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Mr. Mohamed Paya,IDEAS Sarah Begley is a staff writer for TIME When the Martians first land on Earth in the 1996 sci-fi comedy Mars Attacks! for a moment it appears all will be fine “We come in peace” says their leader as the music swells and a dove soars overhead Seconds later the Martian pulls out a laser gun and opens fire on a crowd of human onlookers Yet another blockbuster alien invasion has begun That’s Hollywood of course But the melodrama underscores one of humanity’s most widely held fears: that if and when we do encounter extraterrestrial beings they will wreak all kinds of havoc much as they do in the movies Or will they For his new book Aliens: The World’s Leading Scientists on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili asked a series of experts to explore how humans might actually make contact with aliens The possibility is not as far-fetched as it once seemed: since NASA launched its Kepler mission in 2009 researchers have discovered thousands of new planets and “revolutionized our concept of how many habitable worlds could exist” writes astrobiologist Nathalie Cabrol in one of the book’s essays But while Hollywood suggests we should expect to battle their inhabitants science tells a different story Here five popular alien myths that Aliens debunks MYTH NO 1: Aliens would eat us Movies like The Blob and Critters imagine aliens harvesting humans for food an unpleasant prospect But it doesn’t track with the science of nutrition writes astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell In order for aliens to get nourishment from eating us their bodies would have to be capable of processing our molecules (like amino acids and sugars) And that requires having a similar biochemistry–a long shot for a species that hails from a different world MYTH NO 2: Aliens would breed with us Both of this summer’s extraterrestrial blockbusters Alien: Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 involve human-alien hybrids But given that we can’t even reproduce with our nearest evolutionary relative the chimpanzee it’s “overwhelmingly improbable” we could do so with aliens according to Dartnell MYTH NO 3: Aliens would look like us Human evolution depended on so many unique and unpredictable factors it’s near impossible that an extraterrestrial species would have human-like features like the aliens in The Day the Earth Stood Still and Star Trek It’s far likelier writes neuroscientist Anil Seth that they’d be as different as the octopus “our very own terrestrial alien” which has a high level of intelligence a decentralized nervous system and an alternative style of consciousness MYTH NO 4: Aliens would be “living” creatures Even restrained films like Arrival get this one wrong according to some scientists Should aliens contact us cosmologist Martin Rees believes we will hear not from fellow organic creatures but from the robots they produced who can in theory live forever MYTH NO 5: Aliens would steal our water and metal The aliens in Independence Day famously arrive to strip Earth of its resources But again that logic doesn’t add up writes Dartnell Most of our metal is in the Earth’s core not its crust; asteroids would be far better targets for mining And icy moons like Jupiter’s Europa would be easier places to stock up on water They’re uninhabited and they don’t have Earth’s strong gravitational pull So if aliens aren’t interested in harvesting our lands or our bodies why would they make contact Dartnell suspects a purer motive: curiosity “If aliens did come to Earth” he writes it would probably be “as researchers: biologists anthropologists linguists keen to understand the peculiar workings of life on Earth to meet humanity and learn of our art music culture languages philosophies and religions” Presumably we would hide our alien movies Contact us at [email protected] This appears in the May 15 2017 issue of TIME IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIt is one thing to be tortured still another to be tortured and silenced and something worse altogether to be tortured silenced and forgotten Like Dantes Hell Abu Zubaydah descends from one torment to another each worse than the last Wednesday evening Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump engaged in some election-year pot-banging about national security Trump vowed to engorge the military and defeat ISIS with a secret plan Clinton promised to stay the course set by President Obama But before we settle into this permanently militarized future we should recall the wreckage in our wake If there is a symbol of the US torture program he sits today in solitary confinement at a US prison in Cuba Zayn al Abidin Muhammad Husayn known to the world as Abu Zubaydah was the first person cast into a CIA black site and the first subjected to its "enhanced" interrogations He is the person for whom lawyers in the Bush Administration wrote the infamous torture memo which freed CIA contractors to brutalize him with impunity He is the only man in the world to have endured all of the authorized enhancements though he also suffered many techniqueslike "rectal rehydration"that were never approved Why was the CIA so eager to torture this man We know what some in the intelligence community believed at the time He was a senior leader in al-Qaeda and a close associate of Osama bin Laden He personally trained some of the 9/11 hijackers and his bloodstained fingerprints were all over al Qaedas previous operations That at least was the claim made by the highest officials in the Bush Administration beginning with the president Since that time of course the rest of the world has learned what some of us have known for many years In 2014 the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence completed what is by far the most comprehensive study of the CIA rendition and interrogation program The Committee examined over six million pages of primary source material from the CIA From its meticulous review the Committee concluded the Agency was to put it gently mistaken Zubaydah was never a member of al-Qaeda let alone one of its high ranking officers He had no connection either to the attacks of 9/11 or to al Qaedas terror This of course is precisely what Zubaydah told his torturers over and over perhaps as he was strapped once more to that water-soaked board stuffed again into that coffin built just for him or hung again from the hooks in the ceiling at the black site outside Bangkok In 2006 the CIA transferred Zubaydah to Guantanamo where he remains But unlike other CIA prisoners whose interrogations were "enhanced" Zubaydah has never been charged with a crime either in a federal court or a military commission In fact he has never appeared in a court of any kind whether military or civilian kangaroo or conventional And if the United States has its way he never will As his torture began his interrogators sought and received "assurances" that he would "remain in isolation and incommunicado for the remainder of his life" Assurances were immediately forthcoming: CIA headquarters responded that "all major players are in concurrence that [Abu Zubaydah] should remain incommunicado for the remainder of his life" Apart from a select fewincluding the men who tortured him a handful of other prisoners and government functionaries and his lawyers myself includedno one in the world has heard him speak since 2002 He was recently seen on video for a few minutes at Guantanamos parody of a parole hearing The notion of a parole hearing for a person who has never been convicted is an oxymoron but nothing about Guantanamo can be likened to legal forms And there would be no more than this "fleeting glimpse" Zubaydah was not allowed to speak lest the world might listen Worse my co-counsel Mark Denbeaux a law professor at Seton Hall had planned to attend the proceeding to speak on Zubaydahs behalf If Zayn cannot speak at least we might speak for him But at the last minute Mark had to cancel his flight to be at his wifes bedside as she went through emergency surgery We pleaded to set the hearing back a few days The government was unmoved The silence continues We have no illusion that Abu Zubaydah will be cleared by this Alice-in-Wonderland tribunal The unbridgeable gulf between patriotic myth and tortured reality embarrasses the United States which has never been good at atoning for its mistakesat least not so long as they can still speak We have tried to impart all this to our client but we can never be sure how much he understands He still has shrapnel lodged deep in his brain from when he was fighting the communists in Afghanistan back when Ronald Reagan and other brave hearts thought it was a good and honorable thing to be a mujahid whom Reagan repeatedly described as "Afghanistan’s freedom fighters" And of course Zubaydahs mental and physical state suffered a great deal at the hands of the CIA Meanwhile the Obama Administration winds down A few more prisoners will be released from Guantanamo before January 2017 but Zayn will not be among them And as Wednesdays choreographed display made clear neither of the current contenders for the Oval Office give a damn about what happens next on our desolate island prison so the future holds little hope Having tortured him they seem to figure it is better that he be silenced and best that he be forgotten at least until he dies After all that is the assurance we provided to his torturers Then we can be great again Contact us at [email protected] the first signs on Thursday of movement in the standoff both sides worked furiously to find enough agreement to get federal workers back on the job and extend the government’s borrowing authority past the October 17 limitAbout 20 House of Representatives Republicans huddled with Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Friday morning a day after Republicans floated a plan that would provide for a short-term debt limit increase lasting about six weeksRepublicans also have dangled the possibility of a quick reopening of government if there was a commitment by Obama to broader deficit reduction steps Obama had asked for a short-term debt limit increase with no conditions attachedObama will press his case in a morning meeting at the White House with Senate Republicans Vice President Joe Biden will join Obama for the session as the two sides hunt for a quick resolutionA handful of House Republicans appeared on morning television shows to express optimism now that talks have started with the White House"We’ve been very good about this the White House has been great about it overnight to say let’s stay out of all the details as we talk through all the different options" Oklahoma Republican Representative James Lankford said on CNNCalifornia Republican Representative Howard McKeon chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said the White House and Republicans agreed to focus on moving forward"There’s no sense dwelling on the past Mistakes have been made But at least now we’re talking and it’s time to move forward It’s best for the American people" McKeon said on MSNBCThe newfound optimism bolstered markets US stocks edged higher early on Friday following the biggest rally since the first trading day of the yearTime was running short with the partial government shutdown in its 11th day and less than a week to go before the Treasury Department exhausts its ability to borrow money to pay the government’s bills’STOP THAT TRAIN WRECK’Any deal that is struck by leaders could face a revolt from rank-and-file conservatives in both the House and Senate risking a potential US default that Obama and economists have warned could lead to economic chaos Texas Senator Ted Cruz a Tea Party favorite who has been a leader of conservatives demanding delays or defunding of the healthcare law before they will approve a budget deal was unapologetic at a conference of conservative activistsIn a speech frequently interrupted by hecklers he said the country must "stop that train wreck that disaster that nightmare that is Obamacare"The impending fiscal deadline is particularly problematic in the Senate where procedural delays can slow legislation for up to a week – about the time remaining before borrowing authority runs out according to Treasury Secretary Jack LewSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said he would hold a vote on Saturday on a measure giving a one-year debt ceiling increase without conditions and criticized Republican calls for a shorter extension of the borrowing authority"We do not believe a six-week delay of a catastrophic default is enough to get the economy the confidence it needs" Reid said on the Senate floorThe movement from Republicans on Thursday came after a flurry of new opinion polls showed them taking the blame for the government shutdown that began with the start of the new fiscal year on October 1A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed Republican Party favorability ratings at an all-time low of 24 percent and Democrats with an eight-point lead on voter congressional preference heading into next year’s mid-term electionsLate on Thursday Representative Pete Sessions who chairs the House Rules Committee that is a gatekeeper for all legislation headed for debate in the full chamber said a deal could be struck as early as FridayIf he is correct that could queue up votes in the full House by this weekendMeanwhile Senate Republicans were discussing a series of different ideas including a fast reopening of the government coupled with a debt limit increase and the repeal of an unpopular medical device tax that helps pay for "Obamacare" healthcare subsidies Under that plan the revenues would instead be raised through some pension reformsAdditional reporting by Tim Reid and Patrick Rucker; Writing by John WhitesidesSo pretty much all of usThe state needs $106 million — and has for several years — to get it doneIt’s gotten $0 from the Legislature and Gov Mark DaytonMembers of the Republican-controlled Legislature and Dayton a Democrat have blamed each other for what has become for three years in a row a casualty of the often-political and often-acrimonious budget processMeanwhile MNIT the state’s information technology agency has quietly plodded ahead in small steps that began years before with the hope officials say of staying ahead of a successful cyberattack which could cost taxpayers millions of dollars as well as untold inconvenienceState computers contain tax forms (including Social Security numbers) bank routing numbers driver’s license data and sometimes passport information to name some of the more sensitive dataHere’s how the state wants to protect it’This is not simple’At the foundation of the state’s efforts to protect sensitive information is the infrastructure itself — "data centers" that contain the physical hardware such as computer servers — where information is stored and accessedLike much of state government for years those servers were scattered all over the state the responsibility of each department as Minnesota matured in the Information AgeSome data centers were in decent shape Others were in converted broom closets or storage rooms prone to flooding and electrical outagesIn 2011 when there were 49 data centers lawmakers and Dayton approved legislation that established MNIT in an effort to centralize state information technology The goal: Make it work better cost less and improve securitySoftware improvements would be needed but updating and securing the hardware — by consolidating data centers — was essential The broom closets would have to be replaced with modern facilities where the necessary power air conditioning fire suppression and security were built in not patched togetherFunds provided: none"It’s essentially an unfunded mandate" said Aaron Call MNIT’s chief information security officer"This is not simple" Call said in describing how to move a data center He gave an example where servers from the Department of Natural Resources were moved from a storage room to a new data center The work needed to be done over a holiday backups needed to be created and crews needed to haul a bank of refrigerator-sized servers to a new location "That took three months to plan" Call said information infrastructure is just that: infrastructure although people may not think of it that way "It’s ludicrous to think you can just pick up a bridge and move it somewhere else on the river without interrupting traffic" he said "Same for data centers"’Espionage is real’If data centers go down computer systems go down making them vulnerable to attack aside from just not workingAnd hacking isn’t just done remotely Call who previously worked in the private sector said he once came across a bundle of wires hanging out of a steel cage housing computer servers "Someone had gotten into the area and actually fished out the wires to access them" he said "Espionage is real"Attacks are real — from Russian attempts to probe election computers (those systems are outside the purview of MNIT) to attacks that have brought down government computers in American cities In March Atlanta’s city government was brought to its knees by a ransomware attack wherein hackers take control of a system and demand money to relinquish it Also in March Baltimore’s 911 center was shut down for nearly a day by hackersBut shaky infrastructure can make systems vulnerable without attacks such as what happened to the California DMV in 2016 when hardware failed and disaster-recovery systems weren’t robust enough to get the system back up and running for daysWhen it comes to issues of motor vehicle titles and tabs MNIT officials know they have a credibility problem One year in MNLARS a new computer system designed and launched by MNIT for more than $90 million still isn’t working properly Those problems can’t be blamed on servers stored in broom closets but Call said they shouldn’t detract policy makers from supporting the need for modernizing the underlying infrastructureWhat’s at stakeAccording to MNIT the costs of a data breach are highThe agency has analyzed what a scenario would look like if one system SEMA4 which contains payroll information for 38000 state employees was compromisedAside from workers potentially going unpaid and being vulnerable to identity theft there’s the cost According to a study by IBM the average cost of each public sector record stolen is $71 The total cost for a SEMA4 breach would be about $27 millionMNIT officials say the $106 million they need is easily worth it"The money we need to get this done isn’t nothing" Call said "But by comparison the cost of a breach ." D. After all,photographed on the day that the notorious prison camp In 2003.

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