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Talk about the influence factors of website ranking and processing method

two, frequently modify site title

with the search engine technology is more and more perfect, as Shanghai dragon ER on site optimization is no longer simply send the chain can quickly improve the ranking. But after obtaining good ranking is not to worry about everything, because the search engine algorithm varies from day to day, is constantly changing, today may be your website ranking page, maybe tomorrow will fall out of one hundred outside. But if some of the conventional ranking effect because they do not understand the words, so for your own website dropped like it is impossible to start, as the saying goes, Zhiyizhibi, you can. Then the factors affecting the website ranking is what, and in these cases the webmaster should be how to solve it? Today I talk about common ranking factors and solutions.

modify the site title for each site is experienced, webmasters may modify the title is thought to make it easier for users to live website or make website to get a higher ranking. But the search engine is the most offensive often modify title, because it would allow the search engine to determine the site is not professional, and after each update search engine again to determine the site content and site types of things, and this would make the site back into the review period, natural ranking will plummet. So, to modify the title due to the decline in ranking, I think this is frequent if no ground for blame, modify title >

method: since the server has a problem, then to long-term operation of the website webmaster, must as soon as possible considering the idea of replacing servers. If you wait until the site to consider setting the foundation to replace the server, it is easy to cause the site users stay lost, many web site because the server is not stable and have lost a large number of users so that for example meet the eye everywhere, the server caused by the website ranking drop, the loss of users, the author suggested that shorter than the pain pain, as far as possible to replace the server, with the cut grass root. Of course, select the server should try to choose the authoritative service, good brand servers, thus effectively avoid the server lead to stable position.

web server is carrying all the normal operation of the website, also can say is the key factor of website. If the site as a tree, then the server is the root of the tree, obviously if the root of the tree is damaged, it is doomed the tree’s life has come to an end. Similarly, the web server is not stable or won’t open it, even if you cannot optimize promotion method is advanced, how effective is useless, because the roots have shaken the base, what is the normal operation of the website? And the server is not stable, natural spider crawling will not be the content index smoothly, even can not enter the website how to index content? So that the server is the first factor that influence website ranking.

, a server failure

The website of Shanghai dragon plan four elements

three, what are my competitors

content is relatively simple, and the specific details of the optimization strategy in this paper and no details, write something also may be more cumbersome, so do not explain. Let’s do a website of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, we first consider the main is these. The first A5, please indicate the Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝pengjinjie贵族宝贝/, respect the copyright of

four, how do I get the chain

The !

chain is still part of Shanghai Longfeng indispensable, and love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm upgrade, the correlation of foreign chain has more requirements, so it won the first element of the chain need to think about is whether their website has considerable relevance. Then need to think about the access to the chain. There are many ways to get outside the chain, summed up the Links, bookmarks, blog, forum outside the chain chain, classified catalogue and Manual issued by the chain.

two, my website how to update

the second part of the Internet product comes to the line, so it should at least understand the current industry leading enterprises, even if it has not been involved in Internet marketing, but we must understand its advantages and make the strategy of strengthening, and reference.

on this issue, there are two main thoughts, one is to do what kind of product is an industry which is the two site in what way to show. For example, my blog is the Internet industry in Shanghai Longfeng categories, the presentation is blog.


, I want to build a what kind of website

Shanghai Longfeng operation stage is the first step in Shanghai dragon plan, though the scheme but is more thinking, as is presented in paper or mind is not important. We are in the development of Shanghai dragon scheme need to think about:

because it is Shanghai dragon, so the main competitors should come from the search engines to find, search industry or category keyword, which ranked high flow site is our competitors, especially to observe which on the website which is a more long tail word ranking, the higher website weight the great value of research.

when the first question has an answer, then we must face a website content update, similarly, is to consider two points, one is the content of the website resources come from, is reproduced or original or both, the two is how to update frequency of the site, how many articles published daily.

Why do you want Shanghai Dragon

so we need to study, this study is to summarize in the others based on experience, in order to get their own thinking, own method, it is important to other lottery keywords work so do in the day after. We should learn how to learn, in those places, different people have different ways: many people love bubble forum, the forum above article is not original, reproduced is changed, it is not feasible. We have to work every day after taking some time to learn this knowledge, only to constantly update their knowledge to be able to know the changes in the outside world, which is the practice, practice is the hard truth.

? Of course,

in fact, most of us are the same, in the process of learning Shanghai dragon in particular will find in the learning process in the late, the Shanghai dragon learning a lot is a superficial reform. As I do in the optimization of purchasing lottery system website, I am from how to choose keywords, how to optimize the key, how to do the construction of the lottery website, do internal optimization and so on, these same things can really for my ticket purchasing department optimization site brings substantial breakthrough I? Think we are well aware of these, and not the core of how web site said, how this ranking is really key.

as the initial site construction of the domain name, space server will do a good job, just do not do the initial work, how to improve the ranking of the site later, just as you do not build a house foundation prison, built the house is a piece of paper talk. To when the initial layout of the site will do, will pay attention to the layout of the site spider crawls, must not be able to do a good job of pre delay, otherwise the later found the problem would be late.

we all know these basic knowledge will bring theoretical conditions for our optimization, without a good foundation as a prerequisite, everything is empty, when everything is ready, then purchasing lottery system keywords ranking will rise? The answer is no, because the optimization ranking not so simple.

in fact, we all know that learning is a process of uninterrupted, Shanghai Longfeng is not an exception, then I will talk about the Shanghai dragon every day to do, why to learn, learn how to learn new things, why

promote the keywords ranking the ticket purchasing system is also need to send the chain, it is required that we are on a local website, modest, blog, love Shanghai know, etc. but these things also need to practice, practice is the only standard to check the truth standard.

I hope this article can learn to practice your Shanghai Longfeng, help.

Personal summary of the chain to trick confused webmaster friends

two, hyperlink URL can enhance

ZhengZhan weight

3, Shanghai, Shanghai love know love to a high degree of popular encyclopedia words edit and insert a link, this is a high quality, a popular entry if you write is not much used.

should be noted here is a natural increase, and related industries to the best high website text with links, do not use cluster software, because its principle is to submit multiple Webmaster Platform domain, and these data were collected in Shanghai will only love to cross section time disappears, hair too much, it will be natural in the sudden disappearance of K off.

three, description text links can enhance the weight of keywords

after the exploration of multi form text links can only play a lead spider role, or to promote the role of marketing, and will not increase the weight of the website, such as search Q & A, 58 city, go to the market, video website. Why do you say that? Because these stations are added Nofollow label, love Shanghai included in this article will only put it in the relevant domain, can only enhance its website exposure.

description text links including Links and external hyperlinks, this requires us to put more thought, about how to find high quality outside the chain, here I share:

has been in the online still see there are a lot of friends desperately pursuit of 58 city, search Q & a chain release, or even a hair on the 100, but the time passed, his ranking did not change the Cecil, why? And see the author

, in short, to make the chain is a Kung Fu, is not blind to this, often need to study, the high weight of the link will be a rapid increase in the web site in the search engine of the score, I think this is the chain to the secret of one hundred enemy. This paper first A5. Road sweeper 贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝 original release, please keep the link.


, a pure text site outside the chain can enhance the website weight

1 can use instructions: inurl:bbs keywords forum outside the chain signature post content and related sectors contribute, it is effective to reply (no irrigation)

blog will first raise the head, the best month to send the original post, the weights up we can do the chain, an article a can.

The use of the article page optimization website keywords ranking

preferred, anchor text is best not to chain all point to the home page, the anchor text keywords many webmaster friends write with the home page to optimization, in fact I have talked about in the first place in the main chain is a natural grasp of the principle, we do within the chain the purpose is to help users to search. Engine spiders better grab to related content, when the anchor text of the best design and the related classification column page or the content page link, not all point to the home page, so it is easy to optimize cheating.

finally, when you write into the website must pay attention to the long tail word.

first, construction strategy analyzing of the article page in the optimization of the chain. The chain is we must pay attention to the site optimization strategy in the optimization process, the author thinks that the chain is to attract the spider to access for effective channels, increased access to the entrance of the second spider, the chain is to enhance the user viscosity increase user for the relevant article reading to enhance the user experience a force, here the author of their own to the site within the chain and we discuss in detail.

first, we know that with love Shanghai algorithm upgrade and large-scale cheating website Keywords tag keyword stuffing now have almost no set meaning, but some commonly used label content of a website or to be concerned, H1, STRONG and other labels, these labels for the key content of the article in emphasis, to highlight the website the Title is "

how to enhance the user experience of the website to get into high quality?? long tail optimization is undoubtedly a point when we must grasp the details of the creation of the article, the author suggested that before every write an article, we first analyze what is the theme of this article, to provide what is worth the information for the user, combined with the background data analysis tools, through other search keywords expansion and analysis, so that we can stand in a user’s point of view to writing.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er daily will do the work of the present love Shanghai for the user experience requirements continue to improve, I think now we do website optimization can not only rely on the chain optimization for the emperor and content is king strategy, when the author believes that the user experience is the winning era, love in Shanghai in 2013 for his big several times I obviously feel the upgrade algorithm, how the user experience success under the premise, combined with the optimization idea to content with the chain to make optimization work more efficient, good gossip short continued, we enter the theme of today. The use of the article page optimization website keywords ranking.

second, recommended to set Web page tags.

then, for the value of the best original articles indicate the source and the source at the bottom, a lot of friends like collecting or copying others article, it can effectively prevent the problem without copyright after the acquisition website, copyright and appropriate link can derive good website weight.

The website to win at the starting line new articles released outside the chain



from the beginning of the second day, as long as the site of the update, and each article released a chain, the chain should cooperate with their own sites have been ranked keywords or long tail keywords, so that we can guarantee to enhance the site’s ranking, this is.

well, then update the kitten today win at the starting line column, this column by Kitty TV sponsored, has the exclusive publishing rights, please continue to focus you buddy cat TV wonderful other reports, here are funny, fun, good information buddies, ahem, do not miss ah! The cat pull a little far, now back to the topic, the cat daily vernacular, go up

the number of the chain do not know too much is too much, chew, line on the website a day is enough, but the chain form is wide, is not much, this problem before the kitten in the article said, do not know the buddy can go to look at. The cat here will not say.

: go to high weight website published outside the chain of

content of the chain must be original, even write a 200, 300 words, also want to write their own original, this should be prepared in advance, in front of the original article on issues that have released the kitten.

two: the chain number

kitten to remind is necessarily high weight, with links to the web site is the best Forum web site, so you can also add a signature, although the signature is less useful, but a chain is also good. To good account in advance, do not go to temporary registration account, so in the account up to spend a long time, the buddy is too The loss outweighs the gain.. In fact, the chain resources is easy to find, as long as they are usually more accumulation, but also in other webmasters or webmaster group (such as the A5 Adsense nets with other Buddy) to discuss the exchange, so the accumulation rate of the chain resources is quite fast, because sharing is the best way to progress, if not important as the chain resources, so new sites can do the seconds or hard to say.

site to the space and basic structure of the database, upload set up, website update released, immediately went to the high weight site outside the chain, or love station, webmaster tools query site information (which is outside the chain of high weight). This step is very important, buddy do not mistake.

Three: the chain

four: follow the chain

fourth website to win at the starting line when it comes to the new station column kitten the preparatory work, regardless of whether you are doing business or personal station station, is to do service or sell products, as long as you do the optimization work cannot do without these kittens. So, in the future how to update the website published outside the chain? This is the cat web site to say the column to win at the starting line.

After the

An advertisement for a failed Entrepreneur looking for a new project requires looking at the futureD

as the project advances, our problems are gradually revealed:

, but that didn’t capture the strangest part of the founder

2. front end staff paranoid

at that time, five of them were only 23 years old, even younger. The four person is not born in the United States, three of which were from socialist countries or former socialist countries: Pan Yu from Chinese, Luke · nosek from Poland, Marx · Levchin from Ukraine. Bombs were not made in those countries at that time.


Four of the six founders of

has done two years of project failure, our project is preferential information of digital 3C, I am a 80, a small master; our number 1 is the founder of 90, passion and dream; at the age of eighteen with his dream of a thousand miles north, we find the opening teacher one or two; but at that time, the teacher is open for his innovative workshop busy awfully, it took three minutes to us a. After that, the male one went down to Guangzhou to investigate. After returning, he got a hero’s post, so we came together.


1 maverick personality is driving the company’s progress engine

, the six of us are considered freaks. My first conversation with Luke was about why he wanted to sign up for an experiment in human body freezing that would freeze the body after death and expect future medical advances to bring back the dead. Marx claimed to be stateless and proud of it. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the whole family came to the United States, and his family was in an awkward position. Las · to stop the original Simmons in the park a trailer home, into the Illinois Polytechnic School later. Only to · Huo Wiley has good childhood children in the United States: he is the only PayPal of the Eagle Scout. But Ken’s classmates thought he was crazy to join us, and the salary was only 1/3 of the big bank he hired. So he’s not completely normal.

PayPal made bombs in high school.

from the beginning, our planning and division of labor is very clear, front-end, background, art, database and marketing perform their duties.

1. operating system problem

is based on "from 0 to 1", author Peter, ·, Till, PayPal founder, and Facebook’s first outside investor. Famous Silicon Valley "Paypal Gang" The PayPal Mafia boss, to talk about his entrepreneurial experience of the year, the godfather of entrepreneurs, worth a visit.


WEB prototype came out, we found the problem at this time;



some people are strong, some are weak, others are gifted, others are stupid, but most people are between two extremes. Draw a bell shaped curve see Figure 14-2.

All of the

in front of the school circle is famous expert, but the expert some paranoid, love Linux and Firefox, IE, despise despise Windows; this is a personal standpoint and attitude, I don’t care, but he put the prejudice to the development, so that the consequences of our page is not compatible with IE6!!! See, in 2010, IE in the browser market accounted for more than 40% market share, this is not compatible is not acceptable for any Internet WEB project; then, we began to spend great efforts to compatible, you know, this is not a simple living. What about the beginning?

because many of the founders seem to have extreme qualities, you might guess that the two ends of the graph that show the founder’s attributes will be wider because there are more people at both ends see figure 14-3.

, or we only remember the personal independence of conduct? Or exaggerated the most unique place the founder body? More importantly, founder of body what personal trait is to help them succeed? This chapter will discuss why the people led a personal independence of conduct than the general manager, more powerful, and at the same time the more dangerous.


before you have done WEB project, but really started to do the field of Internet things and is responsible for the operation and maintenance, we have what we experience; project selection is the development of.Net, which will cause the environment we can only choose Windows. Six months later, I found the choice very hard for us. My experience is really not suitable for Windows server, therefore, did not spend less time; when the site after deployment, often need remote maintenance, the early use of remote desktop software, such as what the sunflower, too slow, then changed to Teamviewer, was fairly good; but the overall maintenance time are still waiting interface response; then, we consider the use of pure text interface, but the DOS chicken ribs, poor usability, many functions can be realized; then, we installed Cygwin, a Linux simulation environment in Windows platform software, open SSH, such improvements in the maintenance, but also just solved small part; such as system operation monitoring, WEB monitoring server and database operation, the text support is too small, very uncomfortable; however, compared with other problems, this is a small, Bi It can be done with more maintenance time;

After the

New station and a half months by Baidu collection experience talk about

recently, with interest, I made a very fancy site navigation station, on-line less than half a month, Baidu has been included, it is really exciting. This time I also wonder, not to say that Baidu has not included new? He will this nearly two months of efforts and tortuous experiences and share with you, welcome paizhuan.

two months ago, I also used this domain name, and HAO123 procedures, made a navigation site site, the contents of its own modifications less than 10%. A month later, Baidu’s shadow was not seen.

later, I didn’t like the static program, so I found a dynamic program to change it. Is now the collection site included, traffic exchange, union advertising in one of the web site travel station. Note: This program is how much effort I have to modify, the data are my own one added.

repeat the daily work, add Web site, exchange of friendship, pull Adsense exchange… Although IP is not much, but I also do not restore heart, I plan to use one year to do 10 thousand traffic, I still have confidence.

big medicine in the past more than 2 weeks time, accidentally found that statistics have Baidu bring traffic, carefully check, the key word is: Travel Web site. So the hearts of exultation, not wasted, I wasted time, and finally brought traffic 1, I am also pleased to break the Baidu, not included in the new station myth. (Note: I made a movie station, there are 2-3 months, the program is MAXZ, each data acquisition plug-in, up to now Baidu is not included, do not believe you can change the, IP,

changed the program)

lesson, I think Baidu included the main or original problem.

first, make sure your program is "original", of course, not to promote your own writing a program, of course, they can write their own, with that better, satisfactory. However, more webmaster just use ready-made let flow CMS, then you’ll have to modify, modify, can from navigation, layout, color, layout and other aspects of the modification, don’t and everyone stereotyped. I will not find people, such as in the ADMIN5 forum, I think the general template changes what, as long as 100-500 yuan, ranging from, and finally make good use of their own PHOTOSHOP map, with detailed instructions, so that the art to modify. Remember how Wang Trading Benefits Oh, needless to say, so I said is a lobbyist, anyway my principle is that people can not have the heart, the heart of man is not ah.

second, make sure your content is original". Content of the original, and some of this article is very clear, the title, text, labels and so on, we have to modify themselves, and this I am also learning. When changing, must revolve around the theme to change, revolves around the user may search the title to change. Example: Premier Wen was in tears, and my other stop was on the second page, the last second. I added it myself. I saw the same article at the time. I want to turn around

What are the 5 emerging business models that Americans are now hitting the market

this is a country full of competition, but also a lot of opportunities in the country. The United States, there are 2300 small businesses, will add a total of 54.3 new small businesses every month. So, if your company wants to stand out and succeed, not only a unique value proposition, but also a variety of income streams, as well as adequate, powerful creativity.

The research of network


founded: 2011

From the perspective of

"meal" education platform, teaching experts in any discipline, a class, anyone can participate in this program, only need to pay $20 or $25.

2, Zady

founded: 2013

From the perspective of

Zady is designed to change the way people look at fashion products, especially the fast fashion industry. The founder of the company Soraya  Darabi and Maxine  Bedat very focused

Zhanyi County, Yunnan, December to complete the construction of rural Taobao project

rural electricity supplier has become a new potential project for Rural Entrepreneurship in rural areas, the rise of rural electricity supplier with the effective use of rural resources. Alibaba led by the rural Taobao strategic projects, so that the development of rural agriculture to usher in new changes.

the county through policy guidance, demonstration and guidance, etc. interests to attract, encourage and support all types of employment focus groups. Party and government cadres, institutions play knowledge, expertise and experience advantage, striving to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation leader, all kinds of professional and technical personnel, college graduates and demobilized soldiers to join the wave of entrepreneurship. Departments at all levels of the enterprise as the leading innovation and entrepreneurship, the full support of Qujing power plant, Dongyuan aluminum Yunwei, such as the backbone of enterprise development at the same time, the implementation of cultivating engineering two 100 thousand yuan of micro enterprises, promote the rapid growth of market players.

the county in accordance with the "unlimited entry principle, the relaxation of newly registered enterprises registered places to promote conditions, according to a multi site, cluster registration reform, implementation of business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate of" three in one ", the registration of individual industrial and commercial households and partnerships, owned enterprises without contribution limit, entrepreneurship in the registered capital of 200 thousand yuan less than the actual amount of investment Small and micro businesses to implement the" zero Shoufu "new deal. Implementation of the loan free help fill, entrepreneurship subsidies, social security subsidies, e-commerce sales subsidies and other entrepreneurial support policies and tax incentives.

the county, optimize the environment for innovation, to encourage all types of industrial parks, enterprises and other organizations through building, building, building, building business park and incubator. To accelerate the development of Qujing e-commerce business park, the establishment of Zhanyi County entrepreneurial guidance service center, the establishment of dedicated service area, relying on the entrepreneurial innovation agglomeration, park service window, cultivate 1 – 2 with the characteristics of Zhanyi’s mass business platform, online and offline to create a comprehensive service, to provide low-cost, convenient, full elements of service. Organize the public employment service "into the campus, into the park, into the community" activities, build campus service station, Park Service Center, community service stations employment service platform, according to the needs of different groups, regularly entrepreneurial aspirations of college graduates, rural labor transfer, laid-off workers organized entrepreneurship training, providing employment the entrepreneurship policy advisory services and support efficient, convenient and accurate.