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From the Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon keywords optimization situation love Shanghai ranking rules

Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon in Shanghai love home for more than a year, one is Wu Long Jie blog, the other one is Zhou Zhou’s blog, because I >

The value of

Wu Longjie blog Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon in Shanghai love home position keep about a year and a half of the time, some time ago there is a net friend add my QQ said from last year to this year, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon the word love Shanghai home page ranking is only you this blog and familiar. Don’t know how many of Zhengzhou’s personal webmaster want this keyword Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon do love Shanghai home even love Shanghai first, and do not know how much a webmaster into love Shanghai home and give up, including myself. This article is about the title "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon", there are many things to share with you, for example, the value from the Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon keywords ranking changes in Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home of love Shanghai ranked law etc.. Below we will Longjie Wu 11 analysis.

Only 2 sites the keywords

can be seen from the figure, from 2010-12-18 to 2011-12-18 this year in Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index basically between 200 and 400, just a few days more than 400, some owners will say Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon do love Shanghai after the first day there are about 300 IP, in fact, you see Wu leoco before writing about love Shanghai index this article will know this love Shanghai daily index can only bring about 30 IP or less, the specific reasons you can read this article about love index in Shanghai. We will follow the daily average of 30 UV to count (may not be accurate), the 30 users, can bring a customer every day has been very good, the actual situation is a week may be only one customer consultation, the rest is the chain, ask questions, laicourenao etc. so to love Shanghai first to pick a single effect is not how good the keywords for Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training is not good, and now the Shanghai dragon training competition is so fierce, as far as I know the lowest price in Shanghai only a few hundred Yuan Dragon training.

in Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai homeWe first look at the

can be seen from the above analysis, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon do love Shanghai home and even the first little value, it takes time to do Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon ranking than to do more meaningful things, so there are so many webmaster do go up and up, and then new website, but on the other hand Zhengzhou Shanghai Dragon do love Shanghai first or have a certain value, especially for Shanghai Longfeng beginners, can be used as a display platform for myself and make friends.

The keyword


two from the "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai ranked law

keyword Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng love Shanghai index

Website construction and website optimization exploring the impact of how much

In the

website development process will inevitably change, even if one of the optimization of the perfect website also cannot avoid replacing the template. However, on the website, is always worrying topic: the website will drop right, I do not know when to be popular. But the fact is that so? I want to say is that the website drop right can be avoided, even in a short time to do "right" is not impossible. I love Shanghai LEE answer website also said that "effect of changes in the larger structure of the website (domain name or web structure), which led to the original URL failure, if not handled properly, will lead to the index fell sharply in a short period of time." As we know, the website is not properly, can not avoid the drop right phenomenon, even in the actual operation, many webmaster or Shanghai dragon also has deep feelings.

two: how to eliminate the negative impact of the revision of the

love answer, bear the brunt of the structure of the site is the biggest factor affecting the effect of the website. As everyone knows, the website has two main aspects: "A, B, optimize the title tags, structure template", but many webmaster for revision change or deletion of the original URL structure to replace the template in the website, but at a loss, so it is the most unfavorable factor influence on the spider. If the original A address is "xxx贵族宝贝/A /1.html", in order to benefit the optimization effect, then changed to "Shanghai dragon -youhua/1.html xxx贵族宝贝/". As a result, contrary to the search engine revision rules, it can hardly be avoided the drop right.

According to the Shanghai LEE

: what factors affect the weight revision

website, will affect the above factors have good, plus the proper optimization, revision will be down right? The revision right down entirely caused by improper revision. But in order to eliminate the "observation period", or brought after the revision of the short-term effects, or the need to make full optimization in the revision of the.

A:robots.txt, the first gentleman’s agreement crawl from search engine start. For robotst.txt settings, in the details more often highlight the optimization results, the appropriate settings can not only protect the site’s security and privacy, even can directly improve the optimization effect. The use of robots.t>

another point, in order to optimize the website of "revision title, keywords, description, this most of Shanghai dragon Er believes that once the change is directly related to the fluctuations, website ranking. Love Shanghai LEE webmaster asked answer also said: Title very important content, substantial changes will only lead to volatility, for the description tag is "we encourage you to write through the description website, just too frequent revision, may not be immediate feedback on the web page." While the keyword label, most of Shanghai dragon Er believes in "optimization of the location is not very important.

The Taobao product search system category attribute the logic behind the architecture

] Taobao core tip with millions of businesses and more than 1 billion of the number of goods, how does it allow users to accurately locate the product you want? Behind it has a strong technical support.


background category is relatively stable, can not delete >

just on the line, the amount of goods rarely, no classification. Later, the amount of goods on the 100, began to have a single class of goods, somewhat similar to the current level of industry category.

The most important category in the background of

tree leaves is the category of categories, the tree can’t be divided by categories, any goods must be mounted to the back leaf category.


is currently online commodity number more than 1 billion, how accurate he wants to help users find the commodity? After years of exploration, Taobao through the establishment of a complete set of Category attribute system, finally solves this problem, today we work together with you to talk about Taobao’s Category attribute system.


category has the following characteristics:

today’s Taobao Category attribute system mainly consists of the background, foreground category, category tree tree mount category mapping relationship between management platform in the later category leaves the commodity attribute and category management background template, the overall structure is as follows:

A little bit of history and architecture of

leaves the mount attributes category template, after posting merchandise selection category according to the attribute template, commodity attribute information supplement required, can be successfully uploaded goods.

2003 Taobao


can be seen from the figure, Taobao Category attribute system is one of the very basic data services, businesses in the release of goods on the page and select the background category upload commodity information, the details page crumbs on the way to the user display product belongs to the foreground category, on the search results page allows users according to the selection of the commodity category. Business students can through a management background to manage the mapping relationship between the background before the category and the background category attribute template.

background category for businesses, mainly used for the classification of goods and property management. See the following businesses upload product is the background category, figure:



when the goods 10000, single commodity classification has been unable to meet the demand, began to have multiple classification is a category tree. From the beginning of the 06 year the property, in accordance with the business users can fill in the template attribute attribute according to the attribute selection of goods.



to 08 years, began to separate the front and back categories, users according to the category selection of goods, commodity businesses will be linked to the background category, establish a good mapping between Taiwan before and after the category tree.

Micro-blog commercial forward price tag artificial Hot Blog monthly income of hundreds of thousandsT

      unlimited advertising alliance is a liar, poison king! A lie, the poison of the junk alliance, in order to let everyone believe me, I have to keep pictures of evidence. Through my disclosure, I hope that more new owners will no longer be deceived, I am now officially released!!

reporter saw such posting information on more than one network, "seller" forwarded a micro-blog charges different from a few dollars to several hundred dollars; to increase the "fans" of "price" in each forwarding between thousands of fans fee is 30 yuan to 50 yuan. The reporter observed, at present this kind of "wind", a lot of business with micro-blog who will receive this advertised".

reporter interviewed a buy "fans" micro-blog, he said, from the network to see such a "sale", feel very strange, is holding a playful attitude to buy "2000 fans" to increase micro-blog’s popularity, "I spent 90 yuan, but I did not what special purpose." He also said that in the crowd playing micro-blog, the prevalence of such demand, that is, I hope that they can have more attention, more fans, more influence. "To be famous and to be noticed is a common psychological appeal for many young people in modern times."."

    this liar network, there are two stations, we sh419 check on the cicada, the use of the program is the same. The first one is, and the second is www.wuxiangg

and the price gap, a "public relations", the blogger told reporters, "in fact, fees and no fixed price, mainly to see what kind of content." When a reporter asked for details, he ignored, and said that some things are not convenient to disclose, "it is a trade secret."."

      unlimited advertising fraud, is currently in the station in Changfeng advertising, the use of new methods to deceive people, first, second times the normal day to pay you, but when you begin to do it with advertising, it changed the date of payment, said weeks pay, but after never pay me, now there are more than 100 yuan did not pay, the owners of these hard-earned money to deceive us. The most hateful, their normal day display advertising, but one night, I am less than 2 points to sleep, I entered the site, Kaba has been ringing non-stop, my website hung poison, I thought it was a hacker engaged in it, has been in the investigation, finally found the infinite advertising poisonous king out of the ghost. It is the poison of the night, we care, that the yin! Yin! Yin!

has two customer service phone, one is empty, one is shut down, had never seen.

    now I’ve already sent a report to the network alert. I hope more deceived people will join us. Id=29192, this is the Zhejiang cyber police reporting center.

as the current popular micro-blog, many users probably did not expect, and now "fans" has become a commodity, was charged forward. And behind it, there are invisible behind the scenes push hands, gradually private packaging into "famous Bo", "Niu Bo."". And these PR companies are growing, and they’re eyeing micro-blog, which is clearly a tool for them to gain.

so, what do users think about this? "A micro-blog blogger said," as micro-blog controls, I’m disgusted with the fact that micro-blog is the blogger in advertising. As with 7000 fans I have received the business of private letter, said what forwarded a micro-blog 5 dollars for the like, I feel very foolish. In my mind, micro-blog is a personal private space, not a business deal.


I’ve been posting reviews online: is a liar unlimited advertising alliance, as long as you apply for settlement he put you away with my account, a dozen of my friends are like this, please be careful, this liar Union not good "

but there are friends that will appear micro-blog commercial, may be a lot of people do not think of things, perhaps some people are "micro-blog economy", the manipulator behind the scenes on people’s psychology and micro-blog outlook, the private space into a transaction.

as an increasingly popular social tool, micro-blog has played a role in many areas, is becoming a new type of network communication platform. But reporters found that there are many "artificial Hot Blog" phenomenon, behind which there is an invisible special promoter, they group operation, to charge forward formation of micro-blog "commercial" operation, during the chaos disturbance, this phenomenon must be concerned, establish a good environment to order micro-blog. unlimited   alliance; do not do so, they hit 50 horse and paid out and actually deducted 40 dollars! Halo, I shot everyone to see, he actually locked my ID! Such a liar, we must advertise out, can not let them bite us, these people serve the people live! Brothers! Rich money, strong efforts to drive these alliances out!

fans are becoming commodities,

do not want to say before you put ads on their
to seal

500 Startups as the five major values of start-upsThinking about profit of picture website

I in 04 years to do a lot of pictures website time pictures website traffic seems to do it is easy, it is
this time has past,
05 customers do movie advertising, or there is profit, have a friend, a month on the web site, do SMS revenue 2-5 million
this opportunity and has passed, now

first, you have a good location to your site in the future, you really want to expand customers, the site to do the world within 2000

was closed, I didn’t help you, based on
1 do click on ads, please look at my home in the Information Alliance www.admin5/html /1/2/index.html
2 shlf1314 Picasa pictures website promotion advertising, a the installation is $0.1, the 10 thousand IP website can make $5 a day
promotion is not copyrighted. So this income is still good, the specific application of adsence shlf1314 www.admin5/html/5/1/20061113/7931.html
3 Asian friends pictures advertising, since it is energy-saving, can increase the number of words, for example, you want to know.


one of our biggest challenges is to keep our culture going and to escalate. Anyone who joins the 500 Startups needs to understand what our culture is, and understand why we are struggling, and we need to expand the spirit of the 500 to the global network.

be brave and humble,

when we are involved in risk and innovation, as individuals, as teams, or as a large family, 500 Startups usually takes our strategic strategy into account very large, even grand. Grandiose ideas should not be bound by the costs of carrying out these ideas, but we should encourage risky projects, even if they may bring in some white ones. If / when the project fails – and sometimes they don’t fail – – we should be modest, responsible and, if necessary, ask for some help and quickly solve the problem. to a certain extent, this value is borrowed from the Wikipedia

      in the last few months, as a company, 500 Startups has grown a lot. The company has made great progress, but it still has many challenges to overcome and many problems to be solved. I never want 500 Startups laurels, if we want to 500Startups to become the world’s best business accelerator, and find the seed round of investment, most diverse, so, we must remain ambitious, desire, and the overwhelming sense of urgency.

, the five major values that drive the 500 Startups:

we can forgive mistakes, but cannot tolerate overcautious.

, and that’s one of the responsibilities of the 500 Startups. We have a very transparent organizational structure, so along this vein, I’d like to tell you 500 Startups’s corporate values, tell you why we did it, and how we did it.


quick execution, innovation,

we can tolerate occasional failure if you have not experienced several failures, your heart can not be strong, but we can not tolerate two attitudes: rigid bureaucracy and baseless nonsense. We should aim high, aim high, but be down-to-earth. We should not accept the status quo, no place, careless, irresolute and hesitant. A quick, small decision, and sometimes a mistake, is definitely better than a poor decision. yes, me >

Sing Chen Hua when the peak, we should foresee the low valley, ready for the winter foodEasyFlowUp r

at this time, sing, in Beijing, Sanyuanqiao, near the office and rented a room, team members reached about 40 people. Products sing, but also ushered in a landmark moment. By September of last year, more than one hundred million users were active, with more than 30 million active users each month. This score from May 31, 2012 to sing, on-line only 16 months.

one, company profile:

$2.5 PP/AP

, it’s hard to imagine that an old programmer who doesn’t like singing or singing is not good enough to see how fashionable the designer can make such a product. If we go deep into the Internet business rules look, Chen Hua should be successful: as a member of the grade 2005 Internet business, he founded the online travel website after cool news, can not find the business model, income growth is slow, layoffs fell after 2009, joined Alibaba to search, 2011 turnover from the Alibaba started to move electricity providers finally, launched a sing.

last November, when he went to see CEO Chen Hua, he found he was out of the station, and this time he had an independent office space. Previously, he had been sitting close to the door, a bit like the company’s "front desk."".

says that when the ad is clicked, you can continue clicking on the next ad.. The clicked ad icon will turn into an intermediate line to indicate that it has failed. This design is interesting.

by the end of 2011, Chen Hua set up a new company, started doing mobile end buy products. Because the user’s shopping habits have not yet formed in the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal is not smooth, returned to the PC end the search Amoy shopping coupons, doing business. Later found the Amoy network attractive to users did not imagine so strong, Chen Hua abandoned the coupon business.

2, above the first point of the page, Register opens the registration page and fill in the form:

"our understanding of the Internet electricity supplier is not enough, the product growth rate is not expected." >

point Login, enter your account name, password and verification code, click the Enter button below, landing


can not find a business model, poor income, layoffs…… In 2008, Beijing announced to abandon the original route of transformation of online travel, Chen Hua and another founder Wu Shichun has had to leave.

each click is 1 cents, for the first time 2.5 dollars can apply for payment, and NeoBux, as instant payment, just started new station, to join the fast! Super recommended!

2005 is a meaningful node for the China Internet Corporation. This year, the birth of many companies, such as 360, everyone, tudou where to go, the 58 city, car home, and Chen Hua founded cool news.

two, payment:

eight years pioneering journey

then wait for a 30 second countdown.


note that this station mailbox does not support 163 or 126. You can fill in the Hotmail mailbox.


, Chen Hua said confidently, "over a year, after singing with YY, everyone, and many other competitors, PK," sing, and begin to be the undisputed first."

click My Account to see your income. Click on an ad to get $0.01:

as shown above, we just need to click the line of the English alphabet, every time, and then there’s a new page:

and others have been listed compared with the era of start-up companies, kuxun interpretation of the curve for a landing "hot money", to train the search started, one year into tens of millions of dollars, but only three years suffered real setbacks.


sing a Chen Hua "accomplish the whole task at one stroke", draw after entrepreneurship, investment and financing, operation, management and even MampA lessons, all experience into sing, and avoid the risk and the reef can be expected. But still ahead is not smooth, the product operation, allowing trial and error, commercial issues in sight.

three, offline deduct a percentage: 50% register to complete, contact me :454527025.

five, how to make money:

four, how to register:

click on the Surf Ads above and click enter to see the following interface:

fill in the registration information, click the Enter button to submit registration, you can log on directly without activation,

1, registered address: easyflowup/register.php, r=holyfool as my downline, according to my supervisor, many are not on-line and will probably be K at the time of payment.

How far can you travel from the media blog

this time, many netizens have bought me the template of my blog and want to do it from the media blog. What’s more, I’ve found so many strange media names since this time. People from all walks of life are turning to media blogs. In fact, I really want to ask, how far can you travel from the media blog?


recently since the word media is fire, however, since the media blog has been our webmaster love talk, for the other QQ space from the media, since the media such as micro-blog aside. After all, we talk about what we care about and what we care about.

from the media blog had called personal blog, also called independent blog, I also did not know, do not love to write a blog, who also feel nothing to write a blog, do not go faster than the day, also write what to write. It can be said that before, we only knew how to make money on the Internet and didn’t want to write anything at all.

I remember in 2013, when Lu Songsong blog was the hottest year. Many people see loose brother’s blog forced, and some people have estimated loose elder brother’s blog, a month can earn more than 10000 dollars. So there are thousands of blogs from there, and I don’t know when I changed my name from the media blog.

, like everyone else, I set up my own Shao Lianhu blog in 2013, and, like everyone else’s fantasy, I hope my blog can be as profitable as my brother’s blog. However, more than a year has passed, I still insist on writing a blog, also from the media blog founded by Shao Lianhu blog VIP members to earn money. I was lucky to find my own blogging profit model.

tens of thousands of blogs can be said, and now there are few people who actually write blogs, and even if a lot of them are written, I can’t count a few. Why, why we are also from the media blog, we also have to write original articles, the final result is not the same? We don’t pay enough, we is not hard enough, but we may take the wrong way.

what is the media of purpose? I believe everyone the ultimate aim is to make money, there are people from the media to be famous, some people in order to practice their writing skills, some in order to promote their own business. But how do you get all this? Write an original article, go to a big website, contribute, advertise, and then succeed,

yes, you may have a lot of dry goods and lots of valuable things to share. You may be able to write a lot of valuable articles. But, you insist on a month, a year, you may not adhere to three years, five years. No matter what you do, it pays to be willing to do it. However, you find that if you persist for years without getting anything, you will want to give up.

What’s the


Should I quit my job as an editor for a medical website

I am a medical editor of the website, to work for two years, the industry has almost a year, because the website editor, so will focus on some aspects of the news website and SEO, was able to see Lu Songsong’s blog, feel on top of the content are more interesting. I have written this article when I see someone writing his story for you. I hope you can make some suggestions. If you can release, nature is the biggest inspiration for me. Thank you very much,


I am a very active person in Hunan, so I went to a university in Liaoning, Shenyang. The school was good and the 211 was the focus. After graduating in July 2011, a person came to Guangzhou to look for work. In addition to Hunan before the Changsha hadn’t been to any of a southern city, Guangzhou is also fully with the momentum. But after I came here, I found it was not so easy to find a job. What could school and educational background mean?

the most critical thing is that I study the administration of professional, this is very sad reminder, because from my own students’ way out, there are four main ways: go abroad – Test civil servants – into the bank – pubmed.

is the four road I didn’t choose, you can imagine that after I came to Guangzhou to start a mess, like many graduates as investment, administration, investment and investment such as sales assistant work.

had to say something about my personal background and my first job before I told you I was doing a medical website editing job.

‘s first job: game company operations assistant

but fortunately, I also play games, I can understand the game, and I can write something. So I went into a game company as an operation assistant. This job has something to do with the editor of the medical website I’m working on. Because when my boss interviewed me, I asked two questions: "can I play the game? Can I write anything? I agree.". Although my job is assistant operations, but there are still many things to do with the site editor, but also do marketing, marketing for the game to write the soft text, do some game activities planning.

this job plus a commission, I can get about 3500, in Guangzhou, Panyu consumption is lower, but still can. But every day, work more than 11 hours, every day evening, 3 p.m. to 2 a.m., this life from my entry until termination have not changed, more than half a year. In addition, one month off for four days, there is no holiday (because of the face of overseas users, but you what national day and other festivals). Then, looking at my hair, I decided to quit. Is it okay to quit this job,


second job: medical company copywriter planning

somehow I became an editor of a medical website. After two month of rest, is born rest, then find a job. At this time, a company called me, saying "do wide"

Micro business how monthly income over one million

WeChat to bring convenience to people chat, but also to do a lot of people who do not have a good micro business, there is no lack of micro friends around, but can not do a good job, but for a long time varies from person to person. Today’s leading actress micro business monthly income of over 10000 and returned to leukemia patients donations.

when after 70, 80 after 90 is still criticized not to play a generation of selfish, a lot of 90 has been used to show their own actions to the world, only 90 of the play and sense of responsibility! 2015 90 may have been young perhaps may still be in high and vigorous spirits to study, but the same is, whatever a starting point, they have not set foot on the journey in the footsteps of slack.

The news media reported the day before

touched countless people, also let us see the news from 90 to sweat and selfless love! The little girl do 94 years Yuchen derivative million per month, supported by the leukemia children, the following is a reporter for this stubborn little girl to interview.

look at the 21 year old after 90 female micro business entrepreneurs story:

2015, only nominal 21 pluvial celestial bodies, since childhood family was good though, but she compared with the age of the person can be said to be "rich social experience". Because the personality is particularly strong, like to take their own ideas, personality is also very independent.

2013 at the beginning of the university when she did not want to rely on the home, want to complete their dream of independent sports car, then do a lot of investigation after the use of the network to start a micro business skin care products. At the beginning of the little girl because of the lack of experience but also eat a lot of suffering, many people do not believe that her skin care quality and effect, the little girl is very atmospheric and willing, then free to many friends around, with their own and regularly in the online social networking circle of friends, friends use renderings will use the feedback changes every day. It wasn’t long before she received the first single second single business, and gradually developed into each month into the tens of thousands, they can not only support their own school fees, to the family bought a lot of gifts and supplements. The beginning of the 14 year of her monthly income exceeded 500 thousand, completed his dream car, also because of this she began to pay attention to the micro business, can not take into account the time in school, she decided to quit school.

today, to set up his own company, do let the envy of all the young female boss. To say to yourself because the burden of responsibility is more important, do the company after her more careful planning to walk every step she continued innovation and development of micro business team of their own, they help their agents at all levels below to find their own dreams, and help them to realize their dreams. Now the team has a few people at the beginning of the development of more than 1 thousand and 600 people, she regularly training is not sloppy, and the number is still rising.

Liu Qing let life like the pretzel full and plump

What is

a burrito? Almost everyone will say it’s full. While Liu Qing will roll made positive energy output of the props, and create their own career, get the two angel investment favored.

The universe is the first

universe rolls the core of a single product is "rolls", currently has three stores in Beijing, Wudaokou and other regions, because the only rolls so that each store area is not large. From the product perspective, the universe has always insisted on cooking tacos, burritos, is the traditional dishes to roll the cake, the main sales channel for delivery. In the opinion of the shopkeeper Raiders, previously the universe burrito pattern mainly encountered two big problems:

the standardization, the biggest pain point for the operation of

The previous model

And the problem of human resources to the standard

in this period almost played a negative role complementary ", high mobility staff makes standardization difficult, and high liquidity in the role but also greatly improve the training cost of pursuing the standard. When the universe rolls Liu Qing’s own words is often "Press played a gourd dipper", always have to deal with all the things.

now the universe rolls to get a new round of financing is the core of the "fully adjusted their operating structure, on the premise of the taste of the universe rolls its supply chain, the kitchen, human resource management have made great adjustment recommendation