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The internal optimization of beautiful pictures website

page, the: as I said, since it is a beautiful picture station, it must be in accordance with the pictures of the station needs to design the page color and material collocation, page design is just the best picture in the necessary pictures with ALT notes, easy to understand what is the engine the picture shows, in addition to navigation, the title, Links must use words outside. The page should be concise, generous, so that users can quickly find the picture resources in the web site after.


"talk about the beautiful picture station operation and use love Shanghai pictures earn visitors" was published, I want to say to this kind of beautiful pictures text less sites that rely heavily on external promotion and between the user’s reputation, but the site of the internal optimization, and pay more attention to the user experience, still should not be underestimated. Below I will introduce energy-saving should pay attention to a few internal optimization. Optimization of inner beauty picture stand, I did the following internal optimization scheme according to type:

The design of a

two, brand optimization: each site should establish their own brand reputation, not others when our website said to love Shanghai search beautiful pictures, the article is the site of several. I suggest you do the picture stop words add site name and domain name on the image watermark is indispensable, this can enhance the user’s memory. Such as "slobber", so we even can not remember the domain name, search in slobber love Shanghai, certainly the first is your website.

three, Links: should first search and site site exchange links, the purpose of doing so is to let the spider to confirm the type of your site, if you do a photo station, but the station over a chain, then the engine for your study period will be relatively prolonged. Secondly, consideration should be given to health visitors and exchange site experience, if you swap the site not hanging horse, poison, is the pop, you think about it, even after the visitors click on your Links in thought is poisoning or automatic pop-up ads, direct closure. Even more frightening is perhaps visitors will therefore to some antivirus engine to report your site, or tell a friend not to look at your site, the reason is advertising, afraid of poisoning. You are not very depressed?

The following

four, the picture quality is: This is also mentioned in the article, if visitors are searching keywords in this beautiful photo, all is similar to lotus, Fengjie, Chun this type saw the pictures, then you will feel nausea? So don’t focus only on the number, we should pay more attention to the quality of the picture

, bandwidth and space: in the case of sufficient bandwidth, server 10M bandwidth theory enough to meet IP on tens of thousands of pictures website needs. Why is the theory? Because each of the server settings in order to recommend different engine optimization, the premise of saving resources, try to optimize server >

Page optimization techniques should pay attention to what time


code structure

, and on any page optimization or any other Shanghai dragon actually you must first choose the right keywords in your web site. You can learn more about our research on a keyword.

Below we detailed explanation to

Meta description


is very important to optimize the title page. The title appears at the top of the browser, and often use search engine, search results in the title to you at a glance. To tell you the subject of this station is what to do. The title is a good place for a keyword. The title directly, this point, and to ensure that all in your web site have their own unique products. For example, my website is a network marketing planning station, can have a title for "| network marketing network marketing network marketing case |". Note that the long term and a longer keyword contains many specific words. By using the keyword phrase search engine may serve on this page, when people search for learning network marketing, network marketing, network marketing learning difficult

When the

page title

most of the time, when the website design system (CMS), the site of deeper network industry, sometimes, these sites are dynamic, so they changed each time you visit the page, the correct index it a giant robot problem ". Unfortunately there is no any URL with your target keywords, unless you want to display. Many of the CMS can be friendly changes, can be added to the web site to let search engine. For example: www.***贵族宝贝 /marketing/ _pipes is a web site, this is search engine friendly, because it is short, descriptive, including related keywords.


page title

there are many factors that contribute to maintain a good display in the search engine results. The project of some of the most important is to find your own website, called "optimization within the page." Including the site for some areas of concern:


Prior to

image ALT attributesThe content of


tag structure website, please use the H1 and H2. The local search engine H1 and H2 label attaches great importance in. Google ranked first will be of little value, if the contents of the website are not related to the content of chaos. Sometimes programmers forget that person

described in the code displayed on the page. To ensure that each web page has its own unique meta description tags. Meta description is often used to describe the search engine results. Have a relevant element description of the opportunity to increase, people will click on your items. It can also be used to include a phone number or some other agitation.

The official website of how to increase the viscosity of visitors

website content update not only considering the Shanghai dragon optimization, we should also take into account the customer preferences, our ultimate goal is to customers can stay in our website, not blindly chasing the Shanghai spiders coming only love. The content of the website is a website of the soul, after all customers came to your site or to search for his useful information, so the most important thing is to provide customers with web design, high quality original content, the so-called high quality refers to the content you really see the customer after very helpful, the so-called original content refers to something you are the one and only on other sites to be found.

‘s official website or corporate website to do so in order to increase the visitor’s viscosity, we discuss from the following aspects: common


3. web interface to attract the attention of customers "

1. website to facilitate memory

Domain name address

on the increase in viscosity of the website visitors actually would want to write, but as has been busy with other things and not has yet to begin. Guangzhou Hengda football club until May 2, 2012 15:00 officially announced and the Bundesliga season defending champion Dortmund striker Lucas Ramon Barrios (full name Lucas Ramó n Barrios) formally signed, Hengda official website instantly unable to access, "prompt" Too many connections "error, the number of connections over the MySQL value set, the website met the database connection the problem, technical personnel should optimize the configuration of MySQL server. We are not to discuss the problem how to modify, I want to say is to urgently want to know the latest news of the fans is a torment. As everyone knows, the word is on the network to the organizers held a title of website established, it will reflect the website exclusive sponsor, with special authority. The official website is the official publishing platform, from which we can get the most accurate "timely" and "authoritative" information, it can not access the official website, news can not be determined, for fans only. This is very bad for the increase of the viscosity of visitors.


website address also known as domain name. Through the practice we found. Most important is concise and easy to understand, not the pursuit of individuality with special symbols. From the perspective of website optimization, website domain name: preferred site address and website theme related technique is to use the "-" symbol appears in the search engine, this is the delimiter, and can make your domain name meaning clear.

technical staff, technical oversight can be completely avoided, we will not discuss too much, we will say is closely related with the customer.

2. the content of the website to benefit

The choice is to try and to persist. We are all seekers

just looked at the A5 above "who used to adhere to this word, polished the webmaster’s will?" feeling great, novice webmaster live in spider inside, SEO veteran let spider live in their own web site above. Because the content and the chain do not have to update themselves, as long as the money on the line. So the webmaster feel tired, new, very painful. Because everything is their resistance, think SEO is difficult, Adsense veteran feel SEO original so simple. With the words I said before: SEO and its simple, simple to you can not imagine, SEO and its difficult, difficult to you can not fathom.

persistence and perseverance are spiritual things, and we are always seekers. Just an attitude, a mental attitude problem. Therefore, the choice is often greater than the effort, persistence and effort coexist, but the choice to abandon the original is painful, because you do not know what the next moment you are about to face. But we still have to choose, because without choice, we never know what we are going to get. We choose our own "coffee". There’s a lot to do. Maybe you haven’t picked your own taste for a while, but you’ll eventually find your own kind of coffee.

coffee, which is more suitable for them, which is his favorite, this requires us to continue to try, maybe you love to drink the flavor of the coffee, maybe you really love the smell of coffee milk. What path does a man choose to go to?. Our webmaster should pay special attention to the choice of methods in the SEO process. If we choose a road of no return, it is likely to be farther and farther away from our destination.

The so-called

veteran, is himself slowly groping to find a set of the most suitable method, but this method is not what you want most coffee? I think many people will not satisfied with their current status, look at their payroll, doing work from dawn to dusk, tired to say also, there is no freedom. But we still have to persist, and continue to progress, to find their own set of measures. We can also find their own advantages, such as you will operate QQ group, you use QQ group to promote, and now micro-blog is fire, we can also use micro-blog to promote their website. The last time I wrote about the departure plan is how to make my Yangzhou SEO Baidu, Google’s first. In fact, soft Wen promotion, so choose your advantage, and then adhere to, victory belongs to you.

this article forwarding A5, by fat SEO and Pearl River News Network ( original, reproduced, please keep the original link. In addition, I have created 100 people’s news media exchange group 131303239. Welcome to join us.

Talking about the three common defects of website promotion staff at present

with the rapid development of the Internet, especially more and more people realize the importance of Web site optimization, so the optimization of the industry can be said to have been an unprecedented development, so people flooded into the optimization of industry, but because of the low barriers to entry, as long as the use of computer to read the book will be of interest to optimize, can in this industry, so the general quality is not high, has some shortcomings, the author would you elaborate on three defects of current site optimization personnel are common here.

1. Website promotion is short of plan

SEO works fine and complex, a multitude of things, often involving many departments, if not a good plan in advance, often unable to start, or do a little here, where do some. I have seen a webmaster, SEO knowledge is good, but it is lack of order and plan, today do this keyword, tomorrow try other methods of the chain. Just entered the staff every day with his unplanned work, work for a long time, still feel very confused. The staff can not find the direction and enthusiasm in the work, for a long time, will lose interest in the promotion, so to make optimization scheme, according to the plan step, which is in order to make the site appear good promotion effect.

two, website promotion lacks cooperation consciousness,

a complete SEO team should include: SEO manager, page optimization staff, content editors, link builders, technology and designers, and traffic analysis. As the various departments of the allocation of tasks intersect, many of the optimization work is not completed by one person, so everyone needs to have a sense of teamwork and cooperation. From the station optimization point of view, the site’s article editor, the site’s internal link construction, the overall optimization of the site, etc., need to invest a lot of effort to optimize. From the outside of the station to optimize the point of view, the site included, Web links, web site external link construction also need attention. But some owners lack of team spirit, doing their own work alone, not to communicate with colleagues, when looking at their promotion effect, know their own promotion direction is wrong, there is such a situation, is the lack of awareness of cooperation performance.

three, website promotion is lack of reasonable arrangement time,

now because of the whole social environment, so everyone all the money, so some owners in order to earn more money, so desperately to pick up the website promotion work, can be said to have a station promotion work very vexed heavy, but for this money, to let the webmaster lost through day and night to work overtime, spend a lot of energy to work, we think it is worth? I think the answer is negative, because it is in the consumption of our life, so the webmaster to accept rational work, reasonable arrangements for the time, the only way to sustainable and healthy work.

although the above three points, not every promotion personnel will exist >

Vow to go with Baidu

Please see the

novice webmaster, veteran level SEO master please bypass so as not to delay your valuable time!

I was doing more than the master, nothing else, want to try the SEO to optimize their knowledge, to do a dumpster to play.

picked up a key Vagaa wow honk to do, choose when checked, feel the word and make up, buy the domain name, matching relationship between domain name and keyword or need, and then design a simple page tour began to experiment.

start are routine steps, submit web site, and then find a few places thread, waiting to collect. Luck is estimated that about 3 days, Baidu will be included in the normal. The work is in trouble. As a rule, Baidu for new sites included is faster, but the K is also fast, is a single page station, how to continue to update, escape Baidu blow? Collect relevant content every day, do a simple page as a content page, on the first page of a link.

that lasted about 3 months, found a little effect, Baidu keywords ranking slowly into the second page, this time from Baidu over the flow slightly off about 1500 look over every day. Later, traffic continued to rise to about 2000 of the time, will stop the update, the home made a advertising alliance to download, at this time of the day by Baidu over the flow of advertising every day can also achieve revenue of about 100 yuan. But 2000 of the traffic to maintain the good times don’t last long, about 3 months or so, due to carelessness, want to increase a long tail keywords, change the site title,

has not been two days Baidu mercilessly plucked, ha ha.

only with this experience, I feel Baidu is not so unbreakable, and will continue to do similar sites, continue to experiment.

new sites to let Baidu fast included, without much difficulty, submit sites, and then the corresponding Baidu update faster site, forum, guestbook local is a word you can leave your URL where appropriate speech in reply, will soon be included in Baidu.

was included after the work is more important, to persevere in the update, the process is really boring, but since you want to do the station, this effort is not willing to, or take the morning do not do well. Not continuous updates, Baidu included you today, tomorrow you can not find your own site on Baidu.

To choose the right before

words do stand in the fierce competition, not to choose the word, is hard to do, of course, since that is the expert except if their own site positioning is not high, every day can come through the Baidu IP will meet thousands of words, such a long tail word or a lot.

above experience, just throw a brick, hope for new Adsense help, I also in S>

Open two stores where to buy for you recommend 20 Wholesale

two yuan shop seems unremarkable, but small profits and quick turnover can earn a lot of money. There are many friends want to open a two dollar store, but can not find a good source. Two yuan shop where to buy a lot of people are very headache problem. Into the commodity that is cheap, but also trendy fashion, so the two stores purchase channels is also very important.

can also find that professional commodity distribution company. Where do you want to purchase? In the Baidu search "Yiwu 2 yuan supermarket distribution center can be found, you can not let them give you direct to Yiwu delivery, they provide cash on delivery. Currently around the country to join the majority of customers like to buy!

1.  Yiwu China Commodity City

2.  Shaoxing Textile City, Zhejiang, China

3.  Liaoning Shenyang Wu’ai small commodity wholesale market

4.  Liaoning willow clothing wholesale market

5.  Linyi Linyi wholesale city

6.  Hubei Hanzheng Street small commodity market


7.  Sichuan Lotus Pond wholesale market

8.  Hebei Shijiazhuang three small commodity wholesale market

9.  Shandong Sichuan Nao clothing scene

10.  Jiangsu China Eastern Silk Market

11.  Hebei Xinhua Trade Center


12.  Xiaoshan Zhejiang commercial city

13.  Changshu Jiangsu shopping mall

14.  Zhejiang Luqiao small commodity wholesale market (now changed to Zhejiang Taizhou commodity wholesale market)

15.  Jimo Shandong Garment Group

What are the conditions for joining the electric car dealers

electric car really is a great invention, the liberation of our feet, and no pollution, is a very good means of transport, has also appeared on the market in a car similar to the new energy smart electric car, very popular, every kind of electric cars so popular, naturally attracted many entrepreneurs look. Today, many well-known electric car brand in the country to recruit a wide range of business, want to successfully join them? Then take a look at what conditions need to join the electric car dealers.

electric car dealers to join what conditions?

There are a lot of

, the electric car industry well-known brands such as Emma, bidewen, Yadi, etc., different brands of join conditions there are some slight differences, but the difference is not large, we can in order to more intuitive understanding of the joining conditions, following small to all the more familiar "Yadi" as an example to explain:

Proficient in

1, electric vehicle and motorcycle industry market operation process, to understand the products electric vehicle market is deep, interested in electric vehicle sales business enterprise organization or individual citizens; 2, with independent civil liability enterprise organization or individual citizens, has a good business reputation and business ethics; 3, to have the confidence of Yadi brand business, are eager to succeed the fighting spirit and passion, have the courage to open up, in the spirit of continuous innovation; 4, understand the basic mode of brand management, authorized management concept and Yadi headquarters management mode; 5, willing to accept the unified management of the headquarters, there is a strong spirit of cooperation; 6, support financial support and business premises.

electric car join prospects?

with the electric car breakthrough in core technology, electric vehicle application in daily life more and more widely, the market has developed electric cars, electric buses, electric vans, electric vehicles and so on, and has been gradually put into the market. The development of the electric car industry, is not only a positive response to the "health, harmony, environmental protection, low carbon, happy life" concept, also will contribute to environmental pollution so that the electric car industry is a real sunrise industry, it has broad market potential and infinite development space.

The demand of

electric vehicle is very big, want to do this business is very good, success as a proxy, need to pay attention to the place is more, the electric car to join the threshold is not high, the electric car has a convenient, environmentally friendly, low price advantage, not only popular consumer welcome, but also vigorously promote the society transportation, natural market prospects are very broad, worthy entrepreneurs investment, dreams and passion for what are you waiting for? Act quickly!

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Card – license Dalian Taxi Management Office on the net about the car about the car business

about the car how to legalize operations, in the hearts of many people, the about cars bring convenience to people, in Dalian, the relevant departments issued a net to net about the car about the car license, Dalian has become following Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shenyang City, and to a first gas about the car license issued by the line under the city.

it is understood that, in accordance with the Ministry of transport and other 7 ministries issued a booking taxi service management Interim Measures, the about the car platform should have online, offline service capabilities. The first steam car "about the booking taxi business license", marks the company to better carry out related services in Dalian. The first steam car about the Dalian Branch Manager Zhang Yu said, the current first steam car in Dalian about a total of more than 790 about the car, the driver all through the about the car driver training and obtain qualifications.

According to Qin Haiqun, director of the Dalian Municipal Bureau of transportation taxi management department, engaged in the operation of the about the car platform must be recognized online and administrative licensing of the line under the

. Dalian’s existing about the car platform for a total of 9, online qualification, the current "about" China auto rental car company "" and "drops of travel" 3 platform respectively by their respective registered provincial transportation department in charge of the "online service qualification", have engaged in the about the car business qualification. As long as the access to online qualification, in accordance with the approval process, the Dalian Taxi Management Office will be issued under the online booking taxi business license.

it is understood that the Dalian city about the car driver qualification training lasted 9 days, a total of 72 hours of training, including " about local regulations" and "Dalian cultural history and tourism knowledge" and "occupation morals and the about car service standards" and "operating vehicles and treatment of common faults and other 17 courses. The final exam content is divided into 4 subjects, only all qualified in order to get about the car driver qualification. At present, Dalian has more than 900 drivers to obtain the about car driver qualification.

net about car business license issued, on behalf of the relevant departments of Dalian about the car about the . Net about vehicle online registration has been completed, the relevant departments in charge of industry audit data are registered vehicles on the Internet, is expected this month will end. The competent authorities of the industry will formulate the plan for the capacity of Dalian to report to the municipal government. After the approval of the Dalian municipal government, in line with the requirements of the about the vehicle, in batches and orderly distribution of road transport permits, and publicity through the media.

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Beauty salon before joining the investment to do

in recent years, with the increasingly difficult problem of employment, and now many young people will give up their jobs to start their own businesses to develop their own career. Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular, competition is inevitable, many people choose to invest in beauty salons to join, so how can we do a beauty salon to join it? Novice how to open beauty salons good to join, now beauty franchise industry is very fire, attracted a lot of new investors, the problem of lack of experience makes many investors do not know where to start, the following Xiaobian to introduce a comprehensive website for you.

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