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Shanghai dragon core points in the website optimization (below)

some time ago I wrote an article in the A5: "Shanghai station network optimization core points of the website in Phoenix (on)", and we talk about the main station of Shanghai dragon core optimization, now again and talk about the core station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. First of all, we know that a site has good rankings, 90% above all by optimizing out; we also know that in Chinese, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is doing the best! However, we should also know that love Shanghai itself is a no original content of the website resources.

however, love Shanghai how to get outside the chain of high quality so huge? If with personal manual to finish! This is Arabian Nights! This is a core part of my research is Shanghai dragon! Well, I will talk with you special analysis of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon technology. Now we don’t talk about love in Shanghai, or talk about some practical problems, how are we going to get the high quality of the chain? I also wrote an article in the A5 Adsense nets: "personal experience about how to get effective outside the chain of high quality", we see there may be some help here is how to win and optimize these chain.

Links is one of the fastest and most efficient way to get outside the chain of a website so we how to get and optimize these high quality links? Here you may have thought of a PR value! May every webmaster have such experience: with the PR value high on their website to exchange when the link will often be relentlessly refused! Yes, I also have such experience, in fact, now know some Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, generally don’t go the PR value as the primary exchange links or is only the standard conditions.

I’ll give you an example: I have a station is three years ago, the art, what are relatively poor typesetting, rarely stand ready to update, snapshot or love Shanghai last year, but in February this year opened the website, I was shocked: the PR value is actually 5, but still, sweat out! It is no rankings, what is not to mention the flow. Give you an example: in my side also has such a new station: the PR value is 0, love Shanghai snapshot every day in the update, the chain number reached more than 2000 in the rankings and flow, can say I now is very satisfied. The above two examples we can.

1, Links

so, love Shanghai not original resources, it is what the Shanghai dragon do well? It had talked about standing outside the optimization, which is one of my direction is to study the Shanghai dragon. The quality and quantity of standing outside the core is optimized in the optimization of the chain! Can we go to check the amount of the chain of love in Shanghai now? About 24 million 200 thousand! And the number of the chain of our website is poor?? now understand love Shanghai Shanghai dragon why do it so good? One reason is the love of Shanghai, with high quality and huge chain support it!

Value to the users of the web is not the original article

? ? Why

we first try to abandon what you have learned the original idea, first to stand in the search engine’s point of view, this is called in, what is the purpose of search engine, the most fundamental purpose is to make money, make money through what to seize the market share?. How to seize the market share? Stand in the user’s point of view, if a user searches for something, indeed even in the home is the first to find the answer you want, this is the ultimate goal of the search engine. We all know that said a pile of crap, but these inferences can lead to a conclusion, that is your site in the search engine of the search engine ", but from the user’s point of view to understand". Why don’t you stand in the user’s point of view to make a web page

is not equal to the original value of

is very simple, is to make users love "," if you have the value to the users, so it also has value to the search engine. Some people will ask, easy to say, how to create value to the users page? Then you need to make a lot of courage, do you have a routine change, your site in the search engine’s point of view to write something into the user point of view to the web page, the Middle some search engines allow inclusion with small skills, such as increasing density, bold and so on, but the fundamental point must stand in the user’s point of view to make a web page. Some people will see this understanding, this is for the user to write original articles.. Right, but not completely, because the value of user ", not necessarily is the original article. Most of the time there will be exceptions:

if you want to write original articles, read an article on the Internet, and then use their own words to describe it, write original articles on the search engines to get throught a thing carelessly, is the original, for users is a Internet write out articles, not a little attractive, even if you are "line up, sooner or later, but also not to get down, why hasn’t the original ranking, or no traffic or is not included, is very simple, just four words" no value".

many people are all on the Internet with a tutorial "the chain for the emperor at the beginning of Shanghai dragon, content is king" concept, especially love Shanghai advocated the content of the original, but all these things will take us into a deep misunderstanding, today we say that a value of the user "really must be the original article.

How to write a

station, etc. the whole movie station is a reprint of the ranking is very good, why? On the chain? Of course the chain fierce to make your site’s ranking of rapid growth, but the risk is big, the ranking can not be sustained, and the search engine to link this frequently hit. We should go to see some of the chain is small, but very high ranking website, carefully observe their user experience is good, if the solution.

1. novel ?

to create something of value

Web site operations how to identify and utilize user sentiment

in usability testing, daily in-depth interviews, seminars and other research, either as host or observer, we will find some interesting phenomenon: users participating in the process, do the meditative state, a sense of loss, a frown, in addition, there will be some body movements, such as shrug, hands folded; and with some changes of tone, as well as, oh, ah. The rich, interesting facial expressions, body movements, and tone and intonation that users show are directly related to many aspects of our research project.

Common emotional scenes in


in the daily research, and user communication mainly in the user recruitment, qualitative research implementation phase:

1) in the recruitment of the user process, especially only heard and not seen the telephone recruitment, we will find that some users speak relatively low, some users more exciting; some users do not speak directly about whether to participate in research, the answer given implied a lot of assumptions, some users are hearty simply agreed to participate in the research (scenario 1);

2) in the implementation process of qualitative research, the user often sends a "well" "Oh" sound, there are some facial expressions and behavior changes, such as frowning, smiling, feeling of relief, shrug etc. (scenario 2).


The tone, tone, facial expression, and body movements displayed by

users are directly related to the user’s emotions and are the expression of the user’s emotional reactions. It is precisely because the user’s emotions are induced to lead to the user’s tone, intonation, facial expressions, body movements and other changes.

identifies emotions and helps to detect problems,


is no stranger to the user user researchers, if users miss more, will affect the whole process of research, so the strong willingness to participate in recruitment to the target user is very important. The mood and intonation changes in the process of user recruitment (situation 1) can be used as one of the positive factors to judge the user’s participation. In other conditions are in line with the screening conditions, give priority to active participation of users, the general attitude of the user can be placed in the standby database, thereby reducing user miss rate. OK, no problem. You send me the address and it’ll be there on time……" "Let’s set this time, and then we’ll be free."……" Through this, two users can perceive the first words, users actively participate in significantly more than second users, the first user is using a "no problem" and "time" commitment to strengthening the positive, and second users implied assumption "free" to consider participating in, therefore, the first priority the user, as a backup second.

The changes in mood, intonation, facial expressions, and body movements (situational 2) can be used as clues for problem mining in

research. Tone, intonation, facial expression, body movements are >

Talking about beauty station and garbage station

and many others, I also believe that beauty is rubbish station, because it involves many factors, one is content boring, do not stand the significance; and this kind of station, but also relates to the moral problems, think this station is always inseparable and pornography, ha ha……

whatever the reason, to this day, I finally see, beauty station is not necessarily garbage station, garbage station, not just beauty station.

first, we acknowledge that there is a garbage station! But must be considered again, not a mouth is so natural, so not only will make some webmaster chilling, and the more important one is that you know will mislead the station to do.

therefore, we should give the garbage station a more accurate definition, that is, no content, no thought, no income, in the people have no interest in the station, indeed, can be considered a garbage station. However, we all know that a lot of body art and other beauty station, does not meet the above characteristics! Many beautiful women webmaster income not bandits, this does not say, this kind of station is not to say that it is not beneficial to users. We can think of a station, also is what type of pipe, as long as it can on the IP broken million, then certainly not only brought by some bad means, it certainly has its own value of existence, that is of no value is not possible. Instead, some people seem to have a head in front of their eyes…… Out of order, boasting a turn, and the final result, your station has made many contributions to people, you can from the income and how much profit? Many webmaster should have experience, is not difficult to do, the income of the poor? Give yourself no income, not to mention profits for the user that is nonsense.

so, some webmaster, you should have a clear idea to do stand, troubled, when you think that no matter what kind of station is rubbish station, must think carefully, we are not wrong, wrong, it is easy to go wrong.

himself, but also hope that the master exhibitions,

! human art

this article has been published once, but no one to browse, oh, so once again, sincerely hope to have enthusiastic webmaster’s valuable advice!


Taobao purchase channels which small series secret

is now a lot of young people have the habit of shopping Taobao shopping, at the same time, Taobao’s business and profit is also relatively good, Taobao purchase channels which Taobao lower cost is an important factor in making money. Mastered the supply of cheap and fine, the key to grasp the e-commerce business.

to selling products as an example, some well-known brands are unified price, the lowest in the general shop on the ground can only sell 15% off, while the Internet can be sold for seven to twenty percent off. On the Internet, the prices of goods are two to thirty percent off of the mall.

1, Taobao purchase channels which commodity wholesale market purchase. This is the most common purchase channels, you can go around some large commodity wholesale market in the wholesale market to purchase stock, need to have a strong bargaining power, and strive to be the price pressure to a minimum, and to establish a good relationship with wholesalers, on the exchange of goods issue and wholesalers to say clearly, so as to avoid the day after dispute.

2, Taobao purchase channels which commodity manufacturers direct purchase: regular manufacturers adequate supply, high credit, if long-term cooperation, then, generally can get the product exchange. But generally speaking, the higher the volume of commodity manufacturers, not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough funds to reserve, there is a distribution channel, and there will be no danger or fear of cargo pressure, then you can go to the manufacturers to purchase goods.

3, Taobao purchase channels which wholesalers purchase: the general use of search engines GOOGLE, Baidu, etc. can find a lot of these goods trade wholesalers. They are generally supplied directly by commodity manufacturers, the supply is more stable. The problem is that because they have bigger, more orders, the service is sometimes difficult to keep up with. And they all have their own regular customers, it is difficult for them to talk about conditions, unless you become their major customers, there may be discounts and other concessions. In the beginning of the cooperation should be the delivery time, exchange goods and other issues clearly.

4, Taobao purchase what channel? Purchased products or OEM: foreign trade outside the current surplus products in foreign trade orders outside of many goods factory or some well-known clothing brand OEM production will have some surplus products, the price is usually very low, usually the market price of 2-3 fold, the absolute guarantee of quality work, this is a good purchase channels. But the general requirements of all those who eat into, so entrepreneurs have economic strength.

5, Taobao purchase what channel? If you are overseas friends and relatives in Hongkong or, can they help to some of the domestic market can not see the goods or the higher prices of goods; if you work and live in the border, you can do a pass, personally go out of stock this is very distinctive, or is the price advantage.

now start the Taobao shop, the purchase is a very important link, if you have a good supply, so you set up shop in the entire Taobao has prevailed, because Tao Jian

Shanghai grassroots let the public entrepreneurship is not scattered public entrepreneurship

now is a popular social innovation and the pioneering era, in many places are actively promoting a business trend that, in our country the economic center of Shanghai is now in such a positive trend of entrepreneurship.

in the public venture, the highly innovative era atmosphere, all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship "seeds" will spread everywhere. It is also necessary for them to have a certain freedom to grow, even "barbaric growth" space. However, if in the long term, lacking spirit of cooperation "situation, the internal vitality will be affected. In the construction of Shanghai Branch Center influential global strategy, the northwest of Jiading is the main bearing area. The local raised a new idea: the deployment of innovative chain around the industrial chain, so that innovation and entrepreneurship chain scattered rather than chaos, poly and immortality".

now, thinking about public entrepreneurship, is more and more thorough. Shanghai in Jiading is the focus of exploration of the industry + entrepreneurship model, focusing on integrated circuits and networking, new energy vehicles and automotive intelligent, high-performance medical equipment and precision medical, intelligent manufacturing recommend

The development strategy of auto beauty shop

with the improvement of people’s consumption level, there are former luxury car consumption become a modern people commonly used means of transport, with the steady growth in car sales recently, car care has become one of the important contents of automobile consumption. As an important part of the automotive service market, automotive beauty industry has a lot of room for development. So want to open a car beauty shop, how to get better development?

open car beauty shop development strategy 1, improve product quality and service quality.

product quality and service quality is the fundamental survival of enterprises, enterprises should strengthen product quality management and service management, to provide consumers with more quality services. Car beauty consumption is generally not a one-time consumption, car companies should improve the service consciousness, the use of a variety of services, improve the quality of tangible products and intangible service, to meet the consumer higher requirement for automotive beauty services, the introduction of foreign advanced products and technology is a good choice, and the implementation of transparent policy in terms of the price of services not only, so that consumers can know at the time of consumption, more important is to attract the consumer, the membership system can play a good effect; at the same time, we should also strengthen the construction of marketing service network, improve service timeliness, timeliness and convenience, build high quality service network to get more customers to in the competition for survival and sustainable development, such as WeChat, micro-blog and other marketing.

open car beauty shop development strategy 2, subdivision automotive beauty market

domestic auto beauty market has gradually formed the "one-stop service" mode, showing a "big and complete, and the whole situation, small and complete", a part of the shop due to dispersion and debt capital and technology, management, products etc., it is difficult to each project will do fine, the shop to create a "grocery store" is the inevitable result. At this time, Tandaqiuquan is not as good as automobilebeauty market segmentation, combined with their area of expertise, to create the key advantages of the project, for example, specializes in auto repair, spare parts sales, repair the body clean. This will not only make considerable progress in the field, but also to give customers a better user experience, improve the probability of satisfaction and repeat customers.

open car beauty shop development strategy 3, to provide professional services

car beauty industry is still in a state of scrimmage, car beauty shop division of labor is not clear, the price war is serious, can not fundamentally bring benefits to the enterprise. Provide professional services, increase the added value of services is the way out of the beauty industry. As mentioned earlier, the car beauty industry is a highly specialized industry, to provide good service, must have professional talent, professional training institutions nowadays car beauty is not much, but maintain a growth trend, enterprises in hiring professionals, should also strengthen the training and learning to master more advanced >

An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various projects for female entrepreneurs

now, many young people are no longer willing to work, they want to be their own boss. In this new era, many women have also joined the entrepreneurial tide, women entrepreneurs, through observation, there are 4 types of projects, especially for female entrepreneurs, the various advantages and disadvantages of the project analysis.

this kind of project is popular female entrepreneurship in the past 5 years, numerous open discussions about entrepreneurial network, this kind of project is very warm. The advantages of

Amy women, Aiwujiwu, joint of cosmetics are also of particular interest. Advantage is not much to say, profit space, easy to use, etc..

Create a civilized city disabled service first

  to create a civilized city; the disabled service first


to consolidate and improve the results of the work to create a national civilized city, welcome the good 2012 National City civilized degree index welcome inspection work, August 28th, Municipal Federation party secretary and Chairman Chai, vice chairman Comrade Jing Dongping led the city CDPF departments who are responsible for the in-depth four area of 10 disabled service contact me (city station the point of self-examination).

fwnz first to Dongguan community disabled service contact point and Yang Jia Xiang Chengdong District assistive service contact point inspection, inspected the two disabled service contact points to carry out the work, and with you a cordial conversation, carefully review the relevant material assistive service work, and pointed out the shortcomings of the concrete in the work.

  fwnz chairman of the two disabled service point of contact work fully affirmed, on the implementation of the policy, so that the majority of people with disabilities do get benefits, promote the employment of disabled people, active and innovative ideas, highlight the local characteristics for work were summarized. On the morning of fwnz chairman also went to Fu Lu Xiang disability services and services for disabled Nanchuan road inspection and guidance, and put forward specific requirements for the community staff, told the disabled workers to strengthen the disabled people and volunteers, to the long-term concern of their lives, as far as possible to provide help and service to them.



This year, the provincial public institutions to recruit 1225 staff

reporter learned from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that in 2016 our province provincial institutions open recruitment of staff announcement, the province’s provincial institutions recruit 1225 staff (including retired soldiers directed recruitment positions 150, university independent recruitment 233).

the open recruitment, recruitment for the province include veterans of the province domicile, the province, the province college students, graduates in grassroots projects of college graduates, the service should be placed in the province (including the expiration of veterans served in our province). Open recruitment work in accordance with the recruitment information, registration and online qualification examination, written examination, on-site qualification examination, interview, physical examination, assessment, publicity, procedures for the handling of employment procedures.

this recruitment registration using the online registration, online qualification, online payment and online download and print the ticket out of the way, registration time is from April 19, 2016 9 to April 25th 24; candidates please log in Qinghai examination of the personnel information network (, read the online registration notice and the integrity undertaking, truthfully submit relevant information and complete the registration work.

with bonus condition examinee (except for the minority ethnic affairs positions), through online qualification, please carry with plus the relevant certificate and a copy of the original from May 3rd to May 5th to the Provincial Personnel Examination Center (Xishan Kunlun Xining Road, Lane No. 5) on-site audit points, otherwise as a waiver qualification. In line with the conditions of personnel, will be in the Provincial Personnel Examination Information Network publicity.

qualification will run through the whole process of recruitment, in any one link found that do not meet the eligibility criteria, will be canceled at any time the recruitment qualifications.

the open recruitment positions to assess the appointment of Posts and test jobs. In addition to the remarks marked for the assessment of the employment positions, other positions are belong to the examination post.

for hiring job candidates not to participate in the assessment by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the office of human resources and the unified organization of the written examination and interview, attend only by the register unit (or departments) recruitment examination and assessment to organize the candidates in the online qualification review by, please pay attention to relevant information and publish the register unit to participate in the examination according to the assessment requirements, can also be consulted directly apply for units (or departments).

candidates to participate in the examination of candidates to participate in the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Department of human resources and social unity of the written examination. Written examination time is May 21, 2016, the specific time and place of examination shall prevail. Test content includes comprehensive application ability (accounting for 50% of the written exam), occupation aptitude test (accounted for 50%, of which the written test results) related to minority languages, ethnic medicine, Platelayers, mechanical driver not suitable to participate in the comprehensive application ability test positions, still the corresponding test subject or comprehensive basic knowledge professional courses or comprehensive basic knowledge for written examination achievement 50%. ;