Customer Tmall shop compensation net shop as a reason to refuse to return


Times News (reporter Yuan Guoli) the original lady bought a consumer electric ovens at Tmall, was not satisfied with requirements of the shop 7 days no reason to return, but the shop was in online shopping platform has been the use of "Tmall fund" to pay the loss of consumers refused to return.

it is understood that the original lady who lives in Qinhuangdao, not long ago, she bought a Tmall electric oven, the price of 850 yuan. But the received electric oven sent business, the original ladies do not feel very satisfied, for 7 days no reason to return to the shop, but no quality problems refused to return, then the original MS and Tmall customer service staff to contact the rights. As a result of the original lady is a high-level customer Tmall, Tmall Netcom over Tmall fund, directly to the original lady provides a compensation of 850 yuan. Upon receipt of compensation, the original woman grew more and more wrong, she thought he was just trying to return goods, shop did not fulfill the statutory obligations of 7 days no reason to return. Once again, the original contact with the shop, the other to Tmall has been on the grounds of compensation, refused to return again. In the case of fruitless negotiations, the original complaint to the Tongzhou branch of the industrial and commercial bureau.

as a trading company in Tongzhou District all belongs to the shop, Tongzhou branch, industrial and commercial staff came to the company, to find the responsible person. Person in charge claimed that Tmall has lost money, consumers have been compensated for the loss, if the original lady for return procedures, consumers will therefore make money". The business staff and call the Tmall customer service, customer service representatives reply said, in order to prevent the loss caused by high levels of consumers and produced by the third party online consumer disputes, Tmall set up a special "Tmall fund", the purpose is to retain senior consumers continued in the consumer platform. The original 850 yuan received by the president is the Tmall fund to pay, not the first payment, and sold to the original lady of the oven shop unrelated.

and staff believe that in accordance with the "law" stipulates that consumers have the right to require 7 days no reason to return. Original lady to buy electric oven within the statutory period to apply for returns, the operator should be no reason to apply for return procedures for the original lady. After mediation, the shop agreed to apply for return procedures for the original lady, and refund the purchase of 850 yuan to restore the woman.

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