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Your business can succeed Management responsibility is a big problem90 big PK Sohu fast station help


Sohu 2015 "contest new recruit" entrepreneurship competition is sponsored by the Sohu, the national university student entrepreneurship competition, since its inception in November 2014, the whole lasted more than two months. Competitors can 1~3 team, based on Sohu rapid station cloud platform to make their own WAP station and APP, through the actual flow of operations to achieve profit or entrepreneurial goals.

?The problem with

, in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan four division more than 200 college for creative works, through the layers of screening, flow vote competition, regional PK links, finally from the national 5 strong team decided to enter the finals, they are from the Beijing division of Eros, Guangzhou division "AnD", "dormitory to buy" Wuhan division "about tablets", and in Hangzhou the "beauty easy", the product covers the social service, vertical O2O, electricity providers and other community multiple directions.

The problem of

has been more than 100 years since Frederic Taylor published the principles of scientific management in 1911, but there are still some companies sticking to the old management theory.

start-ups are extremely likely to die young. Most entrepreneurs think this kind of thing will not happen to them, but the truth is, according to the Harvard Business School lecturer’s Gauss Shikhar, · Ghosh a recent study, about 75% of start-ups will lose the first battle.

is that the scientific management approach focuses on forecasting, and if you can make predictions in a stable environment, that’s good. Unfortunately, most start-ups today are not operating in a stable environment. These start-ups need to develop new products and introduce new services. What they are taking is an open road of development, and there is no map to guide them.

, fan made the opening speech," he said. "The Sohu has only a year’s history since the team was formed last year. The present day enterprises settled in the number of home in the 500-600 scale, by the end of 2014, there have been more than 10000 site in the station on the Sohu fast operation, including more than 20000 commercial websites and more than 400 community website. Fan Gongchen said that the development of Sohu’s "fast station" was also achieved

competition through entrepreneurship training + entrepreneurship PK match form, the use of fast station platform, help business students understand and master the basic elements of entrepreneurship, cultivate the spirit of innovation, to find business opportunities at the same time, the effective integration of entrepreneurial resources, training and running in the entrepreneurial team.


guests and entrepreneurial team big picture

Eric · Rees Eric Ries, entrepreneur, is also "lean enterprise" The Lean Startup author of the book, he said in a recent interview: "many companies often fail because of such problems, and these problems in my opinion are avoidable."

contest lasted two months, training 200 college students team


Since the start of

"as long as the stability can not be met, then the scientific management theory of the early twentieth Century will not apply to today’s start-ups."." Said Rees. "It is not because the theory itself has any problems, nor does it mean that the people who put forward the theory lack it, just because this theory is not suitable for the world we are full of uncertainties today."."

management responsibility

why should we abandon the scientific management law,

scientific management law is the first theory to introduce scientific thinking into the management process. It is mainly applicable to the manufacturing industry in the early twentieth Century, and can improve its economic efficiency and productivity. The theory focuses on motivating employees through rewards and rewarding activists at work.

Sohu 2015 "contest new recruit" business competition day in Beijing before the curtain falls, 5 teams from Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Guangzhou PK in the final, and ultimately from the Wuhan division of the 90 team "about the defeat of the four road movie" Master title, "dormitory buy" team won the runner up, "the God of love" third.

has been able to drive start-ups to improve productivity and eventually to succeed through efficient resource allocation, and Rees is a top player. Rees and I discussed the challenges facing such a start-up, a huge and often overlooked challenge, namely, the question of managing responsibility.

do that? Research shows that managers’ incompetence and lack of management experience are the two most dangerous signals, and these two scenarios may indicate that your start-up has been in crisis.

, but is that really a good way,

Why does

Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held in the headquarters of the Sohu Sohu media building, capital sonhwa shift starting point fund founding partner Qu Weidong, union Deputy Secretary General of the National University Social Sciences Award marketing organizing committee chairman Zhang Junling, the origin of investment partners king Xiao Ying attended and served as guest awards. Sohu a Sohu group vice president Fan Gongchen, director of the automobile division technology, Li Shaopeng technology center of Sohu media products manager Chen Hao, Sohu media products technology center stand products responsible person Weng Xiaoqi, media products center fast station chief designer Zheng Qingyu.

entrepreneurial high gold content, a number of angel investors pay close attention to

Rees’s research shows that successful start-ups are often four pronged, >

"At the beginning of the

awards guests photo left: Fan Gongchen, Zhang Junling, Qu Weidong, Wang Xiaoying

The remaining king, Taobao shopkeeper share the mental processChinese catering entertainment network

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

I’ll send it back to the customer right away. I’ll change it, and the express charge will come from me. ‘it doesn’t matter,’ she said. ‘it won’t be that troublesome. She and I said "no, if it does not change, how do I see you oh". Later, she told me, the words made her feel that I was treating her in a way that treats my friends, which made her feel very warm.

because the goods are all my own choice, most of the quality can be guaranteed, but sometimes due to negligence, the procurement was not careful, and got defective products. Say, the first time I get defective or store the largest shipments, it is national day, took a group of women, more orders, work during the day, at noon and in the evening packing, morning delivery, the guests get nasty so not every guest check, after receipt of the goods directly play money. Until later, I chatted with the customer once in a while without mentioning that there was a small hole in another dress, and I realized there was a problem.

    catering industry teamed up website marketing analysis of the market:

With the accelerating pace of


the following advice is for the enterprise’s existing works, not on the final works of negation!

Second, the website program can be used easily and dynamic network version to do, or directly to beautify the two procedures, because the current domestic site program of the company, the two is the largest, PowerEasy is a professional website subject, dynamic network is a community forum. The main website architecture can refer to "a net".

actually, I was not particularly to the opening of train, as a result, because when the financial crisis just involved in Taobao industry, only a part-time, after all, a belly to eat. I am directly to their city in the wholesale market to pick goods, mainly that they see the truth, try to grasp the source of the product, but also to avoid buyers return. On the other hand, as the seller, if you don’t know the details of the products, and introduces how to buyers admire? Chaos is not my style, later proved that my choice is right.

as a small shopkeeper in Taobao, have the same feeling and many comrades, now the business is more and more difficult to do, especially from the line of Taobao mall, Taobao has begun to adjust the baby ranking, a lot of things happened, let these small sellers once produced "Tao". One day, a celebrity said, do one thing is very easy, it is difficult to do the same thing every day.

for the seller will want to give the store, but still chose to adhere to. Now, my shop has also adhered to the cold winter, although it can not say that ushered in the spring, but also basically can solve the problem of food and clothing.

in fact, some of my comrades will ask me why I don’t advertise, repeat customers and new customers, but the trick is to treat your customers as a friend. >

for each customer, I did not say, take to sell approach to their inquiries, but often ask customers usually wearing habits, clothing size by reasonable recommendations, most of the time, I recommend the product price is actually more than original customers choose more low, so that customers will say I am "strange", I would like a businessman, and they said, it is not afraid of things that are not satisfied, I find it. The same way, and my customers are basically old customers brought, relatively speaking, or stable.

What is the purpose of moving potatoes

3.15, some surprising things happen this time.

Tudou, the first video sharing site, the first video site to announce business models. A team that dares to eat crabs.

so extraordinary events happened on an extraordinary day.

potatoes moving,

video site since its birth, there is no shortage of ups and downs event. This is the first video site —- Tudou in china.

3.15, Tudou on the home page to "center room relocation expansion" as announced that the whole station shut down a day.

3.16, Tudou new center room has been relocated to complete, the page and content can be accessed, but the upload function has not yet opened.

needs to note that, in December 6, 2007, Tudou’s system announcement: December 7th 4:00 am – 6:30, potatoes Telecom room equipment upgrades……

non regular potatoes,

just four months time to upgrade the computer room again, is the development of potatoes really so fast? During this period, some things need to be reflected.

February 24th, according to informed sources, the State Administration of radio broadcasting to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau issued a "punishment illegal audiovisual services in the Internet Guantingling" rectification notice of shutting down. The circular pointed out, suspicion of pornography and other prohibited broadcast content, and in the video industry "new regulations" after the enactment of this regulation is still inadequate, recently ordered indefinitely shut down for rectification, to watch for.

CCTV announced on February 27th that it will run an Olympic interactive website in collaboration with MySpace China and tudou.

February 28th, according to the Wall Street journal, CCTV announced its collaboration with the social networking site MySpace China and the online video site Tudou to run the Olympic interactive website. Tudou founder Wang Wei said, Tudou and CCTV cooperation is only to CCTV "blog channel" to provide technical support, not to launch related channels.

March 3rd, NetEase technology news, the industry today came news that potato network because of suspected play pornographic information by CCTV suspended cooperation, it is worth noting that this cooperation lasted only a day.

potatoes are great. They’re delicious,

"gun shots, birds" has long become a world class unspoken rules. The crab didn’t eat well, but it became a bird.

3.15 is a busy day for sensitive topics. If the video industry should also join in the fun, then Tudou is undoubtedly the most attention. But for a period of time before the "Regulations" and "rules" promulgated, will inevitably be out of every new year, regulators said that. If the latter is true, then Tudou must be the event

I was last year that grassroots, a webmaster experience

is the last year that I root, yes, last year, just graduated from school, no job, lazy at home every day, in addition to the Internet or the Internet, the game is the forum, is that one day, I began to think, what to do, yes, I want to do what? "/p>

University of clothing design, clothing design, sound how FISHION professional, I was a boy, do not eat every day hanging around the neck of the tape, with a pair of scissors in the name of the cloth back up. So my sophomore started to give up their professional, to self-study website design, and design, but this is my interest, my own, very quickly over the past 2 years, I learned how to build and maintain a simple, high school art painting basis, will be PS, then do the first one your station, now I know, that time can not call site, just a few pages connected, no background, that time may also do not know what the background.

I want to do some of the above, smoke out, I choose to do a web site, not that I have ideas, but in addition to site, I can not think of what can do. I want to do what kind of a website, I love art, good at drawing, then make your own personal homepage? Personal homepage? The meal how come? No, to be able to make money, e-commerce? Well, this money, but what is selling, thinking for hours. Finally, there is no way to get everyone has, everyone will picture station, pictures in addition to a bit of pornographic MM, but also collect some 3D animation data map, foreigners do 3D, really is not the general cowhide. This time with the background, convenient ah, directory would like to change, the content wants to change for, webmaster, I’m a webmaster, and really bring back the site ah.

glad to have 3 days for so long, all in their own look, send a few friends, there are some good play group, is that one person, in a word, I fell to the bottom, a man said, what did you do that? Yes, I do this for what? There is a background site? That I should have a website to look for a job, why do people have the website do not work, you can earn a BMW buy breakfast in addition ah, I stand where the value, in fact no value.

is looking for, see the article, look at the experience, more and more exciting, but more thinking more frustrated, it has been 3 months, what I didn’t do it, great pressure, finally I chose the electronic commerce, what I did not sell it, then I can help the person. For those who have a bottom line to sell, sell a platform for the exchange of ah, this is I now understand, that is blind, made a very simple navigation from easy purchase supply network navigation, let online local publicity do wholesale, let the baby have to sell online the local purchase, then the propaganda is necessary, because I think some people need, even when the statistics are not, no one is to know gratitude, I sent many people, "

On the road do not feel home, distant webmaster to do the ideal of that unique self


" still feels that you are talking about the big truth. Ha ha, there is no maneuverability". A few days ago, a friend of mine told me on QQ.

thank you, my friend. I’ve been thinking about it all these days – in fact, what my friend doesn’t know is that my friends have been criticizing me for being too unrealistic.


everyone love Yunshanwuzhao scenery, but hate Yunshanwuzhao truth

such criticism is not the lack of evidence — take my blog, many articles at first glance, profound view, shocking, so many "cherish chain as gold". Once in the blog, forum text to me outside the chain, introducing; but for a long time, but as this feeling only, and even feel a bit biased, coupled with the lack of practical skills, so more friends far away, this is my blog must face the challenge — say I don’t care if it’s fake.

indeed, only "selling reason has always been dogskin Plaster" without love — especially stressed that "the data speak today. For example, ZAC also said the truth, but he said the truth is through a series of practical skills naturally, his two old book "network marketing code" and "SEO" are outstanding skills in actual combat password and case, not to mention his book "to increase the anti promotion case 101 Methods" link the more can be immediately imitated using techniques that immediately spread on the network.

The successful experience of

that is worthy of my learning, I also have been learning, for example, I have tried to "query Baidu reprint articles such as chain" skills of topics, or consciously combined with some grassroots case of success, the effect is good.

can learn to learn, I have not forgotten is that there are differences between people, I am not ZAC, nor is it anyone else. My blog promotion must be based on their own characteristics, strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and take my own road, to create a unique blog content system, and further to local conditions to form my promotion road. At any time, Handan is must stop – although walk each other really beautiful, too wonderful for words.

therefore, in the face of "all you say is truth" remind, I think I still have to focus on Daily website operation practice and theory study, adhere to their own goals, through unremitting efforts, in the blog marketing as soon as possible to form a unique style of their own unique, really set up on their own network the unique marketing content system, with unique content to speak — with the owners, the needs of the SEOER, the real "truth" in the clear, further to my blog marketing brand ideal, hope that one day, my blog was "Copy Collection of pseudo original", perhaps many webmaster, SEOER (I didn’t see the target user blog) >

Shenyang two business competition successfully ushered in the end of all walks of life

focus on the development of entrepreneurship in the northeast, Shenyang recently held a two entrepreneurial contest finals, indicating that Shenyang has become an important base for the development of entrepreneurship. Shenyang Miyoshi street also provides reliable support for local entrepreneurial projects settled.

"Chinese good project" in Northeast China Venture contest, from the 108 northeastern provinces selected 24 strong, all the way through after ups. The final scene, the 7 China good project was immediately signed investment intentions, signed a total of more than 110 million yuan.


signed by the project responsible person said, the future will project landing Street Street Heping District entrepreneurial innovation "".

It is reported that the event hosted

, a platform, one side of the street, has been officially settled in. This platform brings together all types of business resources, services more than 5000, the future will help "Sanhao Street entrepreneurial innovation" found more "Chinese good project", to provide diversified services for entrepreneurship and innovation projects jointly with the local government, to meet the new needs of entrepreneurship and innovation.

in the recommended

Roley home textile industry in a dazzling star

with the improvement of the quality of life, home textile industry began to receive attention, many families are very picky about the choice of home textiles. Textile industry can be divided into three categories: home textiles, industrial textiles and clothing.

advantage of less than

Luolai published prospectus, the key financial indicators in recent years the company leader in the same industry, has obvious competitive advantage. However, as the saying goes: Every bean has its black., is also the case for the company. Behind the financial indicators beautiful, we can find some problems of the U.S. – China:

first, a transfer of shares by the end of 2006 the company has always been questioned. At that time, the company’s shareholders Gu Qingsheng to 5 million yuan to transfer the price of a stake of up to 38.53%, but in accordance with the value of the net assets at the time, the corresponding value of the pen is $47 million 850 thousand. Transaction prices far below fair value, causing speculation outside.

Location method for women’s wear shop

what are the characteristics of women’s clothing store location? For open shop investors, how to obtain geographical advantages, store traffic and the actual sales volume is large, this is a key location problem. Let us take a look at the women’s clothing store location what skills and methods?

women’s clothing store location must always pay attention to the local urban construction dynamics, the study of the city’s urban development direction and consumer trends, research in the main consumption period, the flow of people and the size of the main street.

women’s clothing store location to pay attention to: stop convenient

a city will be divided into several shopping districts, and the existence of the city center and sub center. In the actual operation, we will face the location of the main road, the main road junction site selection, sub road location, community location, urban and rural areas, such as the location of the site selection. Office workers living in the center of the city, a considerable proportion of the consumer groups, and most of the morning rush to work, work in the afternoon on the back of ample time. Data estimates, within eight hours of the day after 2~3 hours of work, the main street shops along the street there will be a clear stable consumption hump. Therefore, the main road (intersection) site should be combined with the above situation, select the side of the radiation center near the city center (intersection to consider the direction of the two plus), which is conducive to customer stop.

women’s clothing store location two: grab big pinch small

to the intersection of the main road, in order to build the image of the store will be the standard shop signs do better, the image and the chain of high degree of unity. If possible, the main body of the whole building and the color of the curtains fitted into the enterprise VI system in line with the color of the other, far more harmonious and beautiful, can enhance the visual impact. For rent prices lower back street (hutong), community, urban-rural and other location, to close to residential areas, medical institutions as the principle, the closer the better, especially local competitors nearby, who is close to a small step, it may open a big sale.

Open women’s clothing store location note three: MO forget shop

set up shop in large shopping malls, supermarkets, although the rent is not cheap, but with the mall (supermarket) share the huge passenger flow, combined with the sales situation, conform to the mall (supermarket) promotional activities, should be timely adjustment of product structure season, will also become a new profit contribution to the company’s stores.

in addition, in the process of site selection, but also the need for peripheral (values) population density, occupation, family size, household income, consumption expenditure, sex ratio, age structure, population mobility, the total number of stores, consumer preferences, purchasing time and motivation to thoroughly analyze, echoing the layout of the designated area of chain outlets the principle is based on the layout of the city’s business district, a center and >

God fire stone barbecue barbecue restaurant to create a miracle

have you ever seen such a barbecue shop, with a stone barbecue, authentic, healthy and environmentally friendly and delicious, the source of the business is not hot enough, yes, god fire stone barbecue.

do food industry, the most important thing is the taste and health, so as to usher in constant customer. God of fire stone barbecue, using natural stone instead of iron on the barbecue, not only nutrition and health and harmless, more conducive to keep and strengthen the flavor of the dishes, the fire god flag barbecue to taste delicious, full of vigour. Traditional culture to upgrade again, the characteristics of the food in the market to occupy a more favorable position, why not hurry to see.

customer constant

in the current diet, the God of fire and stone barbecue creative use of the unique region of the stone as a medium, providing customers with stone barbecue and other food. In the modern food and beverage industry, the majority of enterprises are pursuing intelligent, modern food cooking model. The God of fire stone barbecue is the opposite, with artless tablets as baking tools, in the visual experience and store atmosphere also brings a unique experience to consumers, has become a major feature of the brand. There are a lot of customers come to the store to eat, just to feel the fun of new stone, stone pot, bring to customers.

god fire stone barbecue featured in the area as a special tool for the production of special products, it is to extract the rich minerals and nutrients, so as to give a higher nutritional quality barbecue. Not only that, God also enhance the nutritional value of fire stone barbecue barbecue recipe to process and the ratio of science, it does not add any food additives, ensure food nutrition is outstanding, become the representative brand health delicacy, welcome customers to continue.

god fire stone barbecue stone will be fun to play to the extreme, to bring you a simple and imaginative visual feast. Yes, here is the stone, stone pot of every hue, looks like nature itself, plain, but have an experienced temporal evolution of hundreds of millions of years of texture and courage. In the face of this exuberant stone barbecue, presumably everyone will feel a bright spot. Such a special device, it will bring a different diet, so that people have a secular life beyond the secular mood, customers continue to business super good.

For many

chowhound, delicacy charm is self-evident, entrepreneurs who want to choose a suitable investment projects is not easy. God fire stone barbecue, customers continue to eat, is not a classic business opportunities can not be missed. A good project for more entrepreneurs usher in wealth hope.