Gold sellers intensified competition to open up the electricity supplier battlefield

recently, the Beijing gold Caibai jewelry retail brand for Tmall and Jingdong in the mall. At the same time, the United States and the group began online physical gold sales. Early Internet sales CTF, the electricity supplier in 2013 sales increased 177% year-on-year.

in the international price of gold continued to decline in the background, whether traditional or local retail gold jewelry gold listed companies, even the new incoming gold sales industry, are in intensive layout electricity supplier, has opened a new sales battlefield.

gold sales market competition. The main consumer groups to purchase channels are moving to the Internet, we must begin to develop the electricity supplier this sales channels." Caibai jewelry responsible person told reporters.

reporter in Taobao search gold, there are 92 thousand and 600 goods. Zhou Dafu, Chao Hongji, and so on, China’s gold and other traditional gold stores are located in Tmall. Many gold jewelry store monthly sales are more than one hundred, the highest sales of over one million yuan.

industry insiders believe that, in the face of growing competition in the face, 5 years after the disappearance of the majority of gold jewelry brand, expanding electricity supplier channels imperative. But gold is expensive items, do electricity supplier is not easy, the future needs a lot of investment. – Beijing News reporter Chen Bai Beijing reported

net sales of gold data tracking aunt buy gold


buyers Miss Lau recently in Tmall mall to buy a horse Zodiac gold pendant". After all, Tmall flagship store, quality or rest assured."

This is not the first time

Liu on the Internet to buy gold jewelry. "The previous generation is still used to buying gold jewelry in traditional gold stores, but many of the people around me have become accustomed to buying it online. Styles, low prices, large selection of room." She told reporters.

reporter comparison found that a store in the sale of gold jewelry in the online price per gram cheaper nearly 10 yuan. At the same time, the Internet will also launch promotions.

in style, the brand is also under the foot of Kung fu. For example, Acer introduced a A dress shirt a dream pendant, the price of 1800 yuan. Online sales records show that the world cup war less than a week, the product sold more than and 100 pieces.

other businesses have to follow the trend of World Cup launched similar products, such as the Millennium Star Football Trophy pendants, diamond express Shoes + football shape pendant. There are some small gold sellers simply sell football and soccer models Pendant earrings.

According to Jingdong

number Juhui 2013 consumer report shows that last year the Jingdong gold consumption users, ordinary users to buy gold 169 grams per capita, Jingdong "China aunt who (according to gender and age analysis of user model) per capita buy gold 219 grams, is 1.3 times that of ordinary users.


report also shows that the Chinese uncle on the Jingdong to buy gold per capita >

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