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The advertising circle of real classic case enter the novice love Shanghai bid, 6 days 9360 yuan

, April 27, 2012, at 14:33 in the afternoon, in order to verify the accuracy of our online advertising! Experiment, we are to love Shanghai screenshot backstage:

We !Here we use the

he said, directly determines the success or failure of bidding account optimization. If such blind delivery, the results must suffer. Combined with our practical experience, we believe that it is imperative to construct high-quality advertising account! How to build a high-quality advertising account, please refer to the "circle of love of Shanghai advertising bidding from entry to the master (four): the construction of high-quality love Shanghai

object is an experiment to read the oil lines Junior, of course, is also my friend. Well, we started to enter the actual trip!


let’s look at advertising accounts instead of the experimenter, and in the course of the experiment, some of our dialogue. All of the experimental advertising circle that is absolutely true, without any PS components, if we feel that the data error can be checked, because all the data are based on the same project, so we can withstand any scrutiny! Is responsible for the authenticity of the data of the

advertising line on the first day, without any consultation, click rate, click on the high price of




account when advertising just on the line, only to build a series of advertisements. Modify the historical records of the account, we can see the actual situation. In April 28th, most of the new advertising account operation plan and unit. We look after April 28th to adjust the account structure data.


!We give

graphic way in detail.

this article is our advertising circle for a real analytic depth operation novice love Shanghai bidding.

the beginning of the experiment, we can see 51 statistical start time is April 27, 2012 14 points clear, advertising through the audit and on-line time is 14:30.

explain background: we believe that the love for Shanghai understanding of the auction, not only stay in theory, there should be more practical. The most challenging, than to a network of people into the door absolutely ignorant of bidding, and give the advice. This article is an attempt of our advertising circle, we think this article especially confused in Shanghai love in bidding for people, for all the people of

love Shanghai bidding from entry to the master is a three-dimensional interpretation of advertising circle of love for Shanghai. The essence is our experience and summary. This series of articles showing the skills from the shallower to the deeper, love Shanghai bidding for everyone to use the actual way for everyone to step by step to demystify love Shanghai for


Python batch query keywords is the index word


# gets token,

password = ”;

urllib2.install_opener (opener);

# set the username and password of


import cookielib

URL_BAIDU_INDEX = u’贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/’;

URL_BAIDU_TOKEN =’https://passport.baidu贵族宝贝/v2/api/? Getapi& tpl=pp& apiver=v3& class=login’;

# set cookie, where cookiejar is managed automatically, without specifying the

import re

# -*-

opener = urllib2.build_opener (urllib2.HTTPCookieProcessor (CJ));

reqReturn = urllib2.urlopen (URL_BAIDU_INDEX);


tokenReturn = urllib2.urlopen (URL_BAIDU_TOKEN);

import bs4

CJ = cookielib.CookieJar (

URL_BAIDU_LOGIN =’https://passport.baidu贵族宝贝/v2/api/ Login’;

simple query is a keyword index, cannot query index, study time under

matchVal = (u’" token" "

coding: UTF-8 -*-

username = ”;

import urllib2

import urllib

#https://passport.baidu贵族宝贝/v2/api/? Getapi& class=login& tpl=mn& tangram=true can also use this

Why do VCs suddenly favor content marketingYue Lingxiao crazy, Taobao, customer model is very import

is a Taobao. I’ve earned two money, once a friend wants to buy a cell phone, and then he’s looking for it in a Taobao store. I told him I would like to try Taobao, whether it’s true or not, of course, but after he paid it, there was a lot more money in my account. This is the first money. The second sum of money is what I want to say below, and the distortion of Taobao’s customers.

editor’s note: author Jay Acunzo, currently vice president and platform director of NextView Ventures venture capital, worked at HubSpot, Dailybreak, Media and shlf1314.

I’m really wrong.

NextView Ventures is a venture capital organization investing in the seed phase, with investment in the Internet and mobile technology companies. In 2014, NextView Ventures decided to become Boston’s first hired "platform" vice president of venture capital institutions. "Platform" is a vague description of the content, marketing, and many other corporate support projects by investors. facts have proved that the word "marketing" is not high enough in the industry, and it is inconsistent with the need, until now. See the post for more details.

an online shoppers buy something you think is the first search, see how much money ah, there are some security techniques to buy skills ah, ah, now young people to buy things, Taobao, Tesco, Dangdang, pat, what. But I don’t want to buy anything directly from Taobao. I think this is a unrealistic place, especially now some of the novice, in doing now is using templates, and then add products, that is, do rank, post. So what is almost no effect, because this site is more surprising. We don’t need to waste this time, if you do not own the characteristics I think is not live, a lot of people think the promotion of Taobao shop, crown shop set website, I am very optimistic about this one, or that is only a kind of can still exist. Because we all know that the risk of online shopping is more and more big, such as fraud and every day more surprising, so we all want to go to some high credit, many sellers shop to buy things, so it was derived that the crown shop ranked Taobao customer site. I think these stations are still very good flow.

venture capital

trend 1: the success of the early VC owners

The word "

to know if a startup can succeed, so venture capitalists often refer to years of performance rather than just a few quarters when they analyze results. This logic also applies to the investigation of the powder absorption of the blogger

The development trend of

seems overnight that peer firms are hiring jobs such as "platform director" and "content and community marketing executives.". Unconsciously, I found myself in a new hot trend in the venture industry.

off once I was right, but then grew more and more wrong to give up, perhaps I thought OK, I just talk about their own views, today any similarity is purely coincidental. If offended, please forgive me.

finally, NextView found me. I was in HubSpot, the company that was in charge of content marketing, and before that I worked with shlf1314 and the digital media department of a local start-up. They took a fancy to my rich content marketing background, and I saw it as a special case.

in 2015, when it comes to entrepreneurship, another word is bound to appear: content. From big companies to start-ups, everyone in the venture capital industry seems keen on this, from former CEO to professional investors.

suddenly, all of the risk investors seem to find and respond to the same two trends: peer popular blog success; invest in outstanding entrepreneurs in the increasingly fierce competition, most of them in the capital is not sufficient conditions to start the Internet business.

let’s take a look at these two trends.

" means a lot of quick, decisive reactions in the entrepreneurial world, from good without my investors, without today’s me to a little bit more.

It may take years for

how did I know that? Because this new fact is the only reason why I have a job.

About Taobao

Taobao, Taobao should be a very important way to promote, from some people say that after Ali mother get rich, do Taobao customers are roaring waves ah, just go to a site, Taobao custom advertising is everywhere, which is the premise of the Alibaba does not require any costs, and these costs can be that is the fish out of the shop, we should note that the store money is still a prerequisite, that is to sell products, not only to make the store, pay for the lecture. Our webmaster can, sometimes, maybe transfer some money, and they won’t lose anything. This has entered a virtuous circle, of course, as a spectator, I think the biggest gains are Alibaba’s Taobao. Without any money, it got a flood of advertising. But what I want to ask is, how much do you earn for Taobao?

venture capitalists.

sister to buy a birthday gift, a phase called the star light ah what the name of things, is a small tortoise doll can reflect many stars in the sky at night is very beautiful, I am on a whim, the mom in a central desperately to find some businesses, and then sent to their blog., click to buy things, and then collect the point of advertising, this is the last point I want to. Li >

What exactly is SEO For the station novice

when he started thinking about the past is really a bit ridiculous, remember their first real can be called the "web site" is a movie, is a movie the most simple navigation station, just a few pages of content, what is what movie court, was himself assumed. People looking for movies from the Internet will be able to find my website, did not know what is "SEO", then the intention now accurate description should be: want to let others in Baidu search "movie website" when you can find my site! You said I was the movie website funny? A keyword, how widely, for the novice to do this keyword is really the result of course is day dreaming! Ended in failure, this is the first time to fail, but the failure is not really Recognizing the crux of the problem, that is to say, has not yet understood what SEO is all about, simply thinking that the station was not doing well at that time. Then stopped for a period of time, the intermediate intermittent enrich yourself, also contacted a number of so-called SEO things, gradually recognize the point: is just beginning to do keyword selection flow cannot stand, so the amateur also made a stand, is about the beauty of the Lord. Keywords remember choose "beauty knowledge", and "compared to the keyword movie website", the daily traffic is much lower, the competition is relatively less, beginning when the keyword is also ranked in the first page of Baidu, is very happy for a while, but then do not know how to maintain ranking and increase the weight of the website, just copy and paste blindly, ranking natural came down, plus the website does not have profit point, will lose the power station to do so, and a website Yao Fold it,


later, one after another, do a few stations, learning and research of SEO technology and constantly, until today deeply realize that SEO is a big course, is not a short duration of time to master it, in fact, the research is to study the SEO search engine and how to comply with the rules of it, is actually how to do research station the engine can be recognized, my final opinion is: do stand as the person, to really. Simply do not stand to deceive people, to really consider the user experience! Can let users really feel your station brings useful things to him, this is the real SEO! Don’t think SEO is speculative reason. Only truly understand this, you can do a real good! Why can achieve such great success of HAO123, it is the key to the user experience in the first place, is in a convenient user and starting from a website, and do not take into account what SEO ah what ranking, but it is the flow of tumultuous fierce and come, and eventually bring a site navigation time! So here today in my personal experience to tell the station novice: don’t believe SEO must do "good" with my new station! A small station: the most effective weight-loss drug - you you can reference a >

Buying and selling websites in 2010 is not easy

A5 forum as a well-known website Trading Forum, dozens of websites trading every day, the author has also sold six or seven stations in A5 over the past two years, making a profit of more than 20 thousand. But recently the following problems were encountered on the trading site:

, a network has stopped CN domain name domain name transfer, domestic policy changes, in this case, we recommend you choose to register COM, the COM offers 39 yuan / year, compared to the CN domain name preferential 10 yuan, in addition to previously registered CN domain name, suggest that you hold a wait-and-see or give up. Pen station learned from the letter inside the web site, the former upload identity card scanned by the audit passed, you can not transfer.

At present, the domestic

two individual CC domain agents very rogue, I recently traded on the CC domain, the agent didn’t give you out, finally, I am asking about the threat, will give me for the transfer of agents do not turn to the complaint, because I have a lot of websites registered in the agent, the agent can not say this name.

in short, the 2010 trading website is becoming more and more difficult, the domestic Internet policy changes, so many people turn the domain name abroad, and space with domestic, this can be regarded as a wise move. For the CN domain name can not transfer the transfer of the case, I suggest you hold the wait-and-see or give up. This paper by the online part-time webmaster writing are Please indicate the source.

Owners of the XuSanDuo must be GJJ

Gjj is behind the times, in the domestic webmaster circle is also a celebrity, ha ha, we all know.

he worked as a fitter, put off stall, he used to own website and malignancy"…… He has a lot of stories circulated among the stationmaster; he has not received higher education; he is a "grass root"; he uses his actions to prove to people that the truth is that everyone can be a hero on the internet.

impression: last September and GF to GJJ, he has been closed for a long time, do new at home. Now I was in close, the beard is long long, cool, estimate the beard Mingzhi, ha ha.

at that time, his family had several computers working in his bedroom, and his wife helped him input huge amounts of data. He wrote the program. The computer does not shut down for 24 hours. "Often wake up at night,

," gJj said

suddenly came to see if the program was working properly." And he’s basically self-taught. (ha ha, admire!). From then on, I decided to teach myself php. ) the new station of gJj is and

Chinese, about the day he heard so many ancient Chinese culture related knowledge, very surprised, I did not expect him in this period of time, access to a lot of information, now

gJj should have a deep study of Chinese history, history, sub collection and so on. (now, it’s hard for you to put him on the street with him. When he’s a child, he’s connected to the current gJj,

, but only a little, the simplicity and kindness of gJj will not change because of fame and promotion.)

impression two: last December, Liu Junlai, vice president of Google Academy of engineering, Chongqing University, met gJj and had a longer beard, ha ha. At that time, his new station is still under development. In the lecture, Liu Jun, deputy hospital,

mentioned the word "Xixia" (a character that seems to be Chinese, but you do not know it because you don’t know it). GJj immediately from his UMPC (ultra small mobile personal electric

brain, brought up a lot of "Xixia Wen" pictures and related information… Can be seen and know, gJj for the development of new sites, knowledge extends to what extent… And those Xixia

material, I haven’t searched on the internet yet…

impression three: gJj for the integrity of the data, a lot of things are original. "I told my wife to put all Chinese textbooks from elementary school to college into the computer," gJj said." A pile of Chinese books,

all the time

is very hard to input data, Guo Sao very humorous to a sentence, "then you should find a few wives ah" (do not know this is not leaked confidential, gJj don’t scold me, ha ha) perhaps from this

a little bit, you can see how much gJj has spent, and the new site

Seven teach you a deeper understanding of metaphor Internet plus

in recent years, the concept of "Internet plus" speculation in the official media be in full swing, no matter, or major business forum, this concept has appeared. But we really know what is "Internet plus"? I believe most of them are not clear enough, Tencent President Ma Huateng’s seven image metaphor may help us deepen understanding.

Two: "

" metaphor

Four: "connector"

metaphorIn the past a lot of information in

> not open.

Jia small farmers market spectrum

September 17th, Xinhua Xiang Kunlun Sun City, a bright and spacious, clean, warm warm market, the first Xining city government pay the purchase of farmers market – Jia small farmers market officially opened, not only moved in nearly a hundred businesses will no longer suffer from wind and rain, the shopping environment also take on an altogether new aspect. According to reports, Jia small farmers market is the West District, West Street office as one of the key tangible things project, daily vegetables, meat, meat, aquatic products, fruits, fresh and dry and other necessities of life for the surrounding masses, is shouldering the market supply and price stability.

Jia Xiao Road market exit stage

mention Jia small market, many people are familiar with the West district.

in early 2003, West Main Street office in the policy guidance and financial support of higher authorities, invested 150 thousand yuan in Jia Xiaoxiang built covers an area of about 1000 square meters of the community re employment service center, set up 121 re employment service kiosks, nearly 200 more than the employment of laid-off workers, provides a convenient shopping for nearly ten thousand people around the place. This is the prototype of the small market Jia, the original intention of the construction is to solve the problem of laid-off workers.

During the 2008

news, with Xinhua market demolition. The surrounding for people shopping in the market, the West Street office and consultation by the district government approval, the foundation to invest 200 thousand yuan in the Jia Lane Community re employment service center to reform, build a small Jia transitional market, is a small Jia street market. After the construction of the market within the booth 145 (of which: placement of Xinhua Market Street 60 households, the rest are laid-off workers), the market mainly engaged in fruit and vegetables, aquatic products, meat and bean products, the annual volume of more than 800 tons, annual turnover of 5 million yuan.

Jia Xiaolin when the market is completed, the region dirty, chaotic, poor and other issues have been effectively resolved, traffic, environment and public security situation improved significantly. The perfect facilities and scientific management mode in the market are well received by the operators and consumers.

however, Jia Xiaolin although the market in a certain period for the development of the economy and facilitate shopping played a positive role, but with the development of social economy, the drawbacks of road temporary market showed that the wet mud, rain a soil ", has seriously affected the development of the market economy, while the influence of by tradition, some of the operators to obtain greater profits, refused to enter the market to standardize the operation in the important area to occupy the market surrounding the road, corridor and other illegal business. Comparison of operating income in and out of the market;

Continue to increase the intensity of efforts to help strengthen the joint point out of poverty

1 21 July, vice governor, provincial Secretary General Yang Fengchun to the provincial government office linking point helping village, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County mountain township abundant product village poverty alleviation work contact point investigation. Yang Fengchun pointed out that, in accordance with the deployment of the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee and the government work report to determine the task, continue to do a good job helping the joint point of view, and strive to make new contributions to the province’s poverty alleviation and tackling the problem of the thirteen.

in the abundant product village of poor households out of poverty, Yang Fengchun carefully review the information, the precise poverty problem rectification list, and the office of the provincial government in the village cadres, poverty county and village cadres exchange forum. That belongs to the abundant product village, 2016 annual poverty exit of the village, he said, this is mainly due to the unprecedented attention of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the poverty alleviation work, thanks to the provincial government poverty Alleviation Policies and measures of the accurate and effective. At the same time, with the provincial government office solid point of support and support is inseparable from all aspects of.

Yang Fengchun said poverty alleviation is the first livelihood projects to achieve the whole village out of poverty is not easy to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation is more important. The office of the provincial government to continue to carry out joint point of poverty alleviation, solid job residency helping work, to further strengthen cooperation with the local government and relevant aspects of communication and cohesion, the formation of working together, especially in industry, fostering subsequent efforts to education and employment training efforts, and constantly enhance the hematopoietic function and endogenous development momentum. To achieve sustained and stable high quality of poverty, poverty.


Report to the people, will increase the number of live units

The day before the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued notice stressed that the city discipline inspection organs at all levels should be considered early, early convergence, early arrangements, conscientiously sum up the experience of this year, the specific idea and measures of the deployment of the 2014 anti-corruption work, strengthen scientific guidance, targeted and effective. Notification requirements, we must persevere in the implementation of the provisions of the central eight provinces and cities and supporting measures to seriously find the solution to the problem of the existence of the four winds, eradicate the four winds breeding soil. Two to carry out a pair of "comprehensive reporting system, strengthen and improve the control and supervision of the exercise of the power of leading cadres. Three to increase the implementation of the report to the people, the people’s comments live activities to expand the scope of direct broadcast units, prompting government departments and industry units to change the style of work, etc.. The four is to build and open "agriculture websit to protect farmers’ rights. Fifth, continue to deepen the anti-corruption culture "six plus four" activities, and strive to build a number of "Wen has the name of view, in fact, has its distinctive teaching effect," the honest culture demonstration. Six to improve work coordination ability, improve the quality and effectiveness of handling, timely understanding of the problem of leading cadres found signs of verification, admonishing conversation. Seven in the risk warning mechanism, punishment mechanism, the prevention and control measures in place. Eight is sent discipline work committee (monitoring branch) to actively integrate into the division of labor units, active service, strengthen supervision.