Month: May 2017

Entrepreneurial winter or let 70% companies die

venture capital investment in the winter is very popular, New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong also accept this argument. And he also made it clear that this year there will be 70% start-up companies will die in the capital of winter.

"in 2016 Chinese entrepreneurial experience a winter, there will be 60%-70% deaths", "some say Sheng Xitai the partner than Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qianghao told me, this is completely is the title of the party". In January 20th, said the New Oriental chairman, Hong Thai fund founding partner Yu Minhong annual meeting in Shan Street No. 0 and hosted on the server business.

Yu Minhong appears in the removal of government support for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success also need to take care of four people.

Second, founder. The founders themselves have to have two characteristics, the first is smart, and the second is generous, Ma who has these features can be successful.

Third, partner. Yu Minhong believes that the different partners have different characteristics, "Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang belongs to the strong ability of speech, and Sheng with the Enterprising Ability of people belonging to the Hittites, different times to look for different partners, target career and move feeling to be consistent.

At present, the

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How to promote maternity dress

"promotion" means in the current almost has been applied to various industries, as long as the method is appropriate, always able to create a higher sales, so as to bring more profits for the operator. Of course, want to promote better results, naturally also need to take the right promotional strategy. So, pregnant women how to promote?

women’s clothing store in the season or the recent marketing plan, can be divided into time periods, including new listing plan, as well as some key holiday marketing strategy.

during these critical periods, such as women’s day, mother’s day, and even children’s day, pregnant women should be targeted shop design. At this time it is necessary to season through the window design, a clear reminder of the passing of each new consumer and the arrival of the festival.

For example, some shops in the

women’s day in the window made "certain maternity protection of the baby, sent his wife Match 8 Women’s Day gift" banners, also launched promotional packages: where in the store shoppers, can get a baby manual, gold consumption reached provisions can be obtained to provide free full moon photos are photo studio the program is good.

despite the fierce competition in the market now, but if we can take the right promotion, in fact, is not to worry about the product sales. So, if you open a shop selling maternity dress, do you know how to promote it? Want to shop business is hot, but also need to grasp the correct and effective promotional methods oh.

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Introduction of Chinese fast food franchise business strategy

is the root of human survival, and therefore the food and beverage industry has been a good market prospects, in the rapid economic development today, it is favored by franchisees. Among them, Chinese fast food is particularly popular, to solve the problem of many office dining, promising. Many businesses optimistic about the development of the industry, intends to join them. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the Chinese fast food franchise business strategy.

first: taste better, do fast food restaurants are aware of the taste of the most important, if you can not only taste the product is a one-time business, it is impossible to attract repeat customers, etc..

second: to health, not the floor dirty, dirty table, wall greasy kitchen, taste with channeling, after the guests left immediately cleaned the table;

third: serve fast, fast food restaurant is the efficiency of the general situation in the fast food restaurant customers can not spend minutes to eat.

fourth: Restaurant Waiter attitude is better, not too ugly, if too ugly or wear too dirty, guests and appetite? The Chengdu snacks are worth learning. The waiter sharp eye view eight ear Quartet, mouth sweet, most of the way you’ve been after two times with you beyond intimacy, miss, what today ah, after eating so slow.

fifth: Chinese fast food stores do not mean that the point of free tea and napkins, the guests came immediately after the tea, serving at the same time to give more napkins.

Chinese fast food industry has a large audience, as long as the introduction of high-quality products, services in place, the use of appropriate business strategy, the shop is not difficult to make money. The above is just a simple introduction, interested friends can not do a reference. Want to know more? Then continue to focus on our website information.

The development of animal husbandry four non orthodox crooked ways

agriculture and animal husbandry is a traditional industry in China, people can’t live without them. At the same time, the development of these two industries along with the development. Now rural entrepreneurship has found its own path of development, and how to carry out innovation and upgrading of animal husbandry?


"wrong door": Livestock brand

first to practice the animal husbandry "martial arts" is the brand. This is a good product of consumer associations and memory, is the credibility of the producer logo and endorsement.

ever said, is not afraid of deep alley, and now it is also afraid of deep alley, not only need to build brand industry, animal husbandry products also need to brand. With the diversification of the high-end crowd people in modern society needs to rely on the high degree of brand, provide the basis for animal husbandry brand, brand to get rid of the relatively low efficiency of animal husbandry hat, has become a powerful weapon against the market.

"wrong door" two: animal husbandry processing

"crooked door three: animal intelligence technology

How to promote women’s clothing store

women’s clothing will be very good development, but if the business is not good, it needs to be promoted. Promotion can attract consumers into the store to understand the details, thereby driving sales. Although the promotion effect is very significant, but also pay attention to many aspects of promotion.

1, price promotions

this method can quickly relieve your pressure on the stock, for this season’s promotion is very common. This price promotions, the most able to attract the attention of female consumers. Because during the season, style is still new, in a short period of time will not be out of date, the price is lower than the normal price, to buy back the day after wear, very cost-effective. This on the one hand reduce inventory pressure, to make more room delivery (new spring); on the other hand, is also very effective to improve their own sales, at the same time, women’s promotion has also led to other goods in store sales: Oh! Because of high quality and inexpensive can bring a buying frenzy.

2, discount promotions

this promotion and price promotions have a certain similarity, but women’s efforts to promote the price does not seem to bring the effect is so obvious.

discount promotions, discounts are based on the original price. Consumers generally believe that these discounts are defective goods processing, so the setting of discounted goods, we must pay attention to whether the goods are damaged, as far as possible to obtain consumer recognition.

discount promotions can be processed at the end of the quarter, you can also be a new listing. Of course, can also be carried out at the same time.

3, membership promotion

membership, you can retain a large number of loyal consumers. Membership points based on points to give different discounts, as well as special services, etc.. For some high-end brands, membership seems to be more popular.

is about more than the dress shop for some promotions, the women’s promotion to improve women’s boutique popularity is a very good choice, promotions also is not only these, to know more information, you can go on a field trip, it’s faster.

The development trend of ice cream Market

ice cream has experienced a very rapid development stage in the Chinese market today, China ice cream market has been relatively mature, but the breakthrough innovation continues, according to the change of market demand will show a new trend. Next, we will explore the development trend of ice cream market.

1, the development of health care ice cream: health care ice cream is to enhance human health for the purpose of ice cream. Throughout the traditional ice cream products, mainly with high sugar, high fat, high calorie, and the future development trend of food is to meet the requirements of people’s nutrition. To this end, he has a nutritionist put forward the "three low and one high", namely, low sugar, low salt, low fat, high protein, which is also the trend of development of ice cream industry.

2, the development of new materials: the traditional taste and flavor of ice cream are accepted by people, in which fat, sugar is the main role. But they contain a lot of calories, not too much food. To this end, they need their substitutes, so that it has the taste of fat and sugar but a small amount of heat. In addition, non fat milk solids, Europe and the United States and other countries have been using milk protein content of 35% protein concentrate instead of some skim milk powder production of dairy products.

3, the raw materials of dairy products: return to natural raw materials of many materials, there are two main categories: one is natural, is taken from the animals and plants in nature, such as milk, eggs and sugar; the other is synthetic, such as saccharin sodium and some flavor. Due to the synthesis of raw materials for artificial chemical synthesis, its safety is often criticized by people, in the use of the heart is always not practical.

4, product packaging tends to the United States, the new trend, the odd: in the increasingly economic development today, people pay attention to the quality of the product in addition to the inherent quality, but also hope that in the packaging of the product has been reformed, a breakthrough. Packaging mainly includes modeling and packaging. Packaging modeling has a great effect on the sales of products. The beauty of modeling is the synthesis of the overall aesthetic feeling of the product. Therefore, he has in the ice cream packaging innovation, continuous development and change of economic and social adaptation.

> above

How to develop professional shopping guide

bedding stores need to train qualified management personnel, to provide consumers with professional service, so as to improve store profitability. Each shop needs to have professional shopping guide, home textile shop how to train professional sales staff? This is the focus of attention of franchisees. Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help you do a good business.

The expression of

with excellent verbal ability: words are foreign things, is the main way to supply information to communicate feelings, verbal expression is very important for the business, is directly related to the benefits of bedding stores, should speak Mandarin, can not use the service taboo, talk to moderate, should grasp the good mood, affectionate, honest, polite and natural. For people to call for different customers to use properly, not the same polite speech, sensitive grasp.

The surface of

attractive: dress neat, style, beautiful appearance, simple expressions are honest, neither strong nor dull expressionless smile. Elegant natural, not dyed hair, with unkempt face, riotous with colour no nail polish, perfume, not with precious decorations. Makeup is natural, not artificial. A keen sense of observation: Brown salesperson need to "read" the function of the surface after customer identity, for different customers, recommend different bedding, so the turnover rate will be higher.

how to get a good profit? Professional shopping guide is indispensable. About personnel management, each operator needs to learn the skills, so as to improve the quality of service in the store, to attract the attention of consumers. If you have any questions about the above, you can consult more details.

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Six steps to successfully open a cosmetics store

now, the market is full of entrepreneurial projects, how to choose more suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects. Look at the cosmetics store, it is very popular with entrepreneurs. So, you know, in the opening, the need to do what the preparatory work, in order to make their shop operation more smoothly?

A: choose brand

select brand is one of the necessary preparation to open a cosmetics store. Determine what kind of product you want to run, you need to understand the market of this product, as well as some information on this product. Only a full understanding of the market, the business of their own cosmetics have a comprehensive understanding of the store is likely to operate successfully.

After determining the

the good business brand, also need to determine the mode of operation, is taking a different route, operating only a product development route or take more than the whole, comprehensive management of a variety of products, this is the problem of operators must be carefully considered clear.

After the

Five: store layout

if is a cosmetics shop opened their own stock, need to plan their own layout shop, shop layout in addition to do lighting, music, background and other layout, also need to do commodity arrangement. The layout of the goods is a profound knowledge, to do a good job of commodity display, can bring a lot of benefits for the shop. Of course, if it is a store, then you need to join the headquarters in accordance with the guidance of the layout of the store.



if the store is very large, the salesperson needs to recruit a certain number of. For the recruitment of personnel requirements, must be a good foundation of the skin, with a good image quality, the best is related to the work of cosmetics sales experience. Of course, after the end of the recruitment work, but also the appropriate arrangements for training, not only to familiarize themselves with their own products to sell, but also to master the various marketing skills.

Shenzhen provident fund lowered to 12% of the amount of provident fund loans have an impact

provident fund in daily life on the broad masses of people to improve housing conditions are of great significance. Government to do provident fund management, is a protection of the people, is a responsibility for the people.

Shenzhen (real estate) the proportion of the current provident fund deposit ratio, the proportion of units to pay workers and individuals to pay the provident fund deposit ratio shall not be less than 5% of the deposit base, shall not be higher than the deposit base of 20%.

4 26, the Shenzhen Municipal Fund Center, said the proportion of Shenzhen provident fund deposit ratio will be lowered to 12%.

according to the Shenzhen provident fund center responsible person, the current Shenzhen provident fund deposit ratio, unit for the provident fund deposit ratio and pay individual workers to pay the workers shall not be less than 5% of the deposit base, shall not be higher than the deposit base 20%.

from May 1, 2016 onwards will deposit ratio adjustment from 20% to 12%, which will affect the proportion of workers currently paid in the 13%-20% interval, however, it is said that this part of the workers accounted for only the total number of workers in Shenzhen deposit of $4%.

Shenzhen fund center responsible person also said that the amount of the loan fund is currently not adjusted to do so, is still the implementation of personal loans up to 500 thousand, family policy of 900 thousand. Provident fund loans for the first payment policy, but also did not make adjustments.

according to the historical views of the real estate new media reports, in April 15th the state information office briefing, said the Ministry of housing and urban construction, the State Council meeting on the 13 "relevant specification stage appropriate to reduce the proportion of housing provident fund deposit" and the implementation of policies is currently accelerating development.

Housing and urban construction department

said that at present it is along with the development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, people’s Bank formulated the "notice" on regulating and stage appropriate to reduce the proportion of housing provident fund deposit, one of which involves for each region shall strictly implement the "Housing Fund Management Ordinance" and "the Ministry of construction, Ministry of finance, China the people’s Bank on some specific issues of the housing provident fund management guidance" provisions, where the housing provident fund deposit ratio is higher than 12%, shall be regulated, shall not exceed 12%.

deposit ratio of the upper limit of the deposit in Shenzhen is of great significance, while the upper limit for the amount of the loan fund did not have an impact. Whether you or your family can still use the provident fund loans, enjoy the original amount.

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Business do not put the customer as an outsider

now a lot of the boundaries between the owner and the customer is very clear division, the customer is the owner of the name of a veritable outsider. So, what is the customer? Many people would say, "the customer is god"! But do we really let our customers experience the feeling of being "God"?

most of the time, we don’t take customers seriously. Therefore, let the customer come happy, lost. To open a good shop, do business, do not regard the customer as an outsider, to treat them as friends, relatives, their things as their own thing, so as to do business.

put yourself in for the sake of customers, but also a process of care. Once, I went to a restaurant for dinner, dinner, because the reservation is a table, 8 individual results, also waiter laid for 8 after the tableware, as a supplier with a driver, I will ask the waiter to put on a temporary side. The waiter said, wait a moment, I was busy, and after a while, I saw the waiter over, and she said, in the back of your closet, you take it, the lobby of the guests call me! No way, I had to get up and get a pair, after that, I have never been to that restaurant.

once, in another restaurant, also encountered a similar situation, I asked the waiter, the waiter hurried over to apologize, feel shy, we are careless, I now will help you put a put, also said, sorry, we are careless to trouble you. You see, it’s so much more comfortable. Come back later, yes. We shop so, do long-term business, not a hammer trading.

I am a laid-off workers, with the help of relatives and friends, before opening such a retail store. As a result of re employment, I cherish this opportunity, this is my whole career. I have always had this idea: we are open shop, on the one hand is to facilitate others to buy things, on the one hand, they also have something to do, the customer as their own, we can get the development of small shops. So, I think of the retail store as a resident around the transfer station". If you need to send a bucket of pure water, tank gas, busy no one at home to work, to tell, on the shop on the line, the package must not bother you.

actually, really, this is nothing I do, but idle is idle, do something for everyone, everyone will remember your good, some newspaper letters, most of them are directly delivered to me transfer. Those young people are busy working for them to do something, it should be, when the business is not busy, I will send these letters to their home.

customers as relatives, friends, I have been adhering to the business purpose. The children in the District home from school, adults have not locked the door, I am here is the best end result, nothing to do, in addition to counseling this

Open a DIY aromatherapy candle square Yibenwanli

with the improvement of people’s living standards, the more novel gadgets can attract people’s attention! Today, joining the project network Xiaobian to recommend a particularly suitable for first-time entrepreneurs?? DIY aromatherapy candle square! Handmade candles in foreign countries have been popular for many years, still continues to roll up a new upsurge.

candle making has not only used for lighting, it has become a kind of art with life, it can be used not only in festivals, parties, bars and other places, can also be used as a gift for friends in the bar, the candle has become an ornament of romance, in life, the candle has become a kind of modified life a state of mind, the interpretation of a beautiful feeling…… Through the sense of smell, candles emitted from the curl can play a soothing effect, in addition, it can purify the air, remove the bacteria in the air, but also become a catalyst for life fun.

but production of finished candles can not meet the needs of people constantly improve the aesthetic taste, personalized handmade products will become a new fashion of people’s pursuit of. Give full play to their imagination, create a different mood, different atmosphere of the amazing work. With the shortest time, the most common materials, the most simple way to make a novel style, unique shape of the candle, which has become part of the modern life of the modern city life.

A, shop location, DIY aromatherapy candle combines many features, hands-on, aromatherapy, craft and so on, here are the young people can express their love by DIY candle, elderly people and children can begin to enjoy the fun of DIY here, so the site to notice that the people flow, the door can not have what cover your goods.

The end of the hotel industry insiders affirmed

2016 years, many units will begin the implementation of the 2.5 Day holiday system, gradually spawned the development of short distance travel. Prospects for the end of the hotel industry is generally optimistic about the prospects.

Third, due to the Econo Hotel as the original platform in the end for the hotel development, so practitioners to change the concept of becoming another uncertainty.

insiders said, the end of the hotel in 2015 will set off a revolution.

in the new ones, because of the brand and new product launch time is limited, the supply is not large, the new brand is not to fight hand to hand with state, but they erode the traditional two, Samsung hotel market speed and the ability to be optimistic. On how to compete for market share, industry experts believe that as a new product system, the common mission of the brand at this stage is the rapid education market, contributing to consumer awareness, and guide the transfer of values.

in the hotel industry needs a certain capital, the majority of entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial career best as soon as possible, so that by the current venture capital support policy, entrepreneurship development tour.

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GirlUp for beauty entrepreneurs name

women have been the main consumer of many consumer markets, as more women understand women entrepreneurs, they are generally optimistic about the cause of future development. Women entrepreneurs help agencies have sprung up everywhere, all indicates that the era of women entrepreneurs have arrived.

"beautiful like strength", use these words to describe Wu Jing Amy and her GirlUp beauty seems to be appropriate entrepreneurial workshops. Prior to founding GirlUp, Amy in xuanya "ELLE" magazine, the famous media group BBDO’s international communication work, then their entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience also let Amy know about women’s entrepreneurship exists much market and pain point.

"female entrepreneurs will be more difficult than male entrepreneurs, because I am female entrepreneurs, will be more deep perception of women need to help in the process of entrepreneurship." Amy said to reporters.

"to help more entrepreneurs want and are undertaking the girl", this is the founder of Amy GirlUp in the beginning of the heart, the girls in the course of business need more help than boys, and accompany the circle…… This is the value and significance of the existence of the third party GirlUp.

Beauty incubator  


Amy to start a state reporter explained, GirlUp first to give their positioning is to be different from others, which can be seen from our office location." GirlUp’s headquarters is located in the East Second Ring Road near the Lama Temple alley, where the decoration style is more like a "playground", rather than the incubator; this style and many incubators have innovation and difference, "because the object we hatch and help women, we require the project founder or partner to a woman, if the founder is male, but his entrepreneurial projects must and women and women’s market and related industries. The same object and service industry, but also make us more consistent words and deeds: trying to create a female founder, the project and the experience of female products center."

is one of the leading female consumer market, which means that GirlUp paid attention to the project mostly rely on the Internet thinking, entrepreneurial innovation in the "basic necessities of life" and other factors, along with the upgrading of consumption, consumption of entrepreneurs need more emotional factors to promote female entrepreneurs in this area have a natural advantage.

Potatoes wishes to join the superior performance of food

now say what kind of food do small business is good, can tell you what kind of business is not good to do, but what kind of business are good, as long as you are willing to carefully choose their own business projects, everything will be handy. The most important thing is to do a good job in the restaurant brand, as long as you only mind for consumers, consumers will naturally remember in mind.

potato wish series food production process is simple, delicate, ingredients selection. Do not use any chemical additives, varieties of taste nutritional diversity, also choose the corresponding pumpkin, blueberry, purple sweet potato, taro, tea, almond etc.. Fresh and fragrant, crisp aftertaste. And the technology is simple and easy to learn, 3 – 7 days to master. Shop area requirements are not high, 5 square meters can be operated, not only the location of flexible and small overall investment operations. Potatoes desire to join the main advantages of food items are the following three points:

rich in taste, suitable for young and old

Wish the signature series

potatoes with exotic delicacy, barbecue, Italian pizza, Egg Tart, Japanese sushi, Hong Kong Style drink, Taiwan fried chicken meatball burning delicacy hamburger meal Hong Kong Style dessert in the world known famous delicacy product portfolio sales, not only can make the customer enjoy the taste of French fries at the same time and choose a more suitable flavor snacks, but also improve the product sales outlets, increase profits return! On-site production, transparent process, customer trust, customer pursuit, unique taste, not only nutritional needs for the elderly children, more suitable for white-collar workers for health and fast requirements.

Seiko, health

potatoes will be strictly for the selection of ingredients, secret system of nutritional formula, so that each diners enjoy delicious at the same time also get a green and healthy enjoyment. The production process is more environmentally friendly, each process are strictly refined, so that the absolute standardization.

flexible operation, diverse models

potatoes wish flexible mode of operation, not only can takeaway business, sit store sales, can be sold in the canteen or batch into supermarkets, canteens, whether it is morning in school, shopping malls or commercial areas surrounding the sale, or at delivery, shop for sale, will allow you to lucrative, houguwuyou.

How can a poor man become a $1 million developer

success in fact everyone in the side, to see if you are good at finding the eyes. James  Altucher is an investor, programmer, entrepreneur, he recently interviewed the founder of Braintree Bryan, showing us a poor story into a $1 million developer story.

Braintree is an online and mobile platform has the force of online payment gateway providers, known as PayPal’s new rival. Recently, I called it’s founder, his name is Bryan. You may not have heard of this name, but you must have heard it in the credit card transaction and the mobile payment Client Name: Rovio/  Angry  Birds, Uber, 37signals, OpenTable, Fab, GitHub, Airbnb, Shopify, HotelTonight etc..

2007 was Sears’s manager at the time of Bryan, but he quit to start his own startup. He said "I don’t really love the job, never try to get a fixed salary, in credit card processing programs before I work as a salesperson, where I met a lot of restaurants and retailers to turn them into the business of the company,   soon after, I think I can do it yourself, rather than working for another company."  , and in two years I finally made 1 million, and the last two years I have learned is the following 7 points.

1.  let the middleman out

After the resignation of

How do you want to sell cigarettes three jobs

said that although every shop operators hope that their products can store hot sale, however, take the shop selling cigarettes, cigarette selling shop, is located in the station, markets and other downtown stores. My shop is located in remote rural areas, originally due to geographical location, will also be able to sell cigarettes a day at most a half a pack of ten. Dismal business situation forced me at the time, had to use their brains to find a recipe for breakthrough. After a period of unremitting efforts and exploration, I finally got some successful selling experience, problem of completely cracked cigarettes can not sell, and then enter the top fifty cigarette sales.

to display sales dipping

reasonable commodity display, with the display of goods, stimulate sales, easy to buy, beautify the shopping environment and other important role. In all the current display technology, "to display" is the most of the sales force. What is the occasion to display? Is on display through time, through psychological and hitchhiking and other means, to obtain the customer’s attention, the display method so as to increase product sales force.

my cigarette display method, in addition to like everyone else will be displayed in the cigarette smoke display cabinet, so that customers easy to pick out. This not only improves the contrast "Hi cabinets" auspicious theme, but also to buy wedding wedding, an easy job to do to guide customers to buy on the spot, the wedding festival with smoke. Of course, there must be a mix of stress, after the match with each other to set off the effect, we should pay attention to the use of different elements, to correspond to different themes.

"is the biggest selling occasion" can be targeted to consumers, they will have the potential to cigarettes, through they are buying goods to close to them, and actively attract them, so they have to buy.

to award on behalf of the line fishing

each customer has a natural heart, in order to make them willing to pay to buy our goods, we must know how to give them to meet them. In order to win over consumers, we had many shopkeepers to capital price, discount promotions, this method definitely no doubt that to enhance the popularity of help, but it is difficult to have in want of perfection, further appreciation of space.

in order to tie down customers, guide them to the store of secondary consumption. A few days ago, there is a customer said the father to a birthday, to my store to buy 10 boxes of a brand of liquor. I sold him on the basis of the guidance price of the factory, each box of liquor reward him 2 packs of new cigarettes. Customers get the reward is very happy to go back after second days, and fold back to buy the 8. He said to me like this: he was going to buy a birthday dinner at 10 at the door of the store

Location method for women’s wear shop

what are the characteristics of women’s clothing store location? For open shop investors, how to obtain geographical advantages, store traffic and the actual sales volume is large, this is a key location problem. Let us take a look at the women’s clothing store location what skills and methods?

women’s clothing store location must always pay attention to the local urban construction dynamics, the study of the city’s urban development direction and consumer trends, research in the main consumption period, the flow of people and the size of the main street.

women’s clothing store location to pay attention to: stop convenient

a city will be divided into several shopping districts, and the existence of the city center and sub center. In the actual operation, we will face the location of the main road, the main road junction site selection, sub road location, community location, urban and rural areas, such as the location of the site selection. Office workers living in the center of the city, a considerable proportion of the consumer groups, and most of the morning rush to work, work in the afternoon on the back of ample time. Data estimates, within eight hours of the day after 2~3 hours of work, the main street shops along the street there will be a clear stable consumption hump. Therefore, the main road (intersection) site should be combined with the above situation, select the side of the radiation center near the city center (intersection to consider the direction of the two plus), which is conducive to customer stop.

women’s clothing store location two: grab big pinch small

to the intersection of the main road, in order to build the image of the store will be the standard shop signs do better, the image and the chain of high degree of unity. If possible, the main body of the whole building and the color of the curtains fitted into the enterprise VI system in line with the color of the other, far more harmonious and beautiful, can enhance the visual impact. For rent prices lower back street (hutong), community, urban-rural and other location, to close to residential areas, medical institutions as the principle, the closer the better, especially local competitors nearby, who is close to a small step, it may open a big sale.

Open women’s clothing store location note three: MO forget shop

set up shop in large shopping malls, supermarkets, although the rent is not cheap, but with the mall (supermarket) share the huge passenger flow, combined with the sales situation, conform to the mall (supermarket) promotional activities, should be timely adjustment of product structure season, will also become a new profit contribution to the company’s stores.

in addition, in the process of site selection, but also the need for peripheral (values) population density, occupation, family size, household income, consumption expenditure, sex ratio, age structure, population mobility, the total number of stores, consumer preferences, purchasing time and motivation to thoroughly analyze, echoing the layout of the designated area of chain outlets the principle is based on the layout of the city’s business district, a center and >

How to open a personalized shoe store

now a lot of 80, 90 are like the pursuit of unconventional, like personality, creative stuff, which also allows a lot of money to do business friends to see the unlimited opportunities for the personality market. So, open individual character shoe store is a very good investment project, how to open a personality shoe store after all? Let’s take a look at it.

A: emotional entrepreneurs.

can be divided into two categories: one is the water to the canal forming, such people with professional skills, training, start from the basis, through the operating phase of the company, strong; two is to stop, look and listen, they are not eager to invest, to sell the hearts still doubt, want to go through all kinds of channels, to find the best form.

Three: the above two kinds of comprehensive entrepreneurs, with romantic entrepreneurs.

2. shop success rate is much higher than the United States on the success rate of the shop had been investigated, the results show that the success of the franchise system to join the shop is about 80%, the proportion of independent shop success accounted for about 20%.

3.  if asked what you want to open what clothing store, you can immediately answer? If not a spectrum, while the open trade shop, while open brand stores, while they would like to open a children’s shoe store, like the hearts of a 15 bucket as if following an unsettled state of mind., suggestion, offer you do reference.

kuhao if you have refined tastes of items, second-hand boutiques, shoe boutique, brand franchise.

if you extremely sensitive, loving family, love.

A 3 square meters of snack bar how to achieve annual sales of 20 million

when a small business to achieve the ultimate, becomes art. Only a 3 square meter store in Japan, with annual sales of up to $about twenty million. What kind of store can do so high sales?

this is called small bamboo snack shop is located in Tokyo commercial street kichijoji, selling only two kinds of snacks and jelly.

Make the

The process of

Inagaki said, because the seasons have a subtle change, boiled red bean is with the temperature when the temperature changes, the taste will be due to the temperature and humidity of the subtle change, so must use the body feeling temperature changes.

why limit 150 jelly, which is a reason, not hunger marketing, but the pursuit of quality.

Inagaki female recommended

Buffet hot pot

because the food and beverage market is a hot pot catering business projects, many investors compete to join. But in the process of joining will always have this or that problem occurs, for this small series for everyone to sum up a few common problems, hoping to help the hot pot.

first, to join the high cost of self-help hot pot


join self-help Hot pot high investment cost? I believe this is one of the many investment friends are most concerned about the issue, if you are ready to choose self-help Hot pot shop investment case, then open a self-help Hot pot shop investment? The decoration and equipment investment in specific places


self-service chafing dish is different from the traditional chafing dish shop, the self-service chafing dish does not need the menu, and needs fewer waiters. Because the self-service hot pot restaurant in the service content and the form and the traditional chafing dish shop has the very big difference, therefore the self-service chafing dish shop design also has many places which needs to pay attention. Mainly: adequate space, proper partition, spacious corridor, etc..

general self-service hot pot decoration is simple, compared with the high-end investment in high-end hot pot investment is relatively low; self-service hot pot at low prices, rich dishes, hot dining environment to attract consumers. Hot pot from the choice of materials, materials processing, food types, services and management methods are completely subvert the traditional model of hot pot; highlight delicious, fashion, nutrition, health, a new model of food and beverage.

two, how to join the hot pot, make money?

hot pot to join, I have to say that the hot pot is a very popular dining mode. Do it yourself, do not need to add hot pot restaurant waiter, what they want to eat what to eat, how much you want to eat. Dozens of rich dishes, as well as fruits, snacks, drinks, eat buffet really make people happy. The popularity of self-service hot pot, promote the rise of self-help hot pot.

hot pot compared to the general hotpot advantage is also very obvious:

1, Hot pot buffet dining has broken the traditional menu type Hot pot monopolized situation. A new way to increase the interaction between diners and dishes, so that diners can choose more self-service dishes.

2, dining in the form of new, especially by young people like, the current development of the market to help enterprises to join the hot pot in the young market performance is very eye-catching.

3, form a lot of different forms of self-service hot pot. A lot of investors ask clever effort to join the hot pot is to take advantage of its hot pot, innovative experience will always make consumers feel satisfied.