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Love Shanghai and 360 search which will develop better

although I hate love Shanghai, but had to search with love in Shanghai, because the habit of love Shanghai, You’ll see., most likely as webmaster and I have this idea

love Shanghai, You’ll see.

review: " 2012 August 360 search quietly on the line, 360 search with its browser in the search market quickly occupied part of the search market, 360 search slogan is: safe, green, the search results for users to feel safe, I think it is because of the 360 security guard for the people! Then after two years the 360 time search development how? China is also very like to know how to save 360 search in reflecting the webmaster circle and circle of users? Today we have a analysis of "

search 360 clean, safe and trusted search engine

With the help of

love Shanghai alone big, domestic users who don’t love Shanghai " ", the phrase used to describe love Shanghai a little too much love, although Shanghai become the overlord, but love is not proud of Shanghai, developed a modest new products and services to the majority of Internet users, twenty-first Century in the information age, love Shanghai you can say contributed. Later in the Tencent and Sohu soso Sogou search engine in the sea before the love is cannot withstand a single blow;

I’m glad to see that the 360 on-line search, search 360 can do together and love Shanghai split the search market, launched 360 search is a good welfare to stationmaster, because of the 360 flow statistics, this is a happy event for the webmaster, for Internet users? Is not happy? In fact, the user does not care about who is the search engine, users only search results; for example, a few days ago because I want to go so near a print shop to print data to save the blog in the domain name for the record, when the shop owner is the computer data query is used 360 search, this print shop with computer is the 360 time in the browser, query data to open the browser, open the browser to see a large search framework of navigation site, naturally query data, I Kanleyihui shop owner to check out the data is very satisfied. So that users only see the search results, do not see is that the search engine;

2000 June love Shanghai love Shanghai search search establishment, content rich search enable users to love Shanghai love to love Shanghai within two years Chinese occupies 50% share of the search; 2002 from Google Chinese, resulting in three search engines to the utmost potential as the opposite of fighting love Shanghai search and YAHOO search, YAHOO does not end love the enemy Shanghai search also exit the market China. Love has finally become Shanghai search search overlord, Losers are always in the wrong. The Legendary Swordsman love Shanghai.

360 browser launched a search engine which is more than love Shanghai advantage. 360 in a short period of time will be second domestic search business, can be said to be 360 of the browser brings; 36>



AdSense policy what is to modify the advertising behavior or locationJingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong

today, I don’t recommend taking the platform. Why? You’re a startup. Nothing. You want to build a platform. To be honest, it’s almost impossible. If it’s Gome and Suning, you can still do it.

second is our entrepreneurs, if new entrants to the industry that we all entrepreneurs do not go the platform road, my point 4 years ago, if your customers are from Taobao, you are very sad, you can be a problem at any time, I suggest that we set the industry quickly. Or, find the flow or find the relationship or find resources or to take the platform of the road, to build their own platform, be able to use their flow, rather than relying on a platform to do this thing. It was very harsh at that time. I didn’t get the money in time to build my own platform. Today, most of the time, I think I’ve been eliminated.

now the foreign trade exports, now the brand is doing the traditional trade, to the terminal consumers released this is right, this winter in the past after our traditional OEM orders are often not as crazy.

some publishers may have received a notification email like this: "publishers shall not act or change the positioning of shlf1314 advertising, including the implementation of AdSense ad code in the" floating box script ", or the use of hidden keywords or change IFRAME advertising positioning." Many publishers have written to us to ask where exactly our policy has been violated. Today, let’s give a detailed description of what is the act or orientation of advertising modification".

1. sets the ad to float

2. ads block web content, or web content blocking some ads

3. ads flash or otherwise attract the attention of usersThe number of

4. advertising units exceeds our policy permission number 3 ad units, 3 referral units, 3 link units, 2 search boxes

5. uses hidden or irrelevant keywords in web pages to influence advertising positioning

6. uses a iframe to launch multiple ad units on a web page

7. uses iframe to position ads on other web pages or websites

8. uses 2 or more layers of iframe to advertise and affects advertising positioning artificially.

9. embeds advertising or advertising pages into software

10. puts ads in e-mail or uses e-mail to promote advertising

hope through the introduction of the above can help you better understand our policy to avoid violating the policy behavior, to protect the safety of your account.

I give you the first 08 years with the concept of today is definitely not the same, I believe a lot of friends in 08 years have suffered winter, 08 years after the financial crisis that you engage in R & D immediately someone asked for money? 09 years when we do 70 million many practitioners of advertising, sales of 10 million so the market crazy when I say the winter will come, because this is not the reason, the cold I can clearly tell you, even if the winter in the past will not be back before the industry crazy, I personally think that will continue for a long time, because this is not an industry out of the question also, the problem is not a country, but also a problem is not a region, the world is a problem, all sectors of the vast majority of industries are a problem, in addition to our Internet industry Outside, I see the world is really only our Internet industry, the whole sales still maintain relatively high growth. I hope that each of our peers can do 3-5 years of winter preparations, but also must bear the luck, after the cold winter, there are many people give me money.

today I feel the biggest change is our old acquaintance, is becoming more and more quickly, and put the tomatoes, the host is, today we go back to the first point of view is that the tomato door is definitely not a marketing, it is helpless.

many traditional brands put up their decades of money that I want to do a clothing platform, I do a shoe platform and so on, and told me I’m going to throw a lot of money, I do not want to fight you, don’t do it, you are very dangerous to do so, you will have 99.99 probability you ten years, twenty years of accumulation of money all thrown into the water, if you take twenty million now, thirty million shots to the Internet platform, directly hit into the water, to a little chance, even a chance no Entertainment >

Seventy thousand yuan in the Admin5 intermediary buy two months back to the actual combat experience

my name is Feng Shui, last year contact site and SEO optimization, in my efforts to keep the site 8888my 8 consecutive months Baidu first results, deter many sites behind, due to some bad competitors at various means, through the invasion site front, bad shielding Baidu spider IP on IIS, leading to 8888my now dropped to fourth. But before the fall, I was lucky to have sold out. Later, the site was bought by, which was traded at for 71 thousand yuan. It was third at the time of the acquisition. It’s been two months since I’ve been operating on my hands for today. I’ll tell you about my experience from the station,


has just started, the website has not acquired over very smoothly, second days fell to the Baidu website Moyu PW fourth, can be said that the value of the site directly from 70 thousand down to 50 thousand, for the average person may be for the long-term development of a bolt from the blue, but to see, this is a good thing, can let me understand this website the history, what are the disadvantages, how to have next operation, due to poor means before I 8888my the station being used, will cause the Baidu snapshot not update for N days, this time, I suddenly thought of the IIS query log, I found all the records in the log Baiduspider on all 403, help in the IIS I, inquire into the 403 representatives refused to visit the client IP! I suddenly see light suddenly, they still use the old way to harm! I’ll contact the space business, if not So, in front of the IIS, found the ACT access control list, a lot of IP, which I found in the reference log all Baidu spider IP, were immediately removed, because these operations is not open to the public, second days snapshot recovery, perhaps these move alarmed the hacker! The next result is more serious. In the purchase of the website for fourth days, the entire program site is deleted, homepage is directly linked to horse, on the verge of death or destruction due to previous ranking! Do stand experience every day, do website backup! Immediately restore the entire site program, then from the website is the problem to solve a whole night time, because advertisers are involved in trading, to compensate customers advertising time is really a serious loss ah!. Experienced breathtaking scenes, I reason a lot, it seems others sites, when you received over the check and space security bugs!! because my website using the cluster set. The website with the background are two independent servers, and intermediate layers of Taiwan shunt shared server, I couldn’t go to see the entire web server architecture! But the only thing I can do is the most effective way to close all possible permissions for network security crisis! Stand independent! Background of the privacy settings, not open up! Let the website security down completely, after a few days and nights of fighting, finally found a secure website, this time, ranking has fallen from fourth to seventh


if >

Let the user experience to become a website ranking soaring magic weapon

user experience determines the ranking of the site, this view in recent years from everyone puzzled, has become a well-known. But for so long, there are still many webmaster said he just know this "theory", but the user experience in the end need to do what extent is good, then there is no concept.

actually studied various sites in various sectors of the people will find that, in addition to a handful of superb cheating sites, usually row in front of the website user experience is good, the site structure clear, rich in content, the user browsing easy and enjoyable. In other words, users experience good sites, it is easier to get good rankings. Therefore, in the absence of a large number of resources outside the chain, but also SEO is not very proficient in the situation, to find ways to enhance their website user experience, but also can make the site more competitive.

but what kind of website is a good user experience? The user feel good website is! Seems to be very general, when you stand in the user’s point of view the experience of a website, rely on empathy, no longer regard themselves as web site operators but as the user, the user You’ll see. the experience of what is wrong.

users come to your website, is to meet their own needs, is likely to find what information is likely to see some interesting news, may also be purely boring to watch entertainment content. In the user view, the fastest to achieve their purpose, that is a good site. It has the following requirements: first, your site does have the needs of users, even if there is no content that other content to users is as if it were raining flowers, no value; two, the user can quickly find the content, which requires your site layout is reasonable in structure, in order to let the user more easy to find, and not to enhance the user viscosity, improve the user’s access time and deliberately. Do conditioning is very chaotic, causing the user as the maze like fog. Sites that can do both are already qualified in terms of user experience.

But these are just above the

so that the user experience is the most basic requirements, really want to enhance the site’s ranking, in fact there are higher levels of selection, which is in addition to allow users to meet the needs of the original, but also allows users to generate more demand. That is to say, the user comes to your website, need to browse a page only is enough, but he still discover the other page in the website also very interesting, browse more page finally. If your website can do this, it must be a very good user experience site, ranking will not be bad.

Although the

user experience appears to be a theory of things, but always have rules, and is mostly webmaster to enhance a website ranking good choice, after all, has a large number of the chain resources and high quality content sites are in the minority, want to be able to in this case to obtain high ranking, perhaps the user experience really is a good choice.


Watercress network QA charge Jie Yanbo speech record good steel used in the blade

[CSDN] CSDN TUP reported on the afternoon of July 9th, the eleventh phase of the development of the Internet – architect Salon "in Chinese Institute of Computing Technology Research Report of the layer of hall was held, the event invited industry developed a strong Tencent and watercress guests to share the Internet product development experience, the industry more than 300 technology managers came to the scene. Tencent search operations research management director Li Juan, Tencent R& D project director Jing Wong, the Tencent pet client main program, Huang Zhaoxing, Senior Software Engineer, watercress nets technical director Geng Xinyue, Douban QA director Jie Yanbo delivered a wonderful speech.

QA Jie Yanbo

below is the speech record of Jie Yanbo, director of QA,:

(for reference only)

thank you for coming in today, some experience I first statement Douban, development experience is own way, I want to say is that watercress is an atypical, especially in China, some experience may be useful to you, not by some. Who has any questions during the speech? Please raise your hand directly.

Today my topic is

good use in the steel blade, review the development process of bean in these years, I think we can achieve all the functions of watercress done relatively well in the less popular, a very important reason is that we have been keeping the team culture, a working method for the record industry company. So what I want to share with you today is how to put our best advantage to the best of what should be done.


development process, I never really studied this thing, I think Wikipedia, I saw a big nonsense, the software development process is the process of software development, I find that Chinese software development is built during the development of software products according to user requirements, the two bean which is better? In the development of Limited human resources according to the site need to be developed, watercress until now although we had some handheld applications, but basically all from the applications need to be connected to the Internet, or a Internet Co. One of the most important special Internet Co is fast, demand change too fast, on-line soon, the product manager every day after you, today can not complete the project, but watercress, there is another problem, our staff is relatively small, because we operate some of these technologies have some ideas that we will talk about ideas behind.

so, we summed up the look, I think the culture of the bean development department, entrepreneurial team culture I think there are two very important, so I want to share a very efficiency, we adhere to the efficiency, regardless of work efficiency and development efficiency, this is very important, because it will directly affect the efficiency of your. In addition, team enthusiasm, entrepreneurial team, the development of a thing when the most efficient, when the rate of production, production of good code, a person himself has a special!

Photo webmaster website for the good opportunity to relax Tourism

from the government last year unified record, last year to large-scale network regulation, China Internet began to appear large fluctuations, the most intense reaction is that we did not have the strength and the love nest at home the small station. Recently, on the photo record entered a substantive stage of speculation, a seething uproar. I asked the person in charge of the Sichuan Administration for calling the new domain name special telephone. With regard to the Sichuan authority, I feel that I am still very responsible. This is probably related to Sichuan’s support for the internet. He told me very friendly consultation and the answer is, "is about to start taking pictures for the record" is a foregone conclusion, the need to carry a copy of identity card (ID card or insurance purposes) to the site where the server taking pictures there. And the old stationmaster may not be in the picture to set up the regulation (this is the server company that I consulted). But even if all the owners need to take pictures, I don’t think there’s any need to complain.

I think the reason for not complaining is as follows:

1, no manners, no, Cheng Fangyuan,

I’m a free person myself, too. I don’t like being tied down. But the Internet has now had an impact beyond television, newspapers and other media. As an individual webmaster, it is the responsibility to correctly guide the audience of the website. And the website takes a photograph to record, all have carried out exposure to the website, can restrain a few stationmaster effectively, release information and picture that do not have responsibility for personal gain. When the problem arises, can you find the responsible person for the first time, if you have no ghost in your mind, don’t do evil, be afraid of exposing your information? When you do the ID card, everyone’s opinion is not so intense, right?


2, the inter provincial photo as a tourist

I am the webmaster of industry knowledge, I am in Chengdu, the website server is in Xi’an, and I also enjoy the trouble of inter provincial photograph. However, you long stay at home webmaster, why not take this opportunity to go out and enjoy a wide range of scenery?. We are lucky to have a website, often tired, and this is actually a relationship with our long-term loneliness.

in addition, many webmaster will say, increase the cost of the station, increase the cost, or say you have no money. In fact, the site itself requires a lot of pay, abandon this is a chance of success is relatively small damage to the body of the industry, the industry is not a lot of people understand to build a website on the low investment money, high return "". Secondly, going out for a walk is good for your mind and body. Many of our webmaster, long-term sink in the dream of their own packaging, long-term presence in the virtual network, and social reality seriously out of line. Why not take the opportunity to go out for a walk and broaden your horizons?.

3, it’s not good to move web servers abroad,

this is a part of the choice of a friend, but this choice is correct? Need to follow suit? Really think if your site to a certain scale, and the foreign server problems how do you solve? The speed will be guaranteed? In fact, the server may not move abroad.

2012 Investment in what business is better


2012 people who want to start a business, but also a lot of people want to join the project, but most people want to join a small capital business, today the whole network Xiaobian to introduce several small capital to join the business, let’s take a look at it.

breakfast car business

wonton skin 3 pounds, ten Steamed Jiaozi drawer, drawer to drawer 100 80 buns, leek box more than and 70, more than and 80 Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame, Soybean Milk, Millet Congee, tofu curd, tea eggs…… We must cook now. "Must be done now, if done to take over, what business to do in winter, it is not fresh, but also easy to pollution." Qi Congyou said, such as tofu brain, if you do good luck in advance, as early as a bucket of water. The steamed stuffed bun, just out of the pot, like a balloon like, soft, good-looking and delicious.

dry cleaning business.

Hot pot shop

Malatang business


holds 50 thousand, investment projects are limited, take my investment in the snack bar, I bear the rent is 80 square metre rent 3000 yuan. The best place to rely on the city near the farmers market. It is best to pay rent one month to pay, or three months to pay a decoration and facilities store! White wall, ceiling mounted lamp, installed exhaust, 80 square at least 5000 yuan 3000 yuan; ground ceramic decoration. Kitchen decoration and facilities 4000 yuan, 15 sets of chairs and tables for $6000, air conditioning two 60>

Need to pay attention to the sales skills

sales, in fact, the most important link is to communicate with customers, how can we achieve the right exchange? In fact, there are several points that we can not despise.

1, if you have suffered: on numerous occasions: say

in the communication process, the most prone to embarrassment is a slip of the tongue. People are most likely to unthinkingly in a tense occasion and saying the wrong thing, inexperienced people often encounter this kind of situation, annoyed, distraught, increasingly tense, then the worse performance. Some young people find themselves wrong after silence or tongue out, these are not mature performance. But in fact, if remedial measures are taken properly, you will not only be embarrassed, but will make your words very beautiful. Of course, this requires your flexibility.

2, have you ever met: your credit is due to the special relationship with the boss

3, whether you have encountered: being robbed of the work, inexplicably scolded

Electricity supplier for the traditional commercial plate eroded heart

people are crazy about the degree of online shopping, you absolutely can not imagine. Do you know? Before creating a feast of 35 billion yuan, Ma had an exclusive interview, said that the number of sales is not concerned about, but I hope that by the figure of the commercial real estate prices down. Seemingly illogical remarks, but also reflects the electricity supplier for the traditional commercial plate eroded heart.

now with access to the user cost and enhance the platform promotion costs, the cost of electricity providers are gradually close to the entity. This part of the pressure may be transferred to the supplier in the early stages, but when consumers have formed the habit of online shopping, will gradually be passed on to consumers.

Alone home business Yang Zhenzhen became the new women entrepreneurs

a girl alone to start a business at home alone is very difficult, but the difficult road of Yang cheer eventually left down, and reached the annual income 200 thousand yuan achievement. Can not help but let people thumbs up.


in support of the village cadres help, in November 2009, she rented a long Shan Xiang Shen fan community of more than 200 acres of land, early start, please see the old tile workers broken this wasteland and ten, dry a few days left, a worker said to her: "I do not want to here you do, a 26 year old little girl a person guarding this piece of wasteland, when can we do give a reason?" Yang Zhenzhen did not give up, she began to improve in the yellow clay soil during slaughter, chicken feather 12 thousand, soil 60 pigs.

due time into the second step, vegetable planting in June 8, 2011, a car accident this skinny girl admitted to hospital, 3 months because no one knows the farm management and losses. After discharge Yang Zhenzhen resting after a year, began again, 20 acres of planted honeysuckle. This thought can be planted in the year when the advantage of the return of the proceeds of the fund, a sudden fire once again let her lose a lot……

she began to change the idea, from the beginning of growing vegetables, the farm has come back to life. So, from a layman planting vegetables, to see the status of plants can now know illness and medication; from a cement column in 2014 to 30 in a greenhouse now; a person from their own labor to hire 10 people now work, from a single product sales to the many varieties of sales for two years. 30 greenhouses a year net income of about 200 thousand yuan.

persevering, faith is power. Yang Zhenzhen said that in the near future, the farm is expected to become a model to promote the surrounding villagers to get rich together. She believes she can recommend