Month: April 2017

Hongia and three high investment worth choosing – juice business

we are busy at the party to choose hongia and three juice stew pot? In Chinese food and beverage industry which mainly in the stew pot, hot pot, hot pot, three characteristics of the comprehensive in Hong Ji Huang San juice in cooking. Small business to choose hongia and three juice stew pot is equivalent to the project, chose to join the three major characteristics of delicious!

is the first innovation in every industry and brand needs, Hong Ji Huang three to only eat rice in the pot juice innovation method to attract many consumers come to the consumer taste, has a small desktop and cooking for the different needs of Yuanyang enable consumers to choose high, is the industry leader, let the consumer satisfaction, it is let the franchisee success to become rich.

Remember how

hung Huang three juice stew pot?

now many people are concerned about the health food which is better to join, Hong Ji Huang three juice stew pot is the best choice for you, and the way of cooking technology innovation, leading the fashion trend of the new Hot pot, from the traditional, and keep pace with the times. The old taste is still, the new method of eating constantly, conform to the times, to meet the needs of more consumers. Both the characteristics of traditional culture, but also the style of modern cuisine, in line with the needs of the market.

through the above description, I believe everyone to choose to join the Hong Ji Huang three juice cooking project, there has been a lot of understanding. Simple way to join, the best choice to trust. If you remember to join Hong Huang three juice cooking project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

Make friends with customers

how can we better get along with the customer, the customer’s business, which is every investor is constantly thinking about the problem. "Everyone has feelings and thinking of the animal, in normal operation, in words and deeds, goods and services to customers in a little human touch, take the customer as your friend to treat, I think you will have unexpected harvest." That’s what Yang Xuemei thinks.

in most of the peers in the speech is now in the retail business downturn, Yang Xuemei is taking advantage of just a few years to open two stores, and the bigger the business, the better. In addition to a unique vision and her service concept is also very open.

and customers become friends

"do you listen to the accent or are you from Jianyang?" "Yeah, I’m from Jianyang." "So clever, I am also in Jianyang, but also the Sancha Lake Tourism Scenic spot……" "Really, ah, you are Renshou, I am in Jianyang, we are half a fellow……" Yang Xuemei is good at listening to the dialect of the customer to determine where the customer is, and then began to set near".

from home to talk about the characteristics of snacks in recent years, changes in the home, from home to chat about the famous characters of their hometown. Although Chengdu is not far away from home, but in this metropolis encounters a home is also a people very happy, especially human strong rural people, will have a special affection for fellow feeling.

The results of

, the villagers in the store pick up imperceptibly, a lot of goods, checkout, the fraction of villagers think little of it, will inevitably make the villagers have a little touched. Nature has become a frequent visitor to the store, of course, the villagers will pull a lot of fellow villagers or half to take care of your business. Yang Xuemei used this way to recognize the villagers a lot of customers, the most important thing is that she treats every customer as a friend.

"to tell the truth, this toy is not suitable for children under the age of 3 to play, because it is the children of that age has some security risks, such as children grow up to buy this, you can choose this, this product is safe and will not cause any harm to the child, now the child is a family treasure in case of accidents, safety, we are not willing to see." In the face of such a sincere for their own boss, I think, no one is not touched by the customer.

put himself in the customer’s mind, the customer did not expect us to think of him, the customer thought of us to do better for him, standing in the customer’s point of view, to provide customers with the best service." This is what Yang Xuemei often said to the shop assistant.

make your sales of human touch


Do a good job in market positioning to open a clothing store

custom clothing years with nearly continuously improve people’s living standard, has now become the new direction of the development of the garment industry, but as a new direction of the development of garment industry, want to do a good job is not easy. How to make the larger customer base is placed in front of all the stores a difficult problem. At present, many clothing stores to join the customer base is relatively narrow, it is difficult to broaden. Therefore, for the clothing franchise stores, the maintenance of good old customer relationship is particularly important.

1, suggesting that investment cost control can not be ignored.

2, large upfront investment, the return cycle is more optimistic.

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Electricity supplier for the traditional commercial plate eroded heart

people are crazy about the degree of online shopping, you absolutely can not imagine. Do you know? Before creating a feast of 35 billion yuan, Ma had an exclusive interview, said that the number of sales is not concerned about, but I hope that by the figure of the commercial real estate prices down. Seemingly illogical remarks, but also reflects the electricity supplier for the traditional commercial plate eroded heart.

now with access to the user cost and enhance the platform promotion costs, the cost of electricity providers are gradually close to the entity. This part of the pressure may be transferred to the supplier in the early stages, but when consumers have formed the habit of online shopping, will gradually be passed on to consumers.

Joe Hui Lighting lighting industry in 2017 to join the leading brand

lighting selection, market opportunities are good. How about lighting? Quality projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. To join the benefits of lighting projects, open their own Hui Yi lighting franchise, no doubt, is a very good choice, but also a very business choice!

regardless of your home is a paperback or luxurious, lighting is not good collocation will seriously lose good effect. Joe Lighting Co., Ltd. is a LED lighting industrial company, under the LED package, LED application development, LED application manufacturing three core business. Siming Pu lighting is committed to the integration of optimal allocation of resources, improve the quality of LED application, to reduce the cost of LED application, the application and popularization of LED. The main products include home lighting, commercial lighting, LED lighting, outdoor lighting, office lighting, non-standard engineering lighting, electrical switches, electrical light source and other fields.

Joe Hui Lighting website, relying on the packaging division, the main products are LED manufacturing LED lamp, LED light bar, LED advertising module, rigorous, dedicated, professional and scientific attitude to promote the products are widely used in decoration, lighting, light boxes, exhibition display, backlight, light, environment light industrial products and etc.

joined Joe Hui Lighting? Simple join the project, worthy of our attention and choice. If you join the benefits of lighting projects, is also very interested in. So, don’t hesitate to act quickly. Come and join us! Let us work together to achieve our wealth of life!

Alone home business Yang Zhenzhen became the new women entrepreneurs

a girl alone to start a business at home alone is very difficult, but the difficult road of Yang cheer eventually left down, and reached the annual income 200 thousand yuan achievement. Can not help but let people thumbs up.


in support of the village cadres help, in November 2009, she rented a long Shan Xiang Shen fan community of more than 200 acres of land, early start, please see the old tile workers broken this wasteland and ten, dry a few days left, a worker said to her: "I do not want to here you do, a 26 year old little girl a person guarding this piece of wasteland, when can we do give a reason?" Yang Zhenzhen did not give up, she began to improve in the yellow clay soil during slaughter, chicken feather 12 thousand, soil 60 pigs.

due time into the second step, vegetable planting in June 8, 2011, a car accident this skinny girl admitted to hospital, 3 months because no one knows the farm management and losses. After discharge Yang Zhenzhen resting after a year, began again, 20 acres of planted honeysuckle. This thought can be planted in the year when the advantage of the return of the proceeds of the fund, a sudden fire once again let her lose a lot……

she began to change the idea, from the beginning of growing vegetables, the farm has come back to life. So, from a layman planting vegetables, to see the status of plants can now know illness and medication; from a cement column in 2014 to 30 in a greenhouse now; a person from their own labor to hire 10 people now work, from a single product sales to the many varieties of sales for two years. 30 greenhouses a year net income of about 200 thousand yuan.

persevering, faith is power. Yang Zhenzhen said that in the near future, the farm is expected to become a model to promote the surrounding villagers to get rich together. She believes she can recommend

An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various projects for female entrepreneurs

now, many young people are no longer willing to work, they want to be their own boss. In this new era, many women have also joined the entrepreneurial tide, women entrepreneurs, through observation, there are 4 types of projects, especially for female entrepreneurs, the various advantages and disadvantages of the project analysis.

this kind of project is popular female entrepreneurship in the past 5 years, numerous open discussions about entrepreneurial network, this kind of project is very warm. The advantages of

Amy women, Aiwujiwu, joint of cosmetics are also of particular interest. Advantage is not much to say, profit space, easy to use, etc..

Beauty salon before joining the investment to do

in recent years, with the increasingly difficult problem of employment, and now many young people will give up their jobs to start their own businesses to develop their own career. Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular, competition is inevitable, many people choose to invest in beauty salons to join, so how can we do a beauty salon to join it? Novice how to open beauty salons good to join, now beauty franchise industry is very fire, attracted a lot of new investors, the problem of lack of experience makes many investors do not know where to start, the following Xiaobian to introduce a comprehensive website for you.

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Beware of crooks – all retail


said that many of the owners in the course of the operation has been very cautious, but there are many cases of deception. The next door is a teahouse, a lot of people, even though I sit in the shop at home, but if what’s interesting news, I would soon know one or two, this not on the opposite side of the store cheated 6 high-grade cigarettes, worth 3 thousand yuan, the news quickly spread to me this, but the process know very clearly.

scene reproduction:

"Hello, I am a health center, today, the meeting of the health center, and so on will go to your store to take 6 Yellow Crane Tower soft treasures, will open the end of the account, OK?"

health in the distance of less than three homes, so close, so familiar, the owner did not worry about the answer: "yes, you come to take it." The shop owner for many years, is a seasoned businessman, his main business channels are retail and wholesale, business units do not much, think of this health shop so close, usually dealing with not a lot, but also know a lot of people in health, perhaps this is the beginning of the business unit to do good the owner, in mind.

the shopkeeper answered the phone, the 6 cigarette ready, then store in a young lad, politely said: "Hello, I’m the leader of health, just call you to say a few good smoke, tell him to come with me, and so he will come node account."

"OK, you take it." The owner was very enthusiastic to put 6 bags of high-grade cigarettes to the young man.

so the young man easily carry 6 cigarettes out of the shop door, toward the direction of the health.

this guy is a liar may smoke shop for novice, perhaps out of a guilty conscience, not far from the shop owner looked at the boy back to back, back, back to look at the boy, feeling a little wrong, then go out to come over, health and shop from so close, so when the owner fast approaching, just to see a boy sitting in a car parked in front of health, he chased the past, the car had to flee, liar.

6 soft treasures Yellow Crane Tower according to the purchase price is 3 thousand yuan, retail profits, how much will this gross profit can earn 3 thousand yuan, 3 thousand yuan this is not a fee on heartbreak, take wings to itself, makes people angry.

a little bit more careless, it is possible to be cheated, so as a retail really need to be very cautious. In short, now a lot of crooks, as retailers we really need to pay attention to, to be vigilant in the usual business, large business does not encounter a little profit because of a high

The palm of pizza to join the delicious tongue – the whole

pizza delicious, linger, small business choice to join the pizza? Good project, good choice. Want to start a successful business for the choice of a good project is very important, then, to choose to join the business on the palm of the pizza? Open their own palm pizza store, good market opportunities, business without trouble!

delicious tongue, palm meal, palm pizza since the launch to the market, it has been more recognized by consumers, now, the brand has quickly brought thousands on thousands of consumers and customers friends a strong desire to buy, you can hold the delicacy in front of palm pizza not only live? Is the rich Italian style delicacy for you, will also be elegant art to bring you, let you have a spiritual enjoyment in the dining time. Exquisite appearance, fashion all-match packaging, not only taste buds or vision, are to bring you a feast of delicacy.

handheld has a variety of pizza pizza, pizza, seafood and fresh vegetables idyllic scenery, a super extreme pizza pizza, stuffed shrimp pizza pizza and other series of double Heng Vienna delicacy, pure taste, let consumers and adjustable. No matter what kind of pizza you like, pizza is available. Dozens of pizza delicacy feast, people constantly surprises, high-quality selection of pizza will palm wealth achievement model.

food industry, has been very business opportunities. Small business to choose to join the palm pizza, in a very competitive market stand firm. Shop business, good projects, good choice! So, to choose to join the palm of the pizza business, is the right choice!

A turtle sells 380 thousand of the price


people are not unfamiliar, both in the world of the sea, or in real life, its existence is not what strange things, but also in the market is not what rare animal, but now there is a turtle sold 380 thousand of the price, this is also boast, is an example of?

2009 in July 6th, this is called Li Xuegong’s Shenzhen merchants after six months of appointment, and finally met in Guangxi, the man named Ma Wusong. The home of Ma Wusong heavily-guarded, full of twists and turns after the four gate. Li Xuegong finally saw what he wanted in this small house, two national protected animal disease.

1996, the Guangxi aquatic products market, called a turtle turtle species suddenly boomed a few years ago, hundreds of yuan a catty price suddenly rose to one thousand yuan, two thousand yuan, finally reached three thousand yuan a catty, allowing aquatic bosses began to be struck dumb. Huang Kunguang: farmers 3000 yuan of money at that time, a small animal with a small beetle is amazing.

What are the elements of Hot pot stores location

There are many factors that need to be investigated in the

hot pot franchise. What are the most important factors that must be taken into account? A lot of franchisees on this issue is not very familiar with, small consulting some successful investors, summed up some suggestions, hoping to provide some reference for the novice to join, hurry up, look at the analysis.

to do a performance in Hot pot market, investors to occupy a good location, so the site should also pay attention to, to have a clear understanding of their choice of brands, customers know where? Understanding of the target consumer range of activities, the site can be more effective, in fact the catering project selection and walk in the same place together, is also good, in general such area are very easy to form a business circle, there is a stable source.

in the site link, entrepreneurs must do a comprehensive analysis, to find a convenient traffic location, traffic is large, it can easily gather a high popularity, good business will not worry


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Do business also need to be able to read the whole – Qiao said

timely joke with customers, insert a word, often able to pull the relationship between each other, but also to the development of the business has a very big help. "A ‘Nanjing’ (red)." An old man with a four year old grandson came to the front of the counter. I see, is a neat, knowledge of elderly customers, for closer relations, a cigarette with his greeting: "this gentleman longevity?"

"Na, only" thirty-four point five years "." He answered humorously.

"oh! Sixty-nine, the spirit is very good." I put my thumbs up and thought, "this is the optimist". Bought the smoke, but the old man can not walk, I saw his grandson holding his pants, a finger on the shelf can say that the doll will sing again and again, "grandpa! Grandpa!"

"hey! Today, "" good luck and success in life "rip off" of the encounter!" The old man winked on me, crouch and coax the child, "my baby," the best in all the land well behaved "home toys piled up, this time to see grandpa to buy goods, next time." The grandson of twisting the body like a rattle, is not.

"it’s raining in the empty field." I judge by experience, and as a joke tone said: "the little grandson has fancy, just buy a peace of mind, to have gone!" At this time, the child like a tug of war to the grandfather of the toy rack pull. The old man narrowed his eyes and did not leave.

I immediately said to the child: "you call him ‘little Grandpa’ he bought." The child really cried again and again, "little grandpa", and a sound than a high. I was the old man also was uproarious, amused laugh to tears, finally bought a doll, I also played a ten percent off discount. The child was holding the doll, laughing and jumping, and the old man would boast that I would do business. Since then, the old man often come to my shop to buy cigarettes or chat with me.

The formation of

many times Trading operators don’t need much words, if you can read the words is to believe, to play a multiplier effect. So, want to do fire business, how to speak is very important oh. Of course, want to play a role, also need to know how the wind blows.

Losing business in the end can not do all the business

although each shopkeeper is doing business is to make money, however, some of the goods in the course of the sale has been losing money. For example, I this batch of 5.8 of the purchase price, selling 5.75 yuan. The purchase price of 4.7 yuan per kilogram, 4.6 / 10 fen for sale, oh, no way, egg too sensitive goods, to the flow of people got to do it. How to let the egg does not lose money and can attract popularity?

main symptoms of losing money business should not change the point where

The main flavor is of thousands of customers,

prescription more good for the perspective of

eggs lose money to pull

customers come to buy it

you don’t lose money he doesn’t buy

if you lose money he laughs silly

who I don’t silly, silly, I was a supermarket manager, I lose money in business for many years, egg is for tourists, is to gather popularity, is to let customers more, you want customers to more easily, buy other household, and I don’t earn it. If you stand to this point of view, the store is not stupid, clever also. But now customers are not so stupid, why say so, because you do not lose money, people do not buy you, if you lose money, the customer, after you bought something sure my heart will come to the sentence, the shopkeeper silly cute. If the price is low, the better.

but why customers will think so, is actually very simple, because your egg price is lower than others, because you lose money, because you got thick oh.

actually stand to the customer’s point of view the eggs can be understood. Large supermarkets do activities take eggs, make use of eggs to mobilize popularity, the idea is very good, but we thought that such a problem is not, eggs do activities, which is the part of the customer? One is the elderly, two are family women. The two part of the people have a common feature, that is, plenty of time, you can queue up, you can wait, you can count on each other.

because they have a lot of free time, so the information spread faster. Seems to attract popularity is a good thing, but they are investigating the purchase of goods is clear, random shopping is not strong. That is to say that this part of the people are living, they cherish their every penny. Take the eggs to do the activities of the supermarket, you lose money more, they are more happy, but in the purchase of other household goods is not like the business plan, but after comparison, comparison will be purchased.

so that the supermarket eggs lose money, seems to be popular, in fact, the real spending power is not, that is to say, most of the eggs lose money earned >

Join a few suggestions – clothing brand success in business

garment industry has been very popular in the industry, in the hearts of many people, entrepreneurs should choose this industry, opened a clothing store is a lot of choice for entrepreneurs, but in the face of perplexing the apparel market, entrepreneurs how to choose? To join the clothing brand, need to be considered from three aspects, only do these can let you forge successful shop.

a, clothing to join the brand

want to know, for clothing to join, the choice of a good brand is very important, a good brand can let the franchisee no worries, a good brand can give the franchisee a good development space. And a good brand must have a stable source, so as to ensure that the late sales. Of course, a well-known clothing brand also has a relatively mature management, which will be joined to provide a reference for enterprises.

two, clothing to join the position of

for the survival of the garment industry for the tourists, the choice of clothing to join the location is also very important, if the choice of commercial street in downtown lots, then its clothing sales will be expected to join the relatively ideal. However, if you choose a remote place, it is difficult to guarantee the sale of clothing after joining.

three, clothing to join the opportunity

to do the clothing business, the timing is also very important, choose to join the clothing should also be determined to join the opportunity, so as to grasp the business opportunities. If in the economic downturn, the clothing market slump when choosing to join the clothing, which is undoubtedly an unwise choice, so the timing is also a necessary factor in the success of clothing.

Many people now

business clothing business, but want to succeed or rarely, in order to successy operate a clothing store, can not completely rely on the headquarters, but also rely on their own efforts to join. It should also be noted that the successful operation of the clothing store is a very long process, the need to adhere to the courage and patience, only through their own efforts, perseverance, and in the end will be successful.

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How about chicken – joined Ming hole

chicken, has been very popular with the delicacy. For entrepreneurs, the choice of a good project is very important to join. Ming Dong chicken? Has the advantage of chicken, join the choice, is also very powerful choice. Ming Dong chicken joined the project, worth choosing!


project we should pay more attention to the natural delicacy, the delicacy of brand taste, Ming hole have chicken taste? Bring the classic Ming hole chicken flavor for the consumer, entrance fragrant but not greasy, crisp and refreshing, bite, succulent chicken flavor melts in the mouth, echoed in between the delicious, really delicious too. Ming Dong chicken production process is also very simple. The marinade with a new formula, fishy fresh flavor of green, bedonethrough, mature quickly, these are the reasons why it conquered consumers.

Ming Dong chicken?

in addition, Ming hole chicken in nutrition more exquisite collocation and fresh ingredients of health. Ming Dong why so delicious chicken? Because it uses a new formula, it will be so delicious, attracted a lot of repeat. And it also has its own brand advantage, many tastes with the guests want to go, the way the business is more flexible these are other brands can not do things. Ming Dong chicken is a very powerful and the development of the brand, the brand is certainly worth joining.

Ming Dong chicken? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity, joined Ming hole chicken project is still very powerful choice. If you join the project of Ming Dong chicken is very interested, right up to my advice!

Kesongfang cake investment money

cake food, can be described as a killer of many people. For small business franchisee, entrepreneurs choose to join kesongfang cake project, no doubt, is a very wise choice. Famous brand cake to join the project, do you still not echocardiography?

The main products are

kesongfang bread, pastry, cakes, coffee and so on, are selling products, the product quality is the key of baking, kesongfang how? In order to maintain product freshness and quality, kesongfang uses the most advanced technology equipment and management mode, large frozen dough factory and central kitchen, security the food is fresh, mature technology and standardized operation, let kesongfang cake product quality to strive for further improvement, kesongfang is effective means of sales promotion group purchase brand, also becomes one of the most popular way to buy love.

bakery product itself is relatively healthy, but the traditional bread taste in products will be relatively simple, while kesongfang join is not the same, there are very diversified practices and collocation, taste change, even if it is often to eat is also very fresh, many people will be purchased through kesongfang group purchase the way is more convenient and cheaper.

joined kesongfang cake? Have the strength of good business projects. Join the kesongfang leader in cake, cake. If you to join kesongfang cake project, is also very exciting, hurry up! Success belongs to our wonderful life!

To choose interesting characteristics Hot pot – small Hot pot fishing net

food and beverage industry has been all the more inclined Hot pot to join the project, catering for investors, they have to find a suitable for their delicacy project Hot pot. Hot pot is the food and beverage market with high popularity, has a high market share. Fun fishing small pot, innovative bar hot pot dishes, more convenient, fast, hygienic hot pot brand, once listed will be very popular, join the fun fishing venture easier, wealth flow.

catering market opportunities, but also there are fierce competition. Want to make money based on the food and beverage market, you need to choose a good restaurant brand. Therefore, you want to find a good investment projects, want to achieve low-risk venture, fun fishing small hot pot catering project, will undoubtedly become one of the best choices for investors.

fun fishing small pot is an innovative hotpot brand, developed on the basis of the traditional hot pot is more suitable for the current consumer market, a pot of it a small pot, more health. Fun fishing small Hot pot innovation, change the traditional monotonous soup bottom Hot pot, the senior R & D team developed covers nowadays popular more than ten kinds of soup, and combined with Chinese, Japanese, Thai, European food and other Hot pot features, only a small bag of special material, after boiling water, fresh scent thick soup is good taste characteristics like nature itself to attract many consumers, stop tasting. Small fishing and interesting characteristics of the most Hot pot is its subversive innovation mode of eating, change before people were eating a soup of traditional, heavy launch fashionable individual small pot, a pot, taste is free, convenient and sanitary, the fashion was sought after delicacy to highlight the competitive advantage.

fun fishing headquarters to implement the whole store output franchise model, the headquarters of many years of successful experience easily copied. Even if there is no food industry experience, headquarters to provide one-stop business services including technical training, management, marketing, construction site planning, customer service, support for it, do poineering work to minimize the risk, the business profit rose to the highest. Small investment high return entrepreneurial model, to achieve the establishment of a fun fishing store just 3-5 million of capital investment and 30-50 flat streamlined site, take care of the needs of small entrepreneurs. The fun of fishing outlets reflect the actual operation, the operating stability after sales of up to 3000 yuan, easily earn entrepreneurial wealth.

Fast food franchise which is good selection of projects is the key

life is like a choice, in our lives, almost every day we are choosing. In the entrepreneurial position to join, entrepreneurship is also a choice. The choice of a good project is a stepping stone to our success. 2017, has come, you have a good idea of how to start it?

fast food chain which is a good choice to join the project is the key. Some new franchise system, the development of its own time on the market is not long enough, did not pass the market test, consumer spending habits have not yet developed. What is worse, some of the initial fee profit for project manufacturing hot illusion, and even hired " " to queue manufacturing; navy; hot… Therefore, all started to join the franchise business franchise qualification examination to find experience in a certain shop, and a few stores up to a certain size or the development of the headquarters of at least 5 years, competitive chain brand, compared with operating security.

according to the relevant laws and regulations, franchiser to meet "has at least 2 stores, and operate more than 1 years", does not lead to contract the franchisor does not have the "two stores a year", but means that the franchisor may lack the ability to provide mature management mode and to provide a mature business model to the franchisee, product quality assurance, training and promotion of enterprise etc..

in order to ensure a reasonable operating and investment cycle, the contract period is generally more than 3 years, the franchise management regulations also stipulates that the franchise contract shall be not less than 3 years, unless the franchisee agrees. When choosing the weak chain brand, although you can pay less to gold, but in contrast, the headquarters can have fewer resources and assistance, many things have to rely on stores to take care of their own, naturally weak competitiveness.

a good choice to join the project, is the best choice for our successful business. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Worry about entrepreneurship is a good choice for us to join the project. So, in 2017, are you ready?

Join OV Ouwei clothing more reliable

beautiful clothing choice is the best choice for women. Beauty is every woman’s nature, how OV Ouwei dress? With the advantages of the brand to join the project, is also a very strong option to join the project.

Ou Wei Garments Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a collection of foreign trade, design, production, sales, brand as one of the professional women’s apparel company. The company is located in the eastern part of Ningbo garment production base. Committed to the design of the product, color, surface accessories, work fine in the perfect. Companies focus on product quality at the same time, adhere to the "honesty, trust, diligence, and" spirit of enterprise, and the broad strokes of "people-oriented", make the enterprise develop, establish a good corporate brand image.

At the beginning of the establishment of

company, it is necessary to strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises as the strategic goal of enterprise development. To achieve this goal, the company hired, the modern enterprise management mechanisms, introduction to introduce advanced technology and equipment, through the implementation of scientific and standardized management of enterprises, the enterprises into low input, high output, high efficiency sound track. The company all staff will continue to carry forward the hard pioneer and innovation spirit, and constantly improve the company’s research and development, production, marketing system, and provide the best quality products and service for customers.

joined OV Ouwei clothing enterprise choice? Join selection advantage. Is to join the OV Ouwei clothing items do you not? Come and leave a message! Come and join us! Let’s work together to create wealth!