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Do not take the unusual way links right risk to win method

few sites only determine a keyword, between different keywords, how to determine the link anchor text, related to the optimization effect and conversion effect. We used the words "Shanghai site construction" as an example, a query by love Shanghai index, daily search volume is about 330. Compared to the "Shanghai website design, Shanghai website design" and "Shanghai network company" hundreds of daily visits to IP, much higher. So many people will be locked in the target core keyword "Shanghai site construction" in the link exchange, also used the word as the anchor text. Although such practices can strengthen a keyword ranking, but it is not conducive to the overall weight lifting site.


But although

, without fear of competition, choose the same type and high weight website link

two, thus, due to changes in the target web site keywords link

Links can effectively enhance the website weight, even indispensable in website optimization, but this way is a double-edged sword link. There is no doubt that when the search performance of normal, weight increased, the weight of link to can effectively transfer. But when the slightest mistake, when the link site suffered punishment, will affect their own website. Even if the target site weight steady, bring a different execution result is not the same. Links itself is a reciprocal link in the two site weight quite or organic supplement under the condition of the same type, focus on building links with regional, website weight easier to consolidate stability.

many people know, the same type of website can bring higher weight. For example, in Shanghai, a site construction company’s website, the core keyword is "website construction". Many people in routine practice, is outside Shanghai and Internet companies to exchange links, so is the first link building with the same type of link, the more important the website construction area is very strong, and exchange links outside of Shanghai website, and will not constitute direct competition and their own. This link is only if you put aside the narrow view of no ground for blame, and the same type of regional, multi site links, to consolidate the weight effect is more significant.

through in-depth observation, the author had written "to search four cognitive, website optimization effect" ideas: search engine can not only effectively identify the theme of the site and to determine whether the correlation between the content of the website and the theme, and then gives some weight; search engines can also effectively identify the site area, such as in Shanghai. We search the word love in the construction site in Shanghai, in the top three are Shanghai local site construction company. If we are not afraid of competition, and in most of the web search engine home can exchange links, will effectively enhance the website weight? And the huge market competition exists or not and you are not going to link each other, and not too many relationships.

is a derogatory term, but when building Web links, but the first.

Good optimization strategy can make Shanghai dragon Er multiplier

as everyone knows, website optimization is not only the execution of the competition is to optimize personnel, operations director of strategies of the contest, a good strategy is to optimize the website based on good operation, false or incorrect strategy is the result of the entire site to a dead end, for the entire optimization team has the extremely disadvantageous influence, or will the mission of and the company suffered heavy losses. Today the author in his own operating optimization experience to introduce several key points in the construction of the website optimization strategy.

second, building high quality "quality. "The quality includes not only add pages, pictures and commonly used plug-in is to upgrade the entire web user experience, one of the means to enhance user interaction, the content construction, the first high quality industry is the foundation of the article, and it is the core of the entire site, high quality articles can not only increase the website and weight. Is recognized by the user site to increase website viscosity and improve the site conversion rate as weight, making web promotion a possible relationship between web pages, improve the site sticky," enhance the conversion rate, in order to improve the number of pages included can also be appropriate to adopt a combination of graphic. Secondly, the relevance of a page layout. In the end of each article or do you think the right place, increase the relevance of the call, this way is to increase the site PV views, web site provides more access to the channel to access the web page spider, strengthen grab opportunities, improve the website page weight and indexed probability.

third, the weight connection construction and layout strategy. The content and direction of the outreach is any site must grasp and pay attention in large areas, we mainly talked about the content factors, the author study and all the layout and construction of the connecting weights should pay attention to those skills and strategies. The author thinks that the weight connection is divided into three levels, high quality connection bait is very simple is similar to the Admin5 soft Wailian, secondly, the high correlation between the friendship connection, finally, general related or not related to other connections. To connect the bait in their phase >

first, "the basic framework analysis and layout. The page structure, website structure must first meet the user’s browsing behavior, so the structure or lower structure structure is currently more popular. Design art including color color collocation, conforms to the website industry features to attract users to the eye, and enhance the user between each other’s heart distance. Image processing, image matching and its applications, strong background and practical application of integrated product quality and professional level in the industry. Even within the reasonable layout and distribution, even distribution of the first to end "included problems, even through the construction, clearly pointed out the important and key link for spider connection distribution, reduce the page level, convenient for users to understand the first time" the focus of publicity. "The best style uses CSS to connect an external style sheet for construction, reduce the" redundant code, enhance the speed and efficiency of open web crawling.

Case analysis of A5 is how to teach us to reduce website bounce rate


website theme, let the unfamiliar users for the first time with the website


I have been to many previous

forum, found that the contents of the forum is actually very good, but the web page making too gorgeous, a time to let me at a loss, even do not know what is the theme of this forum, I have no help, if not on the same day I quite free, I would choose to shut down the site for the first time, this give us a wake up, no matter what our website construction, should as far as possible will your site’s theme is present in the shortest period of time, such as A5 is the webmaster industry, a web page, can feel a heavy IT atmosphere, the site straight to the point, let the user know the website type.



is a website, especially an information website, direct tool to attract users to let him not to jump out of the website is the website of high quality content, this is the king, after all, people come to your website is to see the learning experience, if there is no electricity to work all is some online casual search can get something, a long time who will come to your website. A5 at this point is very good, basically each column every day there will be 10 articles updated, and the quality is very high, all the latest skills or knowledge, the usability is very strong, not only that, A5 also set up under the daily articles related reading, for Adsense "divergent thinking", learn more relevant knowledge.

A5 as a domestic fire than the head of the forum, forum, collection of information, trading in one, to maximize the service to our webmaster, let us hang grass with free construction site webmaster learn. But the effects of A5 are not limited to this, the website everywhere embodies Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, such as how the layout of web pages, such as how to effectively reduce the site bounce rate, we can learn from the A5 construction at the same time, also some inspiration can be obtained according to the master station, especially after the recent revision of small A5 I feel useful, the greater the viscosity, below I combined with A5 to talk about the specific, A5 is how to teach us to reduce the rate of jump out of the site.

content supplement timely, novel to maximize meet user needs

and sometimes the grassroots webmaster do not know when they need the knowledge of what is set in the column, or is the time not easy to find, this time we can use intelligent search, search keywords they need.

is important A5 navigation column is clear, can generalize the process of establishment of accurate link in the operation, as is the actual operation of the process of experience, Shanghai dragon is our content and the Chain Construction issued notice, it is easy to use, can effectively reduce the user bounce rate.

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funny comics, social news, hot songs this week, beautiful pictures, hot video and other exciting content.

Don’t waste your precious time on content

picture website depends on what success, now do QQ station, resource station rely on what success, has been thinking about this problem. A few days ago, I did two websites, a QQ station and a picture station. Now analyze the two sites.

two sites, because they are new to do, are using DEDE, no collection, all hand added. QQ station added more than 200 data, picture station price, a little more than 100 of the data. Now two sites have been included in the Baidu, the effect of it, look at the flow. Difference is big, picture station flow is more than 3000, QQ station flow is more than 20, look at statistics. QQ from search to the general is also some of the long tail keywords, and some are more than a dozen words. I go to the MM picture station, traffic is focused on the comparison of keywords, search what beauty, what MM, and MM to search the key words, this words give me a day to more than 100 IP ah, it is really funny. May be because my domain name is like this, it seems that the domain name is also a certain role in optimization, the best is to play a domain name with keyword. Found some to see, two web pages included, QQ station included more than 80 pages. Picture station SITE: look at it, just a home page, think about it. The picture stands are generally the main picture, search engine spiders and does not know the picture, look at the content of the page, a few search engines do not know of the image, is advertising, advertising content, this page search engine included? It’s no wonder why seeing so many pictures stand why only included the home page.

through a comparison of the two sites I found, want to do these new QQ station, is generally there are few short popular keywords like QQ code, QQ expression, QQ skin like keyword ranking, not how to do these rankings, we only do, make a site with a lot of the contents of the search engine included a lot of content, even some very popular keywords, because I was relatively large, the total flow is more objective. But the picture station is different, because most of the content page is less than the advertising content, search engine is not included, also included is included a home page, so the picture station want flow on only by keyword ranking, the page keyword ranking row up, you have the flow, content how much is not important, of course, every day to update the content on the website is to help search engine.

you can look at my website, my content still less than 200 articles, now updated daily are one or two, but because there are good keywords ranking, so traffic can still be. Do not want that QQ station, and now only a little more than 20 of the traffic. Next, my plan is to enrich the resources of QQ station, and hope that the amount can be accounted for some of the cheaper. Through my analysis of the two stations, I suggest you do QQ resources like this

Five years of experience on how to enhance the cohesion and vitality of the Forum

has done the station for five years, since the beginning of the forum from the start to the present, the forum is still my main line, and during this period, the accumulation of experience is the most about the construction and maintenance of the forum. The forum website has incomparable advantages, including the number of users is intuitive and vivid and active, targeted user groups, rich interactive functions, more embedded plug-ins and games, multiple profit model etc.. All of these make the forum to highlight the core value, which attract a variety of advertising model lies in the quantity and quality of the forum with the user, with a certain field of high quality user forum, so the more the number of users, then its value will be doubled, and this is the forum to become many advertisers choose the basis and the core focus. Therefore, to make a successful and profitable forum, to enhance the cohesion of users and enhance the activity of users has become the key to the success of the forum.

how to use multiple and different ways to motivate and attract users, promoting the cohesion of the forum users, and members of the forum activity is greatly improved, so as to create a high quality and a high degree of active users of the forum, in particular we can from the following aspects:

1. Establish a level of incentive and upgrading system

forum development beginning with its distinctive user group setting scheme is the majority of users, it is undeniable that there are a considerable number of users on its own special forum at the forum in the class, after all this is directly related to the user group permissions to the user as embodied in the forum, the "status" of different grades a member of the group scheme plays an important incentive role in the forum. Therefore, the forum webmaster can rely on the setting scheme of user groups, the formation of a systematic upgrading system by designing different permissions for different levels of users group, to become active and encourage users to create quality content incentive form.

two, the proper use of virtual currencies such as integrals

in forums, in addition to exchange functions, as well as the sharing of relevant content in a certain area, especially for the download of the essence of resources, etc., occupies a very important position in the forum. The virtual currency on the essence of the content download attachments often can be set using internal forum to download, and concrete can be obtained in the form of monetary stimulus forum membership and make different contributions to obtain the integral for all aspects of the forum according to the different characteristics such as invitation to visit, and invited to register and publish original content in the form of post. The proper use of the integration system can not only promote the support of members in all aspects of the development of the forum, but also make it a useful tool for rallying the members of the forum and enhancing the enthusiasm of the members.

three, the organization of the activities of the forum, members of the group

forum is characterized by its powerful interactive features, especially with the current mainstream forums in the various functions of the program is becoming increasingly powerful and perfect, often in the forum cited

How to prevent plagiarism of original articles

We all know that

is important for SEO to optimize the original content, original content regardless of the kind of search engine is friendly, but you have to write the content published by others away, you are what kind of mood, even more frightening is that if your site weight is low, your article has not been included in the search engine. Your article was reproduced, included, get a long time made compulsory labor to others. Good quality webmaster will add your article of the original source, give you a link, and some webmaster even a article links are not to you, just the article when it is their own, you say angry not angry


Shuttle wrote an article the day before yesterday, "social media on the impact of website SEO", today searched the Internet, there are more than 20 websites reprinted, with only a few articles source.

so how do you prevent plagiarism from original content,


increases the inner chain

increase in the chain, can be said to be a gentleman, not against villain, if it is a lazy, then this is still a little bit, reproduced, you can also bring a reverse link to yourself.

article writing personalized

writing can take their name to take, even if this was reproduced, read this article also know who from the original hand, which will gradually bring you popularity, will bring you some visitors.

technology implementation, the article can not copy

is now a lot of articles in this blog can not be copied, but this is not absolute, because if people really want to copy your article, but also through the method of view the source file, but this method can prevent the vast majority of people have copied.

upgrade website weight

promotion website weight this is the most fundamental solution, in general, by gathering others live the site, the weights are not high, as long as your site weight high, your article will be in the front row, even if others copied, reproduced, will not cause too much impact to you.

plus article copyright

In the article

below can you note on the website copyright, such as the Shuttle SEO for the Hebei all, without the consent of the copyright reserved! Can play a warning role, after all, plagiarism is not what a shame, even if it does not give you a webmaster chain, will also note the article from which what, so that readers will understand the article who wrote.

to enhance the popularity of blog brand

improve brand awareness, this is very important for the webmaster, for example, want to learn SEO will first think of Cardiff, ZAC, want to understand the Internet to the most dynamic, will first think of the Moonlight blog, this is the well-known effect, Shuttle also wrote an article "how to create a brand website", interested friends can read.

, Shuttle believes, >

Fuzhou decoration company website was attacked processing methods


decoration company yesterday after the attack was ranked no military treatment, has now recovered some ranking, the decoration company in Fuzhou in 10!!!

the so-called website is hacked, that is, the website has been attacked by hacker, then how to deal with the website after being hacked? And listen to the little knitting slowly for you.

sites are hacked into the following categories:

one, the website is hanged black chain

open your site, right-click on the source code, and find links to other sites (except for links) that indicate that your site is hacked.

detection method: in the webmaster platform for testing,

two, the website was uploaded black file

sometimes occasionally found their own websites more out of the unknown file, but also not to upload their own, then congratulations, your website was hacked, the root directory and the file does not necessarily appear in the website.

test method:

1, open your web site’s robots file, check the robots file allows the folder to be grabbed (Allow is allowed to grab), whether it is set by yourself.

Is there a black chain for

2 and sitemap (sitemap map)?.

3, Site the domain name of your website to see if it is the content of your website.

three, website snapshot hijacked

inquires when included, found that Baidu included is other web content, this shows that your Baidu snapshot was hijacked.

check method: in search engine your website, find the content that is not your website.

four, the site was traffic attack

when you find a sudden increase in website traffic, resulting in Web site can not be opened, indicating that your site was traffic attack.

for the above black case, the first three can use the following method:

finds the appropriate location, removes links or code from other sites, and modifies the site’s background and FTP passwords and accounts.

in fourth cases, you can use the method of increasing the website traffic or changing the website space.

said here, Xiao Bian would like to ask, "is the site only hacked to find the appropriate remedial measures?" of course not, we can make a rainy day.

site prevention by black

1, regularly modify the website background and FTP password.

2, root >

Product managers agile practices how to make team iterations more efficient

[Abstract] in the process of product development, from demand management to final product operation, the whole process of applying agile ideas enables the product team to be the owner of the product and the driver of management innovation. When the product team motivated to continue to optimize the product, improve product quality and efficiency of research and development, the whole team work efficiency is improved, the product will naturally shorten the iteration period, they will set higher goals to challenge, as they continue to cycle, excellent has become a habit of team.


in the Internet industry, agile should not be a strange term. The rapid development of Internet products determines the management idea of "small step, quick running", and continuously improves the product continuously. The application of agile can basically reduce the iteration cycle by half, and in the pursuit of efficiency and output of the Internet, this is indeed a good recipe.

in product development process, from demand management to the final product operation, the whole process of application of agile thinking, so that the product team to become the owner of the product and management innovation drivers. When the product team motivated to continue to optimize the product, improve product quality and efficiency of research and development, the whole team work efficiency is improved, the product will naturally shorten the iteration period, they will set higher goals to challenge, as they continue to cycle, excellent has become a habit of team.

in the process of agile implementation, from the product manager’s perspective, we should pay more attention to whether the demand can also be iterative way to output, the reasonable value and in accordance with the priority to arrange the needs of each iteration, is the product manager needs attention. This ensures that each iteration developer is implementing the highest priority requirements. From the developers perspective, for each iteration of the task needs to understand and work arrangements is what they should be concerned about, to a reasonable allocation of each task, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency, and ensure the efficient output of each iteration.

1 has now fully implemented agile development, combined with its own understanding of agile demand management, and shared practical experience and failure lessons in implementing agile project management at No. 1 store. Mainly from the following links to improve team efficiency, and ultimately successfully reduced the 4-6 week delivery cycle to about 2 weeks.


iteration needs to focus on reviewing and evaluating the workload

before the start of each iteration, the product manager will need to do the next iteration needs to arrange, until before the iteration begins, focusing on the review of arrangements in demand, is the object of the whole team. The advantage is that the development and testing team and Scrum Master together with the in-depth understanding of the demand, the test team can therefore earlier start writing test scripts, such demand, development, testing is agile, otherwise only the development is quick, the two will have not.

many people think that before each iteration begins, spend >!

Novice Webmaster talk about the experience of using NETCMS systems

I set up the use of NETCMS, is a company in Chengdu developed. Why use program? Because I want to test the C++ language this year, and I have studied the C language systematically. C# is developed from C and C++, and I think I should use many common places. Another reason is that I think is the main product of Microsoft Corp, coupled with the robustness of C#, it should be the future direction of WEB. JAVA has been considered before, but at that time did not adhere to, the site is also deserted.

decided to buy a 100M space after using Now space is cheaper than other space, is it because the use of fewer people?. At first I didn’t know there was CMS. It was in the A5 forum that I read the posts of the novice webmaster. I used to use HTML only, and every time I updated it, I updated one page. I search CMS on the Internet, found that class CMS rarely, some of the better are abroad, my English is not good, so there is no choice. I would like to choose an open source, not because of the money, I want to study how others write the program, after all, I want to learn C#, rather than just a web site. Finally, NETCMS was found.

NETCMS but to the database, I went and bought a MYSQL database, did not think I was not clear, NETCMS does not support MYSQL and MSSQL2000, but IDC service providers to the MSSQL space space is much more expensive than MYSQL, for two times the price. After a bit of tossing and turning, finally put CMS installed on the site up.

first is to modify the template home page, I put the original 9 columns reduced to 6, and another three plates, hot spots, recommended, recently updated, I reserved. 9 squares together, three in each row, three rows. Then delete all the pictures, I just want to do a simple site. Finally, I deleted all my member system and comment system. Feeling is a web site made out of pure HTML, and only the most basic function of reading.

a few days too ugly, he made a stand and a website at the top of the picture. Is to find a picture of the landscape on the Internet, and then cut it, and the site of their own domain name ( and web site introduction (novice webmaster’s starting point) written in the above on it. Restoration of member systems, the abolition of the proposed plate, members landing and members of the basic information display, the original recommendation column inside, but has not been fully successful, we must continue to explore.

later found that many things can not be changed, continue to Google, Baidu only know that I use the installation version, so download the source version on the internet. The original system has. Copyright information and links on the NETCMS delete all. To tell the truth, should open source CMS be retained?