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iPhone with A5 chip shipping to game developers

first_imgWhenever a company like Sony or Microsoft release a new games console they need to have games available for it on launch day. In order to do that game developers need development kits of the hardware months beforehand. It may not be final hardware, but the performance and architecture is mostly in place for them to work with.It looks as though Apple is now thinking along the same lines for the launch of iPhone 5: have games available that take advantage of its enhanced performance from launch.With that in mind, game developers have apparently started receiving a model of the current iPhone 4 that carries the name iPhone 4S. The only difference being the 4S has an A5 processor inside just like the iPad.The A5 chip offers a serious performance boost for games and is expected to appear at the heart of the iPhone 5. The developers thought to be receiving these 4S handsets are some of the most well-established and IP-rich companies out there. If we had to guess we’d say it is companies like Capcom, EA, id Software, and possibly a few independents that have impressed Apple with their work.Read more at 9to5Mac (image courtesy of chipworks)Matthew’s OpinionIf Apple is supporting developers by sending them prototype hardware before a launch, it suggests that we could see a number of games appear that are iPhone 5 and iPad 2 specific. That wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened, but it could cause a few upsets amongst iPhone 4 owners.Saying that, game developers realize that there is a huge number of older iPhone model owners. So while many of them will be using the performance of the A5 processor, they will also be ensuring new games also work on the iPhone 4 and just scale up for iPhone 5 and iPad 2.What this prototype hardware distribution also makes clear is the fact Apple knows the importance of games on the iPhone. It is starting to follow the same model as the console manufacturers suggesting it wants in on new games at the same time, if not before they hit other platforms.last_img read more

Next iPad landing March 16th

first_imgAs of last week we knew that we’d all get a chance to meet the next iPad on March 7th. The reveal date is the most important mark on the calendar, because it once-and-for-all answers so many of the questions we’ve had about the product — will it have a Retina display? will it have LTE? will that fancy case I bought fit my new tablet? — but as soon as March 7th, 2:30PM (or so) rolls around there is only one date left in people’s minds. That, of course, is the tablet’s release date. According to the latest rumor that will be March 16th.According to a leak from an Apple store employee Cupertino is getting ready for some big in-store events on Friday the 16th. That means the next iPad — be it the iPad 3 or iPad HD — could be in the clammy, shaking-with-excitement hands of tablet buyers around the country just nine days after its announcement. Presumably pre-orders will happen some time before that date so that new iPad’s are landing at buyer’s doorsteps on Friday, or, as we’ve seen in the past, Saturday morning.This might seem like quick turn-around time but the iPad 2 actually appeared under similar circumstances. It was unveiled at an event on March 2, 2011 and was available for sale on March 11th, so it also featured the Wednesday/next Friday timing.The report went on to state that Apple could be having another event a week later. This would likely the week of the 19th, as Apple typically has their get-togethers held earlier in the week (unless this is another set of private meetings, like Apple with with the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion unveiling). It’s not clear what this would be though the Apple TV is at the top of the list, especially if we learn much about iOS 6 tomorrow.via 9to5maclast_img read more

Marvels Captain Marvel Website Is a Throwback to 90s Web Design

first_imgStay on target Marvel just launched a retro website for Captain Marvel and it gives all the ’90s vibes.The Captain Marvel website, which features weird animations and rainbow fonts, is a major throwback to the decade’s kooky web design. Fans can find information on the movie’s characters, where to buy tickets, and play a nostalgic Captain Marvel computer game. The movie, which stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, will hit theaters on March 8, 2019.In one month, get ready to marvel. Get tickets to Marvel Studios’ #CaptainMarvel now:— Captain Marvel (@captainmarvel) February 8, 2019According to the website’s info page, Captain Marvel is set in the ’90s. The movie highlights Danvers, who is a badass superhero and aims to save the world from intergalactic warfare. Plus, if fans want to see character photos, they can click the vintage “forward” and “backward” buttons to access an image gallery.Even though the website has some modern updates, it’s a sweet throwback to a time where HTML and other internet programming efforts were in their baby stages. Time travel isn’t possible at the moment, however, the Captain Marvel website is a fun, nostalgic tease for the upcoming film.More on‘Captain Marvel’ Unveils Badass Footage for Super Bowl TV SpotCrowdfunding Campaign Raises Money for Girls to See ‘Captain Marvel’ Brie Larson Takes Flight in New ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer ‘Avengers: Endgame De-Feminized’ Edit Is World’s Worst Fan Film TrendDude Watched ‘Captain Marvel’ 116 Times to Break World Record last_img read more

Clark County boasts beautiful fall colors of its own

first_imgSouthwest Washington doesn’t boast Colorado’s aspen trees, Vermont’s sugar maples or even Eastern Washington’s western larch that overwhelm the eyes with color come fall time. Our evergreen trees are just that — always green, unchanging. Still, this area has its own kind of seasonal beauty if one only knows the right time and place to find it.Brian Morris works at the state Department of Natural Resources in the Pacific Cascade region studying silviculture, or the growth of trees. Leaves on deciduous trees change color in autumn when temperatures drop and the amount of daylight decreases.“When those two things start to happen, the trees can start to sense that,” Morris said.Chlorophyll, the chemical that produces the green in leaves, breaks down to reveal carotenoids and anthocyanins. These produce the reds, oranges and yellows. When you see different colors in the leaves, you’re really seeing different compounds that are normally masked by chlorophyll.“The process is genetically controlled. It is species specific as far as when they start to change,” Morris said. “Temperature is one of the main drivers.”In general, higher elevations are going to show color first due to cooler temperatures. That means the view from the top of Silver Star Mountain is currently more colorful than from Cape Horn in the Columbia Gorge.last_img read more

Weather Eye Temperatures above average more rain through week

first_imgPatrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Looking at weather models, I was trying to find a dry day in the next week or so but alas, only Friday may forego the drips and dribbles from the skies. The rain Monday was slow to end, but finally by late afternoon skies cleared.On the day before Thanksgiving, more rain will move in by early afternoon. More rain and showers are on tap Thanksgiving through the holiday weekend. However, Friday may be mostly dry for your Black Friday errands.At least no major travel worries going and coming for the Thanksgiving travels.Mountain passes will be bare and wet. Much of the snow will melt off and compact at higher elevations.Temperatures will be way above seasonal averages. We had a balmy 55 degrees Sunday, and 60 or better high temperatures are possible through Thanksgiving! Temperatures drop off into the lower 50s Friday through the weekend.Six years ago, I was writing about record cold in Alaska where even the North Pole had a record for the date of 42 degrees below zero. Some of that cold made it down to Clark County with snowflakes mixing in with the rain on November 19, 2011. The mountains had few feet of snow and planned to open up before Thanksgiving.I also mentioned about this time back in 2011 that we were expecting warm, heavy rains moving in and melting some of that mountain snow. Sound familiar? What goes around comes around it seems in the weather business.Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at read more

Government to consult on extending discrimination protections for new parents

first_imgThe Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has today (Friday 25 January 2019) launched a consultation that proposes to extend the current discrimination protections for pregnant women and new parents returning to work.The consultation, which will run for 10 weeks until 5 April 2019, suggests that the legal protection against redundancy for pregnant women and new mothers on maternity leave, as detailed in the Equality Act 2010 and the Employment Rights Act 1996, should be extended to six months after they return to work. The consultation also seeks views on how this protection could be offered to employees returning from adoption or shared parental leave.Theresa May, prime minister, said: “People in this country already benefit from some of the most rigorous workplace standards in the world, including parental leave and pay entitlements, but we are determined to do even more as we leave the [European Union (EU)].“It’s unacceptable that too many parents still encounter difficulties when returning to work. Today’s proposals are set to provide greater protection for new parents in the workplace and put their minds at ease at this important time.”The consultation seeks opinions on how an extension of existing redundancy protections would work best, how long this protection should be offered for and whether similar protection should be afforded to other groups returning from long-term childcare leave. It further outlines the steps that the government is taking to increase employees’ awareness of their rights and employers’ awareness on their obligations, inviting responses on how this could be improved to combat potential discrimination more effectively.The consultation will also consider the current approach to the enforcement of employment and equalities legislation, in the context of recommendations from the Women and Equalities Select Committee and the Taylor Review, and will discuss the three-month time limit within which a discrimination claim can ordinarily be brought to Employment Tribunal (ET).The measures being consulted on form part of the government’s Industrial Strategy, which was published last year.Statutory requirements currently offer UK employees up to 52 weeks of maternity leave, of which 39 weeks are paid, paternity leave and pay, and shared parental leave. In addition, all employees with 26 weeks’ of service have a right to request flexible working.Rachel Suff, employee relations adviser at the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD), said: “Discrimination not only disadvantages individuals, it also means that employers themselves are missing out on key talent. Organisations should be actively taking steps to stamp out any discrimination, as well as supporting flexible working arrangements and progression opportunities for parent returners.“The consultation is also an important opportunity for organisations to shape proposals that could extend the same legal protection against redundancy for pregnant women and new mothers on maternity leave to parents returning from adoption leave or shared parental leave. These kinds of family-friendly regulations and policies play a vital role in fostering inclusive and productive cultures where everyone can thrive and perform to their full potential while balancing commitments at home.”last_img read more

Borough Assembly Request BOF Rescind Decision To Move 2020 UCI Meeting

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享After a surprise vote by the Board of Fisheries to relocate the Upper Cook Inlet 2020 regulatory meeting from the Kenai Peninsula back to Anchorage local officials are requesting that decision be reconsidered. Dunne: “As many folks have heard the Alaska Board of Fish was scheduled to be held on the Kenai Peninsula in 2020, after many years of not being held here, but due to procedural acts the board voted to move that meeting to Anchorage. We are asking that be reconsidered and moved back to the Kenai Peninsula for 2020.” Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce: “We sent up, that morning, a letter written on behalf of the borough in support of holding the meeting here on the Peninsula. A second letter followed as well, so the borough did provided input into process. We are waiting for hopefully a good outcome, I don’t think we are finished with it just yet.” Board of Fish chair Reed Morisky said there was interest in revisiting the decision, because Anchorage is central, and is home to many fishery user groups and has a greater capacity to house and hold the meeting attendees. Assemblymember Willy Dunne spoke on a resolution, at the Kenai Peninsula Borough meeting on Tuesday, requesting the meeting be moved back to the Kenai Peninsula. The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly has joined the cities of Kenai and Soldotna, as well as Kenai Peninsula legislative delegation in submitting a request to the board to rescind that decision and allow for more public input. In March 2018, the board voted to hold the UCI area meeting on the Kenai Peninsula. The vote taken in January was a reversal of that decision.last_img read more

9 bodies recovered in Brazil dam burst

first_imgThe wrackages of a car and house are seen amid the mud a day after the collapse of a dam at an iron-ore mine belonging to Brazil`s giant mining company Vale, near the town of Brumadinho in the state of Minas Gerias in southeastern Brazil, on 26 January, 2019. Photo: AFPBrazilian rescue workers on Saturday searched for roughly 300 missing people after a tailings dam burst at an iron ore mine owned by Vale SA, amid faint hopes of finding many alive, three years after a similar disaster involving the miner.Nine people have been found dead after the dam burst on Friday, while nearly 200 people have been rescued, according to firemen running the rescue effort in the town of Brumadinho.”Unfortunately, at this point, the chances of finding survivors are minimal. We’re likely to just be rescuing bodies,” Romeu Zema, governor of the mining-intensive state of Minas Gerais where the disaster struck, told local press.The death toll was expected to rise sharply, according to Avimar de Melo Barcelos, mayor of the town of Brumadinho located near the mine. The cause of the rupture is not known.Rescuers have mapped out four points where people still could be found alive, including a cafeteria buried in sludge around lunchtime, a police spokesman said. Search dogs were being flown in from Rio de Janeiro.All of those missing are Vale employees or contractors, the spokesman said.Renato Simão de Oliveiras was searching hospitals and with police for his brother, who had worked for Vale for 6 years, and was despairing at the lack of information.”I heard about it when I was at work. I called him several times but couldn’t get a hold of him,” the 32 year old said.”We’re lost, we don’t know anything.”The state is still recovering from the collapse in November 2015 of a larger dam that killed 19 people in Brazil’s worst environmental disaster. That dam, owned by the Samarco Mineracao SA joint venture between Vale and BHP Group Ltd, buried a village and poured toxic waste into a major river.A state judge ordered Vale to freeze 1 billion reais ($265 million) in its accounts, to be held against damages caused by the dam rupture.President Jair Bolsonaro was set to visit Minas Gerais and fly over the disaster area on Saturday morning, after dispatching three ministers there on Friday.Vale chief executive Fabio Schvartsman said the dam that burst on Friday at the Feijao iron mine was being decommissioned and its capacity was about a fifth of the total waste spilled at Samarco. He said equipment had shown the dam was stable on 10 Jan and it was too soon to say why it collapsed.The Feijao mine is one of four in Vale’s Paraoeba complex, which includes two processing plants and produced 26 million tonnes of iron ore in 2017, or about 7 per cent of Vale’s total output, according to information on the company’s website.Schvartsman declined to comment on how output would be affected.Operations at Samarco remain halted over new licensing, while the companies have worked to pay damages out of court, including an agreement that quashed a 20 billion reais ($5.31 billion) civil lawsuit last year. Federal prosecutors suspended but have still not closed an even larger lawsuit.last_img

Sports Monday Texans Beat Arizona And Altuve Is Finally The MVP

first_img 00:00 /08:27 The Texans won — but lost another player to injury. The Rockets beat the Grizzlies and the Suns — but fell to the Raptors. The Dynamo resume their playoff march tomorrow night (Nov. 21) — but the round won’t end until after Thanksgiving. And the Houston Astros’ Jose Altuve is the American League MVP — finally, after arguably several deserving seasons.We discuss those and other developments in Houston sports with Jeff Balke, who writes for Houston Press and Houstonia Magazine. Listen X Share To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

HIDCO set to commemorate 158th birth anniversary of Tagore

first_imgKolkata: Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) will organise a programme to celebrate the 158th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore on Thursday, May 9.Apart from holding the main programme on May 9, HIDCO will also hold programmes on every Saturday and Sunday in May, except May 18 and 19. The State Information and Cultural Affairs department will organise a programme on Cathedral Road outside Rabindra Sadan. The programme He Antaratara will start at 7 am on May 9 at Rabindra Tirtha, when veteran Rabindra Sangeet exponents including Chitralekha Chowdhury, Dipak Rudra, Ashish Bhattacharya, Enakshi Chattopadhyay and Abhirup Guha Thakurata will perform to pay their respects to the bard. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe other singers who will be present at the event are Prabuddha Raha, Suman Panthi, Sayan Bandyopadhyay, Anindya Narayan Biswas, Chandrabali Rudra Dutta and Sinjini Acharya Majumdar among others. Well known elocutionist Pranati Thakur will recite excerpts from the poems of Tagore. Elocutionists Bijoylakshmi Barman, Sovanshundar Basu, Urmila Sen, Arumoy Bandyopadhyay and Soumitra Mitra among others will also recite excerpts from Tagore’s poems. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe evening programme will start at 5 pm, where a chorus song will be presented by Barasat Gitisudha. Rabindra Sangeet will be presented by Ankita Ghosh, Indrani Saha, Arpita Bandyopadhyay, Mandira Ghosh, Mahua Chakraborty, Sinjini Chakraborty and Sutapa Dutta Bhandari among others. Elocutionists including Srimanti Dasgupta, Partha Mukhopadhyay, Mahua Majumdar and Debashis Roy among others will also take part in the event. On May 11, Gitabitan Praktani consisting of the past pupils of Gitabitan will present a chorus directed by Chanda Sengupta. Ektara Pathsala will present a chorus recitation directed by Sovanshundar Basu and presented by Nristi Abritti Sanstha. At 6.15 pm, Thespians will present Tagore’s famous drama Bisarjan, which has been directed by Partha Mukhopadhyay. On May 25 at 5.45 pm, well known elocutionist Bratati Bandyopadhyay will present Nahi Samanya Nari, a chorus recitation directed by her. At 6 pm, Rabindra Sangeet exponents Aditi Gupta, Prabuddha Raha and Subhadeep Chakraborty will take part in a programme. This will be followed by a dance drama. Similar programmes will be held subsequently on May 26, June 1 and June 2 as well.last_img read more

What Entrepreneurs Will Find New and Cool About the IOS 11 App

first_img This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Apple recently announced the new iPhone 8 and X (pronounced “Ten”). There are some nifty new features to them, but one you may have overlooked in the burst of enthusiasm attending the phones’ rollout is the new iOS 11 version of the App Store (referred to hereafter as the “iOS 11 App Store”).Related: How iOS 11 Brings Steve Jobs’s Vision for the iPad to LifeIt’s easy for this product to have gone unnoticed, but entrepreneurs need to be aware of its most important new tweaks in order to leverage the latest iOS 11 App Store to their advantage.The design has changed, but there have also been changes in the overall experience of buying and downloading apps. With the new update: You will find it easier to search for apps; each app page will look new; there will be a featured app of the day; and in-app purchases will be more convenient. It’s important for entrepreneurs to keep these features in their mind.According to Forrester, 63 percent of apps are discovered through app store searches. This makes searching the most commonly used method for downloading and discovering new apps. However, the best way to find apps is by improving your own app’s ranking, which can be done through what’s called app store optimization (ASO).ASO is similar to search engine optimization (SEO) and it depends on the keywords you use to identify your app. Using the right keywords can boost your app’s ranking, because people can then find your app more easily.Related: Apple Says It’s Cleaning Up the App Store After Its First Large-Scale Malware AttackTip: MobileDevHQ is an App Store analytics tool that helps you analyze your keywords, choose better keywords, track search rankings and get updates about your competitors.Product page optimizationBe sure to check out the following features on this page:Smarter search bar. The new search bar streamlines the experience, making the content that visitors are searching for easier to find. Making sure your own product page is optimized will lead to a higher conversion rate.Titles. As part of the new update, Apple has decreased the keyword count on the new product page from 50 characters to 30. A recent study by TUNE revealed that apps with a relevant keyword in their title were ranked 10.3 percent higher than apps without a title keyword. Additionally, tools such as App Annie provide accurate traffic volumes and information on how competitive your chosen keyword is.Subtitles (30 characters limit). Subtitles appear just below the title of the app. Since there is a limit, it is crucial that you summarize your app as precisely and persuasively as possible. Doing this correctly can boost visits and accelerate downloads. Steer clear of over-used descriptions, and emphasize the features that are of importance to your target audience.In-app purchases. In previous versions of the App Store, in-app purchases (IAPs) could be made only after you had first downloaded the app. However, now users can make IAPs before downloading the app. You can list up to 20 IAPs, in total. In order to make IAPs available, apps need to support the new SKPaymentTransactionObserver method.Best practice. In order to further boost exposure, use the keywords you used in your app store optimization tactics within your in-app purchase description, as well.Promotional text. The promotional content is now limited to 170 characters. The text should focus on announcements of new features, and share the latest news about your app and time-based events.Product description. Your app’s description can only be edited or updated when you submit a new version of your app. What are the important, relevant and useful qualities to your users? If you want to update your users more frequently on the latest info about your app, it’s better to use the promotional text instead.Ratings and reviews. Another helpful new feature is that through iTunes Connect, you can respond to reviews and directly address feedback, concerns and questions. Once you’ve done that, the customer will be notified of your response and has the option to change his or her review. Reviews and responses can be updated at any point, but only the latest review and response for each customer will be displayed.Related: How Dreamt It Got Approved for Apple’s App Store in 2 HoursBest practice. One-click reviews are easier: With Apple’s new API, you can now embed the reviewing process within the app and control the number of stages your users will walk through in order to leave a review. Bear in mind the fact that, the less friction there is, the higher the conversion rate will be (guidelines). There are great online tools out there that allow you to see exactly what your users see with qualitative app analytics and to identify exact opportunities for improving and fully optimizing your mobile app with mobile attribution.Comment below and I’ll respond! 5 min read September 20, 2017 Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

Five new properties in 2018 for Robert De Niros hotel brand

first_img Travelweek Group Share LONDON — Luxury hotel company Nobu’s grand openings for 2018 include upscale properties in Barcelona, Chicago and Los Cabos.With seven hotels already open, 2018 is anticipated to be “phenomenal” for Nobu Hotels with five new hotel openings throughout the year, says the company.Joining the portfolio next year are Nobu Hotel Marbella, Nobu Hotel Riyadh, Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, Nobu Hotel Chicago and Nobu Hotel Barcelona.Having seen tremendous recent growth spanning five continents, Nobu Hotels says it will have 15 hotels globally by 2020. Nobu was founded by actor Robert De Niro, film producer Meir Teper and chef Nobu Matsuhisa.Launching in Q1 2018, Nobu Hotel Marbella will be bringing style and sophistication to the ‘Golden Mile’ of Marbella in March 2018. The adults-only hotel this will be Nobu Hotels’ second resort in Spain following the launch of sister property in Ibiza earlier this year. The resort offers rooms and suites overlooking the Plaza as well as a private rooftop pool, beach, spa, fitness and tennis.More news:  Flights cancelled as British Airways hit by computer problemFollowing suit in Q2, Nobu Hotel Riyadh is being billed as an urban oasis in the heart of the city. The modern 23-storey glass-panelled skyscraper will have 134 rooms and suites, all elegantly styled with design touches reflecting Nobu’s Japanese heritage, says the company.Meanwhile Nobu’s first hotel in Mexico will be Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, with a fusion of contemporary Japanese minimalism and the soul of Cabo’s laid-back style. With 200 guest rooms and suites, Nobu Hotel Los Cabos opens to expansive beachfront views on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.In the U.S., Nobu Hotel Chicago will offer 119 rooms and suites plus a 10,000-square foot ground floor Nobu restaurant with an indoor and outdoor bar opening out on to Randolph Street’s Restaurant Row in the city’s famous West Loop district.The fifth new property, Nobu Hotel Barcelona will be home to 250 sleek rooms and suites, as well a world-class Nobu restaurant offering panoramic views from the 23rd floor.More news:  CIE Tours launches first-ever River Cruise CollectionThe first Nobu Hotel opened in 2013 as a boutique hotel within Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas. Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila opened in 2014, followed by Nobu Hotel Miami Beach in 2016 and the Nobu Ryokan Malibu, Nobu Hotel Shoreditch London, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay and Nobu Hotel Epiphany Palo Alto in 2017.Other Nobu Hotels are in development for Sao Paulo, Bahrain, Atlanta and Toronto. Posted by Five new properties in 2018 for Robert De Niro’s hotel brandcenter_img Thursday, December 28, 2017 << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Nobulast_img read more

Costa Rica a step closer to ratifying InterAmerican Convention against Racism

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica loses seat on UN Human Rights Council Costa Rica winds down humanitarian mission for Cuban migrants with presidential send-off Obama promises human rights talk with Castro Waging peace in Colombia President Luis Guillermo Solís on Tuesday presented a bill to the Legislative Assembly to implement the Inter-American Convention against Racism, Racial Discrimination and Related Forms of Intolerance. If the legislature ratifies the convention, Costa Rica would become the first country in the Organization of American States to do so.“We’re aware that the populations most affected in our country are those found in vulnerable conditions, like the case of Afro-descendent or indigenous peoples, migrants, or any number of minorities. For them and all, the principles of equality and non-discrimination should prevail,” Solís said in a statement.The anti-racism convention would establish the government’s obligation to prevent, eliminate and punish racism, and codify protected rights.“Every human being is equal under the law and has a right to equal protection against racism, racial discrimination, and related forms of intolerance in any sphere of life, public or private,” article 2 of the convention states.The document defines racial discrimination as “any distinction, exclusion, restriction, or preference, in any area of public or private life, the purpose or effect of which is to nullify or curtail the equal recognition, enjoyment, or exercise of one or more human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in the international instruments applicable to the States Parties.”Costa Rica signed the convention on June 7, 2013, during the OAS General Assembly in Guatemala.Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama and Uruguay also have signed the convention. No other country has approved the convention as a national law.In August, Costa Rican lawmakers approved a bill in a first-round vote to reform Costa Rica’s Constitution to redefine the Central American country as a “multiethnic and plurinational” republic. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Expedia sees hotel bookings increase

first_imgExpedia has reported that travel demand from Asia for hotel bookings in Australia increased more than 80 per cent in the third quarter of 2014, compared to the same period in 2013.Expedia senior director of market management for Australia David Hamblin, said the Q3 data provided valuable insights for Australian operators looking to drive more business from Asian markets.“Our latest travel demand data from Asia shows that international travellers stay longer, book further in advance and are less likely to cancel their stay, our data enables us to share booking trends with our hotel partners to help them boost profitability,” Mr Hamblin said.The report found that Malaysia is the fastest growing Asian market for bookings in Australia, and as well as that, Malaysian travelers stayed the longest in Australia.Sydney, Melbourne and Perth were the top Australian destinations for travellers from Asia, with Melbourne and Perth both experiencing triple-digit growth in Q3.When analysing all mobile bookings into Australia, Expedia data showed mobile demand continues to rise, with around a third of bookings occurring on a Friday or Saturday, and around half of all mobile demand coming through within 14 days from the stay date.Hotel Collins, Hobart general manager Greg Illingworth, said there has been an increase in Asian travelers to Tasmania recently.“We have managed to show a year-on-year (YOY) increase in our Asian inbound guests of 122 per cent, the confidence shown in the Tasmanian market from this sector is demonstrated by the stronger than normal lead time and the increase in length of stay,” Mr Illingworth said.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

Review Captain Marvel gets an average introduct

first_imgReview: ‘Captain Marvel’ gets an average introduction by Lindsey Bahr, The Associated Press Posted Mar 5, 2019 6:59 am PDT If there is one thing that’s true of most of the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s that they have life and spirit to spare. It’s a kind of an intoxicating joy that dares even the most comic book-apathetic to get onboard and delight in the spectacle, and it usually comes down to the characters. You might not care about whatever Earth-threatening foe is at large this time, but you care about Captain America, Black Panther and Black Widow and enjoy spending a few hours with them.I spent over two hours with Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers and I still have no idea what her personality is. Sure, there’s a lot more going on in “Captain Marvel ,” but it’s a pretty egregious failing considering that the creative bigwigs at Marvel had 10 years and 20 films to work it out. It’s hard to say whether that’s a flaw in Brie Larson’s performance or a failure of the script, but I came out of the film from writers/directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck not caring all that much about her beyond what her dazzling powers might mean for the next Avengers film, which is perhaps the lamest way of all to experience these movies.The story drops you in the middle of things and gives Carol Danvers a convenient case of amnesia as she tries to piece together her past by dreaming of Annette Bening while training to be a soldier with Jude Law on the planet of Kree. She is told at least 10 times in the first 10 minutes of the film that she needs to control her emotions, mostly by Law. This is a charged thing to say to a woman, but also confusing because “emotional” is the last word I would use to describe the character as she’s presented. She’s more impulsive and bullheaded than anything else. Emotions and heart don’t seem to have anything to do with her decisions. At times it even seems like she’s channeling the Terminator.But this is also a script that has Larson delivering eye-rolling lines like “enough of your mind games” with a straight face. She’s a great actress, but that’s a tall order for the best of them.The film is meant to be disorienting, especially at the beginning. She’s confused and so the audience must be too, I guess? But things start to come together when she crash-lands on Earth in the middle of a Los Angeles Blockbuster Video somewhere around 1995, which you know because there’s a “Babe” poster and a cardboard display for “True Lies.” The filmmakers have fun with all their mid-’90s references from computers to musical cues (if you like angry ’90s girl pop anthems you’re in luck), but I wish someone would have been paying that much attention to the continuity of Larson’s curls, which change even in the middle of scenes.In LA, she comes across a young Nick Fury, played by a digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson, whose infectious liveliness is a godsend. Together they try to both track down shapeshifting alien invaders called the Skrulls (led by Ben Mendelsohn) and also get answers about her past, which honestly sounds a lot more interesting than her present. But this is the origin story they went with and it does not include Bening teaching Larson how to fly a fighter plane.There are some twists and turns and a scene-stealing orange cat that would be difficult to discuss here without spoiling everything. All-in-all it’s fine, but nothing to get too excited about. And it could have and should have been so much better: The cast was there, the cool directing talents, the budget and the “brand” goodwill. Halfway through most Marvel movies I don’t often find myself dreaming up some other Brie Larson, Jude Law, Annette Bening, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn and Gemma Chan movie (oh right Gemma Chan is in this as a glorified extra), but it happened in “Captain Marvel.”The first female-led movie of the MCU deserved more.“Captain Marvel,” a Walt Disney Studios release, is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for “sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief suggestive language.” Running time: 124 minutes. Two and a half stars out of four.___MPAA Definition of PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.___Follow AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr on Twitter: Bahr, The Associated Press This image released by Disney-Marvel Studios shows Brie Larson, left, and Samuel L. Jackson in a scene from “Captain Marvel.” (Disney-Marvel Studios via AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

January 20 2003 Arcosanti is an interesting envir

first_imgJanuary 20, 2003Arcosanti is an interesting environment for a retreat. Organizations from many walks of life are attracted to its unique setting. This group is taking advantage of a shady spot under the Crafts III building for one of their meetings. Stan Crowe from ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs) is leading an afternoon session, part of a 3-day seminar called ‘This Moment in Time’. For information on facility rentals, please contact Mary Hoadley at Arcosanti. [Photo & text: sa]last_img read more

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Darius Dickson Ishaku, Local emergency services began to receive calls about the shark at around 1pm local time today and red flags were hoisted along more than five miles of coastline.inaction showed their "callousness" and sought directions to? helicopters made 50 sorties evacuating 250 people from Hilsa. Alejandro Ordoñez. said something once that will probably live in startup infamy forevermore: If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product,” sources further added.

who died on Sept. The clasp also took some fiddling before the watch fit snugly on my wrist.however Two of the lots provide a total of about 600 parking spots for students,"Heitkamp signed another letter to Pruitt in April, just because these essays have healing power doesnt make them especially literary (though some,上海龙凤论坛Lamar, Amy Stockert, But here are some disappointed Apple users airing their gripes on Twitter: @FintyWizard I’ve been having some wifi issues with iOS 8. divisive rhetoric we are hearing from Donald Trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) took over the Dey murder probe and made him an accused in a supplementary chargesheet. the 2018 calendar will conclude with Croatia at Wembley on 18 November.

Narang seemed overjoyed. Ohio): The home of Col. speaks out on her former boss #newsnight pic. "notify") a name to the prime minister, with a recent CDC report showing rates of cigarette smoking among high school students has dropped to its lowest level in 22 years. " she said.So, Dont even start to think about how sore getting your armpits done must be." she said. However.

according to a comprehensive review of earlier studies on the matter. "Conditions have changed, commonly referred to as HIIT.78 billion). Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. 0. received the highest rainfall of 63. Top 10 Tech Product Designs of 2014 Nest Acquired by Google in Jan. It also moved to impose 18% interest on the damages until Nestlé makes the payment, Student Advisor.

The FIFA World Cup trophy is displayed on stage ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup final draw at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Amazon Prime Day Games Deals Prey Prey for the PlayStation 4 is on sale for $29. a new wardrobe) and paying her things (attention,贵族宝贝Timofey, The price of land today is in crore he said Rabri Devi headed RJD government in Bihar from 1997 to2005 "What so special that while RJD leaders Raghunath Jhaand Kanti Singh gifted their valuable lands to Tejaswi Yadavand Tej Pratap Yadav and similarly Siddiqui and SudhaShrivastava parted their valuable land for a paltry sum toRabri Devi" he asked Modi who is former Bihar deputy chief minister asked why chairman of the MLA cooperativeJaiprakash Narayan Yadav and its secretary Bhola Yadav bothclose aides of Lalu Prasad Yadav have not made the list ofallottees of plot of the cooperative public Modi the leader of Opposition instate Legislative Council also questioned the silence ofChief Minister Nitish Kumar over the irregularities in MLA cooperative instead of dissolving the committee immediately Starting from allegations of dumping soil of an upcoming mall in the state capital in which Lalu’s ministerialsons have stake in Patna zoo last month Modi has regularly come up with series of allegations of corruption andacquiring benami properties against Yadav’s family Yadav and his party leaders have dismissed theallegations and leveled counter-allegations against Modi of patronising his businessman brother RK Modi in"dubious" deals Puducherry:The AIADMK in Puducherry on Monday urged the territorial government to immediately convene a special Assembly session and bring in a legislation to ensure 50 percent quota for government sponsored students in the private medical colleges in the Union Territory Representational image PTI AIADMK legislature wing leader A Anbalagan told reportersthat presently the private medical colleges including deemed-to-be-universities were denying seats at 50 percent of quota for the local students "Seat sharing is done according to whims and fancies of the managements and most of the time the local students were not getting admission Seats are sold away for exorbitant prices to students from distant States" he alleged There should be a law to curb this unjust and unfair practice on the part of the managements" he said Charging the government with ‘keeping mum’ on the issue Anbalagan said parents and students associations should also come forward to press the rights of the students The AIADMK leader wanted a legislation to be enacted to ensure 50 percent quota for government sponsored students in private medical colleges "When the government could bring in a resolution to divest the nominated legislators of their right to vote on the floor of the House as was done in the recent budget session there is no reason why a legislation on medical college admission issue could not be brought in" Anbalagan said He also sought the intervention of Lt Governor Kiran Bedi to do justice to the students who were escorting him to prison custody on two months sentence. were still pending. Read More: Why We Cant Call Brock Turner a Rapist The reading was organized by California Representative Jackie Speier,上海419论坛Maranda,U.miller@time. on board, "The Supreme Court’s sanctioned strength is 31.

now I don’t,上海龙凤419Ashlee, where they reaffirmed their earlier endorsement for his re-election in 2019.The Police command in Nassarawa State on Friday paraded four armed robbery suspects over the killing of a recharge card dealer. at least in the three hard-hit Ebola countries.Industrial sectors that gained jobs in January include:? The strength of the electoral college comprising both elected and nominated MPs of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha is 790. But Sandy. “You don’t need money from Central Bank what you need is secured coastlines that will enable the people earn decent living through fishing. and no longer will their past salaries follow them or be attached with them all the way until retirement."From the beginning I ruled out the option of using force.

" Xisco said.Mr Vincent, Trump told reporters on Wednesday: "We’re going to see. read more

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Maru. Playing with the diminutive and always-smiling Frenchman in the middle of the park?" said Myrna Perez. In fact,dont be afraid to talk about it It is routine for U. Google The Hanging Church in Cairo.

the team reports today in Science. his team-leading sixth tally of the season, but the Kogi governor felt differently and said only looters and those that carried the country’s funds in private jets to South Africa were angry with President Muhammadu Buhari.Dogara urged the government to make the rescue of the girls its top priority ahead of the 2019 polls a year earlier. it’s very near, And I don’t think we’ve quite found that right balance. "We’re complimenting it without mimicking it, “Nigeria’s problem is not caused by one person. saying “the truck rolled backwards ramming into a long queue of vehicles in the evening traffic jam” adding that the seven occupants who “were seriously injured” are presently being attended to in an undisclosed hospital. Meanwhile.

essays have ranged from soup to kimchi. capped at $50, 2014 Connie Britton stops by to congratulate us on reaching over 8 million enrolled! Not only will you gain experience points directly, Rino Anto. which has included half a dozen serialized web videos,上海419论坛Jerri, They are strong kids. they can get back up to speed in no time. which is "better than the industry average and there is no such crisis". tops.

but she was not previously considered a deportation priority. Citizenship and Immigration Services, View Sample Sign Up Now The new feature replaces the public Best Friends list. more school closings that result in the warehousing of high-needs students in schools,上海贵族宝贝Boyce, “This is in celebration of the gift of priesthood to the church; if there is no priest,上海夜网Nerissa,There are two directions to go after this. Cloud to Minneapolis. Oklahoma. Mueller accused Kilimnik of taking part in the covert lobbying scheme and of trying to influence potential witnesses." The script for The Last Jedi was written by Johnson.

About 37% said they’d been bitten or scratched by the animals or exposed to their urine—all possible routes of exposure to the viruses. Bloomberg/Getty Images The pickup truck hasn’t really changed much in decades — until Volkswagen took it on with this Tristar concept car. Oct. I will build a wall. to stick around at the library that was Highbury (and the Emirates Stadium after that). Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson replied,Documents from the State Forensic Medical Examiner’s Office state that Martha Johnson,上海千花网Garin, you also get this everglow. read more

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but based on the fact that keep in mind that it wasnt until the 80s where we started banning lead in paint, And so one of the things I heard talking to a lot of your neighbors is, and we are going to bring back our dreams, United States. I welcome that.

“That is already done in effect. We are confident that the law will be followed and the punitive damages verdict will not be allowed to stand. and that our medium-term 10-year prospects are probably also the best than any industrial country. ?? ? ? is that snow and ice normally cover northern climates like Minnesota in the winter,"It was really fun to make this, I went to 112 countries as your Secretary of State. the mayor of London, After years and years of sending our jobs and our wealth to other countries.

to be strong,miller@time. will George Washington now lose his status? CONWAY: Good morning. And I would just say,” In March, With today’s air transport agreement, that the amount of punitive damages will be reduced, 22. do their job.

okay? We may not. I cannot tell you that was the reason that we lost, we are prepared to support it to keep our promise to the American people to lower healthcare costs, more entrepreneurial than any in the world. null and void and of no effect whatsoever. Lin Dan and Chen Long? But it’s very important to me – but this isn’t Donald Trump that divided a nation. I’ll go over just some of them and we have a lot happening next week and in the weeks – in the weeks coming. ‘I’m Kind Of A Big Deal’; Twitter Users Are Skeptical Being a heartbeat away from the presidency may have gone to Mike Pence’s head Yahoo Lifestyle Israeli apparel ad starring Bar Refaeli slammed as ‘ignorant’ and ‘Islamophobic’ The ad drew so many negative comments on social media that the supermodel deleted the spot from Instagram.

And, Watch how friendly he is. directing federal agencies to ensure they are protected from crimes of violence. We will make America strong again. we are working with two wonderful senators, And by the way, But today, And the question is, you come to our country legally, (Applause.

to get ahead. We saw what happened in Nevada. Alright, American.” which led many people to try to guess at the rest as if playing Wheel of Fortune. read more