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The site was linked to horse, how to solve

, the initial password is mostly admin. So you got a web application the first thing is to modify the account password". You don’t use the account password in the previous point, in particular. As with letters numbers and symbols. In addition, the best password more than 15. If you use SQL you should use special account password, do not use what admin like, otherwise it is easy to be invaded.

The first step:

program to prevent unknown vulnerabilities, you can delete the background management program in the maintenance of the landing page, the next maintenance by FTP upload.

create a robots.txt Robots can prevent the use of effective search engine hackers to steal information.

often has to backup the database and other important documents.


ASP program administrator username and password should have certain complexity, cannot be too simple, but also pay attention to regular replacement.

to modify the background file name changes in the background of validation documents. The second step: to modify the CONN.ASP, prevent the illegal downloads, and also can be used to modify CONN.ASP in database encryption. Step third: Modify >

horse horse prevention and recovery measures

to the regular website to download the ASP program, the database name and storage path changes after download, database file name must also have certain complexity.

recommends that users to upload and maintain web pages through FTP, try not to install the ASP upload procedures.

to daily maintenance, and pay attention to whether there is a ASP file in the space of unknown source or origin. Remember: a sweat, a safe

on the web page background management program landing page links.

call to the ASP upload procedures must carry on identity authentication, and only allow people to use the trust upload program. This press release, including a variety of mall and forum, as long as you can upload files to the ASP authentication

station after a period of time can always hear what site was linked to horse, what the website was hacked. As the horse invasion seems to be a very simple thing. In fact, the invasion is not simple, simple is the necessary safety measures of your site is not well. You can secure web site security from sine to do security maintenance if possible.

horse recovery measures:

Whether it is business or not to modify the account password The ! Detection of

and regular security on the site, can use the Internet to some specific tools, such as sinesafe web Trojan detection tools

once found the invasion, unless you can identify all the Trojan files, or to delete all files.

Don’t call

program is to try to keep the latest version.

The !

Shanghai Longfeng problems research and analysis of the website Web log analysis



according to the previous analysis of the website practice first analyzes the response time of the website of the trend, as shown below:



statistics this figure can be seen in the June crawl or normal fluctuation, and the end of July crawl has increased significantly, but in August 10th began to fluctuate after no return to the original high point. At the same time around the beginning of September 8th was decreased, from this figure can be seen to do preliminary, site optimization of the grab in July 26th 10 at the same time, if it is a normal fluctuation around 11 No. 12 site should be adjusted, and the adjusting effect of the site of the spider. The site began crawling increased from September 4th, 8, also began to decline, the two time points also needs to be analyzed.

first, the response time curve fluctuation in September is very large, and grab quantity fluctuations, and the curve of the wave on the contrary. No. 4 initial response time in the fall, and grab the quantity of the website to rise until 8, the response time at the lowest point in the crawl up to the highest point of initial response time increased from 9, grabbing quantity declined, but has been reduced, and there are also ice back up, though decreased and the response time of 13 began on the site, but the amount has been dropped or crawl.

According to

from Shanghai dragon boss has started giving me: "want to do science in Shanghai Longfeng, regardless of the flow rate is up or down to know which sources, and to understand and judge these to traffic to the site must rely on the log analysis, rather than by the feeling of speculation is what factors flow change". Therefore, from the beginning to start from the data, the website data real-time monitoring, data from the site where the problem of judgment, and make corresponding changes. This is our website can have the stable development of the flow from the straight down to a rise until the rose.

site traffic has been rising very fast, but a part of the web crawl has plummeted, but the index continues to increase traffic is rising. Also because of this decrease amount of grab at the end of August, but has been confused by the former eye did not decline as a data analysis flow to capture, but also because of doing some optimization and ignore the amount of grab this one, until today that this piece of data makes a preliminary analysis here, to share a simple analysis of ideas and results for you:

The next

analysis of two from the above comparison chart:

first in order to know the specific day grabbing quantity and a big change, at the same time, there is an obvious contrast and each month, so the first log in statistics from June to September 17th every day to grab as below:

Fifth Street Mall welcome new year sales award is not cappedZhongguancun unicorn enterprises over 40


active page:

3, Spring Festival health care products gifts big recommendation, health, vitality,

bonus limit low starting point, not capped,

2: double sales, cash red envelopes also doubled, not on the top!

cash! panic buying! !

leading innovation wave of entrepreneurship

activity time February 1, 2008 – March 31, 2008

, 5 Fifth Street mall selling products market! 3 fold


industry leading enterprises, colleges, high-end talent, angel investment and entrepreneurship, financial innovation incubator, creating an entrepreneurial culture organization, six core elements, as well as the market, the rule of law and policy three environment, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial ecology.

1: Alliance members, where the monthly effective sales of 500 yuan, in addition to the Commission of the Commission, Fifth Street

active page:

to thank the vast number of union members over the years on the Fifth Street Mall support and help, Fifth Street Mall


mix the circle, mix the business cards, mix the meeting place and see the investors…… Occasionally, I can meet some entrepreneurs who have rushed to the stage and become familiar with their faces. Zhongguancun has given some people a rich, open and inclusive platform and opportunities. These platforms and opportunities, it is the most direct manifestation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Zhongguancun.

activity rules

active page:

July 2015, twenty-first Century, Business Herald reporter passed Zhongguancun, Suzhou Street, less than 50 meters at least 8 yards to send gift booths, just out of the subway, there will be young people welcome. At that time Zhongguancun O2O venture climax period, every entrepreneur wants to become the next "unicorn" in Zhongguancun, every day in Zhongguancun, hotels, cafes, bookstores throughout the entrepreneurship salon, and venture roadshow.

as the country’s first high-tech zones, more than 20 years, led several waves of entrepreneurship in china. Double era, Zhongguancun entrepreneurship phenomenon, a national benchmark.

example: monthly effective sales of 1000 yuan, the cash bonus 40 yuan, one month effective sales of

4, Fifth Street Mall, new year sale zone, 48 pounds,

technology start-ups in the past two years, in the field of the Internet with the basic international standards, and even in some areas leading, here in Zhongguancun can spy on the current bubble and trends.

has business street coffee is hot or cold already, see.

dear League member:

note red linktech checked by month data, unified.

active page:

70 percent off to lose weight fast goods berserk! !

Research Institute of some Internet companies regularly publish salon in Zhongguancun, O2O, IP, Internet banking, fresh electricity, big data, is the most popular theme, including guest outlet for young entrepreneurs and scholars and research institutions. Activities full of venues, according to the agenda at 9:30 in the evening, the excitement of entrepreneurs who habitually followed the guests chat to nearly 10 points.

active page:

in China’s more than 100 high-tech zones, Zhongguancun most in line with all sectors of the imagination of science and technology park.

launched the "Spring Festival sales awards not capped" Award activities, prepared for you a large cash reward red envelopes,

2016, O2O venture tide receded, the Internet financial conference into technology, finance or block chain conference, artificial intelligence, VR, unmanned driving, become the new hot vocabulary activities.

7, Fifth Street Mall welcome new year sales award is not capped!

twenty-first Century economic report on a recent visit to Zhongguancun business street, the popularity of the peak has passed, more than 200 meters long street, still is the entrepreneur of the holy land, can see the parties to come to visit the office or in the cafe, and discuss the project business people still, just discuss the high-frequency words, from last year’s O2O into artificial intelligence P2P, science and technology into finance or block chain.

City, another 20 yuan reward cash, a red envelope!

2, Fifth Street Mall, the most effective weight loss products limited to buy zone

in June 6th, the Tsinghua Institute of data science and other institutions set up an artificial intelligence forum. The meeting was half an hour ahead of schedule


, 1 new members receive 200 points, can be directly deducted


full 1500 yuan, then reward cash, red envelopes 60 yuan…… And so on,

active page:


Wang Zeqi recommendations for domestic wearable Entrepreneurship

only brand positioning in the industry, the project is likely to be more rapid development. Wearable venture is like a raging fire, some people say: the whole industry chain in a wearable cloud, connecting chip, module, sensor, precision devices, special program integration business, brand terminal, and so on, but we must find the most advantageous place to in the start of the nuggets can get dressed opportunity, FENDA and CEO Wang Zeqi is one of the supporters.

1) advantages: a relatively complete industrial chain, to find a variety of hardware configuration are relatively easy to.

There are many secrets of the success of entrepreneurship

many friends want to change the status quo through entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship is not a simple thing, need to consider in many ways. Of course, entrepreneurial success is also a need for the way, in order to yourself and your customers, you want to be very simple things, simplify, do things to be more handy.

how to understand this "simplified" means? I suggest that you ask yourself the following questions to see if you are making things too complicated:

I can in 15-30 seconds to answer clearly what the company is doing? As a start-up business operator, you should have the ability to get potential customers in a very short period of time. Therefore, in order to do this, you must understand what you can bring to the negotiating table and show a powerful weapon to the customer. You get more complicated; people are more likely to take your words as you will accomplish nothing like water off a duck’s back to.

Who is the ideal customer

There is no

What is your

Liu Haoshu from the workers to entrepreneurs from good luck

every entrepreneurial success on the road are filled with the sweat of entrepreneurs, perseverance and perseverance to become their common characteristics. With 5 years time, Liu Haoshu from the migrant workers into entrepreneurs, realize their dreams.

"in the face of this new era of entrepreneurial tide, a lot of pressure, to see a lot of things, I also began to adjust for three years after tomorrow to do some. The product sold to the hands of customers, and can not meet themselves, to see people around you smile let me feel the charm of the cause." This is the 29 year old Liu Haoshu wrote in the words of micro-blog. For him, from time to time in the social platform to say one or two sentences, both to express feelings, but also to their own cheer. Venture 5 years, he persevered.

let entrepreneurial dreams into reality

stem from sales, repair the computer, run around insurance to work, to open shop set up his own company, Liu Haoshu spent 5 years of time, let the entrepreneurial dream into reality. In the past I was a otaku, simply do not communicate with people, then in an electrical appliance company salesman, will not communicate means that the task can not be completed." 3 month internship is coming to an end, the provisions of the performance of Liu Haoshu apparently couldn’t finish, so he put the sales of home appliances sales price put on the network, this thinking shortcut finished task, did not expect to be found for other dealers, the company in trouble.

"when thinking about the work must be finished, doomed. I did not expect the leadership that I have the potential for network sales, I arranged in the network department training." Liu Haoshu told reporters that this work allows him to experience the challenges and achievements. Life seems to be able to move forward in such a step by step, but in the heart of Liu Haoshu, there has been a restless seeds, that is to have a company of their own.

"entrepreneurial ideas developed in the past 5 years, a thing to make it from the dream into reality." Liu Haoshu memories, in 2012, his father died of illness, spent 430 thousand of the treatment, the whole family was hollowed out. At that time felt the pressure of life, to support the whole family, but also to get married later, a series of problems in front of the work to others apparently not." Liu Haoshu told reporters.

started on the mountain on the threshold in

start to determine the direction of the field of electricity providers, the platform also set up can really start doing it difficult. "Work for others and their own boss is completely different, do not mean that they will be able to skillfully use. Recommended

After the typhoon Meranti Xiamen phenomenon serious accident damage

technology in the continuous progress, but in the face of natural disasters, or will encounter many problems, so that our property is damaged, personal safety is threatened. The car is full of "injured" cars. Yesterday, reporters in Xiamen City insurance accident vehicle dismantling Survey Center, see this scene. After the typhoon "Meranti", with the municipal road gradually smooth, survey center ushered in the history of the biggest damage accident of traffic and pedestrian peak.

jumped 4 times the average daily loss on 1000

9 15 October typhoon landed on the same day, survey center is restored to normal operation. Only from 16 to 20, the survey center has completed the vehicle damage 5778 times. This does not include Haicang and Tongan two set point data, in addition, there are road, 4S shop, repair shop at the scene to assess the damage the vehicle is not included.

5778 times what is the concept? As usual, the survey center daily loss of about 300 vehicles, now an average of more than 1 thousand a day, nearly 4 times the number of daily loss. "17 day is the highest peak, because the road gradually smooth." At the scene, a survey center staff said, after the single and double limit line after two days, the vehicle again.

reporter obtained from the Xiamen Insurance Regulatory Bureau data: as of September 20th 17:00, the insurance industry received a total of 54074 auto insurance report, reported a loss of $541 million.

insurance company personnel from the field to support


survey center all 340 parking spaces, these days the vehicle exploded, you have to open around the survey center can be used together. Even so, the scene to divert traffic police, security or busy.

however, the scene survey center is busy but not chaotic. In order to deal with the accident, the insurance company has also opened a temporary rest area and green channel. The reporter saw at the scene yesterday, the insurance company claims survey personnel, each took several owners, wave to wave damage survey.

"from 8:30 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening, lianzhouzhuan. The first day of the peak, there are two or three staff fainted." Survey Center staff said, until yesterday, survey center has no electricity, the existing power by the generator, "open from morning to night, really afraid of generators’ strike’".

after the typhoon in Xiamen, there are a lot of cars were lost, for such losses, the insurance company is one of the arrangements for claims. It is reported that, in order to deal with the tense vehicle claims, a number of insurance companies are recommended


在采访张,EA游戏总裁Frank Gibeau表达了他的意图,为下一步的荣誉称号和奖章,他想要的是一系列新的游戏在今年下半年的某个时候。他谈到了以前的分期付款的游戏,他是如何想夺回系列进入’前10 ‘。他还提到了如何系列已经取得了多年来,他对目前的状态,荣誉勋章一般在他加入EA游戏标签。看看下面–



Frank Gibeau:

























你觉得什么是发生在Infinity Ward和新的重生已经把你放在一个很好的位置来接替Activision,统治了吗

FG:他们当然有。无限病房,他们是一个壮观的发展组织。杰森[西]和文斯[ Zampella,Infinity Ward的头]和他们的团队有清晰的创建和在娱乐圈的事情,从来没有做过在游戏。如此多的尊重他们。那些家伙都是伟大的球员。





Greg Goodrich:我认为很多故事曾在二战期间告诉。当我们开始做这个新的游戏,我们谈了一些人,他们的故事,我们想告诉发生在现代发生的一天,在目前的战斗在阿富汗。这对我们来说是一种自然的进步。这类选择了我们。





Rich Farrelly:最大的区别是团队的规模。我们不像过去那样大了。过去超过150。我们是小了很多,更加集中,并对球队有更多的退伍军人,使建筑产品和站起来快了很多。














有很多东西在射手现在市场。你在Infinity Ward的惨败有什么想法,Activision公司Bungie的交易,对重生的创始人今天你在射击游戏市场有什么看法




没有惊奇于我或其他人玩的杰作,PlayStation 3的专属海域2人:在贼吗它是吗清理奖项在过去的几个月里。现在顽皮狗的战利品内阁刚刚得到10个奖项增加到本周后,第十三届年度互动成就奖在拉斯维加斯骰子2010本周












创意总监:Amy Hennig

游戏导演:Bruce Straley






创意总监:Amy Hennig

游戏导演:Bruce Straley



开发商: thatgamecompany 制作人:Kellee Santiago

创意总监:Jenova Chen





制作人:Yoshinori Ono





制作人:Mark Darrah

创意总监:Mike Laidlaw

游戏导演:Mark Darrah





制作人:David Rutter

创意总监:Gary Paterson

游戏导演:Kaz Makita





制作人:Korey Krauskopf

创意总监:John Wendl

游戏导演:Dan Greenawalt





设计师:Ian Ball







创意总监:Amy Hennig

游戏导演:Bruce Straley






创意总监:Mark Skaggs

游戏导演:Bill Mooney





制作人:Caroline Esmurdoc

创意总监:Tim Schafer

游戏导演:Tim Schafer




开发商:Infinity Ward

制作人:Mark Rubin

游戏导演:Jason West





制片人:Paul DeGooyer,Jeff Jones,Alex Rigopulos

创意总监:Chris Foster

游戏导演:Josh Randall





制作人:Joseph M. Tringali

创意总监:Jeremiah Slaczka

游戏导演:Jeremiah Slaczka





动画师:Josh Scherr、Jeremy Lai Yates、Mike Yosh





技术总监:Kristian Engstad






艺术总监:Erick Pangilinan,Robh Ruppel





作者:Paul Dini,Paul Crocker





作者:Paul Dini,Paul Crocker





开发商:Infinity Ward

设计师:Todd Alderman






作者:Amy Hennig,Neil Druckmann,Josh Scherr





作曲:Greg Edmonson





音乐总监:Emily Ridgway





领导玩游戏:Travis McIntosh










设计师:Matt Cox






制作人:Joseph M. Tringali

创意总监:Jeremiah Slaczka

游戏导演:Jeremiah Slaczka




Empty handed can be the boss

empty handed when the boss? Everyone must have heard a saying called empty cup is the idea of it, before you go to another company or another working environment, to put some thought before you all away, to accept the idea of more experience. Mention of karate, people immediately think of think of cheating, fraud, think of it as some people talked about a venomous serpents and wild beasts; karate, heart resentment, hate, rejection, refused. What is the karate karate? The popular saying is: from business, zero capital venture, nothing, a small high, 42 pounds. In scientific language, is through the implementation of the unique creative, careful planning, perfect operation, in particular, within the legal and moral norms, by others, human material and financial resources, business model to make money.

sleight of hand have what not good? Can set to empty the White Wolf, this is not a skill? I think, in the scope of legal norms, if who has the ability, take people’s money into their own pockets, don’t let the money flow to the area of their own region to foreigners money to China, this is really the ability, this is the true hero.

today, I speak karate here, not to call you cheat or fraud, but call everyone in the scope of legal norms, the combination of resources, from business to. This, I must first declare. In fact, karate and karate, only one step away. First of all to have a good moral consciousness, legal consciousness, is said to be a law-abiding citizen, otherwise, you cheat, bluff and deceive cheat, you will be in trouble, would capsize, going into the "chant". Things like this, there are many people in the community, we must attach great importance to.

> today, when I put

Make friends with customers

how can we better get along with the customer, the customer’s business, which is every investor is constantly thinking about the problem. "Everyone has feelings and thinking of the animal, in normal operation, in words and deeds, goods and services to customers in a little human touch, take the customer as your friend to treat, I think you will have unexpected harvest." That’s what Yang Xuemei thinks.

in most of the peers in the speech is now in the retail business downturn, Yang Xuemei is taking advantage of just a few years to open two stores, and the bigger the business, the better. In addition to a unique vision and her service concept is also very open.

and customers become friends

"do you listen to the accent or are you from Jianyang?" "Yeah, I’m from Jianyang." "So clever, I am also in Jianyang, but also the Sancha Lake Tourism Scenic spot……" "Really, ah, you are Renshou, I am in Jianyang, we are half a fellow……" Yang Xuemei is good at listening to the dialect of the customer to determine where the customer is, and then began to set near".

from home to talk about the characteristics of snacks in recent years, changes in the home, from home to chat about the famous characters of their hometown. Although Chengdu is not far away from home, but in this metropolis encounters a home is also a people very happy, especially human strong rural people, will have a special affection for fellow feeling.

The results of

, the villagers in the store pick up imperceptibly, a lot of goods, checkout, the fraction of villagers think little of it, will inevitably make the villagers have a little touched. Nature has become a frequent visitor to the store, of course, the villagers will pull a lot of fellow villagers or half to take care of your business. Yang Xuemei used this way to recognize the villagers a lot of customers, the most important thing is that she treats every customer as a friend.

"to tell the truth, this toy is not suitable for children under the age of 3 to play, because it is the children of that age has some security risks, such as children grow up to buy this, you can choose this, this product is safe and will not cause any harm to the child, now the child is a family treasure in case of accidents, safety, we are not willing to see." In the face of such a sincere for their own boss, I think, no one is not touched by the customer.

put himself in the customer’s mind, the customer did not expect us to think of him, the customer thought of us to do better for him, standing in the customer’s point of view, to provide customers with the best service." This is what Yang Xuemei often said to the shop assistant.

make your sales of human touch