Li Guoqing predicted three years after leaving only three electricity supplier this may

October 30, 2012, Ali group, Tmall group and jointly announced today officially opened the store in Tmall, which means that consumers can directly buy books, Dangdang online merchandise in Tmall, and at the same time enjoy Tmall and service.

is Li Guoqing surrendered? Dangdang development or change? Is the IT industry speculation in November 4, 2012, when Li Guoqing to deal with the media speculation official came forward to respond: now is the business of the winter, the winter for conservative dangdang. But even more surprising is that Li Guoqing predicted three years later, only the remaining three electricity supplier, and this is certainly one of the top three dangdang.

in fact, from the product poly, music cool days to Yao point 100, the closure of the closure of the 24 coupons can be seen, the vertical electricity supplier is really difficult to walk the road. Li Guoqing also admitted that Dangdang in addition to the book is profitable, the other is a loss. But for three years after leaving only three electricity supplier remarks, but I disagree.


why do you say that?

first, the traditional Internet business market and the line is actually similar, if Taobao, Tmall as a line under the giant shopping mall, then we will find that although there are such huge shopping malls, but still there are a lot of small independent store development well.

second, people who see a lot behind the business platform of the fallen, but ignore the Haier, Lining and other traditional industry giants in the layout of their own electricity supplier sales platform, the strong line integration capability and logistics advantages can make themselves in the field of electronic business.

third, even if a monopoly giant no matter how strong, it is impossible to occupy all the market, because the market is changing rapidly. For example, in the search field, although a monopoly of Baidu, but Google, Sogou, soso, YAHOO is also developing, and the recent 360 search is to make the industry strong in raspberry.

thus it can be seen, three years after leaving only three electricity supplier speech is unlikely to become a reality. Not only that, those who join the small website of business segments and traditional industry giants, will make the Internet market more full of new life, winter is the end of the spring, are you ready? This paper by ZZ to reliable business plan original, reproduced please specify.

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