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The hard sell

first_imgHRis failing to get the message of its crucial role over to the board. We askedthree  advertising agencies how theywould tackle the issue. By Philip Boucher and Liz SimpsonWe’ve heard it all before but HR is a profession that is frequentlyoverlooked, sidelined dismissed and downsized. Clearly, such complacency callsfor radical tactics to change this mindset. What if the profession were to callin an advertising agency to come up with an advertising/marketing campaign togive the board that much-needed wake-up call and convince them of the vitalcontribution HR makes to an organisation? Advertising is all about selling the lifestyle of a particular product orservice. With companies increasingly striving to become employers of choice, HRhas an integral part to play in promoting a company’s culture and, byassociation, its brand. Therefore a higher profile for HR within anorganisation will start to establish this. To devise the campaigns we approached three agencies located in the UK andUS and gave them a brief (see agency brief left) as to how HR wants to be seen.The campaign wouldn’t have a fixed budget so would not be constricted by costs,but it would be up to the agencies to maximise the effectiveness of theirmessage through clever choice of media. Each of the three agencies came up with very different interpretations ofthe brief, solutions, methods of delivery and rationales for their approach. The campaigns Agency: Ward Diamond Advertising WDA, based in Clerkenwell, London, was established more than seven years agoand has an annual turnover of £4m. It has a team of recruitment advertisingspecialists and its client base includes British Film Institute, BritishAirways Travel Shops, Thomas Cook, Rail Europe and Macmillan Cancer Relief. The campaign To brand HR as ‘HRMY’, a pun on army, and use a seriesof events leading up to an ‘HRMY’ delivering a dossier with evidence of HR’ssuccesses in other organisations to the board. The rationale for the pun, explains WDA managing director Samantha Diamond,is that an army is powerful and able to achieve ambitious and complexobjectives as a result of leadership, planning and strategy and HR should beperceived in the same way. To avoid seeming overly militaristic, WDA decided that its campaign wouldcontain no inappropriate reference to conflict, weapons, attacks or anythingsimilar – it wouldn’t even mention the war for talent. The tagline to the campaign would be performance-enhancing force – againpromoting HR’s ability to influence the bottom line. To match the army theme, the campaign would be run in phases like thebuild-up to a military operation. Each phase would begin on a Monday, leadingup to the final brief to the board. The first stage would be a giant inflatablebillboard to announce to the board that something big was coming. The second would add intrigue. Every day of week two an envelope marked ‘ForYour Eyes Only’ would be pushed under each director’s door. Envelopes wouldcontain a task and a method by which to achieve it. The tasks would all relateto improving business performance. The methods would demonstrate proven ways inwhich HR can achieve this. In week three, directors would receive a package – the HRMY operations kit. Mockedup to resemble a survival kit, it would contain the following items, each witha label attached with one word printed which refer to key ways in which HR canaid business: – Compass – direction (ensuring workers understand board goals and work towardsthem) – Radio – communication (promoting effective communication throughout thecompany) – Flare – attraction (attracting and retaining people who can help the boardachieve its goals) – Chocolate – energy and motivation (motivating staff to raise productivity)– Antiseptic – problem prevention (providing the flexibility to counterexternal threats and problems within the organisation The final stage is a directors’ meeting where the uniformed HRMY team wouldburst in. The dossier would be distributed to each director and the most seniorHRMY member would begin the briefing. Key message The best way to get through to the board is todemonstrate how HR can affect the bottom line Media The campaign would run in several phases – billboardadvertising, direct mail and publications Soundbite “We should portray HR as a confident, credible andcapable force.” Agency: Wilding McArdle Wilson (WMW) WMW is an employer marketing agency based in Clerkenwell, London. Set upfive years ago 80 per cent of its work is consultancy (in both print andmulti-media) and ranges from employer branding programmes to online orderingsystems. The remaining 20 per cent of its work is from recruitment advertising.Clients include: Arcadia, B&Q, Deloitte & Touche, Dyson and KraftFoods. The campaign WMW chose to internally promote the central businessrole that a business-focused client and commercially driven HR function shouldplay – in order to win the confidence of both senior management and board leveldirectors. The campaign seeks to convey how HR makes a difference to the bottom linevia the mixed media of posters, teasers, faux heritage plaques and an onlineboard game, in what director Sue McArdle, describes as a “witty, playfuland innovative way”. “The crucial issue of this campaign is to promote the vital role thatHR plays and to convey how HR makes its contribution to the bottom line. Ifthis is successfully accomplished, it’s a simple and inevitable progression tohaving a voice at board level,” she explains. The campaign is intended to be versatile and can be paced over anytimescale. Media Teasers – delivered directly to senior management, internalposters, fake commemorative plaques, a playable game called (Get on) The BoardGame and an intranet version of the board game Key message HR is an essential function for the wellbeing of thebusiness because it does following things for the business. Soundbite “HR functions tend to promote their programmes asindividual, distinct strategies rather than as a single expression of awide-ranging, key business enabler. Strong HR strategy is integral to everyaspect of a business, not just a ‘people-thing’.” To play the online version of (Get on) The Board Game go to The Cherenson Group Cherenson is a full-service PR and advertising agency with a recruitment armbased in New Jersey, US. Vice-president Mike Cherenson has worked for thedemocratic national convention committee in 1992 and as a consultant for localand state-wide politicians. Clients include: Coca-Cola, Avis, PrudentialFinancial and Bank of New York. The campaign The Cherenson Group approached the task as a politicalcampaign that must win support throughout the organisation. “In corporatelife no-one is going to get anywhere until they accept that business lifeinvolves political fights including the ability to show why you’re importantand need to be listened to,” explains Cherenson. Step one, he says, consists of HR touring the company to find out what theemployee issues are. “Like any good political candidate you can only solvepeople’s problems if you know what these are in the first place.” This internal qualitative research can be translated into a series of casestudies outlining all the ways in which HR has actually helped employees withtheir concerns. Real life examples could be used as a series of messages to employeesconveyed through large wall posters, inserted into employee mailings, posted onthe corporate intranet and even screensavers. Cherenson believes attracting the‘voters’ in this way builds a network of advocates throughout the company whowill help disseminate the message to line managers (whose support is vital inpersuading the board) that HR is an effective and essential business partner. “Today’s companies are always looking to slash overheads and increaserevenue. HR is the one department that has ties to all employees and it needsto develop and utilise those relationships, and the tools at its disposal, tosolve the company’s problems,” he explains. Key message When people have a problem and want to know who can helpthem, the answer is, human resources. HR needs to present evidence to the boardthat what it does is not an expense but an investment and that such investmentshave demonstrable returns. Media Wall posters, inserts into employee mailings, the corporateintranet, screensavers backed up by short executive briefings. Soundbite “There is no magic dust and putting up some posterswill not fix the problem overnight. This must be a long-term sustainedprogramme, where HR is seen as an advocate for the workers” he HR in a bad light: how it is frequently seen – HR professionals lack foresight, influence and credibility and play a marginalrole in many companies – The board is (often) mystified about what HR does and is ignorant of therelationship between good people management and financial performance – Even when companies put people issues at the heart of their policies, HRdoes not get the recognition for putting these in place – HR’s role is primarily stuck at the lower end of the scale hampered bymanagers’ failure to understand what it can offer and also by HR professionalsnot being assertive enough and not having enough authority (see below) – However talented an HR director is, if the board does not want to listenit won’t..*Equally, if line managers don’t buy into HR strategy, gettinganything done may prove nigh on impossible. How HR wants to be seen: convincing the board – Be a dynamic, credible force with business acumen that makes a positivecontribution to organisational performance and the bottom line – To be considered a priority – involved right at the beginning of anystrategic agenda or business planning and able to draw people strategies fromthe business objectives And be seen as a ‘value-adder’ to any commercialdecision – For business leaders to recognise the value of good people management andhigh-performance HR policies – Considered as an effective business partner with a seat on the board orfailing that to at least have a strong relationship with the top team – To be seen as accessible and effective by the workforce, shedding thehuman remains image Comments are closed. 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Chefs’ Choice awards 2018 now open for entry

first_imgDo you have a star product in your foodservice line-up? If so, we want to hear from you.Entries are now open for the 2018 Chefs’ Choice awards, organised by William Reed Business Media, publisher of British Baker magazine, in association with Food Innovation Solution and Good Sense Research.The Chefs’ Choice awards are designed to showcase and celebrate the work of foodservice suppliers from wholesalers through to manufacturers.They are judged by a panel of chefs, nutritionists, food technologists and development chefs, and highlight excellence in quality, innovation, creativity, value and great taste in frozen, fresh, chilled or ambient products.There are 27 categories in the 2018 awards, including:Sweet cakes and biscuits (traybakes/doughnuts/scones/pastries/ savoury crackers)Party and buffet foods (including sandwich fillers)Products sold as free-from (gluten-free/dairy-free)Savoury pies and flansCategory winners, highly rated products and finalists can promote their products with the Chefs’ Choice logo – a stamp of quality and product integrity in a competitive foodservice industry.There is also an overall ‘Product of the Year’ award, won last year by Booker Group with its Chef’s Larder Chocolate Fudge Brownie.“Suppliers into the foodservice sector have told us they want a process by which they can secure a wholly independent assessment of their product development work, quality output and recipe innovation,” said managing director of WRBM retail and manufacturing Lorraine Hendle. “These awards meet that need.”The closing date for entries is 20 November. To enter the awards visit read more

Phish By The Numbers: Looking Back At The First Half Of Summer Tour 2016

first_imgPhish has been on a roll, opening their 2016 summer tour with big show after big show. Beginning with a bust-out-laden show at the Xcel Center in St. Paul, MN, the band hit a two night home run in Chicago at the legendary Wrigley Field, played a fun Sunday show at the phan favorite venue formerly-known-as Deer Creek, and followed that up with back-to-back traditional multi-night runs at The Mann Center, and Saratoga Performing Arts Center, aka SPAC. Through it all, Phish have showcased the synced-up playing, deep catalog, fun covers, and impressive improvisation that the band is known for.As we prepare for Phish to close out the East Coast leg of their Summer tour this coming weekend, we took a look at the stats from the first nine shows of the tour, courtesy of International House of ZZYZX and, looking for any patterns, standout moments, or anything else of significance. What we found was a ton of songs, a number of big-time jams, and several mind-blowing bust-outs that show the band is still playing at the top of their game.“Twist” from Wrigley Field, 6/24/16Phish have played a huge number of songs on their summer tour so far. Having performed 149 unique songs over 9 shows, the band has opened up their catalog early and often this summer, making for some interesting setlists and big bust-outs. Their first show in St. Paul, MN saw the band eschew new material in favor of a bust-out-heavy show, anchored by covers of The Beatles‘ “Dear Prudence” and The Velvet Underground‘s “I Found A Reason”, which were both played for the first time since their respective bands were covered by Phish for Halloween shows in the 90s. “Dear Prudence” hadn’t been played in a whopping 796 shows, which easily makes it the biggest bust-out of the summer. All in all, the band played six songs that night for the first time in over 100 shows, and in following nights we saw the first “I Am The Walrus” in 229 shows to close out night two of the Wrigley Field run, and “Sleep Again” was played during the first night at The Mann Center for the first time in 224 shows.With so many unique songs being played, only a few were played twice, and a small handful made it into the rotation three times. New song “Breath and Burning” seems to be in heavy rotation with several early appearances, 2014 album title track “Fuego” has become a reliable favorite, Phish classic “Harry Hood” is always a welcome addition to any setlist, and the newer jam vehicle “No Men In No Men’s Land” continues to impress. In contrast to the four most-played songs, a whopping 104 songs were only performed one time. With 22 songs-per-show played so far, and an average of 11.5 unique songs being played each night, that means that each show, on average, featured a setlist where at least 50% of the set are rarities or deeper cuts. That is truly impressive! “The Moma Dance”, from SPAC night 3, 7/3/16Phish has played some standout jams on this tour, as they have already stretched 6 songs past the 15-minute mark this summer. Fans at SPAC this weekend were blessed with the two longest jams of the tour, with an impressive “Chalk Dust Torture” clocking in at 22 minutes and 37 seconds on Friday night, and Sunday night’s gorgeous 17-minute and 34 second masterpiece version of “The Moma Dance”. Wrigley Field saw a number of lengthy jams, with Friday’s “Down with Disease” and “Twist, and Saturday’s “Divided Sky” and “Fluffhead” (the first one in 52 shows) standing out as some of the best moments of the tour so far.One interesting note is the addition of the Marimba Lumina into the jam arsenal. What had typically been reserved for drummer Jon Fishman‘s solo on “Scent of a Mule” (which made one appearance during the first night at The Mann Center), Trey Anastasio has surprisingly jumped on to the percussive MIDI controller on three occasions, adding an interesting element to “You Enjoy Myself” during night 1 in Philadelphia, and during “Chalk Dust Torture” and “Martian Monster” during the SPAC run. Time will only tell if the Marimba Lumina will continue to be used so regularly by Trey during imrpov sections.“Chalk Dust Torture” from SPAC Night 1, 7/1/16Check out all the numbers below, and see for yourselves just how awesome Phish has been through the first nine shows of their summer tour.Shows9Venues5 – The Xcel Center, St. Paul, MN; Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL; Klipsch Music Center (aka Deer Creek), Noblesville, IN; The Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA; Saratoga Performing Arts Center (aka SPAC), Saratoga Springs, NY.Songs Played198Unique Songs Played149Number of Songs Played One Time Only 104Song Played The Most Times“Breath and Burning”, “Fuego”, “Harry Hood”, “No Men In No Men’s Land” – 3 times each.Biggest Bust-Outs of Tour“Dear Prudence” (Beatles) – 796 shows – 6/22/16, Xcel Center“I Found A Reason” (Velvet Underground) – 493 Shows – 6/22/16, Xcel Center“I Am the Walrus” (Beatles) – 229 shows – 6/25/16, Wrigley Field“Sleep Again” – 224 shows – 6/28/16, The Mann Center“Pigtail” – 195 shows – 6/22/16, Xcel Center“Round Room” – 192 shows – 6/22/16, Xcel Center“Daniel Saw The Stone” – 140 shows – 6/22/16, Xcel Center“Uncle Pen” – 123 Shows – 6/22/16, Xcel CenterTimes Marimba Lumina Was Used:“You Enjoy Myself” – 6/28/16, The Mann Center“Chalk Dust Torture” – 7/1/16, Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center“Martian Monster” – 7/2/16, Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center“Scent of a Mule” – 7/3/16, Saratoga Springs Performing Arts CenterLongest Songs: “Chalk Dust Torture”, 22:37, 7/1/16, Saratoga Performing Arts Center“The Moma Dance”, 17:34, 7/3/16, Saratoga Performing Arts Center“Down with Disease”, 16:52, 6/24/16, Wrigley Field“Crosseyed and Painless”, 16:20, 6/29/16, The Mann Center“Fuego”, 16:04, 6/28/16, The Mann Center“Twist”, 15:13, 6/25/16, Wrigley Field“Divided Sky”, 15:08, 6/25/16, Wrigley Field“Fluffhead”, 14:59, 6/25/16, Wrigley Field“Harry Hood”, 14:50, 6/29/16, The Mann Centerlast_img read more

First ever Economic Empowerment Cookout

first_imgAll COVID-19 guidelines were in place. 20 different local black owned businesses participated in the event, including catering companies, artists and a photographer. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) –Support Black Businesses 607 hosted the first ever Economic Empowerment Cookout today. The purpose of this event is to give local black-owned businesses a platform some might not have had before.  For more information on the next Support Black Businesses 607 events, check out their Facebook page.center_img “We sell everything,” Munoz said. “We all have something. We are multi-talented like we are many.” Dominique Munoz, owner of Love Sick Doll Art, says an event like the cookout helps show more black-owned businesses that some people might not have known of before.  “That’s why it’s important for this event to be here so we can all be around each other and to show that there are black artists here,” Sabryah Tate, owner of Bri’s Sunshine Teas and Things, said. last_img read more

Ruling PDI-P recommends Jokowi’s son Gibran to run in Surakarta mayoral race

first_imgThe ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) has recommended President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s eldest son, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, and Teguh Prakosa, the secretary of the party’s branch in Surakarta, to run as a pair in the upcoming mayoral race in the Central Java city.Surakarta Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo, who confirmed news of the pairing, said Gibran and Teguh’s nomination would be officially announced by the PDI-P through an online meeting Friday afternoon.Rudy said he would attend the meeting together with executives from the Surakarta PDI-P office, including Teguh himself, as well as the President’s son. Read also: Surakarta mayor stands in way of Jokowi’s son’s coronation”The central board must take their own considerations in issuing a recommendation, so we must support any candidate that is recommended,” he added.Teguh and Gibran separately confirmed that they had received on Thursday invitations from the central board in connection to their candidacies.Gibran said he would depart for the PDI-P Central Java office in the provincial capital of Semarang to be present during the  announcement of the nomination through a virtual meeting on Friday.Contacted separately, Achmad said he was not surprised the central board would recommend Gibran and Teguh for the ticket, adding that he had predicted from the start that he would not be nominated in the race.Achmad previously made public statements about dropping out of the race since April this year but Rudy subsequently insisted on rejecting his withdrawal on the grounds that members of PDI-P in the city wanted him to be on the ticket.”I learned about [Gibran’s nomination] from Pak Jokowi himself when I was summoned to the State Palace,” Achmad said, “There’s no problem.”He also asserted that he would not switch sides and choose other parties as his political vehicle to run in the race. “I’m 71 years old, I just want to enjoy my retirement.” (afr)Topics : “As of now, we still don’t know who will take the position of mayoral candidate and deputy mayor candidate [between Gibran and Teguh],” Rudy said.The recommendation came following tensions in the one of the nationalist party’s strongholds, which initially decided to nominate Achmad Purnomo, the current deputy mayor, and Teguh to the top of the ticket of the mayoral race. Their nomination seemed to have been backed by Rudy, who himself is the chairman of the PDI-P’s Surakarta chapter.Gibran, meanwhile, entered the race at the last minute, registering through the PDI-P’s Central Java provincial chapter after learning that the party’s Surakarta chapter had wrapped up its candidate selection process.Rudy said the final decision on the candidates for the Surakarta mayoral election lied with the PDI-P central board and therefore the party members in the city would support whoever was picked by party chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri.last_img read more

NegOcc COVID test lab soon operational

first_imgBY DOMINIQUE GABRIEL BAÑAGABACOLOD City – Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson is hopeful that the Negros Bio-lab (Testing Center) at the Teresita Locsin Jalandoni Provincial Hospital in Silay City, Negros Occidental would be accredited by the Department of Health (DOH) and the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM).“We are closing to the end line than last week and we hope to have it before end of the month,” Lacson said.The center already has 12,000 reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) kits. PCR machine peripherals will arrive soon, said Lacson.RT-PCR tests are used as confirmatory tests for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). RT-PCR testing requires at least BioSafety Level 2 facilities, specialized machinery, testing kits and reagents, and trained medical personnel. All facilities need to be jointly certified by the DOH and the RITM.DOH has committed to expedite the certification process for existing laboratories, and for new laboratories that will be built. “DOH welcomes the private sector’s support and participation in aggressively expanding COVID testing capacity in the country, as well as in efforts to ramp up isolation and treatment,” DOH secretary Francisco Duque said.Secretary Carlito Galvez, the National Task Force COVID-19 chief Implementer, also said: “We can mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on our economic well-being if we aggressively push for testing so that we can locate, isolate and care for COVID-19 carriers and those who are sick in order to keep our communities safe enough to resume a level of economic activities.”/PNlast_img read more

Mane destroys Chelsea as Liverpool star nets quickfire double

first_img Loading… His pace frightened Christensen into a calamitous foul and his movement eluded the remaining Chelsea defenders to give Liverpool the lead. It was a lovely move, quick and direct, Salah out to Roberto Firmino, his cross met by Mane, powering a header past Arrizabalaga. The second, four minutes later? Well, that was very much a self-inflicted wound. Mane lost the ball and in a state of fury continued chasing, Fikayo Tomori – on at half-time as Chelsea re-organised – tidied up by knocking a pass back to Arrizabalaga. He had all the time to take the easy route out. Instead he tried to play a short pass to Reece James which Mane read like a big print Janet and John book. He nicked the ball and tapped it into an empty net. Chelsea have had all summer to sort out this lamentable decline of such a vital player. Surely with Edouard Mendy’s transfer all but completed, his race is run. Maybe that of Jorginho as penalty-taker, too, given that he missed one that could have brought Chelsea back to life with 17 minutes remaining. Thiago Alcantara gave it away, perhaps too keen on his debut as a half-time substitute for the injured Jordan Henderson, clumsily tripping Timo Werner. The German won one at Brighton last week, and watched as Jorginho converted it. Maybe he will have more to say, having now watched the Brazilian do his little hop, skip, sidefoot routine and pass the ball to Alisson. Going down to ten, missing a penalty, teeing up Mane for the second, Chelsea may feel like architects of their downfall. The fact is, even 11 v 11, they were trying to contain Liverpool more than challenge them. The best team won, and Chelsea treated them like the best team from the start. There is a long way to go before they stand toe to toe, and Chelsea know it. Liverpool’s defence had a bit of Pep Guardiola about it, with Fabinho coming in to plug a gap left by injury at centre-half beside Virgil van Dijk. Guardiola, as everybody knows, would play 11 midfielders if he could, and thought nothing of deploying Javier Mascherano in central defence at Barcelona and then, more recently, Fernandinho at Manchester City. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Sadio Mane ran riot as Liverpool secured a big three points over Premier League rivals Chelsea on Sunday. Yes, the dismissal of Andreas Christensen decided this game. But, more than that, it was about the gulf between Liverpool and the rest. The money Chelsea have spent will not bring them nearer the champions until it delivers a defence and goalkeeper that can be trusted. Thiago Silva may change that, Ben Chilwell, too. But yesterday, the walking catastrophe that is Kepa Arrizabalaga combined with the vulnerability of Christensen to undo Frank Lampard’s gameplan and deliver the game to Liverpool. That Chelsea’s strategy was about stopping the visitors rather than matching them says it all really. They is still a gulf between. read also:Havertz: Klopp still hungry for more at Liverpool The Liverpool and Chelsea managers continue to downplay a growing rivalry between the pair. Christensen went in first-half injury time and within five minutes of the restart, Liverpool got the breakthrough goal that was always likely to result from a numerical imbalance. The man who had tormented Christensen into an early return to the dressing-room was at the heart of it, as he was at the heart of this victory. Sadio Mane, Liverpool’s best forward last season, is showing no sign of letting up.Advertisementcenter_img Promoted ContentWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do ThisBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThis Nation Is Almost Impossible To InvadeWhat Is A Black Hole And Is It Dangerous For Us All?The Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better7 Reasons You Have Trouble Getting Things DoneWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?The Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldEverything You Need To Know About Asteroid ArmageddonBeautiful Mutations: 15 Staggering Photos Of Heterochromialast_img read more

KFC suspends its ‘finger lickin’ good’ slogan due to coronavirus

first_imgKFC has announced that they will discontinue using their slogan “finger lickin’ good” because of COVID-19.Kentucky Fried Chicken said on Monday that the 64-year-old slogan “doesn’t feel quite right.”“We find ourselves in a unique situation — having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment,” said Catherine Tan-Gillespie, global chief marketing officer at KFC in a statement. The menu isn’t changing and the company said the slogan will return when the “time is right.”KFC has blurred out the slogan featured on old billboards and signs.last_img read more

Expect at least 2 golds from Indian boxers in Tokyo: Amit Panghal

first_imgNew Delhi: Amit Panghal, who won the historic silver medal at the World Championships, believes the performance of the Indian boxers has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, adding that at least two gold medals can be expected from them during next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games.India has till now won only two bronze medals in boxing in all the editions of the Olympic Games they have participated in. Vijender Singh had won the bronze medal in the middleweight category in Beijing in 2008 while MC Mary Kom had won the bronze medal in the flyweight category in London Games in 2012.“Our performance in boxing in recent times has improved by leaps and bounds. We have won many gold medals, whether it be at the Commonwealth Games or Asian Championships or World Championships,” Panghal told IANS.“We will go into the Tokyo Olympics with an aim to win at least two gold medals. We can win more but at least two gold medals can be expected from Indian boxers at the Tokyo Olympics,” he added.Talking about his own preparations for the prestigious quadrennial event, the 24-year-old said that right now, his main focus is to prepare for the Asian Olympic qualifier to be held in Wuhan, China, in February and bag a quota for the Tokyo Games.“I am fully prepared for the Tokyo Olympics. First, in February, we have the Olympic Qualifiers and my aim is to give my best there and qualify for the Olympics,” he said.“Like every other player, my aim is to represent India at the Olympics and win a medal.” The World Championships silver medallist also expressed his opinion on the ongoing row regarding women’s trials between Nikhat Zareen and Mary Kom. “Mary Kom is a star in Indian boxing. According to me, it doesn’t matter for Mary Kom if there are trials or not because she doesn’t need to prove she is the best as she has already proved that. But, even if trials do take place, I don’t think so that Mary Kom should be worried about anything as she can handle those things quite easily,” he added.Panghal, who in September, became the first Indian male boxer to win a silver at the World Championships, is currently part of the Gujarat Giants team participating in the inaugural edition of the Big Bout Indian Boxing League.“This league will benefit all the boxers taking part in the competition. Each boxer will face a different boxer and thus will gain lots of experience. Especially, the young boxers will benefit from this league as they will get to play against senior boxers and learn from them,” Panghal said while speaking about the Indian Boxing League.Gujarat Giants will be facing Bombay Bullets in the semi-finals and Panghal is confident that his team would win the last-four clash and would further go on to lift the title.“Our preparations for the semi-finals are on track and we are confident of winning the Indian Boxing League.” Panghal, who is currently at the number one spot in world rankings in the 51-kg flyweight category, is part of Adani’s Garv Hai initiative where they are supporting 20 individuals in senior and youth categories.“I am part of Adani’s Garv Hai initiative and they are doing a lot for the athletes in their preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. Every athlete needs financial assistance and Adani group is providing that. So, I am thrilled to be a part of this initiative,” said Panghal.The long-term incubation programme is aimed at grooming three sets of athletes, for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2022 Asian and Commonwealth Games probable and junior athletes for future. (IANS)Also Read:Tall Boxers No Issues, Have To Work a Little More on Power: Amit PanghalAlso watch: AASU Rally Against CAA 2019 in Kokrajharlast_img read more

The Latest: Bucks likely not taking entire traveling party

first_imgAthletic director Jim Phillips cited the possibility of a limited crowd at the famed ballpark even if fans were allowed. He called it “a disappointing conclusion to reach” and said the Wildcats hope to play there again “with a packed house.”In 2010, Northwestern played Illinois in the first college football game at Wrigley Field since 1938. The Wildcats have since played baseball and lacrosse games there.___Stanford has announced it’s eliminating 11 varsity sports programs after the 2020-21 academic year.Programs affected include men’s and women’s fencing, field hockey, lightweight rowing, men’s rowing, co-ed and women’s sailing, squash, synchronized swimming, men’s volleyball and wrestling. The race on Aug. 16 was a necessary move from Watkins Glen because NASCAR cannot meet New York’s quarantine requirements for out-of-state visitors.___The Baltimore Ravens have informed season ticket holders that their seats will not available this year.The team says season ticket holders will be offered the same seats in 2021, and money already spent for this season can be used for next year or refunded upon request.Because of the coronavirus pandemic, NFL games this season are expected to be held without fans or in front of a greatly reduced audience. The Latest: Bucks likely not taking entire traveling party Associated Press The Bucks closed their practice facility in Milwaukee after receiving results of their Friday coronavirus testing. Horst declined to say whether the positive test came from a Bucks player or another member of the traveling party.The Bucks owned an NBA-leading 53-12 record when play was halted in mid-March due to the pandemic. They return to action July 31 against the Boston Celtics.___NASCAR in August will move its road course race from Watkins Glen in upstate New York because of state health restrictions, and the event will shift instead to the road course at Daytona International Speedway. The move means the Cup Series will make its debut on Daytona’s road course, which is used by the IMSA sports car series and incorporates part of the famed 2.5-mile oval. July 8, 2020 Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___Milwaukee Bucks general manager Jon Horst says the group that travels to Florida on Thursday for the resumption of the season at Walt Disney World likely won’t include the team’s entire 35-person traveling party. According to an email sent Wednesday by the Ravens to the owners of Personal Seat Licenses, the team speculated that stadium capacity — if fans are allowed — would be fewer than 14,000 seats per game.If fans are permitted to attend, seats would be sold on a game-by-game basis with season ticket holders receiving a priority opportunity to purchase in advance of any public sale.___Northwestern’s game against Wisconsin scheduled for Nov. 7 at Wrigley Field is being moved on campus to Ryan Field because of uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Northwestern announced the decision Wednesday after consulting with the Chicago Cubs, state and local authorities and the Big Ten Conference. Also, Indians outfielder Delino DeShields Jr., who tested positive for COVID-19, is traveling to Cleveland after he had one negative test. The team says DeShields experience minor symptoms from the virus. He’ll be tested again when he arrives and can rejoin his teammates as long as he doesn’t test positive again.DeShields is in his first season with the Indians, who acquired him in December from Texas in the trade involving ace Corey Kluber.___The Chicago White Sox are giving fans the opportunity to purchase cardboard cutouts of themselves that will be displayed at Guaranteed Rate Field during the team’s season-opening homestand.The cutouts cost $49 and will be available while supplies last. Proceeds will benefit the team’s charitable arm. The university is the first Power Five school to cut any sports programs. It also said Wednesday that it’s eliminating the jobs of 20 support staff as part of the realignment. ___Cleveland Indians outfielder Franmil Reyes has been cleared by the team’s medical staff to return to the field after being isolated for attending a party over the July Fourth weekend.The team kept Reyes away from Progressive Field as a precaution after he attended a holiday gathering without wearing a mask. The Indians learned of Reyes’ off-field actions from social media.Manager Terry Francona says Reyes was re-tested for the coronavirus and may now participate in training camp. He is scheduled to take batting practice Wednesday and speak to the media on Thursday. The White Sox open with a three-game series against the Minnesota Twins starting on July 24.___More AP sports: and read more