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How to make your own website optimization in 2016 Shanghai Dragon technology to keep pace with the t

today is the first working day after the Spring Festival, think of yourself in the optimization work in 2015 visible before the eyes, time goes by, wait for 2016 is coming, as the Shanghai dragon Er whether we are ready for a new challenge, new year this is a popular phrase, to a new the year must have some new changes, Shanghai dragon Er our optimization should be continuous innovation for the new year, so, how we want our Shanghai Dragon technology continue to achieve self transcendence?

first, the optimization of the details of its 2015 Qucuqujing summary. I saw the two station own keywords ranking remained stable in Shanghai love home before three, is a little relieved, so I used this article mainly analyzes the optimization strategy of 2015 today, is also worth to retain, such as the long network of my favorite contributors, the quality of the chain carefully these are to release, I think that we should adhere to, and some outside the chain of low quality, sometimes lazy do false original article, this mode of operation in 2016 really should quit the stage of history, I think it is very important to optimize the summary, open the first day of work we do not rush to the site for optimization. Their ideas comb, find their own optimization problems in the process I think is the key to lay open the optimization work.

third, pay more attention to optimize the search engine itself some news. We do at home most of the search engine is love Shanghai, love Shanghai through continuous development and gradually improve their lot to optimize the details, such as the love of Shanghai in order to facilitate the webmaster, build a love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, continue to launch in the sea search engine optimization white paper, these are some of the adjustment through these platforms their gradual inform to the majority of owners, and we make love Shanghai optimization must understand these optimization details and rules, so on search engine itself is that we understand the search engine dynamic, targeted to develop optimization strategies of.

fourth, the real optimization experience from the practice of summing up. We know that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, the Shanghai dragon thinking, does not mean these optimization concept many times because of the pink of perfection, the industry is different, the optimization of thinking be quite different, so, as a webmaster we want to upgrade their Shanghai Dragon Phoenix combat capability, mainly in the process in optimizing website >

second, to some professional platform to communicate and learn. In fact, techniques are constantly updated, so as to keep pace with the times of our optimization techniques how to constantly improve ourselves, I believe that continuous learning and thinking is very important, learning to learn from peers to other sites, Shanghai dragon Er to learn, I think the main site to study each other, why the good ranking is very stable, the optimization study of some professional Shanghai dragon Er writing, but also an important way we open thinking.

The third party blog do people say that the chain little (two)

two, the blog

1, according to the website of F type structure.

a lot of friends directly apply to their blog posts, there is no matter the structure of the blog, this also need to pay attention to their own website, blog, you have to consider the preferences of spiders from various aspects, make perfect structure and increase friendly search engine, the spider crawling frequency more, affect your blog on your website more.

blog style choice needs to match with your center, for example you are doing commentary, the Kawai style > sure

, a title, description of the set

three, blog style

note 2, navigation

blog as an independent site, so we want to write his title and description. The title and description of the blog title and description, this is the central idea of a website, can let the spider do you see this blog is what to do, the center needs to be consistent with your own website, that is related to understand the core of the spider you express. Some blogs can set individual blog domain, so also modified, to Quanpin way to standard to the center of your blog.

Sure there are some output

some people have doubts the third party blog has navigation, it can be said that every blog has a list of categories, the classification is equivalent to navigation, navigation is set above the need to pay attention to the core of the word must be around the core word is your blog, website, such as your site is doing in the workplace, so your navigation is also true, such as workplace health, workplace workplace emotional talk, etc..


3, remove excess output

in the "third party blog do people say that the few chain (a)", we mentioned the blog to find suitable for our choice of third party blog. Jason in this article and we will talk about the blog site optimization. The third party blog is when in a web site, how to adjust the structure, to increase the content of his blog friendly.


blog also need to follow the type F website, the position of the left than the right, above than the following important. Then we need to re blog format, in the blog background have layout, I agree with the "two column 3:1" settings page of the 3/4 log, head Links etc. in the right information accounts for 1/4, this structure ensures the important position, we can refer to the various Shanghai Longfeng Daniel independent blog layout.

Adjust the structure of the

the default template, such as the recent visitors, so are these things can be removed, you can see the background, there is no need to put in a blog, you often visit to the people there, let his recent visitors list appears you’re good.

Give employees tens of millions of subsidies, nail O2O still no money, no one, no future!09 years ma

once witnessed the market’s preference for nail O2O in 2015".

webmaster how to make money? How to make money? In the end can not make money?. Make the two words all of an industry for having heard it many times, no matter the celebrity or a green hand rookie. In fact, I like to discuss and write some of the owners to earn money on the topic, although I am still poor one, ha ha, look at this article, you do not mind oh. 09 years of Adsense earn money law is no longer suitable for N rule, flicker has become no longer so effective.

according to public data show that in 2015, the whole industry will Chinese beauty market division, beauty accounted for 57.7%, ranking the first; followed by the salon, 24.4%; although Manicure accounted for only 9.8%, but judging from the user experience of beauty industry O2O service type, Manicure accounted for the highest, reaching 40.9%, the permeability was significantly higher than that of industry the first two.


‘s beaver turned out to set off a Manicure led by the United States O2O industry investment boom, many APP followed one after another on-line beaver.

, and such large-scale financing behavior, is regarded as more like capital driven fast staking enclosure play, like "buy Group website" boom when "thousand regiments war", taxi soft "."


"flash in the pan" hilarious

has just founded a beaver God carved home, the product is not online, just rely on a business idea, IDG Capital Partners Li Feng gave 150 million yuan valuation. In February 2015, after the beavers get $50 million C round of financing, valuation rose to $300 million.

want to make money, not to pay attention to those so-called Alexa ranking, a circle of people saying: "if you want to make money, you should put the Alexa ranking forget!" a no website ranking webmaster earned money is not necessarily than you in the top number of stations long earn less. Want to make money, there is no need to pay attention to Alexa Rankings every day, because those smart webmaster, they are very profitable, but the general people do not see how they make money, so that they can do for a long time. Once their Alexa ranking is too beautiful, will certainly draw many people’s attention, many people pay attention to, competitors naturally more, and can not do a few days.

is acknowledged and mature webmaster model to make money from the general summarized into the following three types: 1, sell products their own products, other products, selling services personalized services, standardized services 3, to engage in investment. For most of the webmaster who read this article on A5, the choice of the first two patterns will be more, the choice of the first two models, it can not be separated from a "sell" word, whether it is selling your products or services. So to make money, the key is the marketing, marketing the concept of me not to mention here, interested can go to sh419 search, all want to make money, to have a clear money mode, will give you the consumer group is your audience people they want, whether products or service. In short, want to, if you still want to get what new things to fudge a few VC to invest, throw money, burn money, is very beautiful. There are so many examples on the Internet that you don’t want to list any more.

webmaster how you want to make money first, please forget those that have been successful mode of Internet media: a flicker out of the new concept, a risk investment, burn smashing popularity, run overseas listing! Now you have to understand that this model is wrong, is suddenly out of the child’s media you cheat, because of this forget a pattern is the key link, it is to make money. To earn money, not to dream, to really make money for a particular group of people or businesses, or to meet some of their strong spiritual needs.

is now open APP store, enter the keyword "Manicure" ranking applications, more like the "nest Manicure fun", "Manicure Master" focused on the content of community applications, and focus on the door to the vertical field of Manicure O2O APP figure was scanty. Such a depression is a stark contrast to the 2015 blitz.

said so much today. text / heartbreak first webmaster network, admin5 station address

O2O in March 2014, the concept of fire time, lake person God carved founder Meng wake shouted "liberation world craftsman" slogan, the beaver family was born. Also from the beginning of this year, the capital aimed at the field of nail O2O, showing "ultra high speed driving" behavior tendency.

was founded in June 2014 in Shanghai with 5 months’ worth of $A million in investment from Sequoia Capital and source code. Can make an appointment and door-to-door service, home beauty O2O platform "beautiful home", during the Spring Festival in 2015, but also completed about 10 million yuan of A round of financing. Home beauty APP beauty, also in March 2015 won the 5 million seed wheel financing…… Under the catalysis of capital, many nail O2O enterprises have sprung up in the public view.

O2O in March 2014, the concept of fire time, lake person God carved founder Meng wake shouted "liberation world craftsman" slogan, the beaver family was born. Also from the beginning of this year, the capital aimed at the field of nail O2O, showing "ultra high speed driving" behavior tendency.

How can the small station survive the winter of 2009

first of all, we should admit that the economic crisis is so great that all industries have an impact. Including our website, here I do not speak the truth, that those companies that have the strength to get through this is relatively easy, but for some companies or individuals suspended in midair, still a little pressure.

IDC company is facing pressure first, cost enhancement, service increase and price drop all need to be overcome. This affects the development of our small station (Description: I said the small station is more than 100IP, 3000IP below the station) why do you say that we are relying on the small station IDC space as a habitat?. If IDC is unstable, our small station will be implicated too, so the first thing to say is the base of our website: the choice of space. I personally think that in such a situation, the more to the choice of IDC company to buy space, do not think that I will not like the economy, or buy almost small company IDC, actually do is give yourself trouble, once the space problem, you must first solve the problem, so I put this in the first place, I think we should agree that several IDC (recommended here is to help them under AD: ADMIN5 space, Lanbing Internet space). Recommended reason: stability, a brand, responsible for the webmaster!


then we should be aware that, for IP station, it is difficult to obtain income, for example my site on IP between 1000-2000, but a month income is very limited, if full-time do, that is to starve to death. Therefore, for our small station, the biggest hope of the winter season should not be profitable, but should be survived. This point I think we don’t quite agree with it, a friend will say, no money how to live ah, ha ha, I would like to ask you, how much do a station a year cost about it, is nothing more than hundreds of thousands a year? Even if you can not afford this fee, the just quit the ranks of owners. I’ve never seen a 100 year 1W site for a year’s worth of money. So, please change your mind, let the station survive, don’t want to gain every day!


is said to me again, live, have a way of living.

many webmaster would say, no money to live, I know you, this type is not meant to survive, live moisten the meaning, if you want to rely on a IP station to let you have hundreds of moisture, unless you are a genius (of course, many do the master except E here, I will speak in Chinese, ha ha). Do the station are no capital personal station, lack of systematic training, including the promotion of learning, a short period of time to make your site profitable, or very difficult, according to my experience, this station, if the station is Chinese, industry revenue barely should go to, if is the entertainment or other aspects, the income is quite low. Therefore, the results obtained >

Some thoughts about doing web work

Not only in

, thirty soon or the vast sea of people at P station, you can take one bowl of tube tube against themselves who are unable to manage you. But who knows the older idea of less traditional thoughts of the hands and feet, no longer young night ideas 100, wake up the morning break only a good point, not mature idea, noon meal being negative, and then continue to eat and drink beer, to chat QQ, continue to generate ideas, ideas more than a fart, not counting the money really, it seems less idea is not a bad thing, a few less dead brain cells, only to have you have the idea, also did not dare to start, for his girlfriend to eat KFC? Mom and dad have made the annual number of points between colleagues charging boss will leave point, be cheated throwing, losers, mobile phone digital domain space junk customers The restaurant owner driver again ravaged, little people who has such a thin knife pariah every month 2 thousand how to go, haven’t seen the "wind", "when your boss with your XS, are their own people, usually by your hard work, how do you know how to start. Do not turn tail, a loud roar," I’m not working for wages, I was in the business, do not speak the words so I look down on yourself, I only know that in the current Wushiyibai premise of solving the problem of food and clothing is a must, who do not, the following is a recommended will be a complaint organized by the useless negation assumed the so-called webmaster hair may not be clear not to blame.

1. do not believe Zhao Benshan station, to be pragmatic, Zhao Benshan is undoubtedly China Hu Cantor, what a tree on a monkey, monkey and 2 monkeys, and 8 monkeys, he can think this is a power, you have to think that is wrong, unless you no long-term plan, which promising station is growing up by fudge? Said Ma flicker, that is pulling investment in flicker, website, what time do the project fooled investors, visionary investment is down-to-earth person general, Zhou will also hung Wei flicker, but things are still serious, afraid to two words, Taobao 360 you do not spend a penny as well, as he means some, you can choose, you can not, they did not ask for you, no one knife in your neck to force you to use 360, Forced you to use Taobao, I think they conquer the vast number of users of the absolute reason is not relying on Huyou, is pragmatic.

2. plagiarism is our enemy, the source, station 10 minutes is not difficult, the host is cheap, "production" website is very easy, I was asked to make a station recently reported a 3000 away, said a student 200 yuan all fix, I can only tell him, too black, no more than 100 pieces fix, what method, technology of this thing is really not worth the money, the idea is valuable, so only to understand the design of design talents design value, do not understand the people to design only worth a little money, I spent 500 dollars, who do I look good to who! What can you do? How can you >

Share a little bit of experience with the B2B website

site is not easy, at least in front of my new users feel like doing nothing, from February to apply for domain name, ready to do B2B, and now nothing harvested, may not find the way it. Now let me tell you the lesson of my failure.

The importance of

1. domain name selection.

domain name is the name of their station, up, and let people remember you, not good trouble. We originally planned to build the Xingtai plate net, did not choose the English domain name, but chose, everybody looked very defeated. With the Xingtai plate network seems not to the point ah, our intention is that XT Xingtai, BCD is read fluently. Too failed.

then do the station and select the B2B program.

2. selects the right B2B program.

we do not have the ability to develop B2B program, only to find some online program, with intent, then choose Sheng, and traders. Net is used to test only once, found many problems, so give up. With the intention to feel can also be used to do, breaking the succession. Almost finished, and found a lot of procedural problems, and then the site has issued a lot of information and articles, and throw it is also a pity, it is helpless heart – change program. At this time, PR is 1. Find the B2B program and the dealer. From the heart is cold, really. Really want to say to everyone, have no ability to develop procedures, don’t do B2B website.

3. changes the domain name, lets you lose more.

is not allowed to change the domain name, to replace XTBCD XTBCW, one word is to start again. I don’t want to talk about it any more.

4. search optimization

I would like to tell you, do not try to optimize your site, the new station Baidu is very important, do not need to optimize. My key words are: Xingtai plate, Xingtai plate net, sheet base, sheet metal, these. "Xingtai plate", Baidu, GOOGLE are the first, "plate base", Baidu first, GOOGLE 3., included is also very good,.

I want to ask you now, how to perfect the transition to change the domain name ah? There are experts to say, thank you, oh,


5. publicity is very important.

look, what a lot of netizens say is to be on the net and below the net at the same time propaganda, I think to be right, but you should have capital to invest. Originally plans to invest thousands of dollars to the local publicity, then the reason is because the partners do not have to do the promotion, online promotion? Post? Only in the Baidu Post Bar hair, no how, do not know how to just have the effect most publicity, after all this is the plate industry, must be people within the industry see that effect ah.

still believe, B2B is to rely on money to smash. Oh.

doesn’t say, there’s nothing for this B2B platform

Sichuan May industrial producer price movements

in the process of economic development, can be very good to the relevant departments, timely and effective analysis, is very effective. The following and Xiaobian together to understand, Sichuan May industrial producer price changes!

The factory price

2016 in May Sichuan industrial producer (PPI, the same below) rose 0.1%, rose compared with the previous month fell 0.1 percentage points; 1.7% year-on-year decline, a decline compared with last month reduced 0.6 percentage points, an average monthly decline of 2.8% 1-5.

industrial producer price (IPI, below) rose 0.4%, compared with last month rose 0.1 percentage points lower; 2.8% year-on-year decline, a decline from last month narrowed 0.4 percentage points, an average monthly decline of 3.4% 1-5.

first, industrial producer prices rose

industrial producer prices, production prices fell 2.3%, a decline narrowed last month by 0.8 percentage points. Among them, mining prices fell 8.5%, raw material prices fell by 2.3%, processing prices fell by 1.6%. Subsistence prices fell 0.3%, a decline compared with the previous month to expand by 0.1 percentage points. Among them, food prices rose 0.7%, clothing prices rose by 8.5%, the average daily price fell by 1.9%, durable consumer prices fell by 4.3%.

industrial producer prices, the nine categories of raw materials showed a eight drop a rise pattern. The rose is: wood and pulp rose 1.1%; decline are: fuel prices fell 4.9%, ferrous metals prices fell 2.1%, non-ferrous materials and wire prices fell 4.4%, chemical raw materials prices fell 5.3%, building materials and non-metallic prices fell 3.9%, other industrial raw materials and semi-finished products prices fell 2%, 1.3% decline in the prices of agricultural products, textile raw materials prices fell 1.9%.

two, industrial producer price changes

from the production and living materials, May production rose 0.1%, increase compared with last month narrowed 0.3 percentage points, including: Mining rose 0.4%, raw materials rose 0.1%, processing rose 0.1%; production prices fell 2.3%, a decline from the previous month narrowed 0.8 percentage points.

living data prices were flat, compared with the previous month by the decline of 0.1 percentage points higher, of which food declined by 0.1%, clothing category rose by 2.5%, the average daily category rose by 0.6%, durable consumer goods fell by 0.4%.


How to deal with inventory loss

in the operation of the store, we will face many problems, you will sometimes be profitable, and sometimes loss. In the face of store losses, we should grasp the many methods, this can help you to avoid market risk, turn the tide. So, how to deal with store inventory loss? We can look at the following introduction.

first, the price of clothing. On the one hand, the operator should be timely correction of the wrong price of clothing, etc. on the other hand, operators in the future inventory, should pay attention to the verification of clothing prices. Especially for high prices, accounting for a larger proportion of the cost of clothing, it is necessary to focus on verification.

second, the issue of special clothing. Operators should be in operation in the future, the discount clothing timely inventory and inventory, and pay attention to the inventory of special signs. The inventory, inventory can be kept at their first tick range and other goods inventory is completed, then the inventory.

third, due to the loss of clothing caused by routine operations, the operator needs to strengthen the management of all types of personnel. For example, the errors in the import and export of goods, errors in the form of documents, inventory errors and so on are the business ability of employees. To avoid, it is necessary to strengthen the training of staff’s business skills and business management, and even establish a certain incentive mechanism or assessment mechanism to regulate the operation of staff, improve the quality of inventory.

fourth, accidental causes of loss, such as fires, floods, etc., are generally considered to be abnormal losses, as can not be expected and avoided, the general business expenses. And moth eaten, rat bite, etc., require operators to pay attention to the details of the storage and cargo placement, and constantly improve the storage environment, in order to better maintain the quality of clothing.

when many stores are unable to bring profit to you, in the face of this situation, you don’t mess up. You want to understand the market, choose other business solutions, so that the store’s performance has improved. Reduce store inventory, is the first thing we have to consider. We should pay attention to the dynamics of the market, change the store business model, reduce store inventory, so that they get more wealth!

Hefei fast food restaurant to pay attention to what issues

now the increasingly difficult problem of employment, many young people will choose to start their own businesses to develop their own career. Today, the food and beverage industry in Hefei is in a stage of rapid development, want to open a restaurant in Hefei is not an easy thing. Choose a fast food restaurant to join the brand, the next will be ready to start preparations for the shop, then, in the Chinese fast food and beverage to join the time, what issues need to be paid attention to?

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What will become of Wuxi in the next 15 years

Wuxi as a more developed city in Jiangsu Province, the local heavy industry development is better, but in the economic construction of the road, Wuxi continue to vigorously develop, recommend the city’s overall planning. So in the next 15 years, Wuxi will become what look like? Yesterday afternoon, "Wuxi city master plan (2016 – 2030)" work mobilization meeting held, comprehensive arrangements and deployment work tasks, mobilize the community to support and participate in the preparation work for the construction of "strong rich makall" new Wuxi blueprint, laying a solid foundation. Mayor Wang Quan, vice mayor of the city, the Secretary General of the municipal government to attend the meeting, Mr. Ye Qinliang, Mr. Zhu Aixun.

According to

reports, to complete the current city of Wuxi overall planning compiled in 2002, since 2009 approved by the State Council, the implementation of better implementation of the overall orientation of the construction of the Yangtze River Delta Center City, historical and cultural city and tourist city, played a positive role in guiding the development of Wuxi city. The first half of this year, Wuxi City, the successful completion of the current planning assessment, select the representative of city planning in China the highest level of China city planning and Design Institute to undertake the task of compiling, a new round of overall planning into the concrete operational stage.

Wang Quan pointed out that the preparation of a new round of the overall planning of the city, is the city of Wuxi in the "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year to start the implementation of a strategic project, Wuxi is the inevitable requirement of implementing the spirit of the central work conference and the province, the city municipal Party committee’s decision to deploy, active docking and integration "in urgent need of development planning" group the Yangtze River Delta city, is the fundamental guarantee for the implementation of the innovation strategy and industrial strong city strategy, is to enable people to enjoy more important initiatives to gain a sense of the. All localities and departments should stand in the overall and strategic height, the total planning as a key task realistically grasp the current.

Wang Quan on the high starting point, high standards for the preparation of the overall urban planning specific requirements. He said that a new round of overall planning to a comprehensive summary of "fifteen" to "12th Five-Year" Wuxi urban and rural construction achievements, scientific grasp the stage of economic structure transformation and power transformation, accelerate research to solve the key problems in the development of city construction, focuses on the "optimization of city space, to achieve green development, improve the city function, the connotation of outstanding characteristics, focusing the urban and rural areas, expanding the capacity of the city and other six questions.

all localities and departments should be strictly in accordance with the overall planning, strengthen organizational leadership, improve the preparation methods, strengthen the cohesion, completed on time related tasks, develop a reflects the characteristics of the times and the characteristics of Wuxi, stand the test of history and practice of city planning.

At the

meeting, the City Planning Bureau reported on the background of the overall urban planning preparation and the progress of the previous stage, the Chinese urban planning and Design Institute on the data collection made a specific description.

economy in the continuous development of science and technology is not recommended