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To determine the five skills of the core keywords website

Before the ‘s

check competitor page source file, you can find some clues from the keyword tag, a strong competitor, it often has the keywords to industry to do well researched, to select keywords from the competition perspective, often can let us save a lot of time.


to your colleagues, friends, family members, asking them to search ideas, you can often find a lot of new words, these are not your people in this industry, the thinking is often not fixed so more in line with the general restrictions and fetters, users search habits < /p>

贵族宝贝fuzhou 1, keyword tool

if you’re playing a you do website industry users, you should think about yourself, if you go to search keywords, then you can search what some words, your industry products have what characteristics, users will choose, in fact only to you for their own industry have a certain understanding, you can list a dozen keywords

in fact you for what you want to do website industry has an understanding of the future, you can choose a basic keywords, and then use the keyword promotion tools, for example, I have been in the Google keyword tool used by a word, you can get a lot of Related words, through which a related you can get more words and words, so you choose the angle will be more and more.


2 from their opponents The core keywords your website

4, the use of question and answer platform

Fuzhou Shanghai dragon blog original, please indicate the source of Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝/

In this paper,

3, to ask the people around

you can go to love Shanghai know, Search ask or quiz platform like this, see if you search your industry users, usually ask what kind of problem, the core keywords from these problems we go to refine its own website can be targeted.

to do a website, the choice of words is the first one, choose a good word, Shanghai dragon promotion for your late solid foundation, the core of the web site keywords is the most important and difficult to determine, once the core keywords set, then later related word expansion, optimization the long tail word can have a clear route, then how can we determine the site core keywords you? I came today to share

generally from the above five aspects to choose is not a big leak out, when you after screening the five level, you can get a lot of words, and then determine the conversion rate and the strength of the opponent, combined with their own situation, you can determine the core keywords you.

(I) break the normal procedure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization thinking inertia force

for the webmaster, understand the relevant knowledge and operation theory of search engine, will be engaged in practical work, this is a practical work, and requires high technology, rather than those of God the temptation of the breaker excited phenomenon, in this dimension, a qualified webmaster have a solid, hard effort, a kind of spirit, is also a kind of artisan spirit, for the webmaster, to strive hard to learn the professional knowledge, but also meticulous study of various algorithms, every detail for the webmaster, in the current competitive environment, all these data will prove to be useful, and very may be very useful, so it is not only as a qualified webmaster, but also cultivate a artisan spirit to all aspects of the site to the extreme is more competitive Competitive power.

.In this respect

three professional

professional level is not high, but can also be made, but this will be reflected in the new year a few years is quite obvious, but this is 2017, the search engine has very analysis ability on users, content, website, rather than those of non professional personnel in the world.

four. Responsibility "

In fact many friends


yes this is a Chinese custom culture, a kind of custom, but also our habits, for many webmaster, optimize your habits, habits and marketing of Shanghai dragon habits and so need to develop slowly, rather than a short duration of time, like the habit is not possible will form the same.



professional degree and not entirely the performance characteristics of a strength, but professional ability is stronger that level of desire and inner effort, it is a cost to pay the state, we have to give a reasonable and in this respect, the professional degree is higher, tend to show better behavior ability, these two aspects are mutually affected, but also the result of long time practice ability.

we all know that the new year to eat dumplings, paste antithetical couplet, firecrackers, relatives, this just happened soon pay New Year’s call greetings, it must remember. For Chinese people, this is not what happens, but the habit of.

then as a webmaster need to cultivate what habits? The following simple explanation for Jane from the media, for reference only.

we all know the rules and periodicity of the ranking, but with the continuous development of the Internet, this cycle is likely to become more and more long, and is likely to have changed as the development trend, so the cycle is longer, requires the owners have better tenacity and ability to bear in mind, rather than small a few months have abandoned the idea of industry.

two. The toughness of

artisan spirit.

In the light of its general trend, natural flow, flow sharing method

Post Bar love Shanghai drainage has been concentrated in the movie website or download the website, you can find some of the more popular Post Bar look, in the theme of the reply below, there are a lot of links with the reply, do not underestimate these bring traffic can not be underestimated. I have tried, in Post Bar left a link, the day brought more than 70 IP, Post Bar strong remarkable.

there are a lot of people should see this way, beauty, hand holding a piece of paper, write "XXX", this way for some types of Web site traffic is very good, what kind of website? Their own experience in Taobao! Can buy this ID photo, choose photography beautiful models remember, not PS, is the real shooting, PS’s appeal is not so big. Then it is released to the various type of community platform QQ group, site drainage.

three, ID light flow

3, QQ point is not a new thing right, do a advertising nature picture, use the software for batch praise, especially for some large flow of QQ space points like better.

, QQ group drainage and QQ point like

, too much time!

1, QQ group information and mail distribution. This is not to do, now be playing bad, but still play a good effect.


two, Shanghai and Shanghai know love love Post Bar drainage


some Adsense every day to write the original article, a large number of the chain, but do not go up, still no traffic, but some owners have been concerned about how to do the flow of this one, after all, no traffic flow is king, everything is no good, no traffic is no discount, this paper introduced me to share with you the flow of several commonly used, many people may have seen, but may focus on the Shanghai dragon, so the drainage method is not very concerned.

1, I take my own mobile phone as an example, millet mobile phone comes with a "app store", every time I download when installing the software, all >

2 QQ group, file upload. The first is made into a PDF document, the people in Shanghai dragon group can see a large number of PDF documents, some Shanghai dragon books, some of their own scratch, but above all to the watermark, surface is "XXX share". The second method is to upload a small software, there are links to your web site, of course, the premise is that you have this. Third ways to upload the txt file, specify "XXX download address, XXX address dry cargo sharing".

four, APP download page, online novels, TV drama review

love Shanghai know of the ranking is very good, if you have no time to do your own new questions, you can ask the answer directly in the ranking is good, I don’t suggest to do the new

The most common patterns of making money in China’s Yalong River NetworkThree profit models for read

actually, the student is read the business model and the Boku of an identical nature. So far, the website provided by all authors or publishers for e-book duly authorized, and has 250 thousand contract content resources, covering all disciplines, with thousands of monthly rate increase.

most people are doing this, as long as there is traffic to make money, is the network’s most important and most common online profit model. One is through the advertising alliance, and the other is the advertiser’s direct selling. At present, China’s reputation and strength of the better advertising alliance: sh419 advertising alliance, shlf1314 advertising alliance, Ali mother League, Sogou advertising Union, Youdao advertising union. The website owner chooses the right advertiser through the advertisement alliance platform, and enhances the revenue by playing the advertisement advertisement, simultaneously saves the massive network advertisement sale expense, easily changes the website visit amount to the income. Most personal websites do this by hanging other people’s ads.

According to

in recent years, the development momentum of domestic reading websites is hot.

, there are some large portals, there will be their own advertising sales team or advertising agents, such as Sina, Sohu, ifeng, etc., the first page of a text, a day to charge 10000 yuan. Most of our crazy English training camps are acquired through advertising via Internet channels. I’ve talked to them about all English and educational websites, such as 24en and kekenet, all of which are English language portals. Their main advertising revenue is direct advertising by Alliance advertising and advertising vendors.

, for example, when you login to and you can see that there will be a lot of icon beside the portrait of VIP members, , red diamond, yellow diamond, diamond and so on, these are the difference between paid and free, of course, if the business will pay the cost of opening the intersection intersection. Typical example: Alibaba China B2B website model, the introduction of integrity fees. There are also some key information about talent websites, e – books, dating sites, online movies and so on……

according to the idea of Wang Donglin, the student is read electronic books will be transformed into a professional portal, goal is to become China’s largest electronic journals, e-books, reading and communication sales network platform, >

if we don’t do English training now, our crazy English website do alliance advertising and others related to English advertising, every month at least twenty thousand of the income, because we are industry portals, Alexa is now ranked sixty thousand, the flow can also be.

"Boku" mode

this investment is undoubtedly very alarming, but Wang Donglin is not worried that they will repeat the tragedy of Boku net. The passage of time. The same road was closed in 2000, because the number of Internet users and consumption habits were not yet available. But now, regardless of the mode of reading, the website can be profitable."


two: profit pattern, SMS, MMS customized ringing tone download electronic magazine subscription and other value-added form < >

registered membership fees, offering differentiated services with free members

China Yalong has just returned to Shanghai today and is dead tired. Home for the new year, my family is in the countryside, there are relatives and friends asked what to do now, China Yalong said I do network marketing, they are all don’t understand, China Yalong said that through the Internet to make money, sell things online. Explained half a day. One of them asked Chinese Yaron how to make money online, ah, this person said to never understand the Internet is impossible. China Yalong has also done Internet marketing for four or five years, and on this issue of several common network making money model.

although Beijing is not the student’s Internet Co, but chairman Wang Donglin did intend to use a big, to prove that he is the real "Internet man".

data show that the network Bo was founded in the end of 1999, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, its business model is the introduction of press electronic copyright of all kinds of books, and electronic books for users to pay to download. In 2001, the site eventually made ends meet and was forced to close down. The incident caused a great sensation at the time.

"although the scholar has never done the Internet, but in the field of e-book research and development has ten years of history, now access to the Internet at the right time."." On the eve of May, with Wang Donglin to accept the "Financial Times" interview. In his view, a new stage full of great business opportunities was slowly opened in front of him.

Wang Donglin intends to spend money to build a scholar to read the website du8, for the scholar company in the field of Internet to establish a banner. In the past two years, the UOML standard initiated by the scholar company has become the only document operation standard in the world. Since then, it has established the leading position of the scholar in the core technical field of the software industry. Now, Wang Donglin will obviously want to pace farther.

not long ago, Shanda announced a $100 million increase of $three from the cmfu, a wholly-owned acquisition of China, a year ago, demonstrating its extreme optimism about the prospects for reading websites. Another literature huanjianshumeng site was collected from the bag TOM. By Sina, Hongxiutianxiang other study sites have also become a large class of a new round of capital chasing target.

and the above network original novel as the main content of the website is different, Wang Donglin scholar read, but chose to encyclopedia e-books as the content of the traditional way. In the past, take this kind of mode is "Boku net" and related websites are mostly ended in failure.

web advertising

How to choose the clothing store

now, the trend of the couple more intense, more and more investors began to enter the market! So, how to run a couple clothing store site? Please go along with the small series into the problem! Good store location, bring you good money.

to dress this kind of goods, if you can focus on a location or block, more can attract customers. Because the operation of similar goods shop better, customers can have more opportunities to compare and choose. Chengdu Ke Jia Xiang street, Chengdu is the high-end clothing >

Recommend cosmetic store location several tips

we know, cosmetics store location has been a lot of friends in the thinking of the problem, indeed, cosmetic store location for future business impact. Cosmetics store location, related to the late stage of business promotion, decided this day after the business is good or bad, so it should be careful to choose the suitable location, need to address, not too busy, so how to grasp the location problem of cosmetics? Here are some common techniques and methods.

"" tactic: the key port of

"position" is a port, this is the key factor of whether the shop has investment value, a shop at the port, it means that in the future the shops operating conditions have inherent security at least, the public like Sanyi is very typical, is located in the most representative of Chengdu, the most bustling commercial pedestrian street – Chunxi Road, occupies print port, born with good location advantage, every day here at the average daily flow of 300 thousand The stream never stops flowing., people, nature unlimited business opportunities.

"person" is a popular tactic: support

"potential" tactic: it is important to plan

"potential" refers to the investors to judge the business development trend and for planning understanding, future development should have a good estimate of this is actually to the shops operating Yetai, and the relevant departments of the regional planning, the regional business to grasp, to see if there are conflicts and shops operating content. For example, the nine peak force Steel City Auto Parts City, Chengdu International Auto City, Moore Tianxialiangcang and other professional market, are relying on the formation of the regional district overall planning, has the very good development space for its operation. There is a huge industry advantage.

"road" tactic: traffic is based on

The development of animal husbandry four non orthodox crooked ways

agriculture and animal husbandry is a traditional industry in China, people can’t live without them. At the same time, the development of these two industries along with the development. Now rural entrepreneurship has found its own path of development, and how to carry out innovation and upgrading of animal husbandry?


"wrong door": Livestock brand

first to practice the animal husbandry "martial arts" is the brand. This is a good product of consumer associations and memory, is the credibility of the producer logo and endorsement.

ever said, is not afraid of deep alley, and now it is also afraid of deep alley, not only need to build brand industry, animal husbandry products also need to brand. With the diversification of the high-end crowd people in modern society needs to rely on the high degree of brand, provide the basis for animal husbandry brand, brand to get rid of the relatively low efficiency of animal husbandry hat, has become a powerful weapon against the market.

"wrong door" two: animal husbandry processing

"crooked door three: animal intelligence technology

The golden hat of Korean barbecue provided to franchisees which support

is not only a big barbecue market in China, other countries barbecue join the project is also very good, for example, we are going to recommend to you today, the golden straw Korean barbecue. With the update of the times, the barbecue industry as a result of its natural simplicity and taste of the original wild, people become more and more like one of the food and beverage. Accurate grasp of China’s food and beverage market in the current economic development trend of the industry came into being, once listed on the concern of investors. Golden straw Korean barbecue join with you to share the feast of wealth. Golden straw Korean barbecue is a very good platform to join the South Korean barbecue barbecue what support?

gold straw hat Korean barbecue offered to join those who support

join support as follows:

market analysis guide

new customers, the company will look at the shopping district, lot assessment, competitive environment in a timely manner to make investment analysis report, to help the golden straw hat barbecue buffet to make a rational choice to improve the success rate of shop.

opening activities support

provides a detailed plan of opening and opening props, propaganda materials, and provide a range of staff training, guidance on display data, help the investment gold hat barbecue buffet agent started successy in local market.

store decoration support

for the investment of gold straw hat barbecue barbecue free of charge to provide free size measurement, drawing design, material procurement, engineering decoration, construction supervision and other professional information to ensure a unified image standards and decoration quality.

logistics distribution support

professional distribution division to assist you in distribution, and provide logistics services timely and accurately, according to the new listing period and the gold hat barbecue buffet franchisee sales, inventory, timely dispensing products, to ensure that the products enter the market quickly.

Xiaobian introduced finished, we should all know what the South Korean barbecue gold hat to join what support, so much support for franchisees can easily make money!

If you join the

gold hat Korean barbecue is interested in, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you to see the message, you can provide more similar to the brand.

After 90 years of venture capital valuation of billions of dollars

now business has become a major theme in today’s society, at the same time, there are a lot of people have an entrepreneurial idea, next to introduce such a 90 students can entrepreneurs is very great.


so, two people opened several overweeningly ambitious lattice shop in the school, the two people think this is a bright future starting point, however, against coming soon. Two people have no entrepreneurial experience do not understand business, shop lost thousands of dollars, for the junior high school home opened factories in the bankruptcy of Wang Ruixu, is a huge figure. Two people to the store to rent after the pocket only 50 Fen, had to run to Chaozhou folks out there for dinner on, failure and frustration arise spontaneously in Wang Ruixu’s heart.

and blow did not end. In 2013, two people founded nine tail Mdt InfoTech Ltd, established a 15 person start-up team, Wang Ruixu as CEO, girlfriend Aiyi Zhen as COO. In September the company introduced a part-time cat APP, but the character of a low-key calm Wang Ruixu in a long period of time did not get the investment. For the full 6 months they have no income, which makes the whole team of part-time cats are in a state of confusion.

however, two people did not get the support of family and friends. Wang Ruixu hope his family in the civil service exam, do not go home the old road, and recommend

Qingming Eve Hefei volunteers gathered in Shushan Martyrs Cemetery

Qingming is approaching, many people will miss the deceased person, people usually go missing by send chrysanthemum. The second session of the "martyrs" million chrysanthemum Festival volunteer service activities held in Shushan revolutionary martyrs cemetery in Hefei City, a number of public organizations and the moral model and good China together with million chrysanthemum "revolutionary martyr memorial" and "China".

9:30 in the morning, the national outstanding five star volunteers, "Chinese good guy" Wang Tao, through the open area of the lake community civilization office staff Huang Chunrong, group executive vice president of Anhui steel works, branch of Lin Yanwu, as well as a large number of "moral model and the good side came to the Shushan revolutionary martyrs mausoleum. The national hero Zhu Xiankang an excellent frontier children presented a scene of civilization sweep, and the late "China the memory of the martyrs of good memory of words," China man "Wang Tao also issued a proposal to protect the ecological environment, do not forget the martyrs and the late" good "volunteers in action proposal.

later, the moral model, Chinese good Wu Xiongfei and hundreds of volunteers together respectively to China "helpfulness good", Hefei city volunteers association of volunteer blood donation "Chinese good Li Yanqing and revolutionary martyrs from flowers, mourning the bow.

it is understood that this event by the Anhui volunteer Federation, good Chinese overseas Chinese Charity Foundation charity charity fund group wire in Anhui branch launched to commemorate the passing of "martyrs" and "Chinese good" to express "of the late martyrs and good grief nostalgia, calling for everyone to participate in the study and publicize the" Chinese. "Good deeds, inspire people to learn from the good side, carry forward the moral model and the spirit of volunteerism, advocating solidarity, mutual progress and civilization new fashion. Event organizers Hefei City People’s Hospital and other common participation in caring for others, dedication to the spirit of social volunteer service delivery.

in this event, we see the participants in the age distribution in different stages, to win people’s recognition. Good Anhui Volunteers Association, "Chinese nice" Wang Tao told reporters in an interview on the eve of the late, Tomb-sweeping Day, visit the "good guys", "let’s have a nice dream", is a very meaningful thing.