Month: August 2017

Xiao Fang on the website of the inside pages of Shanghai dragon set

page 1, Shanghai dragon set is the first element of the title, the title is the core of the page, the search engine is a judgment reference standard, related pages so that a large number of repetitive title to the end do not know which is the core of the page search engine, increasing the burden of the search engine, so this time we need to manually modify the title, generally speaking, the title should be unique, while the title must contain keywords (words of this page needs to be optimized including long tail keywords), we can reference the specific wording of webmaster guidelines, Google webmaster guidelines and love Shanghai optimization guide has a detailed description of. read more

Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng positioning diagnosis report

for the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng our common everyone is very clear, and do every day, but we have no concept of a system, a common site location analysis, web page layout analysis, keyword analysis, website code analysis, URL analysis of Web site structure, link structure analysis, content analysis, analysis search engines and snapshot data, external link analysis, keyword ranking and traffic analysis, do these analysis basically can do a very good diagnosis for our website. Analysis of the one point today I want to introduce for everybody is the site of the. read more

Good optimization strategy can make Shanghai dragon Er multiplier

as everyone knows, website optimization is not only the execution of the competition is to optimize personnel, operations director of strategies of the contest, a good strategy is to optimize the website based on good operation, false or incorrect strategy is the result of the entire site to a dead end, for the entire optimization team has the extremely disadvantageous influence, or will the mission of and the company suffered heavy losses. Today the author in his own operating optimization experience to introduce several key points in the construction of the website optimization strategy. read more

Experience of novice webmaster website keywords positioning experience


have some friends positioning keywords not combined with the actual situation, although there are also some above the first consideration, for example, a company in Hangzhou to do a website of its own products, industry is indeed Beijing’s geographical location and vocabulary, their reason is Beijing’s potential customer demand for their products more, the logistics industry has now comparison of development, if necessary, they can send through the logistics. We do not know this product close to the sparse? Life products and their counterparts in Beijing also have the corresponding service. Since the potential customers in Beijing can buy locally? And the company does not consider the purchase process, others give you pay a deposit? Or do you give people the delivery distance of thousands of miles?? do not know, this problem is not resolved how customers worry? Even if we put key words in Beijing area will do. How much of the conversion rate of read more

Keywords the webmaster can not know the ranking algorithm

in mathematics, we learned the merger of similar items in the lexicon database search factors in order to facilitate the user search experience, allowing users to get the information they want in a short period of time, the search engine will automatically be related to the content of information together, when the search to a particular word, we can find in search engine right will be recommended, these are put together, click on the guide to meet the information content of the user experience. What is recommended in the content, such as when we are in search of "apple", can be found in the related recommendation will have Jobs, at the same time because the user search frequency is relatively high, in the search engine. read more

How to make your own website optimization in 2016 Shanghai Dragon technology to keep pace with the t

today is the first working day after the Spring Festival, think of yourself in the optimization work in 2015 visible before the eyes, time goes by, wait for 2016 is coming, as the Shanghai dragon Er whether we are ready for a new challenge, new year this is a popular phrase, to a new the year must have some new changes, Shanghai dragon Er our optimization should be continuous innovation for the new year, so, how we want our Shanghai Dragon technology continue to achieve self transcendence?

first, the optimization of the details of its 2015 Qucuqujing summary. I saw the two station own keywords ranking remained stable in Shanghai love home before three, is a little relieved, so I used this article mainly analyzes the optimization strategy of 2015 today, is also worth to retain, such as the long network of my favorite contributors, the quality of the chain carefully these are to release, I think that we should adhere to, and some outside the chain of low quality, sometimes lazy do false original article, this mode of operation in 2016 really should quit the stage of history, I think it is very important to optimize the summary, open the first day of work we do not rush to the site for optimization. Their ideas comb, find their own optimization problems in the process I think is the key to lay open the optimization work. read more

Web page layout optimization techniques easy to improve the user experience

website is the website to the user’s first impression, the home page layout starting from the theme, navigation, content and other aspects, to love Shanghai below the Wikipedia page for page layout analysis.

homepage layout theme, navigation and content also need to pay attention to the size, web page open speed and Links arrangement etc..

two, website page layout design


with the search engine algorithm constantly changes, what is the best way to website optimization webmaster topic. In fact, many web site optimization means just auxiliary force, really improve the website user experience is the best site to help the long-term stable development. Many factors affect the user experience of web page layout is undoubtedly a very important factor. read more

Yue Huai marketing in the blind in the perceived intentions hidden unique originality

almost all beer manufacturers advertising highlights are highly consistent — only our beer production is "the most pure"

hasn’t finished, Claude · Hopki also found that when the groundwater is pumped out, Xerox production process to these provisions in beer heating of water into steam, and then cooled until freezing – you know, at the time of distillation equipment is very expensive. This process must be repeated three times to remove impurities in the water, to ensure the purity of water used for brewing beer. And the factory every day must be clean distillation equipment two. read more

The third party blog do people say that the chain little two

two, the blog

1, according to the website of F type structure.

a lot of friends directly apply to their blog posts, there is no matter the structure of the blog, this also need to pay attention to their own website, blog, you have to consider the preferences of spiders from various aspects, make perfect structure and increase friendly search engine, the spider crawling frequency more, affect your blog on your website more.

blog style choice needs to match with your center, for example you are doing commentary, the Kawai style > sure read more

Zhong Zhixin do the chain will fall right in Shanghai know love

chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine. I believe all of Shanghai dragon er know the chain weight high website, it is Shanghai dragon Er dream. Keywords sex Shanghai friends should know that "the love of Shanghai knows this stuff weight high terrible, whether in love or Shanghai search engine, Google search, basically is the second. And every minute of a keyword in the first page, beyond many large web sites. Especially in the love of Shanghai search engine, after all, is their own products, give weight is higher. read more

The Taobao product search system category attribute the logic behind the architecture

] Taobao core tip with millions of businesses and more than 1 billion of the number of goods, how does it allow users to accurately locate the product you want? Behind it has a strong technical support.

background category is relatively stable, can not delete >

just on the line, the amount of goods rarely, no classification. Later, the amount of goods on the 100, began to have a single class of goods, somewhat similar to the current level of industry category.

The most important category in the background of read more

The important role of the site map to search engine of Shanghai Dragon

site map, of course, if the search engine can search all of these pages you record that is the best thing, so we need to do some good to optimize the site map of Shanghai dragon phoenix.

Why is

summer, the owners will struggle as soon as possible to find the hearts of the cool land, etc.anyway, today we discuss about the important role of the site map of the search engine of Shanghai dragon.

4, if you link to the site for some reasons such as link failure has been unable to get the original link, you can do to an error page needs at this time, the wrong turn page you can also give full play to your imagination to do more beautiful read more

The use of the article page optimization website keywords ranking

preferred, anchor text is best not to chain all point to the home page, the anchor text keywords many webmaster friends write with the home page to optimization, in fact I have talked about in the first place in the main chain is a natural grasp of the principle, we do within the chain the purpose is to help users to search. Engine spiders better grab to related content, when the anchor text of the best design and the related classification column page or the content page link, not all point to the home page, so it is easy to optimize cheating. read more

The reason to search engines on the webmaster subject

traffic rank is the webmaster unremitting pursuit, from the date of establishment, the webmaster was put into search engine optimization, seems to now become owners of the God, love hate, all carefully please. The site is now flooded, everyone in the optimization, the webmaster is not to think about why this is subject to a search engine? The reason, Xiao Bian think to remove those factors of environment do not say, we talk about the reasons of their own, in fact is the webmaster its execution is very short. read more

To fall in love with 6 functions the guards will provide the acceleration Haiyun

4, structured data submitted: ensure the structured data search engine more quickly included in the site.

news, is expected to accelerate the love Haiyun 6 functions, each function completely grasp grass root webmaster psychology, from the collection, the search results show that many functions are from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform, each function is very attractive, the two departments merged with

1, automatic submission: automatic notification of a search engine delete chain chain, avoid love Shanghai to search for expired content. read more

The website to win at the starting line new articles released outside the chain



from the beginning of the second day, as long as the site of the update, and each article released a chain, the chain should cooperate with their own sites have been ranked keywords or long tail keywords, so that we can guarantee to enhance the site’s ranking, this is.

well, then update the kitten today win at the starting line column, this column by Kitty TV sponsored, has the exclusive publishing rights, please continue to focus you buddy cat TV wonderful other reports, here are funny, fun, good information buddies, ahem, do not miss ah! The cat pull a little far, now back to the topic, the cat daily vernacular, go up read more

Common problems updating algorithm and some experience to share the love of Shanghai

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

followed by K home page, this problem is relatively rare, but not, I am a leuconychia station station, just a year old, recently pick up time last Thursday to update the page without K, second days at home without a return to normal, when this is K, the webmaster can the first update, observation of 1-3 days, cause analysis, for example, a recent period of time there is no hanging black chain, website is normal, the chain is recently issued a series of delete and so on! Why not enumerate here! read more

301 steering and canonicalization

why do web site to

is a website to all these domain names. As with other company贵族宝贝 domain name, domain name can turn to company贵族宝贝.

301 to

What is

?In addition to the URL


?301 to

wrote a canonicalization, strange company Mr. Liu suggested further discuss the 301 turning / redirect. Here is my understanding of the 301 turn in the application of search engine optimization.

When the

and so on.

301 to

Why do you use

company贵族宝贝 read more

Case analysis of A5 is how to teach us to reduce website bounce rate

website theme, let the unfamiliar users for the first time with the website


I have been to many previous

forum, found that the contents of the forum is actually very good, but the web page making too gorgeous, a time to let me at a loss, even do not know what is the theme of this forum, I have no help, if not on the same day I quite free, I would choose to shut down the site for the first time, this give us a wake up, no matter what our website construction, should as far as possible will your site’s theme is present in the shortest period of time, such as A5 is the webmaster industry, a web page, can feel a heavy IT atmosphere, the site straight to the point, let the user know the website type. read more

Pulse to gift nets CPA advertising suspended deliveryThe only CPL advertisers small robot partner

due to advertisers data interface problems, from now on, to gift network CPA advertising suspended.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

After the

welcome the alliance members to launch actively,

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

ask members to change the code in time so as not to influence your profit. Thank you for your cooperation.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256


more League information is available: top.admin5/u

4.MSN Mini blog – let you feel the charm of MSN white-collar signature culture! You can browse the latest and hottest personality signature read more