Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal has proved everyone wrong says Novak Djokovics

first_imgClose Roger Federer the GOAT in numbers Boris Becker, the former coach of world number on Novak Djokovic says Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have proved him and everyone else wrong following their achievements after 2016.In 2017, Roger Federer won the Australian Open and Wimbledon. In 2018, the Swiss tennis ace won the Australian Open. With that, he became the first Men’s Singles player in an open era to win 20 Grand Slam titles. Rafael Nadal has won the French Open twice since 2016 and the US Open once in 2017.Boris Becker believed both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were in decline. Boris Becker says he cannot praise the former world number one and the tennis star from Spain enough. Boris Becker also pointed our determination, discipline and willpower of the two tennis legends to display their qualities, even at this age.”I can’t praise him [Roger Federer] enough. I was the first one when I have heard that both players would take four, five, six months off, I was very doubtful people to comeback especially given his age. And in Rafa’s case given the nature of his style, he is very physical but they have proven everybody wrong,” said Boris Becker, as reported by Tennis World USA.”You can’t praise enough for how much determination, willpower, discipline but also ultimate love for the game they must have had because they are champions, they do not need to comeback. They made enough money, they have been enough number ones so the only reason for them to comeback is because they love to compete, they love the game.””We cannot give him enough words because these two guys will not play forever and once they stop we will truly understand the accomplishments they have done,” Boris Becker added. MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty ImagesBoris Becker says why he is involved in tennis at this age. He said, “Tennis was, is and will always be my passion. I think that tennis is unique compared to other big sports because it’s man to man and it’s not played against the time.””In boxing, you have 12 or 15 rounds for three minutes each. In tennis, it can happen that you play six, seven hours against each other. This is what makes it so unique, interesting and simple. I am involved in the German tennis and I am in it.””I am involved in many conversations. I think everyone will play the Davis Cup but that was not always the case. I remember, during my first week in Portugal, that the top four, five withdrew. Also on the German Tennis Federation structure, a lot changed in better.”last_img

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