11 double grab the goods artifact hot 360 browser to grab the goods necessary

recently, micro-blog users broke the news, "double 11 grab the goods artifact on sale in the online hot, the price of 0.99 yuan, half day on-line orders over a hundred, easily earn a small, this amazing; this broke the news of micro-blog, in just a few hours, it attracted the attention of netizens. There are more users have a message, asking bloggers to share baby links, but also ridicule said, now eleven, we have to buy software, if you do not have to, even with the hair are not grab the 80%.


Figure 1: Taobao grab artifact artifact price of only 0.99 yuan

According to the Tmall

store claimed that the artifact can automatically grab the goods orders, in the purchase of goods, can be a key to the automatic order list, can also set up their own automatic order time, setup is complete, grab the goods artifact automatically submit orders. At the same time, grab the goods artifact can real-time monitor the shopping cart commodity price, inventory and replenishment information, and can be the first time to be reminded. Beloved baby out of the library, there is a one-stop logistics tracking reminder, you can always pay attention to the delivery of baby.


then, the payment of the purchase of the 11 double grab the goods artifact, but the baby received the package, that is the 360 browser steal goods artifact installation package, the first time to call the 360 browser, the staff said, they have to pay close attention to this information on micro-blog, the 360 browser is free so, they have been in contact with the seller Taobao goods shelves, if users need to download the browser by 360.


Figure 2: free plug-in browser grab artifact


in addition, this year to participate in the number of "double 11" of the Tmall business has exceeded 27 thousand, greatly exceeded last year’s business, this year 11 chop hand family will also usher in a battle, so have a weapon to grab the goods is still very necessary, it is understood that after the launch of Tmall browser 360 double 11 grab the goods God is, exclusively with "fast," panic buying "panic buying cheap" and "safety grab goods" three big functions, you can try the next 360 browser to grab the goods artifact, whether it really said that.

360 browser artifact grab login: http://s.se.360.cn/1111.html

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