Strong electricity supplier platform forced businesses forced to choose a helpless two

a few days ago, the Jingdong and other second tier electricity supplier slobber fight is Huan, suddenly jumped out and accused Tmall in the Jingdong last year playing Maoni, requirements of Tmall platform businesses may not participate in the Jingdong’s anniversary promotional activities, if already participate in the business people must be within 24 hours of goods shelves. When the news appeared, many industry insiders believe that it may be Jingdong with Taobao last year’s two election slobber launched a marketing, but in less than twenty-four hours, the exposure is accused of Jingdong. This caused an uproar in the industry.

merchants too bitter, want to make money is not easy

the cat’s business requirements must be launched by Jingdong anniversary promotion, so I have to feel sad for these businesses on the platform, a master survival business platform in e-business environment has become very helpless, a service in the business platform should turn over as the owner, have to say this business really hard to force. As a service business platform, whether it is Tmall or other electronic business platform, every year a large number of businesses to receive platform service fees, still require businesses to launch a rival service, this strength comes from.

According to the

study found that Tmall’s strength lies in the enormous traffic system, can make the system in the business to make more profits, in other words, Tmall has more clout than the Jingdong, is able to bring more returns, indeed, a few years from the Taobao desire for user traffic to see, invested more than billions of dollars, if this is not able to achieve control of the terminal of the supply chain, so the investment is undoubtedly a failure.

is now Tmall traffic sources can be said to be a full range, from numerous visitors to the Taobao Baidu search to micro-blog and other social media, Taobao and Tmall has built a huge distribution network, in the network, businesses have to feel the huge earnings outlook to the day the cat finally issued orders, many businesses although feel very tangled in a short time, but in the end I believe there will be more than half of businesses will go with Tmall.


direct competition to a fundamental solution, the Jingdong

Dunsheng chill

from the Jingdong 628 anniversary to only 20 days, which in 2012 on the Internet, a variety of promotional advertising rebates on the Jingdong has a large emerge in an endless stream, feel the thrilling dogged situation is not to let the user, and this year the Jingdong marketing was significantly milder, but still a large number of slobber marketing is indispensable however, this seems to be the cat has a variety of marketing to halt the troops and wait, slobber Jingdong is very calm, this makes a lot of industry that is this year’s Tmall watch other electricity providers and Jingdong struggle, they want to get off.

but Tmall issued 24 hours to cancel the order so that many experts believe that Tmall is indeed very hard, directly into the supply chain management, through the control of the supplier channels to enhance the platform’s condensate

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