Photo Captures Sea Lion Stuck Inside Humpback Whales Mouth

first_imgDekker also posted a photo of a typical humpback whale “lung feeding” session without the sea lion on Instagram.No one knows what caused the humpback whale to “swallow” the sea lion, however, Dekker dubbed the incident as the “Jonah Experience.”“As soon as I saw this photograph, I knew it may be one of the rarest shots I’ve ever taken,” Dekker told National Geographic. “Not the most beautiful, not the most artistic, but probably something I would never see again.”More on Georgia Beachgoers Rescue Dozens of Stranded Pilot Whales Watch: Massive Whale Breaches Near Boat in Massachusetts 2 Beluga Whales Flown on Boeing 747 From China to Iceland “While the humpbacks were ‘lung feeding’ on a school of anchovies, a sea lion apparently didn’t jump out of the way fast enough and got trapped inside the whales mouth,” Dekker wrote in an Instagram post. “At some point the sea lion escaped and the whale seemed fine too as it continued to feed, but it must have been a strange experience for both parties!”According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), humpback whales make “bubble nets” with the air that they release form their blow holes. These “bubble nets” enable the humpback whales to catch their prey, and once they get their meal, they filter their food through baleen plates. Humpback whales typically eat anchovies, cod, capelin, mackerel, sardines, and other types of schooling fish.Even though it’s common for sea lions to be in close proximity to hungry whales, feeding mistakes, such as the situation above, are extremely rare.“I have never seen this happen with a sea lion,” Christie McMillan, a biologist with the Marine Education and Research Society in British Columbia, told National Geographic. “Nor have I ever heard of it.” A recent whale-watching trip took an unexpected turn when a wildlife photographer captured the moment a humpback whale emerged from the water and “trapped” a sea lion in its mouth.Chase Dekker, who works at Sanctuary Cruises, was in Monterey Bay when he noticed a group of humpback whales “lung feeding” on a school of anchovies, Fox News reported. Unfortunately, an unsuspecting sea lion was in the way of a humpback whale’s feeding frenzy and was accidentally swept up inside the massive animal’s mouth. Watch: Humpback Whale, Sailboat Almost Collide in CaliforniaWatch: Great White Shark Bumps Into Boat Near Whale Carcass Stay on targetlast_img

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