(I) break the normal procedure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization thinking inertia force

for the webmaster, understand the relevant knowledge and operation theory of search engine, will be engaged in practical work, this is a practical work, and requires high technology, rather than those of God the temptation of the breaker excited phenomenon, in this dimension, a qualified webmaster have a solid, hard effort, a kind of spirit, is also a kind of artisan spirit, for the webmaster, to strive hard to learn the professional knowledge, but also meticulous study of various algorithms, every detail for the webmaster, in the current competitive environment, all these data will prove to be useful, and very may be very useful, so it is not only as a qualified webmaster, but also cultivate a artisan spirit to all aspects of the site to the extreme is more competitive Competitive power.

.In this respect

three professional

professional level is not high, but can also be made, but this will be reflected in the new year a few years is quite obvious, but this is 2017, the search engine has very analysis ability on users, content, website, rather than those of non professional personnel in the world.

four. Responsibility "

In fact many friends


yes this is a Chinese custom culture, a kind of custom, but also our habits, for many webmaster, optimize your habits, habits and marketing of Shanghai dragon habits and so need to develop slowly, rather than a short duration of time, like the habit is not possible will form the same.



professional degree and not entirely the performance characteristics of a strength, but professional ability is stronger that level of desire and inner effort, it is a cost to pay the state, we have to give a reasonable and in this respect, the professional degree is higher, tend to show better behavior ability, these two aspects are mutually affected, but also the result of long time practice ability.

we all know that the new year to eat dumplings, paste antithetical couplet, firecrackers, relatives, this just happened soon pay New Year’s call greetings, it must remember. For Chinese people, this is not what happens, but the habit of.

then as a webmaster need to cultivate what habits? The following simple explanation for Jane from the media, for reference only.

we all know the rules and periodicity of the ranking, but with the continuous development of the Internet, this cycle is likely to become more and more long, and is likely to have changed as the development trend, so the cycle is longer, requires the owners have better tenacity and ability to bear in mind, rather than small a few months have abandoned the idea of industry.

two. The toughness of

artisan spirit.

Shanghai dragon core points in the website optimization (below)

some time ago I wrote an article in the A5: "Shanghai station network optimization core points of the website in Phoenix (on)", and we talk about the main station of Shanghai dragon core optimization, now again and talk about the core station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. First of all, we know that a site has good rankings, 90% above all by optimizing out; we also know that in Chinese, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is doing the best! However, we should also know that love Shanghai itself is a no original content of the website resources.

however, love Shanghai how to get outside the chain of high quality so huge? If with personal manual to finish! This is Arabian Nights! This is a core part of my research is Shanghai dragon! Well, I will talk with you special analysis of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon technology. Now we don’t talk about love in Shanghai, or talk about some practical problems, how are we going to get the high quality of the chain? I also wrote an article in the A5 Adsense nets: "personal experience about how to get effective outside the chain of high quality", we see there may be some help here is how to win and optimize these chain.

Links is one of the fastest and most efficient way to get outside the chain of a website so we how to get and optimize these high quality links? Here you may have thought of a PR value! May every webmaster have such experience: with the PR value high on their website to exchange when the link will often be relentlessly refused! Yes, I also have such experience, in fact, now know some Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, generally don’t go the PR value as the primary exchange links or is only the standard conditions.

I’ll give you an example: I have a station is three years ago, the art, what are relatively poor typesetting, rarely stand ready to update, snapshot or love Shanghai last year, but in February this year opened the website, I was shocked: the PR value is actually 5, but still, sweat out! It is no rankings, what is not to mention the flow. Give you an example: in my side also has such a new station: the PR value is 0, love Shanghai snapshot every day in the update, the chain number reached more than 2000 in the rankings and flow, can say I now is very satisfied. The above two examples we can.

1, Links

so, love Shanghai not original resources, it is what the Shanghai dragon do well? It had talked about standing outside the optimization, which is one of my direction is to study the Shanghai dragon. The quality and quantity of standing outside the core is optimized in the optimization of the chain! Can we go to check the amount of the chain of love in Shanghai now? About 24 million 200 thousand! And the number of the chain of our website is poor?? now understand love Shanghai Shanghai dragon why do it so good? One reason is the love of Shanghai, with high quality and huge chain support it!

The domain name renewal puzzle how to make search engines to update to the new domain name

replace the domain name, how to do a good job of optimizing

website tool use premise:

2, before the exchange of a Links, to remind each other to renew the domain name link. May be appropriate to buy the chain, the chain through the website of the early throes.

recently, a friend of consultation of micro enterprises: "the domain name change, found that the search results display or old domain, how to solve this problem?" although the micro enterprises is only a H5 self-service platform, but for this problem, as the micro enterprises steeped in years of Internet circle small or can answer one or two. First, for the domain name replacement, a small part of the answer is to don’t change or not change the domain name. Of course, sometimes, for some reason, must replace the domain name, then replace the domain name to the optimization work. Below, is small to give the recommendations of friends here to share out, hope to have a friend needs help.

website address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/rewrite/index

1, the old domain because the file is not, the 404 error of the emergence of a large number, in order to avoid the loss of the flow with 404 page flow recovery.


two, in the search engine submission of new domain name:

(1) site has completed the revision and set the correct relationship between the 301 jump.

2, if the

3, in order to search.

search engines crawl data, the data will be stored on the server will automatically jump to the new domain, the new domain name only reaches a certain flow may be included. The webmaster can shorten the time to be included in the domain name submitted to the search engine platform (about 15-30 days). Love in Shanghai:

, a new domain name included the premise: setting 301 jump

1, directly to the new domain name and domain name: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/linksubmit/url


three, the content of Construction:

use 301 redirect function the original web page is redirected to the new site. Through this method can inform Google and other search engines: your website has permanently moved.

before the webmaster tools have been submitted by the old domain name, domain names can be replaced in the webmaster tools background.


(2) are new and old website to complete the verification in Shanghai Webmaster Platform.

note: after the new domain name is included, there may be new and old domain name exists in the search results page, and the old domain ranking before. This situation may last up to 1-2 years.

About the core concepts and keywords, choose target keywords and long tail keywords


what is the long tail keywords


is the core keywords, is our website theme most simple words but also search the highest amount of words, such as our website is a service of the Shanghai dragon website, so our core keywords is "Shanghai dragon, website optimization, search engine optimization etc..

what is the core keywords

? What is the

2, every day people search and accurate: because the core keyword is the site of the main word, so our core keywords for the everyday people in the search, and search for many times; if we choose a keyword, then every day no one to search, which you do not go up what did not flow, the significance of


1, and closely related to the theme of the site: for example, your site is Shanghai dragon service website, so the core keywords you due to the "Shanghai dragon, website optimization, website ranking, search engine optimization, and is not relevant and subject words, and is extremely unfriendly to search engine.

!The ?

3, with their strength: this one is a >

related keywords extended keywords, is an extension of the core keywords or for example, our website is a service of the Shanghai dragon website, so our core keywords is "Shanghai dragon, website optimization", then the relevant keywords us is similar to the "enterprise portal website optimization, Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng optimization and core words related to" etc..

core keywords choice points

is an extension of the long tail keywords for relevant keywords, and the long tail keywords is a phrase, or the example above, so our long tail keywords is a service company of Shanghai dragon?, Shanghai dragon website optimization looking for? "And so on; that is; the number of long tail keywords is very very much, we can be free to expand, although the long tail keywords relative to the core keywords, search relevant keywords low, but through the long tail keywords to users more accurate, but if we really do the long tail key, then through the long tail keywords to flow than the core keywords, keyword more.

and the core keywords to take into account the user’s heart, take the Shanghai dragon service website, the core keyword is Shanghai dragon or website optimization, but through these words to the user, and not much to ask people to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as some is to send the chain, or to learn more here, the keyword is not suitable for Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon service website, so if it is "enterprise website ranking" this keyword than the simple keyword Shanghai Longfeng better, not only low competition, and through this keyword to the user, more accurate.

Robots.txt prepared a little careless poison like minefield deep (a)

for the most simple example, if you want your a file in the b.html crawl, so how do you write is


Robots.txt open questions written

in Robots.txt written rules, it does not execute tree structure analysis, in other words when writing should not be put on the parent folder, but according to a nearby principle, if we put the parent folder on the front, the spider will think this way is closed, can not access, and our ultimate goal is to visit. As a result, the target and actual is very different.

every day we write original content, and then update to your web site, you want to have what we have to do? Of course is to discuss the search engine, we all know that search engine value of original content, for the original.

Robots.txt prepared by the

Allow:/a/b.html Disallow:/a/ or Disallow:/a/ Allow:/a/b.html?

general, the website does not need to access file management background files, scripts, attachments, database files, etc..


many webmaster, especially beginners webmaster for Robots.txt understanding is too one-sided, they think that since Robots.txt may provide access to the spider, why should we not open, all files are arranged to visit, so the site included the amount immediately rose, in fact, we think the problems are far from simple, we all know fixed some files in Web site is not transmitted to the search engine access, if we take the website "full open", the consequences is to increase web server load, reduce the rate of slow access speed, crawling spiders, no use for the website included, so the fixed do not need access to files, we directly Disallow off you can.

everyone has their own privacy, the website also is such, the site also don’t want to be the spider to see things, such as membership password and so on, and to block out this part of privacy, general webmaster will think of Robots.txt in the first time. Yes, the use of Robots.txt file can indeed give spider way, tell it what the place to go, what place should not go, it is also for this reason, many owners are keen to use the Robots.txt, but you really will use Robots.txt? For the preparation of the rules and you know how much I don’t? Only, but for this after all a little experience, to share out here, so we have a reference, of course, the old bird can fly.

prepared by the repeated problems ?

The chain of ups and downs is derived from the search engine data delete

chain is also the life cycle, as a creature, you will die. What was not strange, of course, the answer to everyone, I think we will not buy. Let me tell you about the principle which is how one thing, search engine hardware resources are limited, the entire Internet content days billions of pages in growth. The search engine in order to be able to play effective resources to maximize the effect, of course, will only be included quality content. The search engine to determine the content of "garbage naturally want to delete, delete the contents of the rubbish has two advantages:

Is that


we need to observe the content of what is it? Is actually under the data from the image data we can see that the love of Shanghai included about the word "Shanghai dragon is 64800000. A maximum of one hundred million, if you are interested in observation, can see the data every day, I believe that as long as the search engine update, this value will change. For example, you included the chain rose and rose in the circumstances. I believe that is the search engine under the data also rose, if our website, and set the chain greatly reduced, then you come to observe the data must be reduced. The reason is the search engine.

can provide a storage space for those high quality content, because the search engine hardware resources are limited. I can reduce the computational time, better and faster and more accurate to provide better results. If you think the storage space of search engine in 100 "and 1000", which calculate quickly, which is more accurate, there is no doubt that the 100 page, so the search engine to delete some of the garbage "is very necessary. The chain you lost, a big reason is because you publish web spam is just search engine recognition, and then deleted, finally you outside of the chain is lost, the whole process is almost like.

for everyone to see some of the data here, but also can let you more clearly understand the search engine update, make you more aware of how search engines removed. You look at the picture and the contents of this picture is in the search for the word love Shanghai Shanghai dragon intercepted a picture

before a few day Shanghai big update, many sites included and the chain doubled. But yesterday evening someone in the chat group said the chain down, ask me how this is going, this just rose to chain up, how fast it fell? It is really confused ah, I asked him the rank of the website keywords you have declined? He said it no, it is not affected, the chain fell not worth what get excited over a little thing. But I just don’t trust, I asked the specific is how the matter? I was also to explain the reason, I think everyone has a similar question, today I will for you to uncover the mysterious veil.

In fact, the

Shanghai dragon will work every day to do C analysis of Web log

original URL: 贵族宝贝suting52贵族宝贝/445.html please indicate the source

! !

if your website snapshot not update, snapshot back even site is down right, you’ll see the site has not updated regularly to see the site of the original, and what Links problems, in fact, in the love of Shanghai search engine, snapshot back, not more Xindu is normal, and this is not your website and your site exchange links of the problem, it just fell in love with a snapshot of the site to the sea residence or is not put out, you have to do is daily updated original and release the chain. So how to judge your site, this is not your problem? This will see you have observed daily web log:

analysis of Web log is always the most complete and most accurate, through web logs we can know the search engine spiders crawling on our website and the residence time, and the query website content is to be included in those parts of the website that error information in the spider visit! Well, to understand the observed log benefits, I think you may want to know is how to do log analysis, then analysis of Taizhou now Shanghai dragon to everyone about how to go to the website: website to log log analysis must first obtain the web log, I think there are certainly a lot of people to find their own web log in the web root itself, it is because of you. Do not open access to the web log on the host background function, as long as the host background Open Web access log, then second days in the net Standing under the root directory of a name to find web log log folder. After find web logs, download it to the local, as are the records of the spider crawling log in this state, we may see cannot read, we need to use a tool (light log analysis tools, direct search can be downloaded to love Shanghai!) this tool can help us to quickly analyze web logs, directly to the the conclusion reveals to us, we have to do is to establish a EXCEL table to record the data, the data about long-term record, so we can analyze the spider crawling our website in the long-term trend to know the direction of development of our website

data is always the most direct, the most convincing, do Shanghai dragon should pay attention to the analysis of the data, this should be a Shanghai dragon er the most basic skills. A log table should include the contents of volume, grab grab times, crawl time, don’t repeat grab, single crawler, crawling average amount, the average single crawler crawling time, crawler crawling across the 404 page number! Take time every day to record these data in order to know the development of your site not empty, how do you feel, as Shanghai dragon should learn to speak with the data, because data is more convincing than expected

Small and medium-sized enterprises do some new website optimization must pay attention to

1, select the server and the domain name

this article is not some basic skills of Shanghai dragon, but some details for the new station operation summary, help in the construction sites and search engine friendly communication, will in order to get a good website just on the line of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix data.

2, enterprise website how to build


although Harbin is to accept new things relatively late in the city, but according to the survey, there have been nearly 2 of the small and medium-sized enterprise customer channel is completely through the network. This kind of low cost, high cost, obvious effect of promotion has been more and more recognized by the small and medium sized enterprises in Harbin. But for the website and website optimization, we may know is not comprehensive. Able to perform wonders (hereinafter referred to as gold) through understanding of the direction of optimizing the website a few companies, everyone seems still in the website optimization method of last era, may also be searched before the Shanghai dragon appeared some wrong Shanghai Longfeng measures. Here we have a few enterprises according to the need to pay attention to the new station.

Most people think it may be

enterprise website optimization must pay attention to:


this may have on people who do not understand the Internet is a problem, some small and medium enterprises usually find some network agents, but such a simple thing to let them go and did not appear crack we are white? A lot of domain name registration website can get the basic com is 55-65 yuan, CN will be cheaper but now, recommended or certified com is better, because users will be more familiar with, and com is the international domain name not submitted to the audit data, but also eliminates unnecessary trouble. If the registration found that the registered provider DNS is not stable, you can search some free online with dns. As for the server dianjin also admitted that, just contact the supplier did not understand the IDC is really easy to lose, of course, when gold line Zaigang also spent a lot of big money, but for years and the IDC of the server have more mature channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, in fact, it really is not necessary what to get the record, unless there are special requirements, can go abroad to rent the cloud server or outside space. These are free for the record, but the speed is not slow. If the site can successfully get the record, but not by the local IDC vendors would contain (some Harbin server vendors provide free filing, but must rent their server, is a bit sour taste) personal recommendations or use a server in Beijing better. Beijing first bandwidth quality, and cloud hosting is everywhere, the most important point is that from the love of spiders in Shanghai very close, even the neighbor. I said so much, if you still can not find a clue, then I can only say four words to you, please contact me! "…… " spirit of helping others attitude, willing to provide guidance for free gold.

Shanghai dragon should be how to maintain the mentality of feeling from one point 2.22 Shanghai eart

occupation of Shanghai Dragon An article I had written "

you not to make money or in the money station 90% are non majors in college, we have to fight to fight technology in any case but the real play of human capital; money is not to mention. But our personal webmaster success is because we have their incomparable advantages, that is the spirit of perseverance and faith fight to win or die. In my personal webmaster contact now almost half a year, there is no what income, but I still did not stop the pace of progress is because they do not give up the belief. At the same time as the Shanghai dragon Er station every day to face all kinds of small changes, or changes in the ranking, or included reduced, or chain fluctuation. In your chain yesterday also was down to two digits, suddenly see believe the webmaster is at heart a surprised. Before you publish this article in the author has just finished processing the website space, first half hour visit, then is open until now extremely slow. I Chinese mechanical drawing www.jixiezhitu.net therefore was ranked in the top three decline, almost before, now only to fifth. A few months hard to do because of space issues and ranking is ruined! But as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er every day we have to face these things is out of order, we can not give up so angry, only patience to adapt.

in Shanghai Longfeng er must learn to improve self development" in order to better said as Shanghai dragon Er will constantly improve their difficulties in order to better, in addition to the customer service and there is no other way, as a webmaster of nature is a truth. So for you and I like friends, I want to say in the face of changes we need to do is to calm, patience, patience, patience; insist, insist, insist on. No matter how strong do but stick strength, when we harvest the previous hard experience became a cloud.

as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er we must believe that only a few people can be opportunistic in a few cases, we do not lose at the starting stage.

with the development of the Internet, more and more things can be directly through the Internet to fix. Even Bill Gates said the next 5 years of university curriculum can be carried out on the Internet, perhaps you don’t need to go to what the university can learn a lot of knowledge. It is due to highlight the special advantage of the Internet, so that more and more people began to seek on the Internet to play a world.


times into individual stationmaster a group of people active in the internet. But at present the website on search engine technology, Shanghai Longfeng nature is every webmaster must master the knowledge. No matter how did not participate in the formal training, you are to understand a lot of Shanghai Longfeng theory, most rely on A5’s article also learned a lot of knowledge of the essence of Shanghai dragon. That is to say you whether admit it or not is a Shanghai dragon Er, although not er.

Talk about the influence factors of website ranking and processing method

two, frequently modify site title

with the search engine technology is more and more perfect, as Shanghai dragon ER on site optimization is no longer simply send the chain can quickly improve the ranking. But after obtaining good ranking is not to worry about everything, because the search engine algorithm varies from day to day, is constantly changing, today may be your website ranking page, maybe tomorrow will fall out of one hundred outside. But if some of the conventional ranking effect because they do not understand the words, so for your own website dropped like it is impossible to start, as the saying goes, Zhiyizhibi, you can. Then the factors affecting the website ranking is what, and in these cases the webmaster should be how to solve it? Today I talk about common ranking factors and solutions.

modify the site title for each site is experienced, webmasters may modify the title is thought to make it easier for users to live website or make website to get a higher ranking. But the search engine is the most offensive often modify title, because it would allow the search engine to determine the site is not professional, and after each update search engine again to determine the site content and site types of things, and this would make the site back into the review period, natural ranking will plummet. So, to modify the title due to the decline in ranking, I think this is frequent if no ground for blame, modify title >

method: since the server has a problem, then to long-term operation of the website webmaster, must as soon as possible considering the idea of replacing servers. If you wait until the site to consider setting the foundation to replace the server, it is easy to cause the site users stay lost, many web site because the server is not stable and have lost a large number of users so that for example meet the eye everywhere, the server caused by the website ranking drop, the loss of users, the author suggested that shorter than the pain pain, as far as possible to replace the server, with the cut grass root. Of course, select the server should try to choose the authoritative service, good brand servers, thus effectively avoid the server lead to stable position.

web server is carrying all the normal operation of the website, also can say is the key factor of website. If the site as a tree, then the server is the root of the tree, obviously if the root of the tree is damaged, it is doomed the tree’s life has come to an end. Similarly, the web server is not stable or won’t open it, even if you cannot optimize promotion method is advanced, how effective is useless, because the roots have shaken the base, what is the normal operation of the website? And the server is not stable, natural spider crawling will not be the content index smoothly, even can not enter the website how to index content? So that the server is the first factor that influence website ranking.

, a server failure