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Cross as a peak of Shanghai dragon is also different


: my personal view made by the use of black hat Shanghai dragon website can bring certain flow and ranking, but every day to face the search engine may be blocked, but also to make a new website, why not use the white hat Shanghai dragon down to make a healthy website but? Black hat Shanghai dragon also has the black hat Shanghai Longfeng truth, some black hat Shanghai dragon researchers algorithm to search engine technology is also very deep, very good, a lot of black hat Shanghai dragon came out by tens of thousands of times the conclusion of the experiment on the search engine spiders.

black hat Shanghai dragon often leads to the punishment of the search engine, the owners need to determine exactly how much risk? What may be the most serious? What impact to the company? Some of the problems of Shanghai dragon to decide by cheating may bring flow and may be search engine punishment compared to what a more cost-effective? And then consult the relevant leaders of the enterprise view, finally in the decision.

black hat Shanghai dragon money Duanpingkuai is his advantage; the white hat Shanghai dragon is the focus of interest for a long time.

is also a part of the black hat Shanghai dragon has been more than a moral and legal bottom line.

in universities, government and other means of invading the site, plus links which is beyond the bottom line of the law, constitutes a violation of this is not only the black hat Shanghai dragon, but hackers, we should firmly oppose

white hat Shanghai Dragon don’t have to worry about website blocked may every day, and can proudly say: "this is my site!" brought a long time to enjoy your website for profit. Why not??

cross as a peak, Shanghai dragon is different! The police into the police, Shanghai dragon is divided into black and white hat.

deletion! For example: some hackers use

two, moral and legal bottom line

released a lot of junk information on other sites, invade others site to increase the garbage Links, thus affecting others website ranking, flow rate, conversion rate, which belongs to immoral behavior, we should resolutely oppose.


, in Shanghai Longfeng industries, is also divided into black and white, the so-called black hat Shanghai dragon is usually by means of cheating, webmasters to achieve. The so-called white hat Shanghai dragon, is through the normal Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster to get. But the black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is difficult to grasp, sometimes in the use of Shanghai Longfeng optimization when using the black hat means, probably because the owners do not understand the unintentional misuse caused, or sometimes in order to improve the ranking and traffic and deliberately used, resulting in search engine punishment, serious when possible caused by

For example:

black hat and white hat Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station angle

Long tail keywords strategy depends on user habits

value is not high, that person is not wrong, that those who are generally small or not belongs to some of the core content of the station, the station point, whether to expand the long tail word is also thinking, because of a small station as long as the specific good core keywords the ranking can get not a small flow, the long tail word strategy is indeed an excess. The value of the long tail words, rather than the value of the long tail word on the site, when the site does not need long tail words, then the value of the long tail words is very little. Here is just a small C else to explain the value of the long tail words, generally large and medium-sized site still need long tail word strategy, there are a large number of long tail word large station website always bring a very large flow, even if the core keyword ranking is not ideal, but still can guarantee the site traffic through the long tail word, which is the value of the long tail words of.

What is the long tail word The value of

to understand the long tail words must know what is popular in terms of long tail keywords, long tail word is in addition to the core keywords can obtain the flow of words is the long tail word, long tail words are generally 2-3 words. How to determine the long tail word strategy to other web sites, we can see that the core of the article, generally around a large number of keywords and the original writing, the key is around long tail word keywords.

long tail wordWe

through the above keyword research way to get hundreds of thousands of words, so we how to use these keywords to bring to the site traffic, realize the value of the key? This is the long tail word strategy part of the long tail word optimization steps. A simple optimization is the long tail word said: "

4, the search engine drop-down box

long termSome people say the word

of the web site

long tail wordThe

Select the

Optimization of

above are some of the commonly used techniques, here introduces 2 modes of small C, a software query is above the third party tool query, Jinhua mining, fly long tail word Ruda and webmaster tools, in this way the query to facilitate peace of mind, this is one of the many ways the lazy way, always welcome, disadvantage is the long tail word is not necessarily effective long term, you need to spend some time to verify. Second long tail word is the most efficient way to select, take sperm to worse for its long tail word derived, on the one hand, a large number of verification time, on the other hand to prevent competitors effectively.

3, third party tools mining

selection method of the long tail word a lot, if you are a qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon Er, then you must understand the following words long tail strategy.



, Shanghai: 5 hot love billboard

1, love Shanghai search

Yue Huai marketing in the blind in the perceived intentions hidden unique originality

almost all beer manufacturers advertising highlights are highly consistent — only our beer production is "the most pure"

hasn’t finished, Claude · Hopki also found that when the groundwater is pumped out, Xerox production process to these provisions in beer heating of water into steam, and then cooled until freezing – you know, at the time of distillation equipment is very expensive. This process must be repeated three times to remove impurities in the water, to ensure the purity of water used for brewing beer. And the factory every day must be clean distillation equipment two.

The He also found that

seeingbelieving, carefully after the visit, Xerox beer every production process is Claude · Hopki to Xerox Edmunds beer management asks, "why don’t you put the whole production flow to tell consumers?"

In 20s the

"why don’t we do this?" Claude · Hopki said: "although.

in addition, final packing of each bottle of beer through high temperature steam sterilization 4 times, to ensure that all kill microbes and bacteria; each batch of beer must be tested before delivery, to ensure that both pure alcohol and beer, and then bottling output.


management did not think Claude · Hopki actually made this let people laugh, said: "these are the most basic requirements for beer production process, beer production process all is so produced, so despite fierce competition, all manufacturers are not put it as the focus of our! Why are you doing this?"

Claude · Hopki first surprised to find that in 5 years we have conducted 1623 Xerox beer experiment, finally found the best fermentation formula.

, Xerox Edmunds beer production plant is located in Michigan lake, while the lake is clear, without any pollution, but they are still in the lake two drilling depth of 500 feet (about 152.4 meters) of the artesian well, in order to obtain no pollution of groundwater.


in order to change yourself just passable sales, we employ well-known beer Xerox marketing guru Claude · Hopki as a marketing consultant. Claude · the first thing Hopki did despicably common ordinary – he personally to this beer factory visit Xerox beer production process. But in the usual study he found a series of promotional highlights:

When the United States propaganda hot

century, American beer market competition is very fierce, according to statistics, Xerox beer (Schlitz Beer) in its market share accounted for only fifth.

of Michigan lake scenery (network picture)

Common problems updating algorithm and some experience to share the love of Shanghai

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

followed by K home page, this problem is relatively rare, but not, I am a leuconychia station station, just a year old, recently pick up time last Thursday to update the page without K, second days at home without a return to normal, when this is K, the webmaster can the first update, observation of 1-3 days, cause analysis, for example, a recent period of time there is no hanging black chain, website is normal, the chain is recently issued a series of delete and so on! Why not enumerate here!

how to solve the first snapshot stop more and snapshot snapshot for this problem? Our website weight is the weight of high standing, the snapshot day update, but generally is the next day, so the website snapshot, don’t say your site more outstanding, at least a little you have to site is normal! For a snapshot a day web site when we do the optimization more handy, such as: the exchange of Links! To love Shanghai to stop or update snapshot snapshot of this problem, you can go to love Shanghai complaint center, complaints, no accident, second days is a snapshot of

last day Shanghai suddenly appeared short search errors for this problem! Love Shanghai official response is "said the ongoing large-scale promotion and algorithm revision", as a webmaster, especially some small and medium-sized website stationmaster, every adjustment of love Shanghai will bring a series of problems, such as: to us stop, snapshot snapshot, the home page is K,

, thank you! included reducing and so on!We how to solve


station! ! !


finally included reducing the problem, here for example, there are pictures and the truth (see Figure 1, figure 2), I also love Shanghai station April 24th update, included sharply reduce, I took a look at the friend’s station but also some people like me, I didn’t do nothing but update, too a few days back to normal, here to remind you that we encounter this problem, do not think that is what to do with myself and then mad Oh chain chain, usually a day or a few articles updated this problem after a day update dozens, this approach is not good! It is best to observe next, really can not restore it, then adjust the

face these problems? This is to share with you today, I first write soft, birds do not spray

when more than one year of stationmaster, the first time to write text, shortcomings of the exhibitions! Finally offer a sentence to the webmaster friends, love Shanghai to optimize the thought the intervention is relatively large, focus on user experience, user experience well, ranking will go up! You can see the search keywords top of the user experience is very good

It is difficult to choose to continue IT trip or find another occupation

, a web developer, a moonlight clan, purple tea, too.

Ji’nan is a programmer, a web programmer, that is the development, in fact, the old Amoy from the Internet website source code, and then change, to live is set up on the line, it will just work, I think we should do is follow the prescribed order from requirement analysis, software development the test work, only to find that only the first step, the template set on the line, studying in the College of software engineering, so lost.

just graduated, to tell the truth, in the university did not learn how many things, that is, a little understanding of ASP,, php+mysql, and then desperately looking for work in this area, good

was also in phase, and then left, this is a network marketing company, to the later, I found that the old employees do soon a, how so fast, "the secret is set with the template, website source code is not original, since I also like this, no other way, followed by learning it, and has now become a set of templates of people.

graduated from 2008-7-1 to now has more than six months, and other will not, the set of Web sites soon, and soon, I can not believe, I did not have two days to complete a website. Our company division is relatively clear, art finished map and cut them, layout, and then handed over to us, when I arrived, the speed is very busy, accumulated a lot of list, forcing me to work overtime, I am up to a month in general work overtime in the evening time, directly back in the company, quite on the two day of work, only to rest under the middle.

finally found a reason to do, although the program has not exposed to the weather, but let the brain over thinking, a loop, can jump out, if you love it,

is not love, it was tragic, but I only just a few months, mechanical repetitive work, so I didn’t what great progress, sometimes forget things, this is bad, just remember a moment, think again, just think what, you don’t remember it, ha ha.

went to Xuzhou, to participate in the webmaster, see Figure Wang and Cai Wensheng’s achievements, and I want to do a profitable station, but I don’t know what to do, a little, don’t know how to use the technology to the actual big trouble, oh

will soon have the Spring Festival, suddenly found empty pockets, moonlight, only feel ashamed. Come home, this concept is very heavy,


IT continues to tour or find another occupation, it is difficult to choose, if you will go, and what other industries, but the current work and what do chicken ribs, give you sorrow nothing but a scholar actually IT, migrant workers.

did not want to, or to revel in their own web games entertainment ( >

5 successful methods of low cost Entrepreneurship


business has become a hot topic, many people want to know as individuals have low investment, low risk business, through our business of many years of research, from the following 5 examples of extraction for entrepreneurs with low investment business model for reference:

one, while working part-time entrepreneurship

this way is generally and in their own resources in the work time of manufacturers start to try and increase revenue using their professional experience, there is no benefit risk, but should deal with the relationship between work and entrepreneurship.

Mr. A is to buy some clothing enterprises, engaged in a few years after the purchase of erudite, have certain sensitive and familiar with garment processing enterprises of clothing, the clothing enterprise is now a lot of virtual business, even if we are familiar with the well-known brands (such as Baleno, Metersbonwe) is responsible for product design, itself is not to set up factories, design a style of clothing for clothing processing factory made garments, and then add the logo to the retail terminal, now Mr A often pick up some "private lives", provide customers with style, then Mr. A is responsible for the procurement of fabrics and garments for processing factory, the final delivery. A single down thousands of, more than tens of thousands, really very comfortable. The advantage of this approach is that there is no risk and you can create more value when you have a fixed income.

some people may think that this method is defective, the company suspected of cheating, I think as long as the master of a degree of this method is very feasible, use the spare time to develop their own career and increase income is no ground for blame.

recommendations: 1, should know their primary and secondary development, working in enterprises in addition to family is individual ability and experience growth, so the focus is complete a good job, to promote the development of personal ability and occupation.

2, keep the following standards, customers should not be your competitors; do not take any work hours; the time is for you to pay the company; do not disclose any company’s business secrets. Keeping your professional integrity and credit will play an invaluable role in personal development in the future.

two, relying on commodity market entrepreneurship

professional commodity markets (such as glasses wholesale clothing wholesale market, etc.) will charge for tenants of individual business license, only a one-time investment in six months or a year rent, and store goods in the purchase fee, so investment in 3, less than 50 thousand. As long as the popular commodity market, the risk is relatively small, in the survey, we found that many people from Wenzhou started out from the commodity market.

B is a former Miss fashion designer, later resigned from the company after the clothing of their own, others take as tenants sublet, (now there are many commodity markets can buy, you can rent, some people bought through rental profits, and the business license business) wholesale and retail business in a clothing market, by virtue of its design capacity and years.

Why did a four year old maintenance website achieve a perfect growth curve


editor’s note: can you believe that the above data came from a four year old site that was not maintained? 1532 days, to be exact. The growth curve of abnormal hue, although the data is not too much, but if you know any publicity and promotion, is enough to express his surprise, like a deserted garden quietly out of the beautiful flowers.

Ryan Detzel developed the site "Invoice Journal" in the four years ago, to facilitate the business customers to issue documents, but it looks more like a test of the project, he has no plans of commercial operation, so just quietly running on the server. But a phone call four years later recalled his memory of the forgotten project.

one day, I got a call on my way home from vacation. This is a number in New York, not in my address book. Usually I don’t answer such a phone call, but because my brother is in New York, I think one of his friends might have made a mistake, so I answered. On the other side of the phone was a very timid voice, and she asked very carefully, "Hello, it’s the Invoice Journal website."".

I hesitated, in the Invoice Journal line for 4 years, I have never received a phone call, a moment, say "I muttered in is" before millions of thoughts about all poured into my mind. "Well, that’s right. Can you tell me when the website will be restored? All my documents are in it. I can’t live without it."." She said. "I really need these documents. If you can’t recover the website, can you send me the documents in my system?"

well, that’s right. Can you tell me when the website will be restored? All my documents are in it. Without it, I can’t live.

well, at first I was a little hesitant, because I haven’t managed Invoice Journal for four years. I forgot it, left it behind my head and deleted it from my memory, but the soft voice let me know that although I forgot about it, she didn’t, in fact, her life depended on it. I’m surprised. Being found out of duty and unsure of what was the cause of the site strike, I told her I was driving, but I would check it right after I got home so that the site would be restored so that she could use it. The call was over, and for the next 2 hours, Invoice Journal kept jumping in my head.

Invoice Journal is a website that I’m doing when I’m free, and it fills me with the time I commute to work on the subway every day. I have two hours of free time on the subway every day, so I don’t want to do anything. I can use it myself personal webmaster must be omnipotent

is written in the front:

we are the Internet in the sea of a drop in the bucket we are independent of the website, in 60%, Chinese, individual owners have achieved profitability, the main profit way for electronic commerce and service charge membership fees, the average monthly income of 2661 yuan, the most profitable site types and industries are electronic commerce website and the automotive industry. In 2012, according to incomplete statistics, in all Chinese website, personal website market share accounted for about 40%, with the development of the market, the personal website of the competition pressure gradually, and the individual owners must also be Almighty can adapt to the development needs of the internet.

personal webmaster definition:

personal webmaster is the personal website operation without the aid of external force, and is responsible for the management of the site of the hit, promotion, operation, has a higher dreams of young people.

personal Adsense Almighty where:

as a personal webmaster, we must learn to build their own eighteen Wu Yi.

1, front desk design, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks is essential.

I am a design background, should not say, because they are still in school, but as a web site, the design elements must be, the user determines a first impression of the website, the website is like looking at the same person, the first impression is very important, not always button, LOGO, color collocation said some websites so simple things to go for help.

2, program, Dreamweaver simple function must learn.

DIV+CSS is the basic elements of a web page, it is closely related to the layout of the page, as a CSS+DIV front, can not understand art, on the contrary, as a web page, also must be familiar with DIV+CSS.

3, Javascript will be used, will change on the line.

Although a variety of CMS

site provides a solution for us, there are a variety of templates can make brilliant "effect, but as a webmaster, simple coding ability also must have the rich and practical.Js code for our website can be icing on the cake.

4, web language.


such as PHP programming language seems very difficult, but we must also slightly know a little, when a Discuz program to take in hand, we also need to know how to go to the two amendment, of course, ASP and JSP also can not let go.

5, website operation, SEO, promotion.


operations" literally look rather domineering

Need to pay attention to the details of the operation of the cake shop

open cake shop need to pay attention to what problems? Many investors do not have experience, Xiaobian hope that we can provide more valuable suggestions, so that franchisees can easily do investment work. If you want to learn more, you can learn it quickly.

location choose standard features

in baking class, Wang Qi once with a lot of student exchanges, after the shop is specialized in selling cakes, or cake also sells bread.

from the ideal point of entrepreneurs, Wang Qi certainly hope to be able to sell their own distinctive pastries, so she began to tend to homegrown. But in the preparation of the shop, she had hesitated, because the shop rent than previously envisaged about 5000 yuan a lot higher, so she would not be much of the funds facing the test. She had thought of looking for manufacturers to make cakes, from her to sell, this way can make her do not have to spend too much money on equipment purchase. However, after running a few manufacturers, she felt like this cake is always not as good as their own unique taste, in the long term is not conducive to the development of.

and Wang Qi in shops around the investigation for a long time, she found that although there are some supermarkets and grocery store, the surrounding markets, but few cakes and bread sales. If you do not simply make a cake, but add some fresh baked bread, perhaps to attract office workers to buy bread as breakfast, so you can expand the influence of their stores.