João Félix accelerates towards Anfield

first_imgThe fantastic week of Atlético left, among other good news, the return of João Félix to the team. A muscle injury I had left him out of the last games and against Villarreal reappeared in the second half, Plugged in, with desire … and with goal. He was especially motivated to score and got it with a left foot. He joined the party, took off a weight and remembers that there he is.João Félix fell off the team at the end of January, just before the visit to the Bernabéu, and that game was lost and three others (Granada, Valencia and Liverpool). That section also coincided with that Correa is still inspired by the goal, marking and attending; with the final stretch of the recovery of Diego Costa; with the signing of Carrasco; with what Simeone has available more than 20 players … That is, the team has survived well without the Portuguese and that you will not have so easy to recover the essential poster in this Atleti. After 1-0 at Liverpool, the next event marked in red by the club, the costumes and the fans is that of Anfield, the game everyone will want to play. Y João Félix knows that he has to step on the accelerator if he wants to be part of the block that seeks to complete the mash. On Sunday he jumped to the field in minute 57, with 1-1, and had time to make five shots (one of them 3-1). Almost as many shots as you pass, which gave seven. The return of João Félix raises competition in the attack and reopen the option for Simeone to recover the trident with which he started the course, with Diego Costa and Morata as a battering ram and the Portuguese from behind with some freedom, but on the right wing when it comes to defending. However, that plan was deprecated. In addition, Correa is getting strong at eleven and it will not be easy for him to fall from him. The Cholo has gone from a stage in which the alignment was almost done alone by the plague of casualties to another in which it is very expensive to be a starter. Not even the Menino de Ouro, The most important investment in the history of the club, it is insured. That is why it has begun to accelerate.If you want accompany Atleti in the mythical Anfield and enjoy the atmosphere of the Champions live here you can check the available tickets: Liverpool – Athletic. 11.03.2018 – 21.00center_img “It is not easy to adapt to Atlético, but João has a lot of room for improvement. If he listens to the coach and his teammates, he will be the player that everyone wants to see,” said Captain Koke, who assisted him in the goal, that prize that the Portuguese striker was resisting in the League since September 25. It has since passed through a Golden Boy, two muscle injuries, a pharyngotonsillitis and a drought that raised certain doubts, alternating in their matches Details of enormous quality with anxiety and inconsequence. Before Villarreal he helped the team give one more point and finish imposing itself on the opponent.last_img read more

Ronaldo awarded the template with an Iphone and two plane tickets

first_imgThe president of Real Valladolid, Ronaldo Nazario, is not a leader to use. His experience as an elite player leads him to have a series of details with his players that many others would like for himself. The last one was, according to the LA8 RTCYL journalist, Marina Marcos, in EsRadio, the gift of an Iphone and a double plane ticket after winning on February 23 against Espanyol (2-1), a very important victory in the blanquivioletas aspirations to save the category. It must be remembered, in fact, that an airline company sponsors the Valladolid club. Remember that it is not the first time that the top shareholder of the club rewards the staff. Last season, after achieving salvation, he invited the entire staff to a multi-day trip to Ibiza on vacation.last_img read more

Government and players ask to stop Series A immediately

first_imgThe Italian Sports Minister, Vicente Spadafora, has agreed with the request of the president of the footballers’ unions of the country, former player of Levante Damiano Tommasi, of the immediate suspension of Series A. “It makes no sense at this time to put the health of players, referees, technicians and fans at risk that they will surely meet to watch the matches just for not temporarily suspending football and defending the interests that revolve around them. “It should be remembered that Italy has decreed the isolation of 16 million people because of the spread of coronavirus. The Government prohibits the entrances and exits in Lombardy and other 14 provinces of the country and it meditates the massive hiring of sanitary personnel.Today, five championship matches are scheduled, but the first one, the Parma-Spal, was postponed. in full confrontation between clubs and government. Finally, it was decided that the crash would start an hour and a quarter later than expected.This morning, Spadafora received a letter from Tommasi, also sent to all the leaders of the country and football, in which he requested to stop Series A. Spadafora noted that “Other Federations have wisely opted to stop over the next few days. I think it is the duty of the president of the Italian Federation, Gravina, to reflect, and not wait for the first case of contagion, before assuming this great responsibility. “Spadafora also recalled the rejection of the League to the open broadcast of all the matches of the championship during the health alert: “After all, even before the situation became so dramatic for the country, Serie A and the Sky League had already refused to grant thousands of Italians, forced against their will to stay at home, the possibility of watching the games, hiding behind presumed regulatory difficulties that could have been overcome to a large extent with the goodwill of everyone. In fact, thanks to the collaboration of Rai and Mediaset, the various contacts approached a fair solution for all the actors and, above all, for the citizens passionate about football. Instead, the economic interests of entities that have always enjoyed privileged treatment and now live outside of reality prevailed. “ Football clubs evaluate how to overcome punitive clauses that are already known to the antitrust authority to reimburse season tickets and tickets sold for the next matches.Atalanta may travel to Valencia, but its access will depend on SpainThe new decree approved by the Italian Government, which prohibits the entry and exit of the Lombardy region to limit the spread of the coronavirus, does not affect Atalanta, that being a professional club he has the right to travel to Valencia this Monday to play the round of the knockout stages of the Champions League, although his entry into Spain “will depend on the competent authorities” from this country.This was explained by the expert lawyer in sports law Angelo Cascella in an interview granted on Sunday to EFE, in which he stressed that it will be the competent authorities of Spain responsible for giving approval to the effective access of Atalanta in Valencia.“The Government assured that the training and sports competitions of professional athletes can continue to playIn fact, Series A will continue, which means that, a priori, Atalanta will be able to travel to Valencia, “Cascella said in conversation with EFE.“Then it is up to the governments of the countries to make the final decision on whether they can access”he added.The second leg of the Champions League round of 16 between Valencia and Atalanta will be played this Tuesday at 9 pm in a Mestalla stadium behind closed doors, after the first leg, played at the open door in San Siro, ended with a 4-1 victory for the Italian team.last_img read more

Bojan “I want to see people from home at Barça”

first_imgBojan Krkic (Linyola, 1990) lives and plays in Montreal. His coach is Thierry Henry. The same one that gave him the assistance in his first goal with FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou. Then Bojan was 17 years old. Fate has brought them together again in the MLS. Bojan wears 9 and while waiting for the return to football at home, he gives a review of his career and the current situation in an interview with the EFE Agency.How is your new adventure at the Montreal Impact in Canada?“The truth is that from the first day I arrived here, in August of last year, I came practically without knowing the league very well, but because of information and players I know who have played or are still playing in the league, I already had information about it Discovering it was a great surprise. It is a League that you see that wants to improve, that every year is evolving, franchises that every year want to enter the league, large stadiums. They have the United States World Cup in 2026 and it is perceived that they want to be a competitive league. “How do you experience the coronavirus pandemic in Canada?“In Canada they reacted very quickly. Everything is closed, but you can go outside. In the morning, I take the opportunity to go running, the truth is that only the freedom to go out gives you life. Then Canada is very different from United States, but professionally we depend on the United States so a little bit like everyone else, in expectation. “Thierry Henry is his coach in Montreal. He assisted him with his first goal at the Camp Nou. Destiny…“Now obviously we are talking about another stage, but he is a person who I have always said that for me occupies a very special place in my professional career. It was the first year that I played in the Barcelona first team. He has always been a very He was idolized by everyone and for me being able to share a dressing room with him and a 17-year-old soccer field was a great prize. I will always remember him with great affection. “Listening to Henry seems more like La Masía than you do. He is a strong advocate of this “take de ball, pass the ball” style of play. The rondo is part of his life. Are you still talking about this philosophy?“Yes. He has always said that it was a great challenge and a great experience to be able to play for Barcelona. He also came from playing practically his entire career at Arsenal, which is a club that is also characterized by good play and the good treatment of the ball, and a league that also allows you, such as the Premier. He is a player who has absorbed a lot and people who like football. “ You have had the opportunity to play in all four major leagues. Spain, England, Germany, Italy. He is already an experienced player. At what point in your career are you?“Now, like everyone, this situation makes us think and appreciate the moment we are in. What we want to build with everything we are learning. One of the things I am realizing is that soccer is part of my life, which is something that makes me happy, but there are many things that also make me happy. I am an ambitious person, who is not satisfied with just feeling good playing soccer but also that I like to do many things and feel fulfilled. this situation in which we cannot do anything other than being at home, because waiting for this matter to be resolved as quickly as possible and once we see and analyze how everything turns out as I already tell you, obviously my intention is to continue enjoying playing soccer and keep gaining experience with the ball. “ Do you see Xavi training Barcelona soon?“Xavi is a person who sooner or later has to be part of the club. I look forward to having people from the club in the club and Xavi is one of them. Better than him, how he knows the house, how he knows the dressing room, few people will be able to feel it like him. I think both Barcelona and Xavi are destined to unite. “How do you think you can mentalize a footballer like Messi to continue hungry for titles?“I think that tomorrow they are going to study, or even they are already studying and we don’t know (laughs). It is something that really is what everyone admires. In the world of soccer, I don’t like them The comparisons, but there are players and there has been a great level and Leo is one of them, what makes the difference is the number of years he has been competing at that level. Arriving is not as difficult as staying. one level, with the high expectations that Leo generates every day, is something practically inhumane, that is available to very few and that Leo is doing. “In his football career outside Barcelona, ​​he has shared a dressing room with great teammates. One of them is Totti. A total leader. What was it like in the locker room?“He is a player who, by character, shows you that few words serve to lead a group, an idea. Totti rarely heard him speak, I mean before or after games, he preached by example; only by observing him already You knew how things had to be done. I learned a lot that year in Rome. “last_img read more

Euskadi, capital Seville

first_imgThe taking of Seville. The Triana neighborhood woke up like its out Poza Litzenziatuaren Kalea and the Calle Betis was the Paseo de la Concha. Yesterday was the day of be able to go out quietly to take pots by Donostia and Bilbo (in the case of finding a joint in which its managers were still in the city), because everyone was in Seville to watch the game of the century for Basque football in the final between the Real Sociedad and Athletic Club. Both teams agreed on something in the pre-match. The coaches of the two entities had painted on the chassis the same motto, which curiously was also the one that could be read on the training shirts of both squads, the one worn by the managers and the lapels Basque journalists covering the information of both teams on the microphones’ nibs:“Ez galdetu, ez daukat sarrerarik”, which is not a motivational slogan, but rather means “don’t ask, I have no tickets”.At full volume. In the finals of the final, the anthem could be heard in Canberra (for once in many years it was not Barça’s fault) and then the game continued at full volume. Hobbies, they gave it all in the stadium as they had given it outside, in a communion between the kalimotxo and the rebujito and between the caña de lomo and the pintxos. The restaurateurs of Seville they didn’t remember an equal party since the Celtic Glasgow they went to play the final of the 2003 UEFA Cup. In fact, some of the Scots who moved to that party and who they had been lost for 17 years in the Andalusian mountains they woke up to join the party. It depends on the area of ​​the city that they were cheered on by one or the other team. Anyway, they didn’t find out too much about what was going on. Couch playoff. Yesterday too The NBA playoffs began. That is to say, the NBA started after having out of the trash playing for months morning, afternoon and night. One of which teams that has been cornered again at the edge of the plate they were finally the Bulls, that instead of playing their title tie, offered at the United Center a projection of “The Last Dance”, the series about Jordan’s Bulls. Record attendance in the playoffs, from Llorera and everyone home so happy.Countdown. Wednesday began countdown for the Tokyo Games (There were 100 days left in the middle of this week) and on Friday the athletic Golden League opened with the Doha Super Grand Prix where Armand Duplantis already made it clear If you want to save money on your ticket and your stay, you don’t have to go to Japan. The pole beast again broke the world record, But the novelty is that he did it in the warm-up, with tracksuit and shoes untied.last_img read more

Clarke tells WI stars to focus on international cricket

first_imgSYDNEY, Australia (CMC):Former Australia captain Michael Clarke believes West Indies players should place more emphasis on playing international cricket rather than campaigning in the various domestic Twenty20 leagues around the world.He was speaking amid the raging debate surrounding the plethora of West Indies players currently signed with franchises in the ongoing Big Bash League, even as the Caribbean Test team faced off in a three-Test series against Australia here.”I think international cricket has to be the priority. T20 tournaments are important and fantastic to watch, but I think there’s nothing more special than representing your country,” said Clarke, who quit international cricket earlier this year.He added: “The players that are here playing in the BBL, I think it’s really disappointing they’re not part of the West Indies Test team. There’s a number of players in Australia who would be in their number one picked Test team.”I think it’s disappointing for the game and Test match cricket. I’d like to see that changed. That will come down to the ICC and West Indies Cricket Board trying to get together to make it work.”Fielding a largely inexperienced side, West Indies were annihilated inside three days by an innings and 212 runs in the opening Test in Hobart.They will play the second Test in Melbourne starting on Boxing Day while the likes marquee opener Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Darren Sammy, Dwayne Bravo, Samuel Badree and Lendl Simmons turn out in the Big Bash.last_img read more

Man City hold Leicester

first_imgLEICESTER, England (AP):Leicester relinquished first place in the English Premier League heading into 2016 after drawing 0-0 with Manchester City in an entertaining stalemate yesterday.Arsenal lead Leicester – the surprise team of the season – on goal difference, with third-place City three points behind after half of the league campaign.Raheem Sterling, the Jamaica-born winger, was a danger in the first half for City at King Power Stadium, forcing Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel into three saves, while striker Jamie Vardy wasted the home side’s best chance by blazing over when clear on goal.City finally managed to keep a clean sheet without injured captain Vincent Kompany (calf) who was ruled out for up to four weeks by manager Manuel Pellegrini after the game but hasn’t won away in their last six attempts.”I don’t think in December that you’re going to win the title,” Pellegrini said. “At the end of January and the first week of February, maybe we can see more who are finally the teams which will be involved in the fight.”After a loss at Liverpool on Saturday, Leicester’s title credentials were questioned by some, especially as they were battling relegation all of last season. But Claudio Ranieri’s side silenced their doubters with another superb performance, holding their own against many pundits’ favourites for the championship.”This league is very crazy . nobody wants to win the league. It’s very strange,” Ranieri said. “We’re the basement and the other teams are a villa with a swimming pool. It’s not easy for us but we want to fight with everybody.”It’s a miracle what we’re doing.”last_img read more

Blake to seek second term as JAAA president

first_imgWarren Blake, the president of the Jamaica Athletic Administrative Association (JAAA), says he intends to offer himself for a second term. Speaking in an exclusive interview, Dr Blake told The Gleaner his time in office had been challenging and successful. He hopes to seek re-election at the JAAA annual general meeting later this year. Blake first took office in 2011, just after the untimely passing of sitting JAAA president, Howard Aris, and served the last year of Aris’ term in office. He was elected in 2012 to continue as president. “I still intend to go again, to offer myself for a second term,” he said quietly, “and the second term would be my final term. “It has been a very challenging four years, and I think the team that I have worked with is a very good team, he reflected.” We have had quite a lot of successes, I would say, and if you look at medal counts, except for that one major games that we spoke about, one medal at World Youth Championships, this has really been the most successful period in Jamaica’s track and field history.” In 2012, Jamaica took home 12 medals with four gold, four silver and four bronze from the London Olympics. That is one more than the previous Olympic high of 11 from the 2008 Games in Beijing. That was followed by a six gold medal portion of a total nine at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow and seven gold from a haul of 12 at the 2015 Worlds. That’s just one short of Jamaica’s 13-medal collection at the 2009 World Championships. That team performance garnered seven gold medals. JAAA elections occur after each Olympic Games. One of Blake’s major objectives for the rest of his current term and any other time he might have in office is to take the JAAA into what he calls ‘a more professional approach to track and field’. One area under his stethoscope is the running of the JAAA office. “Right now, we survive in the office because we have a treasurer, Mr (Ludlow) Watts, who is really a full-time worker without any pay,” he remarked. “He comes to the office every day and puts in a full shift.” According to the president, general secretary Garth Gayle also does extensive work there. “If we didn’t have workers like this who really sacrifice tremendous time and effort to keep the day to day affairs of the organisation going we’d be in serious trouble,” he explained. “I think we do need to find a way, find a sponsor, or find out if our budget is able to pay someone full time to be in the office to do the day to day activities of the association. “I think that is something that must happen,” he asserted. MORE SUCCESSlast_img read more

Organisers expect exciting Gibson McCook Relays

first_imgGibson McCook Relays organising committee chairman, Professor Rainford Wilks, believes this year’s 40th renewal is set to be one of the biggest, most exciting, and well-attended while revealing that they are hoping to make it an international staple, and calendar affair using the new media, broadcast and communication platforms of their sponsors.The event is scheduled for Saturday, February 27, at the National Stadium with the organisers making plans to stream and broadcast the event to audiences outside of Jamaica. Entries will close on January 31.The event’s main sponsors include the Wisynco Group, clothing/apparel partner PUMA and communications partner Digicel.The event is expected to attract as many as 4,000 athletes while a total of 37 billed sponsors, returning and new, have snapped up 42 events for the day’s action which will begin at 9 a.m.”We are hoping we can fill the National Stadium and that’s one of the reasons we have tried to keep the entrance fees low for the past two to three years. We feel it’s an Olympic year, so we are going to get a little boost out of that, and it’s two weeks before Champs and everybody will be in Champs mode,” Wilks outlined in an interview with The Gleaner.The chairman revealed that gate receipts are expected to be in the vicinity of $10 million, at the event which he thinks is “comparable to anywhere in the world because our senior athletes are going to be there”.This year, the meet has attracted sponsorship valued at approximately $5 million, which Wilks calls a “substantial amount of money”.”We feel that we will be able to make it an international staple and calendar event not just in Jamaica, but worldwide,” Wilks said.According to Wilks, all the top athletes in Jamaica will compete once available.”We see all of them performing. I expect Shelly (Fraser-Pryce) to be here this year. We can’t give any commitment that there will be star athletes, but we know that because they feel loyal and because they see Gibson as part of their nurturing and development, they always come to Gibson and give back, unless they have some good reason not to,” he told The Gleaner.last_img read more

#JaVotes2016: Young voters want jobs

first_imgThe main reason for turning up to vote in today’s elections is for more jobs, two youth electors in St. Andrew East Rural said. “Mi want the increase weh dem promise so mi a vote fi di party weh a go create the jobs dem,” 27-year-old Lorenzo Bennett, who was casting his ballot for the third time, told The Gleaner. Though 23-year-old Alicia Brown remained undecided, she also insisted she plans to hold whichever party wins, to the promise of job creation. First time candidates – the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Juliet Holness and the People’s National Party (PNP) Imani Duncan Price – are contesting the elections in the constituency  which historically has gone to the PNP eight times, with the JLP taking the reins four out of the last 12 elections since 1959. Both candidates have been in the constituency now for a year. For Brown, it was a matter of trying to decide whether “it even matter, to participate.” She laughed at the irony of her leaning against a fence, wrestling with whether to board the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) number 62 bus to head down to her community to vote. “Mi deh pon di fence. Honestly, mi nuh mek up mi mind if mi fi vote or mi nah vote because the two a dem a the same thing,” the 23-year-old said. Whichever way the ballots swing, both youth voters insisted they want more jobs from the party that makes up the next government.last_img read more