Governor Douglas signs controversial budget ‘companion’ bill

first_imgGovernor Douglas today signed the third of four bills pertaining to the FY 2010 budget into law but also sent a letter outlining his objections to provisions he believes are unconstitutional. The principal constitutional concerns involved the firing of state workers, which would give some review authority to the Legislature, and also gives the Legislature a role in state worker retirement plans. Douglas believes this is violates the separation of powers. He also said in his letter that it will make it more difficult to balance the state budget.Douglas had vetoed the budget, but the Legislature overrode his veto last week. The so-called companion bill did contain several provisions that Douglas had been pushing for, however, including the 40 percent capital gains exclusion for farmers and the elderly, restoring the Next Generation scholarships, and funding the Vermont Telecommunications Authority. The governor also noted that by signing the bill, it circumvents other questions about the validity of the process. The companion bill was voted on by the Legislature after the override.Attached is a copy of the letter. AttachmentSize Governor Douglas Message.pdf213.86 KBlast_img

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