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The chain of ups and downs is derived from the search engine data delete

chain is also the life cycle, as a creature, you will die. What was not strange, of course, the answer to everyone, I think we will not buy. Let me tell you about the principle which is how one thing, search engine hardware resources are limited, the entire Internet content days billions of pages in growth. The search engine in order to be able to play effective resources to maximize the effect, of course, will only be included quality content. The search engine to determine the content of "garbage naturally want to delete, delete the contents of the rubbish has two advantages:

Is that


we need to observe the content of what is it? Is actually under the data from the image data we can see that the love of Shanghai included about the word "Shanghai dragon is 64800000. A maximum of one hundred million, if you are interested in observation, can see the data every day, I believe that as long as the search engine update, this value will change. For example, you included the chain rose and rose in the circumstances. I believe that is the search engine under the data also rose, if our website, and set the chain greatly reduced, then you come to observe the data must be reduced. The reason is the search engine.

can provide a storage space for those high quality content, because the search engine hardware resources are limited. I can reduce the computational time, better and faster and more accurate to provide better results. If you think the storage space of search engine in 100 "and 1000", which calculate quickly, which is more accurate, there is no doubt that the 100 page, so the search engine to delete some of the garbage "is very necessary. The chain you lost, a big reason is because you publish web spam is just search engine recognition, and then deleted, finally you outside of the chain is lost, the whole process is almost like.

for everyone to see some of the data here, but also can let you more clearly understand the search engine update, make you more aware of how search engines removed. You look at the picture and the contents of this picture is in the search for the word love Shanghai Shanghai dragon intercepted a picture

before a few day Shanghai big update, many sites included and the chain doubled. But yesterday evening someone in the chat group said the chain down, ask me how this is going, this just rose to chain up, how fast it fell? It is really confused ah, I asked him the rank of the website keywords you have declined? He said it no, it is not affected, the chain fell not worth what get excited over a little thing. But I just don’t trust, I asked the specific is how the matter? I was also to explain the reason, I think everyone has a similar question, today I will for you to uncover the mysterious veil.

In fact, the

Shanghai dragon will work every day to do C analysis of Web log

original URL: 贵族宝贝suting52贵族宝贝/445.html please indicate the source

! !

if your website snapshot not update, snapshot back even site is down right, you’ll see the site has not updated regularly to see the site of the original, and what Links problems, in fact, in the love of Shanghai search engine, snapshot back, not more Xindu is normal, and this is not your website and your site exchange links of the problem, it just fell in love with a snapshot of the site to the sea residence or is not put out, you have to do is daily updated original and release the chain. So how to judge your site, this is not your problem? This will see you have observed daily web log:

analysis of Web log is always the most complete and most accurate, through web logs we can know the search engine spiders crawling on our website and the residence time, and the query website content is to be included in those parts of the website that error information in the spider visit! Well, to understand the observed log benefits, I think you may want to know is how to do log analysis, then analysis of Taizhou now Shanghai dragon to everyone about how to go to the website: website to log log analysis must first obtain the web log, I think there are certainly a lot of people to find their own web log in the web root itself, it is because of you. Do not open access to the web log on the host background function, as long as the host background Open Web access log, then second days in the net Standing under the root directory of a name to find web log log folder. After find web logs, download it to the local, as are the records of the spider crawling log in this state, we may see cannot read, we need to use a tool (light log analysis tools, direct search can be downloaded to love Shanghai!) this tool can help us to quickly analyze web logs, directly to the the conclusion reveals to us, we have to do is to establish a EXCEL table to record the data, the data about long-term record, so we can analyze the spider crawling our website in the long-term trend to know the direction of development of our website

data is always the most direct, the most convincing, do Shanghai dragon should pay attention to the analysis of the data, this should be a Shanghai dragon er the most basic skills. A log table should include the contents of volume, grab grab times, crawl time, don’t repeat grab, single crawler, crawling average amount, the average single crawler crawling time, crawler crawling across the 404 page number! Take time every day to record these data in order to know the development of your site not empty, how do you feel, as Shanghai dragon should learn to speak with the data, because data is more convincing than expected

Teach you play a truly original Shanghai Longfeng paper

when I work in the automotive consulting firm before the company compiled a set of car sales training course. Because at that time the company management are made by people many years of rich experience in sales, so their direct experience for the compilation of the tutorial provides a convenient way. With rich experience in marketing planning and training of the Dragon trainer as a tutorial editor, he compiled a program based on the number of tutorials on the overseas automobile sales training course, and then asked the author to study that some of the money by the company’s overseas translation tutorial translation version (5, 60 thousand words), and its content will be added 7+1 volume in a certain period of time, the total number of up to hundreds of thousands of words of the Chinese version of the car sales training course.

, writing and more practiceThe key of

in accordance with the syllabus. Rich tutorial flesh, the author must be from the library and Internet experience etc. even interview people in multiple ways and channels of mining related sales information for the compilation of tutorials. This is from a few ponder the translation, I know all the sales practices of U.S. auto sales king Jo Gilad, as well as many joe. At that time the network of car sales data is less and less, more is to teach you how to modify what car, car repair, from the sales point of view, familiar with the product is definitely an advantage, so how to deal, the techniques of data is more, but a complete sales process is including pre-sale, sale and customer service, most of the time after the transaction the transaction is started, when the 4S shop has just started not long, the boss is not only for.

company to the new colleagues, the main task now is to send the chain what the boss asked her, but every day of the original 5 articles, although a few days ago, the situation is slightly strange, but it seems that she has started to write a taste of things, believe that as long as the appropriate training, soon you can write to let the boss satisfied Shanghai Longfeng commercial copy.

actually wrote Shanghai dragon commercial copy, or to write and practice more, because in the writing process, your mind will continue to expand, after all, writing is a good way of memory, although some people are better at reading memory or memory is heard, but most of the best memory still, is to strengthen the memory through the written copy, for example we’ve repeatedly write articles, especially classical Chinese, now just a little reading, then it is easy to pass its meaning the reason, even can easily re recite, which is deep memory for you to copy the process, when you write an article, you use both eyes, mind and your heart to memory. If you can, to knock out better than handwritten keyboard, but since most people have the habit of using the keyboard, so this small difference is negligible, but generally speaking, writing again will read a secondary memory beamer deep, silent reading than listening to a secondary memory to deep. The memory range is suitable for most people.

Recently, to obtain information

two, the ability of

Website ranking optimization how to exceed your competitors

website optimization website keywords ranking, so we in the site optimization work when keywords ranking is a focus, a lot of work is carried out in order to website ranking. As a site of Shanghai dragon Er, how to make your website ranking beyond your opponent

ranking analysis, we usually according to the demand of regional keywords to determine, under normal circumstances, we will choose according to the search engine page three competitors to keyword selection, we can love to see the Shanghai index needs larger areas, thereby positioning the region keyword; the needs of keywords, absolute factors before and after the keyword ranking is the needs of the user, when analyzing the demand of the keywords, usually I according to the drop-down box and the bottom of the recommended vocabulary search engine to determine that this is actually the hot keywords; keywords type subdivision, now is not the needs of users, the professional is the best choice for users, so the main business direction the website is essential to your keyword set.

competitors and other marketing counterparts, generally refers to the same industry to provide the same or similar products or services business with you. The rapid development of network, network marketing is destined to become the main trend of sales. The website conversion rate became the focus of the work of each Shanghai dragon Er, the web site in the search engine rankings become essential existence.

The appearance is simple

we want to know, the search engine could make the website into the search results page because the site to meet the needs of users, provide high-quality content, let the user get the structure needed, so that the search engine market share can be improved. We also provide website information is the search engine results competition conditions, the user experience is the key to operation. In the whole process of website operation, according to the existing network data, to determine the needs of the user, thereby positioning the keywords. The difference of plate differentiation and the content of the website is different to local competitors.


second, the core operation website is very important. The fundamental purpose of the website is to improve the conversion rate, so the core work of the site is how to improve the conversion rate.

first, choose keywords positioning. The importance of keywords ranking mainly through to improve site traffic, improve site conversion rate.

website optimization is actually a game, in the changing of the algorithm, as the site of the Shanghai dragon er you must not only adapt to the change of search engines, and more to your competitors compete. That today I Dennis website optimization will come to look at how the wise remark of an experienced person in ranking optimization beyond your competitors in the website.

in the page layout according to the user needs to customized website advantage, like product models, pictures and so on, through the user’s residence time, bounce rate as proof user voting; in the same web content according to the core needs of users, users understand the latest requirements >


The construction site outside chain forum signature

chain is actually a big project, it can become an independent project to perform, it is not only Links so single site outside the chain can include many aspects, from many ways, as listed below:

BBS signature chain


blog space chain

9, RSS submitted to the site outside the chain of


trading forum signature disappeared

we all believe that the quality of the chain chain forum and message board is very low. Although I also agree with this, but I think, not because of their low quality and not for, you outside of the chain should be diversified, can not only survive in the high quality level, after all, the number of high quality is quite limited. While many of the low quality of the chain, together, its strength can not be ignored.

now I every day to stroll around the webmaster forum, there are three reasons: one is that you can understand some of the latest webmaster information; two is the number of web experience can learn from others; the three is to increase post BBS signature chain. If more active, can also bring some traffic to your site.

2, web site directory chain

site outside the chain

3, fanchon bookmarks chain

forum signature is meaningful, so there is a business forum signature transaction. Two years ago, the forum signature trading is very hot, usually a ID thousand posts, signature will be acquired, A5 ID had 5000 posts, signature basically can sell 25 ~35 blocks; thousands of posts, a signature link has been able to sell 50 yuan a month.

signature links can be brought to the site outside the chain, this is an indisputable fact, there are many sources outside the chain of the site, in addition to the exchange with other website Links, send articles in other sites or forums with links, blog, and site navigation station outside the chain of these, almost all the rest. From the forum signature, so that the chain effect signature I think it still has great effect.

encyclopedia editors chain

The construction site of

forum signature trading

now has not found another business forum signature, the reason, I think Links forum signature is different, can hang up regardless of the forum, the signature can not be so, if someone else.

including me, I think the construction we generally only care more about their website content, and ignore the construction of the website chain. We at best is to link with friendship, this is only the chain construction work.

8, message board chain

7, the chain

Do you know how many

1, Links exchange chain

6, knowledge quiz website chain

5, Forum

The annual ranking adjustment of your website is OK


by the end of the Red Sea in the performance of

Baidu is not charity, but also need to make money. As everyone knows Baidu to channel money mainly has two, one is the auction, is a tribute website. Love Shanghai more money by the end of the hub performance, so he put you down the rankings, the stationmaster that call a website no traffic rush ah, how to do? Spend money to do the bidding! Good auction revenue up. Secondly, some sites for love of transgression of money, love Shanghai gave him a very good ranking, now people ranked by you squeeze down, but also tribute love Shanghai? If not pro son, love Shanghai or will protect you.


love Shanghai annual ranking adjustment situation, various situations are also analyzed in the article. Mentioned at the beginning of the pure original site, in a small series of meticulous care.

ranking recovery point the day and await for it!

solution: for this website you can only blame themselves and want to restore the disadvantage of optimization, also need a lot of effort, the first investigation of why K you love Shanghai, is the poor quality, or the site was attacked, or the server is not stable, there is a problem to solve the problem, to maintain good optimization problems one by one investigation. The ranking is still can be restored.

solution: by this reason ranking dropped the result is the core keywords are ranking fell to second, third, but will not fall, there is not much change in the long tail word ranking. Owners do not worry, as long as the regular maintenance is good!

I believe that many webmaster have experienced a similar situation, but what is the reason? What time can I rank back? It is one count:

at the end of 2013, Shanghai began a major adjustment in love once a year, small company’s website also appeared different degree of decline in ranking floating Links website, has been in the red light, the face of the rankings at the end of big adjustment storm, stationmaster friends to your website

to talk about the small series of cases, all ranked a 2 of the weight of the website all fall for the 100, a pile of 1 of the weight of the site have all been K into the slag, of course above sites have obvious optimization problems (content acquisition, long black). Only a normal optimized website (original content, open speed, safety), central keyword ranking are dropped to 2, 3 pages.

One reason:

two: the end of garbage cleaning station

although the love of Shanghai launched a algorithm to promote original, but the role of the chain is still obvious, there is a fish escaped through the seine. The end of the year should also do something, then do not hesitate to refuse station by K, said before a small company of 2 of the weight of the website, the content is completely collected, relying on a strong support for the chain rankings, so the station was K, ranking dropped to 2, not 3 pages. But dropped to 100 after endless. Have a website is always being attacked, a long time has been judged as love Shanghai garbage station swept up 100 after.

The station optimization quangonglve English station


two: search engine noble baby




2. link

first, the website domain name contains the home page keywords, keyword distribution to various places in the home. Of course, the key words to rich and colorful, long tail keywords and keyword collocation to use keywords in title, the best around 3 at the end, plus your website features, such as: free shipping, discount or verb fans want to promote their brand directly with domain name, description also appeared in several key words; then home. New product navigation bar, sidebar also add keywords to increase its density, but also can reduce the user experience, the key control in about 6%; and finally to the rest of the inside pages of the key word set, page keyword set within the content of the page title, the content of the keyword that label setting, as keyword may appear in the link, the model of the product name or picture can also use the keyword name, baby pictures included nobles will bring traffic. Keywords general page for the long tail, so as to compression, short and strong, at a glance. Of course, the inside pages of the title can be set to the long tail keywords + main keywords or keyword column, so clear, but to control the words.

we can’t use our aesthetic point of view the problem, we not only foreigners and geographical differences, and their customs are different with us.

content of the original but also original but no ground for blame, ah, remember we have cultural differences and foreigners to learn English? We cannot guarantee the user experience, the author believes that in writing original article, should be the first to learn authentic English, so we English combined, otherwise it may be made. Needless to say, the customer orders. If the new station may also fall into the sandbox, then calm, updated every day, a month after the estimate can out of the sandbox.

optimization of the station is to please English noble baby, optimization of this highlights some of the details of the next station.

website no dead link, which is the most basic, the anchor text here under the website page, the anchor text should be diversified, not only the chain to the home page, don’t give up other pages in order to enhance weight home page and a link to a site should be connected, so as to improve the user experience, and can to meet the requirements of the spider, Why not?. As for Links, the correlation was ranked in the first place, followed by the basic daily check of a website chain. So basically you can.

how to optimize the English station? I think to do English station optimization, at least should clarify two questions.


problem: English station consumer groups

Help others shout, Taobao guest, rather than open Taobao storeHuang Hua the employees are CEO

preparation 2: Decoration website

preparation 1: sourcing sourcing

this is the first webmaster web site

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

preparation 3: release merchandise

open the website Taobao compared to passengers, may be a little hard, but the money will be 1 times before you do Taobao off above, because the same goods sold after all you earn 100% Taobao customer can only earn 30 – 50%, you say this is not a long-term need also! Adhere to the open shop, not because the impulse will be anything to think twice. Well, the night is deep, the article is here, good night.

the past two years Taobao customer has been one of the many webmaster keen a Wangzhuan project, but because sh419 earlier strong K Taobao off the relevant website and Taobao customer market has become saturated situation, if you still join millions of Taobao customers that would force said "pear" great. Instead of yelling for others, Taobao is better off selling Taobao products. What do we need to do before setting up the shop? Today, the fish will explain what we need to do before we open the shop. OK, don’t talk nonsense, see the text directly,

an attractive Taobao shop always gives buyers a good impression, giving your store a lot of extra points. But because many sellers are still new, so the decoration for decoration site will definitely be utterly ignorant of many difficult, in fact we can spend a little money to find professional generation decoration, so that we can save a lot of trouble.

looking for goods for the shop is a crucial step, a good source of goods can determine your online shop performance. So here I suggest that you do not go to sell what taobao recently selling things, not because of what good goods to sell it, but to do what, tailored, familiar what sell what is best suited to their own, so we will make many detours. That supply where to find it, we can go to sh419 source network, such sites more information sources, and more comprehensive, the above can definitely find their own source of goods.

for the supply of release should be done or Taobao Wangzhuan guest friends are familiar with it, so here I will not say. Here mainly about commodity release skills, "what? Released the goods as well as skills?" on the release of goods actually inside a knowledge, a lot of time is the name of an item will affect your sales, so at the time of release of goods name must be written clearly, in addition to highlight such as: post, 100% genuine, fake a lose ten of this kind of words, these words can increase the confidence of buyers of your goods so as to have the desire to buy. In addition, the introduction of the product is also very important, and this is not much to say here.

as a manager, you are often encountered, and they feel good employees suddenly leave the situation?. When you ask them why they quit, their answer is basically the same: or the salary is too low, or that you want to have a bigger space to play. Faced with such complaints, managers are also very helpless, because in fact, the wages paid from the industry level is not low, and you feel that they have given them room to play.

that the main problem lies in what place? In fact, in the author’s view, often they have no empathy, if the staff as CEO, or employees regard themselves as CEO, what will change?.

if the staff as CEO, managers will be able to realize, not to please employees because there is a need to fill his position, but a continuous change and innovation of enterprises especially service enterprises. But most of the managers are not hiring an ordinary staff recruitment as a CEO occupation, disciplined and well full confidence and authority of psychological preparation, purely because it is just such a gap, at the same time there is such an expenditure, and there is such a clear job responsibility. The result is: first of all the staff recruitment standard of strong colors, just do their job regardless of team cooperation; secondly, the staff always feel if their full pay will return for enterprises and is not proportional, so they think that only pay the corresponding wages and effort. This is what we used to say about lack of master spirit.

typical case and, as the world’s largest web search service provider shlf1314, is to encourage employees to free Entrepreneurship in fact is a kind of spirit of CEO, just don’t call. In early April this year, the company launched four

At A5, listen to Cai Wensheng, talk about the future of the Internet

fourth Xuzhou Internet webmaster invited Cai Wensheng to attend the meeting, before the start of the meeting, graph king invited Cai Wensheng to the A5 station network to give you a short speech, let me see the legend of the angels and the domain name king. Although it was a short meeting, I was impressed by Cai Wensheng’s brief speech.

1 is the golden age of the Internet in the next 3-5 years.

worthy of the Internet’s eldest brother, Cai’s speech is simple and profound, can inspire some people. He predicted that the next 10 to 20 years of the Internet is still a sunrise industry, the next 3-5 years is the golden age of the internet. Encourage the webmaster to at the end of the golden age of staking, occupy a space for one person, the future of the Internet may be "secure". This sentence of the future of the network, more confidence in the confidence of the webmaster.

2, traditional industries and e-commerce complement each other.

Cai Wensheng said that the traditional industries operating well in reality, in the electronic commerce online but not necessarily the case, the traditional industry is often difficult in developing the internet. Because in reality, do well, must have been running with reality very tacit understanding, but the network has not yet found the point, it is difficult to develop natural. In reality, the more difficult to develop the industry, can only find a breakthrough in the network, there is no traditional development, and naturally able to release.

as the history book says, the feudal society can not transfer to the capitalist society, because the feudal society is too strong, so the feudal society after the demise can only transition to a socialist society. Just like in the network such as owners, may be influential man, in reality is a dull person. Don’t lose heart at the site where you are running an unpopular industry. This is your chance. If your website industry is hard to develop in tradition, the network will provide you with channels and possibilities for development.

3 local community website and e-commerce combination.

Internet will be toward more specialized, localized direction of development, this is everyone’s consensus. Local community websites have absolute geographical advantages, which is the key to the success of e-commerce. Cai Wensheng, for example, Dangdang financing billion, still in the annual loss performance ended, a large part of the reason is that the logistics link can not keep up, leading to overall revenue is not optimistic. The combination of local websites and e-commerce has absolute geographical advantages, and there is no logistics problem. Cai Wensheng said that the key to e-commerce is the logistics and distribution issues, as long as the logistics done well, the combination of local websites and e-commerce will be the future trend of development.

in many industries, the Internet is not the most easy to develop, nor is it the most difficult to develop, the webmaster who chose this industry should be confident of the network, and stick to it. The Internet is a sunrise industry, at this time can be integrated into the market opportunities, as Cai Wensheng said, as long as the golden age of the Internet, you circle to the "land", and the future you will >

Primary school students get a month of winter job does not touch the computer

now bow family can be seen everywhere, and a younger trend. Recently, a primary school students received a wonderful winter vacation homework, the teacher asked the students not to touch the phone for a month, causing hot friends.

22 on the day of the winter vacation, 8 year old Zhao Yimei was pulled out of a winter vacation homework to cry. Job title: if there is no mobile device. The main tasks are: adhere to a month’s time do not play video games, do not touch the phone and computer, reading, sports, and students interact with each other to replace online games and internet.

"Mom, this I certainly couldn’t finish the homework!" Zhao Mei is sad and crying. Dad, mom, and I think this problem is very difficult, it is almost impossible for adults.

Why it is hard for her to

see this question, Zhao Yimei I feel I am not myself. In the afternoon, she didn’t think about it carefully, but before she went to bed at night, she cried sadly. As a squad leader, she has always been strict with themselves, would like to complete this winter vacation homework, but she also knows that it is too difficult to complete, which makes her heart is suffering.

"this winter vacation work, for now the child, it is very difficult to do." That night, saw her daughter could not stop the tears, his father issued a sigh in the circle of friends.