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Tuiyou network essay analysis of influence of web directory on the website of Shanghai Dragon

The chain of

generally do a good website directory is to take manual review of the system, such as the DMOZ catalogue, common YAHOO catalogue, coodir category and Tuiyou categories, and these categories are clearly defined, such as love is Google included on the sea

a lot of people may think that the chain is the more the better, of course, this is indeed a hand, and we also need to pay attention to the chain exposure, meaning that the chain can’t our limitations in several major platforms, such as you always go to the chain of words in the A5 Forum, the forum of stationmaster forum, Shanghai dragon the mainstream webmaster forum, short term may have a certain effect, but the effect is not so much, because the chain is too limited, and once in these forums ID is blocked, so the chain loss is great, so we need to pay attention to the chain widely degree, that is to think of a way to let us the link appears on more sites, but also try not to appear in the garbage site. So the website directory is worth us to do outside the chain, after delivery in addition to bringing the URL, but also bring a text link, but also generated a separate page for the search engines, once our website appeared in the high weight on the page, then the search engine weights we link will also improve.


perhaps at that time to promote the main purpose is to improve visibility and bring traffic, there are other aspects will also benefit, that is Shanghai Longfeng levels below the usual practice and through personal observation and understanding of the knowledge, the impact on the site directory of Shanghai said the dragon.

1, outside the chain of high quality.

for we do it in addition to the site itself, Shanghai Longfeng content and layout of the details, the chain is also an important aspect, so many people are trying to do the chain, what will spend money to buy the chain, but the vast majority of people choose to hand free to do outside the chain, outside common blog, forum, Post Bar platform, there are a lot of friends in the site directory of Shanghai dragon attention to this kind of site, because this station is generally higher weight, more active, large amount of updates, once our website appeared in this website, it will bring a high quality of the chain.

3, the hard work is usually a good chain.

before opening, first to understand the definition of Web site directory, we often refer to the web site directory, the website on the Internet website information collected together, according to different classification, subject, put in the appropriate directory. Famous DMOZ catalogue, YAHOO directory, before these platforms are free webmaster website promotion platform, because in addition to visit these sites can improve the popularity of the website, also can bring flow, what is important is that this promotion is free.

2, enhance the

301 steering and canonicalization

why do web site to

is a website to all these domain names. As with other company贵族宝贝 domain name, domain name can turn to company贵族宝贝.

301 to

What is

?In addition to the URL


?301 to

wrote a canonicalization, strange company Mr. Liu suggested further discuss the 301 turning / redirect. Here is my understanding of the 301 turn in the application of search engine optimization.

When the

and so on.

301 to

Why do you use


specification introduced in front of the problem, there are many situations need to do turn. For example, for the protection of copyright, a domain name you have different TLD:

(or called the 301 redirect, 301 jump) is when the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another.

page A 301 redirect to page B, the search engine can certainly change the position of "A permanent, or that does not actually exist, the search engine will be the" B as the only valid target. Benefit is the first.

Apr 12th, 2006

« noble baby News – Chairman Schmidt’s visit to the 302 noble baby and URL hijacking » 301. Turn and standardization of

you registered company name or domain name longcompanyname贵族宝贝, but too long, you also registered the domain name for users to remember lcn贵族宝贝, one family domain, another can turn to the main domain name.

site steering method mainly includes: 301 to 302 JavaScript, steering, steering, steering PHP/ASP/CGI, META REFRESH META web page refresh, etc.. 302 to may have problems URL. Other methods are common methods of cheating, certainly not to say that can not be properly used, the method itself is not wrong, but was cheating with more, search engines are very sensitive to these suspicious steering. Why risk it.


other common status code including 200, said everything is normal, can not find the "404, 302 temporary steering, etc..

Put Ali mom advertising after Baidu drop right, how to deal with

network has always been a legend: Ali mother since and Baidu carried, Baidu put alimama advertising sites are not like, and even give down power. Sounds like a cheap Baidu. It doesn’t seem like what a big Baidu company can do. So I never believed it.

when my new station IP do 1000 or so, greed, I was lucky to hang on Ali mother’s advertising, but also text advertising. April 11th morning put, and my main keywords in Baidu has been ranked second, although "hundred Forum Download" the word is not very popular, probably about 800 of the ip. Noon did not access the Internet, 6 in the afternoon to check, the first 10 pages incredibly did not stand the shadow of my station, but included are very normal (even in the next few days, snapshots are also very fast, included is steadily increasing). Surprised, I immediately realized that it was alimama’s fault and the first time I had to take it away. But IP was only 200 on that day. Over the next few days, I worked harder to update the content and change the title of the website (minor changes). 3 days later, my home with WWW still in the first 10 pages are not accidental, but is not with the WWW home page in the same "Lecture Room download" keyword ranking to the first page, but only to sixth.

this is very worthy of our consideration, because consent is a home, why Baidu is only for application of the mom is down right, but not www not be down right? So I completely believe the "Ali mother threat" as can be imagined IP every day dropped, as now not to 1000IP, but because of Web site to do even the adjustment of the number of PV very satisfied, that is to enhance the user viscosity. This is very gratifying. From the first point was down right, although not reach the IP number before, but almost every day in the increase of about 100IP, although the top of the relevant keywords ranking did not upgrade, but also listen to relief.

may continue to develop, I will not care about keywords ranking, and concentrate on content, but still want to warn you carefully use Ali mother advertising. If the misfortune has been dropped, ignore him and continue to do what you share. One day you can succeed,


interested friends can go to my forum to look at a hundred stations, the following statistical information, you can look at these days of statistical information, I hope it can be useful to you.

Some reflections on the New Media Summit

today is June 27th, I attended the community + New Media Summit sponsored by micro media alliance, speed network and technology temple, located in Futian sports park’s new media advertising industry park.

this activity is 100 yuan a person’s ticket, of course you can use this form to set like 100 free tickets, I also participated in various activities, but are free of charge or public interest, it is to experience the effect of pay.


originally, this activity is not my newspaper, because a few days ago I see there are places for the above activities, I think as long as before the registration in 1 days, it should be too late! But it turns out to be wrong.


1 days before I go to see, has become a gray button, can not sign up, I want to go to, how does that do? Then I found the activities responsible person Xia Xiaoshuai, WeChat communication about this through the heart, was happy, so after you see what interests you must seize the opportunity to do, don’t wait.

, let me talk about this conference. I don’t think it’s a good experience. I believe the people who went to the scene knew the problem. There was no wheat and no stereo. Of course, later, the relevant responsible personnel also feel sorry, this is a little accident, it can also be understood. Personal estimate is not fully prepared, resulting in the scene without wheat and audio.

but then share the guests to share is awesome, interactive to the following people sometimes ask from time to time, sit below the person can hear? Because when the venue is still relatively spacious, at least 200 people, scattered all sit, sit on the edge of the speaker if people do not listen to to call you, so come and sit closer to the middle, it is doing very good.

today’s activities on the whole or more awesome, organizers invited some heavyweight guests to do something to share, mainly Shenzhen local side, like Shenzhen tide life activities, Uber, Shenzhen Wu Xiaobo book club and other related new media operators responsible for people to come, especially like Shenzhen tide of life, known as Uber size and brand, I believe many people know or heard.

today is the theme of "community + new media", the operation of people which will bring dry cargo share? Because we share together is very long, so I have to comb, put some emphasis to share to everyone.

, the first guest to participate in the event, is the editor of Shenzhen tide life, and he is the person who lives in Shenzhen for a long time. The main thing is to do some local beer and skittles, to provide a guide to life. Listen to the help card, they are now in Shenzhen, nearly 780 thousand of readers, this amount is still very large, >

How can a poor man become a $1 million developer

success in fact everyone in the side, to see if you are good at finding the eyes. James  Altucher is an investor, programmer, entrepreneur, he recently interviewed the founder of Braintree Bryan, showing us a poor story into a $1 million developer story.

Braintree is an online and mobile platform has the force of online payment gateway providers, known as PayPal’s new rival. Recently, I called it’s founder, his name is Bryan. You may not have heard of this name, but you must have heard it in the credit card transaction and the mobile payment Client Name: Rovio/  Angry  Birds, Uber, 37signals, OpenTable, Fab, GitHub, Airbnb, Shopify, HotelTonight etc..

2007 was Sears’s manager at the time of Bryan, but he quit to start his own startup. He said "I don’t really love the job, never try to get a fixed salary, in credit card processing programs before I work as a salesperson, where I met a lot of restaurants and retailers to turn them into the business of the company,   soon after, I think I can do it yourself, rather than working for another company."  , and in two years I finally made 1 million, and the last two years I have learned is the following 7 points.

1.  let the middleman out

After the resignation of

Give up the high paid fishing venture securities white-collar alternative entrepreneurial story

believe that we are not unfamiliar with the securities companies, which is a "iron rice bowl", but also a high paying career. But a white-collar securities has to in the city of Sansha fishing business, and decisively to give up the good work, from the beginning of their fishing life.

2006, securities Chen Xu working in many places to play later in the Xisha Yongxing Island, but this trip to his memory is not good. Second trip to Xisha, he really came to the heart of heaven. The endless and unknown sea attracts Chen Xu. "Stay and experience the way of life here!" The idea of coming to Xisha as a fisherman emerges in Chen Xunao.

a Chengdu Xisha fishermen living

is only 8 miles from heaven on earth

in Paracel Islands for 4 years as a "fishermen" Chen Xu of Chengdu, here is not only beautiful to his memorable scenery, more life will be very useful wealth.


] memory

is not good first heavenly again

2006, securities Chen Xu working in many places to play later in the Xisha Yongxing Island, but this trip to his memory is not good. "It must have been a little disappointed." Chen Xu said, set foot on the island, building construction, in 70s and 80s of last century reinforced concrete, like a small town. "Lost the island’s original style and features."


Live fishing diving



Do business also need to be able to read the whole – Qiao said

timely joke with customers, insert a word, often able to pull the relationship between each other, but also to the development of the business has a very big help. "A ‘Nanjing’ (red)." An old man with a four year old grandson came to the front of the counter. I see, is a neat, knowledge of elderly customers, for closer relations, a cigarette with his greeting: "this gentleman longevity?"

"Na, only" thirty-four point five years "." He answered humorously.

"oh! Sixty-nine, the spirit is very good." I put my thumbs up and thought, "this is the optimist". Bought the smoke, but the old man can not walk, I saw his grandson holding his pants, a finger on the shelf can say that the doll will sing again and again, "grandpa! Grandpa!"

"hey! Today, "" good luck and success in life "rip off" of the encounter!" The old man winked on me, crouch and coax the child, "my baby," the best in all the land well behaved "home toys piled up, this time to see grandpa to buy goods, next time." The grandson of twisting the body like a rattle, is not.

"it’s raining in the empty field." I judge by experience, and as a joke tone said: "the little grandson has fancy, just buy a peace of mind, to have gone!" At this time, the child like a tug of war to the grandfather of the toy rack pull. The old man narrowed his eyes and did not leave.

I immediately said to the child: "you call him ‘little Grandpa’ he bought." The child really cried again and again, "little grandpa", and a sound than a high. I was the old man also was uproarious, amused laugh to tears, finally bought a doll, I also played a ten percent off discount. The child was holding the doll, laughing and jumping, and the old man would boast that I would do business. Since then, the old man often come to my shop to buy cigarettes or chat with me.

The formation of

many times Trading operators don’t need much words, if you can read the words is to believe, to play a multiplier effect. So, want to do fire business, how to speak is very important oh. Of course, want to play a role, also need to know how the wind blows.

Three things to remember when buying fireworks

Fireworks increased the atmosphere of the new year, but it will bring a lot of security risks. There are many people in consultation, how to buy safe fireworks? What are the actions of fireworks? Once the case was injured, how to deal with emergency? To this end, the reporter linked to the relevant departments to answer.

buy fireworks do not figure cheap

connection department: Municipal Administration of work safety

recently a lot of people call to consult, they buy fireworks at the stall point is not a fake? The answer is yes. The sale of fireworks and firecrackers have special sales outlets and counters, and have handled the fireworks business license, when the public to buy, the counter will also give the public release fireworks safety tips. Safety supervision departments to remind the public, do not covet the lower price of firecrackers on the market, it is best to buy the right counter, safe discharge.

firecrackers do not throw into the sewer

connection department: municipal public security fire brigade

some of the children because of curiosity, like firecrackers thrown into the trash, sewer and other confined space, listen to firecrackers issued a stuffy ring, but I do not know this is a very dangerous move. The sewer filled with methane and other combustible gases, when the gas concentration in a range, the fire will meet the rapid expansion of the explosion is very powerful, can set off the covers, skin burns, injured eyes. In addition to the sewer, garbage cans, the toilet is also easy to produce biogas, so parents have to look at their children, do not let them throw firecrackers everywhere. In addition, at the point of sale to buy firecrackers, do not turn around and began to set off, once other fireworks were ignited, the consequences are unimaginable.

eye injury can not be washed with water

connection department: Xining First People’s Hospital ophthalmology

is the most easily injured by fireworks and firecrackers is the eyes, in the fireworks once the injury to the eye first, don’t rub, if will rub out the eyes of the contents, shedding phenomenon, will lose the eye. And do not use water to clean the eye, because the fireworks add a lot of chemicals, water cleaning will produce further chemical reactions, but aggravate the condition. The doctor reminded, once the eye was wounded in the gun, you can first use the clean towel to cover your eyes, such as antibiotic eyedrops can amount to drop a little bit, and then the car rushed to hospital cure, don’t run because of worry, it will aggravate the burden of the eye.


The municipal office practice firmly and realistically see results

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the Municipal Office adhere to the study and education as the primary task, positive innovation and learning, enrich learning vector, highlight the importance of study, to ensure that educational practice is not empty is not empty, success.

"331" to resolve the contradiction, to focus on learning. The mass line "three" theme, combined with the office of the actual work, the implementation of the "331" mode of learning, weekly use work time to carry out the three students, each party cadres to carry out a "micro party teaching activities, and a detailed study plan, ensure the scope of participation, ensure the learning time, ensure learning effect. As of now, a total of 26 times to carry out focused learning, leading cadres lectures 2 times, Party members and cadres "micro lectures 6 times.

to active learning to deepen their understanding, build a strong theoretical foundation. Actively organize Cadres Learning Series General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and the "mass line" and other important provisions — discuss excerpts of learning materials; avoid "one person read in the form of learning, we listen to the" tradition, "who am I, to whom, who rely on" theme speech and Party cadres "micro lectures the study group", the results of the exchange, the majority of Party members to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of learning, to ensure that everyone involved in the study, everyone involved in the exchange, sharing the fruits of everyone.