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Xiao Fang on the website of the inside pages of Shanghai dragon set

page 1, Shanghai dragon set is the first element of the title, the title is the core of the page, the search engine is a judgment reference standard, related pages so that a large number of repetitive title to the end do not know which is the core of the page search engine, increasing the burden of the search engine, so this time we need to manually modify the title, generally speaking, the title should be unique, while the title must contain keywords (words of this page needs to be optimized including long tail keywords), we can reference the specific wording of webmaster guidelines, Google webmaster guidelines and love Shanghai optimization guide has a detailed description of.

in the early days of the Internet web page is considered from the aesthetic angle, but with the advent of the era of network optimization, web page layout is not considered from the aesthetic point of view, more is starting from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, to make search engines love, it can be said that a good web site layout the designer and the result of the combination of Shanghai dragon. In a simple Xiaofang sharing website home page (Home) how to layout, friends praise. Today is Xiao Fang to simply say the website page in the Shanghai dragon set, at the same time series will continue to update the web page layout, and also hope you can pay more attention, a lot of support:

on the website page layout of this article is to introduce the above three points, including the layout of the page when you can penetrate into these points, let us not only the content can meet the needs of users and search engines let love, remember that we do search engine optimization, is to take every detail to the extreme. At the same time, I hope everyone on this site in the layout of the page can have a better idea, with the exchange of learning, only continuous exchanges, in order to make their progress.

2, the rational use of H tags to distinguish, H tag -Heading is to emphasize the role of the H tag from the H1-H6 a total of six on the label, the importance in descending order, the rational use of H tags can be structure website well, it is necessary to point out that a page in H1 tags only once, but several other labels can be repeated, because the H1 tag is the main title of the page, a page can have a central theme.

3, "URL settings, prerequisite is your site is static, such as your page optimization keywords is Shanghai dragon, static pages / your path brings Shanghai dragon like.Heml path name for the optimization has the advantage, if you are doing this keyword blog, then you’ll use the /blog.html search engine has been related to a lot of words, we love Shanghai as an example to search for blog, we can see that love Shanghai automatically to the blog and blog links, as long as we search blog, this blog will be marked red keywords. We also found a blog path in blog is bold, URL search engine that is friendly to the good.

Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng positioning diagnosis report

for the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng our common everyone is very clear, and do every day, but we have no concept of a system, a common site location analysis, web page layout analysis, keyword analysis, website code analysis, URL analysis of Web site structure, link structure analysis, content analysis, analysis search engines and snapshot data, external link analysis, keyword ranking and traffic analysis, do these analysis basically can do a very good diagnosis for our website. Analysis of the one point today I want to introduce for everybody is the site of the.

any one industry we choose what kind of market determines that we can make a lot of money, but in the network we select the type of a website directly determines how much money we can do on this website, through the industry analysis we can help select the type of website to help profit. So the industry analysis is very important. Here to talk about their own views in two aspects: I give you

identified 1 types of websites,

Hello, I am virtual son rain. For we do Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, we need to do is the industry doing a good grasp, makes a thorough analysis on its own website, so with the increasingly strong demand on the market is the birth of a new industry: Shanghai Dragon Phoenix diagnosis. In fact, the industry even before, but has not been singled out, before we reach Shanghai dragon consultant, Shanghai dragon guidance is do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis for our company business, are generally personal, few people out to do a separate company to do, but the optimization team A5 the Shanghai dragon diagnosis for the industry and the rise of signs. Anyway, this selection is very good, our website also really need to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis.


A, personal contact investigation. We have to hand over the Shanghai dragon diagnostic report in the short term, so we contact the industry’s time is not long, not be deep, but we can see that some companies do not see the place from the perspective of optimization, for example, many companies do not choose the key word of the industry, there are many industries to expand, or keywords more accurate is not more choice, some companies > root


of a website, it is impossible for us to complete the analysis just contact the industry owners, after all because we don’t know much about the industry, a lot of things are not very good grasp, because the positioning of the website analysis includes many aspects, among which the most important is the industry analysis. Resource analysis and target analysis of these three aspects, do the three aspects of industry experience is not a long time to do, so we do in the analysis of this website positioning when needed and customers in-depth communication, to determine the type of site, profit mode, user location and traffic conversion.

Good optimization strategy can make Shanghai dragon Er multiplier

as everyone knows, website optimization is not only the execution of the competition is to optimize personnel, operations director of strategies of the contest, a good strategy is to optimize the website based on good operation, false or incorrect strategy is the result of the entire site to a dead end, for the entire optimization team has the extremely disadvantageous influence, or will the mission of and the company suffered heavy losses. Today the author in his own operating optimization experience to introduce several key points in the construction of the website optimization strategy.

second, building high quality "quality. "The quality includes not only add pages, pictures and commonly used plug-in is to upgrade the entire web user experience, one of the means to enhance user interaction, the content construction, the first high quality industry is the foundation of the article, and it is the core of the entire site, high quality articles can not only increase the website and weight. Is recognized by the user site to increase website viscosity and improve the site conversion rate as weight, making web promotion a possible relationship between web pages, improve the site sticky," enhance the conversion rate, in order to improve the number of pages included can also be appropriate to adopt a combination of graphic. Secondly, the relevance of a page layout. In the end of each article or do you think the right place, increase the relevance of the call, this way is to increase the site PV views, web site provides more access to the channel to access the web page spider, strengthen grab opportunities, improve the website page weight and indexed probability.

third, the weight connection construction and layout strategy. The content and direction of the outreach is any site must grasp and pay attention in large areas, we mainly talked about the content factors, the author study and all the layout and construction of the connecting weights should pay attention to those skills and strategies. The author thinks that the weight connection is divided into three levels, high quality connection bait is very simple is similar to the Admin5 soft Wailian, secondly, the high correlation between the friendship connection, finally, general related or not related to other connections. To connect the bait in their phase >

first, "the basic framework analysis and layout. The page structure, website structure must first meet the user’s browsing behavior, so the structure or lower structure structure is currently more popular. Design art including color color collocation, conforms to the website industry features to attract users to the eye, and enhance the user between each other’s heart distance. Image processing, image matching and its applications, strong background and practical application of integrated product quality and professional level in the industry. Even within the reasonable layout and distribution, even distribution of the first to end "included problems, even through the construction, clearly pointed out the important and key link for spider connection distribution, reduce the page level, convenient for users to understand the first time" the focus of publicity. "The best style uses CSS to connect an external style sheet for construction, reduce the" redundant code, enhance the speed and efficiency of open web crawling.

Experience of novice webmaster website keywords positioning experience


have some friends positioning keywords not combined with the actual situation, although there are also some above the first consideration, for example, a company in Hangzhou to do a website of its own products, industry is indeed Beijing’s geographical location and vocabulary, their reason is Beijing’s potential customer demand for their products more, the logistics industry has now comparison of development, if necessary, they can send through the logistics. We do not know this product close to the sparse? Life products and their counterparts in Beijing also have the corresponding service. Since the potential customers in Beijing can buy locally? And the company does not consider the purchase process, others give you pay a deposit? Or do you give people the delivery distance of thousands of miles?? do not know, this problem is not resolved how customers worry? Even if we put key words in Beijing area will do. How much of the conversion rate of

. For the keyword is the best

novice webmaster to endure loneliness to supplement their basic knowledge do not know, a few days ago wrote a "novice webmaster 3 months website promotion experience" browse more than 150 weight loss, pro small encouraged, the article is mainly about some new sites for doing pre positioning keywords it is a concern, a lot of people early keywords and positioning is not accurate, so there appears to modify the replacement of the main thing, should not be combined with their own actual situation to the keyword positioning:

also has some small companies, most responsible for the network popularization personnel are not much, even a person, this is the fact that the company did not have so much money into this, but also realize the importance of e-commerce development of the Internet, so you need to be comprehensive promotion personnel.

three. Manpower according to the actual location keywords

two. Keywords combined with the actual situation of


although the Shanghai dragon contact time is not too long, but I have my own understanding of the location of key words many webmaster friends, choose keywords generally have 2 extremes, one is in accordance with the industry to locate the 2-4 keyword, the industry Chinese characters vocabulary, itself has some competitors early a few years or even ten years ago to do a website the vocabulary and ranking to the forefront, some industry profits than our weight high website many hundreds, love Shanghai after nearly 20 search query page or home page information, how much is the degree of visible competition is fierce, another is the choice of vocabulary competition degree is quite low, the total amount of information within 100 thousand -20 million. In fact, the most basic can only do the long tail word to calculate, finally spent several months to find almost no optimization search volume, a week or even to 1.2 flow said Don’t set yourself or search. In fact, the location according to their own circumstances, we think the short-term effective, around 2-3 months can choose some gold content and less competitive vocabulary, in addition to us of the human, material and other investment decision keywords positioning, suitable is the best.

Keywords the webmaster can not know the ranking algorithm

in mathematics, we learned the merger of similar items in the lexicon database search factors in order to facilitate the user search experience, allowing users to get the information they want in a short period of time, the search engine will automatically be related to the content of information together, when the search to a particular word, we can find in search engine right will be recommended, these are put together, click on the guide to meet the information content of the user experience. What is recommended in the content, such as when we are in search of "apple", can be found in the related recommendation will have Jobs, at the same time because the user search frequency is relatively high, in the search engine.


keyword ranking algorithm is the majority of Shanghai dragon Er focus, whether every day in the rankings for keywords and website traffic and struggle we really know of these algorithms is

is the web site title more authoritative part, is also our web site keywords ranking optimization is the most important part of. And here also hide an important algorithm for ranking morphology. We then Title prepared for the first time that the matching degree and correlation between keywords and industry. The matching degree is to let the user search and site title related to the vocabulary as far as possible, but how to determine the consistency of it? This is related to the Chinese segmentation method of search engine, and English different phrases, Chinese expression according to the breakpoints different meaning is different. Also, we know that the database is not a search engine, the first time in front of that keyword search when users need to meet the search engine Chinese segmentation method. General is according to the comparative analysis and words to the lexicon database, and to compare the value reduction procedure automatic division of the word form, we can not fully understood, but the main reference or in the user search, so the segmentation method and user search Chinese cable connected.

The ?

first, Chinese segmentation algorithm affect the search engine "first impression".

we know the web site keywords ranking is not a separate face to be able to do a good job, it is a comprehensive skill. And the rules of the web site keywords ranking algorithm is the theoretical basis of our implementation of the guidance technology. Before I read the Dennis as long as these algorithms can promote the search engine ranking home page, but the result is unsatisfactory, because we see is not our own search engine to find. Or that in fact some operation we see the article then all subjective speculation has not been confirmed the conclusion, that many Er are Shanghai dragon according to the rules it is in a tangle, why ranking but has yet to pick up

second, combined with related principle of search engines "subjective".

today I Dennis to share is that we believe have a thorough grasp of the potential, keyword ranking algorithm is actually a smattering of.

How to make your own website optimization in 2016 Shanghai Dragon technology to keep pace with the t

today is the first working day after the Spring Festival, think of yourself in the optimization work in 2015 visible before the eyes, time goes by, wait for 2016 is coming, as the Shanghai dragon Er whether we are ready for a new challenge, new year this is a popular phrase, to a new the year must have some new changes, Shanghai dragon Er our optimization should be continuous innovation for the new year, so, how we want our Shanghai Dragon technology continue to achieve self transcendence?

first, the optimization of the details of its 2015 Qucuqujing summary. I saw the two station own keywords ranking remained stable in Shanghai love home before three, is a little relieved, so I used this article mainly analyzes the optimization strategy of 2015 today, is also worth to retain, such as the long network of my favorite contributors, the quality of the chain carefully these are to release, I think that we should adhere to, and some outside the chain of low quality, sometimes lazy do false original article, this mode of operation in 2016 really should quit the stage of history, I think it is very important to optimize the summary, open the first day of work we do not rush to the site for optimization. Their ideas comb, find their own optimization problems in the process I think is the key to lay open the optimization work.

third, pay more attention to optimize the search engine itself some news. We do at home most of the search engine is love Shanghai, love Shanghai through continuous development and gradually improve their lot to optimize the details, such as the love of Shanghai in order to facilitate the webmaster, build a love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, continue to launch in the sea search engine optimization white paper, these are some of the adjustment through these platforms their gradual inform to the majority of owners, and we make love Shanghai optimization must understand these optimization details and rules, so on search engine itself is that we understand the search engine dynamic, targeted to develop optimization strategies of.

fourth, the real optimization experience from the practice of summing up. We know that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, the Shanghai dragon thinking, does not mean these optimization concept many times because of the pink of perfection, the industry is different, the optimization of thinking be quite different, so, as a webmaster we want to upgrade their Shanghai Dragon Phoenix combat capability, mainly in the process in optimizing website >

second, to some professional platform to communicate and learn. In fact, techniques are constantly updated, so as to keep pace with the times of our optimization techniques how to constantly improve ourselves, I believe that continuous learning and thinking is very important, learning to learn from peers to other sites, Shanghai dragon Er to learn, I think the main site to study each other, why the good ranking is very stable, the optimization study of some professional Shanghai dragon Er writing, but also an important way we open thinking.

Web page layout optimization techniques easy to improve the user experience

website is the website to the user’s first impression, the home page layout starting from the theme, navigation, content and other aspects, to love Shanghai below the Wikipedia page for page layout analysis.

homepage layout theme, navigation and content also need to pay attention to the size, web page open speed and Links arrangement etc..

two, website page layout design


with the search engine algorithm constantly changes, what is the best way to website optimization webmaster topic. In fact, many web site optimization means just auxiliary force, really improve the website user experience is the best site to help the long-term stable development. Many factors affect the user experience of web page layout is undoubtedly a very important factor.


In addition to the

home page is the core of the website, home page theme is the main center website. Home page topic let users easily understand what is the web site. The theme of the title, description, keywords on the site, one of the most important is the title, users in the search engines to see search results is the title of your website and content description. For example, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, the user through the picture content and know how to love Shanghai is Chinese encyclopedia encyclopedia, and encyclopedic knowledge and services covers an area.


site navigation can be seen as the classification of the site content, the content of the website segment, according to individual demand with users choose to view the corresponding column page. Web page navigation to achieve a clear classification, navigation column not repeat. Shanghai love Wikipedia page navigation do very well, we can learn about.

home page navigation


this paper here said the website page contains a column page and website >



home page content


, a web page layout design

arranged your home page navigation can be a web page content layout design. The content of the page layout of the site’s users should first group carries on the demand analysis, the user focus content is placed in the most important position on the home page. According to the general user browsing the page content distribution according to how important content from upper left to lower right arrangement. It is the most important content should be placed in the position of the top left, and the least important of advertising or content can be placed in the lower right of the page.

in the home page, page theme is also reflected in the logo and website title. Accurate generalization of the home page is a good theme to help users choose their exact requirements have web site.

home page theme

Yue Huai marketing in the blind in the perceived intentions hidden unique originality

almost all beer manufacturers advertising highlights are highly consistent — only our beer production is "the most pure"

hasn’t finished, Claude · Hopki also found that when the groundwater is pumped out, Xerox production process to these provisions in beer heating of water into steam, and then cooled until freezing – you know, at the time of distillation equipment is very expensive. This process must be repeated three times to remove impurities in the water, to ensure the purity of water used for brewing beer. And the factory every day must be clean distillation equipment two.

The He also found that

seeingbelieving, carefully after the visit, Xerox beer every production process is Claude · Hopki to Xerox Edmunds beer management asks, "why don’t you put the whole production flow to tell consumers?"

In 20s the

"why don’t we do this?" Claude · Hopki said: "although.

in addition, final packing of each bottle of beer through high temperature steam sterilization 4 times, to ensure that all kill microbes and bacteria; each batch of beer must be tested before delivery, to ensure that both pure alcohol and beer, and then bottling output.


management did not think Claude · Hopki actually made this let people laugh, said: "these are the most basic requirements for beer production process, beer production process all is so produced, so despite fierce competition, all manufacturers are not put it as the focus of our! Why are you doing this?"

Claude · Hopki first surprised to find that in 5 years we have conducted 1623 Xerox beer experiment, finally found the best fermentation formula.

, Xerox Edmunds beer production plant is located in Michigan lake, while the lake is clear, without any pollution, but they are still in the lake two drilling depth of 500 feet (about 152.4 meters) of the artesian well, in order to obtain no pollution of groundwater.


in order to change yourself just passable sales, we employ well-known beer Xerox marketing guru Claude · Hopki as a marketing consultant. Claude · the first thing Hopki did despicably common ordinary – he personally to this beer factory visit Xerox beer production process. But in the usual study he found a series of promotional highlights:

When the United States propaganda hot

century, American beer market competition is very fierce, according to statistics, Xerox beer (Schlitz Beer) in its market share accounted for only fifth.

of Michigan lake scenery (network picture)

The third party blog do people say that the chain little (two)

two, the blog

1, according to the website of F type structure.

a lot of friends directly apply to their blog posts, there is no matter the structure of the blog, this also need to pay attention to their own website, blog, you have to consider the preferences of spiders from various aspects, make perfect structure and increase friendly search engine, the spider crawling frequency more, affect your blog on your website more.

blog style choice needs to match with your center, for example you are doing commentary, the Kawai style > sure

, a title, description of the set

three, blog style

note 2, navigation

blog as an independent site, so we want to write his title and description. The title and description of the blog title and description, this is the central idea of a website, can let the spider do you see this blog is what to do, the center needs to be consistent with your own website, that is related to understand the core of the spider you express. Some blogs can set individual blog domain, so also modified, to Quanpin way to standard to the center of your blog.

Sure there are some output

some people have doubts the third party blog has navigation, it can be said that every blog has a list of categories, the classification is equivalent to navigation, navigation is set above the need to pay attention to the core of the word must be around the core word is your blog, website, such as your site is doing in the workplace, so your navigation is also true, such as workplace health, workplace workplace emotional talk, etc..


3, remove excess output

in the "third party blog do people say that the few chain (a)", we mentioned the blog to find suitable for our choice of third party blog. Jason in this article and we will talk about the blog site optimization. The third party blog is when in a web site, how to adjust the structure, to increase the content of his blog friendly.


blog also need to follow the type F website, the position of the left than the right, above than the following important. Then we need to re blog format, in the blog background have layout, I agree with the "two column 3:1" settings page of the 3/4 log, head Links etc. in the right information accounts for 1/4, this structure ensures the important position, we can refer to the various Shanghai Longfeng Daniel independent blog layout.

Adjust the structure of the

the default template, such as the recent visitors, so are these things can be removed, you can see the background, there is no need to put in a blog, you often visit to the people there, let his recent visitors list appears you’re good.

Zhong Zhixin do the chain will fall right in Shanghai know love

chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine. I believe all of Shanghai dragon er know the chain weight high website, it is Shanghai dragon Er dream. Keywords sex Shanghai friends should know that "the love of Shanghai knows this stuff weight high terrible, whether in love or Shanghai search engine, Google search, basically is the second. And every minute of a keyword in the first page, beyond many large web sites. Especially in the love of Shanghai search engine, after all, is their own products, give weight is higher.


contact Shanghai Longfeng for several months, what all don’t know from a rookie, experienced numerous still groundless talk, what are not very know rookie. So far, I only know that want to improve the keywords ranking, will regularly update the content, and the hair of the chain, what other div+css, H tags, meta tags, know so little, other factors that affect the rankings completely do not know. When just beginning to learn Shanghai dragon, listen to the senior seniors said, there are more than 200 factors, keywords ranking think of this, I am very Speechless factors, I know now is less than ten. More than 200, how come, I don’t know.

is currently unable to verify, I will use a mathematical hypothesis, small packing between the AC >


in Shanghai knew that leave the chain, not only can increase the weight of their own website, but also bring certain flow, can be said to be a piece of Feng shui. And many small sites in order to update the content of the website, will use the thief program, collecting love Shanghai know that the problem, so to their site outside the chain is a considerable number of. But in the field of Shanghai dragon, there is a saying in Shanghai that love is left too much the chain will be down the right to love Shanghai. This is I do not know is through research or by empirical analysis and argument, often see a lot of stationmaster forum to share the experience of the students, said in Shanghai love to know to stay outside the chain will be down the right to love Shanghai. Such a statement really makes me very confusing, so far have been puzzled. I only know one day left repeatedly with a web site to know love Shanghai, will not go up. At present, the unknown X forum I new, I always love Shanghai know the top left forum site, from Shanghai that brought me love flow every day there are hundreds of ip. And the forum keywords so far has not decreased, but on the rise, although not to the home page. I love Shanghai know the number of leave the site enough? I can not judge, I will continue to love in Shanghai know the top left unknown X forum. I’d like to see whether a certain number of really will be punished and tell you love Shanghai, please look forward to Zhong Zhixin’s blog,

The Taobao product search system category attribute the logic behind the architecture

] Taobao core tip with millions of businesses and more than 1 billion of the number of goods, how does it allow users to accurately locate the product you want? Behind it has a strong technical support.


background category is relatively stable, can not delete >

just on the line, the amount of goods rarely, no classification. Later, the amount of goods on the 100, began to have a single class of goods, somewhat similar to the current level of industry category.

The most important category in the background of

tree leaves is the category of categories, the tree can’t be divided by categories, any goods must be mounted to the back leaf category.


is currently online commodity number more than 1 billion, how accurate he wants to help users find the commodity? After years of exploration, Taobao through the establishment of a complete set of Category attribute system, finally solves this problem, today we work together with you to talk about Taobao’s Category attribute system.


category has the following characteristics:

today’s Taobao Category attribute system mainly consists of the background, foreground category, category tree tree mount category mapping relationship between management platform in the later category leaves the commodity attribute and category management background template, the overall structure is as follows:

A little bit of history and architecture of

leaves the mount attributes category template, after posting merchandise selection category according to the attribute template, commodity attribute information supplement required, can be successfully uploaded goods.

2003 Taobao


can be seen from the figure, Taobao Category attribute system is one of the very basic data services, businesses in the release of goods on the page and select the background category upload commodity information, the details page crumbs on the way to the user display product belongs to the foreground category, on the search results page allows users according to the selection of the commodity category. Business students can through a management background to manage the mapping relationship between the background before the category and the background category attribute template.

background category for businesses, mainly used for the classification of goods and property management. See the following businesses upload product is the background category, figure:



when the goods 10000, single commodity classification has been unable to meet the demand, began to have multiple classification is a category tree. From the beginning of the 06 year the property, in accordance with the business users can fill in the template attribute attribute according to the attribute selection of goods.



to 08 years, began to separate the front and back categories, users according to the category selection of goods, commodity businesses will be linked to the background category, establish a good mapping between Taiwan before and after the category tree.

The important role of the site map to search engine of Shanghai Dragon

site map, of course, if the search engine can search all of these pages you record that is the best thing, so we need to do some good to optimize the site map of Shanghai dragon phoenix.

Why is

summer, the owners will struggle as soon as possible to find the hearts of the cool land, etc.anyway, today we discuss about the important role of the site map of the search engine of Shanghai dragon.

4, if you link to the site for some reasons such as link failure has been unable to get the original link, you can do to an error page needs at this time, the wrong turn page you can also give full play to your imagination to do more beautiful

6, the indirect help > Search

2, for Google, love like Shanghai search engine to provide a "green channel" can browse the entire site links to make the search engine spiders, can quickly included website main page, for example, the home page, page and page

site map to the search engine of Shanghai dragon so important? Give an inappropriate example, like the search engine is a very hungry man, when he came to a restaurant to eat at this time, his exact food, but in the face of many food, is not in need of a menu to clearly know what I want to eat what? Where "menu" is the site map today we want to explore.

second HTML format than XML Sitemaps little trouble spots. Need webmaster to do a site map page alone, and at the bottom with "site map" of the text, so that the real meaning of "map".

After done so the search engine can clear links to all pages of your site in the Site map

3, if you search for some articles or information users have on your website, you need to have a list of pages or have already checked. If none of these procedures, then you need to do a text link to a page and this page is available to all the contents of the query link in order to tell the user how to find the information they need.

with help

first site map on the XML format to be compared with some simple, you can directly download a software on the Internet and then use the software to generate submitted to the major search engines can.

The specific steps are as follows:

5, this point is very important, you can in the site map text and hyperlinks mentioned you to optimize the main keywords, to help search engines to identify

is now the site map there are two kinds of commonly used format, a XML format, the other is HTML format,

1, we need to introduce a short text for each page links, it can prompt the content of this part is about what the.

The use of the article page optimization website keywords ranking

preferred, anchor text is best not to chain all point to the home page, the anchor text keywords many webmaster friends write with the home page to optimization, in fact I have talked about in the first place in the main chain is a natural grasp of the principle, we do within the chain the purpose is to help users to search. Engine spiders better grab to related content, when the anchor text of the best design and the related classification column page or the content page link, not all point to the home page, so it is easy to optimize cheating.

finally, when you write into the website must pay attention to the long tail word.

first, construction strategy analyzing of the article page in the optimization of the chain. The chain is we must pay attention to the site optimization strategy in the optimization process, the author thinks that the chain is to attract the spider to access for effective channels, increased access to the entrance of the second spider, the chain is to enhance the user viscosity increase user for the relevant article reading to enhance the user experience a force, here the author of their own to the site within the chain and we discuss in detail.

first, we know that with love Shanghai algorithm upgrade and large-scale cheating website Keywords tag keyword stuffing now have almost no set meaning, but some commonly used label content of a website or to be concerned, H1, STRONG and other labels, these labels for the key content of the article in emphasis, to highlight the website the Title is "

how to enhance the user experience of the website to get into high quality?? long tail optimization is undoubtedly a point when we must grasp the details of the creation of the article, the author suggested that before every write an article, we first analyze what is the theme of this article, to provide what is worth the information for the user, combined with the background data analysis tools, through other search keywords expansion and analysis, so that we can stand in a user’s point of view to writing.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er daily will do the work of the present love Shanghai for the user experience requirements continue to improve, I think now we do website optimization can not only rely on the chain optimization for the emperor and content is king strategy, when the author believes that the user experience is the winning era, love in Shanghai in 2013 for his big several times I obviously feel the upgrade algorithm, how the user experience success under the premise, combined with the optimization idea to content with the chain to make optimization work more efficient, good gossip short continued, we enter the theme of today. The use of the article page optimization website keywords ranking.

second, recommended to set Web page tags.

then, for the value of the best original articles indicate the source and the source at the bottom, a lot of friends like collecting or copying others article, it can effectively prevent the problem without copyright after the acquisition website, copyright and appropriate link can derive good website weight.

The reason to search engines on the webmaster subject

traffic rank is the webmaster unremitting pursuit, from the date of establishment, the webmaster was put into search engine optimization, seems to now become owners of the God, love hate, all carefully please. The site is now flooded, everyone in the optimization, the webmaster is not to think about why this is subject to a search engine? The reason, Xiao Bian think to remove those factors of environment do not say, we talk about the reasons of their own, in fact is the webmaster its execution is very short.

optimization is the starting point of this tool is to use a search engine to improve the ranking, so rely on search engines, but only the search engine rankings is the most intuitive, there is a webmaster have yet to find other effective ways to promote. But the ranking does not bring direct profit, to promote the effective use of user is very important. Do not think the execution is to do the chain of writing. Is a website user experience and website culture, Xiao Bian called it the soft power of a website "". For example, public relations ability, customer service quality etc.. The field of electronic business, the most effective psychological trend. The public’s sense of identity is crucial to other users of the guidelines, which also embodies one of the public relations website. We can say that many people are by others.


, luck

search engines to be updated, or policy changes, many owners will not consciously waiting for the examination very upset the search engine on the web, the fundamental reason lies in the personal problem of execution, not in place, not hard, or cheat, work has flaws, only uneasy. The search engines do not respond well, the more you want to please it, the more investment optimization, this cycle will only get into optimized in order to optimize the cycle, the natural site is very easy to fall into a narrow development mode. So the webmaster or checks from the source, each step of the work should be down-to-earth, intense network development situation, any chances are not only to cultivate their own webmaster, strong execution, work can do everything in place on the website of the work have enough confidence, know the search engine will come to patronize, will be less subject to the search engine.

we all know, the search engine ranking update snapshot, there are certain rules, see many new Adsense website haven’t loved Shanghai included, began to blindly increase optimization efforts, can scarcely wait, but on the contrary, psychological dependence on the search engine in the case of a blind hair get out of hand. Even heard of some owners said the whole thing is to write your own search engine watch. If a novice webmaster can search some relevant information, early on the search engine rules and preferences, the details are found clearly, can avoid blind futile behavior. So a webmaster of the executive power is related to the level of the initial positioning station, execution determines your will for you to work to pay as much as

two, the work of the blind

three, narrow the execution of

To fall in love with 6 functions the guards will provide the acceleration Haiyun

4, structured data submitted: ensure the structured data search engine more quickly included in the site.

news, is expected to accelerate the love Haiyun 6 functions, each function completely grasp grass root webmaster psychology, from the collection, the search results show that many functions are from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform, each function is very attractive, the two departments merged with


1, automatic submission: automatic notification of a search engine delete chain chain, avoid love Shanghai to search for expired content.

6, the website automatically notify search engine website, cloud acceleration will automatically notify the search engines, to update the index data.

Lu Songsong

5, the new love Shanghai: new website access cloud acceleration, can quickly obtain love Shanghai grab, included.

2, sitemap automatically submit: ensure the search engine grab more comprehensive, timely, comprehensive, leaving the site quality content.


3, the original search engine protection: to protect your original content, to prevent copycat catch up from behind in search results.

The website to win at the starting line new articles released outside the chain



from the beginning of the second day, as long as the site of the update, and each article released a chain, the chain should cooperate with their own sites have been ranked keywords or long tail keywords, so that we can guarantee to enhance the site’s ranking, this is.

well, then update the kitten today win at the starting line column, this column by Kitty TV sponsored, has the exclusive publishing rights, please continue to focus you buddy cat TV wonderful other reports, here are funny, fun, good information buddies, ahem, do not miss ah! The cat pull a little far, now back to the topic, the cat daily vernacular, go up

the number of the chain do not know too much is too much, chew, line on the website a day is enough, but the chain form is wide, is not much, this problem before the kitten in the article said, do not know the buddy can go to look at. The cat here will not say.

: go to high weight website published outside the chain of

content of the chain must be original, even write a 200, 300 words, also want to write their own original, this should be prepared in advance, in front of the original article on issues that have released the kitten.

two: the chain number

kitten to remind is necessarily high weight, with links to the web site is the best Forum web site, so you can also add a signature, although the signature is less useful, but a chain is also good. To good account in advance, do not go to temporary registration account, so in the account up to spend a long time, the buddy is too The loss outweighs the gain.. In fact, the chain resources is easy to find, as long as they are usually more accumulation, but also in other webmasters or webmaster group (such as the A5 Adsense nets with other Buddy) to discuss the exchange, so the accumulation rate of the chain resources is quite fast, because sharing is the best way to progress, if not important as the chain resources, so new sites can do the seconds or hard to say.

site to the space and basic structure of the database, upload set up, website update released, immediately went to the high weight site outside the chain, or love station, webmaster tools query site information (which is outside the chain of high weight). This step is very important, buddy do not mistake.

Three: the chain

four: follow the chain

fourth website to win at the starting line when it comes to the new station column kitten the preparatory work, regardless of whether you are doing business or personal station station, is to do service or sell products, as long as you do the optimization work cannot do without these kittens. So, in the future how to update the website published outside the chain? This is the cat web site to say the column to win at the starting line.

After the

Common problems updating algorithm and some experience to share the love of Shanghai

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

followed by K home page, this problem is relatively rare, but not, I am a leuconychia station station, just a year old, recently pick up time last Thursday to update the page without K, second days at home without a return to normal, when this is K, the webmaster can the first update, observation of 1-3 days, cause analysis, for example, a recent period of time there is no hanging black chain, website is normal, the chain is recently issued a series of delete and so on! Why not enumerate here!

how to solve the first snapshot stop more and snapshot snapshot for this problem? Our website weight is the weight of high standing, the snapshot day update, but generally is the next day, so the website snapshot, don’t say your site more outstanding, at least a little you have to site is normal! For a snapshot a day web site when we do the optimization more handy, such as: the exchange of Links! To love Shanghai to stop or update snapshot snapshot of this problem, you can go to love Shanghai complaint center, complaints, no accident, second days is a snapshot of

last day Shanghai suddenly appeared short search errors for this problem! Love Shanghai official response is "said the ongoing large-scale promotion and algorithm revision", as a webmaster, especially some small and medium-sized website stationmaster, every adjustment of love Shanghai will bring a series of problems, such as: to us stop, snapshot snapshot, the home page is K,

, thank you! included reducing and so on!We how to solve


station! ! !


finally included reducing the problem, here for example, there are pictures and the truth (see Figure 1, figure 2), I also love Shanghai station April 24th update, included sharply reduce, I took a look at the friend’s station but also some people like me, I didn’t do nothing but update, too a few days back to normal, here to remind you that we encounter this problem, do not think that is what to do with myself and then mad Oh chain chain, usually a day or a few articles updated this problem after a day update dozens, this approach is not good! It is best to observe next, really can not restore it, then adjust the

face these problems? This is to share with you today, I first write soft, birds do not spray

when more than one year of stationmaster, the first time to write text, shortcomings of the exhibitions! Finally offer a sentence to the webmaster friends, love Shanghai to optimize the thought the intervention is relatively large, focus on user experience, user experience well, ranking will go up! You can see the search keywords top of the user experience is very good

301 steering and canonicalization

why do web site to

is a website to all these domain names. As with other company贵族宝贝 domain name, domain name can turn to company贵族宝贝.

301 to

What is

?In addition to the URL


?301 to

wrote a canonicalization, strange company Mr. Liu suggested further discuss the 301 turning / redirect. Here is my understanding of the 301 turn in the application of search engine optimization.

When the

and so on.

301 to

Why do you use


specification introduced in front of the problem, there are many situations need to do turn. For example, for the protection of copyright, a domain name you have different TLD:

(or called the 301 redirect, 301 jump) is when the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another.

page A 301 redirect to page B, the search engine can certainly change the position of "A permanent, or that does not actually exist, the search engine will be the" B as the only valid target. Benefit is the first.

Apr 12th, 2006

« noble baby News – Chairman Schmidt’s visit to the 302 noble baby and URL hijacking » 301. Turn and standardization of

you registered company name or domain name longcompanyname贵族宝贝, but too long, you also registered the domain name for users to remember lcn贵族宝贝, one family domain, another can turn to the main domain name.

site steering method mainly includes: 301 to 302 JavaScript, steering, steering, steering PHP/ASP/CGI, META REFRESH META web page refresh, etc.. 302 to may have problems URL. Other methods are common methods of cheating, certainly not to say that can not be properly used, the method itself is not wrong, but was cheating with more, search engines are very sensitive to these suspicious steering. Why risk it.


other common status code including 200, said everything is normal, can not find the "404, 302 temporary steering, etc..

Case analysis of A5 is how to teach us to reduce website bounce rate


website theme, let the unfamiliar users for the first time with the website


I have been to many previous

forum, found that the contents of the forum is actually very good, but the web page making too gorgeous, a time to let me at a loss, even do not know what is the theme of this forum, I have no help, if not on the same day I quite free, I would choose to shut down the site for the first time, this give us a wake up, no matter what our website construction, should as far as possible will your site’s theme is present in the shortest period of time, such as A5 is the webmaster industry, a web page, can feel a heavy IT atmosphere, the site straight to the point, let the user know the website type.



is a website, especially an information website, direct tool to attract users to let him not to jump out of the website is the website of high quality content, this is the king, after all, people come to your website is to see the learning experience, if there is no electricity to work all is some online casual search can get something, a long time who will come to your website. A5 at this point is very good, basically each column every day there will be 10 articles updated, and the quality is very high, all the latest skills or knowledge, the usability is very strong, not only that, A5 also set up under the daily articles related reading, for Adsense "divergent thinking", learn more relevant knowledge.

A5 as a domestic fire than the head of the forum, forum, collection of information, trading in one, to maximize the service to our webmaster, let us hang grass with free construction site webmaster learn. But the effects of A5 are not limited to this, the website everywhere embodies Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, such as how the layout of web pages, such as how to effectively reduce the site bounce rate, we can learn from the A5 construction at the same time, also some inspiration can be obtained according to the master station, especially after the recent revision of small A5 I feel useful, the greater the viscosity, below I combined with A5 to talk about the specific, A5 is how to teach us to reduce the rate of jump out of the site.

content supplement timely, novel to maximize meet user needs

and sometimes the grassroots webmaster do not know when they need the knowledge of what is set in the column, or is the time not easy to find, this time we can use intelligent search, search keywords they need.

is important A5 navigation column is clear, can generalize the process of establishment of accurate link in the operation, as is the actual operation of the process of experience, Shanghai dragon is our content and the Chain Construction issued notice, it is easy to use, can effectively reduce the user bounce rate.

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After the

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