Month: March 2017

Xining performance appraisal management to digital

recently, organized by the Xining Assessment Office of the Xining Municipal Development and performance appraisal management information system formally launched. This marks the city’s annual performance appraisal to achieve the transformation from the traditional assessment methods to digital information evaluation and evaluation methods.

  performance evaluation information management system in Xining has five functions, such as online integrated office, task monitoring and early warning and assessment, online evaluation, decision support, data analysis and processing. After the system is put into use, it can realize the online submission, review and release of the data and information. The information management system will be incorporated into the annual target responsibility assessment indicators for the four quarter, monitor the implementation of decomposition refinement, according to the release of "red, yellow and green lights" warning information, the usual assessment score calculated in accordance with the relevant regulations, and urge all units to implement, unified process management and control to achieve results. The information management system based on the test data, through the data center to exchange and share information, with the condition index, unit, time on task, multi dimension query statistical and comparative analysis, and automatic generation of commonly used data analysis chart. read more

Xining Local Tax nspection Bureau Zhabu income more than 1800 yuan

As of August 24th, the audit bureau of Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau received false invoices and 85 types of cases, Zhabu income 1813

by the end of August 24th, the audit bureau of Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau received false invoices and 85 types of cases, Zhabu income 18 million 136 thousand and 300 yuan.

this year, the Council Inspection Bureau to take a number of measures to increase the trial and enforcement, strengthen the check up income into work. To strengthen the contact and cooperation with the public security, taxation and other relevant departments, formulate rectification work program, will fight against selling, buying or using false invoices and other illegal acts as a blow to the focus, to carry out special rectification work area. Adhere to the leadership with the system to ensure that the leadership in charge of the specific circumstances of the case and the progress of the degree of awareness, and truly achieve the purpose of supervision and control. Strengthen the key industries of the inspection efforts, organize personnel to real estate and construction and installation industry, service industries such as pay taxes to carry out a special inspection of the tax inspection, improve execution and deterrence, to maintain a good order of tax collection in Xining area. read more

West District to determine this year a city hardware project

* Five Star Studios built to install high-definition video probe new public kindergartens will be located in the small market Jia Xing, Xing Hai Road, the market is also delisting Road,

recently, Xining City West District of the deployment of the 2013 "creative city" hardware construction, will be in the Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane built five star studios, installation of high-definition video probe, the new public kindergartens, primary school to improve the infrastructure.

2013, West District will improve the public cultural service network, in the commercial pedestrian street lane construction area of 7500 square meters, can accommodate 1435 people, five star stellar Studios is composed of 8 hall, 1 hall. In the community, the village building 6 fitness Plaza, commercial street in limeng is 4000 square metres of construction in the fitness center, Jia Xiao Zhuang primary school to build 1200 square meters of the playground, Xingzhi Primary School in the construction of 1000 square meters of the stadium. In the construction of new Richpower Commercial Street area of 3200 square meters of the district cultural center, in the Xichuan road construction area of 3000 square meters of the district archives. read more

Strengthen the management and control efforts to improve the quality of the project provincial

after the end of May this year, the Provincial Highway Bureau Inspection Team of the city’s rural highway construction inspection, conducted a comprehensive inspection of quality supervision station, Provincial Highway Bureau and the Municipal Transportation Bureau once again form a joint inspection team of the city’s rural highway construction projects in the engineering quality and safety on June 11th to 15 in Qinghai province traffic construction engineering.

inspection team focused on the inspection of the three counties of the rural highway construction projects and the construction of the Municipal Construction Committee of the Xining Railway Station comprehensive transformation of the Republic of Luqiao, hard Lane Bridge project. Inspection group special industry group and internal industry group. Outside the industry group according to the design documents taken to engineering entity site checking pile number, elevation, cushion thickness, pavement structure and forming geometry; within the industry group by looking at the construction procedure, construction and supervision of information and other methods were examined in the construction project. Through the inspection found that this year the construction unit attaches great importance to the quality of rural road construction and safety production, the overall quality of the construction and supervision units selected better than in previous years. Most of the rural highway construction project quality and safety situation is better than in previous years, but there are quality problems of individual projects, the inspection team requires the existence of engineering quality problems the project immediately shut down, the deadline for rectification. For the entire inspection inspection team in 19 called the project construction unit, construction and supervision units were focused on the feedback of supervision, and through the "bulletin" made in the form of the construction units, the construction units for problems of rectification, the rectification promptly reported to the provincial and municipal relevant departments after the review of the rectification the situation. read more

The national union news conference held today in Xining

national union news conference held today (July 21st) in Xining. Ni Jianmin, vice chairman of the China Federation of trade unions, Secretary of the CPC Committee, the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Mu Dongsheng attended the meeting, the provincial and municipal trade unions responsible comrades of more than and 100 people attended the meeting.

At the

meeting, Ni Jianmin, vice chairman of the all China Federation of trade unions and Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, put forward specific requirements for the further promotion of trade union press and propaganda work. He said that trade unions in the overall situation of reform, development and stability of the responsibilities of the increasingly heavy, the effectiveness of the union news is directly related to the unity and stability of the staff. Therefore, the national trade union organizations at all levels to grasp the ideological trend and ideology of the masses of workers, psychological characteristics of the masses of workers and accept customs, adhere to the principle of party spirit, firmly grasp the correct guidance of public opinion; to adhere to the people-oriented, service employees, enhance the news affinity, attraction and appeal; to continue to reform and innovation, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of public opinion guidance; to earnestly carry out the construction of the trade union propaganda team, to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness, to further improve the ability to guide public opinion news. Trade unions at all levels should firmly establish the position of consciousness, enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, to fully explore the union news resources, open the union news propaganda channel, an important duty to assume the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of workers, reflect their voices, firmly grasp the union propaganda leadership and initiative. read more

Standing tall building livable city of modern industry Zhang Jianmin investigation of urban and rura

June 25th, vice governor Zhang Jianmin Xining urban and rural housing construction. He stressed the need to stand tall and strengthen urban construction, in order to guide the planning of urban construction and development, and effectively promote the protection of housing construction, accelerate the pace of urban construction, and strive to create a livable city of modern industry.

Zhang Jianmin visited the Xining Liyuan area, seamount area and other low-income housing project construction site, field view of the project progress, construction environment, to understand the nuances of low-income housing goals, the supply of land, capital investment, structure, apartment layout facilities, distribution management situation, stressed the need to attach great importance to low-income housing construction work, pay attention to study and improve the the construction mode, advance planning difficult to crack the problem of construction and follow up management, continuously improve the low-income housing construction and operation management level. read more

Pudong Xining science and technology exchanges business projects docking fruitful

January 22nd, municipal science and Technology Bureau of Shanghai City, since 2001, Pudong New Area and the city (hereinafter referred to as "Pu Ning") since the friendly city, the two sides in the scientific and technological exchanges and promote cooperation between enterprises docking project has done a lot of work, and very fruitful achievements.

it is understood that the Pudong New Area Municipal Science and technology cooperation and the main achievements to create Puning cooperation and exchange of science and technology enterprises, research institutes, intermediary organizations, government cooperation mode, to strengthen the bilateral exchanges and cooperation in science and technology efforts to expand cooperation in the field of science and technology, the real work of science and technology exchanges and cooperation, and promote enterprises to participate in to the development of both sides in a wide range of cooperation; China Unicom bio medicine, solar photovoltaic and other areas of channels, promote the advantages in the development and characteristics of Pudong New Area resources in Xining area in talent, technology, equipment, research and development of the play, to achieve a more extensive cooperation in "mutual benefit and common development" principle; the two have established the "base + platform" mode of cooperation in the field of biology and medicine, and research and development platform that make full use of Pudong New Area in biomedicine Potential and the advantages of the city in the biomedical resources, product processing base, to carry out a more extensive and in-depth cooperation. read more

Xining east to key projects to stimulate the economy

this year, Xining City area to start the implementation of a number of significant supporting role, full development, related to people’s livelihood, a strong impetus to the implementation of key projects, the project 133, completed an investment of 8 billion 453 million yuan, the project has become the key to promote the economic development of the east area of engine.

push project, east area from the beginning of the year, on-the-spot investigation, the coordinated development of the key projects of the construction, improve people’s livelihood and social undertakings of the overall arrangements, formulated the "notice" on the establishment of county leading project Chengdong District steering group, and selected ten has a significant impact on the region’s work the topic, led by the district leadership group, in-depth investigation and study, timely coordination difficulties and problems solve the project construction process, refine the focus of project responsibility, establish construction supervision table of key projects, to accelerate the pace of the construction of key projects. read more

Xining public parking lot construction management approach from November the implementation of publi

Xining Municipal People’s government to develop the introduction of "Xining public temporary parking lot construction management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be implemented on November 1st this year.

it is reported that the "measures" after the implementation of the temporary parking lot, the public will implement a unified planning and construction, unified management, unified fee. Administrative departments of transportation in Xining is the Department in charge of public temporary parking lot in Xining City, according to the city parking lot planning, be responsible for designing, construction and supervision and management of public temporary parking lot, and unified the development of the city’s public temporary parking lot set and service standards; and commissioned the establishment of road parking management unit in accordance with the law, specifically responsible for the construction of the supervision and management of public temporary parking lot.The Department in charge of Xining city planning and construction administration of read more

Xining commercial bank for rural economic development note gold Tim silver

in the face of inadequate supply of rural finance, the problem of lack of financial services, Xining city commercial banks market-oriented adjustment of credit structure, extending financial services tentacles, initiative to provide quality financial services for the "three rural".

to close service to the rural economy, Xining City Commercial Bank has established two branches in the Gan River Industrial Park, to provide financial services for the New South and Ganhetan area of rural and park enterprises, 2006 branch Gan were issued all kinds of loans 100 million yuan, 41 million 920 thousand yuan deposits. In March 5th, the State Treasury set up a branch library in the Gan River branch, the surrounding farmers and enterprises in the park more convenient for financial services. The victory for management of Xining City Commercial Bank in recent years to run into the fields of rural financial services, currently has a total of 8 villages more than 800 farmers land grant funds 160 million yuan, small loans to farmers 7 million 600 thousand yuan, solve the farmers farming, agricultural production and business capital needs. read more

Provincial Finance issued 400 million yuan to support direct trading pilot electricity

provincial government recently issued a direct purchase of electricity matching funds 400 million yuan, support power direct trading pilot, to reduce the aluminum production of large electricity industry cost, which plays an important role in stability of the province’s industrial economic growth.

faces difficulties aggravated with the electrolytic aluminum and other raw materials for industrial production and management, bring a greater impact on the stable operation of key industries and downstream firms, according to the provincial government decided to carry out the power direct trading pilot work arrangements and requirements, the provincial finance comprehensive consideration of enterprise capability requirement and finance bear power, arranged by the straight the purchase of electricity matching funds 400 million yuan for power users to participate in the direct trading of the given price subsidies in accordance with the 0.01 yuan / kWh -0.02 yuan / kWh to the standard form of mutual funds. read more

Xining Huimin funeral funeral policy for the masses burden

since January 1st this year, Xining city in the funeral Huimin policy implementation in the province, eliminating the cost of basic funeral services for urban and rural residents, to effectively reduce the burden of the masses to the funeral, at present, Xining City, a total of 2456 people from the urban and rural residents basic funeral service fee of 1 million 722 thousand and 700 yuan.

reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, Huimin funeral policy is mainly to pick up the body, refrigerated storage, cremation, ashes storage and other four basic funeral service projects, a total of 720 yuan basic funeral service fee free. The implementation of free objects for household registration in urban and rural areas in Xining city (Village) people; Xining City Local Colleges full-time non Xining Hukou students in Nanjing Army (police) forces servicemen; and the labor contract signed in Xining enterprises and shall pay the pension insurance payment years, migrant workers in the the urban living and identified by the public security department remains nameless. These personnel in the Xining funeral home, the funeral of their units or units in the cremation formalities, you can enjoy the basic policy of funeral Huimin free range. At the same time, Xining city residence of urban and rural residents (Village) people in the field can be the spirit of the deceased, cremated principle, the funeral is the resident household registration certificate and cremation procedures and other documents, by the Xining municipal funeral management office confirmed after the audit can also enjoy the funeral Huimin policy of free range. (author: Xiao Yu City Finance)
  read more

The Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau police personnel shal

for the province and the city some of the grass-roots public security organs and the public security police violations, illegal handling and not as messy as other law enforcement regulations, requirements of the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Police Association is prohibited personnel involved in law enforcement.

issued the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Public Security Bureau, Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, called for the strengthening of police team management, have formulated some rules and regulations of the police personnel recruiting, hiring, daily management, responsibility, education and training, assessment and so on, have detailed provisions, especially clear requirements, non police officers do not have the subject the qualification of law enforcement in law enforcement activities. However, according to the investigation of the reflection of the public security organs, individual units and departments of orders and prohibitions, Xieqin auxiliary personnel involved in handling the case, making a record, some even alone check, debit card, fine, especially the individual department oversight, loss of control phenomenon, assistant law enforcement officers gathered petitions, resulting in worse influence in society. The Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau have meeting requirements of various law enforcement units must engage in a comprehensive and thorough investigation Mopai, grasp the real situation, to take strong measures to firmly control the problem, effectively solve the masses reflect the strong law enforcement injustice, uncivilized, not as messy as other issues. read more

West 19 promises to fulfill the livelihood of the people

The government purchase of farmers market, the separation of management and entrepreneurship incubation center kindergarten, a special livelihood project to build West District West District government set up a new look, a new image for the people. This year, the West District People’s livelihood innovative ideas, improve people’s livelihood, the people around the high quality service, adhere to the "small finance, livelihood" concept, the key 19 to 200 million yuan of investment projects for the tangible things fully completed. Invest 17 million yuan to build the incubation service center for students, the selection of 30 college founded Enterprises Incubator; incubating enterprises enjoy the preferential policies provided by the government, the two cultivating service center provides for entrepreneurs to accept. Invest 55 million yuan to take government investment, the separation of management and market operation "the way was built and put into operation the first West District kindergarten, preschool education to make up for the" short board ", to guarantee the preschool education infrastructure construction and development. Investment of 9 million 350 thousand yuan, the new West Road kindergarten. Investment of 40 million 350 thousand yuan, the implementation of primary school education informationization construction project area. Invested 50 million yuan to build a fully functional West District Cultural Arts center. Comply with the urgent demands of people improve their living conditions and quality of life, a bold attempt in the old hospital building management, take government led, appropriate subsidies "and" three noes "area 149 buildings to achieve full coverage of property management. Investment of 50 million yuan, the new government of Xining city to pay the first purchase of the farmers market, Jia small farmers market opened after Jia small farmers market solve the surrounding more than 3 residents to buy vegetables, fruits, meat products and other daily necessities of the problem.   read more

The province’s food safety responsibility system officially launched

In March 31st, Qinghai province development and Reform Commission held a provincial food security responsibility assessment start work conference, read out the "Qinghai province food security responsibility assessment organization work programme", further refinement and decomposition of food security assessment responsibility, build assessment work operation platform, specifically related to the working procedure and the system. The meeting was held, marking the province’s food safety responsibility system officially launched. read more

Zhu Peiming’s idea of wealth to sell the leaves to make money

we had an article, Zhu Peiming led the villagers to the village cadres into persimmon persimmon, and then get rich examples of large sales, but generally only after all in the winter persimmon, then in the other three seasons is village people will have no income? Now, he let us sell eye-opening, leaves can become rich.

gongyancun persimmon exports to South Korea and Southeast Asia, the news spread like wildfire. The fruit will have to follow, second years, every corner of a large number of persimmon will appear on the market. In the spring of 2007, in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market, Hongyan people once again walk in the front, dig out new business opportunities. read more

Provincial capital is expected this year the implementation of heating metering charges

According to our province’s goals, from the beginning of this year in the heating season, Xining city completed a new central heating buildings, and energy-saving heating measure and this year’s existing buildings, to start the implementation of heat metering and charging.

to 2020 the heating period, the province’s city, city and county of the completion of the new central heating buildings, complete measurement and energy saving heating of the existing building, the implementation of heat metering, cancel the valuation fees according to the heating area. At the same time, the province will increase the amount of heating metering and charging conditions of civil building heating system heat metering reform efforts, and vigorously promote the town heat source, heat supply, heating stations and other facilities heating metering transformation. read more

Report to the people will increase the number of live units

The day before the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued notice stressed that the city discipline inspection organs at all levels should be considered early, early convergence, early arrangements, conscientiously sum up the experience of this year, the specific idea and measures of the deployment of the 2014 anti-corruption work, strengthen scientific guidance, targeted and effective. Notification requirements, we must persevere in the implementation of the provisions of the central eight provinces and cities and supporting measures to seriously find the solution to the problem of the existence of the four winds, eradicate the four winds breeding soil. Two to carry out a pair of "comprehensive reporting system, strengthen and improve the control and supervision of the exercise of the power of leading cadres. Three to increase the implementation of the report to the people, the people’s comments live activities to expand the scope of direct broadcast units, prompting government departments and industry units to change the style of work, etc.. The four is to build and open "agriculture websit to protect farmers’ rights. Fifth, continue to deepen the anti-corruption culture "six plus four" activities, and strive to build a number of "Wen has the name of view, in fact, has its distinctive teaching effect," the honest culture demonstration. Six to improve work coordination ability, improve the quality and effectiveness of handling, timely understanding of the problem of leading cadres found signs of verification, admonishing conversation. Seven in the risk warning mechanism, punishment mechanism, the prevention and control measures in place. Eight is sent discipline work committee (monitoring branch) to actively integrate into the division of labor units, active service, strengthen supervision.   read more

Xining West District focus on remediation of small store hygiene

as a city to tackle deepening, Xining City West District Health and food and drug administration to focus on remediation of more than 200 small salons, small hotels, small restaurants and other industries, requires practitioners units to implement disinfection measures, standardize business practices.

at the same time, but also to carry out a special inspection of community health service charges, 6 community health service stations indiscriminate medication, arbitrary charges and other issues investigated, on-site rectification. Community health service institutions to carry out mutual evaluation, mutual supervision and inspection work to promote industry self-regulation. On the jurisdiction of 21 private medical institutions were examined. (author: Su Jianping Xi Tao)
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Xining’s four blueprint for development is worth looking forward to

 Luo Huining, Secretary of the provincial Party committee of the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) called on the Xining to make contributions to the development of, to go ahead on the basis of stability and support".

governor Hao Peng pointed out: "Xining must overcome difficulties, do more contribution in the economic development model, made the new exploration in the reform and opening up, to make new efforts in the service in the city building."

, deputy secretary of provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun pointed out: "the construction of city planning of a city is to design a life", "Mattel strategy, as the key tree", "Zhi Ning strategy for water administration". read more