Month: July 2017

Web site operations how to identify and utilize user sentiment

in usability testing, daily in-depth interviews, seminars and other research, either as host or observer, we will find some interesting phenomenon: users participating in the process, do the meditative state, a sense of loss, a frown, in addition, there will be some body movements, such as shrug, hands folded; and with some changes of tone, as well as, oh, ah. The rich, interesting facial expressions, body movements, and tone and intonation that users show are directly related to many aspects of our research project. read more

How far can you travel from the media blog

this time, many netizens have bought me the template of my blog and want to do it from the media blog. What’s more, I’ve found so many strange media names since this time. People from all walks of life are turning to media blogs. In fact, I really want to ask, how far can you travel from the media blog?

recently since the word media is fire, however, since the media blog has been our webmaster love talk, for the other QQ space from the media, since the media such as micro-blog aside. After all, we talk about what we care about and what we care about. read more

How to choose the clothing store

now, the trend of the couple more intense, more and more investors began to enter the market! So, how to run a couple clothing store site? Please go along with the small series into the problem! Good store location, bring you good money.

to dress this kind of goods, if you can focus on a location or block, more can attract customers. Because the operation of similar goods shop better, customers can have more opportunities to compare and choose. Chengdu Ke Jia Xiang street, Chengdu is the high-end clothing > read more

t is difficult to choose to continue T trip or find another occupation

, a web developer, a moonlight clan, purple tea, too.

Ji’nan is a programmer, a web programmer, that is the development, in fact, the old Amoy from the Internet website source code, and then change, to live is set up on the line, it will just work, I think we should do is follow the prescribed order from requirement analysis, software development the test work, only to find that only the first step, the template set on the line, studying in the College of software engineering, so lost.

just graduated, to tell the truth, in the university did not learn how many things, that is, a little understanding of ASP,, php+mysql, and then desperately looking for work in this area, good read more

5 successful methods of low cost Entrepreneurship


business has become a hot topic, many people want to know as individuals have low investment, low risk business, through our business of many years of research, from the following 5 examples of extraction for entrepreneurs with low investment business model for reference:

one, while working part-time entrepreneurship

this way is generally and in their own resources in the work time of manufacturers start to try and increase revenue using their professional experience, there is no benefit risk, but should deal with the relationship between work and entrepreneurship. read more

Do stand a month to earn 800 and the webmaster talk about four things do

Hello, I am 38PC net station son book, added to the webmaster ranks it for a long time, also wrote some articles and we exchange, I can be called soft, soft see effect, only I know, writing is not much, only a dozen, but did not give your site traffic bring much change, I do not know is my limited ability or soft effect indeed, then tell the new Adsense, don’t depend too much on the soft soft, don’t have much hope! You need to specific promotional planning efforts to do the best, I believe that only the execution can make a a website developed! Good crap, four things and talk about my recent webmaster! Right when AC read more

At A5 listen to Cai Wensheng talk about the future of the nternet

fourth Xuzhou Internet webmaster invited Cai Wensheng to attend the meeting, before the start of the meeting, graph king invited Cai Wensheng to the A5 station network to give you a short speech, let me see the legend of the angels and the domain name king. Although it was a short meeting, I was impressed by Cai Wensheng’s brief speech.

1 is the golden age of the Internet in the next 3-5 years.

worthy of the Internet’s eldest brother, Cai’s speech is simple and profound, can inspire some people. He predicted that the next 10 to 20 years of the Internet is still a sunrise industry, the next 3-5 years is the golden age of the internet. Encourage the webmaster to at the end of the golden age of staking, occupy a space for one person, the future of the Internet may be "secure". This sentence of the future of the network, more confidence in the confidence of the webmaster. read more

Fuzhou decoration company website was attacked processing methods


decoration company yesterday after the attack was ranked no military treatment, has now recovered some ranking, the decoration company in Fuzhou in 10!!!

the so-called website is hacked, that is, the website has been attacked by hacker, then how to deal with the website after being hacked? And listen to the little knitting slowly for you.

sites are hacked into the following categories:

one, the website is hanged black chain

open your site, right-click on the source code, and find links to other sites (except for links) that indicate that your site is hacked. read more

was last year that grassroots a webmaster experience

is the last year that I root, yes, last year, just graduated from school, no job, lazy at home every day, in addition to the Internet or the Internet, the game is the forum, is that one day, I began to think, what to do, yes, I want to do what? "/p>

University of clothing design, clothing design, sound how FISHION professional, I was a boy, do not eat every day hanging around the neck of the tape, with a pair of scissors in the name of the cloth back up. So my sophomore started to give up their professional, to self-study website design, and design, but this is my interest, my own, very quickly over the past 2 years, I learned how to build and maintain a simple, high school art painting basis, will be PS, then do the first one your station, now I know, that time can not call site, just a few pages connected, no background, that time may also do not know what the background. read more

Comment on seoke org’s comments to some friends

this morning, my friend asked me to read an article,

respond below

, the first member I know, last night I QQ always asked me to help him, because I am in training, so I have no time to say, the first security charge the interests of members, that he sent to the forum, I have time to help him, how I like how he has been say and ask me what is my identity, I wouldn’t say, he just scold me, the people I don’t tube, also do not want to ignore him, and I’m not all services, we will also provide SEO free advice for the owners, but in order to guarantee the rights and interests of member fees, first answer membership fees issue. read more

Against false taobao com a realistic idea of tight scam

recently, "Amoy" Kim received a letter: "the letter activities winning announcement in the login, this month shopping spree surprise", the announcement said: as long as the little gold assigned to her lucky number "518" * * * * enter the URL, will have the opportunity to get 50 thousand yuan +1 Taiwan Samsung notebook computer "award. The little golden heart thinks: this web site and site should be very similar, ", so excitedly logged in to the web site. However, waiting for her is a concept of strict fraud, not only let her empty a joy, almost she cheated 1800 yuan "business tax". read more

How to register a good domain name according to the actual situation

in the Internet world the famous large single from the domain name, domain name spelling, in fact, are not very good.

For example:, I always think impassability, the Internet has just started in 90s, Yang Zhiyuan registered a is not a word is not very simple and easy to remember domain name? You know, whether it is yaho, Yahu, yea, and so on are significantly better than yahoo. If Google is because the debut too late, can not find a good domain name, then Yahoo is deliberately looking for a long and difficult to remember the domain name. But no matter how to say Yahoo is the first station at present. So, whether you are Yahoo or Google, word memory, short in their powerful website content and function before, doesn’t matter. read more

Enterprise profit science and technology do website in fact do market

today we explore the theme of "website is to do the market" for small and medium enterprises, the website can not only make money, more important is to stabilize the market, expand market share, let my sales rise persistent.

I don’t know. What do you think is the core of building a website?

, some people think it’s "building a marketing site,"

, some people think, "a clear positioning" is needed,

and others think, "we need a perfect marketing plan," read more

How can the small station survive the winter of 2009

first of all, we should admit that the economic crisis is so great that all industries have an impact. Including our website, here I do not speak the truth, that those companies that have the strength to get through this is relatively easy, but for some companies or individuals suspended in midair, still a little pressure.

IDC company is facing pressure first, cost enhancement, service increase and price drop all need to be overcome. This affects the development of our small station (Description: I said the small station is more than 100IP, 3000IP below the station) why do you say that we are relying on the small station IDC space as a habitat?. If IDC is unstable, our small station will be implicated too, so the first thing to say is the base of our website: the choice of space. I personally think that in such a situation, the more to the choice of IDC company to buy space, do not think that I will not like the economy, or buy almost small company IDC, actually do is give yourself trouble, once the space problem, you must first solve the problem, so I put this in the first place, I think we should agree that several IDC (recommended here is to help them under AD: ADMIN5 space, Lanbing Internet space). Recommended reason: stability, a brand, responsible for the webmaster! read more

Enterprise WeChat operating diary Series 1 don’t be obsessed don’t fantasize

(text / Huang Jialang)

two days ago, in his circle of friends that his operating company, WeChat grew ten thousand in March, fans, many friends let me share the method, so decided to simply use the diary to share and exchange. A conversation, have seen SEO the God of ZAC and her wife she said: you put these skills are not afraid to tell others, others learn to take your place? He replied: for most people, not really going to practice. The following figure is the cumulative data, because the cumulative data will be different, I see the amount of growth, this is based on the daily report to sort out. If you do not believe that the cumulative data will be different, I will count every day. read more

Why did a four year old maintenance website achieve a perfect growth curve

editor’s note: can you believe that the above data came from a four year old site that was not maintained? 1532 days, to be exact. The growth curve of abnormal hue, although the data is not too much, but if you know any publicity and promotion, is enough to express his surprise, like a deserted garden quietly out of the beautiful flowers.

Ryan Detzel developed the site "Invoice Journal" in the four years ago, to facilitate the business customers to issue documents, but it looks more like a test of the project, he has no plans of commercial operation, so just quietly running on the server. But a phone call four years later recalled his memory of the forgotten project. read more

What are the most common usability mistakes you can make in web design

‘s high quality availability has been at the heart of the industry’s discussions over the past ten years because it’s becoming increasingly important to users. Good usability can also help build brand awareness, thereby enhancing the user’s appreciation of a website or a company. Today, there is still a great deal of concern about usability because the large and small companies have proved how important the good usability strategy is.

over the past few years, good usability has been at the heart of those successful start-ups. In most cases, simple ideas are the most creative. Usability refers primarily to making a function or product easy to use, but maintaining the quality of the product at a high level. read more

User research what users want to think about products at the user’s point of view

[editor] [author of this article] @ Zhu Junhua Ronzhu as the user wants what, rather than what they want, in this understanding, the front product is more difficult than the background products.

In the process of making

products, many individuals think of the legal principle, of course, into the development of the product. Many products have just started the starting point is very good, do, do become the product manager himself want to come out of the product, and did not really consider what the user is thinking. read more

Should quit my job as an editor for a medical website

I am a medical editor of the website, to work for two years, the industry has almost a year, because the website editor, so will focus on some aspects of the news website and SEO, was able to see Lu Songsong’s blog, feel on top of the content are more interesting. I have written this article when I see someone writing his story for you. I hope you can make some suggestions. If you can release, nature is the biggest inspiration for me. Thank you very much,


I am a very active person in Hunan, so I went to a university in Liaoning, Shenyang. The school was good and the 211 was the focus. After graduating in July 2011, a person came to Guangzhou to look for work. In addition to Hunan before the Changsha hadn’t been to any of a southern city, Guangzhou is also fully with the momentum. But after I came here, I found it was not so easy to find a job. What could school and educational background mean? read more