Google Maps Celebrates April Fools With Twist on Classic Snake Game

first_img 50 Attorneys General Launch Bipartisan Probe Into GoogleYouTube Fined $170M For Alleged Child Privacy Law Violation For April Fool’s this year, Google Maps is serving a dose of ’90s nostalgia — in the form of the OG arcade game Snake (with a twist, of course).Starting today, users can play a Google Maps version of the snake game (the snake is now a train!) in different locations across the world — including Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo – right from the app.To start playing, simply open the Google Maps app, tap on the menu icon on the top left corner, then select “Play Snake.” (You can play on your desktop by going to the standalone site).Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Once you’ve selected a city, start picking up as many passengers as you can as your train travels around the world — stopping everywhere from Big Ben, the Great Sphinx of Giza to the Eiffel Tower.You control the train by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The goal is to pick up passengers for your train, as each passenger you pick up makes your train longer, which also makes it a bit harder to maneuver on the screen.Snake on Google Maps starts rolling out worldwide on Android and iOS today, and will be live in the app for about a week, according to a post on the Google Blog.More on Will Now Take You to ‘Mars on Earth’Google’s Bach Doodle Shows Computers Are Great ComposersStadia Is Google’s New Video Game Streaming Platform Stay on targetlast_img

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