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The domain name renewal puzzle how to make search engines to update to the new domain name

replace the domain name, how to do a good job of optimizing

website tool use premise:

2, before the exchange of a Links, to remind each other to renew the domain name link. May be appropriate to buy the chain, the chain through the website of the early throes.

recently, a friend of consultation of micro enterprises: "the domain name change, found that the search results display or old domain, how to solve this problem?" although the micro enterprises is only a H5 self-service platform, but for this problem, as the micro enterprises steeped in years of Internet circle small or can answer one or two. First, for the domain name replacement, a small part of the answer is to don’t change or not change the domain name. Of course, sometimes, for some reason, must replace the domain name, then replace the domain name to the optimization work. Below, is small to give the recommendations of friends here to share out, hope to have a friend needs help.

website address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/rewrite/index

1, the old domain because the file is not, the 404 error of the emergence of a large number, in order to avoid the loss of the flow with 404 page flow recovery.


two, in the search engine submission of new domain name:

(1) site has completed the revision and set the correct relationship between the 301 jump.

2, if the

3, in order to search.

search engines crawl data, the data will be stored on the server will automatically jump to the new domain, the new domain name only reaches a certain flow may be included. The webmaster can shorten the time to be included in the domain name submitted to the search engine platform (about 15-30 days). Love in Shanghai:

, a new domain name included the premise: setting 301 jump

1, directly to the new domain name and domain name: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/linksubmit/url


three, the content of Construction:

use 301 redirect function the original web page is redirected to the new site. Through this method can inform Google and other search engines: your website has permanently moved.

before the webmaster tools have been submitted by the old domain name, domain names can be replaced in the webmaster tools background.


(2) are new and old website to complete the verification in Shanghai Webmaster Platform.

note: after the new domain name is included, there may be new and old domain name exists in the search results page, and the old domain ranking before. This situation may last up to 1-2 years.

The important role of the site map to search engine of Shanghai Dragon

site map, of course, if the search engine can search all of these pages you record that is the best thing, so we need to do some good to optimize the site map of Shanghai dragon phoenix.

Why is

summer, the owners will struggle as soon as possible to find the hearts of the cool land, etc.anyway, today we discuss about the important role of the site map of the search engine of Shanghai dragon.

4, if you link to the site for some reasons such as link failure has been unable to get the original link, you can do to an error page needs at this time, the wrong turn page you can also give full play to your imagination to do more beautiful

6, the indirect help > Search

2, for Google, love like Shanghai search engine to provide a "green channel" can browse the entire site links to make the search engine spiders, can quickly included website main page, for example, the home page, page and page

site map to the search engine of Shanghai dragon so important? Give an inappropriate example, like the search engine is a very hungry man, when he came to a restaurant to eat at this time, his exact food, but in the face of many food, is not in need of a menu to clearly know what I want to eat what? Where "menu" is the site map today we want to explore.

second HTML format than XML Sitemaps little trouble spots. Need webmaster to do a site map page alone, and at the bottom with "site map" of the text, so that the real meaning of "map".

After done so the search engine can clear links to all pages of your site in the Site map

3, if you search for some articles or information users have on your website, you need to have a list of pages or have already checked. If none of these procedures, then you need to do a text link to a page and this page is available to all the contents of the query link in order to tell the user how to find the information they need.

with help

first site map on the XML format to be compared with some simple, you can directly download a software on the Internet and then use the software to generate submitted to the major search engines can.

The specific steps are as follows:

5, this point is very important, you can in the site map text and hyperlinks mentioned you to optimize the main keywords, to help search engines to identify

is now the site map there are two kinds of commonly used format, a XML format, the other is HTML format,

1, we need to introduce a short text for each page links, it can prompt the content of this part is about what the.

Even the storm rooted in the terminal venture capital write romanceWeChat domain name arbitration Ap

2012, WeChat launched a web version of the interface, has opened two domain name next., and then rejected, to use weixin..

2015, with the full flowering and application of WeChat

WeChat case special and controversial where,

Weixin is a special case, the disputed domain name registration time is 2000, the WeChat Weixin registration time is in 2011, but the disputed domain name registration period change several times, the last change in June 2015, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization rules WIPO Overview 3.7 domain name registration update as new registered domain name in Asia Dispute Resolution Center ruled according to this rule, such disputes of domain name registration time into June 2015.


"Encounter" between

by the end of 1998, an accidental opportunity, even difficult contact with a mobile terminal brand predators, told her about the origin of mobile terminals, development and future trends. Say goodbye to the friends after her long hard on this matter, the research on the mobile terminal, along with the rapid development of the market in China 1999 mobile terminal, she excited – aware of the opportunity to come! So, do not hesitate to quit the enviable bank work, resolutely decisively founded her first company. Chengdu Hua Hui communication equipment Co. Ltd., and agents of the high-end brand Nokia, Motorola mobile phone sales in the provinces of Southwest Chinese, to get involved in the mobile internet terminal industry.

and mobile terminal

this kind of domain name case many complaints, such as Mengniu telunsu of telunsu, for the Alibaba of haitao. In the case of the defendant Wang telunsu in the disputed domain name has been registered as commercial use, and published the "Deluxe" trademark transfer on the web, and Mengniu constitute unfair competition; and in the case of Haitao Alibaba and there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the haitao of the disputed domain name rights, the defendant has no malicious registration and the use of the domain name dispute, the final against the Alibaba.

Abstract: she is not only a successful investor, but also a successful entrepreneur, and a loyal fan of "terminal". Even since the "meet" mobile terminal in 1998, it has forged an indissoluble bond with them. She believes that the future is their own, and has been rooted in the sales and research of mobile terminals and intelligent terminals. Today, she not only created a few of their own companies, but also led the Hongkong TEM Mobile Limited internationalization, and Qualcomm reached a cooperation.





in December 1, 2015, Tencent Inc filed complaint with weixin to the Hongkong Secretariat of the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre, and in January 29, 2016 the Central Committee decided to transfer the domain name to Tencent Inc. February 16, 2016 Beijing Haidian court official said micro-blog, now Beijing is approaching weixin domain name holder Network Technology Co. Ltd. Mr. Lee sued for confirmation and have the right to use the domain name, the Haidian court has accepted the case.

in 2013, for the internationalization of Tencent, spend millions of dollars to buy WeChat English wechat and built a station, the domain name has officially become the WeChat overseas version of the official website, the user can choose the language, such as Japanese and English, but Chinese or simplified jump to weixin..

Nafangwang hearing the reporter had the honor to interview Ms. English together even today, Tina, a native of Szechuan, graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 1990, industrial economy, finance double bachelor, is a Curve Wrecker beauty. After graduation, with the meaning of family, the inauguration of the ICBC Sichuan branch, this period as the bank’s representative, in Chinese liquor industry leading enterprises — Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye winery, after 8 years to assist enterprise restructuring, and in 1998 on the city.


domain name was registered in 00 years, WeChat 11 years came out, 15 years was bought, WeChat four years have gone where

‘s current crisis is a low-key smart terminal, investing in big coffee, TEM, Mobile, Limited, chairman, CFO, Hongkong. Is also a precipitation of wisdom temperament, beauty entrepreneurs, years seems to have accumulated wisdom in her, but forgot to give her age.


then get out of hand, 2001, and the establishment of the Shenzhen Mongolia Bao Industrial Co. Ltd., the investment involved in the design, TCL Mobile Communication Co. Ltd Mongolia bao’ou series product development, construction and is responsible for the nationwide distribution network, 2003 TCL to Mongolia bao’ou series product sales reached 10 billion yuan. After another with Konka, Haier and ZTE and other brands, these brands made part of the product of the total agency, built a nationwide network for mobile internet terminal products, then up to a new level.


with the gradual rise of smart products in the country, in order to have a more comprehensive grasp of intelligent terminal product technology, and even difficult from 2>

Comment on’s comments to some friends

this morning, my friend asked me to read an article,

respond below

, the first member I know, last night I QQ always asked me to help him, because I am in training, so I have no time to say, the first security charge the interests of members, that he sent to the forum, I have time to help him, how I like how he has been say and ask me what is my identity, I wouldn’t say, he just scold me, the people I don’t tube, also do not want to ignore him, and I’m not all services, we will also provide SEO free advice for the owners, but in order to guarantee the rights and interests of member fees, first answer membership fees issue.

second, as for my company, I can responsibly tell you that t-v-b even I had no one to buy, all with their own personal connections and the popularity of the exchange, I also know that the students, from beginning to end, I don’t recommend any students to buy connection.

third, the people who claim to have a lot of traffic station, or your station flow is very large, but it doesn’t prove that your SEO technology is very good, moreover, from beginning to end, this man has released its own station

fourth, who called me SEO technique is very common, then I tell you, SEO is supposed to promote natural optimization, many of the details to determine the final result, you think the accumulation of keywords is SEO technology, if you see it, you can also start teaching, what my level I training students I can prove that

fifth, my station is new, yes, but it doesn’t mean can’t enroll students. The case is here.

sixth, you said my station is because it can be long row up, then I want to ask you, do stand long, many people, why they did not row up?.

the station after its establishment, there have been some friends because they wanted to get my reply in time, but do not want to go to the forum for the huff everywhere to discredit the reputation of the station, I want to tell you that power is here, we can see, by the way, due to the transfer station the server will stop taking t-v-b for a few hours, causing Baiduspider to climb over, the space’s home page, traffic has dropped slightly, but the related keywords still tough to row in the baidu front, in fact, there are some things that you see is.

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Webmaster forced Road, we will go from here

in the Internet era, the rapid development of the stage, there is an industry, we can not forget how much they contribute to the Internet, immeasurable, they are the webmaster. They are also forced to suffer, webmaster countrymen are forced to suffer even forced birth in them to an old station from a new station, from a non-profit station to a month tens of thousands or even hundreds of stations, their effort, did you understand? Busy day and night, till the morning just think of sleep, they also forget the bitter death TOOL tools, or even daily contact. Standing on a hard road, where will we go?.

with the rapid development of smart phones, APP era has come, they are mobile phone gens, we are a computer gens, listening is very different, but the Internet is interconnected. Now the APP era is the stage of development, and not as good as imagined, and even imagine can replace the computer. But in the mobile phone on the one hand, led to many visitors, but give us these Adsense lost many visitors, engaged in the development prospect of APP is great, but we have the bitter webmaster and how do?

, the lazy, opportunistic ones are changing your character,

A lot of

station is the use of black hat SEO way to optimize, for short-term interests, but so what? You do a webmaster hard for such a long time is not to a good time? If you cheat SEO, not seriously to use it’s SEO to make a stand, when your website made up, so we are really able to sleep without any anxiety, in the Internet webmaster in this industry on its feet, rather than to the black hat SEO to be always on tenterhooks every day as afraid of K, here to remind you that one: for in this industry, you don’t have the technology to cheat technology to do white hat SEO


two, those infringing websites, as soon as possible pull as soon as possible,


I am a movie webmaster, of course every day are hard to force optimization website, but I know it is not for a long time is a website, sooner or later will be closed the site, so if some owners have done pretty good website can persist for some time, but remember not to do so big, otherwise Beijing movie network is your fate, we make the movie station belong to the infringement, to think for themselves a good posterior, do not blindly do these infringing sites, can also want to do some regular site. I am also very clear why we do these infringing sites, because these high site traffic, less effort, because it is pure acquisition so everyone in the movie station, but we have ever thought of these competencies are, so for some new movie website, and do not understand the optimization of these movies site owners in bitter forced to withdraw from it, the first is infringement, second is very competitive, there is a suggestion that too lazy people only know to the gathering of people you don’t need to do a movie station, and station >

Rural Entrepreneurship in the initial stage of chaos talk

in the government to encourage the development of rural electricity supplier at the same time, we need to see that there are still many places lack of infrastructure, the lack of reliable platform and other chaos. Rural electricity supplier has not yet led to the development of the existence of hidden dangers, the need for vigilance.

With the increasing of

"I feel fooled. Not long ago to participate in the organization of a company’s electricity supplier training, second days to help register a website, I was paying a fee of $21 thousand. There are hundreds of people, are like me so eager to engage in electricity supplier executives." Liu Shiyong, director of Jingshan rice planting cooperatives Liu Zhen said. In addition, it was also reflected that some of the electricity supplier training just engage in a web page, is not a sales platform, there is no upstream and downstream industry chain.

"some farmers to businesses that have a crape myrtle flowers can open the seven colors, many villagers have also released a message for gospel truth, on the website, many customers buy after the discovery of problems, on the site of complaints." Jiangsu Shuyang County Yan Ji Yan village Party branch secretary Li Yanchun says, this not only affects the buyer, is affecting the farmers groups, or even damage a regional image. Reporters learned that some farmers in order to sell fake products in the short term interest occurs. How to fight online and offline sales of fake products need to attract attention.

Based on

Presentation skills of exhibitors

in today’s society, some exhibition business, the company’s product promotion is very helpful, at the same time, in a lot of places now lost exhibitions will invite some social enterprises to participate in, so how to promote their products in the process to participate in the exhibition of the


enterprises to participate in the exhibition the exhibition is very common, itself is a kind of publicity, to make full use of the exhibition is short and precious time to focus on the campaign, exhibitors must do product introduction:

pictures and the manual: can let visitors further understand the product beyond information display products, in addition, manufacturers can provide video, CD-ROM, single page catalogue, price list of products to the purchaser at the venue, and the distribution of essential enterprise name card. Pay attention to the basic contact elements such as telephone number, address, pager, zip code, address and so on.


"propaganda: exhibitors also participating in, making their own publicity to advertise on the Internet and Web links, improve the visibility of their products, and discusses the technical problems with their customers on the Internet, meet in the talks during the exhibition.

Preparation of

enterprises to participate in the activities of the exhibition, sales promotion is particularly important, especially in today’s society, the exhibition has become an important means of product sales, some enterprises in time to participate in the activities of the exhibition to seize some opportunities like this must be.


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Wuhu Kechuang center was identified as Anhui province Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial bas

now the whole countries are actively promoting entrepreneurship, especially support Small and micro businesses in some social entrepreneurship activities, recently, Anhui Wuhu Branch Center of Anhui province has been identified as Small and micro businesses innovation base.

as Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base, Wuhu innovation center has been uphold "based on the service of the city park, Small and micro businesses innovation" concept, to provide staff training, marketing, management consulting and other business counseling for entrepreneurs and Small and micro businesses; to provide full service in the industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, policy advocacy, information consulting, investment and financing etc..

is now a popular innovation and the pioneering era, in such a new era, entrepreneurial activity in the society as a whole has become very common, at the same time, to create the social nature of the innovation center will also help promote people entrepreneurship.


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How to develop professional shopping guide

bedding stores need to train qualified management personnel, to provide consumers with professional service, so as to improve store profitability. Each shop needs to have professional shopping guide, home textile shop how to train professional sales staff? This is the focus of attention of franchisees. Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help you do a good business.

The expression of

with excellent verbal ability: words are foreign things, is the main way to supply information to communicate feelings, verbal expression is very important for the business, is directly related to the benefits of bedding stores, should speak Mandarin, can not use the service taboo, talk to moderate, should grasp the good mood, affectionate, honest, polite and natural. For people to call for different customers to use properly, not the same polite speech, sensitive grasp.

The surface of

attractive: dress neat, style, beautiful appearance, simple expressions are honest, neither strong nor dull expressionless smile. Elegant natural, not dyed hair, with unkempt face, riotous with colour no nail polish, perfume, not with precious decorations. Makeup is natural, not artificial. A keen sense of observation: Brown salesperson need to "read" the function of the surface after customer identity, for different customers, recommend different bedding, so the turnover rate will be higher.

how to get a good profit? Professional shopping guide is indispensable. About personnel management, each operator needs to learn the skills, so as to improve the quality of service in the store, to attract the attention of consumers. If you have any questions about the above, you can consult more details.

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Sausage workshop first step to success – Investment

now we all know that the food and beverage industry is very competitive, it is very important to want a better business for the choice of a good project. Sausage workshop investment is in progress, if you also want to succeed in business, may wish to consider to join the workshop project considering sausage!

sausage production equipment how much money? Choose only the minimum sausage workshop equipment for thousands of pieces, can let you easy money. The sausage workshop "make and sell" business model, set production and sales as a whole, through the transparent production, on-site sales, shorten the transportation time, excluding the distribution process, the product safety and freshness assurance, let customers buy at ease, eat healthy. Such a good market to make money not far away.

How much is the fee to join

sausage workshop?

As for the

you want to start their own business profitable friend, sausage production equipment how much money? Is your preferred workshop sausage, sausage workshop, is the traditional craft and mechanical production as one of the production system, based on the traditional method of production to maintain the flavor and character, to achieve a high efficiency and reliability of factory production. It is definitely a good choice to join your business to make money.

has something to make money so the choice of the project, to join the sausage workshop project, an open their own sausage workshop stores, no doubt, is a very wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!