Gesturebased Angry Birds on Samsungs 10000 smart TV fails to impress

first_imgYesterday Samsung announced the 75-inch ES9000 smart TV. It’s huge, expensive, and impressive in all the normal ways, but it has one headlining feature that really separates it from the pack. The television has a camera (that pops out of the top) which can recognize gestures and, using those gestures, you can play the mobile gaming phenomenon Angry Birds.Angry Birds, right on your television, without an intermediary box (like a Roku or Apple TV) sounds great, right? In theory it is, at least if you’re not tired of flinging cartoon birds at poor, defenseless pigs, but in practice the experience was lackluster. In demos at Samsung’s event yesterday the controls were laggy and imprecise and the framerates seemed to be quite low.For their part Samsung’s people listened to feedback, but explained that the game had been specifically optimized for the ES9000 and the gesture controls. They said that the problems could have to do with the learning curve, which is possible given short demo times, but doesn’t explain the low frame rates. These were ostensibly production units, so it makes the product seem half-baked at best, but hopefully improvements will come.The videos show a few different demo experiences with both Samsung’s representative and members of the press. The topmost video was the most successful demo, while the second video shows the introduction to the gestures. In the final video the ES9000 failed to recognize the gamer’s waving, suggesting there’s larger issues with Samsung’s technology. That noted, the issue was remedied when a new person stepped up to play.Samsung has an interesting product in the ES9000, but at $10,000 the fact that it doesn’t work that well almost doesn’t matter. Even if it was working properly, the technology is far from that of Microsoft’s Kinect, which is aimed at a different user base, but is exactly what Samsung is mimicking here.The company is moving in the right direction, but they’ll need to lower the price a lot and improve their firmware considerably before the smart TV is a reasonable alternative to a much cheaper television paired with a connected device.Issues with the television recognizing a gamer:last_img

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