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Why the new station included unstable

four, Links. Is the most confused when the new station in Links, so must be carefully considered, not the more the better, the quality is really good. If you don’t love love Shanghai station links, so sure that you will be his blacklist. As you have a killer friend, we also dare not close to you.

today said the five points, if you carefully read immediately after action, practice to know this is not the truth. Here again the pseudo original. Many people complain that the pseudo original is not that difficult, I sort out the information is a good pseudo original article, it focuses on personal attitude.

The stability of

five, page clean. The cleanliness of the page is also very important, because the love of Shanghai is to pay attention to the user experience, your page appears too garbled, even ads everywhere, with pop, will punish love Shanghai’s bottom line will be seckill.

often hear some webmaster friends about our website every day will reduce the number, and even included yesterday, today basically have been deleted but I love Shanghai, the website also is in this period, why, I think the acquisition is one of the biggest reasons. How you are a novice webmaster, I suggest that it is necessary for you to read this article, because I am also a novice webmaster, so I collected through the Internet causes many related issues, organized into the following:

Three, frequent This paper starts from the

website. Do not easily change the website title and keywords description, it is easy to cause the tragedy of K station. Because of the frequent changes will be alien to love Shanghai gradually to you, slowly away, until completely abandoned you. Because love is not love bother people in Shanghai.

, an old, is first mentioned in the original, because a lot of my article is obtained through the acquisition, although my good luck stationmaster net weight, or some snapshots, keep updated daily collection articles can also ensure that was collected in 1 hours, but the webmaster collecting a large number of leads to the emergence of similar articles love Shanghai, in order to improve the user experience, I deleted the same article, compared with your other station station weight is not enough, so the injured is you! So here to promote the article or original good! Ha ha!

push station network www.tu>

two, the instability of external links. Do not use a large number of mass software links, although this can let you get some short-term effects, but the bulk of the link advertisement is too strong, often blocked, resulting in external links decreased sharply over a period of time, the factors of instability are also sensitive to the love of Shanghai. So webmaster propaganda should release the quality of some of the articles, not only can improve the readability, and if it can be recommended to the webmaster nets (A5, left behind, CHINAZ) would then increase the common acquisition, external links number will be many, but the stability and quality have great promise.

Robots.txt prepared a little careless poison like minefield deep (a)

for the most simple example, if you want your a file in the b.html crawl, so how do you write is


Robots.txt open questions written

in Robots.txt written rules, it does not execute tree structure analysis, in other words when writing should not be put on the parent folder, but according to a nearby principle, if we put the parent folder on the front, the spider will think this way is closed, can not access, and our ultimate goal is to visit. As a result, the target and actual is very different.

every day we write original content, and then update to your web site, you want to have what we have to do? Of course is to discuss the search engine, we all know that search engine value of original content, for the original.

Robots.txt prepared by the

Allow:/a/b.html Disallow:/a/ or Disallow:/a/ Allow:/a/b.html?

general, the website does not need to access file management background files, scripts, attachments, database files, etc..


many webmaster, especially beginners webmaster for Robots.txt understanding is too one-sided, they think that since Robots.txt may provide access to the spider, why should we not open, all files are arranged to visit, so the site included the amount immediately rose, in fact, we think the problems are far from simple, we all know fixed some files in Web site is not transmitted to the search engine access, if we take the website "full open", the consequences is to increase web server load, reduce the rate of slow access speed, crawling spiders, no use for the website included, so the fixed do not need access to files, we directly Disallow off you can.

everyone has their own privacy, the website also is such, the site also don’t want to be the spider to see things, such as membership password and so on, and to block out this part of privacy, general webmaster will think of Robots.txt in the first time. Yes, the use of Robots.txt file can indeed give spider way, tell it what the place to go, what place should not go, it is also for this reason, many owners are keen to use the Robots.txt, but you really will use Robots.txt? For the preparation of the rules and you know how much I don’t? Only, but for this after all a little experience, to share out here, so we have a reference, of course, the old bird can fly.

prepared by the repeated problems ?

Small and medium-sized enterprises do some new website optimization must pay attention to

1, select the server and the domain name

this article is not some basic skills of Shanghai dragon, but some details for the new station operation summary, help in the construction sites and search engine friendly communication, will in order to get a good website just on the line of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix data.

2, enterprise website how to build


although Harbin is to accept new things relatively late in the city, but according to the survey, there have been nearly 2 of the small and medium-sized enterprise customer channel is completely through the network. This kind of low cost, high cost, obvious effect of promotion has been more and more recognized by the small and medium sized enterprises in Harbin. But for the website and website optimization, we may know is not comprehensive. Able to perform wonders (hereinafter referred to as gold) through understanding of the direction of optimizing the website a few companies, everyone seems still in the website optimization method of last era, may also be searched before the Shanghai dragon appeared some wrong Shanghai Longfeng measures. Here we have a few enterprises according to the need to pay attention to the new station.

Most people think it may be

enterprise website optimization must pay attention to:


this may have on people who do not understand the Internet is a problem, some small and medium enterprises usually find some network agents, but such a simple thing to let them go and did not appear crack we are white? A lot of domain name registration website can get the basic com is 55-65 yuan, CN will be cheaper but now, recommended or certified com is better, because users will be more familiar with, and com is the international domain name not submitted to the audit data, but also eliminates unnecessary trouble. If the registration found that the registered provider DNS is not stable, you can search some free online with dns. As for the server dianjin also admitted that, just contact the supplier did not understand the IDC is really easy to lose, of course, when gold line Zaigang also spent a lot of big money, but for years and the IDC of the server have more mature channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, in fact, it really is not necessary what to get the record, unless there are special requirements, can go abroad to rent the cloud server or outside space. These are free for the record, but the speed is not slow. If the site can successfully get the record, but not by the local IDC vendors would contain (some Harbin server vendors provide free filing, but must rent their server, is a bit sour taste) personal recommendations or use a server in Beijing better. Beijing first bandwidth quality, and cloud hosting is everywhere, the most important point is that from the love of spiders in Shanghai very close, even the neighbor. I said so much, if you still can not find a clue, then I can only say four words to you, please contact me! "…… " spirit of helping others attitude, willing to provide guidance for free gold.

From failure to failure — the development puzzle of a grassroots website

contacts the Internet for a long time, but it takes a long time to think of doing it yourself. Now do website (Dangyang information network), from a year ago an aimless chat about QQ. That day, I met one of my childhood partners, because I was not interested in learning. I graduated from junior high school and went to work for an advertising company. I started working at the bottom of the outdoor installation. I only know the strong impression he mechanic, a steel bar installation what, rapid movement.

is the work partner, chat to me, he runs a small scale of classified information website. I was surprised at first, and then felt deeply. Maybe I’m used to working eight hours in the company, taking the salary from my boss and chatting with the Internet on the Internet, but I never think of opening my own website. All of a sudden, I want to make a website myself.

thought of doing, the Internet under a set of marine classification information procedures, take frontpage simple change, upload to space. Thanks to Microsoft’s frontpage here, though I won’t be able to program ASP, it’s pretty good for word, and frontpage and word are pretty much the same. In disorderly fashion apply for the domain name (, how much money forget, anyway, is to make friends.

passed it off, don’t know to promotion and publicity. Effect can be imagined, the beginning of a few months, very few people, plus I work is a small city. Later no matter altogether, the emerge of itself and perish of itself.

has been like this for three months. One day, until the background, halo, ah, there are hundreds of thousands of spam messages. Really admire those who send spam information friends, endurance perseverance, that really called cattle B, 1000 a day, mass software. No way, re upload the database, but not a few days, spam is flying all over the sky. Online asked a lot of experts, take a similar seal IP, keywords and so on, basically useless. Really can not stand, do not delete the end, the site down, put up the shutters.

a few months ago, could not stop itch, to find a program to upload, is now the site. There is no spam information, but popularity has not been, I do not know if there is no classification information webmaster, give some suggestions.

‘s failed experiences:

1, have clear goals. Before the establishment of the site, it is best to investigate what kind of station should be done, whether there is competition, what is the direction of development, what is the audience crowd?

2, have perseverance. Perseverance is the truth of achievement for thousands of years, and has changed at all times and in all countries. Not afraid of failure.

3, be thick skinned. This is very important, the site early promotion, rely on is thick skinned, non-stop sales, keep pushing.

4, understand the technology. If you don’t know what you don’t understand, you must be in charge of the person you know. The website technology is a must for success.

5, to have a rich inside

MUJI the secret of selling billions of dollars make the product the acme

lead: no logo, advertising, spokesperson, complex color and style, Muji performance is soaring. Its design director describes MUJI’s pursuit of "not so good", but "that’s good."".

Muji is a wonderful case, no logo, advertising, spokesperson, complex color and style, the performance is still soaring: from 2010 to 2012, the global net sales from 169 billion 700 million yen (about 10 billion 780 million yuan) to 187 billion 700 million yen There was no parallel in history. (about 11 billion 920 million yuan), it is the product of what kind of secret



1, insight into consumer demand

2003, MUJI implementation called "observation" of the development plan, the development team will visit the consumer, observe the daily life, and in every corner of the room, and every piece of goods one photo, photos are then submitted to discussion and analysis, in order to tap the potential of consumer demand.

2, change is invariable, use convenience

Wall mounted CD

MUJI today’s electronic products sales champion, designed by Fukazawa Naohito, from the early gold well excavation. The design is different from the regular CD forever "flat", designed by Fukazawa Naohito as the CD square ventilating fan on the wall switch nor is the usual button, but hanging rope.

3, requirements for details, metamorphosis,

standardized display not only requires neat, full, full of impact, but also requires consideration of customer shopping habits. For example, all stationery pen cover must be facing the same direction, all kinds of bottle cap and label cosmetic category must also be hung towards unity, flowers must be the clerk in the height of the board as the ruler of regular cotton, rubbing bath, keep the same level.

4, pay attention to every consumer, demanding perfect

on the performance of the bursting of the management secret in Kimi Masaki’s mobile phone mailbox. One of the most prized emails comes from the Institute of quality products – each customer’s feedback goes directly to its mailbox.

"these are all customers don’t know, they do not know these views, even the president will personally see.". I look at these opinions every minute." Kimi Masaki said shrewdly. The peak arrival of this kind of mail is on Wednesday, the total number of more than 100, there are usually 30 to 50. Some people have accused an air hanger of being brittle and broken by ultraviolet radiation, and some complain that the latest slippers are too small"……

5, environmental protection, moderation idea,

Japan is a country with very few resources, so many of their country’s designs are noted for their minimalist philosophy. Including Japan’s most popular Zen, but also stresses the "minimalist life", as we now say, is "a very simple life", about MUJI>

Talking about product design and promotion from rhubarb duck fever

September 3, 2013, the duck appeared in Beijing Garden Expo, I saw the giant duck in September 8th. The day is cloudy, but rhubarb duck is still very bright, as follows:


Beijing rhubarb duck

duck is now a very hot works of art, but today talk about art, the author from the perspective of product design and promotion to talk about the reason for the success of the duck, of course this is just the statements of a school:

1. products, service people as much as possible.

has heard the phrase "it’s easier to make money for women and children.". Relatively, children and women may prefer this rhubarb duck. But many men, many older people, may also have nostalgic feelings. Everyone is young. In this case, this product serves the majority of the population. The actual product selection and product design can meet the possibility of such a wide range of people is very small, but we should try to work in this direction.

2. products should have good originality and innovation.

rhubarb duck is very large. It is said that the largest one is 26× 20× 32 meters. It’s an imaginative daring to make a duck so big, Holland artist Hofman is very innovative because of ·, Hoffman (Florentijn). In addition, the duck does not have yellow skin and black skin respectively, so that it can be popularized all over the world. Rhubarb duck is made of rubber, this looks at no particular place, in fact, is also a big innovation, put rhubarb duck inside the gas, rubber easy to move. If, like other city sculptures, there would be no such global activity as today.

Positive energy is embodied in

3. products.

duck looks not very perfect, absolutely is not a princess, but the duck lovely, honest, sincere, giving a cordial sense of credibility. As for · flo luentai; Hoffman said, the duck symbolizes joy and happiness, he hopes that it can make the whole world feel connected together, the same joy, happiness and friendship with Beijing. If we are doing a commercial product selection, it is best to choose some legitimate, but also create a lot of social value of things. In the long run, such products will have plenty of room to do in the future.

4. products have stories.

for his own creation, Hoffman talked about an incident in 1992 of a Chinese delivery ship carrying a yellow duck bathtub toy, and of course it was more like a fairy tale. There’s nothing to say about it. The sesame pie on the street has to make up a story. The key point is to perfect the story, and then help us do a good job in product promotion.

5. products to be difficult to create.

any product design that wants to succeed

Enterprise WeChat operating diary Series 1 don’t be obsessed, don’t fantasize

(text / Huang Jialang)

two days ago, in his circle of friends that his operating company, WeChat grew ten thousand in March, fans, many friends let me share the method, so decided to simply use the diary to share and exchange. A conversation, have seen SEO the God of ZAC and her wife she said: you put these skills are not afraid to tell others, others learn to take your place? He replied: for most people, not really going to practice. The following figure is the cumulative data, because the cumulative data will be different, I see the amount of growth, this is based on the daily report to sort out. If you do not believe that the cumulative data will be different, I will count every day.



enterprise WeChat operation is the same reason, the same method, someone saw, just see, and some can slowly try to transform into a suitable method. If you feel well written, try immediately; if you don’t have a good place, choose to ignore

I think the beginning come straight to the point, is not good, so the first universal WeChat operation in the misunderstanding and nothingness worship things. The worship of WeChat platform day into ten thousand subscribers, surprised WeChat platform millions of fans of large, heard the WeChat platform is the universal speech, read the threat of WeChat and so on, and for this, can only say that you know.

legend: WeChat is increasing by thousands of

from the birth of WeChat platform marketing, there has been a small increase of thousands of WeChat, but earlier, but to the present, gain thousands is only a legend, with tens of thousands more. And as far as I know, there are still a small number of WeChat platforms that are literally increasing thousands or more, but their data is not comparable. Such as cold jokes daily, tens of thousands, with the enterprise platform daily, hundreds of effect is the same, enterprise WeChat platform operating data to be accurate.

as an enterprise WeChat operating platform, subscribers can be slightly divided into several data thresholds: 100, 500, 1000, and 2000… . A start from zero operation of WeChat platform, one hundred the number of subscribers is a high threshold, but there are still a lot of still hovering around one hundred and ten, I am also very puzzling, because as long as the company pays attention to mobilize the whole micro signal, easily one hundred people, although not accurate.

five hundred the amount of data is the basic data of WeChat platform authentication, and as a corporate WeChat account, certification is an inevitable choice, of course I like operators WeChat something special is another theory, from the official took over, apply through many channels, or mail applications still cannot make certification that is the special account name of the lead, but does not affect the overall operation. (pictured below)



How young people start a business

in many young friends want to start a business, do business, want to make money quickly, want to make a lot of money, but it is very, very helpless, helpless. Here Xiaobian for everyone to sum up some small suggestions for reference.

1. to strengthen the study of unremittingly, not necessarily to study business, professional marketing professional, more than usual to see the business, management, investment and social aspects of the books and magazines, such as "business", "modern marketing", "business guide", "public investment guide", "lecture and eloquence" etc.; can also look at the financial news, marketing, economic management, such as the debate on TV; can also see the financial blog on the Internet, for example, Baidu, Ali’s father has Tencent blog, including investment banking, economic management and so on; to know Dripping water wears through a stone. frozen for three days, is not. Overnight, to be unremittingly, days and months multiplying.

2. to improve their eloquence. There is a saying that good, the pot boiled dumplings, his goods poured out. Entrepreneurship, business is selling products or services, if the eloquence is not good, the product is good, it is difficult for others to understand and accept, so we must strive to improve their eloquence and language skills. In addition, we should practice fluent mandarin.

3. want to start a business, make money, must learn to be a man. They should be strict with themselves to be an honest person, a moral person, a good person, a modest person, a person of content, a dignified person. In order to achieve a career, their own quality is a key element of customer assessment. For example, I buy when it is not dealing with the people of Henan, because the majority of their good reputation in the business circle in China too.

4. there is a very important point is that many businessmen will ignore, that is to learn to fully respect their competitors. Only in the circle of competitors you can continue to become bigger and stronger, if only in a circle of industry you are a person, you can not eat alone and fat, but will not stop, which is the threat of survival truth. An enterprise to grow and develop, is constantly improve themselves, fall off the competition so as to Jin and even the leading position in front of the boss.

5. is to learn to choose. As the saying goes: women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line. In fact, regardless of men and women, as long as their own business, business, are afraid of the wrong line. You look at the street often have opened the store, people often shut down, in fact, the store.

White collar specialty stores can earn 1 million a week

is not to travel or travel, most of the time we will buy some local specialty, to commemorate this time travel, but also to those who open specialty shop business people earn a lot, if you want to succeed but not what shop experience, can see how others shop together, then see.

second strokes, the original also every day promotion promotion


is special discount, do a membership card offers, are now engaged in daily category promotions, such as Sichuan Jianmen Pass chicken chicken, after only 38 blocks. So, attract many community residents to panic buying ah, a strong sell this will keep the chicken, but to store other daily category sales.

1000 to send 200, but also to enjoy the special offer every day, every day is special offer quantity is limited, such as the 38 member priority, the Jianmen Pass today Luzhu chicken, perhaps only 198 members, first can first get phone order! This move to the basic needs of all the members of the family gifts, because you have money in my store, you have to give gifts that is impossible to recommend

What are the good projects to get rich

There are many

business opportunities, businesses face many choices will be more daring, if you want to start in the second half of 2016, the cause of wealth, then Xiaobian bring you some rich good projects, you want to help the cause of wealth, hurry to see it.

A: characteristics of tea

characteristics of tea sales and the sale of flower tea, fruit tea, which has been popular in some domestic large and medium-sized city. Often drink fresh tea can be beauty skin care, regulate nerve function, promote metabolism, improve body immunity. Suitable for the ten kinds of fresh flowers, such as red roses, white chrysanthemums, peony flowers, honeysuckle, etc., the price of 100-300 yuan per kilogram. At present, people drink fresh tea is also one of the few, but it will lead the new fashion of tea in the near future, has a broad market prospect. Initial investment is not large, the need for rent, decoration, tea equipment and other costs about 25 thousand yuan.

Two: Digital Museum of porcelain

Three: manual embroidery shop

in recent years popular retro tide is very popular, has become a hot fashion, embroidery. Can rent a 20 square meters of facade, open a handmade embroidery shop. Rent plus renovation costs control in less than 30 thousand yuan, plus other fees, such as license, start-up funds of about $40 thousand. Embroidery of the color to be rich, trees, flowers, figures, animal will be welcome; in addition to improve customer service quality of service, maintenance and embroidery tell customers how to choose their own embroidery little knowledge, and try to help them free repair.


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