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On the website of Shanghai dragon four optimization factor is what

1, a long tail keywords bring traffic may not be much, but how many long tail keywords bring traffic, this is the 28 principle.


here on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of four factors: what is

fourth: the construction of the chain

the first targetWhat is the

I think the target keywords it is home to optimize.

second: the long tail keywords

target keywords? We can to understand, the most simple said the site of the primary key, I is the keyword to bring the main flow. These are your keywords ranking in the search engine hope above is the front, do you think your users will search words.

network technology and other top sail website do a lot about the keywords of Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing such as on my website and prosperity, so that a search engine will think 贵族宝贝 rankings should appear in search of " the word Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing "search results; when users search for Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing, I the website will get good rankings

The word "

here I cite a simple example, a large bookstore, there will always be a very basic best-selling book, even some small bookstore book to his entire Bookstore eighty percent sales, the best-selling book can be said to be the target keywords bookstore or bookstore.

2, long tail keywords bring traffic is generally accurate, can effectively improve the site’s conversion rate of

The main reason is: I

" in Shanghai Longfeng believe I believe browsing in A5 friends, already not unfamiliar, but the Internet has too much of this on some general methods of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

what is the long tail keywords? Also extended the above example, a bookstore sales is a big, big reason is that he has sold a bookstore selling books, but can only sell the best-selling book, he has every kind of thousands on thousands of book, the best-selling book in addition to other books can be identified as long tail keywords.

then I will system website how to do Shanghai dragon to carry out a detailed description.

what is the anchor text? A keyword above include a link anchor text is, I think most of the time is in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking is around the core to do the anchor text.

third: anchor text keywords

is the other key words long tail keywords outside of a website except for targeted keywords, Xiao Bian think long tail keywords is very important, as far as possible the mining

How to make the website data analysis of Shanghai dragon clear

2, analysis of the

spider log, also is the trace spider climb your site left (data), see the spider grab what page, not grasping what page, grab the page so much the same. When you know these data, you have to like the way how to let the spider to access what did not visit the page, how to let the spiders don’t grab the number of the same page too much. The spider grab your page is not necessarily the final number of crawlers, spiders to crawl the page for the analysis, if it is found that the quality of low or repetitive pages may be search engine delete.


site >

3, the statistical data analysis, analysis of what page is the user the most, which is the most searched keyword is the user, the user’s residence time and so on. Based on user experience data, determine which users welcome page, strengthen the optimization of these pages. Through the web site of data analysis, to maximize the interests of website, including website traffic, conversion rate and income. For site traffic, we also know that only a part of optimization, flow can be obtained through many ways, such as network promotion, Forum promotion, QQ group promotion and so on, this is just a part of the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, keyword ranking is very important, but for the industry website, ranking only is not enough, if you have no keyword up, traffic and revenue, it is futile. It is to do so only website optimization bring traffic to the site, it is in order to profit. How can we achieve this effect? Before we said how to analyze the website is more conducive to the website optimization, and now is that the data on the website through the analysis of website optimization, the best of Shanghai dragon.

keyword, to analyze the search keywords from the user’s perspective, keywords and the level of difficulty to analyze keywords benefit. As for keyword analysis in the optimization of the work is very important, the user is through your keywords to find your website. Keywords optimization should be easy to do difficult, the most easy to do user search keywords to do up, some of the main keyword best not to spend too much time, because we all know that the main keywords in traffic accounted for only less than 5% so stay.

and Shanghai dragon’s mission is to find the target customers, do optimization target user keywords, to maximize website traffic, for example. If your site through some ways, such as bidding, network promotion, daily browsing 10000IP, and closing the list of 100 single, so the conversion rate is only 1%. And you by Shanghai dragon, find the target users, according to the optimization of the website of the IP, every day 1000, and closing the list 100, the conversion rate is 10%. I think the boss wants is second, and the first case is definitely a way to promote spending more, it can highlight the advantages in Shanghai dragon? So Shanghai dragon is not simple.

The reason to search engines on the webmaster subject

traffic rank is the webmaster unremitting pursuit, from the date of establishment, the webmaster was put into search engine optimization, seems to now become owners of the God, love hate, all carefully please. The site is now flooded, everyone in the optimization, the webmaster is not to think about why this is subject to a search engine? The reason, Xiao Bian think to remove those factors of environment do not say, we talk about the reasons of their own, in fact is the webmaster its execution is very short.

optimization is the starting point of this tool is to use a search engine to improve the ranking, so rely on search engines, but only the search engine rankings is the most intuitive, there is a webmaster have yet to find other effective ways to promote. But the ranking does not bring direct profit, to promote the effective use of user is very important. Do not think the execution is to do the chain of writing. Is a website user experience and website culture, Xiao Bian called it the soft power of a website "". For example, public relations ability, customer service quality etc.. The field of electronic business, the most effective psychological trend. The public’s sense of identity is crucial to other users of the guidelines, which also embodies one of the public relations website. We can say that many people are by others.


, luck

search engines to be updated, or policy changes, many owners will not consciously waiting for the examination very upset the search engine on the web, the fundamental reason lies in the personal problem of execution, not in place, not hard, or cheat, work has flaws, only uneasy. The search engines do not respond well, the more you want to please it, the more investment optimization, this cycle will only get into optimized in order to optimize the cycle, the natural site is very easy to fall into a narrow development mode. So the webmaster or checks from the source, each step of the work should be down-to-earth, intense network development situation, any chances are not only to cultivate their own webmaster, strong execution, work can do everything in place on the website of the work have enough confidence, know the search engine will come to patronize, will be less subject to the search engine.

we all know, the search engine ranking update snapshot, there are certain rules, see many new Adsense website haven’t loved Shanghai included, began to blindly increase optimization efforts, can scarcely wait, but on the contrary, psychological dependence on the search engine in the case of a blind hair get out of hand. Even heard of some owners said the whole thing is to write your own search engine watch. If a novice webmaster can search some relevant information, early on the search engine rules and preferences, the details are found clearly, can avoid blind futile behavior. So a webmaster of the executive power is related to the level of the initial positioning station, execution determines your will for you to work to pay as much as

two, the work of the blind

three, narrow the execution of

Discussion on user retention rate of APP

now we often mention how to promote APP development of the user, but many people ignore an important place, it is the user’s retention rate, operators to attract users come through to find the user, come and go, or to the user for the first time, the second do not patronize some users, or to a period of time, back then did not continue to use this APP. This is related to the APP of the retention rate, the general users of the APP have gone through three stages such as the following, that is to let the user can have a love for APP in different stages of APP, even addictive reluctant to give up, thus reducing the number of users in the loss period, then, what to upgrade APP users the retention rate of

need to do?

, first of all, do the basic work of APP, let users fall in love with you at first. We often say good start is half of success, and this rule is also adapted in APP operation, that is to say, if a APP can do relevant basic work, then it is equivalent to half of success. Because if a new user can get a good user experience when using the APP for the first time, then the possibility of the user’s retention will be very high, and the retention rate will be relatively guaranteed. These basic work, we can focus on the following aspects:

1, APP brand influence. In spite of the corresponding brand goods will be slightly more expensive, but the user will compare the product of brand trust, at least when the purchase will be relatively assured, most users is quite willing to pay for branded goods. APP is no exception, any APP, if the brand influence is big enough, then the user will be more pro gaze, after all, good brand services and goods are not too bad, at least most people think so. Just like we’re going to use the mobile client to find takeout now, so are you going to search for Baidu Nuomi, the US, and the APP in the APP store? Are these more famous brands takeout?. Therefore, the greater the brand influence of APP, the higher the retention rate of users.

The interface image of

2 and APP. A good user interface is a face of APP, and its importance is as important as the appearance of a person. So, the APP interface in the UI of the user retention rate will be relatively large, if a APP interface over rough and dull, let a person look and then the user retention rate copycat, it will fall, because the face impression is so bad not to talk about love.

New boot for

3 and APP. Many of the APP mode of operation is relatively easy, the user can quickly get started, but some specific APP may not, for example, APP game is not so easy to get started quickly, so do the APP guide for the novice is a very important link, otherwise the user retention rate directly is greatly reduced. It can be said that the game APP if the day’s retention rate has increased, >

Do stand a month to earn 800, and the webmaster talk about four things I do

Hello, I am 38PC net station son book, added to the webmaster ranks it for a long time, also wrote some articles and we exchange, I can be called soft, soft see effect, only I know, writing is not much, only a dozen, but did not give your site traffic bring much change, I do not know is my limited ability or soft effect indeed, then tell the new Adsense, don’t depend too much on the soft soft, don’t have much hope! You need to specific promotional planning efforts to do the best, I believe that only the execution can make a a website developed! Good crap, four things and talk about my recent webmaster! Right when AC


I do the first thing: by selling domain names, selling links, selling source code, making small money,

recently in adhere to the management and update of 38PC network at the same time, I also did a lot of things to sell, sell, sell the domain name link source busy awfully, also have an income of $one thousand a month, excluding to domain names into money, net profit of 800 yuan, although the money is too small, can not compared with the old owners, but after all, is a little busy I this 1 months to return, I am very satisfied, I even have a special low operating target, it is stable to earn 300 yuan per month on the line, it is a tobacco money, oh, if I press this first a month income, I obviously exceeded the target, but I know I can’t earn each month! After all my website has not grown up, my road has not been extended, my online relationship is not so wide, so, I still looking for specific ways to look at this website money, I earn 800 yuan from what you know (sell, sell, sell the source code links the domain name and website operation) these can be said to have no relations, so it is not up to my request! My request is that the website maturity model: do not need any publicity or hard move, every month can also stabilize revenue 300 yuan (ha ha, you can say I’m lazy ^_^) so, it also stimulated me for my own money mode, this is what I want to do second things


I do second things: look for my own money making model,

consider their own circumstances, I think I’m not too suitable for web site operators, because I was not the biggest drawbacks, promotion website, website traffic will not do as many webmaster posted it on IP, thousands of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands! I faint! Give me some fraction is enough for my beauty sleep don’t sleep! (if there are any promotion master willing to help can contact me, so I fit indebted forever!) is the so-called "change hands" hand "is their own website, not operation, do after operation for a period of time, for Baidu, Google included, PR rose to about 1, it can be the sale, which is also regarded as a profitable way, because it can avoid my weaknesses and can be extended, changed the site with my website strengths!"

The story of college students from hotel service to CEO

many people have to venture an impossible thing, in fact, entrepreneurship is not so unattainable, but it is not an easy thing, we can learn from some successful cases, try to avoid detours, to actively move closer to success!

"entrepreneurship is not easy, be yourself as a business enterprise, is their own CEO, CEO do not just face the opportunity to grasp the time, should establish their own brand of " "." Graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, international trade professional Yang Yinfeng admits his entrepreneurial thinking.

"don’t dwell in your past, face the future; the door of success only for integrity, adhere to the dream open."

hold their own entrepreneurial opportunities

2007 in July, Yang Yinfeng left the school to enter the community, when he was only 1000 yuan of money, bought a train ticket, on the assumption of $670 alone to find a job in Hangzhou.

the beginning, Yang Yinfeng’s work is responsible for the hotel waiter, and pour out the tea in the sport after finishing, the guests left the bathroom, every day working hours from 3 pm to 11 pm, usually after 12 o’clock to finish things, a monthly salary of 500 yuan. Do two months later, Yang Yinfeng found the hotel leaders play ping-pong well, let Yang Yinfeng do a positive table tennis sparring, specifically with the hotel guests to play. At ordinary times, Yang Yinfeng, in addition to studying skills, but also pay attention to improve their sense of service, looking for more and more people playing basketball, a lot of time to make an appointment in advance of the appointment of Yang Yinfeng.

2008 in March, a listed company’s chairman in the play with Yang Yinfeng, Yang Yinfeng feel more suitable to do business, asked Yang Yinfeng willing to go to his company as a salesman, so Yang Yinfeng came to this company, responsible for the Zhejiang area business in group company. Doing business at the same time, Yang Yinfeng began to brew their own entrepreneurial projects. The idea was also supported by the chairman. In February 2009, Yang Yinfeng left the company, officially began his entrepreneurial path.

2009 in January, Yang Yinfeng began Scheming Companies, site selection, recruit employees, join the registered capital. The home in rural parents out of all their savings at home, has raised 30 thousand yuan, then my father used to tell Yang Yinfeng to say a word is "the son, refueling do so, when tired, think of doing farm work in the fields of hard work, the farmer’s children only pay 10 times more than others to be successful."

office space rent in a commercial and residential district, to save money rent is 140 square meters of rough housing, 1350 yuan per month. In order to decorate the office, Yang Yinfeng traveled through the building materials market in Xiaoshan, through the landlord

Zhou Weikun’s path to success

went on to become rich road in general, Zhou Weikun’s pay is enormous, although he still has near sixty years of age, the struggle in the field of entrepreneurship, and strive to build a common wealth for his kingdom.

2005, Zhou Weikun ushered in its tenth year as chairman and chief executive officer of Greater China ibm. 10 years, Zhou Weikun under the leadership of the IBM from the Chinese market to become the leader of the pilot, from a global point of sale to research and development, sales, service simultaneously.

2005, Zhou Weikun’s first IBM without PC days. 10 years, Zhou Weikun personally IBMPC bigger and personally involved in the sale of china. "Abandoned" as the original "stick" firm.


10 years ago, 48 year old Zhou Weikun was appointed chairman of IBM China, and in September 1995 served as chairman and chief executive officer of IBM greater china.

then, IBM does not require a "hit" market, customers are automatically come. With 1994, when he was president of IBM Gerstner made to go to China strategy, IBM China entered the second stage – a comprehensive investment stage. Zhou Weikun is appointed under this background. In September of the same year, IBM China Research Center was established. IBM in China’s research and development, service architecture, and gradually build. After 1995, IBM entered the third stage of development – a comprehensive integration into the Chinese market, IBM China has become an important base for the global ibm.

How to open a personalized shoe store

now a lot of 80, 90 are like the pursuit of unconventional, like personality, creative stuff, which also allows a lot of money to do business friends to see the unlimited opportunities for the personality market. So, open individual character shoe store is a very good investment project, how to open a personality shoe store after all? Let’s take a look at it.

A: emotional entrepreneurs.

can be divided into two categories: one is the water to the canal forming, such people with professional skills, training, start from the basis, through the operating phase of the company, strong; two is to stop, look and listen, they are not eager to invest, to sell the hearts still doubt, want to go through all kinds of channels, to find the best form.

Three: the above two kinds of comprehensive entrepreneurs, with romantic entrepreneurs.

2. shop success rate is much higher than the United States on the success rate of the shop had been investigated, the results show that the success of the franchise system to join the shop is about 80%, the proportion of independent shop success accounted for about 20%.

3.  if asked what you want to open what clothing store, you can immediately answer? If not a spectrum, while the open trade shop, while open brand stores, while they would like to open a children’s shoe store, like the hearts of a 15 bucket as if following an unsettled state of mind., suggestion, offer you do reference.

kuhao if you have refined tastes of items, second-hand boutiques, shoe boutique, brand franchise.

if you extremely sensitive, loving family, love.

How about chicken – joined Ming hole

chicken, has been very popular with the delicacy. For entrepreneurs, the choice of a good project is very important to join. Ming Dong chicken? Has the advantage of chicken, join the choice, is also very powerful choice. Ming Dong chicken joined the project, worth choosing!


project we should pay more attention to the natural delicacy, the delicacy of brand taste, Ming hole have chicken taste? Bring the classic Ming hole chicken flavor for the consumer, entrance fragrant but not greasy, crisp and refreshing, bite, succulent chicken flavor melts in the mouth, echoed in between the delicious, really delicious too. Ming Dong chicken production process is also very simple. The marinade with a new formula, fishy fresh flavor of green, bedonethrough, mature quickly, these are the reasons why it conquered consumers.

Ming Dong chicken?

in addition, Ming hole chicken in nutrition more exquisite collocation and fresh ingredients of health. Ming Dong why so delicious chicken? Because it uses a new formula, it will be so delicious, attracted a lot of repeat. And it also has its own brand advantage, many tastes with the guests want to go, the way the business is more flexible these are other brands can not do things. Ming Dong chicken is a very powerful and the development of the brand, the brand is certainly worth joining.

Ming Dong chicken? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity, joined Ming hole chicken project is still very powerful choice. If you join the project of Ming Dong chicken is very interested, right up to my advice!

Make investment variety Pork Chop gateway

how about pork chops? For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the variety of pork chops project, open their own choice of a variety of pork to join the project, is a very wise choice. How about pork chops? A good project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship!

has a diverse variety Pork Chop brand series of products, not only the skin is crispy, stuffing more juicy, sweet fruit, fresh vegetables, delicious ham all can be made of cheese wrapped in collocation with fresh pork, variety Pork Chop produced not only juicy and attractive. According to the preferences of consumers, the headquarters of the variety of pork chops also specially designed a variety of table snacks and specialty drinks, taste and product is no longer a single, your customers can enter the store to taste all the food he wants.

variety of Pork Chop as one of the days of food catering group’s most representative gold project, with a complete set of product core technology standardization process, even without the experience of the entrepreneurs can quickly grasp the variety, and Pork Chop each product is through scientific research taster numerous experiments, from hundreds of products taste chosen out, then the traditional collocation secret material package, the taste is to grasp the food consumer’s unbeaten magic.

delicious refreshing variety pork chops to join the project choice, the brand is good, the strength is strong, entrepreneurship shop more simple. What are you still hesitating about? Hurry up. Come and join us!