Month: September 2017

To determine the five skills of the core keywords website

Before the ‘s

check competitor page source file, you can find some clues from the keyword tag, a strong competitor, it often has the keywords to industry to do well researched, to select keywords from the competition perspective, often can let us save a lot of time.


to your colleagues, friends, family members, asking them to search ideas, you can often find a lot of new words, these are not your people in this industry, the thinking is often not fixed so more in line with the general restrictions and fetters, users search habits < /p> read more

How to make the site optimization by suffering into happiness

keyword is divided into two parts and long tail keywords site title. The site title is very important, so the writing of the title of the site and must be finalized and the site contents are closely related, to ensure that the primary key position, at the same time related keywords, but need to pay attention to is not the accumulation of key words. At the same time in the production site, write the web page description and web page keywords, there will be an unexpected effect. Note: most of the current search engine when the read page keyword, read the first paragraph of the text ", most of the search engine is currently not supported" description. read more

On the website of Shanghai dragon four optimization factor is what

1, a long tail keywords bring traffic may not be much, but how many long tail keywords bring traffic, this is the 28 principle.


here on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of four factors: what is

fourth: the construction of the chain

the first targetWhat is the

I think the target keywords it is home to optimize.

second: the long tail keywords

target keywords? We can to understand, the most simple said the site of the primary key, I is the keyword to bring the main flow. These are your keywords ranking in the search engine hope above is the front, do you think your users will search words. read more

The site was linked to horse how to solve

, the initial password is mostly admin. So you got a web application the first thing is to modify the account password". You don’t use the account password in the previous point, in particular. As with letters numbers and symbols. In addition, the best password more than 15. If you use SQL you should use special account password, do not use what admin like, otherwise it is easy to be invaded.

The first step:

program to prevent unknown vulnerabilities, you can delete the background management program in the maintenance of the landing page, the next maintenance by FTP upload. read more

How to make the website data analysis of Shanghai dragon clear

2, analysis of the

spider log, also is the trace spider climb your site left (data), see the spider grab what page, not grasping what page, grab the page so much the same. When you know these data, you have to like the way how to let the spider to access what did not visit the page, how to let the spiders don’t grab the number of the same page too much. The spider grab your page is not necessarily the final number of crawlers, spiders to crawl the page for the analysis, if it is found that the quality of low or repetitive pages may be search engine delete. read more

Men’s brand NOP founder Liu Shuang better than yourselfSesame development projects services transpa

is determined to go up and rally against Jingdong

now, Liu Shuang to "world network business ·, manager" opened.

Liu Shuang said, the purpose of entrepreneurship is simple, this is not what ideal, really not, I am a grassroots. I want to verify this: can I do it myself,

for journalists, Liu Shuang is a complicated interviewee. Ask him the electricity supplier industry, he hesitate to share, encountered the topic of interest is excited; if the former owner of the Jingdong chatted about the topic, he asked if the rumor out of duty; his own story, especially the details of experience and NOP in the past, he did not say killed, and will prevent discrimination you are responding directly to the "what to say", or "say these are read more

Little joke seven elements to write a good title

five, Art beats nature., what does it mean? Is borrowed from the title, play a stick knocked people on the boat effect, write a catchy title, I think we all dream of things. The best can regard him as a network of hot words, it is more cow.

six, a utility, like the same content, title also can’t say just exaggerate, boast, use a lot of exaggeration, this is only in harm yourself, because you lied to the user, when the user enters your website through your title, found with the title did not match the content then, users will feel you deceive him, will give your website a death sentence. read more

Why the new station included unstable

four, Links. Is the most confused when the new station in Links, so must be carefully considered, not the more the better, the quality is really good. If you don’t love love Shanghai station links, so sure that you will be his blacklist. As you have a killer friend, we also dare not close to you.

today said the five points, if you carefully read immediately after action, practice to know this is not the truth. Here again the pseudo original. Many people complain that the pseudo original is not that difficult, I sort out the information is a good pseudo original article, it focuses on personal attitude. read more

n addition to external web site optimization chain to do what is best

from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform announcement we can see that the love of Shanghai is now able to identify quality problems of intelligent site outside the chain, such as some video sites outside the chain, the chain, the chain of SkyDrive group, BBS signature chain have been love Shanghai default to junk the chain, in addition to some portal the soft new chain is also included, therefore now many webmaster said the chain becomes more and more small, but it is not, and can only say we do outside the chain of the road more and more narrow, but the chain did start into the value chain and value outside the chain, so do the chain also need skills, we need to collect resources, rather than do those in the blind to the garbage outside the chain, not only can bring good effect to our website, or even lead us The website implicated. read more

Methods Using SSH to connect the virtual machine network


optimization project >



SSH connection:

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


1. in the LAN of company, set up a virtual machine available IP, network settings and the same host (IP is not the same as other


22 port

virtual machine VirtualBox installed a RedHat Enterprise Edition 6

as host port 22 corresponding to the virtual machine, this time I visit the host of the ip:22, the equivalent of a virtual machine access ip:22

Virtual machine using

the above settings, the virtual machine can access the Internet through the host. However, how to access the host virtual machine read more

break the normal procedure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization thinking inertia force

for the webmaster, understand the relevant knowledge and operation theory of search engine, will be engaged in practical work, this is a practical work, and requires high technology, rather than those of God the temptation of the breaker excited phenomenon, in this dimension, a qualified webmaster have a solid, hard effort, a kind of spirit, is also a kind of artisan spirit, for the webmaster, to strive hard to learn the professional knowledge, but also meticulous study of various algorithms, every detail for the webmaster, in the current competitive environment, all these data will prove to be useful, and very may be very useful, so it is not only as a qualified webmaster, but also cultivate a artisan spirit to all aspects of the site to the extreme is more competitive Competitive power. read more

Shanghai dragon core points in the website optimization below

some time ago I wrote an article in the A5: "Shanghai station network optimization core points of the website in Phoenix (on)", and we talk about the main station of Shanghai dragon core optimization, now again and talk about the core station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. First of all, we know that a site has good rankings, 90% above all by optimizing out; we also know that in Chinese, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is doing the best! However, we should also know that love Shanghai itself is a no original content of the website resources. read more

The domain name renewal puzzle how to make search engines to update to the new domain name

replace the domain name, how to do a good job of optimizing

website tool use premise:

2, before the exchange of a Links, to remind each other to renew the domain name link. May be appropriate to buy the chain, the chain through the website of the early throes.

recently, a friend of consultation of micro enterprises: "the domain name change, found that the search results display or old domain, how to solve this problem?" although the micro enterprises is only a H5 self-service platform, but for this problem, as the micro enterprises steeped in years of Internet circle small or can answer one or two. First, for the domain name replacement, a small part of the answer is to don’t change or not change the domain name. Of course, sometimes, for some reason, must replace the domain name, then replace the domain name to the optimization work. Below, is small to give the recommendations of friends here to share out, hope to have a friend needs help. read more

About the core concepts and keywords choose target keywords and long tail keywords


what is the long tail keywords


is the core keywords, is our website theme most simple words but also search the highest amount of words, such as our website is a service of the Shanghai dragon website, so our core keywords is "Shanghai dragon, website optimization, search engine optimization etc..

what is the core keywords

? What is the

2, every day people search and accurate: because the core keyword is the site of the main word, so our core keywords for the everyday people in the search, and search for many times; if we choose a keyword, then every day no one to search, which you do not go up what did not flow, the significance of read more

Robots txt prepared a little careless poison like minefield deep a

for the most simple example, if you want your a file in the b.html crawl, so how do you write is


Robots.txt open questions written

in Robots.txt written rules, it does not execute tree structure analysis, in other words when writing should not be put on the parent folder, but according to a nearby principle, if we put the parent folder on the front, the spider will think this way is closed, can not access, and our ultimate goal is to visit. As a result, the target and actual is very different. read more

The chain of ups and downs is derived from the search engine data delete

chain is also the life cycle, as a creature, you will die. What was not strange, of course, the answer to everyone, I think we will not buy. Let me tell you about the principle which is how one thing, search engine hardware resources are limited, the entire Internet content days billions of pages in growth. The search engine in order to be able to play effective resources to maximize the effect, of course, will only be included quality content. The search engine to determine the content of "garbage naturally want to delete, delete the contents of the rubbish has two advantages: read more

Shanghai dragon will work every day to do C analysis of Web log

original URL: 贵族宝贝suting52贵族宝贝/445.html please indicate the source

! !

if your website snapshot not update, snapshot back even site is down right, you’ll see the site has not updated regularly to see the site of the original, and what Links problems, in fact, in the love of Shanghai search engine, snapshot back, not more Xindu is normal, and this is not your website and your site exchange links of the problem, it just fell in love with a snapshot of the site to the sea residence or is not put out, you have to do is daily updated original and release the chain. So how to judge your site, this is not your problem? This will see you have observed daily web log: read more

Small and medium sized enterprises do some new website optimization must pay attention to

1, select the server and the domain name

this article is not some basic skills of Shanghai dragon, but some details for the new station operation summary, help in the construction sites and search engine friendly communication, will in order to get a good website just on the line of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix data.

2, enterprise website how to build


although Harbin is to accept new things relatively late in the city, but according to the survey, there have been nearly 2 of the small and medium-sized enterprise customer channel is completely through the network. This kind of low cost, high cost, obvious effect of promotion has been more and more recognized by the small and medium sized enterprises in Harbin. But for the website and website optimization, we may know is not comprehensive. Able to perform wonders (hereinafter referred to as gold) through understanding of the direction of optimizing the website a few companies, everyone seems still in the website optimization method of last era, may also be searched before the Shanghai dragon appeared some wrong Shanghai Longfeng measures. Here we have a few enterprises according to the need to pay attention to the new station. read more

Shanghai dragon should be how to maintain the mentality of feeling from one point 2 22 Shanghai eart

occupation of Shanghai Dragon An article I had written "

you not to make money or in the money station 90% are non majors in college, we have to fight to fight technology in any case but the real play of human capital; money is not to mention. But our personal webmaster success is because we have their incomparable advantages, that is the spirit of perseverance and faith fight to win or die. In my personal webmaster contact now almost half a year, there is no what income, but I still did not stop the pace of progress is because they do not give up the belief. At the same time as the Shanghai dragon Er station every day to face all kinds of small changes, or changes in the ranking, or included reduced, or chain fluctuation. In your chain yesterday also was down to two digits, suddenly see believe the webmaster is at heart a surprised. Before you publish this article in the author has just finished processing the website space, first half hour visit, then is open until now extremely slow. I Chinese mechanical drawing therefore was ranked in the top three decline, almost before, now only to fifth. A few months hard to do because of space issues and ranking is ruined! But as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er every day we have to face these things is out of order, we can not give up so angry, only patience to adapt. read more

Talk about the influence factors of website ranking and processing method

two, frequently modify site title

with the search engine technology is more and more perfect, as Shanghai dragon ER on site optimization is no longer simply send the chain can quickly improve the ranking. But after obtaining good ranking is not to worry about everything, because the search engine algorithm varies from day to day, is constantly changing, today may be your website ranking page, maybe tomorrow will fall out of one hundred outside. But if some of the conventional ranking effect because they do not understand the words, so for your own website dropped like it is impossible to start, as the saying goes, Zhiyizhibi, you can. Then the factors affecting the website ranking is what, and in these cases the webmaster should be how to solve it? Today I talk about common ranking factors and solutions. read more