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Freeboard, snow depth and sea-ice roughness in East Antarctica from in situ and multiple satellite data

first_imgIn October 2003 a campaign on board the Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis had the objective to validate standard Aqua Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) sea-ice products. Additionally, the satellite laser altimeter on the Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) was in operation. To capture the large-scale information on the sea-ice conditions necessary for satellite validation, the measurement strategy was to obtain large-scale sea-ice statistics using extensive sea-ice measurements in a Lagrangian approach. A drifting buoy array, spanning initially 50 km x 100 km, was surveyed during the campaign. In situ measurements consisted of 12 transects, 50-500 m, with detailed snow and ice measurements as well as random snow depth sampling of floes within the buoy array using helicopters. In order to increase the amount of coincident in situ and satellite data an approach has been developed to extrapolate measurements in time and in space. Assuming no change in snow depth and freeboard occurred during the period of the campaign on the floes surveyed, we use buoy ice-drift information as well as daily estimates of thin-ice fraction and rough-ice vs smooth-ice fractions from AMSR-E and QuikSCAT, respectively, to estimate kilometer-scale snow depth and freeboard for other days. The results show that ICESat freeboard estimates have a mean difference of 1.8 cm when compared with the in situ data and a correlation coefficient of 0.6. Furthermore, incorporating ICESat roughness information into the AMSR-E snow depth algorithm significantly improves snow depth retrievals. Snow depth retrievals using a combination of AMSR-E and ICESat data agree with in situ data with a mean difference of 2.3 cm and a correlation coefficient of 0.84 with a negligible bias.last_img read more

Asda shapes its local offer

first_imgBakery buyers may be sobbing in the aisles – and one or two tertiary bakery suppliers, no doubt – as the one-size-fits-all approach to filling the supermarket bakery concessions across the land is ditched, with the focus shifted onto locally sourced products, premium, indulgent products and organics.Asda is simplifying its number of SKUs and is focusing, at a store- specific level, on tailoring its bakery offering to a locality – a move which has paid off this year, according to bakery director Huw Edwards. “Buyers are very protective of their products. But we have to prise some of these products out of the buyers’ hands and focus on what the customer really wants.”Whereas a whole range of Bakewell tart brands, for example, may once have competed on-shelf, the new approach is to “take some tough decisions” by whittling down the offering to one value, one mid-market and one premium product in some cases. The challenge is to edit down the bewil- dering amount of choice and make the bakery buying experience less frightening, he said.”There is now so much choice that it almost paralyses the customer,” said Edwards. “The customer might only spend 20 seconds in the bread aisle, so you’ve got to make it easy for them to find what they want. Most people find shopping a chore. Everything we do must be about making the shopping experience easy.”Key to Asda’s strategy has been sourcing local baked goods, as well as “bringing the buying power of our business to give customers great prices on national brands”. Some stores have their own display unit for local products, while in others, more space is being allocated for local products in the fixture where appropriate. “We’ve taken some tough decisions about national brands,” said Edwards. “If there are three big brands, we will only offer two of them in-store, if that’s what’s relevant to the consumer in that store.”There are massive differences in demand from store to store, even within regions, he said. “What we thought was fairly uniform is not. In Scotland we sell an awful lot of Kingsmill; in the south we sell a lot of Hovis.”Asda’s in-store business is growing faster than bought-in, revealed Edwards, with big improvements over the last year where previously there had been “inhibited growth”. “We’ve focused on operational excellence this year,” he said. “We have a network of ’stores of learning’, we’ve upgraded our [training] packages, and we’ve got a team of specialists who relaunch stores that aren’t driving success.” A total of 45 failing stores have been relaunched successfully this year.Asda is also launching more speciality products. The retailer has seen 80% growth in its Extra Special premium label this year. Meanwhile, although a small market in growth, organics remains a big consumer pull, with sales up by 50%. “It’s clear that you’ve got to be in the organics market to get people through the door, even if they only buy one or two products,” said Edwards.Portion control is another trend, with sales of larger products, such as whole cakes, falling off in favour of smaller packs. “It’s far more successful to produce a really great product in a two-portion pack – you have the treat, it’s gone, there’s no more temptation. You can go back to eating your salads,” said Edwards. The successful launch in Asda of a super-indulgent chocolate muffin twin-pack pointed the way forward, he added. “There is a declining market for cakes in lunchboxes. What was a major part of the [cake] market is in decline. So we’re looking at other avenues and indulgence is an area where we can make a difference, getting people to trade up.”On the healthy eating side, the baking industry has some way to go before it matches the impact of the cereals industry in promoting wholegrain products, he noted. “Neither we retailers nor the manufacturing base have covered ourselves in glory in the way we’ve marketed wholegrain. The cereals business has plastered every TV screen and magazine with wholegrains and healthiness. It’s something we’ve all got to work at.”Retailers need to encourage shoppers to try products by developing cross-merchandising or on-shelf information to link breads to eating occasions, said Edwards. Competitive pricing, offering good value, and a promotional strategy will continue to see shoppers trade up. “A balanced use of those mechanics has helped us to grow the business,” he said. “All the markets are growing, both in volume and sales. It seems we’re pressing the right buttons for our customers.” n—-=== Asda comment ===n On training: “One of the big issues for all of us who operate in-store bakeries is skill levels and getting enough bakers to run those bakeries effectively. It’s tough to find them and keep them.”n On availability: “It’s the biggest focus in our business and we’re starting to make headway. We need the baking industry’s help – it’s about how we work in our stores, but also about how accurate the deliveries are.”n On the in-store experience: “We’re putting better and better products into our stores. We can’t have clinical stores. We need them to be inspirational.”n On in-store organic production: “We’re not baking organic in-store at the moment. We’re looking for products that could be baked in the packaging to maintain the integrity of the product, but we’ve got to find a way of doing it well.”last_img read more

Luke The Knife Delivers Sexy Remixes Of Glass Animals, Fleetwood Mac, and More At The Aggie [Video]

first_imgLotus‘ Luke Miller brought his Luke the Knife project to Fort Collins, CO’s the Aggie Theatre last night for a Saturday night dance session with Fun Factory and Nasty Nachos. Miller dropped some nu-disco/house-laden remixes from a myriad of diverse artists from across the musical spectrum.Highlights included choice cuts of Glass Animals‘ “Gooey,” Fleetwood Mac‘s “Dreams,” and the Talking Heads‘ “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody),” which provided the perfect backdrop to warm yourself up on what was a rather brisk, Colorado night. Miller delivered some sleek, sexy and sensuous beats over a near 2-hour set that had everyone in attendance feeling the groove. Check out some video from Luke the Knife’s set below, and check out his Soundcloud page here.Glass Animals “Gooey”:Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” (4-minute mark):last_img read more

The Message for the Week in Chester, Vermont, stops publishing

first_imgAll employees at Twin State Valley Media Network, which includes the daily Eagle Times in Claremont, NH, the weeklies The Message for the Week out of Chester, Vermont, the Connecticut Valley Spectator out of Lebanon, NH, and The Weekly Flea, received an email Thursday, July 9 at 3:32 p.m. telling them that when the doors closed at 5, everyone was to leave their keys, take their stuff, and they were all laid off. Owner Harvey Hill took his media network into Bankruptcy Court on Friday morning, the day the last issue of the Eagle Times was published. The employees will get next week’s paycheck, all accrued vacation time, and health insurance through the end of the month.Hill said he was just sinking tons of cash into the business – $150,000 a month at times, just to keep it afloat. He said that, if he knew things would start breaking even in a year, he would still have to put $1.5 million in out of his pocket just to get to that point. He just wasn’t going to do that.The Message was doing okay, and getting better. Alone it might have weathered this storm. Tethered to the Eagle and Hill’s other papers, it was a losing battle.So, it’s unemployment for a while, and I won’t mind that for a month or two for sure! I’ve been working my ass off for Harvey – 7 days a week many times. We were really ramping up The Message content – double and triple the amount of in-house features in every issue.Robert Smith is co-editor of The Message and freelance writer/photographer for Vermont Business Magazine.EDITOR’S NOTE: Vermont Business Magazine began as an insert in the daily Springfield Times-Reporter in 1972 before being spun off into a stand-alone publication and eventually sold. The Springfield and Claremont dailies were eventually combined into the one Eagle Times. Eagle-Times, 2 other papers close doorsRutland Herald – Susan Smallheerlast_img read more

Brazil Makes New Push to Halt Human Trafficking

first_img Human trafficking “goes well beyond sexual exploitation,” said Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo, flanked by his counterparts Maria do Rosario, in charge of human rights, and Eleonora Menicucci, in charge of women’s issues. Between 2005 and 2011, 475 Brazilians were found to be victims of international human trafficking, mainly in Suriname, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. Most of them were women subjected to sexual exploitation. The new strategy would target not only sexual slavery but also forced labor, organ trafficking and the illegal adoption of children, government officials told the press. “The borders are a source of great concern,” said Cardozo, adding that the country plans to invest nearly $3 million for the creation of new control posts to deal with human trafficking. Cardozo said the figures understated the magnitude of the problem, as many victims — most of them women — do not report it out of fear or shame. By Dialogo February 28, 2013 Brazil unveiled new steps to combat human trafficking on February 26, including tighter border controls and a clampdown on both the organ trade and the recruitment of slave labor. center_img The new plan aims to step up border vigilance through the creation of new control posts and includes penal reform to criminalize the illegal adoption of children, organ extraction and forced labor. Data from the Justice Ministry indicated that most of the cases were in Suriname, a neighboring country used as a transit point for trafficking into the Netherlands. “Brazil does not want to see its people trafficked, exploited, nor does it want to be a place where Latin American or African immigrants are exploited,” Do Rosario said. The first national plan against human trafficking was launched in 2008. “With this new plan, we hope that this crime will stop being hidden so we can combat it,” he added.last_img read more

Colombia Seminar: From Terrorist Insurgency to Transnational Organized Crime

first_imgBy Dialogo March 11, 2016 During an international seminar titled, “From terrorist insurgency to transnational organized crime,” in Bogotá, Colombia from March 8-10th, led by the Regional Center for Security Strategies (CREES, for its Spanish acronym) at the Colombian War College, Colombian Minister of Defense Luis Carlos Villegas Echeverri stated that Government Forces must be prepared and ready to face new incarnations of crime that are already on the horizon, and added that “those threats will not disappear until the demobilization is complete”. He also highlighted the work being done by CREES, whose mission is to generate and disseminate strategic knowledge in security, and to contribute to the training of high-level advisers on the prevention and management of new threats on the global stage. The Defense Minister also said that “Colombia has a history of defeating drug cartels, but today we have a different kind of organized crime” and that another sort of threat to all societies has emerged. He reiterated the importance of international cooperation among neighboring countries, local authorities and other security agencies to conduct joint operations that will help meet these new challenges. “International cooperation must take its rightful place, which it always should have had,” he emphasized. Before the delegations from 18 countries in attendance at this academic event to analyze the evolution of terrorist insurgencies, Minister Villegas said that Colombia has a very important story to tell. “We have been successful in battling terrorism and transnational organized crime. The two phenomena arose simultaneously, and that has allowed us to have a political system today that provides a secure environment for Colombians.” Furthermore, during the seminar’s opening ceremony, the director of the War College, Major General Juan Carlos Salazar Salazar, announced the launch of Revista CREES, a new publication with a scientific focus, specializing in security matters. The content is developed by researchers at CREES and other domestic and international think tanks who were invited to form a knowledge network based on research and joint efforts, and to create a space for the exchange of ideas and reflections about topics related to Security in the [Western] hemisphere, and its implications for the rest of the world. The three-day seminar was attended by officer students in the Advanced Military Studies and General Staff courses, who next year will be responsible for commanding operational and tactical Military Units in every region of the country. In my opinion, there should be help for countries involved in this fight and greater investment in agriculture and industry in order to deter the trading of drugs. Should also [have investments] in health and education, especially for the young people.last_img read more

DWI Suspect Crashed Into Nassau Police Car, Injuring 2 Officers, Cops Say

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An alleged drunken driver was arrested for allegedly crashing her SUV into a Nassau County police car, injuring two officers in Uniondale early Wednesday morning, authorities said.Katie Kirk, 21, of Bay Shore, was driving a Jeep Wrangler on Oak Street at the entrance to Hofstra University when she rear-ended the patrol car at 3:45 a.m., police said.The officers were taken to a local hospital for treatment of neck and back injuries.Kirk was charged with driving while intoxicated and driving without a license.She was arraigned Wednesday at First District Court in Hempstead.last_img read more

Reports: Jokic, six other NBA players test positive for COVID-19

first_imgThe NBA is due to restart late next month with 22 of the 30 teams competing at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Fla. Training camps at Disney are due to open July 11.Jokic was scheduled to return to Denver this week. According to ESPN, Jokic has been asymptomatic since testing positive last week. Per the report, he is expected to be cleared to travel to Denver within a week.Players who left their home team market were scheduled to return to their pro team market on June 15 for testing. Jokic was granted an exception by the NBA to stay in Sombor, Serbia.All other players are due to report Tuesday, per the terms of the NBA and National Basketball Players Association agreement, as the league begins advanced preparation for the resumption of the 2019-2020 season.Jokic, 25, was in Belgrade for an exhibition game on June 15.The Suns have been holding voluntary team workouts in Phoenix, and the Republic reported that Mikal Bridges, Elie Okobo, Frank Kaminsky III, Dario Saric, Jevon Carter, Aron Baynes, Jalen Lecque and Cheick Diallo have attended.Topics : Seven NBA players, including Denver Nuggets All-Star center Nikola Jokic, have tested positive for the coronavirus recently, according to various media reports Tuesday.The only one of the group who was specifically identified was Jokic, who reportedly is under quarantine in his native Serbia, per multiple media outlets.Two unnamed members of the Phoenix Suns have the virus, according to the Arizona Republic. And ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that an unnamed Western Conference playoff team had four players test positive in the past week.last_img read more

Wednesday people roundup [updated]

first_imgKempen Capital Management UK, PwC, Muzinich & Co, Investec, Mobius Life, BlackRock, Aberdeen Asset Management, Transparency Task ForceKempen Capital Management UK – Nikesh Patel has been appointed as a senior investment strategist in London. He will be responsible for advising UK clients on strategic and tactical investment strategy and asset-liability risks. He joins from PwC, where he was an investment consultant. Before then, he worked at BlackRock and Mercer.Muzinich & Co – Grant Davidson has been appointed director of the UK private debt team. He joins from Investec, where he was senior origination director for growth and acquisition finance, responsible for the sourcing and execution of deals for UK mid-market businesses. Before then, he worked at Lyceum Capital.Mobius Life – The institutional investment platform has made two senior appointments to its asset transfer and investment research teams. Steve Robinson joins as head of asset transfers from BlackRock, while Michael Jackson joins as data integrity and research manager from Aberdeen Asset Management. Transparency Task Force (TTF) – Robin Powell has been appointed ambassador for the TTF, a campaign to increase transparency in financial services, including investment costs for pension schemes. Powell is a broadcaster and journalist, and founder of Regis Media, a communications company for the “evidence-based” investor sector. Catherine Howarth, chief executive at ShareAction, and David Pitt-Watson, co-founder and former chief executive at Hermes Focus Funds and Equity Ownership Service, are among more than a dozen TTF ambassadors.last_img read more

How much? This is Brisbane’s most expensive rental property

first_imgThis house at 10 Morgan Street, Ascot, has been leased for $5500 a week.A YOUNG Brisbane entrepreneur is forking out 13 times the average weekly rent to live a life of luxury in one of the city’s most lusted-after mega mansions. For the princely sum of $5500 a week, the house described as “the trophy home of the decade” is the most expensive rental ever achieved in the river city, according to the Residential Tenancies Authority.You could rent 13 houses for the price 10 Morgan Street, Ascot, has been leased for, based on the median weekly rent in Brisbane being $415, according to property researcher CoreLogic. The pool area of the house at 10 Morgan St, Ascot.It is also nearly three times the average monthly mortgage repayment.But Joy Crossingham, the owner of eyelash extension supplier, LashJoy, also operates part of the business from the house.The ultra-private, luxury residence is built into the side of Bartley’s Hill and spans four levels, with more than 1470 sqm of living space. The house spans four levels, with lots of glass panels to take advantage of the views.Eadan Hockings of LivingHere, who leased the property, said his research showed it was the highest rental price achieved for a residential home in Brisbane.The house that disgraced businessman Christopher Skase built in Hamilton was advertised for rent for an eyewatering $12,800 a week before it sold last year, making it Queensland’s most expensive advertised rental. The alfresco lounge, dining and back garden. Photo: Claudia Baxter.“It’s a market we weren’t aware existed in Brisbane — we had a lot of people laughing at us when we put that price out there.”But Mr Hockings said he was expecting to see several rentals secured in that price range in the first quarter of this year.“We’re dealing with a lot of people who, if they can’t find a place to buy, are often happy to put down up to $250,000 a year in rent,” he said. The master bedroom. Photo: Claudia Baxter. This house at 10 Morgan St, Ascot, has been leased for $5500 a week.It comes as rents in Brisbane are on the rise, with research by showing house rents increased 2.4 per cent in 2018, while the cost of leasing a unit became 2.6 per cent more chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the only way was up for rents in the city from here on, as underlying demand in the Brisbane market began to absorb rental supply, putting upward pressure on rents. More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus14 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market14 hours agoThe house comes with a fully equipped gym.The home has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, space for 10 cars and killer views.For $5500 a week, you also get a commercial grade marble kitchen, an infinity lap pool, oversized bar and entertaining area, a climate-controlled wine cellar, a private gym, shower and steam room, and an internal lift. The incredible city views from the dining area. A glimpse of the city views from the home.But Mr Hockings said the closest price for a secured rental in Brisbane, after 10 Morgan Street, was $3800.“We’ve seen an influx of tenants with $4000 plus per week to spend as a result of this landmark rental,” Mr Hockings said. last_img read more