Shanghai has more than 180 cross border retail enterprises only in Dubai and London

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, the latest statistics show that as of the end of 2016, the world’s 340 cross-border retail enterprises, more than 180 settled in Shanghai, after the number of London and Dubai, the world’s largest cities list. Shanghai has become one of the most open markets in the world.


at present, Shanghai is dotted with high streets and back lanes in various supermarkets and retail chain stores have been close to 7200, the city’s resident population of 24 million, an average of nearly 3400 people there is a chain of retail formats, the degree of development of the country’s leading. Shanghai also has 15 municipal business center, more than and 30 regional commercial center and 67 specialty commercial district, the city’s standardized markets reached more than and 960, more than 1000 micro community farms.


in the global cross-border retail enterprises competing settled behind, is a huge consumer market continued to grow in Shanghai. In 2015, after Beijing, Shanghai became the second country’s total retail sales of social consumer goods more than one trillion yuan. January 2016 to November, Shanghai’s total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 996 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of about 7.8%.

data show that Shanghai commercial open and focused not only on international business radiation throughout the country, a tourist attraction is also on the rise, and effectively guide consumption abroad return. Shanghai is beyond Hongkong, Singapore and other old shopping paradise, has become a new focus of the international consumer cities".

2015, Shanghai received a total of 8 million tourists travel overseas, accounting for 6% of the total reception, tourism foreign exchange revenue of nearly $6 billion, accounting for about 10% of the national total. From January 2016 to November, the number of tourists travel overseas in Shanghai to host the new record, up to 7 million 860 thousand people; 11 months ago, the city’s 235 stores were issued 16 thousand and 600 refund tax refund, refund of goods sales amounted to 236 million yuan, the business volume ranked the country’s 16 provinces and cities in the first tax rebate.

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