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Several examples of how you can not see how entrepreneurship

the current society without this venture is no longer a new term, and with the growing entrepreneurial team, the number of entrepreneurs who are not more and more. Here, let’s make a few small examples so that we can also see no business.

the first case: no money from the shop building in the new premises (two cases): This is 1998, I have a poor fellow, home of the broken tile can add a piece of new tiles, has been included in the reconstruction, but feel helpless because of poverty, because he used to neighbors. My channeling the door, in a chat said as tears, I am a other people do not see the tears, to see him so I also worry in my heart, so I began to think how to let him change disk, status. A few sleepless nights, I finally came up with a way: his family is poor, but there is a good land, it is a commercial treasure house, you can afford to four houses wide. If you can sell half, you can raise enough money in the other half of the house, but the land is responsible, only their own room but not resale. I asked him to publish, treasure rental, soon to come to negotiate business lease matters, rent out half of the land, 50 year lease, rent a $200 thousand, it will soon be built a beautiful building, there is a little money left over from a small business, some happy small day. This time using the method after the success of the local primary school and the village committee are also using this advantage, don’t put any penny on the street side built a row of shops, and they only change a way, chartered by the unified planning at their own expense to build shops, within 5 years from the collection of all expenses, 5 after years of shops owned by all units, such as rent and the rent is reasonable according to the market rent. This method is the same as the successful use of other people’s funds to start their own room, is a long-term interest in investment.

this case suggests that good use of existing resources, reasonable use can not change the. If you can also be in the shops for the land, but no money to build, may wish to learn this way.

second cases: do not spend a penny on any successful example of success: Vehicle trafficking and 96 years old, I came just the great development of the city?? Guangzhou City, want to start a business of their own here, but no diploma, no technical expertise is a beginner I find a job always hit the wall. The good little money, if you can’t find a job when the problem has become. I don’t dare to stay in a hotel. I have to find a newspaper and sleep in the street. My priority is to live and develop. I do not know the life of the people coming and going, a shoulder Li Guo came to the old man selling: Sir: 2 yuan a pound, to point. What? Two dollars a kilo?? this in my hometown, but the two triangle money!!! I found the fruit wholesale market, a wholesale price is 1.2-1.5 yuan price, I started up the boss, I have a lot of things, to my hometown, I’ll give you 6 cents a pound what fruit? Boss: Well, is willing to cooperate with you.

The story of college students from hotel service to CEO

many people have to venture an impossible thing, in fact, entrepreneurship is not so unattainable, but it is not an easy thing, we can learn from some successful cases, try to avoid detours, to actively move closer to success!

"entrepreneurship is not easy, be yourself as a business enterprise, is their own CEO, CEO do not just face the opportunity to grasp the time, should establish their own brand of " "." Graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, international trade professional Yang Yinfeng admits his entrepreneurial thinking.

"don’t dwell in your past, face the future; the door of success only for integrity, adhere to the dream open."

hold their own entrepreneurial opportunities

2007 in July, Yang Yinfeng left the school to enter the community, when he was only 1000 yuan of money, bought a train ticket, on the assumption of $670 alone to find a job in Hangzhou.

the beginning, Yang Yinfeng’s work is responsible for the hotel waiter, and pour out the tea in the sport after finishing, the guests left the bathroom, every day working hours from 3 pm to 11 pm, usually after 12 o’clock to finish things, a monthly salary of 500 yuan. Do two months later, Yang Yinfeng found the hotel leaders play ping-pong well, let Yang Yinfeng do a positive table tennis sparring, specifically with the hotel guests to play. At ordinary times, Yang Yinfeng, in addition to studying skills, but also pay attention to improve their sense of service, looking for more and more people playing basketball, a lot of time to make an appointment in advance of the appointment of Yang Yinfeng.

2008 in March, a listed company’s chairman in the play with Yang Yinfeng, Yang Yinfeng feel more suitable to do business, asked Yang Yinfeng willing to go to his company as a salesman, so Yang Yinfeng came to this company, responsible for the Zhejiang area business in group company. Doing business at the same time, Yang Yinfeng began to brew their own entrepreneurial projects. The idea was also supported by the chairman. In February 2009, Yang Yinfeng left the company, officially began his entrepreneurial path.

2009 in January, Yang Yinfeng began Scheming Companies, site selection, recruit employees, join the registered capital. The home in rural parents out of all their savings at home, has raised 30 thousand yuan, then my father used to tell Yang Yinfeng to say a word is "the son, refueling do so, when tired, think of doing farm work in the fields of hard work, the farmer’s children only pay 10 times more than others to be successful."

office space rent in a commercial and residential district, to save money rent is 140 square meters of rough housing, 1350 yuan per month. In order to decorate the office, Yang Yinfeng traveled through the building materials market in Xiaoshan, through the landlord

Seven teach you a deeper understanding of metaphor Internet plus

in recent years, the concept of "Internet plus" speculation in the official media be in full swing, no matter, or major business forum, this concept has appeared. But we really know what is "Internet plus"? I believe most of them are not clear enough, Tencent President Ma Huateng’s seven image metaphor may help us deepen understanding.

Two: "

" metaphor

Four: "connector"

metaphorIn the past a lot of information in

> not open.

See how the four line of the town electricity supplier wealth market fun

electricity supplier is now the idea of gaining popularity, many entrepreneurs have been small in the electricity supplier industry, moving towards greater entrepreneurial goals. As for the four lines of the town, want to get rich on the Internet, it seems to overcome more entrepreneurial difficulties.

in a second tier city electricity supplier, the basic pattern has been set, the next step is the competition of the channel sink, for the three or four line of the city. However, in some small towns, many companies use the existing electricity supplier platform, has touched a set of gameplay, such as Datang town. To the town of Zhuji City, Datang socks are socks Market electricity supplier park is located in the two floor, 38 enterprises settled in early September this year. These have worked hard for young people, have returned to Datang, took over the parents of the venture, the gun, will open a variety of shop.

"with the socks industry of manufacturing advantages, and complete industrial chain, Datang electronic commerce has towards the stage of large-scale expansion." Datang Town, the official said, at present, Datang socks domestic sales ratio of about 1/3, and is increasing year by year, which has great relationship with the development of electricity supplier.

Datang entrepreneurship tide

5 shop opened down, Shen Yanxin annual sales has reached tens of millions of dollars. The parent plant hosiery machine from the original 14 Taiwan increased to the current more than and 70 units, also recently bought 4 acres of land to build the plant. Shop business is hot, Shen Yanxin also found more than and 10 processing factory.

like Shen Yanxin, Datang Town, a batch of young people involved in e-commerce. Young people focus on the phenomenon of returning home, the town government has been close attention. This group of young people seem to be about the general, have returned home to open a shop." Datang town official said, these people have seen the world outside, knowledge, mind spirit, a lot of people online business bigger and bigger.

What are the basic skills necessary for successful business review

there are a lot of young people are thinking you can go to business, to become a successful person some day in the future, you know that, in the whole process of entrepreneurship, as an entrepreneur, you need to have what qualities? Let’s take a look.

if you drive, you have a clear purpose and clear that you want to go there, so even if your car broke down or flat tire, you will also actively respond firmly toward your destination.


once for their long journey of entrepreneurship set a better vision, entrepreneurs can make specific business objectives, and refinement to each business plan, action plan and work tasks. You will be surprised to find that such a huge, seemingly impossible goal can be broken down into their daily work. Firm development direction and development way, in 5-10 years later, you will be for their achievements incredible.

If entrepreneurs have so-called sales talent, of course is the best. However, there is still a need to ensure that the company’s pricing and profitability are at a reasonable level, which is the guarantee of successful sales, and to avoid the discount to obtain high sales.

this point for the operation of good company is very important, but for start-ups is more important, because the primary goal of start-ups is as far as possible to express cash flow.


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Rural Entrepreneurship in the initial stage of chaos talk

in the government to encourage the development of rural electricity supplier at the same time, we need to see that there are still many places lack of infrastructure, the lack of reliable platform and other chaos. Rural electricity supplier has not yet led to the development of the existence of hidden dangers, the need for vigilance.

With the increasing of

"I feel fooled. Not long ago to participate in the organization of a company’s electricity supplier training, second days to help register a website, I was paying a fee of $21 thousand. There are hundreds of people, are like me so eager to engage in electricity supplier executives." Liu Shiyong, director of Jingshan rice planting cooperatives Liu Zhen said. In addition, it was also reflected that some of the electricity supplier training just engage in a web page, is not a sales platform, there is no upstream and downstream industry chain.

"some farmers to businesses that have a crape myrtle flowers can open the seven colors, many villagers have also released a message for gospel truth, on the website, many customers buy after the discovery of problems, on the site of complaints." Jiangsu Shuyang County Yan Ji Yan village Party branch secretary Li Yanchun says, this not only affects the buyer, is affecting the farmers groups, or even damage a regional image. Reporters learned that some farmers in order to sell fake products in the short term interest occurs. How to fight online and offline sales of fake products need to attract attention.

Based on

Meng Hua joined the wrapper process

small dough is to love as consumers can break the catering sector, what kind of dough will be welcomed by consumers, but also for the vast number of investors to join the project, for Baoji Meng Huagan recommend you face. Meng Hua wrapper optimization of the North China Plain for wheat precision grinding powder, strict standard operation, clean sanitation, do not add any preservatives. The use of 100 years of exclusive secret recipe, secret sauce, to ensure unique taste, high nutritional value, low calorie. Meng Hua Ganmian skin than the traditional cold noodle stalls, more clean, eat better, more diverse, more can meet the different tastes of customers.

how to join the Baoji Meng Hua Meng Huagan joined the small dough? Dough process:

1, the investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message to the small Meng Hua rolling investment advisory consulting matters related to cooperation face headquarters professional, obtain relevant information.

2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project site visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.

3, qualification: headquarters for investors to review. Confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, pay fee: investors to choose the type of investment to the headquarters to pay the relevant costs.

6, headquarters training: headquarters to arrange for investors to carry out technical training, training qualified after the issue of authorized bronze medal.

7, store decoration: headquarters for the franchisee to provide guidance and design guidance decoration.

8, opening: headquarters continued to focus on the franchisee’s business, and to provide operational guidance and help.

Meng Hua to join the cost how much? Million yuan investment can! Both schools, communities, streets and lanes, or high-end downtown district, shopping malls supermarkets, you can choose to shop places according to the field situation or investment ability, little Meng Huagan face such a very brand advantages and distinctive food delicacy, little Meng Huagan the dough will make you a fortune.

if you have joined the wrapper will please in our website below the message!

What are the 5 emerging business models that Americans are now hitting the market

this is a country full of competition, but also a lot of opportunities in the country. The United States, there are 2300 small businesses, will add a total of 54.3 new small businesses every month. So, if your company wants to stand out and succeed, not only a unique value proposition, but also a variety of income streams, as well as adequate, powerful creativity.

The research of network


founded: 2011

From the perspective of

"meal" education platform, teaching experts in any discipline, a class, anyone can participate in this program, only need to pay $20 or $25.

2, Zady

founded: 2013

From the perspective of

Zady is designed to change the way people look at fashion products, especially the fast fashion industry. The founder of the company Soraya  Darabi and Maxine  Bedat very focused

How to improve the profit of underwear store

investors shop business is to get a good profit, but there are many factors affecting the profitability of underwear stores, how to get a good profit? Xiao Bian finishing some of the professional recommendations to help the franchisee, and quickly learn it.

companies need to do two things, one is to improve the quality of the products; the two is to enhance consumer awareness, knowledge education and consumption guidance, to the quality, technology and brand culture brand, made out of place, and ascend to a certain height, can really play, guide consumption the role of promoting consumption, stimulating demand.

such as consumers to speed up the frequency of product updates, can also expand market share. Underwear products on the market at present is the operation mode of large circulation and market goods. The product does not have the market positioning, no terminal control of the goods, causing the entire industry is that price, not the brand, consumers have no brand awareness, consumer underwear products just as the necessities of life, not a deeper level of consumption concept.

therefore, in such a market situation, brand positioning of underwear, underwear market segmentation, brand operation underwear with great market space, and advance into the enterprise, will become the industry’s leading brands. The same is true of the terminal underwear store, when others fight the price, know how to operate underwear brand, and the spread of underwear culture of the enterprise, will become the new leader in the local market. This will also become a new profit growth point underwear store.

how can we improve the lingerie store operating profit? Imagine a pair of underwear earn only 1 to 2 yuan a day to sell 10, only earn 20 yuan; if you sell a brand underwear, underwear sold 28 to 38 yuan, underwear each earn less 15 to 20 yuan a day, selling 10, earn 200 yuan. This is a new profit growth point underwear store. It is well known that underwear products are the amount of underwear shop to take the product, but also do not make money products.

which brand underwear to be able to match with the sale of two or three line bra brands, counter display sales, to meet the needs of the pursuit of fashion and taste of the trend of consumer demand. Brand underwear must be specialized brand operation, according to the price of sales, so that underwear has become the mainstream of underwear products, rather than accessories, to standardize the market operations, so that each operator profitable.

underwear store operating condition is influenced by many factors, if you want to invest in business can be a lot of learning to improve the skills of operating profit, small investors can easily get hope every success, quickly learning skills.

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Recommend cosmetic store location several tips

we know, cosmetics store location has been a lot of friends in the thinking of the problem, indeed, cosmetic store location for future business impact. Cosmetics store location, related to the late stage of business promotion, decided this day after the business is good or bad, so it should be careful to choose the suitable location, need to address, not too busy, so how to grasp the location problem of cosmetics? Here are some common techniques and methods.

"" tactic: the key port of

"position" is a port, this is the key factor of whether the shop has investment value, a shop at the port, it means that in the future the shops operating conditions have inherent security at least, the public like Sanyi is very typical, is located in the most representative of Chengdu, the most bustling commercial pedestrian street – Chunxi Road, occupies print port, born with good location advantage, every day here at the average daily flow of 300 thousand The stream never stops flowing., people, nature unlimited business opportunities.

"person" is a popular tactic: support

"potential" tactic: it is important to plan

"potential" refers to the investors to judge the business development trend and for planning understanding, future development should have a good estimate of this is actually to the shops operating Yetai, and the relevant departments of the regional planning, the regional business to grasp, to see if there are conflicts and shops operating content. For example, the nine peak force Steel City Auto Parts City, Chengdu International Auto City, Moore Tianxialiangcang and other professional market, are relying on the formation of the regional district overall planning, has the very good development space for its operation. There is a huge industry advantage.

"road" tactic: traffic is based on

How young people start a business

in many young friends want to start a business, do business, want to make money quickly, want to make a lot of money, but it is very, very helpless, helpless. Here Xiaobian for everyone to sum up some small suggestions for reference.

1. to strengthen the study of unremittingly, not necessarily to study business, professional marketing professional, more than usual to see the business, management, investment and social aspects of the books and magazines, such as "business", "modern marketing", "business guide", "public investment guide", "lecture and eloquence" etc.; can also look at the financial news, marketing, economic management, such as the debate on TV; can also see the financial blog on the Internet, for example, Baidu, Ali’s father has Tencent blog, including investment banking, economic management and so on; to know Dripping water wears through a stone. frozen for three days, is not. Overnight, to be unremittingly, days and months multiplying.

2. to improve their eloquence. There is a saying that good, the pot boiled dumplings, his goods poured out. Entrepreneurship, business is selling products or services, if the eloquence is not good, the product is good, it is difficult for others to understand and accept, so we must strive to improve their eloquence and language skills. In addition, we should practice fluent mandarin.

3. want to start a business, make money, must learn to be a man. They should be strict with themselves to be an honest person, a moral person, a good person, a modest person, a person of content, a dignified person. In order to achieve a career, their own quality is a key element of customer assessment. For example, I buy when it is not dealing with the people of Henan, because the majority of their good reputation in the business circle in China too.

4. there is a very important point is that many businessmen will ignore, that is to learn to fully respect their competitors. Only in the circle of competitors you can continue to become bigger and stronger, if only in a circle of industry you are a person, you can not eat alone and fat, but will not stop, which is the threat of survival truth. An enterprise to grow and develop, is constantly improve themselves, fall off the competition so as to Jin and even the leading position in front of the boss.

5. is to learn to choose. As the saying goes: women are afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line. In fact, regardless of men and women, as long as their own business, business, are afraid of the wrong line. You look at the street often have opened the store, people often shut down, in fact, the store.

Zhengzhou hospital patients blowout scene is not lost during the Spring Festival

after the Spring Festival, Zhengzhou hospital patients with blowout phenomenon, the new and old sick people gathered together for treatment, drying out the photos on the Internet, the crowded scene comparable to the spring.

for a time, the netizen joked as "the world’s largest hospital", again by many people tucao.

"my mother had heart problems, I don’t want to treat in the county." Is Ms. Zhang said she is registered, Nanyang Xinye County, and her husband in Shanghai venture, the Spring Festival home listening to my mother often feel chest tightness, "a rare new year to come back again, just like a good treatment with her mother, are willing to spend more money."

Operating a good female jewelry store business is very important

Now the

industry, the jewelry store has become very common, at the same time, there are a lot of people are beginning to prepare to open a small jewelry store investment, especially for many women entrepreneurs, is a good choice for a business, so how to manage the female jewelry store?

in the jewelry industry, the development potential of the big stores headdress is an unquestionable fact! However, entrepreneurs to join the shop at the beginning when the decoration, in order to create wealth, so in the business in the end to penetrate what skills to create shop success? It needs to master the skills of entrepreneurs in the run time! Next, we will open the franchise for headgear made analysis how to do business


This should be the first

Although the choice of


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Need to pay attention to the details of the operation of the cake shop

open cake shop need to pay attention to what problems? Many investors do not have experience, Xiaobian hope that we can provide more valuable suggestions, so that franchisees can easily do investment work. If you want to learn more, you can learn it quickly.

location choose standard features

in baking class, Wang Qi once with a lot of student exchanges, after the shop is specialized in selling cakes, or cake also sells bread.

from the ideal point of entrepreneurs, Wang Qi certainly hope to be able to sell their own distinctive pastries, so she began to tend to homegrown. But in the preparation of the shop, she had hesitated, because the shop rent than previously envisaged about 5000 yuan a lot higher, so she would not be much of the funds facing the test. She had thought of looking for manufacturers to make cakes, from her to sell, this way can make her do not have to spend too much money on equipment purchase. However, after running a few manufacturers, she felt like this cake is always not as good as their own unique taste, in the long term is not conducive to the development of.

and Wang Qi in shops around the investigation for a long time, she found that although there are some supermarkets and grocery store, the surrounding markets, but few cakes and bread sales. If you do not simply make a cake, but add some fresh baked bread, perhaps to attract office workers to buy bread as breakfast, so you can expand the influence of their stores.

How to deal with inventory loss

in the operation of the store, we will face many problems, you will sometimes be profitable, and sometimes loss. In the face of store losses, we should grasp the many methods, this can help you to avoid market risk, turn the tide. So, how to deal with store inventory loss? We can look at the following introduction.

first, the price of clothing. On the one hand, the operator should be timely correction of the wrong price of clothing, etc. on the other hand, operators in the future inventory, should pay attention to the verification of clothing prices. Especially for high prices, accounting for a larger proportion of the cost of clothing, it is necessary to focus on verification.

second, the issue of special clothing. Operators should be in operation in the future, the discount clothing timely inventory and inventory, and pay attention to the inventory of special signs. The inventory, inventory can be kept at their first tick range and other goods inventory is completed, then the inventory.

third, due to the loss of clothing caused by routine operations, the operator needs to strengthen the management of all types of personnel. For example, the errors in the import and export of goods, errors in the form of documents, inventory errors and so on are the business ability of employees. To avoid, it is necessary to strengthen the training of staff’s business skills and business management, and even establish a certain incentive mechanism or assessment mechanism to regulate the operation of staff, improve the quality of inventory.

fourth, accidental causes of loss, such as fires, floods, etc., are generally considered to be abnormal losses, as can not be expected and avoided, the general business expenses. And moth eaten, rat bite, etc., require operators to pay attention to the details of the storage and cargo placement, and constantly improve the storage environment, in order to better maintain the quality of clothing.

when many stores are unable to bring profit to you, in the face of this situation, you don’t mess up. You want to understand the market, choose other business solutions, so that the store’s performance has improved. Reduce store inventory, is the first thing we have to consider. We should pay attention to the dynamics of the market, change the store business model, reduce store inventory, so that they get more wealth!

Open two stores where to buy for you recommend 20 Wholesale

two yuan shop seems unremarkable, but small profits and quick turnover can earn a lot of money. There are many friends want to open a two dollar store, but can not find a good source. Two yuan shop where to buy a lot of people are very headache problem. Into the commodity that is cheap, but also trendy fashion, so the two stores purchase channels is also very important.

can also find that professional commodity distribution company. Where do you want to purchase? In the Baidu search "Yiwu 2 yuan supermarket distribution center can be found, you can not let them give you direct to Yiwu delivery, they provide cash on delivery. Currently around the country to join the majority of customers like to buy!

1.  Yiwu China Commodity City

2.  Shaoxing Textile City, Zhejiang, China

3.  Liaoning Shenyang Wu’ai small commodity wholesale market

4.  Liaoning willow clothing wholesale market

5.  Linyi Linyi wholesale city

6.  Hubei Hanzheng Street small commodity market


7.  Sichuan Lotus Pond wholesale market

8.  Hebei Shijiazhuang three small commodity wholesale market

9.  Shandong Sichuan Nao clothing scene

10.  Jiangsu China Eastern Silk Market

11.  Hebei Xinhua Trade Center


12.  Xiaoshan Zhejiang commercial city

13.  Changshu Jiangsu shopping mall

14.  Zhejiang Luqiao small commodity wholesale market (now changed to Zhejiang Taizhou commodity wholesale market)

15.  Jimo Shandong Garment Group

Zhou Weikun’s path to success

went on to become rich road in general, Zhou Weikun’s pay is enormous, although he still has near sixty years of age, the struggle in the field of entrepreneurship, and strive to build a common wealth for his kingdom.

2005, Zhou Weikun ushered in its tenth year as chairman and chief executive officer of Greater China ibm. 10 years, Zhou Weikun under the leadership of the IBM from the Chinese market to become the leader of the pilot, from a global point of sale to research and development, sales, service simultaneously.

2005, Zhou Weikun’s first IBM without PC days. 10 years, Zhou Weikun personally IBMPC bigger and personally involved in the sale of china. "Abandoned" as the original "stick" firm.


10 years ago, 48 year old Zhou Weikun was appointed chairman of IBM China, and in September 1995 served as chairman and chief executive officer of IBM greater china.

then, IBM does not require a "hit" market, customers are automatically come. With 1994, when he was president of IBM Gerstner made to go to China strategy, IBM China entered the second stage – a comprehensive investment stage. Zhou Weikun is appointed under this background. In September of the same year, IBM China Research Center was established. IBM in China’s research and development, service architecture, and gradually build. After 1995, IBM entered the third stage of development – a comprehensive integration into the Chinese market, IBM China has become an important base for the global ibm.

What kind of good money in rural areas

many young people in rural areas to choose to go out to work to make money, leaving the home of the elderly and children at home with each other, but also detrimental to the development of rural areas. Many people realize that work is not a long-term solution, began a career in his hometown in the countryside, so what shop can make money fast?

what to open shop in the countryside? Manufacturing wood-based panel

what to open shop in rural

industrial waste brick?The trend of

what to open shop in the countryside? Vegetables opened car

opened to connect the garden and vegetable market car, can not only solve the labor intensity of the constitution dish selling vegetables, but also can make the combination of supply and demand and market garden. If the shop to open the paging delivery, but also to meet the needs of housewives cooking nutrition and delicious.

what to open shop in the rural countryside


what to open shop in the rural agricultural machinery leasing industry


because of agricultural machinery and tools and a large one-time investment for most agricultural products only in the production season, one investment buy uneconomical. If the development of agricultural machinery leasing business, not only to meet the requirements of agricultural farming, but also greatly reduce the cost of agriculture.

what to open shop in rural mining stone

tree to find?

in the countryside what shop? Open a noodle shop

can be a convenient transportation urban or residential area of commendation

Hefei fast food restaurant to pay attention to what issues

now the increasingly difficult problem of employment, many young people will choose to start their own businesses to develop their own career. Today, the food and beverage industry in Hefei is in a stage of rapid development, want to open a restaurant in Hefei is not an easy thing. Choose a fast food restaurant to join the brand, the next will be ready to start preparations for the shop, then, in the Chinese fast food and beverage to join the time, what issues need to be paid attention to?

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