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Shanghai dragon should be how to maintain the mentality of feeling from one point 2.22 Shanghai eart

occupation of Shanghai Dragon An article I had written "

you not to make money or in the money station 90% are non majors in college, we have to fight to fight technology in any case but the real play of human capital; money is not to mention. But our personal webmaster success is because we have their incomparable advantages, that is the spirit of perseverance and faith fight to win or die. In my personal webmaster contact now almost half a year, there is no what income, but I still did not stop the pace of progress is because they do not give up the belief. At the same time as the Shanghai dragon Er station every day to face all kinds of small changes, or changes in the ranking, or included reduced, or chain fluctuation. In your chain yesterday also was down to two digits, suddenly see believe the webmaster is at heart a surprised. Before you publish this article in the author has just finished processing the website space, first half hour visit, then is open until now extremely slow. I Chinese mechanical drawing therefore was ranked in the top three decline, almost before, now only to fifth. A few months hard to do because of space issues and ranking is ruined! But as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er every day we have to face these things is out of order, we can not give up so angry, only patience to adapt.

in Shanghai Longfeng er must learn to improve self development" in order to better said as Shanghai dragon Er will constantly improve their difficulties in order to better, in addition to the customer service and there is no other way, as a webmaster of nature is a truth. So for you and I like friends, I want to say in the face of changes we need to do is to calm, patience, patience, patience; insist, insist, insist on. No matter how strong do but stick strength, when we harvest the previous hard experience became a cloud.

as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er we must believe that only a few people can be opportunistic in a few cases, we do not lose at the starting stage.

with the development of the Internet, more and more things can be directly through the Internet to fix. Even Bill Gates said the next 5 years of university curriculum can be carried out on the Internet, perhaps you don’t need to go to what the university can learn a lot of knowledge. It is due to highlight the special advantage of the Internet, so that more and more people began to seek on the Internet to play a world.


times into individual stationmaster a group of people active in the internet. But at present the website on search engine technology, Shanghai Longfeng nature is every webmaster must master the knowledge. No matter how did not participate in the formal training, you are to understand a lot of Shanghai Longfeng theory, most rely on A5’s article also learned a lot of knowledge of the essence of Shanghai dragon. That is to say you whether admit it or not is a Shanghai dragon Er, although not er.

Love Shanghai snapshot after the disappearance of what measures should be taken


recently, love Shanghai a large degree of adjustment, many webmaster friends, web site was K off. Exclude some site optimization cheating sites, most sites are likely to recover. The K site is generally divided into two types, homepage is K and website station by K. The station is generally K is more serious, basically because of Web site quality is poor, the chain caused by poor, this kind of website can recovery time is longer, and the home is k generally will soon be restored to normal by means of optimization. The author roughly sorted out the recovery technique of three kinds of ideas, but this method is only suitable for K, after the restoration of the site.

first stage: guide crawling

web logs show love Shanghai spiders have come, and visits, so the construction of the chain has become a pressing matter of the moment. We want to love Shanghai in an illusion, we have a lot of Web site content favored. We will start the original content on our website to share, released to the related website, created a large number of high quality chain. Build the chain is a university asked, we must first have a good platform for the chain of home owners, 28 push such a large soft release station and the forum is a must visit your website, industry related high weight website is a better platform. The purpose of the chain is to accumulate the weight, but not lazy to do outside the chain, the article make a link to the. First, love of Shanghai has hyperlinks in an article made quantitative restrictions; second, the chain on his web site, tell from reason is to let people help themselves, if you are spamming chain, will cause people disgusted, so to be honest. >

If the

the second stage: the construction of the chain

website problems after a good repair, the first thing to do is to open the door to greet you should love the Shanghai spiders coming, only the spider crawling our website, we will have the opportunity to repair the page, this stage do not have too much hope to love Shanghai, love Shanghai has no study period, March, the website will not there is too much chance of full recovery. Then through what method to guide the spider crawling. As everyone knows, this year a substantial increase in the weight of the search engine micro-blog content, in the love of Shanghai, we can often see the contents of the page we share. So the opportunity to come, our website every day to update the original content, then the site is updated, the new content of the page and share links to micro-blog, micro-blog these included love Shanghai, through the chain specified can crawl to our website. Even if love Shanghai came to our site, we do not grasp the content, but we will be if things go on like this, the original article and sincerity. If the share by micro-blog, the effect will be discounted, we can share in the built-in "love Shanghai, bShare these tools to achieve the purpose of maximizing our share. In addition, the webmaster share not included sharing sites also have good effects, such as: network angle, music collection etc..

The website included half the chain doubled

integrated the above data, we combined with the recent release of the wind to love Shanghai, love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon 3 update algorithm, I may be able to get such a result: quality content love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon 3 algorithm is the focus of the site. What is the Shanghai Dragon 3, that is the user experience. With this statement, when the Shanghai Dragon into the 3 era, Shanghai dragon is not Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization), but the Searcher Experience Optimization (search experience optimization).


first illustrated above, there are pictures and the truth:


, welcome to reprint. Thank you!

from 贵族宝贝zgypb贵族宝贝 A5, the first


search engine to start from the quality of the contents of the website, from which the poor quality of the article, which improves the quality of the site, is also reduces a lot of burden for the love of Shanghai program. We know that love is Shanghai company, the nature of the company that is making money. The love of Shanghai how to make money, it is certainly by the user. Does that mean we need to consider for the love of Shanghai search engine, how to make the best content, recommended to the user in the shortest time. So we are not in the search engine to help attract more users, improve the user experience of

recently love Shanghai collection (including included, trans, ranking) in volatility as, especially this morning found that the site included the chain fell by half, doubling the friend should have a lot of. Including the author, a dozen websites which website included hand, dropped by half, the chain doubled has several, also asked some friends Shanghai dragon, received a positive response, so, we need to analyze the.

for the website included decreased by half, the chain doubled friends, let us together with calm eyes look at love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon 3 algorithm, I believe the website user experience will be greatly improved, and I also believe that you would like to experience for users and fighting.

can be said that the "optimization" user experience is the development direction of the Internet search engine, is yearning, is the beautiful vision of Shanghai dragon industry! It is the author, or is expected to Shanghai Dragon Age 3 came quickly, only focus on user experience, to provide users with high-quality service, in order to to promote the development of the Internet, benign green (not too hypocritical). We are also love Shanghai users, we use a shorter time in the Internet network, we find that the product or service, without music for


Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng positioning diagnosis report

for the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng our common everyone is very clear, and do every day, but we have no concept of a system, a common site location analysis, web page layout analysis, keyword analysis, website code analysis, URL analysis of Web site structure, link structure analysis, content analysis, analysis search engines and snapshot data, external link analysis, keyword ranking and traffic analysis, do these analysis basically can do a very good diagnosis for our website. Analysis of the one point today I want to introduce for everybody is the site of the.

any one industry we choose what kind of market determines that we can make a lot of money, but in the network we select the type of a website directly determines how much money we can do on this website, through the industry analysis we can help select the type of website to help profit. So the industry analysis is very important. Here to talk about their own views in two aspects: I give you

identified 1 types of websites,

Hello, I am virtual son rain. For we do Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, we need to do is the industry doing a good grasp, makes a thorough analysis on its own website, so with the increasingly strong demand on the market is the birth of a new industry: Shanghai Dragon Phoenix diagnosis. In fact, the industry even before, but has not been singled out, before we reach Shanghai dragon consultant, Shanghai dragon guidance is do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis for our company business, are generally personal, few people out to do a separate company to do, but the optimization team A5 the Shanghai dragon diagnosis for the industry and the rise of signs. Anyway, this selection is very good, our website also really need to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis.


A, personal contact investigation. We have to hand over the Shanghai dragon diagnostic report in the short term, so we contact the industry’s time is not long, not be deep, but we can see that some companies do not see the place from the perspective of optimization, for example, many companies do not choose the key word of the industry, there are many industries to expand, or keywords more accurate is not more choice, some companies > root


of a website, it is impossible for us to complete the analysis just contact the industry owners, after all because we don’t know much about the industry, a lot of things are not very good grasp, because the positioning of the website analysis includes many aspects, among which the most important is the industry analysis. Resource analysis and target analysis of these three aspects, do the three aspects of industry experience is not a long time to do, so we do in the analysis of this website positioning when needed and customers in-depth communication, to determine the type of site, profit mode, user location and traffic conversion.

Experience of novice webmaster website keywords positioning experience


have some friends positioning keywords not combined with the actual situation, although there are also some above the first consideration, for example, a company in Hangzhou to do a website of its own products, industry is indeed Beijing’s geographical location and vocabulary, their reason is Beijing’s potential customer demand for their products more, the logistics industry has now comparison of development, if necessary, they can send through the logistics. We do not know this product close to the sparse? Life products and their counterparts in Beijing also have the corresponding service. Since the potential customers in Beijing can buy locally? And the company does not consider the purchase process, others give you pay a deposit? Or do you give people the delivery distance of thousands of miles?? do not know, this problem is not resolved how customers worry? Even if we put key words in Beijing area will do. How much of the conversion rate of

. For the keyword is the best

novice webmaster to endure loneliness to supplement their basic knowledge do not know, a few days ago wrote a "novice webmaster 3 months website promotion experience" browse more than 150 weight loss, pro small encouraged, the article is mainly about some new sites for doing pre positioning keywords it is a concern, a lot of people early keywords and positioning is not accurate, so there appears to modify the replacement of the main thing, should not be combined with their own actual situation to the keyword positioning:

also has some small companies, most responsible for the network popularization personnel are not much, even a person, this is the fact that the company did not have so much money into this, but also realize the importance of e-commerce development of the Internet, so you need to be comprehensive promotion personnel.

three. Manpower according to the actual location keywords

two. Keywords combined with the actual situation of


although the Shanghai dragon contact time is not too long, but I have my own understanding of the location of key words many webmaster friends, choose keywords generally have 2 extremes, one is in accordance with the industry to locate the 2-4 keyword, the industry Chinese characters vocabulary, itself has some competitors early a few years or even ten years ago to do a website the vocabulary and ranking to the forefront, some industry profits than our weight high website many hundreds, love Shanghai after nearly 20 search query page or home page information, how much is the degree of visible competition is fierce, another is the choice of vocabulary competition degree is quite low, the total amount of information within 100 thousand -20 million. In fact, the most basic can only do the long tail word to calculate, finally spent several months to find almost no optimization search volume, a week or even to 1.2 flow said Don’t set yourself or search. In fact, the location according to their own circumstances, we think the short-term effective, around 2-3 months can choose some gold content and less competitive vocabulary, in addition to us of the human, material and other investment decision keywords positioning, suitable is the best.

Web page layout optimization techniques easy to improve the user experience

website is the website to the user’s first impression, the home page layout starting from the theme, navigation, content and other aspects, to love Shanghai below the Wikipedia page for page layout analysis.

homepage layout theme, navigation and content also need to pay attention to the size, web page open speed and Links arrangement etc..

two, website page layout design


with the search engine algorithm constantly changes, what is the best way to website optimization webmaster topic. In fact, many web site optimization means just auxiliary force, really improve the website user experience is the best site to help the long-term stable development. Many factors affect the user experience of web page layout is undoubtedly a very important factor.


In addition to the

home page is the core of the website, home page theme is the main center website. Home page topic let users easily understand what is the web site. The theme of the title, description, keywords on the site, one of the most important is the title, users in the search engines to see search results is the title of your website and content description. For example, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, the user through the picture content and know how to love Shanghai is Chinese encyclopedia encyclopedia, and encyclopedic knowledge and services covers an area.


site navigation can be seen as the classification of the site content, the content of the website segment, according to individual demand with users choose to view the corresponding column page. Web page navigation to achieve a clear classification, navigation column not repeat. Shanghai love Wikipedia page navigation do very well, we can learn about.

home page navigation


this paper here said the website page contains a column page and website >



home page content


, a web page layout design

arranged your home page navigation can be a web page content layout design. The content of the page layout of the site’s users should first group carries on the demand analysis, the user focus content is placed in the most important position on the home page. According to the general user browsing the page content distribution according to how important content from upper left to lower right arrangement. It is the most important content should be placed in the position of the top left, and the least important of advertising or content can be placed in the lower right of the page.

in the home page, page theme is also reflected in the logo and website title. Accurate generalization of the home page is a good theme to help users choose their exact requirements have web site.

home page theme

To fall in love with 6 functions the guards will provide the acceleration Haiyun

4, structured data submitted: ensure the structured data search engine more quickly included in the site.

news, is expected to accelerate the love Haiyun 6 functions, each function completely grasp grass root webmaster psychology, from the collection, the search results show that many functions are from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform, each function is very attractive, the two departments merged with


1, automatic submission: automatic notification of a search engine delete chain chain, avoid love Shanghai to search for expired content.

6, the website automatically notify search engine website, cloud acceleration will automatically notify the search engines, to update the index data.

Lu Songsong

5, the new love Shanghai: new website access cloud acceleration, can quickly obtain love Shanghai grab, included.

2, sitemap automatically submit: ensure the search engine grab more comprehensive, timely, comprehensive, leaving the site quality content.


3, the original search engine protection: to protect your original content, to prevent copycat catch up from behind in search results.

Look at the reason why these entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Dutch actEG easy to tell Kung Fu WorldCP

February 2014, according to media reports, the Singapore bitcoin trading platform First meta CEO Autumn Radtke, 28 year old beauty before Dutch act dead, Dutch act for an unknown reason.

, everybody:

         ;     customer service :53138887  55298887

settlement cycle: week end.

January 2013, a specialized sales of children’s environmental health products on-line company Ecomom went bankrupt, the boss of start-up companies Jody Sherman Dutch act, a few weeks after the shop put up the shutters. In June, the new owner took over the business and reopened.

Hello, Kung Fu World online game category, CPM/CPC advertising on-line! Welcome to the active launch of the webmaster! I believe that can bring good benefits for the webmaster.

but such enthusiasm must face all sorts of uncertainties. For entrepreneurs, their job is "making nothing out of nothing", so that people believe that they can start from the 0, from their ideas began to produce results. "The process of building a start-up company is the process of building trust – building trust with investors, partners, customers, media," Weddepohl explains".


entrepreneurship. What we need to do is to take a rational view of the dark side of entrepreneurship".

and Sherman suicides happened almost simultaneously, as well as news of suicide by Internet rookie and network active politician Aaron Swartz.

Andreas, a co-founder of


EG easy to tell: Kung Fu WorldCPM/CPC 50 yuan high priced advertising on-line!

this article derives from economist Economist

business with the glamorous side compared to these undoubtedly constitute a dark side of entrepreneurship, but also make people think that, although very international entrepreneurship in concept, but in fact most members are young white male. There is also concern that the explosion of software start-ups could lead to a new wave of business.


when these entrepreneurs were asked, why should bear such a tough entrepreneurial process, no accident will get their enthusiastic answer, such as the Holland CEO Daan startup Peerby Weddepohl said, "because I want to change the world". In fact, this is not an empty talk, and if Peerby works well, Weddepohl can really create new markets for the neighbor’s idle consumer goods.

The unbearable weight of

, an online bespoke clothing business in London, explains that a large part of a startup is an advertising hype: "everything sounds good, but in Klinger"


League address: egooad

ad prices: CPM pop-up advertising 5 yuan / thousand IP   ||  CPC click advertising 50 yuan / thousand IP

data returns: real time return.

although these alone are not enough to show that the proportion of suicides among entrepreneurs is higher than those in other high-pressure industries, a series of events have aroused rare reflections in the entrepreneurial world. Jason Calacanis, a senior entrepreneur, raised questions in a blog about whether the pressure of being an entrepreneur and the pressure to lead the team toward progress somehow contributed to their deaths."

is now registered, can also be paid as much as 20 yuan in cash, plus a percentage of the settlement Commission, oh,

Enterprise profit science and technology do website, in fact do market

today we explore the theme of "website is to do the market" for small and medium enterprises, the website can not only make money, more important is to stabilize the market, expand market share, let my sales rise persistent.

I don’t know. What do you think is the core of building a website?

, some people think it’s "building a marketing site,"

, some people think, "a clear positioning" is needed,

and others think, "we need a perfect marketing plan,"

even has the idea that "you need to have a super combat team,"

actually, what you say is very important for a website. In the view of theory, a small business website to long-term development, the first is to analyze the industry, market share is about how much? (the most terrible thing is I don’t know where is the market) if I set up a website, how much I can get much cost. The returns are not clear, then don’t go to the market network. According to reports, China’s Internet users has exceeded 400 million people, such a huge market, so the industry, in which a network of how much market share, waiting for me to dig, yet to be verified.

we SMEs need to understand that: "making money sites is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that competitors have a large share of the market."."

according to our market survey over the years, ninety percent of the enterprise site, do not know why the website to make money, that is the post, do website optimization, website will be able to stay profitable. This is a very wrong, why do you say so, because if it can make money, as long as the competitors to do the same thing with you, a little more than you a little effort, you will be able to go beyond that, it is not easy to do.

next, let’s see how SMEs should pick the market and make an area of ownership before they can build a web site. How to achieve incremental site, which is every web site director of operations in planning the next year’s marketing plan to think hard question.

in all sectors of the general profit operation today, simply by increasing advertising resources to achieve market growth, most enterprises are difficult to do. Step back, even with advertising resources, this epitaxial growth mode is still a huge risk, often incremental no increase profits, and even a huge loss, the enterprises dragged into the quagmire,

is trying to get ahead of its rivals by increasing execution, which is what most web site directors are easy to think of, but difficult to do. In the marketing homogenization situation, improve the execution of the marketing team can get incremental sales to a certain extent (part of the reason for this is the recent "execution" of the term popular), but the premise is the market strategy and accurate >

Open leisure men’s clothing store selection is very important

a store wants to operate successfully, not only the beginning of a need for a correct location, at the same time, good nature is also very important, so this naturally involves the problem of selected goods shop. In short, if you want to successfully open a casual men’s clothing store, the election is very important.

less than 30 years old Anan already was "an old traveller", living in the city of Shanghai a few years later to Zhuhai, beginning at the port of shopping mall rented a 10 square meters of shops to buy clothes, did not expect good business get out of hand, two expansion within two years, doing booming business.

casual men’s clothing store selection of the most important store layout exquisite

walked into the Anan clothing store, a variety of men’s casual eye, many styles, fashion, the Korean style, as if into Korean actor’s wardrobe. In the shop around, put a total of three racks and two or three lattice shop, racks were placed shirts, T-shirts and pants, plaid shop is placed shoes and parcels. Although the shop is only about 20 square meters, but the clothes are arranged in good order.

said the store Anan, located mainly in the fashion of young people, so the price is relatively high, almost no less than 100 yuan clothes, so pay attention to taste put clothes. If you like to rely on the amount of running to make a profit of the public brand, like a lot of clothes scattered on the desktop, it will give customers the feeling of Amoy goods, grades naturally do not go." Like this fashion has a taste of the shop, the number of clothes placed on the desktop is less, but with a style, so as to attract attention to the fashion consumer groups to look at the store.

shop two years two expansion

Anan said, this shop has opened more than two years, at the beginning only a 10 square meters of standard berth, the main sales of men’s, and later because business is good, after a few months the adjacent shops leased over, after less than a year, the door of the shops also sell women’s rent down, "two shops to buy clothes collocation can, play a combination of boxing, so that guests have more choices."

although the two shops together only about 30 square meters, but the rent is not low, add up to more than $thirty thousand per month. Anan said, rent is so high, in addition to a good location, he came to Zhuhai when the mall is not a lease redundant, he had to sublet others shops, so the price than other shops in a big slice.

although the rent is not low, but the relative profit is still pale into insignificance by comparison. Because the store location is good, the flow of people, goods sold quickly, to purchase one or two times a week, a nearly ten thousand dollars into the goods, and the profits of clothing is very impressive, so it will be in two years time two times