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How to make the site optimization by suffering into happiness

keyword is divided into two parts and long tail keywords site title. The site title is very important, so the writing of the title of the site and must be finalized and the site contents are closely related, to ensure that the primary key position, at the same time related keywords, but need to pay attention to is not the accumulation of key words. At the same time in the production site, write the web page description and web page keywords, there will be an unexpected effect. Note: most of the current search engine when the read page keyword, read the first paragraph of the text ", most of the search engine is currently not supported" description.



3. has practical significance for the site.

web content regardless of the circumstances in which are the most important, also suitable for long tail keywords, and the long tail keywords is more important, "excellent content will make the search engine on the site of the friendly degree is greatly improved, higher search engine ranking points: even on the Internet has been advocating" content is king". Thus the content of the page for the importance of the site.

The content of the original

here Xiaobian improve the site from search engine results ranked five aspects carries on the elaboration, the five aspects are: keywords and website content and links (within the chain and the chain), the spider, the site right down the daily maintenance treatment method, site.

2. unified navigation column and site content. Intelligent search engine when determining the site and basic human judgment is the same level, so the specific content of the website column and set the column to maintain a high degree of correlation with the site theme.

Keywords Title

1. on the description of the website, to achieve unified title description with the content of the website. If this difference will cause conflict between search engine, the search engine to the site do drop right processing.

, a keyword and website content

features of long tail keywords for the site to bring visitors with clear objectives: visitors. Popular to say that "a top two". Reflect the long tail keywords in the search results page number: the competition is relatively small, the extreme front rank. So when setting the long tail keywords, that is closely related with the site content description, because of the words, a set of pages long tail keywords should not be too much, generally every 1 pages of the best long tail keywords, long tail keywords with a description of the site should not exceed 5.

is now the development of the Internet has come to the stage of practical application, it can be said the blood capillary hole has entered the Internet marketing. Have a good website you can on top of several salesman. The search engine is to subvert the traditional marketing model, a good relationship to the ranking of specific industries is of vital importance, or out of.

web content should be optimized from the following aspects:

Men’s brand NOP founder Liu Shuang better than yourselfSesame development projects, services transpa

is determined to go up and rally against Jingdong

now, Liu Shuang to "world network business ·, manager" opened.

Liu Shuang said, the purpose of entrepreneurship is simple, this is not what ideal, really not, I am a grassroots. I want to verify this: can I do it myself,

for journalists, Liu Shuang is a complicated interviewee. Ask him the electricity supplier industry, he hesitate to share, encountered the topic of interest is excited; if the former owner of the Jingdong chatted about the topic, he asked if the rumor out of duty; his own story, especially the details of experience and NOP in the past, he did not say killed, and will prevent discrimination you are responding directly to the "what to say", or "say these are

changed the general service model of IT project, solve the multi-party cooperation "pain points" project service: take the task of free occupation who do not need to participate in the business process, need not be responsible for the results; provide the corresponding platform tools, and offer a transparent process; the need for a simple job to pay a higher price, once the freedom of occupation turnover, platform assigned to new, new tasks according to the previous record to continue to work, this is the fundamental difference between sesame development and others subcontract or Crowdsourcing platform.

if you have your own development team or have outsourced your project to other teams, you can still use sesame to develop your own project. On the one hand, the project management platform can use sesame development, including project documents, meeting with milepost, demand, function module, flow chart, project snapshots, Bug tracking and many other management tools; on the other hand, you can call the sesame development project management role work guarantee project quality, safety and project landing.

‘s interest in electricity providers dates back to Liu Shuang’s College days. Before and after 2000, or the marketing students Liu Shuang to see a book, the book describes the concept of global e-commerce and magnificent prospects about the Amazon, eBay, Alibaba micro-blog and other enterprises of the story, outline a concept: e-commerce can change the world.



if the electricity supplier likened to a "Jianghu", that Liu Shuang should be regarded as a master. And all the people will pay attention to master, surrounded by Liu Shuang aura – NOP fashion brand co-founder and former assistant president of Jingdong, said "V" aka veryls sent generation electricity supplier ideological moderator, but often ignored his experience in a master before that. As Liu Shuang said in his description, before entering the Jingdong, he was a move to several B2C after 80 young men.

fees, the platform receives an additional 60% overhead. At present, there are more than 200 workers in the platform, with more than 200 projects and more than 57000 hours of work. >

Liu Shuang’s way of answering questions is impressive. If you ask him about a person’s data, he will ask you who you are, what he or she has, and what circumstances he says. A string of questions, Liu Shuang will give their own judgments – often only one or two words, not necessarily accurate, but often have goods and attitudes.

In terms of

Liu Shuang is a complicated interviewee,


text / world network reporter Qi Yu

"believe it when you were young," Liu Shuang said. Because he believes that after graduation, choose to directly participate in the cause of electricity supplier. In 2006, Liu Shuang worked in the network, and to e state 365 digital network, Jingdong four enterprises. "

‘s experience of leaving the Jingdong to start a business attracted a lot of media attention, but he often declined directly to the media. "PR is not biased, but a lot of things are not yet ripe," Liu Shuang said the future is not clear, so do not want to dare not talk nonsense, and say the words to stand the test of time".

sesame development is a platform for providing project services. Project services IT project, including website construction, business development, APP development, WeChat public development, WeChat small program development, and the knowledge and skills of project, including UI design, graphic design, demand analysis, data analysis etc..

sesame development is different from the general subcontracting and package, customers can not directly release project requirements through the platform, workers can not accept projects or competition projects. Sesame development always arranges suitable projects for workers and arranges suitable workers for projects. The most prominent feature is that sesame development is the implementation of the work time system, rather than project bidding system.



project process will be the project manager to coordinate the work schedule in which real-time viewing, general staff will not deliberately, because after the end of the project will have relevant professional personnel assessment, once found that deception will cancel the rights and interests of the staff on the platform. When the project is completed, the client will make the payment according to the working hours, the process is transparent, the quotation is transparent, and the platform will be charged a certain amount of management fee.


platform staff are divided into 9 levels, different levels of charges vary. The core of the platform is scheduling the workers to complete the project". The worker has both subordinate workers who are affiliated with the platform and workers from sesame development partners. No matter what kind of workers, sesame development, scheduling, participation projects must be through sesame development, assessment, and access to sesame development certification. Similarly, the project has both a platform attached project and a project from a partner.

Love Shanghai algorithm to update the website site included 1 page reprint into pseudo original nigh

for search engine to determine the weight, in addition to the number of content included, there are external links and content reproduced amount, conversion rate of the page and page browsing the residence time and bounce rate and so on many factors. But the disadvantage is the pseudo original put all sorts of things together without substance, the user is almost closed eyes to see. But the poor quality of the article is also very difficult to get reproduced opportunities, not to mention the various links. Even if there are more links and how rankings are not the same, there is not much change, of course, if you can get a few high quality one-way links would be another matter.

pseudo out of the original article even indexed by search engines, the effect is not large, it is only limited to the article was collected, most are not very good traffic and ranking, which is why the website traffic is particularly much, but still so few. Get in and each big portal Sina, Sohu and other NetEase, compared the content of these sites also can even with their web page racing together bridle to bridle. A hot news on the same, of course there will be a lot of media reports, the content of thought are roughly the same, but the text narrative changed a lot.

found himself at a site site included love Shanghai turned 1, a home, and before Shanghai did not love ranking or up and down, so did not care that is love Shanghai aunt again. But after a month of observation time, signs of a change of the website are not, asked a few friends, the results have the same problem on site, through the analysis conclusion, by K website content 1 homepage are mainly reprinted station.

now also found a problem area is about + Shanghai Longfeng this keyword ranking is not stable, such as: Tianjin Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index at around 110, even if the keywords ranking on the home page, but through the keywords into your website is not much, through the above algorithm to get a rough weight so love Shanghai. Leads to the instability of ranking. Pseudo original it is opportunistic thing to fool the search engine, the new algorithm also appear in Shanghai this year, love love Shanghai and false original article, this algorithm also can quickly identify the pseudo original articles. If you think love Shanghai algorithm is not so good that I would like to ask if someone to visit your site, see the content on your site if you are old, he will read your article?? I guess he finished the first eye will choose to close this page, make your site

In late January 2012

in website optimization webmaster, it is difficult to write original articles, that there is the concept of pseudo original. Before this pseudo original is driven by a lot of weight lifting site. Now the search engine is the search engine algorithm continuously improve, pseudo original effect is very little. Google has clearly pointed out that the content similarity is considered plagiarism as high as 70%, not to include. So now we are at a time when the original method has not rob Peter to pay Paul.

Keywords the webmaster can not know the ranking algorithm

in mathematics, we learned the merger of similar items in the lexicon database search factors in order to facilitate the user search experience, allowing users to get the information they want in a short period of time, the search engine will automatically be related to the content of information together, when the search to a particular word, we can find in search engine right will be recommended, these are put together, click on the guide to meet the information content of the user experience. What is recommended in the content, such as when we are in search of "apple", can be found in the related recommendation will have Jobs, at the same time because the user search frequency is relatively high, in the search engine.


keyword ranking algorithm is the majority of Shanghai dragon Er focus, whether every day in the rankings for keywords and website traffic and struggle we really know of these algorithms is

is the web site title more authoritative part, is also our web site keywords ranking optimization is the most important part of. And here also hide an important algorithm for ranking morphology. We then Title prepared for the first time that the matching degree and correlation between keywords and industry. The matching degree is to let the user search and site title related to the vocabulary as far as possible, but how to determine the consistency of it? This is related to the Chinese segmentation method of search engine, and English different phrases, Chinese expression according to the breakpoints different meaning is different. Also, we know that the database is not a search engine, the first time in front of that keyword search when users need to meet the search engine Chinese segmentation method. General is according to the comparative analysis and words to the lexicon database, and to compare the value reduction procedure automatic division of the word form, we can not fully understood, but the main reference or in the user search, so the segmentation method and user search Chinese cable connected.

The ?

first, Chinese segmentation algorithm affect the search engine "first impression".

we know the web site keywords ranking is not a separate face to be able to do a good job, it is a comprehensive skill. And the rules of the web site keywords ranking algorithm is the theoretical basis of our implementation of the guidance technology. Before I read the Dennis as long as these algorithms can promote the search engine ranking home page, but the result is unsatisfactory, because we see is not our own search engine to find. Or that in fact some operation we see the article then all subjective speculation has not been confirmed the conclusion, that many Er are Shanghai dragon according to the rules it is in a tangle, why ranking but has yet to pick up

second, combined with related principle of search engines "subjective".

today I Dennis to share is that we believe have a thorough grasp of the potential, keyword ranking algorithm is actually a smattering of.

Against false a realistic idea of tight scam


recently, "Amoy" Kim received a letter: "the letter activities winning announcement in the login, this month shopping spree surprise", the announcement said: as long as the little gold assigned to her lucky number "518" * * * * enter the URL, will have the opportunity to get 50 thousand yuan +1 Taiwan Samsung notebook computer "award. The little golden heart thinks: this web site and site should be very similar, ", so excitedly logged in to the web site. However, waiting for her is a concept of strict fraud, not only let her empty a joy, almost she cheated 1800 yuan "business tax".


scam is well conceived,

"Notarization" + text explanation + customer service hotline + "Baidu know", lead to "1800 yuan tax"

recently, "Amoy" Kim received a letter: "the letter activities winning announcement in the login, this month shopping spree surprise", the announcement said: as long as the little gold assigned to her lucky number "518" * * * * enter the URL, will have the opportunity to get 50 thousand yuan +1 Taiwan Samsung notebook computer "award.

small gold in click above web site, before really appeared "Taobao" home page. The advertising column states the nature of the activity: "Taobao 4th anniversary, 300000 cash prizes, etc. you get"; the middle of the page is the lucky number input bar. Small gold entered "518", click the mouse…… "Congratulations, your lucky number proved to be successful! You are the lucky users selected by the company, you have been obtained by the company and the company sent a surprise prize sponsor Samsung Samsung Q30 notebook computer and a prize of 50 thousand yuan." Little gold’s heart stirred with ecstasy. The more she looked down, the more she felt she had won the prize. On the web page rolling list of winners, the side of the "Zhejiang Internet notary office" of "Notarization", and with "notary" photos; also on the notebook computer configuration has done a detailed graphic description. Everything is so formal and unquestionable.


saw rules, small gold can not help but nervous: "daily will be randomly selected three lucky user background system. The selection of the award for formalities time on day 17:00 deadline, please grasp the time for the user to accept the award program, the user system for overdue will cancel the eligibility of lucky users." And it was 11 o’clock in the evening. "What a pity!". "Why don’t you try it now?".

started to fill the form with the fastest speed. The tables were so complicated that they included almost all of the personal information. To the end, the website prompts her to fill out the money order: "ICBC account number.":…… Payee: Tam × × pay the fee: 1800 yuan."


How to register a good domain name according to the actual situation

in the Internet world the famous large single from the domain name, domain name spelling, in fact, are not very good.

For example:, I always think impassability, the Internet has just started in 90s, Yang Zhiyuan registered a is not a word is not very simple and easy to remember domain name? You know, whether it is yaho, Yahu, yea, and so on are significantly better than yahoo. If Google is because the debut too late, can not find a good domain name, then Yahoo is deliberately looking for a long and difficult to remember the domain name. But no matter how to say Yahoo is the first station at present. So, whether you are Yahoo or Google, word memory, short in their powerful website content and function before, doesn’t matter.

if you’re confident that you won’t be able to create second Yahoo or Google, then the quality of an ordinary domain name usually depends on the following factors:

according to your own circumstances, analysis of your website is to do what market:

1: age

baby products (domain name not longer than 5): best digital, because from the first digital baby, then can take pinyin.

middle-aged people: the best is Pinyin based, because a lot of people are accustomed to using pinyin.

old man: it’s better to have numbers, because they don’t want to remember anything.

student: it’s best to learn English, everyone knows little, so take a common English word.

2: gender

women: fashion personality generally like to use pinyin. Such as clothes, bags and other products, it is best to take the popular slogan.

man: I don’t know much about it.

3: regionalization

if your site is region based: it’s better to use pinyin or area codes because you all know the name and area code of the area.

4: industry

if you’re doing websites that are popular in the industry, the best thing to do is to use popular English, and Pinyin as domain names.

fifth: domain name selection: the same, according to input fingering habits to take domain names.

1: people who play games like a few fingers;

2: will be full Pinyin, generally single handedly operating the keyboard;

3: five pens, usually all keyboard habits, if the bank, accounting class sites, it is best to take digital, because they play every day digital;

4: usually the middle finger and the ten finger are often busy, so you should take the domain name and mother to analyze;

sixth: the domain name is best to start with a number and letters that are either a or 1, or start with Z or 9. This can be >

Zhang Xi, founder of the early Chinese platform

each person has a different choice for entrepreneurship, each choice is a way. Zhang Xi is a talkative, cheerful, very affinity, and her decision-making power and judgment are often the key to the success of many of our projects. In 2006 to join the German market, Zhang Yi, became a pioneer in the early days of the Chinese platform.

Several examples of how you can not see how entrepreneurship

the current society without this venture is no longer a new term, and with the growing entrepreneurial team, the number of entrepreneurs who are not more and more. Here, let’s make a few small examples so that we can also see no business.

the first case: no money from the shop building in the new premises (two cases): This is 1998, I have a poor fellow, home of the broken tile can add a piece of new tiles, has been included in the reconstruction, but feel helpless because of poverty, because he used to neighbors. My channeling the door, in a chat said as tears, I am a other people do not see the tears, to see him so I also worry in my heart, so I began to think how to let him change disk, status. A few sleepless nights, I finally came up with a way: his family is poor, but there is a good land, it is a commercial treasure house, you can afford to four houses wide. If you can sell half, you can raise enough money in the other half of the house, but the land is responsible, only their own room but not resale. I asked him to publish, treasure rental, soon to come to negotiate business lease matters, rent out half of the land, 50 year lease, rent a $200 thousand, it will soon be built a beautiful building, there is a little money left over from a small business, some happy small day. This time using the method after the success of the local primary school and the village committee are also using this advantage, don’t put any penny on the street side built a row of shops, and they only change a way, chartered by the unified planning at their own expense to build shops, within 5 years from the collection of all expenses, 5 after years of shops owned by all units, such as rent and the rent is reasonable according to the market rent. This method is the same as the successful use of other people’s funds to start their own room, is a long-term interest in investment.

this case suggests that good use of existing resources, reasonable use can not change the. If you can also be in the shops for the land, but no money to build, may wish to learn this way.

second cases: do not spend a penny on any successful example of success: Vehicle trafficking and 96 years old, I came just the great development of the city?? Guangzhou City, want to start a business of their own here, but no diploma, no technical expertise is a beginner I find a job always hit the wall. The good little money, if you can’t find a job when the problem has become. I don’t dare to stay in a hotel. I have to find a newspaper and sleep in the street. My priority is to live and develop. I do not know the life of the people coming and going, a shoulder Li Guo came to the old man selling: Sir: 2 yuan a pound, to point. What? Two dollars a kilo?? this in my hometown, but the two triangle money!!! I found the fruit wholesale market, a wholesale price is 1.2-1.5 yuan price, I started up the boss, I have a lot of things, to my hometown, I’ll give you 6 cents a pound what fruit? Boss: Well, is willing to cooperate with you.

Where is the best store address for a clothing store

a lot of people are now tired of the work of the people in the life mode after all want to find a good project to start their own business, start to become rich, choose to invest in the apparel industry? The clothing industry has a very broad market, which also contains a great opportunity, if you to the garment industry investment interested, in addition to choose a good brand, you need to select a suitable store address, add color to your business! The following small series for you to sum up the clothing store opened the best store address!

high population density in residential areas near the shop, the population is relatively concentrated, the population density is higher, the frequency of people in the store is relatively high, good business. In these areas, people of all ages and social classes have. It is easy to choose what kind of dress or type of clothing to sell, there will be more customers. Moreover, because the flow of population has been great, easy to understand daily sales, sales will not be so sudden fall, can ensure stable and lucrative shops.

high frequency of commercial activities in this region is generally a commercial center, downtown, frequent business activities, the turnover is bound to be higher. In this area, logistics fast, for the apparel industry, popular trend of clothing is very fast, if the goods flow slowly, it may not sell in the clothing before they become obsolete, so frequent commercial activities area is more appropriate place on the choice of shops, clothing stores.

convenient transportation areas to facilitate transportation, customers are willing to patronize, willing to go by car. In general, there is a bus station nearby, or the customer can walk less than 20 minutes to reach the shop is quite good.

There are many people who will gather in places such as theatres and cinemas, and sometimes attract recreational people to the shops.

. Fashion is very popular, many styles, as long as you can buy a unique style of fashion, people will want to buy it. And to this kind of entertainment is mostly young people, they pursue fashion psychology is very strong, so, in these places to open a fashion clothing store, will attract a large number of young customers to catch up with the trend.

passenger flow of street shops in this kind of street, large traffic, patronize the store on the relatively large number of customers. But to consider which side of the street traffic, as well as some of the terrain or the impact of the effect, in order to select the best location. For some of the traffic flow, but because it is the main thoroughfare, the passenger flow is the place to work, it is not a good choice of clothing store address.

similar shops gathered neighborhoods for the purchase of goods such as clothing, if you can focus on a lot or block, it can attract customers. Because the operation of similar goods shops, customers can have more opportunities to compare and choose.

How to choose early childhood to join the brand

want to participate in entrepreneurship, early childhood education is a great potential for the development of choice, from the social significance to the economic benefits have sufficient strength. Faced with the current of the innumerable children’s education brand should be how to choose? The following small children’s education to join the brand of choice for everyone to introduce three Raiders:

1, brand strength

2, brand service

3, brand awareness of their own

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