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Web site operations how to identify and utilize user sentiment

in usability testing, daily in-depth interviews, seminars and other research, either as host or observer, we will find some interesting phenomenon: users participating in the process, do the meditative state, a sense of loss, a frown, in addition, there will be some body movements, such as shrug, hands folded; and with some changes of tone, as well as, oh, ah. The rich, interesting facial expressions, body movements, and tone and intonation that users show are directly related to many aspects of our research project.

Common emotional scenes in


in the daily research, and user communication mainly in the user recruitment, qualitative research implementation phase:

1) in the recruitment of the user process, especially only heard and not seen the telephone recruitment, we will find that some users speak relatively low, some users more exciting; some users do not speak directly about whether to participate in research, the answer given implied a lot of assumptions, some users are hearty simply agreed to participate in the research (scenario 1);

2) in the implementation process of qualitative research, the user often sends a "well" "Oh" sound, there are some facial expressions and behavior changes, such as frowning, smiling, feeling of relief, shrug etc. (scenario 2).


The tone, tone, facial expression, and body movements displayed by

users are directly related to the user’s emotions and are the expression of the user’s emotional reactions. It is precisely because the user’s emotions are induced to lead to the user’s tone, intonation, facial expressions, body movements and other changes.

identifies emotions and helps to detect problems,


is no stranger to the user user researchers, if users miss more, will affect the whole process of research, so the strong willingness to participate in recruitment to the target user is very important. The mood and intonation changes in the process of user recruitment (situation 1) can be used as one of the positive factors to judge the user’s participation. In other conditions are in line with the screening conditions, give priority to active participation of users, the general attitude of the user can be placed in the standby database, thereby reducing user miss rate. OK, no problem. You send me the address and it’ll be there on time……" "Let’s set this time, and then we’ll be free."……" Through this, two users can perceive the first words, users actively participate in significantly more than second users, the first user is using a "no problem" and "time" commitment to strengthening the positive, and second users implied assumption "free" to consider participating in, therefore, the first priority the user, as a backup second.

The changes in mood, intonation, facial expressions, and body movements (situational 2) can be used as clues for problem mining in

research. Tone, intonation, facial expression, body movements are >

How far can you travel from the media blog

this time, many netizens have bought me the template of my blog and want to do it from the media blog. What’s more, I’ve found so many strange media names since this time. People from all walks of life are turning to media blogs. In fact, I really want to ask, how far can you travel from the media blog?


recently since the word media is fire, however, since the media blog has been our webmaster love talk, for the other QQ space from the media, since the media such as micro-blog aside. After all, we talk about what we care about and what we care about.

from the media blog had called personal blog, also called independent blog, I also did not know, do not love to write a blog, who also feel nothing to write a blog, do not go faster than the day, also write what to write. It can be said that before, we only knew how to make money on the Internet and didn’t want to write anything at all.

I remember in 2013, when Lu Songsong blog was the hottest year. Many people see loose brother’s blog forced, and some people have estimated loose elder brother’s blog, a month can earn more than 10000 dollars. So there are thousands of blogs from there, and I don’t know when I changed my name from the media blog.

, like everyone else, I set up my own Shao Lianhu blog in 2013, and, like everyone else’s fantasy, I hope my blog can be as profitable as my brother’s blog. However, more than a year has passed, I still insist on writing a blog, also from the media blog founded by Shao Lianhu blog VIP members to earn money. I was lucky to find my own blogging profit model.

tens of thousands of blogs can be said, and now there are few people who actually write blogs, and even if a lot of them are written, I can’t count a few. Why, why we are also from the media blog, we also have to write original articles, the final result is not the same? We don’t pay enough, we is not hard enough, but we may take the wrong way.

what is the media of purpose? I believe everyone the ultimate aim is to make money, there are people from the media to be famous, some people in order to practice their writing skills, some in order to promote their own business. But how do you get all this? Write an original article, go to a big website, contribute, advertise, and then succeed,

yes, you may have a lot of dry goods and lots of valuable things to share. You may be able to write a lot of valuable articles. But, you insist on a month, a year, you may not adhere to three years, five years. No matter what you do, it pays to be willing to do it. However, you find that if you persist for years without getting anything, you will want to give up.

What’s the


How to choose the clothing store

now, the trend of the couple more intense, more and more investors began to enter the market! So, how to run a couple clothing store site? Please go along with the small series into the problem! Good store location, bring you good money.

to dress this kind of goods, if you can focus on a location or block, more can attract customers. Because the operation of similar goods shop better, customers can have more opportunities to compare and choose. Chengdu Ke Jia Xiang street, Chengdu is the high-end clothing >

It is difficult to choose to continue IT trip or find another occupation

, a web developer, a moonlight clan, purple tea, too.

Ji’nan is a programmer, a web programmer, that is the development, in fact, the old Amoy from the Internet website source code, and then change, to live is set up on the line, it will just work, I think we should do is follow the prescribed order from requirement analysis, software development the test work, only to find that only the first step, the template set on the line, studying in the College of software engineering, so lost.

just graduated, to tell the truth, in the university did not learn how many things, that is, a little understanding of ASP,, php+mysql, and then desperately looking for work in this area, good

was also in phase, and then left, this is a network marketing company, to the later, I found that the old employees do soon a, how so fast, "the secret is set with the template, website source code is not original, since I also like this, no other way, followed by learning it, and has now become a set of templates of people.

graduated from 2008-7-1 to now has more than six months, and other will not, the set of Web sites soon, and soon, I can not believe, I did not have two days to complete a website. Our company division is relatively clear, art finished map and cut them, layout, and then handed over to us, when I arrived, the speed is very busy, accumulated a lot of list, forcing me to work overtime, I am up to a month in general work overtime in the evening time, directly back in the company, quite on the two day of work, only to rest under the middle.

finally found a reason to do, although the program has not exposed to the weather, but let the brain over thinking, a loop, can jump out, if you love it,

is not love, it was tragic, but I only just a few months, mechanical repetitive work, so I didn’t what great progress, sometimes forget things, this is bad, just remember a moment, think again, just think what, you don’t remember it, ha ha.

went to Xuzhou, to participate in the webmaster, see Figure Wang and Cai Wensheng’s achievements, and I want to do a profitable station, but I don’t know what to do, a little, don’t know how to use the technology to the actual big trouble, oh

will soon have the Spring Festival, suddenly found empty pockets, moonlight, only feel ashamed. Come home, this concept is very heavy,


IT continues to tour or find another occupation, it is difficult to choose, if you will go, and what other industries, but the current work and what do chicken ribs, give you sorrow nothing but a scholar actually IT, migrant workers.

did not want to, or to revel in their own web games entertainment ( >

5 successful methods of low cost Entrepreneurship


business has become a hot topic, many people want to know as individuals have low investment, low risk business, through our business of many years of research, from the following 5 examples of extraction for entrepreneurs with low investment business model for reference:

one, while working part-time entrepreneurship

this way is generally and in their own resources in the work time of manufacturers start to try and increase revenue using their professional experience, there is no benefit risk, but should deal with the relationship between work and entrepreneurship.

Mr. A is to buy some clothing enterprises, engaged in a few years after the purchase of erudite, have certain sensitive and familiar with garment processing enterprises of clothing, the clothing enterprise is now a lot of virtual business, even if we are familiar with the well-known brands (such as Baleno, Metersbonwe) is responsible for product design, itself is not to set up factories, design a style of clothing for clothing processing factory made garments, and then add the logo to the retail terminal, now Mr A often pick up some "private lives", provide customers with style, then Mr. A is responsible for the procurement of fabrics and garments for processing factory, the final delivery. A single down thousands of, more than tens of thousands, really very comfortable. The advantage of this approach is that there is no risk and you can create more value when you have a fixed income.

some people may think that this method is defective, the company suspected of cheating, I think as long as the master of a degree of this method is very feasible, use the spare time to develop their own career and increase income is no ground for blame.

recommendations: 1, should know their primary and secondary development, working in enterprises in addition to family is individual ability and experience growth, so the focus is complete a good job, to promote the development of personal ability and occupation.

2, keep the following standards, customers should not be your competitors; do not take any work hours; the time is for you to pay the company; do not disclose any company’s business secrets. Keeping your professional integrity and credit will play an invaluable role in personal development in the future.

two, relying on commodity market entrepreneurship

professional commodity markets (such as glasses wholesale clothing wholesale market, etc.) will charge for tenants of individual business license, only a one-time investment in six months or a year rent, and store goods in the purchase fee, so investment in 3, less than 50 thousand. As long as the popular commodity market, the risk is relatively small, in the survey, we found that many people from Wenzhou started out from the commodity market.

B is a former Miss fashion designer, later resigned from the company after the clothing of their own, others take as tenants sublet, (now there are many commodity markets can buy, you can rent, some people bought through rental profits, and the business license business) wholesale and retail business in a clothing market, by virtue of its design capacity and years.

Do stand a month to earn 800, and the webmaster talk about four things I do

Hello, I am 38PC net station son book, added to the webmaster ranks it for a long time, also wrote some articles and we exchange, I can be called soft, soft see effect, only I know, writing is not much, only a dozen, but did not give your site traffic bring much change, I do not know is my limited ability or soft effect indeed, then tell the new Adsense, don’t depend too much on the soft soft, don’t have much hope! You need to specific promotional planning efforts to do the best, I believe that only the execution can make a a website developed! Good crap, four things and talk about my recent webmaster! Right when AC


I do the first thing: by selling domain names, selling links, selling source code, making small money,

recently in adhere to the management and update of 38PC network at the same time, I also did a lot of things to sell, sell, sell the domain name link source busy awfully, also have an income of $one thousand a month, excluding to domain names into money, net profit of 800 yuan, although the money is too small, can not compared with the old owners, but after all, is a little busy I this 1 months to return, I am very satisfied, I even have a special low operating target, it is stable to earn 300 yuan per month on the line, it is a tobacco money, oh, if I press this first a month income, I obviously exceeded the target, but I know I can’t earn each month! After all my website has not grown up, my road has not been extended, my online relationship is not so wide, so, I still looking for specific ways to look at this website money, I earn 800 yuan from what you know (sell, sell, sell the source code links the domain name and website operation) these can be said to have no relations, so it is not up to my request! My request is that the website maturity model: do not need any publicity or hard move, every month can also stabilize revenue 300 yuan (ha ha, you can say I’m lazy ^_^) so, it also stimulated me for my own money mode, this is what I want to do second things


I do second things: look for my own money making model,

consider their own circumstances, I think I’m not too suitable for web site operators, because I was not the biggest drawbacks, promotion website, website traffic will not do as many webmaster posted it on IP, thousands of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands! I faint! Give me some fraction is enough for my beauty sleep don’t sleep! (if there are any promotion master willing to help can contact me, so I fit indebted forever!) is the so-called "change hands" hand "is their own website, not operation, do after operation for a period of time, for Baidu, Google included, PR rose to about 1, it can be the sale, which is also regarded as a profitable way, because it can avoid my weaknesses and can be extended, changed the site with my website strengths!"

At A5, listen to Cai Wensheng, talk about the future of the Internet

fourth Xuzhou Internet webmaster invited Cai Wensheng to attend the meeting, before the start of the meeting, graph king invited Cai Wensheng to the A5 station network to give you a short speech, let me see the legend of the angels and the domain name king. Although it was a short meeting, I was impressed by Cai Wensheng’s brief speech.

1 is the golden age of the Internet in the next 3-5 years.

worthy of the Internet’s eldest brother, Cai’s speech is simple and profound, can inspire some people. He predicted that the next 10 to 20 years of the Internet is still a sunrise industry, the next 3-5 years is the golden age of the internet. Encourage the webmaster to at the end of the golden age of staking, occupy a space for one person, the future of the Internet may be "secure". This sentence of the future of the network, more confidence in the confidence of the webmaster.

2, traditional industries and e-commerce complement each other.

Cai Wensheng said that the traditional industries operating well in reality, in the electronic commerce online but not necessarily the case, the traditional industry is often difficult in developing the internet. Because in reality, do well, must have been running with reality very tacit understanding, but the network has not yet found the point, it is difficult to develop natural. In reality, the more difficult to develop the industry, can only find a breakthrough in the network, there is no traditional development, and naturally able to release.

as the history book says, the feudal society can not transfer to the capitalist society, because the feudal society is too strong, so the feudal society after the demise can only transition to a socialist society. Just like in the network such as owners, may be influential man, in reality is a dull person. Don’t lose heart at the site where you are running an unpopular industry. This is your chance. If your website industry is hard to develop in tradition, the network will provide you with channels and possibilities for development.

3 local community website and e-commerce combination.

Internet will be toward more specialized, localized direction of development, this is everyone’s consensus. Local community websites have absolute geographical advantages, which is the key to the success of e-commerce. Cai Wensheng, for example, Dangdang financing billion, still in the annual loss performance ended, a large part of the reason is that the logistics link can not keep up, leading to overall revenue is not optimistic. The combination of local websites and e-commerce has absolute geographical advantages, and there is no logistics problem. Cai Wensheng said that the key to e-commerce is the logistics and distribution issues, as long as the logistics done well, the combination of local websites and e-commerce will be the future trend of development.

in many industries, the Internet is not the most easy to develop, nor is it the most difficult to develop, the webmaster who chose this industry should be confident of the network, and stick to it. The Internet is a sunrise industry, at this time can be integrated into the market opportunities, as Cai Wensheng said, as long as the golden age of the Internet, you circle to the "land", and the future you will >

Fuzhou decoration company website was attacked processing methods


decoration company yesterday after the attack was ranked no military treatment, has now recovered some ranking, the decoration company in Fuzhou in 10!!!

the so-called website is hacked, that is, the website has been attacked by hacker, then how to deal with the website after being hacked? And listen to the little knitting slowly for you.

sites are hacked into the following categories:

one, the website is hanged black chain

open your site, right-click on the source code, and find links to other sites (except for links) that indicate that your site is hacked.

detection method: in the webmaster platform for testing,

two, the website was uploaded black file

sometimes occasionally found their own websites more out of the unknown file, but also not to upload their own, then congratulations, your website was hacked, the root directory and the file does not necessarily appear in the website.

test method:

1, open your web site’s robots file, check the robots file allows the folder to be grabbed (Allow is allowed to grab), whether it is set by yourself.

Is there a black chain for

2 and sitemap (sitemap map)?.

3, Site the domain name of your website to see if it is the content of your website.

three, website snapshot hijacked

inquires when included, found that Baidu included is other web content, this shows that your Baidu snapshot was hijacked.

check method: in search engine your website, find the content that is not your website.

four, the site was traffic attack

when you find a sudden increase in website traffic, resulting in Web site can not be opened, indicating that your site was traffic attack.

for the above black case, the first three can use the following method:

finds the appropriate location, removes links or code from other sites, and modifies the site’s background and FTP passwords and accounts.

in fourth cases, you can use the method of increasing the website traffic or changing the website space.

said here, Xiao Bian would like to ask, "is the site only hacked to find the appropriate remedial measures?" of course not, we can make a rainy day.

site prevention by black

1, regularly modify the website background and FTP password.

2, root >

I was last year that grassroots, a webmaster experience

is the last year that I root, yes, last year, just graduated from school, no job, lazy at home every day, in addition to the Internet or the Internet, the game is the forum, is that one day, I began to think, what to do, yes, I want to do what? "/p>

University of clothing design, clothing design, sound how FISHION professional, I was a boy, do not eat every day hanging around the neck of the tape, with a pair of scissors in the name of the cloth back up. So my sophomore started to give up their professional, to self-study website design, and design, but this is my interest, my own, very quickly over the past 2 years, I learned how to build and maintain a simple, high school art painting basis, will be PS, then do the first one your station, now I know, that time can not call site, just a few pages connected, no background, that time may also do not know what the background.

I want to do some of the above, smoke out, I choose to do a web site, not that I have ideas, but in addition to site, I can not think of what can do. I want to do what kind of a website, I love art, good at drawing, then make your own personal homepage? Personal homepage? The meal how come? No, to be able to make money, e-commerce? Well, this money, but what is selling, thinking for hours. Finally, there is no way to get everyone has, everyone will picture station, pictures in addition to a bit of pornographic MM, but also collect some 3D animation data map, foreigners do 3D, really is not the general cowhide. This time with the background, convenient ah, directory would like to change, the content wants to change for, webmaster, I’m a webmaster, and really bring back the site ah.

glad to have 3 days for so long, all in their own look, send a few friends, there are some good play group, is that one person, in a word, I fell to the bottom, a man said, what did you do that? Yes, I do this for what? There is a background site? That I should have a website to look for a job, why do people have the website do not work, you can earn a BMW buy breakfast in addition ah, I stand where the value, in fact no value.

is looking for, see the article, look at the experience, more and more exciting, but more thinking more frustrated, it has been 3 months, what I didn’t do it, great pressure, finally I chose the electronic commerce, what I did not sell it, then I can help the person. For those who have a bottom line to sell, sell a platform for the exchange of ah, this is I now understand, that is blind, made a very simple navigation from easy purchase supply network navigation, let online local publicity do wholesale, let the baby have to sell online the local purchase, then the propaganda is necessary, because I think some people need, even when the statistics are not, no one is to know gratitude, I sent many people, "

Comment on’s comments to some friends

this morning, my friend asked me to read an article,

respond below

, the first member I know, last night I QQ always asked me to help him, because I am in training, so I have no time to say, the first security charge the interests of members, that he sent to the forum, I have time to help him, how I like how he has been say and ask me what is my identity, I wouldn’t say, he just scold me, the people I don’t tube, also do not want to ignore him, and I’m not all services, we will also provide SEO free advice for the owners, but in order to guarantee the rights and interests of member fees, first answer membership fees issue.

second, as for my company, I can responsibly tell you that t-v-b even I had no one to buy, all with their own personal connections and the popularity of the exchange, I also know that the students, from beginning to end, I don’t recommend any students to buy connection.

third, the people who claim to have a lot of traffic station, or your station flow is very large, but it doesn’t prove that your SEO technology is very good, moreover, from beginning to end, this man has released its own station

fourth, who called me SEO technique is very common, then I tell you, SEO is supposed to promote natural optimization, many of the details to determine the final result, you think the accumulation of keywords is SEO technology, if you see it, you can also start teaching, what my level I training students I can prove that

fifth, my station is new, yes, but it doesn’t mean can’t enroll students. The case is here.

sixth, you said my station is because it can be long row up, then I want to ask you, do stand long, many people, why they did not row up?.

the station after its establishment, there have been some friends because they wanted to get my reply in time, but do not want to go to the forum for the huff everywhere to discredit the reputation of the station, I want to tell you that power is here, we can see, by the way, due to the transfer station the server will stop taking t-v-b for a few hours, causing Baiduspider to climb over, the space’s home page, traffic has dropped slightly, but the related keywords still tough to row in the baidu front, in fact, there are some things that you see is.

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