Fusion Faith In the beginning of this series on C

first_imgFusion Faith: In the beginning of this series on Creating Peace, I shared that the first Principle of Peace is to be rooted in God. There is no peace without God because without our Heavenly Parent we are just individuals with no overarching connection to each other. It’s only when we see ourselves and others from God’s point of view that an appreciation of our personal and collective value comes into consciousness, making conflict an impossibility. You would never mistreat or destroy something you truly valued.Stewards of the Mysteries of GodFirst Corinthians 4 opens with the statement that we are “stewards of the mysteries of God.” A steward is a person who takes care of something. We are all called to take care of the mysteries of God; the truths that He has shared with us.Sometimes you sense God is telling you something. You have a realization. Others don’t necessarily understand your experiences but God is speaking to you in your unique circumstance. Your job is to be a steward of that truth. God is not so far away and the Principles of Peace that are part of God’s and our nature are not as distant as we think. We have to remind ourselves of just how accessible God is.“It is important to realize that when people speak of God, they often think of an entity which has nothing to do with themselves or their lives, but that is not the case. God is someone who is already entwined within you, and you are within Him. Let’s consider magnetism. The two poles of north and south are automatically related. We could say that they are entwined; they cannot be separated.” – Sun Myung MoonIn the end, we cannot be separated from God or our original nature to create peace. The world is fighting, kicking and screaming but God is looking for individuals and families who can be “stewards of the mysteries of God” and show this world that peace is possible. Read Morelast_img

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