1×1 of Atleti: Saul plus a wall

first_imgKoke: Fallen to the right, he emptied himself helping Vrsaljko and trying to cover roads in the middle. His first action was the corner kick taken in the 4 ’for Saul’s goal. He tried to put temper when the ball reached his feet and combined well both on the right and on the left, where he played in the second half.Thomas: Well plugging in the middle, although cheek with the ball on the feet. He had a couple of losses that unhinged Simeone and could put the team in trouble. At the end of the first half he tried a distant shot that came near the post. In the addition he tried from the center circle too.Saul: As in many other great Champions nights, there was Saul’s goal. At first, he took advantage of a loose ball in a corner to make the 1-0. Then he had to work in the middle and fulfilled, also giving way to the team. In addition, it is one of the tricks that Oblak looks for in long balls.Lemar: The bell of the starting team. Nobody was waiting for him, but he formed a lane with Lodi before Alexander-Arnold and Salah. They got along well and even allowed some climbs through the band, very cautiously. He had a good chance after a long shipment of Felipe to the uncheck, although it was out of play. Replaced in the break by Llorente.belt: He stood on top next to Morata with a double mission, hindering the exit of Liverpool and flocking the balls combed by his attacking partner. In the former he emptied and in the latter he was less fortunate. Alternate good controls with conduits in which the ball was left behind. Changed in 77 ‘under a strong ovation.Morata: The team’s battering ram also emptied. He tried to make the team long when he had the ball, but it cost him too much. Yes, he won numerous balls launched by Oblak, although with little continuity. In the 25th minute a great personal play was stewed, with a cut over Fabinho, but Alisson took it 2-0. After the break he was physically weakened, although he did not lower his dose of effort. In 66 ’he got a perfect satin ball to shoot, but he tripped before finishing off. Changed in the 70’s.Substitutions:Llorente: He entered after the break for Lemar and placed himself on the right. His first action was to reach the bottom line and serve Vrsaljko behind, who messed up and didn’t finish off.Vitolo: He entered Morata in the 70’s and placed on top.Diego Costa: He entered 77 ‘by Correa and burst the Wanda Metropolitano. Well with the ball and playing over. He had them with Van Dijk. He sucked on a pacifier against the additive and kicked out. Oblak: In the first part he did not try Liverpool, although much of the time was played around his area. He had a very gross mistake with the foot that the visitors took advantage of to score, but offside. In the second half he was shot more, but he didn’t have to grab a ball until 85 ‘.Vrsaljko: One of the eleven surprises, they were seen with Mané in an intense duel. In the first part Koke helped him well and they won almost all duels. It even caused a yellow to the red striker. In 49 ‘he had a good chance after a pass back from Llorente, but he did not finish first and lost the ball. He was accusing fatigue in individual duels before Robertson and Origi.Savic: Surely, great tandem with Felipe, with whom he did not stop talking to share the task and monitor Firmino. Well in the clearings with the head and with the feet, and without complicating in game, touching towards Oblak or in long to the ends. That said, in 65 ‘he threw a ball diagonally towards Lodi that gave rise to the best play of the second half. Great.Philip: He is the leader of the defense and one of the team. Huge match of the Brazilian. In the 36th minute he aborted the best chance of the locals, clearing with the body a shot of Salah that was very dangerous. Inexpugnable above and powerful in anticipation. It is essential.I gave it: It was a very hard exam for him and he took it forward. In the first part, in fact, he was one of the highlights. In the 20th minute he set up a very dangerous threaded center that miraculously saved Van Dijk. He kept Salah at bay. In the second half the band also went up as often as the match allowed and exhibited the quality it treasures. In 66 ’he served a low ball to Morata that could be 2-0. In ’71 he tried it from afar, but found no goal. It seemed that fatigue could, but he ended up with energy and great races for the band. It has gained a huge dose of trust from Simeone and everyone. Simeone surprised with the alignment, especially with the entry of Lemar in the center of the field, after two months without being a starter. The sides, where there were also doubts, were starting for Vrsaljko and Lodi. The coach made an appointment in which the soft drink players had to be important. The first act went perfectly, although with certain doses of suffering.last_img

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