Another Olympic Valley contest SEO contest climax

Admin5 station network organized by the "Olympic Valley" (Baidu + Games + Google keyword) natural ranking contest attracted countless SEOR eyes, there are many webmaster to join them, a time to become popular keywords in the new Olympic Valley, a variety of optimization methods have been made out.

because the limit of time and condition, to the natural ranking of the keywords 100 abstruse cereal made up in the short term, in addition to resources and technology to fight the webmaster, appropriate black hat techniques can also be considered.

The domain name registration time

of the contest is required after 24:00 April 8, 2008, I saw this contest news is April 11th, the domain name registration screen for a long time, found that the Chinese Olympic Valley are registered a space, had to register a The domain name with good effect is better than short-term apart together, the name literally means 100 abstruse cereal SEO, so I gave the name of my site SEO 100 abstruse Cereal Contest was named "100 Valley SEO contest station", we selected two keywords: 100 and 100 Aogu Aogu contest. The site is described as "100 Valley SEO station is in order to participate in the contest Admin5 webmaster held" 100 abstruse cereal (Baidu + Games + "Google keyword) natural ranking contest and opening of the site. "

domain name registration after waiting for a full 5 hours before the domain name came into effect, this time is already in the evening of April 11th 22:47, some website promotion tools in the company’s computer. The site of the new site now know, on-line to be Baidu, Google included only by high quality active links to attract the search engine spiders, manual submission effect is very small, I only put my 100 abstruse Cereal Contest SEO station ( submitted to classified catalogue in Sun Wukong. The other category is too high, also in my new website, not what the content of the game is also presented to estimate.

to your new site indexed by search engines, only write some original articles, can be published to Admin5, Chinese station and some webmaster site, the site in the search engine’s authority value is relatively high, reproduced more, to increase their own site links is very good.

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