m sure we can go far in the next tournaments.“We’ve got a great team spirit, great chemistry, a very young team. We can succeed and do the country proud.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

‘Is this how far we’ve fallen?’ Fans react to Liverpool star’s new £100k a week deal

first_img Liverpool star Jordan Henderson Jordan Henderson has signed a new ‘long-term’ deal at Liverpool today, reportedly worth £100,000 a week.The news delighted a large portion of the Anfield faithful but some supporters have found his huge wages ‘crazy’ as Brendan Rodgers moves heaven and earth to tie down his top stars to new contracts.And while England international midfielder Henderson is likely to become Liverpool’s next captain when Steven Gerrard leaves the club, a few fans have expressed their concern about putting so much faith in a ‘mediocre’ player.You can see how football fans reacted to the news below… 1last_img read more