Celades: “Being in Champions League positions is another incentive”

first_imgCelades spoke in Movistar LaLiga:Balance: “We are very happy because we have won. We have had occasions and they have theirs. We are happy. We have won and we have four games without conceding a goal. We came from a very hard game, with extra time.”Rodrigo: “We have had a lot of uncertainty about Rodrigo’s theme. He made a great effort to play against Barça, we love him very much and we are very happy to enjoy him these months.”Garay: “I know it’s something of the knee but I don’t know exactly what. We have to do tests.”Florenzi: “I have seen him very well. He has come in shape, he came from playing. We understood that it was a good time for him to play. I congratulate him.”In Champions positions: “You have to go step by step, We have advanced in the table. We continue in a good dynamic. I would like to be more effective in the rival area. But the fact of being four match without fitting is very good.”Getafe: “We have a meeting in Granada first. We want to continue in good dynamics. We still don’t think about Getafe.”Then he spoken press conference:Match plan: “We were coming from a very big effort on Wednesday. People who didn’t start on Wednesday have been able to play. We wanted to have that freshness and that’s why we started like that. We keep moving forward.”Gameiro: “We are very happy with him. He is not scoring goals. One of the main characteristics of the strikers is to score. But surely he will do it again. Going out for a few minutes is not only easy but we are happy with him.”Occasions: “We have had occasions to make more goals. There have been occasions for both teams. We are happy to have climbed the table but it does not change much. We must remain the same.”Champions on day 22: “One more incentive. The most important thing is that we keep moving forward. Being fourth gives you a good job. We are overcoming difficulties.” Ferran: “From the band in he has done very well. He gives us performance where he plays although his ideal position is in the band. They are free to exchange positions.”Garay: “It has to be tested yet.”Market: “From when it was closed we already know who we are until the end. We have brought Florenzi who will help us and we are very happy that Rodrigo stays with us.”Is Ferran ahead of Gameiro and Rodrigo in the lead ?: “They are different situations. Maxi, Gameiro and Sobrino are more forward and Ferran makes this second point better. It does not mean that they are ahead.”Rodrigo: “Rodrigo is a prop for us. That’s why I wanted to sign Barça. He is a differential player and is able to decide a game. We value what he did against Barça. He wanted to play, with the market open, when he could have said don’t do it. “Goalkeepers: “We thought that it was not necessary to give part of Cillessen. It seems that it is but it has a discomfort in the back of the thigh. Jaume had all our confidence, we have good games. Jaume is doing very well and we are happy with both “.Ball that takes Parejo under sticks: “I think that happens because Parejo loves football. And how he knows everyone and everything, he knows Parejo everything about the National Team … and it was his decision.” Minutes accumulation: “We are concerned that some players play many minutes, more than we would like. But given the situation we had, we had to do it.”What key did you play after Mallorca?: “This is the merit of the players. In Mallorca we take a chase because it was not a team according to these players. This team does not give up. The thing about Mallorca can happen It happens to us all. Today we competed very well. In that final match where Wednesday’s matches are noticed. “last_img

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